Build It Bigger: Floating City

Build It Bigger: Floating City

2007, Technology  -   15 Comments
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Build It Bigger: Floating CityDanny Forster ventures from Finland to Florida to see how the world's biggest cruise ships are created and then sail.

Danny follows the construction of one of the 11-story floating cities and then boards a working sister ship for a behind the scenes look.

The biggest cruise ships on earth are longer than an aircraft carrier and twice the height of the Statue of Liberty.

Danny hops aboard the Freedom of the Seas in the Caribbean to find out how this self-sufficient floating city feeds, sleeps and entertains over 4,000 guests.

He then heads to a remote, icy port in Finland, to help build Freedom's sister ship, Independence of the Seas, and finds himself driving a 600-ton gantry crane and drinking a lot of Finnish coffee. He discovers that everything is oversized when you're dealing with these super-cruisers.

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15 Comments / User Reviews

  1. DustUp

    @Jesse Hanowell: Why not keep to the topic of Cruise ships instead of spreading your misperceptions of typical low information socialists and liberal emotionalists spreading their mental and physical diseases as far and wide as possible. They project all the ills they cause onto others. It is what has caused all the things you dislike and you want more of it and will blame that upon others as well.
    Regarding super huge Cruise ships, would never go on one unless the room was 15 ft above the main deck with an operable exterior window to the sea air. Too many people and who is watching the air recirculation / fresh air control and who knows how to fix enroute if it fails to full recirc? Assuming they have that covered is not a good assumption. Ever hear of the Super Cruiser that the plumbing system failed? Quite the stinky mess.

  2. Mojave Joe

    We seem to have forgotton the TITANIC , Gonna be a sad diaster when one of these goes down , and go down they will @ one time & another

  3. Marko Marjanovic IV

    They should make one documentary about cruise ship workers. Why are ships registered in Bahamas, Panama and few other countries? Where are the workers from? What food they eat? How many hours a week they work? ...and cover the topic of modern slavery.

    1. tulacytabub

      They should make one documentary
      about cruise ship workers. Why are ships registered in Bahamas, Panama
      and few other countries? Where are the workers from? What food they eat?
      How many hours a week they work? ...and cover the topic of modern

  4. loosnup

    great stuff danny. i watch a lot of documentaries on engineering, you supply the facts and your a great laugh there should be more like you...thanks

  5. kate

    This could have been a far more interesting documentary if not for
    a) this juvenile, dork presenter, and
    b) juvenile MTV generation musak - why does this generation of (pseudo) documentary makers think that every program has to be accompanied by this awful jangly, in-your-face, fast 'rock' musak??

    This looks like a truly amazing ship - I wish I could have seen a doc that was about IT and not the twit presenter and his inane cavortings.

    1. John Cleary

      I totally agree. These new American style documentaries really piss me off. They have the most annoying patronising presenters and the camera style is like watching an episode of MTV cribs. Everything is over dramatic also. Just really bad. The BBC makes the best docs, like the Horizon series.

    2. Jane Doe

      Have you seen the How the Earth was Made series? Talk about patronizing! I think it's interesting, but they repeat themselves over and over....

    3. Jesse Hanowell

      I'm an American yet I have to agree with you. America has become a rotting cesspool of religious bigots and homophobes. We lack any cultural dignity and have lost touch with reality. We are ushering in a new era of puritanism and foregoing the separation of church and state. We may even foster a new Dark Ages if we are not careful. The BBC is very good at producing provocative and cerebral shows in all categories. I just cant seem to get in Torchwood or the Doctor however Sherlock is supreme. The docs are wicked good as well. With intelligent narration from hosts chosen for their intellect on the topics at hand and they are not insulting. We have become a vulgar and greedy society and I am constantly reminded of Ancient Rome, we live in the time of the Caesars. Cheers!

    4. Je

      are you both wearing adult diapers?

  6. Draw Vinette

    This was a very interesting documentary on the thousands of people it takes to build the cruise ships in Finland and then operate them at sea. I have a lot more respect for this industry now, never having been on a cruise ship.

    What a great creator of employment in Finland for all of these ship building construction jobs. There is a lot of material and expertise that is required to build these massive ships. An aircraft carrier a year or is it two years! Wow!

    A lot of work and a lot of jobs are created by the cruise line industry. I had no idea until I watched this interesting program.

    I also had no idea that there was so much demand for cruise ships. 4,000 passengers every week or two weeks and this is just one ship out of dozens. That is a lot of people that like to go cruising.

  7. leonardobdas

    this host always fails to engage me.... his faux scary moments are funny though..

  8. hockeyaddictnus

    Excellent production. Awesome documentary on cruise ships.

  9. MarshalByRef

    Annoying host

  10. ivanitchy1

    First comment, ALRIGHT!