Breaking Inequality

2013, Economics  -   135 Comments

Breaking Inequality is a documentary film about the corruption between Washington and Wall Street that has resulted in the largest inequality gap in the history of America.

It is a film that exposes the truth behind the single event that occurred back in the early 70's that set us off on this perilous journey that we are currently on.

The inequality gap is presently the worst that it has ever been and there is no solution in place to repair this crippling problem.

No country in the history of the world has ever remained a super power without a middle class and the road we are currently traveling doesn't include this all-important segment of the population. The old saying "As goes the middle class... so goes the nation" holds true even more today than ever.

We live in a world where governments can create as much money as they want in order to fund all kinds of wasteful projects, wars, handouts, and banker bailouts. The current system by design has transferred the wealth from average everyday Americans to an elite few who care not about the majority.

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  1. Changing money for gold is like changing your underwear without taking a shower first. You don't get rid of dirt by changing your clothes.

    This dirt I am talking about are politicians, corporations and top banksters robbing us secretly behind our back.
    You may change systems or policies as much as you want but until these parasites are sitting by the wheel nothing will ever be changed.

    These criminals are not intelligent or any specially gifted. They simply are and behave as typical parasites - bleeding you out as long as you let them. And as 99% are so engrossed in football and other idiotic TV shows the remaining 1% of parasites are happily sucking their blood out.
    Now you can blame whatever and whoever you want, but it is the ignorance of 99% that keeps these 1% parasites thriving.

  2. What I can do JFK is not vote anymore! Why? All the candidates are criminals. That is a fact.

  3. I believe debt is the largest part of the problem, and our system is based on debt.. Debt is not just owing money, it is that you must work all that much more to pay debt and interest. You can't be free. How does a person rebel when they stand to lose their house and car if they don't work? I watched the first manifestations of the problem in the monetary disturbances in the early seventies, when Nixon finally told the French we value our gold more than our financial reputation, and would not give any more up to them. Look at the national debt charts that are now increasing exponentially, meaning increasing ever and ever faster until we cannot earn fast enough to pay the increasing prices that go up and up...... A currency collapse such as in France in 1793 and Germany in 1923 brings in a new government, men who understand hyperinflation, and a new currency that has backing and the respect of the people. Read those episodes of history to understand what we are involved with. It is too late to save our current system, it is so totally corrupt.

  4. The only way the people will be powerful again if they would be pitch in responsible and finally the !%elite and the Corporations would be paying taxes .they say the system is complicated don't try to figured out is not for you,yes our system is Chaotic and will not resolve until we say enough.We saw the fall of Communism it's time to watch the fall of Imperialism and Capitalism if we would stop playing the police of the World and stop invading other Country's and Military spending reduction would be a start.I still don't believe we been threatened by other Countries we need to have such Military Power

  5. Every Dynasty or Empire was flourish because they changed the gold to other type of coins like copper and is what we don't have and measure the economy with something we don't have is an Illusion.yes something has to be done we need a Revolution and dispose the 1% elite and restore the power of the People

  6. Why does this say this is a private film? It will not open for me.

  7. It won't be a cure to bring back the gold standard but it will be a start. This filth is embedded in lobby groups, the supreme court, the media, hollywood and the universities. They control your mind and how much money you have left when they are through with you.

  8. The sole practical purpose of such documentaries is to get informed of the modern trends and learn your lesson of how to get the most out of it. Discussing "what should be changed", what is right and wrong is absolutely useless, naive and even childish.

    We can't stop global trends, and if you learned anything from history, you'd know that only major catastrophic events can lead to any real change and that change would not be well-planned and fair, but improvised, and there is no way to plan it in advance.

    Anyhow, just get informed of what's going on and where the world is heading, get a decent education and do the best at your career. The world is becoming more and more competitive and the only way to survive and achieve something is to be among the best. Anything else is just being too lazy and wasting the amazing potential that lies inside us.

    1. aww please... the way I see it, waste of potential is studying and having a 'career' is a system that is not focused on humans.
      By getting 'your' place, you are actually making sure that someone doesn't. Its not about just getting informed, is about planning ahead and acting now, change wont happen overnight and it must start now, not wait until we are all dead or enslaved by debt (a thing that isn't even real).

  9. This documentary is rubbish, and dangerous to say the least, and I am going to tell you why.
    Technically speaking, the gold standard has be gone since the early 1930's, after the 1929 collapse. This is when the gold standard was given up for debt based (fiat) currency, and gold became just another commodity on the stock market. The gold standard is a bad idea for the following reasons.
    1) The gold standard is what originally allowed the elite (goldsmiths/moneylenders) to take control, and profit from the masses. They give out loans, then reign in the amount of gold in circulation, people can't pay back their loans, and the elite take their hard earned property.
    2) Since gold is so scarce to begin with, it prevented the growth of any economy, because it coundn't be mined fast enough to keep pace with the industrial revolution, and increased populations.
    Nixon detached the American dollar from gold because they don't have it anymore. The last audit on Fort Knox was in 1954. Even at 1/10 fractional reserve banking, the amount of american currency in circulation far exceeds this ratio to gold. In fact, the entire gold that has been mined in all of history woudn't fill 4 olympic sized swimming pools.
    In reality, fiat currency is a great idea, if it reflects true value, unlike the perceived value of the stock market. The real root of all economic problems is interest itself. (Usury) The federal reserve collects almost a trillion dollars a year in taxes just to pay the interest on the american debt. Thus, the Rothschilds, Rockfellers, Wargbergs, Morgans, Schiffs, Carnegies, etc who privately own the federal reserve make a trillion dollars a year doing nothing. (ask yourself why you pay interest on a loan that was created out of thin air!)
    I would even go as far as to say whoever is pushing the nonsense contained in this so called 'documentary' either has no grasp of the history of money, or worse yet, it is organized by the elite themselves to further brainwash the general public so they can get an even greater stranglehold over the world's population. Isn't it ironic that the price of gold has risen so dramatically in the last 10 years while the general public isn't allowed to own the actual gold itself. (just a piece of paper representing it)
    Canada gave up its gold decades ago, and although the 2008 collapse effected us as well, it did not create the devastation it did south of the border, because we are far better regulated than the U.S, and because the liberal government in the 1990's brought in austerity measures, to got rid of the federal deficit. (unlike the conservatives who have been running in the red ever since they took office after entering office with a 12 billion dollar surplus)
    The awful truth is this program is utter nonsense, and they don't want to admit that the 2008 collapse occured because of an out of control war mongering government, unregulated banking derivatives, de-regulation, corporate abandonment to 3rd world countries to utilize slave labor, sub prime mortgages, and let us not forget Donald Rumsfeld getting up on t.v the day before 9 11 telling the American people that the pentagon misplaced 2.3 trillion dollars that they couldn't account for! Even after the 2008 collapse, no one ever brought this up, even when congress was considering a 800 billion dollar bailout to the very banks who robbed the public for short term profits. The part that scares me the most, is that people will buy into this garbage because they don't know their own rear end from a hole in the ground when it comes the history of money,or the reality of corporate control over the political decisions that occur without the public's knowledge. The bottom line is, wake up people, or suffer the consequences!

    1. china will destroy our dollar

    2. They also neglected several other factors contributing to the wealth inequality we see now, including the massive cuts to the top-bracket tax rates.

    3. @Terez27: Exactly, another great point you add to a huge laundry list of facts that were ignored to prop up a terrible documentary!

    4. Yes, I see your point!

    5. Wow! Thx for explaining how the owners of the FED are making trillions doing nothing... I keep explaining this but people don't get it... Every time I see a report about the so-called richest men (Gates, Buffett...) I want puke... The Rotschilds own the world's central banks but no one seems to see it... they are not worth billions, they are worth trillions...

    6. Great points!!!

  10. I dont get it, compare the lifestyle of the average citizen today with that of 50 years ago, 100 years ago, 200 years ago and things just seem to get better and better, as far as assets are concerned. So what if some people, very few people, have way more than you. You have way more than everyone else did in the past. You're pissed because you have to fly commercial while some other dude flies private? I don't get it. Enjoy your life.

    1. I agree with you, I don't think you get it.

    2. Mind explaining it to me? If your response is adequate, I'll join your cause.

    3. This generation is do wicked that ethics is not more a natural behavior in their lives.

    4. keep sipping your Starbucks and high fiving the sky fool. You can continue to be a cheerleader for the status quo, but there is a word for that; Denial.
      This documentary was awesome and even if i have to sell a kidney i will be coming over from the UK to support the petition.
      To all the bitches complaining; IT'S PAYBACK TIME!!

    5. @kafkabubba: While you may be right regarding other peoples denial, your support for the gold standard shows you have no grasp of economics, or the history of money itself. If your idea of payback is to see everyone suffer, (and they will) then you are only part of the problem, not part of the solution!

  11. Not sure why some of you are being so negative. It's obvious why we have no gold standard and it's obvious why they fight it and trash it every way possible. They make billions without it while the poor and middle class get destroyed due to the massive increase in our money supply. You can argue all you want about how bad it is, but without anything constraining the creation of our currency, GREED WILL ALWAYS WIN OUT and the people at the top are the ones who benefit from it.

  12. I love the first line about America being the greatest country on Earth haha I'm sure its a good country but If this clown had studied any branch of business he would know that Norway is most likely the best country in the world.

    1. You ever been to Norway?

  13. It will take more than just a change in monetary ideology. It will take a fundamental change in society. Fundamental changes in society more often than not take the form or a sustained revolution. I don't see that any timer soon. People will be able to handle much more of this pressure through rationalization. A junkie will always rationalizes itself to the bottom. A slave will always rationalize itself to the whipping post.

  14. Yet this mentions nothing about taxes. Taxes the rich and corporations owed. Or the tax rates.

  15. This doesn't make any sense. The film tries to show a correlation between money supply and income inequality, but never shows how increased money supply causes the problem. The problem is tax policies and legal restrictions on unions and worker's rights that cause the gap. Globalization and free trade are also big factors that drive down worker's wages. The single best thing we could do is tax capital gains as income and restore a more progressive tax structure. Putting us on the gold standard wouldn't address any of the causes of inequality.

    1. You are the living proof that the elites have nothing to fear. You say the film doesn't make any sense and you couldn't be more WRONG. It's one of the very few films on the right path for understanding the real cause of "inequality".
      First of all, I personally do not care about inequality. It's just metaphysical reality that human beings are not and cannot be equal. It doesn't bother me the slightest. However, aggression, theft and immorality does and this documentary goes to the heart of the matter. Dismiss it at your own peril.
      If you understood how insanely criminal the current monetary and credit system is, you wouldn't err the shot aiming at tax policy and fictional worker's rights. You haven't noticed ( as most people, you're in good company here ), but the current money system siphons wealth ( slowly but relentlessly ) from those who produce it ( workers and entrepreneurs ) towards a small banking, financial sector and governmental elite, who literally profit from each and every single transaction that takes place in the economy. To explain the inner workings of this system escapes the scope of this post but suffice it is to say that THIS and NO OTHER is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT cause behind the obvious for everyone to see consequence of the rich getting richer and the vast majority of humanity getting poorer and poorer, regardless how much they work to escape their doom.
      Not globalization, not taxes, not fictional exploitation of the worker, not the big corps, not nothing. Look no further than the mafia-like design of the current monetary system.

  16. This is what happened when the US deregulated their monetary system. The greedy had a field day. Greed and honesty are rarely used in the same sentence, but greed and corruption are often used in the same sentence. Unfortunately the US is in the mess it's in because of greed and corruption.

  17. once you see the flyers, poo poo pop idols and hear dubsetp you know the kind of people this was made for.
    Are the masses just doomed?

  18. I've recently been reading up on economics to try and get some better understanding of the problems we're in; and coming across some very interesting links. Apparently America doesn't have a debt problem. It has "monetary sovereignty".

  19. Arrest the banksters! Try them in open court, convict them for the incredible fraud and the sheer cruelty they have practised on the entire World - then have them sentenced to something appropriate.
    I have always hated the death penalty - but in this case, knowing that millions and millions of children have been starved to death by these disgusting people -

  20. I think hundreds of steps are needed. CDOs and derivatives need to be regulated. Cdns also need the 2nd amendment freedom to off themselves when times get too tough to bear. The US should annex Canada. Like the US, we too are wasting too much money on war and weaponry. Imagine how many miles of subway lines we could have in every Cdn city for the 25 yrs we've given hundreds of billions to Afghanistan (money that's never coming back), the Norwegian warships at a 300% mark up, the junk subs we bough from the UK, and the F-35 Albatross.

    1. You have destroyed Afghanistan, left many people there with their DNA and you dare say that you have "given" to Afghanistan? What an unfeeling fool you must be.
      Was it not enough to destroy the Cradle of Civilization when you destroyed Iraq?
      You have no shame.

    2. to be fair, he is Canadian, and Canada didnt go to Iraq.

    3. Wow! You are so confused! It's hard to know where to start.

      Canada does not need more guns -
      (Cdns also need the 2nd amendment freedom to off themselves when times get too tough to bear.)

      You are free to emigrate to the US-.
      (The US should annex Canada).

      Our defence budget is a mere pittance compared to the US.-
      ( Like the US, we too are wasting too much money on war and weaponry.)

      Hundreds of Billions?? We've GIVEN to Afghanistan??-
      (25 yrs we've given hundreds of billions to Afghanistan (money that's never coming back),

      Our annexation would really solve this. >sarcasm<
      (F-35 Albatross.)

  21. The only thing that is going to save the USA is an example from another country and the people have to be exposed to it unfiltered by the perception managers.

  22. Money represents the value of the labour performed to produce the product. With capitalist industrialization the more you produce with machinery the less value the product. Value is also a social relation in more ways than one-via generalized production on the line and socially determined "values" health care more precious than liquor....There is not enough material gold in the world to tie the dollar to the global economy-we may as well use sea shells since it doesn't really matter in the end it is a social relation. We need to get rid of the social relations of capitalism then we can make progress not go back to gold. Why not platinum??? Aluminum? Get the picture. A democratic participatory economy based on science is what we need.

    1. I agree, tying wealth and value to a scarce resource is where the problem. start. That will automatically create social division and friction, like America it is a bomb ready to explode.

    2. Exactly it just moves the power to another scarce resource (and set of people controlling that resource) and in the end the poor get screwed again.

      We need to shift the way we think and what we value before getting blinded with beck's shiny metal.

  23. A bit like finding out you have aids, and then start wearing condoms. Too little too late. What happens when you take all that money supply and tie it to the value of gold? Gold becomes very expensive and the real value of the money in the supply becomes worthless. This idea would bring about a tsunami of inflation never seen before, as the spending spree comes home to roost. Hyper inflation ...and it's never mentioned as a consequence of returning to the gold standard. This program's nothing more than a good looking horse in a glue factory.

    1. Yes! Gold should have no intrinsic value in finance. Like many precious metals it's true value should lie only in what can be produced from it; jewellery, highly conductive electrical connections, decorative plating and foil, etc. Tying currency to it is now ludicrous.

  24. "From the Makers of Kony 2012, comes the next attempt at a viral video, Goldstandard 2013! Click our ads, watch our videos! Make us money!"

    1. Agreed.

    2. The Makers of Kony? Bottom feeding, blood sucking scum... It looks like this may be based on the religion of gold as well.

    3. Just a joke, not literally.

    4. clever you, make a joke and then you slip away unnoticed

  25. I love this documentary, it's the best I have seen yet. Congratulations to the filmmaker.

    I am Canadian, is anything started up here yet, does anyone know? Maybe we can walk a petition to Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

    1. What Canada has to do is go back to using the BANK of CANADA for money creation instead of borrowing it from private banks.

    2. YES, public control money creation with complete transparency and limitation of so-called currency until the ideal time if and when "money" is no longer necessary.

  26. Do not believe this documentary created by Gold bugs.

    Re-adopting the Gold Standard would cause wild inflationary and deflationary cycles. This occurs because whenever gold is imported or exported from a country, it causes price instability. Have a look at the late 1800's for evidence of terrible recessions/depressions, wild swings in prices and high unemployment which are all a result of the gold standard. Gold is a finite resource, meaning that the quantity and price can not be controlled, which is very problematic in the case of monetary stability

    I agree with the documentary that the massive amount of US debt is a huge problem but to say that re-instituting the Gold Standard will somehow eliminate inequality is not only a completly unsupported claim, but is in fact propaganda.

    1. Thank you, simmsa. We need to demolish the private Federal Reserve and to outlaw the fractional reserve banking system to set us and our children free.

    2. And you will replace the Federal Reserve with.....?

    3. Something of value.

    4. And that something is...?

    5. the replacement for gold was OIL, the only commodity that actually exists in a volume that can support modern economies. that's why oil is traded EXCLUSIVELY in US dollars. it's also why such "troublemakers" as saddam, moamar, and hugo (who all championed removal of the "petro dollar" as the currency of OPEC trade) HAD to be first painted as villains , and then removed.

      the new replacement should be "value added to raw materials", as that is actually the ONLY true measure of economic health. however, with our "modern economic model" of "service economy and con game" we would rank somewhere between somalia and uruguay (where we actually belong), while china, korea, vietnam and india would become the "major players" (where they actually belong).

    6. What do you mean "value added to raw materials"? That's precisely the system we have now. It's simply applying human capital to raw materials be it manufacturing, service, mining, transportation, finance or whatever you can name.

      Oil hasn't replaced gold. Gold is meaningless because it has no inherent value. It's just a metal with comparatively little practical use that people agree has a price (not value). Other than that it's hardly worth the effort to dig it out of the ground. Oil on the other hand is everything gold is not. It has value and its value increases as human capital is applied through the refining and delivery process.

      To speculate where the US should be ranked is nonsense which belies where it is ranked. Speculation is subjective while actual ranking is objective.

    7. "value added to raw materials" seems pretty evident. what does a ton of iron ore sell for? what does the 1800 lbs of steel it produces sell for? the difference is "value added to raw materials". when that 1800 lbs of 1020 is then made into a small tractor, it's value increases again. that is further "value added to raw materials". importing something from china adds NO value to it. slapping price tags on an item adds NO value to it. prices can be inflated by speculation, advertising effectively, and consumer demand, but NONE of those add any value.

      now, on that foundation, consider our auto industry. the majority of value added to the raw materials that make up a toyota that is "made in ohio" is actually added in other countries. our workers add some through assembly, but the majority of parts are manufactured in asia. a chevrolet suffers the same situation, as the components are imported from mexico, canada, china, etc. there is more value added here to the chevy than the toyota, but we still add little to that impala in comparison to those that supply the components.

      we DO add all the value to oil we refine, the few semi-conductors still manufactured here, aircraft we produce, and weapons systems. that is why our industries try so hard to export those in as high a volume as possible. because our agricultural products are for the most part exported "raw", we add little value to them.

      until the early 70s, we were indeed the "king of value added". such is far from the case now. in order to maximize profits on manufactured goods, the corporate community has moved the "addition of value" to countries with cheap labor. we now (even by the absolutely "mickey moused" stats those same corporate honchos use) import more than we produce. those imports are mostly "consumer ready" (in the case of walmart, even the price tags are already affixed to packaging).

      as economies are now based on "global use", and the vast majority of our exports are agricultural raw materials (raw grains and fertilizers have some value added, while seed stocks have little if any), i would say my assessment of our "ranking" is actually a bit generous. we have become "a 3rd world economy with 1st world consumption habits", which is why our "major industries" are such cannibalistic endeavors as "healthcare", and "consumer debt". it's also a major reason the wealth is so concentrated in the hands of the folks who play creative games with numbers, but produce or add value to NOTHING.

    8. Good reply, but the value of oil is greatly enhanced by being scarce. And there are other resources that can be used other than oil, but with the price of oil being so high NO ONE will bother to develop those resources because the return on investment of oil is extremely high while new resources will have a gradual return, an amortization so to speak. Long story short: left to their own devices the Powers that Be(the Wealthy) will run the whole economy into the ground before we can transition to new resources-techniques-practices etc etc. This is very likely to be hard.

    9. Exactly.

    10. Harry, I like you answer but I don't think it is even necessary to replace oil with any resource other than the resource that is the People, the act of trading. The real power isn't necessarily gold or oil, it is the social relationship of people simply trading goods and services to facilitate economic activity.

    11. Socially necessary labour time needed to produce a product nothing in life is more valuable than the time you have to live it.

    12. Socially necessary labour time. You're going to have to give us an explanation of what that means.

    13. Community bank, the Bank of North Dakota is an example all regulated by the People of North Dakota and not a privatized for profit entity like most current central banks. FYI, North Dakota was doing fine even before the oil boom.

    14. This is the way that all banks should be run. Yet still its coin of the realm remains the Federal Reserve Note so you haven't replaced the Federal Reserve.

    15. very true though a vast improvement over the status quo...

    16. a better system of building infrastructure, teacher pay, and RnD as ways of injecting capital into the system. all public and voted on - no more loans to private banks, no more interest - we will get more out of that money in the long run.

    17. Let me ask this. Exactly what capital are you going to inject into the system? Remember there is no Federal Reserve.

    18. Nationalize the Fed and give the people through it's elected representatives power to create money for things democratically determined to be needed by the same.

    19. Shut down the FED, this is the only way to get any country back on it's feet. Central Banks are the root cause of every problem. They print money created from thin air and then charge interest on it. It's such a criminal activity I am amazed that nobody has attacked the FED buildings, or at least filed class action law suits against Bernanke and his cronies, like Goldman Sacs et at. Who own the Gold the rich elite, any return to the gold standard will give them even more control and power. Wise up folks this is rich folks propaganda nothing more. Who has stolen the gold in Fort Knox? It's All Lies.

    20. yeah, I doubt that there was anything to steal from Fort Knox. It is just part of the grand illusion...

    21. Boy I am glad to see that many here seem aware of the problem inherent with tying your money supply and value to scare resources. It is encouraging. Eliminate the parasitic gold bugs.

  27. Remember that human behavior is a direct result of the environment we began in, grew up in, and is in.

    Concepts like greed are primarily a result of scarcity, so we'll have to look at the - very old - systems we surround our self with.

    There's no longer technically a scarcity of anything. The only system that creates and perpetuates scarcity is Capitalism. Time to move on?

    1. Right ON! Let's ROLL!

    2. Amen brother! Testify, amen!

    3. Move on to...?

    4. Away from using money. It is no longer necessary and is holding us back.

      Creating abundance is easy with our current level of technology.

      Economy doesn't really work with abundance.

    5. OK, I'm interested. But moving away from doesn't really explain what we'd be moving on to. So, care to explain what?

      PS - There is no such thing as a resourced based economy as propagated in the Zietgiest flicks. So if that's your answer dont bother wasting your time on someone that won't listen. If it's not, well, I'm very interested.

    6. (Arg, sorry for the long post!)
      Thanks for the heads up, I appreciate that.

      However it leaves me with nothing to work with, as a rbe - in it's simplest form - is nothing more than a mathematical concept of matching resources to needs, a supply & demand technique - without a need for a 'value proxy' like money.

      Without a distribution system like rbe, there's really only the usual 'value by proxy' systems left.
      - Our current system prevents abundance in that whenever a technology or product reaches a level of abundance, investment is redirected to 'better' markets.
      - Communism/socialism could - from a technical perspective - work as an instrument of abundance, but even with the introduction of modern knowledge, ideas and technology it is still difficult to centrally manipulate a complex market.
      - There's a bunch of other proxy ideas that try to minimize or eliminate the problems we have with our current system. Virtual values like Bitcoins, timebanks, local currencies, swap-economy and whatnot, but they all fail when it comes to crossing the abundance threshold, and can imho at most be seen as a reboot of the current system - not really progress.

      The most radical way of going to a new system, is to 'just' create abundance by decentralized personal production - killing trade - and the economy - from the bottom up, and see what system emerges. A bit too risky, but open source, fablabs, 3D printing, DIY growing and a huge group of similar trends and movements is already doing this, and needs very little effort to be accelerated.

      Without some form of a designed rbe system, I cant predict how the next system will work, and i cant get rid of the negative behavioral effects of money.

  28. They should target everyone in the world because almost all currencies are tied to the US dollar in trade. Equality isn't completely necessary, but the gap should be significantly smaller, I could live with that.

    1. Either we establish full equality or we come back again to the same system where we have "the haves and the have nots".

      This is no different to what is causing the present situation. Its this false myth that inequality is "natural" which perpetuates greed and injustice.

      We can all be equally fed, clothed and housed so no one lacks for these basic necessities. We can all be given the chance to contribute to society to the best of our individual abilities and for the good of everyone else. This should be reward enough.

      Of course if we want to argue for the right to exercise greed and power over others because we believe we are better (superiority) then we basically want to keep inequalities intact for those select few.

      And of course this will never be accepted by the unselected majority/minority or work...!

  29. There will never be equality in terms bc ppl are different and trying to treat them as equals will limit innovation. The best try is equality before the law but the truth is far from it!

    1. I don't think ppl want absolute equality, like you said ppl have different abilities and talents. I think ppl simply want equal opportunity and, as you mentioned, equality before the law. It is the ruling elite that tries to act as if we want absolute equality because they know Americans got a bad taste of such policies during the affirmative action push during the sixties and seventies. At least that is my opinion based of course on my experience. The biggest thing ppl want equality about is political influence, we should all have the same amount of say regardless of wealth or power when it comes to our government.

    2. Yeah, I agree with you but it's never going to happen bc that's not how the current political system works.

      It's a difficult topic bc ppl born into a rich family tends to do well due to education, connections etc i.e they will tend to stay ahead. Problem with this is that if this keeps up major corporations and the Gov. may soon be run by a bunch of m*rons, LOL

    3. May soon be? They're largely m*rons, and, what is worse, crooks, already. All they can see are the profits right in front of their eyes, and are just clever enough to figure out what laws they need to break, or circumvent, or enact, to allow them to keep the vast majority of it for themselves.

    4. Yes, but what is "it"? (rhetorical question) It's an idea. A belief system. A fraud and a phony, not funny, joke of a system. And we all play along. So who are the fools at the end of the day? We, the 99% are. But it's going to back fire sooner rather than later as we're clearly accelerating towards that brick wall - the foot has never been flatter on the pedal...ever.

      Don't get me's been a very productive and useful system. But those were the days of sushine and sangria, these are the nights of howling wolves and a dying fire.

    5. A number of those 99% are genuinely trying to ease up on that accelerator as much as possible, but it seems there's this oil-tanker parked right on top of it. So, in order to have a chance of slowing up at all, it's the kind of thing that's going to necessitate a whole lotta people working together in sync, pushing in a rhythm, to eventually get that big b-stard to roll off, don't you think? And even if that works, there's no guarantee it won't simply roll back over on top of many of those pushing it, either, since so much of pretty much everything depends upon oil, in one way or another. I'm afraid there are going to have to be a lot of (or a lot more) sacrifices, some of them quite literally bloody, laid at the altar of the new world, whatever that turns out to be. And then, too, you've got all those conservative (and democratic, and religious) freaks in their endless fleets of big bad SUVs, trying to mow down all those dirty hippies daring to rock the holy boat. One good thing about that boat is that at least it's washed up in all of our national capitols, where ideally everyone can have an eye on it, but the bad news is that it's big enough to obscure or crush nearly every other potentially good thing there. And the capitalists, the entrepreneurs, the innovators, the producers, the Michael Corleones the rest of us Fredos have come to depend upon and trust, by and large don't seem to give a sh-t anymore (even less than they ever did, that is), since they no longer appear to consider lesser people as any part of their family whatsoever, or at least not many of them seem to who are allowed to be successful at what they do. Everyone seems compelled to take the short-term view, whatever the perch they're on. We are all too much like Noahs, pitting our flimsy little wooden crate against all the mighty resources of the waiting earth and sky, thinking it safe and well enough provisioned; our captains are profoundly moronic for continuing on this course, and we are profoundly moronic for continuing to submit to it.

    6. Well said indeed...and all in one deep breath too! :-)

    7. ...well ok maybe not the nights (a little melodramatic I admit). But the sun is definitely setting...

    8. I thought it was great. For one, it's accurate, for another, it's short (lol), and, not least of all, it's an image that makes me want to hold my woman closer.

    9. "....and the Gov. may soon be run by a bunch of m*rons, LOL"

      sorry kaitse8, but where have you been? You don't need a doctorate to see that most of the wealthy are running things... that is the status quo. Now take a good long look at the world and expect more of the same results from inside that bubble of accepted conventional thinking. It will take a revolution of thought and perception.

    10. Give according to ability receive according to need to actualize this ability.

    11. why do people need to have other people choking under their heels to be able to innovate?
      Why does being equal with your fellow man stop innovation?

    12. Bc there wouldn't be incentive to keep the innovation if the entreprenuers won't benefit from it in terms of finacial gain.

    13. yeah that's the line that's normally trotted out every time somebody wants to tout profits over people.

      The greatest achievements of humankind have been achieved through public, not private enterprise.

      Private enterprise tends to be at it's best when it's leeching off the state.

    14. Yeah, a_no_n, and

      "Private enterprise tends to be at it's best when it's leeching off the state."

      does sound like their business plan. Like the Bank Bailouts, it's good work if you can get it!

    15. In Britain (where i'm from) we sold off our public Railways, electrical and water utilities.
      All three are now barely fit for purpose, they are slow expensive and their systems are archaic because the people in charge don't want to eat into their profits to improve their assets.

      Although services are at their worst, charges are at their highest.

      when you privatise an industry, it becomes overun with privateers

    16. please tell me a single "innovation" that came from "entrepreneurs". innovation comes from industrialism, not capitalism. henry ford was an industrialist, mitt romney is a capitalist.

    17. Virgin Galactic Space Plane - Richard Branson.

      Is one enough for you? If not I can fill this screen.

      Henry Ford not an entrepreneur? Capitalist? Just how do you think he became an industrialist?

      A person can be a capitalist, innovator, entrepreneur and industrialist at once. Frankly most are. You don't get to define words and set categories. We have dictionaries and that is their job.

    18. "the virgin galactic space plane"?? rofl, rofl rofl! is your grasp of reality REALLY that compromised? you envision a tourist trap for the incredibly rich as "innovation"? why didn't you list "euro disney" or "club med" as well?

    19. I thought we had discussed this. You don't get to define words. You asked for one innovation and I provided.

      Now whether you roll on the floor or swing from a tree is not relevant.

    20. money men don't innovate anything other than new ways to steal someone else's labour.

    21. Didn't you watch the movie those guys you call innovator's should all be in jail for fraud.

    22. Sorry, I can't agree with you. Entrepreneurs are not as necessary to innovation as you seem to suggest.

    23. People are more equal than you think they are with basically the same qualities. That is why we are identified as a species.

  30. Control of the QUANTITY of the money supply is control of the degree to
    which it is available anytime. The official definition of what
    constitutes that money (gold, cash, coin, check, blueberries, etc.) is
    irrelevant. Films such as this, while sometimes byproducts of a sincere
    desire to get us to collectively swing the rudder in a new direction (and
    therefore frequently riddled with misinformation and rooted in
    ignorance), are just as often the offspring of a desire to mislead. The
    thinking man already knows which one this is. Let's put this gold
    standard gospel to bed. The road through the muck begins elsewhere. And
    it`s high time we started down it. Stop debating the validity of this gold standard froth. It's meaningless!

    1. I know what you mean. I get the
      feeling this gold standard obsession is a dead-end and wouldn’t achieve the
      desired result. I know almost nothing about the gold standard arguments for and
      against so can't comment if returning to it would reverse the trends outlined
      in this film, but I do know this: the trend needs reversing, for financial and
      moral reasons. The wealth differential is an outrage.

  31. This is the same guy that made Kony 2012 right. First someone has to tell him that in order to go into any standard of metals you need to have such metals in your hand. As far as anyone knows the gold in the US government vaults is as good as gone because there has not been any real audits of the amounts currently being held by the US government. Second why would any famous person who has gained lots of wealth in the current system work to destroy it. This documentary should have been put in the garbage like his other one. Pure crap.

  32. roflmao!!!! funny how they completely ignore the change in monetary policy that DIRECTLY coincides with their graph: you will notice that EXACTLY when that upward curve began, is when the public was once again allowed to "invest in stagnant forms of wealth", or, as otherwise known, PRIVATE OWNERSHIP OF PRECIOUS METALS. you will also, by examining the historical trading volumes of those same PMs, see the DIRECT correlation to EVERY bump and jitter of that graph. siphon wealth from the productive forms of investment, you have NO CHOICE but to increase the money supply. now, why would "goldbug, inc"
    choose to obfuscate such a glaringly OBVIOUS correlation?

    self serving historical revisionism is NOT a documentary, it is a sales pitch for a con job. continue buying PMs, and continue being a direct cause of the wonton destruction of our economy. divest from this absolutely destructive practice, and become a mechanism of recovery. it really IS that d*mned simple, kids.

    1. Of course. Gold is dropping, it's a last attempt to jack the price of Gold up before they sell.

  33. in the first minute, the first BIG LIE. "our country was founded to give every man an equal voice". they neglect the qualifier: those "equal men" had to be caucasian land owners, male, and those that held others in bondage garnered a 3/5 of a vote advantage for each piece of human chattel owned. "all animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others".

  34. Put us in a room. You take all the gold in the room and I'll take all the food in the room. In one week I'll still have all the remaining food and I'll have all your gold too.

    There's a lesson in there somewhere.

    1. Certainly the way Monsanto sees the game^

    2. Sure, kind of cute. But the real question is one of value. Gold has very little value other than as a good conductor and a pretty shiny metal. Food, like water, air, shelter and family/social relationships has the real value. All I am saying is that the whole issue of monetary economics is a fuster cluck. It seems collectively that we've forgotten what has real value.

  35. Not sure a return to the gold standard will fix everything? (its not a terrible idea as governments don't care about the people anymore, and cant be trusted...), just scrap the central bank instead!,also governments need budgets that balance! The west has become lazy, we don't make as much, and borrowing is not the solution!. Education can now be done online for free, knowledge should be free, also this strange fetish that everyone must have some expensive degree must stop!, a lot of jobs in what is now mainly a service economy are pretty robotic and simple and repetitive. Fair enough a doctor or an architect needing a degree, but I know people who work in STARBUCKS that have degrees! Presidents are to worried about their own jobs and pay and are obsessed with getting re-elected, they rarely cut government spending as they don't want to loose votes from those on lower incomes. The whole thing is a complete mess. Think about how much money in the world is wasted on defense and elections. Students in huge amounts of debt!, homes that are over-priced as people are looking for rental investments! maybe limit people to owning one or two homes max! the extra supply should bring prices down!

    1.FREE EDUCATION (with a shift to FREE online courses for most subjects in all the worlds languages) ... things like youtube could educate the world, instead its full of silly cat videos)

    2. Throw the money printing plates into the sea.

    3. A new political party made up of real people, teachers,farmers, shop workers, etc no bankers no defense contractors, no more lobbying!

    4.Online voting on major policy through voting smart-phone apps by the PEOPLE. (this would be cheap, fair, quick and accurate)

    5. A balanced budget.

  36. The gold standard might be a good idea IF we have the gold, but nobody can get into Fort Knox, where our gold is supposed to be, to audit the supply so we really don't know how much there is. You can bet that the powers that be will fight to the last man to avoid that.

  37. gold is just like cash, Human greed corrupts Government. Society would have to function as a group, an organism over an individual one. Thousands of years of indigenous cultures to see that a society can exist without greed.

  38. "We live in a world where governments can create as much money as they want in order to fund all kinds of wasteful projects, wars, handouts, and banker bailouts. "--- Ok the "Wars and banker bailouts" were created by the rightist philosophy and the "handouts" by the leftist philosophy and the wasteful spending by both the right and the left politicians so who do we rely on now?

    1. In a country with 300 million people you need some form of government. In my opinion the best we can do is to stop complaining (i.e. Occupy Wall Street, Anonymous, Peter Jones & TZM, etc), which is futile and infantile, and start taking advantage of the freedoms in our country - we need to become a bigger part of the political process.

      These politicians need to be reminded that they work for us and not the other way around. We need to keep them in check and make sure they do their jobs.

      That's the problem these days. People would rather whine and protest than roll up their sleeves and get to work.

    2. I'm with you but to whine and protest is part of the work. What in addition do you suggest? Politicians know how people feel but have been pushing their luck for a while as it were.

  39. It is way too late for this. This act will only serve to solidify the wealthy 1%'s position, in "Gold". We will be worth a little gold dust, they will be worth tons. This would only have worked in 1971-75.