USS Liberty Dead in the Water

USS Liberty Dead in the Water

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USS Liberty Dead in the WaterOn June 8, 1967, US Navy intelligence ship USS Liberty was suddenly and brutally attacked on the high seas in international waters by the air and naval forces of Israel. The Israeli forces attacked with full knowledge that this was an American ship and lied about it. Survivors have been forbidden for 40 years to tell their story under oath to the American public. This USS Liberty Memorial web site tells their story and is dedicated to the memory of the 34 brave men who died.

After surveilling USS Liberty for more than nine hours with almost hourly aircraft over flights and radar tracking, the air and naval forces of Israel attacked our ship in international waters without warning. USS Liberty was identified as a US naval ship nine hours before the attack by Israeli reconnaissance aircraft and continuously tracked by Israeli radar and aircraft thereafter. Sailing in international waters at less than five knots, with no offensive armament, our ship was not a military threat to anyone.

The Israeli forces attacked without warning and without attempting to contact us. Thirty four Americans were killed in the attack and another 174 were wounded. The ship, a $40 Million Dollar state of the art signals intelligence platform, was later declared unsalvageable and sold for scrap.

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2 years ago

I'm not even a yank, I'm Australian but we are your true allies / brothers. How wasn't that McNamara hung by rope is beyond me. Tell me people how do these so called people keep getting away with this. SEIG HEIL

2 years ago

what i have learned: armies should skip breakfast because most big attacks happen around that time

Mark Ford
3 years ago

They fid it so usa bombed egypt thinking theyed done it yhere underhand jewish scum who btw own america makes me wonder hitler was onto sonething obviously done the wrong actions but !!!!

7 years ago

The truth is that Israel is first all others second. They would throw America under the bus in a Zion minute. So far 82 billion in free aid from us America. It's time they stand on their own! All the news behind the attack must be tried in American court for murder. And that idiot that stated in was investigated yeah sure so that we would never find a Israel crime. It's long overdue!

Fred Finn
7 years ago

Since the 1967 attack on the Liberty the USA has paid on average $8 million a day for 50 years for a total of over $3 billions to Israel. With friends like these , who needs enemies!!!

7 years ago

You're kidding me Account & Video have been removed? hahahah

I guess there was truth to this! :D

8 years ago

ABC will air Jacqueline Kennedy's tapes accusing President Johnson of killing her husband. Johnson would never have been president had Kennedy not died while in office. What did President Johnson owe Israel?

8 years ago

Remember the Maine...Remember Pearl Harbor.. Remember Tripoli... Remember the Boston Massacre.. Remember Lexington and Concord.. Remember Gettysburg....Remember Ft. Sumter... Remember Antietam..Remember 9/11...Remember the Cole..Remember Beirut... Remember Khobar Towers.. Remember the Starks. Remember the Roberts.. Remember Col. William Higgins.. Remember Navy Diver Robert Stethem..Remember 9/11..Israel was recently cleared yet again, of intentionally attacking a US Spy Vessel. Out of the hundreds of attacks on US interests around the World, one was by Israel. It was 48 years ago. Israel was cleared yet again of INTENTIONALLY attacking a US Vessel. Again.

8 years ago

Israel has lied about so many things that if anyone over believes what they say is diluted. Israel is a nation that should not exist. The Jews Began in 1948 setting up two terror groups to do attack itself making it look like from other groups so they could attack them. Israel was allowed to move to that place with the understanding they would live along side and cooperate with those already there. That agreement was signed in 1917 in exchange for help from the Jews during WWII. They had no intentions of letting the people already there to remain there. They were backed by the British until in the late 1950s.

bernard helinski
8 years ago

It was Pres Johnson who ordered our jets,set out to defend the ship, to return and he alone is the culprit responsible for this murderous deed. Of course ,in my humble opinion.

8 years ago

Check out "What Really Happened . com"

Chris Williams
9 years ago

The point that Israel is supposed to be the best friend the US has appears to have escaped you. What this video makes painfully clear is that not only is this not true - it is a deliberate lie. The US is the country that Israel hates the most! How else can one describe its attitude to its greatest benefactor. Israel shows and has shown more respect to it enemies.

9 years ago

I found disconcerting in so many of the comments that one mistaken attack by Israel is more important to you than the thousands up thousands of terrorist attacks yearly and the millions of militant Muslims in the world who consider us infidels and want us dead. Their hate against us has little do with Israel since it has been going on for hundreds of years. Our first battle encounter as a new country was against militant Muslims kidnapping our men. It is clear as day who our real enemies are but you would rather muddle in stupid conspiracies no different what Hitler and the Nazis did to stir up hate.

10 years ago

Are you people kidding? See this is exactly what I have been talking about lately. People are so amazingly gullible and outright friggin DUMB. The truth has been available on line for a very long time, but most are just to SOMETHING to figure it out. I mean only an absolute i*iot would not know the truth of the matter. And anyone who has ever believed that Israel was ever a friend of the United States needs their head examined. Israel, and the Jews can be proven to be responsible for nearly ALL of the terrorist attacks that have place around the globe since WW I, if not before. Anybody who cares to know the truth can easily become enlightened by simply looking around a bit. I can promise you that you will be quite surprised to learn that everything you have been told are complete and utter lies. You doubt me? I dare you to prove me wrong. Any of you brainy acks!
Bring it on. I can show you s*it that will blow your mind.

10 years ago

both documentary and book "assault on the Liberty" show a very compelling time line for many so-called mistakes on the part of Israel and the Johnson administration. To indicate that no one knew of the USS Liberty floating in the area of conflict and to attack as such...a suspected enemy vessel...seems a bit far fetched. Our US Navy boys that were murdered and wounded that day and their families deserve much better from the Israelis and (if any are still alive) their US counterparts in this matter. In my opinion a black stain will always be shadowing this debacle for both countries. I remember Black September kidnapping and murdering the Israeli team in Germany. I supported Israel then. The cry went out worldwide at that despicable crime. Yet for the Liberty the story was found on page29 of the NY Times. Mistake? Hmm I have a better chance of believing that our astronauts came back from the moon with green cheese...and try to convince us that there's more where that came from.

10 years ago

Wow, what a hysterical pack of lies!

10 years ago

he tragic Israeli attack on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967, has provoked a great deal of controversy and longstanding anger among surviving members of the crew. Though residual anger and suspicions remain, the incident was the subject of ten U.S. investigations and three more by Israel. In the American case, the full weight of the U.S. government was behind the investigations, which had access to all the relevant information. Though some accusations have been made suggesting the reports sough to hide facts or protect Israel, no credible evidence for these charges has been produced.

Investigation Date Conclusion
U.S. Navy Court of Inquiry June 10-18, 1967 The attack was a case of mistaken identity. Calm conditions and slow ship speed may have made American flag difficult to identify. No indication the attack was intended against U.S. ship.
CIA Report June 13, 1967 The attack was not made in malice and was a mistake.
Joint Chiefs of Staff Fact Finding Team (Russ Report) June 9-20, 1967 Outlined "findings of fact," bud did not make any findings about the actual attack.
Clifford Report July 18, 1967 No premeditation, but "inexcusable failures" by Israeli forces constituing "gross negligence."
Senate Committee on Foreign Relations 1967 Secretary of Defense McNamara testified he supported conclusion that the attack was not intentional.
Senate Armed Services Committee Feb. 1, 1968 No conclusion. Secretary McNamara makes comparison of attack on Liberty to that on Pueblo with regard to uncertainty about what was happening at the time of the incident.
House Appropriations Committee April-May 1968 Navy communications "foulup" and no conclusion regarding Israeli actions. Much of report remains classified.
House Armed Services Committee May 10, 1971 Critical of Navy communications, no conclusion regarding Israeli actions.
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence 1979 Responding to critical book by Liberty crewman James Ennes, Senate investigation found no merit to his claim attack was intentional.
National Security Agency 1981 Liberty was mistaken for an Egyptian ship as a result of miscalculations and egregious errors.
House Armed Services Committee June 1991 Responding to request from Liberty Veterans Association, Subcommitte on Investigations launched probe that concluded there was no evidence to support allegations made by the Association and no reason for further investigation.

11 years ago

Something is rotten in the state of Israel, and it smells a lot like the stench one encounters in Washington. The "special relationships" has been corrupt since it began. It's too bad that such a large majority of Americans have been bamboozled into blindly supporting such an ill-gotten country.

That is, of course, changing, but it may be too slow to help the Palestinians -- and definitely too slow to save the Iranians, who only want to inject a bit of balance into Middle East power relations.

11 years ago

Israel is our ally? With friends like Israel, who needs enemies?

11 years ago

I was once a huge supporter of Israel, but the USS Liberty incident is the reason I no longer have any faith whatsoever in the Israel. They have lost my support and proven to me that their actions are not dissimilar to Nazi-esque criminal acts. It is really that shocking...

12 years ago

Anwsers will come when Israel is no longer a friend of America.Then and now they are the biggest terrorists in the world along with the America and the freedoms millions have fought and died for.They let Israel get away with it knowing full well then new it was American.America fights illegal wars for israel and money in the form of oil.Ameica never fights for the people infact they kill there own remember 9/11 and 7/7.Its far past time we get rid of the criminals in are government.LBJ was involved in the death of JFK and most likely so was Israel and the Masons,We really don't know how deep this criminal activitys go.But far further than most no.The last real American President was JFK and the next if elected President would be DR Paul.I have no faitrh that American elections are noy riged look at Bush.If the same standards that were used against the Nazis were now used not just the government would be hung so would all the military like in Germany only about 60- years ago.The American government steps all over the constitution that every person in government and military including duges are guilty of breaking the law.It is every American citizerns obligation to fight enemys forehn or demestic and that includes the Americans tyranicle government.People need to put differences aside like race and religion ands any other and stands as 1 to get your country back that your ancestors fought and died for.Every able body American need to be demanding a hole new uncorrupt government that stands for the people and obides by the constitution.There is time it can be done but the longer the wait the less chance of being successful.

12 years ago


12 years ago

Operation Cyanide? Looks like there was a deal between the US and Israel to sink the Liberty and blame it on Egypt thus allowing the US to enter the war. Problem was the Liberty didn't sink and many witnesses were left alive thus the need for the cover up.

12 years ago

I agree with Steve.

12 years ago

Interesting Comments but Steve's show he has never been there and met the people involved. Don't get me wrong I spent 4-5 months living and travelling through the Middle East and by the end of it I hated the Jews more than the Arabs. However after going to Yad Vashem I got an insight into the Israeli paranoia and arrogance and now only hate them both equally with a grudging respect for the Israeli predicament (this is a flippant generalisation about the people you meet travelling rather than a comment on the entire cultures but rest assured I hate all nationalities (including my own) relatively equally).

I am not American and as such perhaps do not appreciate the complexities of your relationship but even siblings get into fights growing up. I have not watched the special but while reading the comments to decide if I want to I cannot help but think the Israeli’s I know would sink anyone’s (including a friends) spy ship in the leadup to a war.

It’s a simple rule “don’t poke the bear..”, it doesn’t matter if you are in the right you just know whats going to happen and when it does you cant really complain. Standing up to a serial killer with anger management problems that has taken your designated car spot is your right, however is it prudent? If you feel you should do it fine but don’t then complain about the results as everyone else saw it coming..

Steve H
12 years ago

Nice reply, but Zionism is pure racism which there is no legitimate defense. If you know anything about the situation there, then you already know I've won the debate. Any time a country takes land from one ethnic group, in order to award the land to another group because of ethnicity, it's RACISM!
Of course the pro-Zionism argument is that these things don't happen. They bank on the fact that the media is not going to report it for obvious reasons, and AIPAC keeps the government in check. But of course that doesn't really happen either.
I'm tired of fighting proxy wars for Israel while they drop bombs from F-16's leveling a neighborhood to try and kill one idiot terrorist. They're shooting fish in a barrel and keeping it secret.
Two professors out-lined it quite well in they're paper called "The Israel Lobby and US foreign Policy."
Read that and all will be revealed!

12 years ago

Steve, the relationship between the US and Israel is complex and variable at best depending on who is in the White House at any given time. Yes, America sells weapons to Israel when it suits them (after all the military industrial complex is a big money-spinner for the Americans) America also sells weapons to Israel's potential enemies. They have cornered the market in the Middle East and forced the Soviets and French out of the market since 1967.

But it is not weapons that win wars.Intelligence is a big factor, and Israel wanted the element of surprise to stay intact during the Six-Day War in 1967, and didn't trust the Americans not to leak critical intelligence to the other side, alerting them to Israeli battle plans. That is the reason for the sinking of the USS Liberty. A true ally of Israel would not even send an intelligence-gathering vessel into a war zone unless they allowed it to be under Israeli command. But America is so big that they like to think they can do anything without consequences, play both sides, manipulate the situation. Unfortunately in that situation they got burnt. But their leaders don't care particularly much, after all thousand of American soldiers die every year. America is constantly at war trying to play globo-cop. The American military all believe they are acting in the world's best interests, and are happy to lay the Stars and Stripes over the coffins of the casualties who result. So LBJ shrugged his shoulders, joined in the cover-up and went on with his job, running America, and trying to run the world, in the complex, dishonourable way that all true politicians do. Welcome to the real world, people. People die in wars, that's a truism, so pointing fingers and calling the Zionists cold-blooded murderers is as one-sided as saying the same thing about the Palestinians or the Americans for that matter. What really matters in war are the numbers that die, and the reasons for it. The Israelis tend to be very calculated, and try to minimise the casualties and finish the war quickly, not always successfully. At the end of the day there are only a few million Jews , and over a billion Arabs in the world, so if it came down to hand to hand combat the Jews would be dead in an instant, that's why Israel has to be clever and always have the technological upper hand in war.

At the end of the day it's about survival. Unfortunately because of absolutist religion peaceful coexistence is never going to happen. As long as there are religions in the world which don't have love and peace as their sole objective, there will be war and death in the name of religion. And even the benevolent religions have to defend themselves from the more aggressive religions. So war is inevitable. All we can do is minimize the casualties and the pain until something changes. As a Christian, I don't believe we can eliminate war in this age, only in the next age when Christ returns and establishes his kingdom. But Christ did say "blessed are the peacemakers", and Christians should always be at the forefront of efforts to make peace and avoid war.

12 years ago

Richard, you assume the USA was against Israel.
Israel wouldn't exist one month without the USA's military and political support. And the thanks for that, the USA gets incidents like the USS liberty and Jonathan Pollard
and the list goes on with deceit from blood-thirsty zionists that willfully kill Innocent humans on practically a daily basis still to this day.

Tim Osman
12 years ago


john doe
12 years ago

Big brothers watching you.

12 years ago

And those poor Americans still think they live '' in the land of the free''

13 years ago

Conspiracy and coverup involving USA an Israel ... well, I´m surprised and shocked :D

13 years ago

I think Rob has put forth the most plausible explanation. I question if the Israelis might have expected the US to retaliate in the fashion they did (nuke armed planes headed for Cairo).

13 years ago

Gulf of Tonkin incident that spawned the Vietnam war was a ball compared to this naval incident. The fact is, doesn't matter what happens, it won't be responded to in an honorable way. It will be manipulated as political currency to advance the top secret interests of the president and his cronies. 9/11 and the war on terror is just the same. Afghanistan was used as a stepping stone to the Iraq war. It's a disgrace that these navy men never received justice. Victims of 9/11 were even used as tools. Just like Pat Tilman. Don't expect fairness or justice from these machiavellian types. Where their loyalties lie, nobody knows.

13 years ago

.Why would the USA send an unarmed ship to a combat zone,equipped with electronic spying capabilities to monitor a friendly country?The israelis didn't ask for their help in the war and they were not spying the egiptian military activity.In consequence the israeli response was totally justified.The only assumption that should be made was that they were spying the israeli movements.Too bad that the american government decided to put the lives of american sailors at risk.You don"t spy on friendly countries.The fact that the americans did not pursue the incident more vigorously proves that they had a lot to hide.
.If anyone is guilty of this tragedy is Pres.Lindon Johnson,who authorized this operation.No wonder,considering that he also escalated the Vietnam war based on lies,the real motive being that the military industrial complex wanted to prolong the war.Nowadays,Bush also lied to the american people and put the country in an unwinable war against a country that never was a threat to the USA.It seems that United States is led by a bunch of criminals.

J. Brunton
13 years ago

Re the Russian ;spies'-sleepers who never got woken up to export a single 'secret'-yet were deorted from America.What about all the Zionist Jews, who HAVE sent info-and secrets about their adopted country the United States.Should not THEY be charged with treason and deported to,Back to Israel, where they belong.America does not need these traitors living freely in its country.Yet doing all they can to stufrf it up.They behave like Hitler's Nazis.Its no wonder they were the original terrorists.They are an illegally founded state, that has disrupted the entire middle east.And stolen many of America's secrets. J.B.

13 years ago

And to top it all off, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX or CNN didn't produce this film ... the BBC did. This blind support of Israel is a deadly mistake for Americans and the cowardly American media is to busy distracting our attention. Who are America's real friends? Have British and western European spies been caught in America? No, but Israelis spies have been caught and prosecuted.

13 years ago

I was at one time a huge supporter of Israel, but watch "Rachel: An American with a Conscious". And the USS Liberty is just one(of many) indications of what the sleazy Zionists will do to promote their criminal policies. Is there conspiracy? Well sort of... the Israelis admit to doing the deed but insist it was a mistake. And that is hard to believe unless you expect that Israel has the most incompetent Air Force on earth. Is that possible? Highly doubtful ... IMO, their story is a lie. RE- Richard you're trying to spin the story with reprehensible tear jerking PR techniques. The USA gives over 3 billion in aid to Israel per year. Your story is just a wet dream, a fantasy that is more propaganda used to support Israeli crimes. I am done with Israel, my conscious will not allow any support to cold blooded killers.

A Palestinian refugee
13 years ago

Its ok they died for Israel

13 years ago

Right....a Ship withour weapons beeing attacked by israeli forces...and thru devine intervention only a small portion of the soldiers onboard the ship die? i don't want to speculate about the reasons for the attack, but the high rate of survivors indicates the israelis indeed did not want them all dead, afterall it's pretty easy to blow up an unarmed ship that has no support whatsoever.

By the way: there was a US Fleet pretty close but thei where forbidden to intervene (sending fighter and whatnot) by the US goverment. There is clearly something fishy about the whole thing clear evidence means we will probably never really know the truth.

13 years ago

typical zionist , typical yank

13 years ago

Good Doc - all Americans should watch it. As for Richard's comments about the Israeli's just going for the ship - that doesn't quite explain the machine gunning of sailors attempting to escape the attack by swimming away.

Why is it the the state of Israel acts with absolute impunity in everything it does? (Rhetorical)

13 years ago

they are waiting for the old chaps to die, and their story with it.

i don't know much about conspiracies. but as a human being i can see that all of the Israelis in the documentary are lying through their teeth.

they definitely are people you cannot trust, why they cause everyone to hate them. what is the problem with the Israelis???

no even an appology. oh yea those poor sailors were supposed to be dead to their last.

what type of hypocrites firing on life boats and also an american one.

every american soldiers should desist from fighting a war for israel because they should know that the israelis would readily despatch them ... they are the dispensable gunea pigs...

it is astonishing to notice how the useful idiot theory still works. the soldiers still believes they are fighting for america. a very low hat for the israelis PR indeed.... lol it is an other way to say that they are great liars, people you just cannot believe, you just cannot trust, they would readily sell you once they don't need you or if you become cumbersome.

i sure that when the israelis won't need america, guess who they will dagger in the back first.... evidence are clear as the american supremacy will start to become challenged by the monster they created. don't expect any gratefulness from the israelis... richard view is just a good sample.

America WAKE UP the Israelis have hijacked the US.

events as the uss liberty has been uncovered, how many other people have the israeli caused to suffer. i won't be suprised that the israeli have claimed more american lives and tried to blame it on others, i'm sure the families of the 3000 americans who died in the planned demolition of the twin towers would like to know.!!!!

[ask yourself why so many israelis were arrested in the wake of the 9/11]

13 years ago

Richard I am so disappointed with you after all that we(U S) have done for you and Israel this is what you still think of us. Don't forget Israel is existing only because we are supporting you with money and protection we are providing you, if it wasn't for us the Arabs would have and chewed and spitted you out long time ago, so bend down and apologize to Americans.
don't be a typical jew who are always untrustworthy and mean.
God Bless America.

14 years ago

Richard! What is your Jewish name?

Sorry about my style, but i couldn't resist :)

No need to talk much about conspiracies.
Look to the world.
It is all clear.

14 years ago

Richard, your account of the 'real story' is very interesting, however all the facts in it except that Israel attacked the USS Liberty are false. I have to admit that I admire the Israely PR machine which is constantly turning any war crime the IDF commits into an act of 'self-defence'... and the Israelis are brain washed into believing them by having their politicians constantly repeating them on and on and on....poor Israelis

14 years ago

That is not the "real story" Richard, what really happened is that Israel was busy murdering thousands of Egyptian POWs at a coastal town adjacent to where the Liberty was patrolling in international waters and concerned that the most sophisticated communications intercept vessel in the world would certainly overhear radio traffic about the mass murder and subsequent disposal of evidence a decision was made to destroy the Liberty.The mass murder of POWs was witnessed by an Israeli journalist and reported in the Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronoth.

14 years ago

Here is the real story. Please check it out.

The main reason why the US has betrayed the Jews nuerous times throughout history is because of oil. Keep in mind, that at the beginning of the Holocaust, the Allies had a plan to partition British Palestine and to send the Jews there instead of getting slaughtered. But the Arabs (mainly Saudis) said no. If there was going to be any more Jews on the land, then there would be no oil for the allies. So here we are, 6 million Jews later, I guess we were expendable. Also keep in mind that the Allies never said that if they can't go to British Palestine, then let them come here (US, Canada).

The US informed the Arabs that Israel would not have a nuclear defense shield finished in 1967, thus leaving a window of opportunity to attack. US intelligence attampted to curry favor with the Arab oil producers by giving the precise details of Israels military positions and details of battle to the arabs during the war. Israeli intelligence discovered the American betrayal and attacked the Liberty, which was gathering electronic information on Israeli troop movements and sending it to British intelligence, which in turn relayed it to the Arabs. Both the American and Israeli governments agreed to suppress the truth about the Liberty from the public. It was too embarassing for the Americns to have been caught re-handed betraying their "Israeli brothers" in the interest of oil, and the Israelis used it to blackmail President Johnson (an oil man)to get the Israelis new weapons and armor.

There wre 293 crewmen onboard. 34 died, not 200 as you think, but 34!!! The crew thought it was a miracle that so many survived. It was no miracle, the Israelis were not there to kill Americans. They were there for survival. They had to take out their enemy, and that ship was theri enemy. It was an act of self-defense. Once the attack was under way, a senior official of Israeli intelligence called his CIA counterpart and told him what they were doing to the Liberty at that moment, knowing the US could not and would not retaliate. The Israelis had proof that the US government had commited an act of war against Israel by betraying its military secrets to the enemy in the middle of a war in which Israel's very survival was at stake.

America has betrayed Israel in EVERY war Israel has had to fight. On the surface, the US and Israel are allies. The truth is, mainly because of oil, that America has betrayed Israel and will continue to betray them whenever it is in her best interests. It's simple, the Arabs have the oil, the Arabs hate Jews, so the US, who wants Arab oil must go against the Jews. 2+2=4. It's not hard to understand. There is a secret war against the Jews. And you are helping to perpetuate it. Get yourself an education.

14 years ago

very interesting story.....there are holes in the story, but, definately worth watching. knowledge is power.

14 years ago

I always heard of the USS Liberty incident, but never heard any convicing evidence. This is a great documentary giving personal acounts from people who were there before, during and after the attack took place. This only shows the extent Israel would go to even screwing up its main ally in order to achieve its objectives.
I was never a fan of conspiracy theories for the 9/11 attacks, but if Israel can carry out the USS Liberty attack and keep so many people in high positions within the US so silent about it, it makes me wonder whether suspecting them with the 9/11 attacks would be so inconceivable afterall!
Now the Palestinians are still suffering because of all this deceit. Let's see what Obama will do.....