My Small Breasts and I

My Small Breasts and I

2007, Sexuality  -   232 Comments
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My Small Breasts and IMy Small Breasts and I uncovers the complex, poignant, and sometimes amusing relationship women have with their tiny breasts.

Talking candidly, three women reveal how they really feel about their own bodies and the lengths to which they'll go to change their situation.

Sharon Tan is 28, and one of the three small-chested women featured on this film, seems the most well-adjusted. It isn’t clear whether this is because she’s naturally laid back or if her perspective was helped by having a boyfriend (Bronson) who’s clearly mad about her and happy to put up with no cuddles for 12 weeks while she stuffs her tits into a suction cup every night for 11 hours in an effort to swell them to a C cup.

Kate Bailey, 22 is said to be too scared to go out because she thinks everyone is looking at her. When she gets the chance to visit a phototherapist in New York however, she somehow manages to drag herself out to buy some new clothes, and the flight to the Big Apple doesn’t seem to daunt her overmuch either.

Laura Taylor has wanted a boob job since she was 14 but she can’t afford it. She’s discovered a website where men will help towards the cost in exchange for photos and emails from her. Armed with this potential source of income she visits a doctor to explore her implant options, and sits in on the surgery where a new-found friend is expanded to a D cup.

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232 Comments / User Reviews

  1. this is so strange to me.....I only date tiny breasted women...big boobs stink,,,from all the sweat under them,,,Gross,,and very unhealthy......Cheers to small tits....

    1. totally agree

  2. All breast size,shape to me are good. I so love the look ,shape,feel of small and tiny breast. and any man or woman who cheets is a scum bag. IF you are not happy do the right thing and break up first. anyone who cheat is a low life.

  3. I'm a hot guy, tall, big D, and have everything going for me, so I always believe I deserve the best. I've tried dating the itty bitty titty club (flat chested, small boobs, small tits, small breasts) a few times and I ended up CHEATING ON ALL OF THEM. One of them caught me cheating and ironically it made her want me MORE. I'll get back to that in a minute. It just gets old after awhile having nothing to squeeze, and you see hotter women out in public with nice cleavage and big tits, then you remember what you're missing out on.

    I'm living in the San Francisco Bay Area, moved here from SoCal. It seems like all the flat-chested women moved to NorCal. I've definitely had to downgrade my dating options since moving up here, most women are at best a full A cup. In SoCal it was the opposite, hot women everywhere with at least a big C cup and I bedded many of them.

    When I got to NorCal I dated a few small breasted women and cheated on all of them with bigger breasted women. The one positive I found with the women up here is, they've rarely seen a dick my size yet. Many say I'm their biggest yet. Very odd, since this is a relatively big area, and SF has always been known for it's sex scene and sex clubs. I've been conquering tons of women up here, turning them into Size Queens on a regular basis.

    One (who lived out near Stockton Modesto area) even caught me cheating (buzzing iphone on the bed, she saw the incoming picture). I'd be lying if I said I didn't care if she caught me or not, I knew she wasn't going anywhere. That's why I didn't mind leaving my phone out where she could see it. She was mid 30s, 5'2 and 100 lbs, AA cup tits, smoker and had a kid already. I ended up cheating very quickly after we started dating.

    I was in the bathroom when the text came in and when I came out she looks sort of mad but trying to control herself and says, "She's sexy I can see why you like her." She held up the phone and I told her straight up that I needed bigger tits to squeeze occasionally. She looked a bit shocked I'd say that right to her face. She was mad and silent for the rest of the day but the next day she opened up and told me she knew I'd end up cheating, because I'm hot and have a huge dick, so she knew I could always upgrade if I wanted to. Also, we didn't live together, I told her straight up I'd never move in with any female, especially if she already had rug-rats. She was fine with that.

    And here's where the code was cracked for me, in regard to the mentality of chics with small tits. They are ALWAYS insecure about their lack of boobs and she told me that she's always hated how small her boobs were, but she could never settle for a guy who told her it was fine or that he liked smaller breasts. She said she never believed them when they said it, so she always desired a man who preferred bigger breasts. She said it felt like she was getting a CATCH since she knows most guys will go for a woman with bigger tits if given the choice, so she sort of looks down on men who settle for women with smaller chested / flat chest / flat chested women.

    I was sort of surprised when she said all this, but I knew her insecurities would keep her around no matter what I did, her and I both knew she couldn't do better than me even if she tried. I knew after she told me all this though that I had a huge upper hand and I used it to my advantage. I told her she could still be my **** toy, but I would always be out there tryin to find chics with bigger tits. She called me an ass but then said OK BUT JUST DON'T TELL ME ABOUT THEM. I told her she was mine though and I wouldn't allow her to sleep with other dudes. She sort of laughed and I said I'm serious.

    I was also exploring BDSM at that time and told her that she was now my BDSM Submissive. I told her to do random things like wear a small butt plug around the house at all times, or deprive her of pussy pleasures and fuck her in the ass until she earned enough 'good girl' points to receive pleasurable vaginal sex. She never said NO to anything I told her to do. So my cheating worked, she never went out with other men, let alone slept with them, and I always looked in her phone to make sure she wasn't talking to other men. She knew I was ****ing other women with bigger tits (I showed her the apps I was using on my iPhone, I found that particular Double D (DD) chic on POF Plentyoffish, but I also use Tinder, Bumble, Okcupid, Fetlife etc..).

    Me cheating on her with a superior woman with bigger tits was the key to unlock all of this and bring out her insecurities full throttle! This led me down a path that opened my eyes to women with small tits and how they secretly and instinctively know they are inferior and will try harder to make up for it. This chic I was dating with small tits, started trying to wear pushup bras or padded bras to accentuate her cleavage, I would always laugh and pull really hard on the middle of her shirt and bra, making her tits deflate right away. I started dating a few more with smaller tits at the same time and cheated on them too. Every single one knew upfront that I preferred bigger tits. ALL OF THEM.

    I would even throw curveballs and tell them that I'm actually polyamorous, and you'd be surprised how many told me that they were willing to share me with other women too. Most of these women with small tits know they are not the ones holding the cards in the dating game, and if you can show them past Girlfriends GFs, FWBs, or ONS (One Night Stands) who had better bodies and bigger tits, you'll bring that insecurity out of them, which gives you leverage to do things like cheat or have other women involved in the relationship.

    I now boldly tell chics that I prefer bigger tits and that I see smaller breasted females as inferior. Wouldn't you know it, women with smaller tits were flocking to me on dating sites or Fetish sites like FETLIFE who told me that it turns them on when men degrade them for their small tits and that they hate when men say they prefer smaller boobs.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, I hear women with bigger tits privately tell me (pillow talk) that they know they are superior, which is why they try to show off their cleavage as much as possible. They know more men will pay attention to them and they know women with smaller breasts will be jealous. I met this Cougar in Mill Valley, California (just north of the Golden Gate Bridge) with nice big tits (Double Ds, possibly could wear an E Cup). She was in her 40s, but still had a good body (5'3, 110 lbs. huge DD to E cup tits). She said there is a mutually understood code among women, where they all know the one with bigger tits will get more attention from men. She purposely befriends women with smaller breasts, because she knows this and sees it firsthand when she goes out for girl's night.

    When I'm talking to or 'dating' (more like **** buddies who think they've snagged me) chics with small tits, I like to show them my past convos with bigger chested women like this, because I know they'll become more insecure and let me get away with more. It works every damn time too.

    Does this mean I'll never **** with chics who have small tits, of course not! They tend to be more insecure and thus, way more submissive. They try harder to please in the sack and let me get away with pushing boundaries too. I have had many subs and a few slaves, most of which had smaller breasts. But I gotta be real, what really turns me on is a slender to average body type (not fat or obese) with perky tits, that fill up a bit more than my hand. It looks so sexy when a woman with bigger breasts is standing next to me, with perfect cleavage showing in a tight top and/or a bikini. It's like added value on my arm. If she can fill out a 'Hooters' shirt and work there (without anyone questioning it), I'm way more turned on.

    1. All breast size,shape to me are good. I so love the look ,shape,feel of small and tiny breast. and any man or woman who cheets is a scum bag. IF you are not happy do the right thing and break up first. anyone who cheat is a low life.

    2. Your comment is so vulgar and long-winded. I instantly knew you were American which says a lot. I'm an Irish woman in my 30s with C cup breasts. I've always been told by men that I'm far prettier than women they know with bigger breasts. I'm tall and have long legs and a nice ass. I also have a very handsome husband. I feel sorry for the woman you end up marrying. You clearly have zero respect for women.

    3. I've had all sizes, and it comes down to personality looks, and hygiene. Big or small, it doesn't matter.

    4. Clearly, your kink is shaming women with small boobs. It's beyond obvious this comment is sexually charged. If your story is true, you're a piece of **** and treat women like subhumans. You sound arrogant and narcissistic. More than likely, this is some porny story you came up with and you are just some basement dweller with a tit shaming fetish. You strategically posted here, in the comments of a documentary about small breasts, so that small-breasted women would read and react to your comment.

  4. You know that you've got life pretty good when you're main concern is the size of your tits.

  5. honestly speaking i do understand what all these women are going through since i feel the same. i’m a matured woman with no boobs whatsoever and i understand that there’s men out there who likes women like me but i got called a boy so much to the point i don’t feel like a female when i’m looking in the mirror. when i say i’m flat i mean I AM FLATTER than the floor. i think i need to work on self love since no amount of “oh don’t worry you’ll find a men who appreciates you” or “men like small boobs” can make me feel better about myself so to the ones who feel the way i do, sis keep your tiara up because it’s falling

    1. Flat girl, there are men who appreciate your feminity and elegance with a flat chest. For me, it is difficult to find a flat cheated woman which to me is very sexy to me as the essence is more sexy than large or "regular" size. I like seeing a woman with essence of feminity and not explicit and overbearing or large in every way. To find you is what I would wish for and very strangely is very difficult because women think they have to have large breasts for men to like them physically.

    2. I so love small breast. there are guys out there like me who would love your body and tiny tits

    3. Dont give up. There a lot of men who like small and tiny breast. I am one of them

  6. As a Woman with a 36G cup who experiences chronic back pain and constant schovansitic comments about the size of my chest, I find it difficult to read that someone doesn’t want to go outside because they have small boobs, I try my hardest to cover myself up and still I’m met with offensive disgusting comments constantly, I’d rather be called Ironing Board than Saggy Tits (My nickname at school) any day

    1. :( All breast are beautiful

  7. I hope I don't offend any of you young ladies with small breasts, but I want all of you to know there are a great number of men that love women with small breast. So, PLEASE, DON'T be ashamed of your small breast. Be proud of them because you know there are a lot more who love the way you look then don't. Just keep looking around and wondering who we are that are staring at your little titties and loving them. Oh, yes. Start going without a bra and ware sexy tops so we can see them better. 😉

    1. OH THANK GOD men find small breasts attractive, remember ladies your only worth is how attractive you are to men and how hard you make their dicks!

  8. I am so turn no by small breast. Big breast are a turn off for me. most of all I don't like fake

  9. Women need to believe that there are many men out there that actually prefere women with small breasts and they are way sexier especially if they have a slim figure

    1. Is that your point? Some men, somewhere will find small breasts attractive? Thanks for reinforcing the idea that women's worth are directly tied to how skinny and hot they are.

    2. Jane is very angry and that is her value

  10. Personally I find women with small breasts very attractive. Actually I prefer women with small breast. I thought the small breasted women in this video were all lovely physically and am sorry to see them going to extremes to get bigger when the fact is that they beautiful as they are.

  11. They are perfect I looooove small breasts
    To bad social media has put the wrong image in your head.

  12. once again I am turn on by small breast

  13. Could that guy sound anymore like a cuck if he tried?

  14. I think small breasts are sexier than large breasts. I'd love a girl friend with small breasts.

    1. I was told that myself but if that's so why is it when he sees a woman with big tits he moans lusting I guess. Makes it hard to believe any man likes small tits. Growing up with little tits is a metal trip everyday. Hearing men talking about then and how great they look makes you mental and it's not fair.

  15. I love small breast and I am sure lots of men feel the same as I do

    1. Kate Bailey the most beautiful woman I have ever seen

    2. Small breast have it going on they are much more sexy big breast are always sweaty and sometimes stinky

    3. I love small breast also. A small B down to a AA. I think the look sexy. It is easy for me to spend an hour on a lovely pair of small tits.

  16. There are documentaries on large breasts and documentaries on small ones. Why not a documentary on shrinking breasts? I was a D in my late teens as I was very overweight. I am now very slim and an A cup. Bet no one thought of that

    1. Been there with my wife. When she gained weight she went to a B, when lost the weight she went back to a A. It happens, go with it.

    2. I'm not saying I would not go out with a bigger breasted woman. For me a C is max. I still love A's & 32 B's. There like porridge, There just.....right.

    3. that is awesome i am very proud of you and yes i do prefer small breasts they are so sexy and cute

    4. Wow that's a lot of breast to lose.. are they just saggy, flat, empty tits now?

  17. More than a mouthful is a waste. Small and perky rules.

    1. Right on !

    2. My wife was a 34 A. I knew she was small when I married her. I did not marry her for her breast. They where apart of her and I loved her and spent much time with her breast and nipples. We talked about her getting implants to a B cup. I'm glad that never happened.

  18. I cannot speak for all men, but I prefer breasts that are a "B" or "C" cup.

  19. It is a fallacy the most me like large breasts , there are just as many men that love small, little, tiny breasts. Personally its more about the areola and the nipple. Embrace your beautiful small breasts. It took some time for my wife to understand that i really do love her small breasts and convinced her not to have surgery to which is is now greatful .

    1. I have to agree with Garry -- it is not true that most men like large breasts. Mother nature made all ranges of attraction, some men like big breasts, others like me (A-cups and B-cups are the cat's meow), just like some men like tall, others short, others skinny, others full-figured. I wish that each of these women could know how really attentive and effeminate their smaller breasts really are.

    2. That’s nice to hear. It is easy to have large breasts if you are overweight but not so much if you are slim. I went from Ds in my chubby teens to As as a slender adult. All 3 women are slim with no fat anywhere else on their body. They should be happy to be in such fabulous shape.

    3. Bull****. Utter bull****. If this is true, why have I not met a SINGLE man who goes crazy for small breasts? Why do men literally run into objects when large breasts appear? Why are large breasts slapped on every product, porno, ad, movie and video game? Bull.

  20. I like them

    1. I love small breast! Not a problem, as long as a woman has a vagina, I'm good.

  21. It is really amusing to see such stupidity and ignorance coming from these women, which in today’s society shouldn’t be a surprise. Having seen the extreme levels these people are willing to indure just evidently fit in to what the media classifys but “perfect” body image is nothing short of ridiculous. The fact is these women obviously lack the factual knowledge to embrace what the have and appreciate their natural image. This is not to say they should brag but also not be embarrassed by having a flat chest. Majority of men actually enjoy small breasted women more. The first woman in this programme using sucking cups did not even have a flat chest to begin with but rather the average size, as she described shyness wearing a bikini is obserd. This lack of confidence is displayed by having an impact of her relationship. Personally speaking, her breasts were as normal sized as they should be at the start. The term “flat chest” refers to having absolutely no boob tissue at all. The women in this, all, have a form a breast tissue and are not therefore classed “flat chested”. My daughter who is currently 13 years old is at the start of puberty and already wants breast implants. Teenage girls are known as “flat chested” they’re at an age which their body hasn’t completely developed, my daughter would wear push up bras or sports bras to ensure the little chest tissue she has got is being positioned to give the impression of more bigger fuller breasts. Although my daughter does gymnastics and this can also be problematic with the tight material and big audience watching. This is where the relation of these three women and my daughter can relate, all four are self conscious about public appearance.

  22. I had an old girlfriend who was a 34A, and although her breasts were somewhat bigger than these girls', they were what you would call small and pert, in fact they didn't change shape when she took her bra off!

    However, compared to other girlfriends with bigger breasts, hers were the most sensitive of all. I could actually bring her to orgasm by stroking and sucking her nipples.

    On another occasion, I had a one night stand with another woman whose breasts were even smaller than these girls, and it didn't in anyway impact the enjoyment.

    1. I agree 100%. Now if I could just find a single woman that wants to have her breasts appreciated.

  23. So tired of small chested women feeling so shy or ashamed. Omg, get a clue already!! You ladies still have no idea how many millions of men want, prefer, seek and sexually crave tits from flat chested to an A cup. Nothing is sexier to us than bravely showcasing those classy, clean, sensitive, beautiful small breasts with Confidence. Don't believe me?? Every porn site has a section for flat or small or tiny breasts. There are many sexual web sites designated for tiny tits only. The are porn stars who are famous for their tiny tits. Promise you there are so many that desire you.

    1. Reason I feel the way I do is because growing up being made fun of and being ignored when telling a make something and a big tit woman walk by. That makes you feel great!! Men are the reason us little tit women are the way we are. Make us feel like we worthless.

  24. I personally have a flat chest, I've had small breasts all my life. I still don't enjoy swimming and wearing bikinis as I'm so flat chested. I've always had to wear sports bras or push up bras. Until last year a reglaur bra didn't even fit me so I didn't wear one I went out with just a top on. Swimsuits are embracing to as the material stretch as around my boobs and makes them stick out smaller. Tight clothes have always been a nightmare. Any suggestions on what I should do with my flat chest

    1. Find a guy, like me, who adores the world out of smaller breasts and stop putting yourself through the worry and enjoy them!

  25. I personally have small breasts all my life I didn't know what to do until I seen this video I really don't like swimming or wearing bikinis because I'm so flat chest any suggestions?

  26. After seeing this I can safely say they are the most flat chested girls, there's teenage girls with bigger ones. How thier partners can be sexual intament is beyond me, how can you have a sexual life if you girl doesn't have anything to squeeze or put your penis through. These girls would look great with a swimsuit on as it the material would stretch around their small bumps.

    1. what a horrible thing to say.

    2. because of people like you, so many pretty women are self conscious about their boob size. aw how great of you to think they don’t know the fact their bust size can be smaller than teenage girls as if they don’t have to look in the mirror every single day. thanks for this amazing comment this is purely sarcasm so don’t get hyped in any case <3

  27. When these women want bigger boobs they don't think about the issues that come with it like sore back and they get in the way sometimes, although being slim at their is embracing your sexual confidence suffers it's amazing that they have a flat chest and nothing to squeeze on. How is that girls boyfriend going to have a sexual relation with someone who he can't put his dick through their breasts

    1. Forget big boobs most of them want average sized breasts. I think a lot of the reason they r smaller busted is because all 3 of them (even Sharon although she denies it) are very very slim with little to no fat on their body. Breasts are made of fatty tissue and yes some very skinny women have big ones but most don’t. I lost 60 lbs and guess D cups are now As!!! I had to make the sacrifice to get slim and fit. I was sad at first since I liked having cleavage but am sure glad I got rid of the rolls around the waist. These women should be happy to be slim and fit in a world where obesity is becoming a crisis.

  28. After watching this program, I feel sad that these women placed so much importance on their breasts! It's in the mind?
    Instead focus on the good health you have, if that is your biggest problem, you are very lucky! They are all slim and probably envied by many larger ladies?
    I have always had small breasts, they were great for breast feeding my 3 Children, I was married for 23 years! I have since met many men who liked my boobs, it has never been an issue. I would rather meet someone who likes me as I am!
    I could never imagine something that wasn't part of me being inside, I feared I would probably want implants removed.
    I've tried chicken fillets etc but then thought, who am I doing this for! I am happy with what I have, I would rather be too small than too big! If I had a choice I would have been 1 size bigger but given a choice I would change other bits of my body first?
    My only negative is finding pretty bras and tailored clothes that fit nicely!
    I play a lot of sports and would not want to wear tight bras to hold everything in, theres no chaffing and less sweat and at 53 they havn't sagged yet!

  29. Don't feel ashamed or even think you are not atractive...
    Be proud on who you are......

    1. You are wrong, girls should do what they want with their boobs and breast implants are better than real boobs

  30. I was thrilled to see so many positive comments. A sizable majority of men do NOT like large breasts. It is yet another sexualization of women that I would have hoped would have ended 20 years ago. I would be more than happy to have a long term relationship with any of those women, accepting them just as they are. You are beautiful, stay just the way you are.

    1. I must agree. Big breasts are for nursemaids & they all get saggy & unbecoming eventually. I'll take a "B" or "C" cup over anything larger.

  31. i absolutely adore a woman with small breasts, they are so adorable, firm , pert and perfectly beautiful to feel in my hand, so ladies be confident, i can assure you that there are lots of us men out there including me would rather have a small breast as supposed to the large, hold your head up high and be proud of what you have

  32. I think it is pathetic that women are so influenced by the media. People cannot think for themselves anymore.. One day small breasts will be in fashion and everyone with large ones will panic.. I was never influenced by media; I love my body and am happy with small A cup breasts. Breasts.. they are just breasts people. Men need to stop objectifying women. They are two blobs of fat.. People are so afraid of fat these days, but still want fat on their chests. It doesn't make sense. All the top endurance athletes hardly have breasts and some of them they are gorgeous women. Without saggy, ugly breasts.

    1. @Sue, I agree with everything you've said, and I too am a guy that also does not find attraction in large breasts. However, your comment about men objectifying women is generalized and could also go for the "size matters" argument when men get objectified by women.

  33. Well there is study that shows that men who are mentally and financially strong adore small breasts while the less brainers and poor men run for large ones - and that's a given

  34. These ladies should live here in America, hormones are in milk. Drink up,

    1. You are an ar*e. I live in America and I’m small. Your the reason we have issues

  35. What I hate the most is women who show their cleavages in public, wearing low-cut shirts. It is pathetic. I am not a prude, but why is this in style? I am small breasted and have no cleavage. I find the cleavages look like asses, they are ugly to look at and we have to be exposed to this on a daily basis when talking to women because they want to show what they have. It is sad. I never wanted to have large breasts; I don't find them attractive. Can you imagine if men had two blobs of fat stuck to their chests and it would be okay for women objectify men and judge them based on the size of their blobs of fat? There would be a huge outcry from men.

  36. The women in this documentary are gorgeous. Unfortunately all it takes is for one man to say something negative to us about our breast size and we will never forget it. I have size A breasts and have been told by multiple boyfriends that I need plastic surgery. It's great that there are men being nice to us on here, but in the real world, they will only go behind your back and make fun of your breast size to their friends. C'est la vie.

    1. Shame those boyfriends were assholes. A real man who likes/loves you for who you are as a whole, personality, intelligence and body would never have thought let alone been so insensitive to say such a thing. I'd say immature too. I've always thought personally that attraction is definitely in the eye of the beholder, and I either find you attractive or not. I don't think oh you could be attractive where does that end up. Maybe if I was self obsessed I'd think differently! Have to agree those girls were all gorgeous too.

  37. You "lie" on the bed, not lay. Sheesh.

  38. My breasts developed 2 completely different sizes, including aureoles and nipples when I was 12 ... I already felt like a freak at school ... Was a nightmare in the shower after gym class ... I would give anything to have 2 matching small breasts ... But I'm grateful I haven't lost one or both to breast cancer though ... Funny, never had a guy complain yet ...

  39. kind of a little(pardon the pun) about small breasts, I don't like large breasts

  40. Good morning,I wife has small breast's and I love them I wish women did not feel that to feel like a women you have to have a larger chest,there are so many men who do enjoy more so a smaller chest.My wife is a very attractive women and I no for sure that if she is wearing a top that is more revealing that men take notice and will look as long as possible to see them.Besides sexy is a state of mind not just how you look it is very easy for my wife to drive me crazy .I hope this helps in some way

  41. Thank you Terrell Prude' Jr. and
    Sum Yung Gai. I appreciate your effort a lot.
    I have made a somehow good but in the same time bad development of my attitude last week. I met my grandaunt and she told me my grand grandma, my grandma and my other grand died from breastcancer. I am sure to get my breasts removed in my thirties just to make sure I am going to take no risk. The fact that I will definitely lose them in 10-15 years makes me miss them already.

  42. I haven't watched it, but this kind of surgery is strictly FORBIDDEN!

  43. I am a mature man, Brazilian, and I always preferred small breasts. When I was a teenager and in my twenties, everyone in Brazil, or at least in Rio, preferred and admired and found small breasts more beautiful. Vinicius de Moraes, the Brazilian poet of love and admiration for women, author of the lyrics of The Girl From Ipanema, wrote on a poem that the breasts of the beloved woman should fit into her lover hands. Then, came the Americans with their passion for big breasts, maybe as a consequence of eating to much hormones in chicken and meat, perhaps for different cultural reasons. But, most sincerely, small and even very tiny boobs are often times - more than you think - extremely admired and considered very attractive in Brazil.

  44. Dearest Laura, as a life-long Feminist and International Speech Communications Consultant, your credibility does not arise from your breasts, my dear, but from your already competent capabilities. I've trained thousands of IT all..---mostly men--- who have NO concern about their "sexual components" at all . My wife of 30+ years (whose also Asian-American) has an ultra lovely small B-cup and that's Uber-fine with me...and I'm also very superficial!!! Permit your professional competency arise from your knowledge and back it up with the confident "body language". Trust me: the aforementioned is Critical to people's perception of you. If only I had one hour with you I could change your self-perception forever.
    Please...stop this absurd pursuit. Women in their later years who are fortunate to have been blessed with A & B cups look far, far better than those with either natural or implanted breasts. Trust me....I've seen thousands. The hard data reveals that women with larger breasts are perceived as less intellectual and intelligent than those with large "tits." Please trust me on this....scientific proof supports my asseveration.

  45. If you want bigger boobs naturally just get pregnant I promise you, they'll grow ;)

    1. It is better to wear push up bra or silicone implants and silicone implants are the BEST

  46. Sum Yung Gai and I are friends, and he directed me to this. It's true about his wife. Just recently, I started dating a great looker. She's between an A cup and a B cup, too, pretty petite. She's a mega-babe. I can't keep my hands off her, either.

    Aneta, let me tell you about those A-cups of yours. You're tall, with hips and nice flowing hair, pretty face, all that, right? You sound just like a woman I dated back when I was in college, but redhead. She was 5' 10", nice hips, nice long legs, nice face, great personality...and a 36A. Not even close to a B, she was firmly in A-cup territory. She even stopped bothering wearing a bra. Like you, she was pretty self-conscious about her "lack of size", too. Well, until she met me. :-)

    Well, I lavished those little A-cups of hers as much as I could. I felt her up as much as I could. Yeah, those little A-cups. Why?

    Here's why.

    1.) She was very feminine and not at all a feminist. She was a very cool chick. SYG lost faith in American gals, and I get why, but there are still a few cool ones, and this chick was definitely one of those. She was also older than I was, so she had more maturity. That was great. Seems I've always dated older women, not trying, just kinda happened that way. Being nice really does count for a lot here, ladies.

    2.) Her "little A-cups" had a beautiful shape to 'em. Nice and round, with the cutest little nipples. Perfect champagne cups.

    3.) On her, the entire breast was sensitive. Just massaging the mammary glandular tissue got her going big-time. And any attention on either one of her nipples for about 8 minutes, give or take, resulted in a guaranteed "O". This was even when going from totally unaroused. She was as reliable as Ol' Faithful that way, and she could and did have multiple "O's" like this. It was *GREAT* to be able to give her that kind of pleasure just from what we call "second base".

    Given all that, how could I *not* pay lots of attention to her there? And like SYG's wife, this woman loved all that attention, too.

    Like you, Aneta, she hadn't had any guys pay attention to her "girls" before that. I was the first guy who ever paid anywhere remotely close to that much attention to them. She actually didn't know she was quite that sensitive until she and I started dating. Well, I made up for lost time, and that included feeling her up on a regular basis. Yeah, I checked for bystanders first. It sure made her blush, but she never once stopped me. She came to feel comfortable enough around me that I could actually give her the "O" in movie theatres, in the park, nearly anywhere. Hopefully, wherever she is today, she knows that her 36A chest was--as the old folks used to say--delicious, nutritious, and downright vicious! :-)

    She had the potential for sexiness in her the first day I met her. After we got our HIV exams (this is VERY important, folks, don't pass over this step!), as time went on, that sexiness really came out. You know that old saying "lady in public, whore at home"? She *totally* became that as she came out of her shell. That's all it takes, I think, someone who pays attention to all of you and gives you love all over--mind, spirit, and your entire body.

    Aneta, like I said, you remind me a lot of this woman I dated. She and I got along great, and had she not lied to me about something really major, I could've possibly married her after graduation.

    By the way, personally, I think "lady in public, whore at home" pretty much defines what a "lady" is. Why shouldn't a proper lady *also* be a "whore" at home? I see no reason why she shouldn't.

    I hope this helps you. There *are* men out here like me who prefer EXACTLY your type of body. We just don't get talked about much on TV or in magazines, but there are plenty of us out here.

    You know who else you sound like? Lindsay "The Bionic Woman" Wagner. See if you can find some of those episodes from the late '70's. I had such a crush on Lindsay Wagner in my late teens...and then I ended up with the redhead version of her.

    Here's a tip. When you do get intimate with a guy, ask him to pay attention to your "girls". Tell him sure they're small, but they're really potent. Keep him there for a while till you're desperate "down there", then show him the effect it has on you. Odds are, he'll end up like me with that woman I just told you about.

    I wish you all the best, and I hope you find a guy like me, for you. We're out here. But you gotta be open to it.

  47. Aneta clearly has not had good fortune in the romance department. Speaking as a man, if she looks as good as she describes herself, then I'd suggest it probably isn't her breast size that puts men off of her, but rather her attitude toward men. I've seen this with many American women especially. "I don't need a man!" has been the rallying cry for a few decades now among my countrywomen, and yes, that tends to put men off. Don't do that.

    Physically, I've always been most attracted to more petite women, i. e. A-cups and B-cups. The "big-uns" have never really done it for me. I'll give you all an example, involving my wife.

    My wife is a small-ish B-cup. She's one of the most gorgeous, sexy women I've ever met. She's very, very womanly. The difference? She's European and thus, unlike most American women I've met, embraces her femininity. Her attitude is totally different from USA women. She actively likes men (in particular, me), and she didn't hold back in letting me know about her attraction to me; she was very up-front about that. She still doesn't hold back with that. That's a big part of why we've been happily married for about 13 years now.

    Like Aneta, my wife's breasts are very sensitive, especially her nipples. She *LOVES* attention on them. Sometimes she can actually achieve "the big O" from just them alone. I can't get enough of 'em (she's grinning now--she's watching me type this). I've been known to spend an hour on them, which she describes as the most wonderful, beautiful torture anyone's ever visited on her (she's nodding her head).

    It drives her nearly insane, and she loves it. And I love doing it to her. Why? Because I love her dearly. She's such a wonderful person, in every way. She's my best friend, my confidante, my partner in life, my lover, the person I'd go to Hell and back for if I had to, like in "What Dreams May Come", in order to save her.

    (Now she's looking wistfully at me...she just now kissed me. Every word is true, though.)

    I'm known to feel up my lovely wife outside of the home (discreetly, of course), and she's told me she adores that I desire her and want her--all of her--as part of my love for her. She loves that I can't get enough of her. Every day at work, I think about her and holding her, cuddling with her, talking with her about the day, sitting down and having dinner with her, and just enjoying her presence in my life. The work day is too long, let me tell you.

    How old is this woman? She is now in her 40's. Remember, she's watching me type this. Her suggestion to women like Aneta is to go live in some European country for a little while. Any of them will do, and it's not difficult to arrange this. Learn how to be feminine, and specifically feminine *for men*, and they will beat down your door. It's all about personal attitude. I also remind you that this is a small-ish B-cup woman suggesting this, so consider it.


  48. I think it's easy to say you should like yourself for who you are and embrace what you have been given when you are a B cup or larger or a man. In society small breasts are seen as a huge flaw. men and media tell us all the time that they have to be at least medium sized. look at all the women who are considered sexy and female and beautiful. NONE of them has small breasts. NONE. have you ever seen a meme about a sexy girl who makes men lose their minds because she has small perky nice boobs? don't think so. noone ever says out loud that small boobs are sexy. it's just only not such a big matter and men will STILL accept and love you. but never ever because you have nice and small boobs. at school and later on you get teased by people because everyone agrees on the fact everyone is crazy for large breasts. men love Kate Upton. because of her curvy. body? don't think so. she hasn't got nice curves she hasn't. got a nice booty or even a waist. The only thing she's got are 36 DD breasts. when there's a beautiful woman and she has small boobs, everyone is teasing she looks like a boy and shall invest in a boob job. when you have small boobs people ask you "have you ever considered a boob job"? noone ever would ask that to a 36 C cup. why? Because ppl think it's not necessary.

    Men love medium or big boobs. I can not blame them. They look nice and squishy and they're fascinating. I myself are a 34-36 A cup and I suffer from it everyday. All my expartner never complaint but they weren't too excited in bed either. why? Because there's not much to see and feel. I have nice and small nipples and my boobs are perky and round but noone cares because they barely fit in a man's hand. I love men kiss and lick them, they're sensitive as hell and it gets me turned on like nothing else. But men are not really interested in my boobs because I don't have much to offer. A lot of them like them better in a bra and don't even take it off in bed because I think they know they would look smaller without. It makes me sad every hour of the day that I am not what men desires. I have a very pretty face, I am tall, athletic, have a round and full booty and have long blond wavy hair. i am intelligent and a hard working independent funny woman. people say I am beautiful. but am I considered sexy? or womanly? never heard. I even heard a guy in bar saying:" I'd have Sex with you instantly but only from behind because I like them boobs nice and big." that is such an insult. I hear things like that all the time. people think it's okay to call you too small breasted and feel sorry for you because you still look nice. But it hurts feelings. I am considering a therapy. because whenever I look in the mirror I feel left behind. I have three sisters. One has a 36B cup, one a 36C cup and one a 36 DD cup. guess what? they're making fun of my boobs whenever the topic of a woman's body comes up.

    They say things like "at least.theyre perky. better than nothing. " and "god hasn't been fair to you and he forgot you. We're really grateful and lucky not to be you." I would be, too.

    How on earth can you believe that anyone thinks you are hot and men like your boobs when you have small breasts? seriously, how? i hate my body because of my small boobs. i am not considering implants because they look and feel ridiculous and i don't want to lose sensitivity. but i wish for bigger boobs and hate mine every hour of my life. For 10 years now.

    Don't blame the women for being insecure and not satisfied with their small boobs. It's a thing no one would want to have. I pray for a man who just doesn't like breasts. I've. never met any.

    1. I think I'd love your breasts.

    2. Sorry to hear your torment. I think you should seriously consider counselling as you sound to be obsessed with your boobs.
      This is what I think: A real man who likes/loves you for who you are as a whole, personality, intelligence, face (eyes & smile) and body would enjoy you for being you. I've always thought personally that attraction is definitely in the eye of the beholder, and I either find you attractive or not. I don't think oh you could be attractive where does that end up. Maybe if I was self obsessed I'd think differently! Have to agree those girls were all gorgeous too.
      Athletic and pretty a fantastic combination imho I love that physique personally. But it's the whole person that I fall for not just one part.
      I think your sisters are a bit insensitive too but it's not an issue for them so they don't understand how it makes you feel. Try not to be resentful.
      Since you posted I do hope you have found your dream man who loves you for who you are and has built your self confidence.
      P.s it's all media, not everyman is obsessed with big boobs or big booty either. And Upton isn't particularly hot tbh I much preferred Cam Diaz in that film they were in together.

  49. it is not only the small breasted female that needs to learn to love herself. Society needs an attitude adjustment. The torment starts in school when the other kids notice the under-developed girls and teases and taunts them. It destroyed my teen years. And that totally messed up my life. Love myself or not... the comments, the judgements and ill fitting clothes make me not want to leave the house... and I am 42 now.

  50. Most guys I know agree with me. Natural beauty, "imperfections", natural Boob size, age, etc. is what makes women so beautiful! You can tell when someone has had plastic surgery, they look ridiculous!! I dont understand why women would want to ruin perfection to become a freak. WOMEN... You are beautiful the way you are! Dont let a FEW superficial i*iots dictate how you look!

  51. if you want to make bigger boob then you can use boobpop tool which is totally work natural i am also using that same product for 2week and trust now boobs looking so bigger and sexy ;)

  52. I am a man who absolutely does not judge women on looks including breast size. I simply do not believe in judging anyone for things they cannot control. I think all women are beautiful in their own way. That said, I understand what it is like to be humiliated for things outside my control. I was endowed with a very average penis size at 5" long by 5" girth when erect. I am much better adjusted these days but I still feel hurt by the past humiliations by both men and women. More power to these women for their courage and I hope they rise above their issues. I hope that women can give me the same break in return. If not, I still will be true to myself and not judge women no matter what they feel toward me.

  53. wow boobs being an escape goat for so many different psychological problems... self perception is a very complicated matter, generally having little to do with the reality.

    Girls, increase your self asteem, not cup size! ;)

  54. It's so good to see this! I'm now 27 and I wished I could have seen this 10 years ago when boys in the street were shouting at me that theirs were bigger than mine, and I went home with my head and shoulders bent. Now I see these 3 gorgeous women with amazingly pretty faces, tip top feminine in the way they speak, act, dress, walk and relate to the people around them, they have attractive characters with humour, intelligence, sensitivity and all that it takes to be loved, by themselves as much as by men. Then how it's so hard to see this for myself... Today I decide to square my shoulders and see myself as a woman really, after having seen this docu. Thanks a lot as well for the supportive and reassuring guys on here, you're all so true about not wanting to attract a superficial partner anyway who does care about my size.. Thanks for raising your voices and telling us something else than the media. It's much needed.

  55. I

  56. Personally I much prefer small boobs , always have and I know I'm not the only one. Fact is there are many of us . I find it sad that some women feel the need to have breast enlargement because they think that is what is needed to attract a man. Let me ask you this ladies you really want a man who is that superficial ?

  57. Interesting documentary which shows that even if we have small breast we are real women and we can be beautiful and feminine.
    then it is important to notice that we can learn to accept our boobs and avoid having breast job.
    as for taking pictures of ourselves to feel better I would have never thought it could work. however it is a good idea.

  58. I think it is so awful, how the media sexualizes women's bodies, and the pressure they put on us, its disgusting, why do we do this? why do we let men run the world and decide who's ugly and who'se " A real women " The fact that women can give birth makes us twice as amazing as a man ever could be. We are all real. We are all consciousness.

  59. Deny your kids the childhood they need because you're self conscious about your breasts?!?! What a horrible f******mother!!!

  60. I've had girlfriends with both large and small breasts right down to one who had the same sized breasts as me, and I'm almost underweight. I guess I would be intimidated by exceptionally large ones, but have nod doubt they'd be fine when I got used to them. Ultimately the only thing that ever mattered to me is whether my girlfriends could still enjoy sensation, and whether my girlfriends were ok with them. Since sensation can be lost in surgery, I'd generally vote against it unless there were physical problems. Girls! I think whatever shape your body is it's beautiful. Either elegant and sleak or voluptuous and round - they both attract men and impress women.

    To be entirely honest though I have noticed that women with smaller boobs loose out a bit on attention from men, and in particular are less able to exploit their looks to make men do things (which I fully understand a lot of you girls don't do anyway big boobs or not). Boobs do after all indicate sexual maturity and fertility, and are immediately recognised as a sign of sexual approchability by men. However, both those features are quite easily assessed by more subtle social clues these days and you'll probably only loose out when it comes to picking up on building sites or in clubs full of drunk people that have devolved to simple animals through the over consumption of alcohol or stimulants.

  61. Please please please, ladies and girls, keep what you've got! Don't change those cute tits! Guys love them!!!

    At a primal physical level, not intellectual, most guys are amazed that the female body exists. Everything that's typically different from a male body: your hips, nice buns, longer legs, smaller face, delicate shoulders and arms, tits of every size... cute cute cute. And when a guy gets to hold a naked women, it's all amazing.

    What's NOT amazing is man-made objects. Every boy spent too much time using pictures (let's not get any more graphic than that) to pretend that they were with a girl. Implants are pretend. It's not amazing. It's another man-made thing.

    So I want to ask you girls a question: would you decide who to go out with because of one physical attribute? How broad are his shoulders, how ripped are his abs, how long is his dick? Is that it? Many guys have at some time wondered about that or more. Certainly different people find different things in the opposite sex attractive. No matter what you look like, somewhere someone will not be attracted.

    Here's the bottom line. 90% of girls, sadly, think some part of their body is too big, too small or too stubby, too straight or too curly, too dark or too light, too tall or too short,... whatever.

    Guys just think "wow!" I can't believe that your body just naturally grew like that! Can I touch you?

  62. Where are all you small cupped women...all i seem to attract a Bs...I'd beg for a girl with As

  63. I find it so sad how these women struggle to get bigger breasts, and for what? I find small, pert breasts to be very attractive, and I am a female with small breasts myself. I wouldn't want to have larger breasts, and frankly, the only people that's ever DARED to comment on my bust size were busty women who were also overweight. I definitely feel very womanly and real and feminine, and if there would be anyone to tell me otherwise, I would send them to hell or to take a long hike. I have never had a man complain to me about my breasts, never. In the contrary, they complimented me for them. Actually, my breasts are part of what makes me physically sexy, and they definitely are an asset. I don't understand why these women want to have those big, saggy breasts, or the overly hard, fake looking ones. People are way too fixated on boob size, and I think that this is disturbing and sick. Small breasts are incredibly feminine, sexy, elegant and delicate. They GIVE a beautiful, delicate, elegant line to a woman's body. If you can't love your body, how the hell can you expect others to appreciate it, too?

    1. How about instead of insulting large breasts, you just support all women???

  64. I got small boobs too, maaan i need that suction cup thingy

  65. Kate you are beautiful just the way you are, Don't change a thing

  66. It's all in how a person thinks and that is the reality that's lived in. If a person's life can be made better through their altered perceptions (of how others view them) then go for it. It's too bad the extreme action of breast implants is so pervasive. However, sadly there is enough validation of their fears that they think in such ways. The real beauty comes from within but it can't come if the thinking needed to feel it isn't there. I felt pity for these girls but happily they all found resolution and closure and it did not require implants. Many do not come to those ways of thought.

  67. Having had sized 34A throughout my 20s and in 30s just barely a 36B, I can say I've lived my life as a small breasted woman. I used to hate it as a teenager mostly because of the negative comments by boys, girls, and yes even some horrendous adults. As I grew into my 20s I felt bombarded by the implant culture. Luckily, I also found yoga and dance and sought out gorgeous small-breasted role-models who embraced their sexiness (for example michelle pfeiffer has publicly refused to alter her little breasts) rather than going under the knife. What it ultimately came down to for me was this- If I bought into the media hyped bull$$it lie that bigger is better, even if fake, then I could no longer feel like a free-thinking and strong woman. If I did buy into the lie then I'd basically be confirming that lie by saying, "yes, I am defective and bigger is prettier and sexier." LIES. Sexy is sexy depending on the woman. Period. Lack of confidence is not sexy no matter the size. I see gorgeous ballerinas with small breasts, gorgeous models with small breasts, gorgeous professionals, beautiful swimmers, athletes, etc. It really is a matter of deciding if you want to believe the lie or not. It's all up to you.
    p.s. I've NEVER had an issue finding good looking and kind, successful men who absolutely adore small, perky breasts. Sexy has nothing to do with big or small. Stop believing the lies, ladies. Now go to the mirror and tell your small boobies you're sorry and that you do love them! And then go live life ( :

  68. I chose to watch this to see how "the other half" live as I am a young woman with large breasts (19 years old with 30Hs) and I think that the message is beneficial for all women, large or small. That being said my biggest issue is with some of the comments. While most are stating the need for acceptance some are (at least from my perspective) that smaller is better feels a little harsh. In my opinion we should work on making people feel better about themselves, not commenting on other shapes.

  69. I believe the problem with these women isn't so much with their breasts, but more to do with their mind. For them practicing mindfulness every day would be a far better treatment. They all seem to be suffering from anxiety.

    As a guy when I was younger I was obsessed (and insecure!) that I had a big nose. I would put ice on it every night when I went to bed.

    What I realize now is that there was nothing wrong with my nose, it was my mind playing tricks on me. A side-effect of anxiety basically.

    What really helped was overcoming anxiety - mostly through improving my social confidence, reading tons of books like The 6-pillars of Self-Esteem, doing plenty of relaxation like Yoga, and improving my lifestyle.

    When I did those things, my nose didn't change, but how I felt about it did.

    Cheers, Matt

  70. laura is so pretty

  71. I would LOVE to be small on top. Never was. Always wished I could be. Next life.

  72. There are loads of guys that like small breasts, it just depends on how confident you are with yourself

    1. Count me as one of them

    2. I love small breasts.

  73. Get a life ! The Media are (at the moment... in this 'meme-period'!) creating this 'Boob-Size-Focus'.

    Thus, the majority of 'Men' who like big boobies are easily manipulated and thus aren't particularly worth knowing!! Once the Media decide to orchestrate a 'backlash' (as is their "Want"... when incentivised by the 'Ever-Churning' Media's need for change), then, in turn, the ones who prefer a 'Smaller Boob' won't be worth knowing!!!

    So be yourselves and stop worrying!! ...and if you have 'big boobs' then 'Great' (for about 5 years until you are un-media friendly owing to the inevitable disgusting sag)... and if you currently have 'small boobs' then be prepared to be attractive to worthy people from today until you're about, umm, 199yrs old!!! i.e. Always!!.

    Trust me... It's confidence, mutual attractiveness and passion. Remember; our closest living relatives (Bonobo Chimps) are flat chested but produce more milk than humans AND have more sex than humans... So Human Boobies are over-rated in the Western Media (n.b. Independent research shows that UK/USA reporters are on average 23% below the respective national average IQ!)

  74. its awful feeling during sexual intercourse....
    when penis is inserted inside the vagina its like heaven which gives relief to both boy as well as girl...
    they forget everything and try to get indulge more and more....
    now what to write I am very much anxious to try once because its awful feeling....

  75. So good to see superficiality took a dive in the end and common sense (for the most part) shone through. I can only admire the tenacity of a women putting suction cups on EVERY night. What an amazing partner she has. Good God, this documentary has made think twice about continuing a dislike for ANY part of my body!

  76. I don't understand why all the woman want’s big breast? It should not matter how big they are, if you love this person. I can understand that it can be something women will feel unsecure about, but I personally do like all type of breast small or large.

  77. As the other guys here have said.. I personally think EACH of these three girls were extremely beautiful and extremely sexy. I prefer smaller and more petite girls.

    If I had to choose between anyone of these three girls, and another girl with C-D cups.. I would without a doubt choose one of these girls from the video. In fact, while watching this video I kept thinking to myself, "You id***! you are F****** hot! Don't get implants!" I really couldn't believe how insecure these women were! I actually feel so strongly about it that I wish I could meet them just to yell these things at them (in hopes to boost their confidence)

    I have my own philosophy about boobs. yeah big boobs are fun to look at and play with or whatever.. but IN TIME they will head south. Smaller boobs will stay up where they are. They also give the appearance of youth much longer than larger boobs, and what girl wouldn't want to look younger!

    Also after having kids, most boobs will grow.. even if a little.. if a girl already has small boobs, then has kids, chances are they will be bigger.. but they won't be so big that they sag.

    So anyway.. these girls are perfect just where they are. They need to ignore the childish comments/jokes of others, and be proud of how absolutely beautiful they are.

    Lastly, I have gotten lap dances at strip clubs by girls with even smaller boobs than these three women. In my opinion small is sexy..

    1. yes but its annoying when men say they want someone with bigger boobs a "real woman" thats unbelievable what am i then?! a fake woman?? apparently i need fake boobs just to look like a real woman im 20 and in college and single.ive always been single guys are always staring at my friends with big boobs they can have their pick at any guy they want. i know people who are getting married at my age and here i am alone. i cant help but blame it on my small chest that i have no control over. but i think im going to go on the pill as i hear it increases breast size. maybe then men might take interest in me...i dont want to be alone forever no one does.

    2. citygirl, what use of having a boyfriend, who saw your boobs first and then you? I have a girlfriend whose breast size was also to start with. But I would not have such a petty reason to make someone my companion.
      What all I can say is wait for the right guy, a guy who will look into your eyes. And believe me it's just matter of time. With time and the sexual activities, breast do grow.


    3. Hey, look at Kate Moss, Keira Knightley etc etc. List goes on forever. Most men are a--holes but a tiny minority are decent human beings who will see you for you. Don't try and get attention from thugs. Be proud to be you and never change. You'll get your prince and he'll love your ballerina chest. :)

    4. Most men are ***holes, funny, a lot of us feel the same way about women.I'm not taking it personally, but I couldn't help but comment.90 percent of my guy friends have been cheated on, and almost none of them ever cheated.More women have ripped my heart out in some way than not. It really goes both ways, it's only your own perception because your female. Most PEOPLE are a--holes would be a better statement. As far as small breasts go, MEN LIKE EVERYTHING.Black girls, white girls, thin girls, thick girls. They may not always admit it, but we like it all. The only guys that are truly picky are the kind of jerk offs you wouldn't want to be with anyway.

    5. You're right. I shoudln't have written that. But yes, it is my (albeit unfair) perception. My father hit, kicked, punched me through my childhood and gave me emotional abuse throughout my teens. Every boyfriend (except one) has either cheated on me, stolen from me or destroyed my limited self-etseem through emotional abuse. Oh, and I was raped in the street when waiting for a bus home from work. And been mugged 3 times by men. I don't personally know more than 3 men I'd describe as decent. You're clearly a good guy though. Your comment shocked me - I was expecting a nasty insulting response from some ***hole. Thanks for raising the bar. :)

    6. I'm a 31 year old woman with small breasts, and I can honestly say that I have never had any problems finding a man, and everywhere I go I receive more attention from males than I so desire. Men stare at me and compliment me just as much as larger breasted females. This comment is not intended to brag, but to prove the point that numerous men not only don't mind smaller breasted gals, but plenty of them prefer and/or appreciate small. I am happy that my breasts weed out the type of superficial males that are not even worthwhile anyway. You are 20 and your peers are getting married so young? What is the hurry?! You all are so very young, and so much will change in your 20's. Consider yourself lucky that you are still single. It's better to take your time to find the right one for you, that will love ALL of you exactly as you are made. It WILL happen. Be patient. I won't make any assumptions, but perhaps it's your insecurity over your chest that is putting men off? Men love a woman who is confident with themselves. The pill can possibly increase breast size, but along with that, it very often causes weight gain ALL over the body.

    7. citygirl, I too am flat-chested and thought of implants. I also tried the pill but it made me cranky and experienced a form of incontinence. But here's my reason for writing: THERE ARE SEVERAL MEN WHO LIKE SMALL BOOBS OR DON'T CARE HOW BIG YOUR BOOBS ARE. Trust me. I am now 50 and have found several men who find me sexy even though my breasts are 32AA. Of course I got my confidence back because of all these guys I met. Try not to obsess too much about your boobs and enjoy who you are. Being happy attracts more men than having big boobs.

  78. My previous girlfriend had very small breasts, not really any bigger than a man's "breasts". However, I thought they were extremely sexy, because since they were so small, she never wore a bra because a bra would have had almost no effect, and when I say almost I mean the ONLY effect would have been to conceal her nipples a little bit more. Which meant that her nipples were a little more visible through her blouse than they would have been otherwise, which added to their sexiness. And you could more easily see or divine the outline of her breasts through her blouse, but it didn't look "cheap", it looked great. So, to all you girls out there thinking of getting a boob job: DON'T DO IT! They're probably beautiful the way they are!

  79. I like smaller chested women but the women in this video are quite small. I guess it's like men who are not happy with having a small penis. As far as breasts go I am attracted to B and C cups with nice nipples over larger size breasts. Its the overall shape and the women's overall body, not the breasts only. I'm just not a breast man but a lower lips man.

  80. I think all of three women in this documentary were really beautiful. Given a hypothetical chance, I would marry any one of them without a hint of doubt. For me personally boob size does not matter. For me the very fact that you are a woman makes you beautiful.
    There are about 3.5 billion men in this world and I understand there would be some who prefer big titties. But that's just personal choice. There are many many like me who love women regardless of their breast size. I mean in my life I have been rejected for some of my physical attributes. I don't give a damn.
    For me it is much important for a man and a woman to possess a balance of physical beauty, intellect, emotions, financial security and career ambitions.
    My dearest suggestion to all women would be to invest some of their life-time into looking for good steady career and family options. These are much important than breast size.
    And meanwhile if you are not able to find a boyfriend or husband come to me, I am still single.

    1. Thanks for giving me a bit more faith in mankind. :) You're pretty great! C

    2. Thanks for giving me some faith in men. You're brilliant! C :)

  81. i think of boobies like a bag of MnM's. You just go to love all the different shapes, sizes and color.

  82. Well the way I look at it anything bigger than that which can fit in my mouth is excess.

  83. Before reading this comment I would like to thank the three women in this documentary for exposing publically their own personal insecurities. It takes a lot of courage to do this even if you are getting paid to do so. This documentary is interesting and engaging as we follow the lives of these three women as they deal with their insecurities in their body image.


    This was an interesting program on the insecurities that some women can have. I found all three of these women to be completely normal looking, breast size and all and so was intrigued by their insecurity especially the woman Kate who goes to New York for the photo shoot.

    (At the beginning) To be honest I do not think that larger breasts would make a difference because Kate is very insecure in her body image and herself. Ironic because she did have two children and how this happened is anyone's guess. However being afraid to go outside and take her kids out to play at the local park is a sign of a much bigger self confidence problem that bigger breasts will not fix.

    Why? Because even if Kate does get bigger breasts then I guarantee you that she will find something else wrong with herself.

    Another very common problem for women is varicose veins and the clumping of fat (cellulite) in their legs. It is very unsightly to look at and 95% of women over 30 years have both conditions. I have no idea why this just happens to women but it seems that women are genetically disposed to varicose veins and clumping fat (cellulite) in their legs.

    Women with small breasts in many ways should be grateful as it allows them to be much more physically active in sports and frees them later on from severe back pain that plague many large breasted women later on in life.

    Many men actually prefer women with smaller breasts because they instinctively know that these women can be more physically active and healthy than their much larger breasted counter parts.

    In the end it is not the size of her breasts that make a woman attractive to a man, but rather her strong sense of self confidence, her desire to have children, her desire to want to be attractive as a woman (scent and dressing), her desire to be physically active, and her adventure some spirit to try new things with her boyfriend / husband. These qualities will really attract men to a woman and it has nothing to do with breast size. Small breasts will never stop a man from liking a woman.

    In the end the top priorities for many men is the ability of the woman he chooses to be able to look beautiful as a woman (scent and dressing), be able to reproduce (have children), be emotionally sound and not unstable, to be self confident and have an adventure some spirit to try new things and be involved in activities with him and their future family. Small breasts in no way stop a man from selecting a woman for marriage, sex or reproduction.

    (Case in point Kate has two healthy energetic children.)

    Many men of course would enjoy their women to have larger breasts if possible, but in the end your man needs to accept you for who you are small breasts and all, just as you must accept yourself for who you are small breasts and all.

    Each one of us must be happy and confident with our own body is it is the only person that we can be. And over time each person must adjust to their new body image is it will change over our entire life time. For proof of this just look at the people of various ages around you.

    With regards to the three women at the beginning of this program, what they have each failed to notice is how slim, young, and attractive they each are. Each of these women needs to stand beside another woman who is between 75 and 85 years old and have their photo taken. Only then may they be able to realize how beautiful they really are at their current stage in life.

    The show has a happy ending as the three women become comfortable with who they really are small breast size and all. What these three women all have in abundance is youth, slimness, and good looks.

    99% of the men around them would find them very attractive and normal looking.

  84. boobs size doesnt matter.. matters if they look cute, are shapely and proportionate. Second thing.. woman self confidence about her boobs depends on wisdom and love of her partner. If woman is unlucky to be with fellow who likes only big breasts (which finally with the time will fall on the ground bcos of the gravity laws and their weight :) ) she should imidiately! change the guy not her boobs...

  85. boobs size doesnt matter.. matters if they look cute, are shapely and proportionate. Second thing.. woman self confidence about her boobs depends on wisdom and love of her partner. If woman is unlucky to be with fellow who likes only big breasts (which finally with the time will fall on the ground bcos of the gravity laws and their weight :) ) she should imidiately! change the guy not her boobs...

  86. Still laughing re: the comments. I missed out on the full doc (only a preview now being shown, as original removed by the source). Had a good idea where it was going anyway... my thoughts: if there was a natural preference or need for certain size breasts (or any other part of female or male anatomy) then natural selection would have played that out - don't you think. Since we do come in many shapes and sizes, perhaps, this diversity is useful to our species? no? yes! Personally, as a teen and young woman I was a twig (and correspondingly, small breasted); I was not insecure about my mind or attractiveness, but was insecure about that. Not sure when that turned around, but as evidenced in the comments here, and on You Tube - size, is only a small (no pun intended) part of the story; people (women and girls too) are sexy to other's 'most' when they are sexy to themselves. My advice, if anyone is asking: Love yourself (yes that too :) @Vlatko, that would make a good doc?), exercise your mind,heart, and body - strength, confidence, and maybe even peace with yourself will follow.

  87. @ Wow Vlatko , coming from you that is a very huge compliment and it brought a tear to my eye and with that I go more confidently with courage toward getting out of debt.
    (((( Hugs Vlatko ))))

  88. @ Vlatko and my Family TDF friends ,
    What a note for a last comment to leave yous with for a while ( LOL ) But I need to let you all know I will be offline for a while. Due to so many things that have come up recently like car break down twice and extra expenses and home repairs Gary and I have looked at our finances and saw where we could cut expenses from non- essentials and can use that moneies to pay off some accumilating debts and get our stuff out of storage 3000 miles away and get that expense off us. So one of the things we can survive though it might not seem it is our 80.00 amonth phone bill with internet included. LOL So after 5.00pm tonight we will be sitting outside the library on our laptops connecting to the internet.( wireless)
    I hope EZ 2b12 makes the popcorn for you all. At least we have a warm comfortable van to hang out in to watch those Awesome docs.that Vlatko puts out. Yes you heard right ! They are so awsome we will not live without them totally.
    we will watch them via van outside Library LOL !

    However , if anyone writes me know it might take a few days to respond till I see the emails.

    HAHA I was gonna say God Bless you all out of habit ! Yeah that would start a war.. So instead I'll say Scientists Blessings to each and every Frankie ( Frankenstein ) and Holy Blessings to the Christians. And AbBra -KA -DAbbra to the MAgicians and sorcerers.And Just be happy to the who cares Atheist.

    Love Yas " Connie

    1. @Connie,

      You are a really nice person. I believe in you... and thanks for your online presence.

  89. @ Achems
    ok since you confessed I will too ! I must be the luckiest woman in the world ! cause I have size AA to C all depends on what weight I am at the time. And that is even a choice.
    either way the curves are never less than an old coke bottle. VAH VAH VOOM DE AYE ! Ladies eat your heart out ! LOL

    1. I hear you. I have been as big as a D cup due to an excess of weight and am now down to an A. None of these women had any fat on their body. I’m sure lots of women would kill to be as slim and pretty as them

  90. @Hambone Littletail

    What's a matter with you? So a couple of people take a little bit of their time and share a laugh or two on this website.It's alot better then always worrying about whose doing what,why and how all the time isn't it?

    Nah,there isn't nothing wrong with a laugh now and then.

  91. @Connie:

    Well I'll be d@mn+d, you might have it pegged right! have a big nose, am left handed, and yes, hangs on the right, have long fingers, am a musician after all among other things, and wonder why women always stare at my muscular butt,

    Just joking of course, or am I? (LOL)

    PS. you forgot about the size of mens feet.

  92. @ ProudinUSA

    ( LOL )

  93. Is this really the highest and best use of this otherwise fine website? Darlin, for what it's worth, I LOVE your little tits, a helluvalot more than the fake ones you'll end up with. Stop worrying about your tits, and start worrying about the impending demise of this planet. You could start by tuning into some of these documentaries that really make a difference.

  94. @connie

    hahahaha..haha.haha.That was good,it really was.I always wondered why every time I bumped into a wall with a hard on I broke my nose though.I couldn't grab an eel if the thing was dead and right in front of me.I have my wife on the 2min. rule and that's it.

  95. OK I gotta change my wording so I can get out of moderation..

    I don’t want to butt in here really, But you did say something about not knowing what size *****’s are unless exposed? thats not actually true.. You can judge a mans ***** size by the length of his nose and fingers……
    And you can even know what side of his britches he rests it on. If he is right handed it goes on the left. If he is left handed it goes on the right.

    then there are endurance testers but I will leave that part for another time….

    Men think they are the only ones who size up the opposite sex.. but guys beware…. You are being watched too!

  96. @ Lily

    I don't want to butt in here really, But you did say something about not knowing what size penis's are unless exposed? thats not actually true.. You can judge a mans penis size by the length of his nose and fingers......
    And you can even know what side of his britches he rests it on. If he is right handed it goes on the left. If he is left handed it goes on the right.

    then there are endurance testers but I will leave that part for another time....

    Men think they are the only ones who size up the opposite sex.. but guys beware.... You are being watched too!

  97. There are many Asian women that have small boobs and they are some of the most beautiful women in the world.

  98. I love all boobs! If the guys don't like small boobs, send them to me!

  99. @Jack

    Because d***s are a sexual organ. They go into the vagina. Breasts have been made sexual cuz of the media. If the media told you our feet were sexual, that's what you'd be into. There's nothing wrong at all for liking big breasts, but there is something wrong with criticizing women because they don't have big breasts. We can't help what we're born with.

    Breasts may be a secondary sexual organ, but that's for our own personal pleasure. Their main purpose are to feed children. The media has made them something more.

    As far as penises being "idolized" here in the US, they're not plastered on billboards and tv and magazines. They are not exposed when you walk into a room like breasts are. They are not out in the open to be judged and criticized. The only way we know how big or small it is, is if you show us.

    You may be able to f*** a pair of DD's, but you can actually do the same with B's. Different sized penises feel differently to the vagina, but a woman's vag doesn't feel differently based on her breast size. Breasts are only worshiped cuz it's just another way to get women to hate themselves to line surgeons pockets. Womens low self esteem is a billion dollar industry.

  100. Oh sure there has always and always will be the majority of guys who like big boobies.. But there are plenty who like the petite size too, and hell even some who really don't care.. While still the most popular choice of preference seems to be large boobs it is just that 'preference'.

    Either way, I have very small breasts and I like them.. To me they look cute and are free from the sagging or stretchmarks that large breasts succumb to at some point.

    I don't much like the equation of breasts with the penis - A penis has a very very different function which size plays an actual role in.. Where as breasts are more or less just fun bags that come in all shapes and sizes, and it is totally subjective as to which pair someone decides to like most! xD

    Anyway.. relax.. Don't think twice about it.. Boobs are just boobs.. and the average Joe is going to be happy with just about any. lol. :)

  101. @Jack

    Don't compare small breasts to small d****s. They're nowhere near the same--one is a sexual organ, the other is to feed children. If you like bigger breasts that's fine, but don't come over to a site about small breasts and dump on women with small breasts. You'll never see a site for big breasts and see comments criticizing women with big breasts. It's things like this that make women feel insecure and risk their lives to have surgery.

  102. @ Jack & Achems

    @ Jack , Congradulations you done it ! You did provide solid uplifting documented proof to support your claims.! I have no choice but to except the validity of your claims.:-)

    Achems @ I value your findings as most interesting indeed and know you well enough that you would never,ever make statements you have not tried and tested as truth without serious study. I am sure you have made extensive independant studies. However I must say in all fairness that Jack has provided the proof necessary to make and claim solid proof of his testimonials for the scientific community and for all Breast Lovers.

    Jack I hereby present you with the Nobel up to Breast award In the name of All Breast Lovers. Let that lie upon every breast till any other Breast Lovers come forward with better documented proof.

    Now I must go. I have just decided to burn my bra and let the artisic side of me free. Perhaps I might find a better way to strum my guitar with a breast stroke or two. :-)

  103. @Jack:

    Funny vids Jack, albeit they must be brain dead to even make vids like that, (LOL) is that conducive to breast size maybe, Hmmm?

    Notice that "Elvira" was doing her titty dance on adjacent vid,
    Have all her movies, my favorite broad! Ha,Ha, (pun intended), not because of her endowments, but because she is an evil Gothic chick,(LMAO)

  104. keira k. is sexy -not

  105. @Connie:

    After careful deliberation, have come up with major scientific reasons why women have mammary glands.

    1-a place to keep your beer can.

    2-help you to read more comfortably.

    3-tool to make an artistic painting.

    3-for nose protection.

    4-placing an advertisement.

    5-best sleeping place for a cat.

    6-for frightening the cows.

  106. @ anyone
    I'm still waiting for some scientific data of proof from you scientists. Not one bit of solid evidence has been mentioned to back up any statements ....LMBO :-)

  107. @Jack
    I prefer small breasted women anyday, to me they are the sexier of the two easily. Good on yah for loving larger breasted women but I have always prefered smaller firmer breasted women,they are much better shaped all round in general body shape & nicer proportioned than their larger breasted counter parts who more often than not tend to carry more overall body weight. Small firm titties rock!!

  108. I like small breasts, just like women like small c**ks....haha right! Peoples sexual preferences to size has always been generally for the larger if given the choice. This is not just a male preference either, just look at all the products out their that claim to give guys extra inches!

    By the way, I LOVE BIG TITTIES!!!!

    At least I'm being honest;)

    1. I like small dicks. I'll take a 7 over a 10 anyday, probably because smaller dicks feel better and big ones hurt like hell. Sorry I don't like to be ripped in half and also my breasts may be small but they are round, perky, and very bouncy when I'm having sex. I don't care what a man says he can't deny that.

  109. @ hoboboxerjoe LoL You cause me to think us woman do have a better deal here.
    When we gain weight our breasts enlarge.
    When Men gain weight there tools get smaller or aleast function as so. LOL
    We have a choice without surgery.

  110. Link doesn't work - IMHO anything more than a handful is too much.

  111. Well said,ProudinUS

  112. Women who worry about their small breasts are almost laughable to me. I understand insecurity. But as a man (and I've read several sites regarding the issue, so this is purely an anecodotal observation). I cannot believe the cruelty I see in women about men with penises below 5". I have never measured mine, but it's about average to maybe slightly above average. Not that I expect anyone to care.

    But it bothers me because I know a few friends who have issues down there with size and have had this stigma that has literally led one to suicide. Men with micropenis I couldn't even imagine...

    Women with small breasts that are sexy:

    Mila Jovovich

    Keira Knightly


    So please, small breasted women. If you are feeling insecure, just be happy you don't have something dangling between your legs that the whole world is obsessed about seeing get bigger.

  113. "Video removed by user"! Apparently it just happened, because I watched 1 and 2, then 3 didn't load. When I refreshed 2, it gave the same error even though I had just watched it! Help!

  114. All of these women are incredibly beautiful. It's kind of sad that they have this mindset that they need big tits to be attractive.

    And honestly, any kind of plastic surgery is a huge turn off in my opinion.

  115. small breasts big breasts, big nipples little nipples, flat ass round ass, big dick little dick, blonde hair brown hair, blue eyes brown eyes. Maybe its a big city thing but as a man growing up in a very small town i could give a shit if your breasts were small or big. Be comfortable with who you are and don't buy into the bullshit hollywood says. I refuse to watch any sort of reality show it makes me pissed off. television programs rot the mind.

  116. I beleive these woman should be causious of what they wish for.If you get a healthy rack when young you may feel better about yourself,I guess.You should be comfortable with what god gives you. He built your breast size according to your body frame.If he thought you would be able to sustain the weight after years and years of suporting huge jugs he wouldv'e given them to you.

    I beleive the women are not looking at the full picture esspecially when ....what was that thing called ...ahh,dammit....Oh ya gravity.I don't think you'll feel very sexy with them down to your stomache.Ah who am I kiding I love all female breasts,one size fits all when it comes to boobs.I prefer a nice lucious a$$ over t!ts though.At least down their you know your close to where the real action is.I have been with all types of women.Ugly ones,thin ones ,hot ones ,tall ones,asians,mexicans,buck tooth ones,fat ones I'm not exactly a Brad Pitt but I love women regardless of any body feature,well,maybe I should refrase that .I mean I don't want to be with a women who thinks it's cool to tie me upsidedown on a ceiling fan and smack my a$$ with a f^ckin'flyswatter on every rotation or some weird sh!t.I look at the female body as soft and feminine.Wouldn't want to wake to a masculine Rosie o"Donell. That ride would probably wind up passing out and awaken by a huge two sided lesbian dildo lodged up my a$$.I mean what would you say to her when it's time to go ."Thanks ,didn't see that one coming!"......young ladies be glad for the body you was giving,because if you would choose to get false parts put on you.I beleive you would turn out to be untrustworthy.One night stand, DEFINATLY,but as far as trusting you in a long term relationship I don't think I would ever feel comfortable with that.(BUT I did say I was good to go with one nighters!

  117. A nine year old taking sexy pictures of her mom???

  118. I find A cups sexiest -- my wife is an A cup. It was strange watching a doc where women were hating what I the most attractive in a breast. But I understand the human mind, so I am not surprised.

  119. at amy
    don't be down, bigger can also be sexy, to me it is not about the size, but about the shape of nipples, and size really doesn't matter, i am sure most of the guys would agree

  120. I am an artist, massage therapist, and nurse...I've seen them all and would challange any to go observe the Masters and their works...Dollie Parton type breasts do not adorn the walls of Louve-no Elvis on velvet either. Nor Twiggy! Beauty more often than not is very natural.
    It's not the "more than a mouthful is wasted..." but it is the "youthful" appearances.
    Small busted women, young, old, pregnant are all most pleasing to the eye and would be told so more often if it wasn't so "sexest".
    One of God's greatest gifts to the world.........women; most beautiful women.
    Don't ever sell yourselves short. You are adored.

  121. NO I didn't watch this. I just wanted to see how many of my family TDF family watched this. Of coarse as I figured two of yas did for sure !

    Vlatko It must of hurt you very much to have had to put this Doc on the air. I am sure it just rubbed against your grain :-)

  122. Laura is so hot she could be a model or film star!! Arg just want to choke her for being insecure. All three girls are attractive, only Sharon seems to be happy, just more of something to try out for fun.

  123. Hey Amy, if it'll make you feel better I'll look at your boobs. For science. :P

  124. I'm a 32D. Believe me. It's not that great. Just love yourself and others will love you too.

    How ironic is it that I'm now feeling down about my curves now that I've read so many comments saying smaller was sexier. Just goes to show that the grass really is always greener...

  125. I mean, if they are making a big deal out of not having big boobs, they have 2 options:

    Accept themselves as they are.

    They don't really need to appear in a "documentary" about how unhappy they are. They have friends, good jobs, even partners. What else do the want in life? Breasts? Give me a break, grow up!

  126. I agree with the comments but it is not the point of the doc here. It's to show what these woman with small breast and low confidence about them feels. What they go trough and what they are willing to do to change it. To me the suction technique was almost mutilation... Anyway, I found it funny when the girl used the DIY implant, they kinda worked like placebo. I mean it was still looking bigger but you could see her having way much confidence. I beleive the way a woman carries herself will determine how much attention she will get. Am I just wrong ?

  127. I agree with many comments here -- why not include stories of small chested women who are happy with how they look? Also, documentaries like this further propagate a cultural obsession with women's breasts and do nothing for challenging the troubling equation of women's gender identity with their bodies and sexuality. What of the many women who are STILL women, who have undergone mastectomies due to breast cancer and other health issues? How sad.

  128. Too much fuss about the size of two lumps of body fat imho.
    People should simply care less about something this trivial.

    On the other hand I am glad this kind of surgery exists, because lets not forget about the women that lose their breasts to cancer, or girls with serious hormone problems and the odd guy that wants to become a she, hehe

  129. Variety is the spice of life, if all breasts were the same that would be boring. I don't know one guy that likes fake breasts but I do know a lot of men that like small ones. In fact I even know some guys that are turned off buy big breasts.

    FYI - Most fashion models, particularly runway models have small breasts.

  130. As with Gwen, in my youth I also had a tad of a complex about my small sized breasts. It was all those girls with large ones on TV & magazines shown as symbols of sex or something. But thankfully with maturity you start realizing that there is more to you than your breasts & that there are plenty of men who appreciate a bit of brain too :). At my 43 now, I am as happy with my whole body as one can be.

    What makes me very happy here is that so many of you guys speak with respect & admiration of female body and it's attractions in its natural form & I hope that there are young girls & mature women with doubts about their natural beauty who read it!

  131. All you need is a handful :)

  132. Hmm yeah, I was always a leg man myself and I feel sorry for those girls who have a bad self image due to the pressure put on them by ads etc. Even girls carrying a bit of weight can have beautiful legs, breasts and brains. Likewise thinner girls. But I have to say an ex of mine (very slim) had implants and they just don't feel right! Girls, put down the "fashion" mags. Feel good about yourselves and let your inner beauty shine.

  133. I think you are all missing the point, they show boobs in this doc.!! I love educational programming.

  134. I have always like women with small breasts. I think that women that can't accept their own bodies need to learn to love themselves. Love thy neighbor as THYSELF.

  135. i persnally think small boobs are sexy

  136. This is an interesting doc., because it shows that women who fell insecure about their breast can find other means to over come their fears. You don't ALWAYS have to get an implant to cure your insecurities. I for one hate implants. They take away that "natural" look and feel, it also leaves little room for variety. As far as the website that is concerned, it's a sad and sick way of offering help. Paying a woman to get implants and then have them send you pictures, doesn't say much about you as an individual. I'm glad Laura didn't go that route, because she would have wound up with pictures all over the net, and that would have been sad in her case. She seemed way to sweet to have that happen to her.

  137. seriously! accept the body you have! I have what is considered "average" size boobs (36 Cs!) and sometimes I wish they were smaller.

    but you know what? I was born with these ones! so I live with them.

  138. being more serious , who cares from the guys , if your asian then u have no problem with me hahah , but really the amount of pressure on woman these days is incredible and really sad, take away the magazines and stop the photo shopping, they stretch there legs , carve there faces, blow up there tits . now you girls dont want stretched legs ... do you

  139. After 45 seconds I asked myself why am I watching this? So I stopped.

  140. as a rapper once said " She's got an ass that'll swollow up a g-string and on top? two bee stings" Ladys its not the boobs its the booty =)

  141. Maria Bamford says she calls her boobs "exquisite miniatures". :P

  142. I have to be honest. These girls boobs are nice! They look more celebratory than melons. I like melons, but I also like grapefruit, and lemons.

  143. To the three women who appeared in this film, and to similarly proportioned women reading these reviews: you are beautiful. My gf has similarly-sized breasts and I love them as part of her. I like them so much I insist she never wear a bra when she is with me. Her natural beauty beneath a well-fitting t-shirt or tank top is very attractive, appealing, and eye-catching. Her breasts and nipples are sensitive and she really enjoys having them kissed and loved, to feel my finger tips appreciating her skin, and it's my pleasure to do so. This natural breast energy can radiate from any sized breast. I would discourage any enlargement procedure likely to damage sensitivity. Please, enjoy your breasts and enjoy sharing their natural beauty and energy.

  144. As a guy, I gotta tell you ladies- smaller breasts are sexy!

  145. I have implants and i don't have "psychological" problems haha.I just wanted bigger breasts and got them.Everyone should do what they want to. If they don't like them change them. Not everyone is the same. Just because YOU are ok with your body image that doesn't mean that others should be ok with theirs as well. So whooooooo cares!Real fake, whatever as long as your happy with who you are who gives a crap what everyone else thinks.

    The end :)

  146. seriously though, its an insecurity thing

    it's like 80lb girls who think there fat

  147. at Spoo g. Mcshooter
    i couldn't agree more... there should be brain enlargement

  148. tittes

  149. This is so disturbing. I'd much rather be around women with small breasts and a large brain than one with large squishy ones and all of the small brained men drooling on themselves to get near. It's a lot like trophy hunters verses food hunters, where one gets what he wants and one gets what he needs. Oh, excuse me, some women are trophy hunters too!

  150. i'm part way thru thyis. i guess most of us have seen most of whats here? this is more frightening rhan scarey movies

  151. @ Skeptic
    Well, how important is body figure when a woman can’t pinpoint Canada on a map? I’d take a woman missing a breast over a ****** one anytime.

    couldn't agree with you more bro

  152. Wanting is a terrible fixation no matter what the desire is.
    I happen to envy people who are completely content with their minds, bodies, and possessions, or lack thereof!
    Therefore I can't honestly say I am free from wanting either!
    However, from my own horny male point of view, I just want to say this to all the girls or women who might read it.
    Your breasts are no big deal, large or small, and on my list (if I were to make one) of attractive female characteristics, body proportions are way down at the bottom and well past intelligence and wit!
    For me, good conversation and a smile is all you need.
    I really wish more people would realize how temporary and superficial our appearance is when it comes right down to it!
    If some girls are truly "too embarrassed" to leave their homes from concern about their breast size then I pray it is only an extremely small percentage of women who feel this way because that is lunacy!!
    It seriously is!!

  153. big or small breast is not too important but personality of the woman is very very important speaceally for family as a mother

  154. @kate

    > If you want to feel good about your breast size,
    > look at the statue of the Venus de Milo. She has
    > at most B cup breasts.

    Very true. I see the women browsing magazines and watching movies, then trying to replicate these body shapes. There should be a documentary explaining how and why the "standard" changed. The strangest thing is that all those women pursuing stick-like figures are only impressing themselves. When asked, most men would say they prefer the Greek standard. I remember hearing a maxim that suits this subject of "figure standard". It goes like this:

    "Real women have curves."

    Regarding the breast issue, size doesn't matter to me. I like the tiny, the medium and the big ones. But like someone else pointed out before, the big ones succumb to gravity sooner. Women should think twice before wishing big breasts. Body-wise, I'm more inclined to notice "buttocks roundness" before breast size. And the breast/buttock preference is definitely linked to cultural background.

    Well, how important is body figure when a woman can't pinpoint Canada on a map? I'd take a woman missing a breast over a stupid one anytime.

    1. your really contradicting yourself, its quotes like 'real women have curves' and 'shes too fat' or 'shes too skinny' that make a women become self conscious in the first place. Some women have tiny breasts and wide hips, others big breasts and small hips, some small breasts and small hips and some all hips and no TNA. Some of us gain quickly and some cant at all. And we all want what the opposite has. So we force ourselves to become like the opposite women and in turn become superficial and unnatural. And its all because we see other women and ESPECIALLY men oogling at the tanned, thin, big chested and big booty porn star(whether shes natural or not, we unnaturally pursue that image). Or men admiring Kim K or Marissa Miller in front of us and then throwing a rude comment like 'shes too flat' or 'her butts too big'.

      Believe me we don't want to stress about our image. We want to be accepted and not be judged. We want to live freely and happy without ever comparing ourselves to another women. But society just keeps slapping us in the face. Women love their men, fat, skinny, short, tall, small penis. When we love we love and we never comment on your image EVER unless its concerning your health. But men are known to cheat for a younger women. Or masturbate over big chested big bummed women with the unnatural 23 size waist.
      If we were more appreciated and loved and not made aware of our image so much then believe me we wouldn't be this way.

      Remember we are more sensitive than men so we need to be told once in awhile and respected and men should watch what they say or over look at around their women. We may act like we don't notice BUT believe me WE DO!!

  155. More than a mouthful is a waste.

  156. I guess by all standards I am different from alot of men. I find small breasts to be one of the most sexy thing and one of the biggest turn ons.I think that women with this body type are the most unique. Don't ever be ashamed of this.As the saying goes " Any more than a mouthful is a waste". LOL

  157. The problem here is these girls were born with small brains ; P

  158. Ancient Egyptian tomb paintings, and most statues of ancient Greek and Roman goddesses, portrayed ideal feminine beauty as defined by small breasts and large hips. I don't know why 20th and 21st century westerners idealize the opposite? When did this happen? If you want to feel good about your breast size, look at the statue of the Venus de Milo. She has at most B cup breasts.

  159. If it fits in the palm of your hand, good enough!

    Anyway, am not a breast man, was weaned on goats milk, maybe why. (LOL)

  160. Haven't watched this yet. My wife has small boobs. I prefer small boobs. A and B cup. I don't see the big deal about breast size. All sorts of boobs can look great! :)

  161. Small breasts are absolutedly sexy as he11, not that i am instantly turned off by the bigger ones. As far as implants go, if they make someone feel better and cause no health issues- go for it. I don't think it should be stigmatized, now extensive recontruction is another story. People with tons of plastic surgery never look better, they always think they do but its not so. Most of the time you can't quite put your finger on what it is that makes them look unnatural, you just know they do! Now, wheres my lotion and kleenex its time to watch this documentary(LOL). Hey, I'm not catholic so its alright, right?

  162. Big breasts,medium breasts,little breats,who cares!I love all parts of the female structure.And yes, I'm including their mind as well.

  163. I agree.. I'm a man and breast size isn't important. I'd probably rather have a wife with smaller breasts that won't sag as we age. However, I am not short sighted like most people.

  164. i forgot -one thing that helps alot for growing breasts is having sex as much as possible!!! (i am serious) so girls, get in action

    1. No it doesn't.

    2. I have to agree with Misty, I've had LOADS of sex and my breast size has not changed one bit. I'm proof that that is a myth.

  165. UpVote

  166. laura i'm in love with you, don't do anything to yourself, you look so perfect, it's really sad you can't realise that an get on with your life
    it is shame that women like you help instill this pamela anderson-like role model, and by doing that you make it even more difficult for other girls to be comfortable with their bodies... i can assure you that no one is absolutely and utterly satisfied with his/her body, but once you find someone who really loves you -it doesn't matter any more

  167. Small breasts, large breasts, all of them are fantastic to me!.. I think fake anything on the female or male body, is a sign of serious psychological problems.

  168. small breasts is not a bad thing at all.. Small penis however, is pointless.. lol

    1. I think you probably meant useless... not "pointless"!

  169. its so sad to see these women hate on themselves for having small breast. they are all quite beautiful just the same.

  170. tiny breasts are soooo sexy, and every woman with implants has serious issues (to put it gently)

  171. I have to say that website "myfreeimplants" was hilarious! I had to look it up to see if it was real! :]

  172. I'm with 'Isadora' on this one.

  173. Oh please. Can we also see a documentary about women accepting their small breasts? I'll gladly participate. I think this documentary is sad because it is imbalanced: many women accept their breast size even when small chested and feel and ARE sexy regardless of them not fitting into this imposed standard of normality.
    This also needs to be told. Not all small breasted women feel ugly or inadequate- far from it- nor are we all victims of social/cultural pressures.