Born Rich

Born Rich

2003, Society  -   150 Comments
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Born RichFirst-time filmmaker Jamie Johnson, a 23-year-old heir to the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical fortune, captures the rituals, worries and social customs of the young Trumps, Vanderbilts, Newhouses and Bloombergs in the documentary special, Born Rich.

Offering candid insights into the privileges and burdens of inheriting more money than most people will earn in a lifetime. Narrated by Johnson, a history student at New York University, and filmed over a three-year period, Born Rich spotlights ten young adults who came into the world knowing they would never have to work a day in their lives.

These society-column names speak frankly about the one subject they all know is taboo: money. With his unfettered access to this rarefied subculture, Johnson explores topics such as the anxieties of being cut off, and the misconception that money can solve all problems.

Most wealthy people are told from a very young age not to talk about money, notes Johnson. Consequently, they are extremely reluctant to speak to people about their backgrounds. Also, many of the subjects in my film already have more public recognition than they may want, and have very little to gain by receiving more.

Among the peers Johnson interviews are: Josiah Hornblower, heir to the Vanderbilt and Whitney fortunes; S.I. Newhouse IV, of the Conde Nast Newhouses; Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donald Trump; and Georgianna Bloomberg, daughter of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The story begins with the advent of the filmmaker’s 21st birthday, and his mingled anticipation and fear of receiving his portion of the family inheritance.

Unsure about the future direction of his own life, Johnson decides to document the experiences of his privileged peers in dealing with their family’s legacies. He explores their candid perspectives on subjects ranging from life philosophies and trust funds to prenuptial agreements and career choices, ultimately revealing their common struggle to discover their own identity.

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  1. Well, the movie was 'ok'. There's nothing wrong with a film, depicting the subculture of the children of the established plutocrats.

    The question I have is why not a single one of them, had a single desire or passion in life. Didn't even one of them, want to write science fiction, a piece of music, or build a sculpture?

    Growing up, I was never encouraged to pursue art, writing, etc, and was instead, pushed towards areas like accounting, engineering, health care, etc, because that's where the jobs were. You see, being from the lower to middle classes, doesn't exactly give one the freedom, to pursue one's passions, unless that passion is becoming a financier, management consultant, or doctor.

    And for me, that's the difference between being born rich and being ordinary.

  2. But, did Jamie Johnson bother mentioning that his crack addicted sister, who was bosom buddies with Paris Hilton, committed suicide when she overdosed on drugs and booze? I guess she became a crack addict because she couldn't think of anything more worthy to spend her money on besides booze, drugs and parties. One thing's for sure - she didn't take her trust fund with her.

  3. Dear Boy (and now a man), good on you for having the courage to do this film. It was really informative. Now as a past foster mom to 20 troubled teens, I can tell you, my heart ached for these young people you presented. Though they laughed alot and smiled, said positive things, I didnt really feel much true happiness in depth with any of them, nor did I get a sense of their being capable of true empathy or compassion. Saddest of all is they have little real awareness of the programming they have been subject to, but you can hear their hearts and souls asking for more. My suggestion for every extremely wealthy young person (on into 20's and even 30's is to take min 6 months of their lives and do an adventure. Do a discovery into the realm of the reality that the majority of humans have and see if that doesn't answer some real questions. Go get an average job, and live on that money alone, take no money from outside your income. Now experience not having all the little luxuries that you get routinely now. What you are now is 'entitled' and that is the domain of the minority (i.e. extremely wealthy) and with this you obtain a limited view on life, self, hopes and dreams. Travel in the real world for awhile and see if your knowledge and instincts do not expand phenomenally.

  4. Wealth is not measured by how much money you have, but by how much you give to others. This is the secret to happiness.

  5. I think everyone should start out with nothing...the truly able will always achieve. But under all of that, there's no point in living life unless you're going to enrich others' lives in the process.

  6. It is insane how many of us have to work so hard in order not to live but just to survive and still can not have a smell of that money. By the age of 40 many of us end up to be disable from work and we have to deal with the medical on our own. Even if I creative and have insteresting ideas, I am still not Ivanka Trump or kid from wealthy family who can make their dream come true in a second.

  7. I would like to thank for your great creation.

  8. This was an interesting look into their lives. I don't think they should feel guilty. Any person worth their salt would leave a legacy for their child if they could. But the sad part is that most lack a sense of direction. Money alone is not a meaningful life. I find I don't envy them.

    1. it's odious that you can leave someone enough money to "never have to work a day in their lives" while others in the same country are literally dying of poverty (e.g., 45,000 die each year due to lack of health insurance, which is fundamentally about inability to pay for *necessary* medical care).

  9. Insightful! Not surprising! Wealth brings it's own set of problems! You can't pick your family , you just try and deal with the one you are born into! Rich or Poor we all have issues that dwell beneath the surface, would it be better to deal with them as a wealthy person ,YES! Money can't cure the mental state of mind , so if your child grows up to be a Jerk ,then rich or poor he is a Jerk! I've known quite a few wealthy people and yes some can be Snobs , but also it is because of the way society treats them ,but once they get in an environment where no one cares about how rich they are ,they tend to become more like any one else , just trying to be themselves and live life! They have something that all of us wish we could obtain. Money! We also have something that they crave so desperately ! Freedom to just be themselves and not their parents , Freedom to just step outside and take a walk with out the cameras at your every move ,Freedom to just be you!

  10. The absence of reaching out and giving others a leg up,
    is remarkable.

  11. Money is access.
    Access to good schools, universities, professional medical care,
    secure homes, food security, free from want and misery.

  12. Money is freedom. It provides a person the ability to pursue their passions without the limits that most of us have. Certainly, having the financial backing to pursue higher education is a real plus to a person's future. I, like the kids interviewed for this film, was born into enough money to live without working, though of course not to the extremes they have. I have been given the luxury of getting a great education without student loans, and, really, I am forever grateful for that opportunity. Already, I've enjoyed benefits that others were not lucky enough to have. The point is I can relate somewhat to what some of them are thinking, but I believe most of them are significantly short sighted about what it means to have money.

    Money is opportunity. The problem that most of these kids appear is have is that they have no reason to challenge themselves. And it seems that the parents have not done the greatest job at instilling a sense of purpose. Life can be horribly meaningless without goals, and successes and failures. Although it may sound cliche, life is a journey and possibly they are feeling that they are at the end of the journey without ever taking part. Their names surmount their own thoughts of their potential. However, they misunderstand the great potential they have.

    Money gives you the freedom and opportunity to truly pursue your passions, whatever they may be. But, it also gives you the opportunity to make a great impact on the world. They would not have to look far to find many people that are wealthy that are not lost in what they can provide to the world. Take for instance the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, of whom Mayor Bloomberg is now a member, that is doing absolutely wonderful work throughout the world. Most of these kids' parents were/are active philanthropists, so why do none of them wish to use the freedom, opportunity, and relationships that their money provides to create a better world? Certainly, they, like myself, are in a perfect position to pursue building oneself in the effort to be able to provide a positive impact in their lifetimes. I believe that should be the answer to their question of what they should do with their lives. It is mine.

    On another note, I find it confusing how blatant some of their remarks were. There were several racist or sexist or class related comments. Possibly they didn't know that this would be released? But, nevertheless, it looks like I'll never be sending my kids to any of the NYC prep schools if kids come out acting like that. I thought the point of these schools was to provide the best education, not sheltered unaware kids.

  13. I was recommended this as a sequel to "Thrive: what in the World will it take" and was very disappointed. In Thrive, Foster Gambol uses his inherited wealth to actually make a difference for humanity - to expose the deep corruption at play that is creating global poverty, destroying our planet and filling our prisons with drug users. If these young people want to really utilize their money and access in a worthwhile manor, and improve their own lives while they are at it, making changes towards a more just world would a good activity.

  14. When I saw this documentary years ago on HBO I predicted that Luke Weil would end up in jail. Well guess what? He was jailed for a year in a Tribeca detention center for a year for assaulting his girlfriend. Why such a long sentence when you know he has the money for the best lawyers? Several previous assault charges. Oh yeah, and he tried to sue Johnson after the documentary was released, saying he was "tricked" into appearing in it. WHAT a douche! Fortunately, his case was thrown out of court!

    1. I watched this documentary in my sociology class... our teacher is asking us.... What couldn't happen to Luke Weil in the documentary? What did he say?

  15. As the heir to the Dairy Queen fortune, I find this documentary to be both vulgar and tacky. That is why I refused to participate in it when asked.

  16. If I were rich, I would definitely invest in scientific researches. And maybe have my own scientific center. Because I'm very interested in a lot of things, mostly in the discovery of the mysteries of the Univers, I know exactly what I would do with so much money. Rich people who don't know how to spend/invest their money and feel like they have done everything in their lives lack interest in things that really matter. In my opinion, at a certain point of your life, you have to start thinking of how you can help others. It helps to find a meaning in life (from my short experience of it since I'm only 19).

  17. I think I learned more about people when I was homeless for over a year after comming home from Vietnam. Too bad some of these kids never got to experience any of that.

  18. Call me crazy but I dream of a world like Star Trek. I beleive that one day money will not matter. That the only "grind" we will be on is discovering how to make the world better for everybody. Until that happens enjoy the life you have and continue to move forward.

  19. The rich get richer, The poor get poorer,It is hard some days going with out Money but we Got God and he will help us, Not with Money but with love, The rich don`t have love they just what more money. It would be nice to have Money like the rest. But this is it. I would love to have Home and Money, But My Parents give me love to pass round.

    1. God won't help anyone w anything. Religion has never in the history of the human race ever solved a problem. Believing that a god is going to fix everything just keeps you from fixing anything.
      "The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for their real happiness. The demand to give up the illusions about its condition is the demand to give up a condition that needs illusions...Criticism [of religion] has plucked the imaginary flowers from the chain not so that man will wear the chain without any fantasy or consolation, but so that he will shake off the chain"
      God will not help you. But he will prevent you from helping yourself if you let him.

    2. God and religion are not interconnected, saying that just reflects that many people choose to hide behind blame and criticism instead of thinking about creative ways to solve what comes with the power of freewill and the term survival of the fittest. It is easy to sit on one side of either being Rich or Poor (the Law of Opposites)and say something but not do something. As someone once said it begins with the man in the mirror in whatever small or large capacity of influence we have around us.

    3. You know not of what you speak.

    4. If you think rich people don't have love, you are naive. They are like everyone else in that regard, some have loving families, some do not. Romantic love can be found by anyone, rich or poor. I get that people tell themselves things like this to feel better about not having money, but it just isn't reality.

  20. I just would like to be able to afford gas to put in my car to make it to work week after week..and feed myself daily. Life's simple pleasures

  21. When I think of the rich, I often wonder if they (most anyway) know what it would be like to live the way that I do. To go into a store and buy whatever I want with no worries, or to buy a home or car with no worries would be absolutely fasinating. But then, would I be happy? Money buys things, but things go have a happy life, there is your key to success. I serve a Mighty and Awesome God, who is everything to me. more than silver or gold, He is more than enough. To serve God is more rewarding then anything money could buy.Now, reading most of these see people talking about us (the not so fortunate), we know what happiness truly is...and it is not in money. Try God!!

    1. is that a drug or something?...if do you take it?

    2. You can have your gods. I would rather be rich and miserable than be poor and miserable!

      Before you go tip-toeing through the tulips you must know your psychopathic god killed his only son, among other atrocities.

    3. The issue is not as simple as one person just being able to buy whatever they want. It is not about having a few extra luxuries. You need to educate yourself about how the world economy works and discover that their wealth comes directly from others' poverty. You and I can't get affordable health care for our families bc some of these ppl work for, or are invested in, insurance corporations whose premiums and policies are designed to fund not the health of their clients, but the yachts and mansions of their executives and shareholders. You and I will have to pay a higher % of our incomes in taxes so that ppl like this can write off their investment incomes and corporations can keep getting credits & subsidies. Workers' salaries have stagnated in the US even as cost of living has skyrocketed so that corporate executives can give themselves 7 digit bonuses every year. The manufacturing sector has disappeared and whole cities have been made desolate so that companies can outsource to third world slave markets and shareholders' stocks can go up. We are experiencing the first real consequences of global warming--namely the droughts & heatwaves-- so that the oil & fossil fuels industry can keep generating profits in the range of $20 mil a day, on which they pay almost no taxes. Do you get the picture?
      God is a fairy tale. We need to give up the illusions and make a world worth living in.

    4. "You and I pay a higher % of our income in taxes"? Half of Americans (50%) pay no taxes at all yet they consume as much or more of its services than the rest. I tell you what when your boss comes to you and says I will give you 30% of 60,000.00 or 5% of 10,000,000.00 be sure to tell him you want the 30% of 60k because 30% is bigger.

      The next time your state or city is trying to attract a new business to build in your town, bringing jobs and taxes with them make sure you protest the city or state giving some tax benefits to the company to persuade them to invest there. I am sure they will move on to another town or state.

    5. It is precisely that thinking that is the problem. There are no laws placed on companies coming into towns and monopolizing on people. This was a problem in the 19th century with tycoons and its the same problem today. We cannot live on the promise of people bringing "business" to us anymore. We have to implement laws in all states so that NO business or corporation rapes the city in their false promises. Only then, when we stop putting our faith into this trickle down bulls*it that never works will things change...

    6. Mitt Romney's talking points. Everyone pays some form of tax. Even if they are exempt from city, state, and federal taxes, they still pay sales tax. Sam is correct. The reverse is also true that as the rich are propped up by stealing from us, we are also propping up the poor who work at McDonalds and Walmart by helping to subsidize their child care, and home expenses.

      People just feel more sympathy for the rich because they want to be rich and hope that one day they will get the same breaks.

  22. Rich or poor people abuse drugs to escape their problems.
    Rich or poor people will have problems.

    By statistics, to achieve this level of happiness you need 70,000 dollars per year. If you can make that typically the marginal benefit of money diminishes greatly.

    When you inherit money, the only thing i can think of is buying a trophy wife. But all this prententious love how long will that last billionaires also go through divorces. I suspect that some of the people in there will die regretably death just based on the kind of mentality they project.

    They may have a nice house to live towards the end but as companies fail and their fortune diminishes they will fall hard and never climb back.

    The only thing that they should be lucky for is the for the education that they got However education is free these days and people are playing on level ground just because some people own jets do not make them more competient.

    I hope for the best for these people but I see grey futures as their generation will disappearin three nations. And their grandkids will remember these people as the "spoiled rats" generations.

  23. Thought provoking perspective of a fortunate life that most in the world cannot even imagine.

    It is sad that most rich are simply born that way, sadder yet, that most born poor, dream only of becoming rich.

    Imagine the freedom to pursue anything in life you wanted to. Imagine, the guilt you may have for not earning your elite stature.

    I dream of a new world awakening, with a reward structure other than fiat money, everyone is able to earn a comfortable living and where everyone can pursue their own interests. Rewards are earned by your humanitarian deeds and works, where poverty is eradicated and obscene wealth is so embarrassing that nobody even dreams of it.

    A world where good behavior is rewarded, instead of bad behavior, as in our current system. A world where crime does not pay, but good deeds do. The more you earn, the more you give, and by giving, you only earn more. You could never run out of means, nobody could become rich, and nobody could become poor. Simply taking care of each other, would insure that you all would never need for anything.

    A world in which one is judged by their words, as well as their actions, instead of on the size of their bank account, or their color, race or gender. A world where all religions can follow the root commandments of their religions and finally understand that they are all worshiping the same ethics, morals and values.

    I believe that the biggest lie in history, is that man cannot rule themselves. We could, I believe, if we only changed are value system and let wise men, instead of rich men rule us. We have not only allowed the obscenely rich elite to rule us, most of us are to busy dreaming of being like them to even consider another way, making it almost impossible to break the cycle of greed and despair, war and poverty.
    But, we could..if we all, only wanted it bad enough.

    It's good to be a real dreamer, the American dream was a lie.

    1. Wow, thank you for the gift of your writing.

    2. There was a world like this already and it was enjoyed by millions of people for a great many years until genocide wiped their numbers almost completely out. If you search you can find out a big about the types of ideas and values of these folks, for instance there is a quote about how only when you've polluted all the rivers and poisoned the soil will we find out we cant eat money. These people were living well and happily on the continents of north and south America embodying the values most here yearn for, unfortunately it was those very traits, humanitarianism, respect for fellow beings and the desire to live their best life and grow that proved their downfall. Something to think about maybe? Best of luck to all in the pursuit of your dreams, just dont expect much, I guess.

  24. For the most part truly the most vile individuals I have ever had the misfortune of seeing .
    All money , No class .

  25. Sections of this film show Mr. Johnson, the elder, blathering and mumbling. It reveals how hereditary wealth, passed on to offspring, breeds a class of listless drones with no imagination. In spite of that sad observation, because they can afford to be surrounded by educated sycophants called "wealth preservation experts", they're in no danger of losing it. That fact debunks the myth of an American meritocracy through achievement...the game where each new player born into our free market paradise gets a fair role of the dice. The Johnsons are an archetype of how 1% wealth (a zero sum game) gets concentrated in the control of a few families...generation after generation after generation after...
    Makes even a calm, non-revolutionary type like me want to upset the Monopoly board and shout "Hey, start over...already!!!"

  26. Well done Jamie for giving us a free insight into the private lives of the rich and famous. Your documentary is very informative and educational. Now I look forward to being wealthy with an informed attitude and balanced focus.
    Thanks man! And, enjoy your life man...

  27. there is no reason to hate on any of these folks. I applaude this guy for making a movie where they get their say.. but overall, they didn't say much. still, a start on an interesting topic.

  28. I found this to be a very honest attempt to look at the lives of rich kids ... thanks! I did know one rich kid when I was young that ran in that crowd. He was from Europe and he was a serious druggie. I felt sorry for him and realized back then ... it is hard to come from wealth ... to fit in anywhere except a small enclave of other rich people. On a personal level, it's a very limiting experience ... obviously on a material level it great ... what a problem ... wish I had it.

  29. why dont the rich get together, get some science books and future tech books and invest in the future???

    How about investing in engineering and science to better society?

    Population control/education
    Vertical Farming
    Electric cars, solar panels, fusion reactors
    A.I. and cars that drive themselves.

    Instead these kids sit around and mop about how much money they have and all the pressures... that way they can for-fill themselves.

    1. Cause if they invested in that stuff they wouldn't be rich in the first place Matt. In fact rich people don't need to invest in anything at all. They have all the money they could need. Investing the money is like gambling. They could lose it for nothing. Why bother.

    2. What for? They have all the girls they want already. Is the rest of us that try to make the world a better place.

  30. The irony of Jamie Johnson making a film about rich kids isn't being sued by his wealthy subject, but, rather, at age-21 trading on his name and connections to finance and produce a widely-received documentary, and without having done the groundwork that would be required of any "ordinary" journalist serious about building a media career.

    In the case of the super-rich opportunities to earn high incomes to a large extent are inherited and there is little distinction between the two seemingly seperate sources of wealth - pursuing a career becomes a socio-political undertaking to attain the kind of position of power and influence necessary for ultimately protecting and reinforcing a family's economic stronghold.

    Johnson's upper class subjects fear they may be portrayed as undeserving of everything they have but the truth is they would prefer to absorb the benign critique coming from within rather than face the scrutiny of a real journalist genuinely representing the people they systematically exploit to their own self-serving ends.

  31. The documentary offered a entry into the lives of the rich. The second and third generation hier and heiress. The doucementary tells a story that the rich also have problems and worries that are normally kept by the other classes in the world. The documentary tells a story line of heir and heiress getting a better understanding of being rich and what it is by society at large defintion of rich and rich people culture.

  32. These people make me want to vomit uncontrollably and then shove my head into a 1800's black-powder cannon and ignite it. How can we ever expect the world to improve when the richest people around are like this? or worse... I hate to say it, but in the interest of preservation of the human species these people should be hospitalized and imprisoned, they are the true narcissistic scumbags and psychopathic villains we make Hollywood movies about.

  33. to the author: dont u see your father wants you to get in skull and bones or something like that?

  34. vanderbilt gets out of the metro loll... or tries to

  35. Don't you think the author sounds like "Mr Bean"?

  36. usually 3rd gen will lose it all so they say(lehman brothers and etc )

  37. 'There is no luggage rack on a hearse'

  38. God, Ivanka Trump is full of herself

    1. Yeah. She claims the guy who asks her "how is it to never have felt pain" is an ignorant a**hole. Ironically, the fact that she doesn't get the depth of that question shows her own ignorance. She'll never feel the fists cops beating her; she'll never feel the delirium and twisting pain of hunger; she'll never feel the humiliation of being homeless and having a man walk with his daughter into the skyscraper he owns claiming he's poorer than you.

    2. but she'll live with the pain of never really knowing happiness. You see most people with money aren't happy. They may seem happy for the cameras and while they're out on their yachts with their friends, but they don't have much of family or a sense of family or real friends and friendships. I don't know about you but to me family is everything. With these millionaires and billionaires, they're never home, they don't see their children. They spoil them and give them whatever they want to make up for not being there as parents. The path they walk is a broken path, it leads to nothing but misery and loneliness, and when the lights go out at night they may have all the money in the world and whoever in their bed to make them feel no so alone, they're still very alone. So I'll say good luck to them, I'll enjoy my middle class life with my family, with everything I need to be happy right here for free.

    3. See the problem is that poor people also go through this but don't get the side benefit of a yacht. My parents ignored me and now I'm a borderline sociopath with a low ability to feel empathy and I'm an empty shell. At least she has nice shoes to match.

    4. I call bulls*it. They have better lives and they know it. Their lives are a continuous party, and if they decide to work on something they can easily do it using the expertise of others. Their lives are full of fun, make no mistake.

    5. Ivanka Trump has a great education, she's a hard worker with a great business mind and experience. You're just jealous because she has bigger balls than you.

  39. Except for a few level-headed individuals, most of these losers seemed to revel in being able to whine and admitted to having no sense of direction or meaning in their lives. Clearly, grandfather's endless mountain of money does not buy common sense, feelings of self-worth, or intelligence. They all loved to brag and whine, tediously so.

  40. i will love to say that im glad that i was not born into wealth. i want to geniunely pursue my own path, and earn my way through life so i can appreciate what i buy and know truly with satisfaction that i earned "that" thats why people by bentleys because they earned "that" people only live one life...its best to express your own identity the best way you can...not with someone elses money

  41. I have no idea what it's like to have that kind of money. To never have to worry about missing a meal, or going without electricity for a few days... it has to make things easier. But the kids in this film seem pretty normal. Dealing with depression, parents who don't care or understand, trying to fit in with others and even get bullied. Some seem more likeable than others but they are a pretty average bunch in my opinion. The only thing that really bothered me was the A&P lady who laughed about helping the homeless. It really isn't a funny situation. It makes me sad now to know that my grandmother would only shop there. Very sad.

  42. This was a well made film & the young Johnson heir strikes me as a likable & intelligent young man. What I found alarming here is how maladjusted the majority of the males seemed. The fatiguing guy who ultimately sued Johnson claimed that he and his friends were precocious. what evidence does he cite? The fact that they were abusing LSD in the 6th grade! That would be shocking in the most run-down underprivileged neighbourhood. Who was raising these poor little rich boys? They are suffering from a distorted value system: they've mistaken decadence for degeneration and they seem to have suffered some neurological damage from extensive substance abuse (their mouths and eyes do not move normally). How sad!They seem to have no sense of having a place in the world or even a sense of intrinsic self-worth. What's with the handsome guy hoarding old telephones? Why the obsession with bespoke suits-you know that master tailor thinks that this client is daft! The poor Johnson chap had best be wary of his layabout father's influence lest he wind up drifting aimlessly through a heap of crumbling maps wondering vaguely where Jeeves left his
    top hat.

    Not all wealthy children grow up to be all screwed up. The Trump kids seem to be doing well by any standard & Anderson Cooper would make any parent proud.

    It is ironic how much very wealthy & very poor kids have in common. Kids at both extremes of the socioeconomic spectrum often suffer from the same parental neglect & have a distorted value system.

    The Count/Viscount guy ought to come with a 'damaged goods' label: pity the woman who marries him! She'll need all that money for psychotherapy & anti-depressants.

  43. Surprisingly well done. Utterly watchable. Interesting glimpse into a world so few of us will ever know. Of course the one guy who sued was the biggest a**hole (although neck and neck with the Royalty dude, bleh) . I presume this fact escaped his notice. A born lawyer. LOL.

  44. The one thing I found strange about their attitudes to their wealth was that not one of them actually considered using their wealth and time to uplift the people who are worse off than themselves (although one lady joked about it). Is it so mysterious to acknowledge that helping others is a source of happiness. Obviously money doesn't buy happiness but you could certainly do great things for your fellow beings with lots of money and time. Perhaps these are the experiences that they are cut off from living in the world of privilege.
    I really dislike money and lets face it we toil endlessly for money so that we too can accumulate. For what? When we get old we are tired and most of us will be poor anyways.
    screw work
    and screw money

  45. i'm sorry, did this person just compare losing his wealth with losing a parent or sibling? to each his own i suppose.

  46. boring and limiting, worst documentary ever made by anyone. Ive seen more interesting documentaries at some of the worst schools by freshman who had other things going on.

  47. I would have found this more interesting if the guy wasn't so boring

  48. I've discovered what it is. All the criticism, the reason why they are resented/envied is exactly because they are not exceptional, that they are on many levels simply 'average'. If they were extraordinary then you could say to yourself 'Ah! that's why they deserve it', then you would be able to excuse the affluence and not have to say to yourself 'Well I'm just as good or better than so why has it been denied to you'.

    1. They're still kids in this film, what have they had time to accomplish?

  49. I found this documentary interesting and honest but its the comments about the doc that's even more fascinating. Essentially there are those who resent and/or envy those who inherit wealth enough to judge them as simply mediocre, untalented, etc.

    Its said that you can 'see the effects of drug-abuse and alcoholism' in these personalities, that they are poor in 'mind & soul & charisma', which essentially is to say that they are like most people and go through much of the same angst as most people. And why shouldn't they? Any middle or lower-class high school will have youth who dabble in alcohol and drugs and most of humanity is without charisma and creativity. I didn't find any of them to be without 'mind or soul'. They are accused of not being 'enlightened' as if its something you would find in the middle and lower classes. Ha! Keep dreaming folks!! There are very few and far between who are what sam the drunk would call 'enlightened'. The documentary is well done because it highlights otherwise normal people who have been impacted by the birth-right of privilege and its the privilege some here seem to resent NOT the people themselves. Much of life is about luck. We love to pretend that life is about hard work but if you have ever been to a poor developing country you realize that its the poor who carry the burden of hard work and no matter how hard they work they will never accumulate enough wealth to protect themselves from the strain of poverty. Its not the fault of wealthy children that they were born affluent as opposed to poor in Somalia for example. They are lucky because they are prepped to succeed in something or anything depending on their natural skills. They are prepped for the good life where the security of money means not having to worry about just that, money. Snobbery or self-consciousness didn't show up in all of these people. Just look at how thoughtful Newhouse and even Johnson are about their wealth, they were not as self-conscious as those who's parents were not born into money, so there is a difference in attitude between old and new money.

    For those who call them 'wasteful' but they would not point that out about the middle-class family member who purchases a Chia-pet. For those who call out to see their 'knowledge' remember this documentary was intended to examine what how they felt about their own wealth. Its fair to say that they probably know more than most as education, travel and access means the ability to know more in general than the average person but that like many members of different sub-groups they are probably also insulated from many other experiences. But so what? So are we.

    What is unenlightening is judging these young people simply because they live better off than the majority of people in the world, almost as if they were supposed to apologize for having been born into money. Sad.

    1. I'm normally one not to comment, but your comment said it all in a nutshell. all i can say is.. wow!!

    2. Parts of your analysis are intelligent, others are not. Probably the best corrective to apply would be this: many people resent the super-wealthy not for any personal culpability of theirs (after all, some people become wealthy by accident, much as some people commit vehicular manslaughter by accident), but because they represent in their persons a social disease - the fact that inequality, poverty, and elitist arrogance are built into our system from the beginning.

      The simple fact is that according to any 'enlightened' system of morality - that is, any system in line with the best elements of virtually every moral system men have ever followed, whether as Buddhists, monotheists, enlightened thinkers, or whatever else - if you are in personal possession of as much wealth as most of the rest of humanity put together and do not acknowledge some sort of responsibility as a result of that wealth, then something is horribly wrong, both with your life and with the society that allows such things to happen.

  50. I am not wealthy at all but I must say that the first person who said money does not buy happiness was obviously poor! Lol
    I beg to differ. But maybe that's just my envy talking. :)

    1. Differ all you want. I know what you mean, worrying about if you can pay your bills is a source of unhappiness for a whole lot of people, and so is poverty- But money does not bring the kind of happiness you can experience between two people. At least I'd rather live on the edge for the rest of my life for just one more good experience. But yeah, maybe it boils down to which one you like more-

  51. Was the title of this documentary RICH? Should be Idi0ts.

  52. they have money and things, but what do they know of Enlightenment

  53. Some good points, Jack1952

  54. What a first class problem....a problem of having to bear the stress associated with being born into wealth.

    fact of the matter is, people of all circumstances have their own issues to deal with. Given the choice, I would MUCH rather deal with the stress of being born wealthy than being born poor.

    It's a lot easier to be happy with money...and heck at least you can afford a psychologist.

    if I didn't have to worry about money at all, I would run around the world doing everything and anything. I would never have to get ulcers over tuition! I could live anywhere I want.

    ugh........why am I not a member of the old money family? LOL so in short I don't feel bad for these rich kids. I'll bet you anything they would never willingly trade places with any of us normal, little people of moderate means

  55. So much is expected of these kids. If they do take over as the head of the family fortune they are greedy capitalists. If they decide to be artists, teachers, researchers or a similar field, they will be perceived as under achievers. If they live off a family trust, they are a waste of space. No matter what they do some one will criticize them for it. This comment section demonstrates the hatred some individuals have for these kids. A hatred with no foundation except they have money. It's no wonder these privileged children feel a little lost and have a tendency to stick together.

    Most of us would love to have those problems. If we are to hated we might as well have some cash.

  56. Thats my cool and i cant.. take it of...
    I was just thinking something.. How nice that these people got something together for the mass (in general), When someone said; I dont know, its something Clinton would wear.. I just stoped it and thought i have to put a few words in the comments.

    Hm.. Ivanka Trampsha...

    Sascha.. Hm... The Guy From Internet, since everybody is watching Me wright this live to you... :)

  57. What a bunch of crybabies!
    Only the rich would make a doc about themselves crying about nothing. If they really want to impress me - give all your money to the poor - and live like average people who know more about real life lessons to educate us instead of wasting my time with this c@#$.

  58. I think it is interesting. I think a documentary like this really shows not what the wealthy are like, or what the poor are like, but what the viewers are like. I think the point is just what Richard said. We all have the power to be happy, be productive, care for those you love, and care about things like truth, honor, respect, and humility. That was more or less what I was getting at with the psychological damage that many of these kids appear to have. Both a lack of belief in their parent's love, and a lack of humility and belonging to all of humanity. They talk of either a confusion of their own connection to humanity, or appear to feel the pain of not being connected to humanity. A higher power is more a matter or personal opinion or belief, both poor and rich embrace or deny that topic. It just seems that this documentary is highly controversial because, yes, there is an apocalyptic difference in the distribution of wealth. But whether or not they have it is not their fault, but what they choose to do with it is. Therefore, whether or not they have money is not the point, it is both what they do with it, and what we do without it(since I know I am not rich, and I am guessing by many posts here no-one else is either).

  59. Somewhat interesting. I do feel a little bad for them. They seem to lack humility and any reverance for a Higher Power. Sad really since once we die our stuff means nothing. If our spirit lives on and we are to give account for what we did with what we had on earth, I'm not sure I'd want to be in their shoes. They have so much and with mush comes much responsibility. They could really make a big, positive difference if they chose to.

  60. I loved the Euro-wanker, who was mortified when people asked "what do you do?", because he's never done anything, and sees visiting his tailor as a contribution to society. At first I was sure this was a 'mock-umentary', some of these twerps are so clueless

  61. why can't this kid get it? you didn't earn it, so you don't get to feel you earned it, or deserve it. All the more reason to do something worthwhile with it. That Hornblower kid seemed to have figured it out - "working hard makes you feel good about yourself; accumulating stuff you never worked for... doesn't"
    And why do these rich kids all have such terrible hair, and skin? Hilarious!

  62. You guys do realize that this is just an attempt by the rich to stop the less fortunate (and advocates of distribution of wealth) from complaining about their luxury, right? The mere thought of a democratic uprising by hard working / middle class people scares and threatens their complacency so one of the things they come up with is to have a show-cased "pity party". I do not see in any of these interviews a person with ambitions and outlook to use the fortune they have for any public good; it's mostly self-absorbed insecurities contradicted with bloated esteem.

  63. I find this docu interesting and thought provoking. Mostly due to peoples reactions, but also based on the concept that just like there is are stereotypes of homeless people, there are too for the rich. If this comes across as something that seems like it is for the rich pompous affluent to tout themselves, then you missed the point. I think the point of this is to expose how human everyone is, even the rich. If you doubt this, or are confused by this even for a second, then I think you are just as likely to become or be a rich ass as you are a homeless drug addict. I see nothing more than human beings who, not only have it good(don't get me wrong there, they have more than I could ever imagine), but also have psychological scars and problems, crushing ones. I would love to have their problems, believe you me. But the point of the film, in my opinion, is to expose this. Reveal that just because they may have what I want, that does not make them less human, or me more human. We are all human, and we all have problems. Don't demonize someone just because they have what you want. What if someone from the outskirts of Bangladesh were to see a docu about your home life and friends and problems. How would they see you? If this makes you sick, then you have a very warped view on your own reality.

  64. great doc

  65. Happiness is a state of mind, you can’t buy it. Ivanka Trump - thumbs up!

  66. The Young people in this documentary are not bad people,
    but there is nothing interesting about them at all, they lack charisma, they have no story worth reading!!

    prove me wrong rich something good for humanity off your own back

    than I will read your story.

    I did like the trump girl though!!

  67. @Arnold Vinette.. Guess the crap hit's everyone.Still well done!!You took the pain and turned it into something good.That's a reflection on who you are..takes more then money to do that. ;)

  68. I liked it..Money is handy..But life is not easy anyway.Happiness is a state of mind,you can't buy it.But it will give a more pleasant form of misery.

  69. Is it just me, or is this the most annoying documentary ever!!!

  70. This is a very well done documentary and I am taking a break halfway through to type this comment. What has captured my imagination so far is how normal each of these very wealthy kids are compared to kids I grew up with. Money does not change this at all. You grow up with what you are exposed to and so that is normal to you. This is the same for kids everywhere.

    I am from Ottawa, Canada originally and I grew up in a house. Kids in Russia grow up in large apartment buildings. Wealthy kids grow up in a variety of different situations.

    In the end though it does not matter where you have grown up, what really matters is who you are and what you want to do with your life.

    My own life was very privileged and I grew up with every opportunity that seemed to benefit me. My family was not wealthy I was just born with inherent luck. After working for 18 years in Silicon Valley and becoming a multi millionaire I decided that it was time to relax and spend some quality time with my three kids and my wife.

    Unfortunately my spouse was not rich enough yet and so we divorced and through an aggressive divorce attorney gained complete control of our three children.

    The relationship with my three children was destroyed and if all went as planned I would commit suicide in my grief and my former spouse would get everything.

    What my former spouse had not counted on was that I would use the situation and turn it around in a positive and beneficial way. I instantly adopted a new philosophy of life. However mean that she had been to me to try to destroy my life, I would turn around and be exceptionally nice to someone else. It wouldn't fix the pain of loosing my three kids however I could generate a new happiness.

    My new adventures would lead me to Russia through a round about series or experiences that were initially positive, then negative and then positive again.

    At each turn I used my new philosophy of being exceptionally nice to people who tried to be mean to me. It worked, because it confused them. Reactions they were expecting did not materialize.

    To make a long story short like the wealthy kids in this film I needed a focus for my money and creative energy. Doing nothing was not an option. Doing nothing is boring and it is a complete waste of ones life.

    I wanted to do something positive and make other people's lives better through my actions.

    After connecting with the poorest of poor Russian families I realized that they had something that my family had lacked. True love. Love that is not dependent on money and what you have. It based on just being family.

    In this film I see that each of these kids is trying to define who they are and find something that makes their life better and more meaningful. The advantage they have over other people is the time and money.

    And this is what I had. I had the time, the money, the technology, the idea and the focus. And I had a problem that I could focus on and solve.

    So what did I do? Small Russian communities have a problem. There is an insuffiecent budget to build new playgrounds for the kids at their public schools. It is not that Russia does not have enough money to build the kids playgrounds, it is rather there is just not the desire.

    Having worked all of my adult life in Silicon Valley California, my kids had the most amazing playgrounds to play on. This is what I wanted to bring to the Russian kids.

    However after spending a summer in Russia, I realized that the worst thing I could do was give the schools a new playground. Russian people are very proud and they like to work for what they achieve. By working for it and earning it, it brings a sense of immense pride.

    And so it is with the wealthy kids and generally for everyone else. When you work at something and earn it, it makes me feel proud and complete.

    So what could the Russian kids do that would enable them to earn their playground? They could draw artwork. And this artwork could be scanned and assembled into "Russian Kids Art Album eBooks". For each piece of artwork the school would get $1. It takes between 30,000 and 100,000 pieces of artwork to buy and install a nice school playground.

    The Russian kids are motivated. The Russian schools are motivated. And the community is motivated. Why?

    The artwork requested has three main themes

    1) What do the kids love about their community?
    2) what do the kids love about their city?
    3) What do the kids love about their country of Russia?

    The Russian art teachers came up with these three themes after we completed a series of ground breaking "Presidential Kids Art Album eBooks" to honor President Barack Obama and his family. The first "Presidential Kids Art Album eBooks" in the history of the United States.

    This was the beginning of exceptional positive relationship between the White House and the Kremlin and American President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

    This project of helping Russian kids earn their brand new playgrounds has expanded to Canada. The Canadian Government is now sponsoring the support of the art programs of 500 Russian public schools for a period of 5 years. At the end of the five year period each of the schools gets a new playground.

    The Russian kids artwork is assembled into a series of "Russian Kids Art Album eBooks" and distributed into Canadian and American schools to teach the kids and their families about Russian in a fun and entertaining way.

    How has Russian responded? For the first time in history the Central Bank in Russia has purchased between $400 and $500 million in Canadian currency reserves to support the project.

    The cost of this project is $407.61 million. It supports the art programs at 500 Russian schools for a period of 5 years. It employees 1,025 people in Art Album eBook design.

    No one gets rich, but everyone comes away feeling fulfilled and happy.

    And all because some wealthy guy lost his kids through a divorce and needed fulfillment somewhere else by doing something exceptionally nice for someone else.

    As of this writing CEO Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is considering participating in a much smaller projet for $8.6 million to sponsor the art programs at 20 Russian public schools. Facebook has recently received $50 million in investment from Russian sources. So it is a way to give back to the Russian community and at the same time promote Facebook in Russia.

    So rich kids can have a lot of fun pursuing worth while projects like this that makes them feel good, contributes to the community, creates new jobs and opportunities, and brings about positive international friendships that they never before imagined possible.

    The Canadian project could not have been possible without the consent and enthusiasm of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon, Honourable Minister Beverley J Oda of International Co-operation (Canadian International Development Agency), Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and the director of the Russian Central Bank.

    They were inspired by a Canadian kid with a very simple dream of empowering Russian children K-12 to draw artwork about what they loved about their lives and where they lived to earn themselves a new school playground using nothing but their imagination and creativity.

    And so it is with the wealthy kids in this program. They are all capable of doing great things and making their lives count doing beneficial projects like the "Russian Kids Art Album eBooks".

    Arnold Vinette
    Ottawa, Canada

  71. Nice, let's hope some of them help those less fortunate than themselves. I wish I could have gone to school but couldnt afford it, so I went part time at night...

    If I had such wealth I would work at helping others.. Setting up scholarships, school loans for good students, health clinics in poor countries. I would try to use my name and family contacts to get matching corporate funds for some of these projects.

    1. Unfortunately, you have a very biased view of yourself, and I dont mean this to be insulting or anything like this, I only offer this observation as what I know to be the truth and hopefully it may benefit you in some way to reflect on what I'm about to tell you. See, its a fantasy for you to say that you would do xyz with the resources of these kids, you cannot possibly know a thing like this because very simply you do not have nor have you ever had the resources of these people so you are loooking at the thing through the perspective of your own personality which has been shaped and developed through a life that is a world apart from any of these people. Based upon the life you have lived and the person you have become you feel that YOU wiuld do something other than what you see these folks doing and ok, but you are fooling yourself if you continue to believe this. Just saying nobody could possibly ever predict how they would behave or react in any situation they may observe someone else experiencing because to be cliche you have not walked in their shoes. Thats the thing that bothers me about so many of these comments, the claim that one personally would be somehow doing it all different and lets face it, that is incredibly narcisstic and self centered, which to me means that underneath it all you and these rich kids aren't very different at all, at least as far as judging others and viewing yourself as somehow superior to the other. Food for thought I hope

  72. I would go on save the Africa rampage with all that money. Best you can do with that kind of money is buy yourself that warm fealing inside. No ferrari and other materialistic stuff can buy that.

    watching this makes me sick

  73. can he buy a new voice?

  74. My respect goes out to Mr Johnson for an eloquent portrayal of the underbelly of the uber-wealthy. It seems that European "Old Money" are a lot less neurotic about the whole wealth thing. It is right that talking about money is vulgar, but what defines an individual is the contribution that he makes to society over the course of a lifetime and in that lifetime ideals, ethics and awareness change. Mr Johnson I hope you have a long and happy life.

  75. I think you could learn a lot of things from this documentary.The main point is everybody wants to be happy in their life. Either rich or poor. But happiness cannot be earned simply by wealth. You can have all the materialistic things in your life and live your life miserably in sad and despair or you could live a happy life by appreciating with very little things that you have. People need to have philosophical knowledge to deepen their inner awareness. Your inner insights guides to live a happy and wholesome life.

  76. great film, fascinating portraits, kudos to the Johnson kid.

  77. Really interesting doc. Interesting to see that the rich suffer from the same insecurities/awkwardness as everyone else. There were a couple dudes I wouldn't trade lives with, given the chance. Getting a chance to meet the girls in this doc would be pretty sweet though ;)

    It's really easy to hate on the rich, I find so many people do it, but why? Do we really believe money buys happiness? If you want money go make some, don't hate on someone because their family worked hard and was successful. That will only hurt you in the end.

  78. @J

    Very true - well said. Sure if you are a miserable b@#$%^& money will not make you a happy go lucky type - but I'd rather be miserable and rich - than miserable and poor! In an ideal world money would not exist but it does and it is the main influence all over the world. I don't want a mansion or fancy car - just to be able to travel when I want to stay in a nice hotel - not some s@#$ box! And not worry about hospital bills and to be able to help family. Yep sorry, but money is damn nice and handy.

  79. The purpose of this documentary is to show us that life is not always greener on the other side. That the wealthy are human too with their own baggage and problems too.

    North Americans are obsessed with wealth, beauty and age. The 3 factors that all these people have. it is just pure luck to given these three gifts in life.

    Even thought these people have billions of dollars what do they do with it? How to they make life better for others? Not much, they are pretty selfish and cannot see beyond their manicured lawns. BUT why should they? Even the middle class when desperately wants to emulates them and does not go out of our comfort zone to help others en mass. Just being born in a North American lifestyle is like being born wealthy compared to a lot of third world countries. The opportunities and lifestyle we have are considered wealthy to others. We are not so different from the shamelessly rich. So don`t judge before you look in the mirror.

  80. money wont buy you happiness..but i'd rather cry owning a farrari :)

  81. i kind of like seeing how people think. i would want the best for my kids..more money, more time to figure out lifes what i think. if its not true. let me be rich and give me the chance to find out..

  82. i have to say..upperclass toffs!
    boo hoo you got bullied because you have a fortune..f*ck off!

    lol..was interesting tho haha!

  83. very interesting doc btw.

  84. @roland gopel

    i hope your optimism about technology is correct and i do not doubt that such technology is imminent, what i do doubt is that everyone will have access.

  85. Perhaps I am wrong, but I suspect these are actors portraying the people they are supposed to be. Evidence, comparing the voice of the REAL Johnson as narrator and the person on screen.
    Still, they are, like everyone else, a product of their environment.

  86. ppl seem to not notice the last thing said in this doc which was "what you inherit may not be as valuable as whay you earn" some thing im learning about is be greatfull for what you have!
    things others have may not be all you think them to be.

  87. Someone once told me that there are 3 or 4 generations involved in the making and breaking of a financial empire. The first generation starts working very hard and earns for himself a lot of money. The 2nd and maybe the 3rd generation to maintain that wealth. The 3rd or 4th to squander it all away. It's not scientific but has some truth to it.

  88. I really liked this documentary.I believe that it was one that is timely and necessary to the world today.Wealth is not everything in life.The purpose one is given wealth is to help the others that don't have,if u don't then u will never accomplish anything in life.Three persons really stood out in the film Georgina Bloomberg she is really working hard at actual being good at Horse show jumping and i admire that,Cody was into making some good clothes which is commendable and will take him far and Josiah Hornblower was really down to earth I and anyone will be able to hang out with him and finally Stephanie who is really down to earth and really worked hard and a financial company.Great film one of the top docs on this site.

  89. All of them suffer from lack of proper parenting really.... "absent parent syndrome".... strange really....One would think that because of their previleged lives and their so called top education they would be speaking in a more proper dialect and sounding at least a bit more convincing.... but no... they all sound bery ditsy and gullible to me....with no really good grasp to the English language and no quality arguing whatsoever.

  90. @lillyvon No we don't ALL want to be rich. Not in the terms of wealth as you see it. There are plenty of people in the world that want nothing to do with money. If you don't want bills, build a self-sustainable dwelling, if you don't want to work... well your not going to be very happy doing nothing.. maybe you don't want to work at what you don't love. And if you want, try to see that security is an illusion... at any moment i could all be wiped away. The only security is to realize there is no such thing, impermanence is the nature of our universe, and you best enjoy life in the moment...then you will be rich.

  91. more Carlos! what is the difference between old money and new money-interior decorating and the way you hold your cigarette? I want to know more but knowledge is tacky

  92. a majority of these kids piss me off. i worked all day to come and maybe see a fresh point of view. snobby old money jerk. and wastefull kids. maybe one or two of them are alright. but i want reality to kick some nuts over there in their lives.

  93. Ivanka seems to be a much happier camper. knowing what she wants in her life from the get go.

  94. Thses kids arent rick there poor in mind and soul and charisma and many other things. the poeple hwo are rick are there grand parents who made the money working hard only they can apprciate what they have,, but the poeple on the dco are lame irresponsibel and in way i pity them and there lives. you can never enjoy or trully appricaite what you have in life if its just given to you especcially if your born with it.

  95. Great film, it answer my question which I have no one of such magnitude to ask.

    Best of luck to all of them. I guess we all have our demons, my never enough income.

  96. it's so's difficult to find a path, when there are so many options and distractions...the flip side of freedom

  97. You can really see the effects of drug-abuse and alcoholism on some of them.

    Interesting. Only the Trump chick is going anywhere meaningful, the others are just generation after generation of wasting money.

  98. Good documentary. Could have revealed more about these people but I understand Jamie was risking getting sued and shunned by all his peers. BTW Luke is an a** hole.

  99. ...also can I add just because people's parents are rich doesn't always mean the kids are or get the money. Look at Bill Gates - one of the richest men on earth. He's really strict with his kids and does not spoil them at all. He gives something like 80% of his money away to charity - so it's not always a 'free ride'.

  100. Whether it's a good doco or not, and it's not really - we would ALL love to be rich. How we use it is up to us, but damn, I'd love to be rich as hell. Not having to work ever again, no debt or worries. Yes please! Money may not buy happiness but damn it buys security!

  101. This documentary doesn't make sense, What a failure dont even waste youre time watching this

  102. Could it be that the "getting sued by a friend" rite of passage is because they're pricks? Just sayin'.

  103. what do you mean, ryan?

  104. get sued by one of your friends, to learn about your parents' divorce trough the media, not to have any attention from your parents and most of all to be deprived of the ambition to build a life for yourself and your children with your own effort and hard very sad

  105. @ roland gopel

    I've thought about it and I want one. Robots I mean.

  106. an interesting docco.
    actually, i think these guys are dealing with many issues that we will all face in the coming years, as robotics technology frees each and every one of us from cleaning our own or somebody else's toilet. you might think this a simplistic example but once robots can do such a menial thing then they can do ALL of our work for us. then we have to find other ways of occupying our time. the ramifications are truly revolutionary and far reaching.
    people have not thought enough about the monumental changes this will bring to society. once this all happens then the wealth of these kids in this docco will largely become meaningless.
    think about it.
    and then think about it some more!!

  107. very cool Jamie J your wisdom of insight is way in there for a man of your years and thanx for having the guts to stand up and say what you think. hope the flack wasnt to heavy and maybe you found what you were looking for in doc makeing. give it some thought.

  108. i'll hold my hand out for you farren!!!

  109. if i could just slap every one of these smug yuppy rich brats in the face 1 time and see ther eyes well up with tears wow i would b a happy man. i feel so bad for them bcuz ther filthy rich and are raised with pressure or stress of having money. id like to see any1 of them survive on $300 a week , then theyll know what stress really is. but when the quake hits and the bombs blow... the poor will come and put them in ther place, real apocalyptic type $hit

  110. it's a good start...a positive step in the right direction. it's hard being different and feeling lame because everyone thinks of your wealthy ancestors when they even hear your name. it's depressing feeling lost in life and without a direction.

    hard work put towards a goal we value definitely gives life meaning and a sense of accomplishment. without it, we waste our life.

    the inner circles being so hush-hush about certain topics, taboos. it's very fearful and depressing environment. kudos to the newer generations wanting to break out of that. it's not easy. rich people can afford more material things, but their lives often feel empty. wealth doesn't mean happiness. it means ability to move things around. i agree that it's unfair for wealth to be concentrated in a few who don't seem to be doing anything helpful to the rest of humanity with it. maybe more people in these families can start putting their wealth to good use for helping others. not just "donations", but working with those who need it most.

  111. so I'm done watching it, what have I learnt... sweet f a

  112. this company is testin on animals. -to hell w. them,

  113. There is something about the monumental smugness of Carlo that only old money can possess... maybe its in the way he holds his cigarette

  114. @ listening to this in the background whilst designing a passiv house, their whinny nasal voices are making me cringe...

  115. eat the rich

  116. This is actually a pretty interesting social study.

  117. his nasal voice is giving me a head ache.

  118. These poor little rich kids, my heart bleeds for them imagine all those problems, shopping at Sax going to the most expensive schools, getting all that preferential treatment it must be awful for them.

    But as he said he got his 'right of passage' thanks to one of his closest friends suing him.

  119. well if i had that type of money i would create energy and water efficient housing developments giving power back to the people and out of the hands of the giant corporations...peace :)

  120. Non of these folks are talented without cash. It's kinda true though. I'm not trying to hate these folks because they have $$$ but they all seem like they have zero ambition and love the fact that they can sit back and be introspective about there life and situation. I mean even this film, with all the cash, time and energy this guy could and probably did put down, it's still just an average college piece with notorious family's involved. I made better $hit in my stool this morning ; ) Seriously though. They wouldn't really know what's good unless it came with a name, story or glitter attached to it. I'm glad the one thing that makes the playing field even is creativity. It's the one thing that really put's money aside and a mind against a mind. I have to wonder what they think of regular Shmcuk's with insane talent. Does it make them jealous? All that money couldn't bring the years of practice, dedication and trepidation to them. Now, I'm sure they can take there piano classes and become insane piano players but what about original geniune genius? It's free ; )

  121. seems like you didn't listen to the whole doc. true there was a couple of them, but not all.

  122. good doc. I liked it cause it wasn't the glamorous editing we see around the rich folks on tv and the internet.

  123. this documentary is completely point less, makes no sense to me at all !! just a bunch of cocky silver spooned ego headed twits :)

    1. This documentary is simply GREAT. All my respects to Jamie Johnson for making this documentary. It shows how character can differ between rich born people, like Josiah Hornblower he is so very humble and seems like a great person. And Luke makes a cool antagonist! And I'm middle class, but I don't think getting along with them would be that difficult.. But it's true especially judging from the comments here that most peoples mindstate just sucks toward them I mean if you have the assets to support getting a gucci bag what's the big deal?? Just buy it who cares.. You could teach/help me 2 invest in assets then I'll join in on the buying! Great doc ! Blessings from JAYANTA wizards of rythm ~Amsterdam.