Healing Cancer with Cannabis

Healing Cancer with Cannabis

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The story really begins in 1969 when Rick Simpson's 22-year-old cousin was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors did an operation, and then afterwards they give him chemo. He dropped from 200 pounds down to 120 pounds. Three years later, in 1972, he came home on vacation. They were talking one day and he collapsed right in front of Simpson. He suspected it was probably the cancer back, but he was hoping it wasn't. As soon as he went in to seeing the doctors, they just said, "You've got three to six months to live."

Within three months he was dead. Simpson watched him get down to about 55 pounds. His cousin was more like a brother to him. They grew up together in the country. They knew each other intimately. It really affected him quite badly. About three years later, he was leaving work one day. He just got in the car and he turned on the radio and the local radio station in Amherst, CKDH, they were reading a report on the radio station about THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, killing cancer cells. Of course, the announcer was laughing like a fool when he was making these statements, so Simpson didn't know whether to take it seriously or not. Time went on and he never heard anything more about THC killing cancer cells or anything, so he thought it was just some type of hoax.

In 1997, Simpson had a severe head injury at work. He wound up with what they call post-concussion syndrome. He went through the medical system. He took their pills for five years. He took every chemical they threw at him. They did nothing but make him worse. In 1998, about a year after he was injured, he saw an episode of The Nature of Things with Dr. David Suzuki called Reefer Madness 2. It showed all these people on there smoking pot for their medical problems. They were being helped.

He was quite desperate, so he went out and he got some pot from friends nearby. He smoked it, and it did more for him than anything the doctors were giving him. He went back to the doctors. Every doctor he saw he asked them for prescriptions for hemp, but not one doctor would give him a prescription. Then in 1999, he was in his doctor's office. When Simpson was talking to him… of course, he was always asking for a prescription, and again he refused him. Simpson asked the doctor that day when he was in there, he said, "What you would think if I, as opposed to smoke the plant material, what would you think if I made the essential oil of the plant and ingested it?" The doctor said that that would be a much more medicinal way to use the substance, but he still wouldn't give him a prescription.

Directed by: Chris T. Harrigan

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Sharn Major
3 years ago

I just saw this video, and I must say I agree that mariquana does help in many ways. I have arthritis pretty bad through out my body, and I tried it for awhile and it does help.

4 years ago

you claim it CURES cancer, but you do not say which types! nor do you provide any evidence, medical much less; your flapping lips are not sufficient. Because I have heard stories, I started trying it, having received a sample CBD balm. I started applying to KS lesions and they seem to have dried up and they are no longer raised. Unfortunately, I started photography late, but I notice a difference.

Dr. william
5 years ago

In order not to be deformed ,be informed. With the CBD and the THC compounds in Marijuana, marijuana has already shown its healing

strength. Cannabis is very effective for the treatment of Cancer,Glaucoma, Cachexi (wasting syndrome),Pain,Nausea,Seizures,Muscle

spasms,Multiple sclerosis,etc

5 years ago

And with regard to FDA studies on natural cures as I just described in my previous comment, there are too many variables to analyze at one time. Also, there is zero money to finance such testing if it were at all possible.

5 years ago

Cure your colon cancer but get some lung cancer from the smoke? Better route would be the oil. Generally, natural cancer cures do not rely on one single "magic bullet". You need to combine with nutrition (raw vegetables and fruits, no red meat or dairy, and otherwise whole organic foods), exercise, stress minimization, and minimization of other environmental toxins like fumes, chemicals, etc. Many people have healed themselves naturally this way (without the marijuana). But for those with advanced stage in pain, the medical marij might be a good thing to include to reduce pain and stress.

Jason Smith
6 years ago

possibility of healing the cancer with marijuana is a miracle.

7 years ago

I have been making and taking cannabis oil for the last 3 1/2 years to try to prevent the regrowth of a glioma brain tumor and it seems to be working, at least the tumor has not grown back, so hey, it might actually work to inhibit certain tumors' growth. What I would like to know is why cannabis was made illegal when it clearly has medicinal properties. At the very least it helps me to rest and sleep without resorting to dangerous opium derived medicines.

Samuel Morrissey
9 years ago

My old man smoked it all his life, grew it, gave up tobacco with it etc. It didn't do diddly squat for his hepatocellular carcinoma though, apart from manage the pain until morphine was needed.

Anecdotes aside, as an adult I get to choose if I want to drink a caffeinated beverage, or an alcoholic one, or both. I get to choose to smoke tobacco if I want, or not. I am allowed to do these things as the law stands, therefore all substance laws in my view are completely irrelevant as the reasoning behind them is not applied to all substances. If alcohol and tobacco are OK then so is gear, dope, you take your pick. It is my body and my mind, and no-one has a right to dictate to me whether or not I can impair either in any way I choose. I care not a jot for unbalanced badly reasoned and unjust laws. I am me, my body is mine, my mind is mine - not the states, not the politicians, not the police. Laws that seek to take ownership over these things will only harden my resistance to them, and moreover they are detrimental to any process of investigation regarding medicinal properties.

9 years ago

Marijuana. A gift from the heavens. Love it.

george lancaster
9 years ago

Corporate greed and racism have done a great job of suppressing this medicine for only a mere decades of its millennia of medicinal history but as always the truth comes out eventually.

BoxingCannabyte Epicurus
9 years ago

I spoke to this Dr. Matt Droman who is very interested in this subject, and as someone who is more educated than (just by the statistics alone) 90-99% of everyone on here. He painted this very great picture about his curioisity in the endocannbinoid system (Which he knows very little about, as with most doctors. Especially since it is something that STILL isn't studied in most medical schools)

Since all cancer is different (I come from a "Cancer family") I have stomach cancer stage 2 (can't remember the EXACT name of my kind, but there are a few), my mom has stage 3 breast cancer, dad, a Vietnam Vet and someone who helped build the NAVY SEALS and wa basically an American who lived with the SAS for nearly 30 years-And also was exposed to A LOT of agent orange and other chemicals was very lucky to only get early stage 1 prostate cancer (considering everything he was exposed to)

Anyway. Dr. Dorman made this great post (I'll ask him to repeat it to me so I can copy/paste it) about how trying to target the cancer cells with cannbinoids can be like trying to use a keyboard while wearing oven mitts.

george lancaster
9 years ago

Obviously there's a big difference between being educated and being smart.

Jack Boulet
9 years ago

I have known more doctors that have written me off for dead than most people have had in a lifetime. I have known over 100 hundred specialists alone all who have poked prodded and Frankensteined my health for the sake of "Science"!!! What about faith and joy, the things that heal???
I am sick, I am tired, I have had enough crap, and I would rather be classed a criminal fully knowing I am right and have the right to self medicate. I live in exile because my home country Canada fully hates people like me and makes our lives difficult to the point of fully and anticonstitutionally abrogating all rights; not just some, all rights. I have been the federal court route, I might as well have been dealing with rabid dogs, it would have been easier, even if I won a cause over two years of begging the law for what was mine.
Try living with aggravated spinal arthritis, 4 major surgeries, neuralgia, and pain that just won't go away with any concoction.
Try with that living with necrotic pancreatitis aggravated by all the Frankenstein's pill pushing who would rather profit from your health then assist you sincerely. None of these can spell compassion, neither can the Canadian government.
For now I remain in exile fully knowing I may never again be a free Canadian. What is that worth? Everything to me. So for any scoffers who may come on here to hate and poke and doubt, I am still alive because our Lord and Father and his Son Jesus Christ gave it to us in creation from the start. Cannabis is fully conducive with the human endocrinology and nervous system. It is avarice and politics poisoned by hatred that make things the way they are. Cannabis prohibition was created in racial hatred and remains there. Conversely, cannabis is God's response to our sickness and suffering! Amen.
I am not immoral for my suffering, I am immoral if I ignore the suffering of others! God would not ignore, neither di Christ, it is for this that he crated all for our sake and for us to shepherd the sick and to maintain his creation. Hatred has nothing to do with any of that. God free those who are disenfranchised by discrimination and no longer have a free home!

9 years ago

Some people come on this thread with no knowledge at all about cannabis and instead of asking questions to those who seem more informed, they just harass.
Why are you here?

Ken Horkavy
9 years ago

in response to a_no_n:

There is certainly no proof that cannabis can cure cancer because there have been no honest, double blind studies done in a way that would possibly ever support the concept. If you just look at the naming of the studies they are all bent towards the negative aspects of THC and cannabis until just a few years ago.

I think with the testing that is just now being taken on, we will see that cannabis (essential oil or similar) has a place in the medicine cabinet and will replace many products that are currently the norm.

I think profits are the main reason honest studies have not been done, profits first seems to be the medical industries mantra and I hope this will change one day soon. Actually, I hope I'm wrong about my assertion of profits first for the medical industry, but it certainly does look that way as the veil is pulled away.

9 years ago

This doc is simply awesome. Too bad about these ridiculous freedom crushing laws. I wish Mr. Simpson the best.

9 years ago

I think it needs to be stressed that there is no evidence whatsoever suggesting cannabis can "Cure" Cancer...By the simple fact that cancer is a mutation, every single one is a little bit different, so a cure is technically impossible...what is possible however is better treatment, for which Cannabis is a valuable and possibly vital tool.

What cannabis does very well, is treat the side effects of conventional chemotherapy, the nausea, the headaches, the loss of appetite, making the treatment less stressful the list of benefits from such a thing are countless!

It is the Cannabanoids that do this, the THC actually has very little involvement in the medicinal values of cannabis.

Cannabis only works as a cancer treatment when used alongside
Chemotherapy. This fact is what is widely understood to be the case in the scientific community.

Don't blame doctors and scientists for Political issues...Scientists and doctors are the one's finding all of this stuff out!

9 years ago

Kudos for the word on Granny Storm Crow.
Also, the smoke from Cannabis is negated by all the anti-cancer chemicals that are in the plant.

If people took the time to really study this plant, they would be amazed at all the medicinal uses it contains.

9 years ago

Inhaling any smoke into your lungs is not a way to get healthy. Using Marinol would be better. In my case, I used a 3HP blender smoothie protocol that used pineapple stem & core as ingredients in one and red beet in another. Out of 42 tumors, 34 died and 8 are dying. No smoke. No chemo. No stupid excuse to get high while pretending I want to get better.

9 years ago

Scientifically oriented Cancer Specialist Medical Doctors should peruse the so-called Granny Storm Crow's List. This is the definitive list of many thousands of Scientific Papers, News Reports, Personal Accounts, and Anecdotes about the use of Cannabis Resins as a medicine.

Now: Good Scientific Doctors please do two things:-
A) Inform yourselves;
B) Learn your Manners.

Note also that the people who have taken the time and effort to write these accounts are not ALL lying.

Now I'd just like to suggest that you should retrain in some other branch of medicine because the obscenely lucrative 'fixing cancer' trade will be a thing of the past pretty soon.

Arthur Brooks
9 years ago

Here's the thing: Look up the meaning of discreet then go plant your seeds and trust no one.

9 years ago

since when is pornography making love.Their either making love or killing each other,it seems to go with the territory.or perhaps your watching but not seeing.And I suppose Bombies was a love story to.

9 years ago

Well today I go visit a friend's house who has a medical gro-op and guess what? people were trimming and watching this very doc. One of the lady produces oil for cancer patients and other conditions, she went to meet Simpson a couple years ago and saw him in Nelson (at a church) on August 30th. By the way he will be in Terrace sept 6th and 7th.
if you are on facebook check his page for info.

Grant Connolly
9 years ago

We live in a very strange world where we put people in jail for smoking or ingesting a plant that may turn out to be good for us. We do this because of politics. We also encourage people to watch movies of people killing each other and put people in jail for making or watching movies of other people making love. If I was an alien landing on this planet for the first time I would think earthlings were a very strange lot indeed.

Bob Trees
9 years ago

Man, looks like Canada is slowly turning into a USA of the north! This sounds like a US story. Granted things are changing some what, but we still have state laws vs country laws at play here. I really don't care what people believe will cure them. They could believe that watching strippers hanging from poles cure them, I'd support them! They should be able to follow whatever they wish as long as no one else is harmed by the practices. I'm sure we can resolve any conflict for people that would benefit from any actions done in the name of this benefit. Too bad there's currently a whole conglomerate of large corporations $benefiting$ from current practices.

9 years ago

This documentary hardly touches on the subject of proving the medicinal value of cannabinoids. It's a story about one guy, his anecdotal claims, his personal tragedy and how he got shafted by the system for not shutting his mouth.

Terry Beaton
9 years ago

There was a time when doctors prescribed smoking cigarettes for certain lung problems. In medieval Europe they prescribed inhaling the smoke of Mercury to treat syphilis and other ailments. They really can be a fickle bunch, those guys. It doesn't help that Doctors, as a rule, are a conservative lot. They're indispensable to our society but they can so often be stuck in the mud of their curricular ideologies.

9 years ago

Sounds good to me.