Cannabis Science: How Marijuana Affects Health

Cannabis Science: How Marijuana Affects Health

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Dozens of major studies have been published in the last few years that indicate that the chemicals in cannabis in the lab and in animals have a significant effect on fighting almost all major cancers, including brain, breast, prostate, lung, thyroid, colon, skin, pituitary, melanoma and leukemia cancers. They do this by promoting the death of cancer cells that have forgotten how to die, as well as a reduction in their crucial blood supply, while leaving healthy cells untouched.

But why, you may wonder, would cannabis have any effect on cancer? The answer can be explained in one word - endocannabinoids. Amazing as it sounds we're all born with a form of cannabis already in our bodies. It's called the Endocannabinoid System. The Endocannabinoid System, or ECS, influences multiple physiological processes. This intricate system modulates energy intake as well as nutrient transport, metabolism and storage.

A completely natural collection of compounds, endocannabinoids are our body's own form of marijuana and are involved in most of our cells and structures. They control a variety of functions in the nervous system, heart, reproductive and immune systems. Endocannabinoid messengers help the cells communicate. Typically they protect our good cells while killing the bad ones like cancer cells.

In all animals the nervous system is made of the same components - large numbers of nerve cells carrying electrical signals. And wherever the cells meet these signals are passed to a receptor in the next cell by a chemical messenger called a neurotransmitter. Inside the brain there are different types of neurotransmitters including dopamine and serotonin. All animals from rodents to fish, to elephants, to humans have inherited this basic structure, but hundreds of millions of years ago some primitive invertebrates evolved an innovation to this system.

What happened was that nervous system acquired a new chemical related in structure to the chemical found in cannabis. Because of this similarity these new signals came to be known as cannabinoids. It was inevitable that eventually cannabis would meet its perfect partner - us.

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  1. 100% accurate!!

  2. I've smoked weed since I was 14 and now 55. All types of strains and edibles. Yes they each have a different effect. Through my experiences the only thing that happens is that you get the serious munchies, if it's any good.
    I also trained in the marital arts. Chinese kung fu since the age of 13. With all the training I've done. I've taken my body to the limit. Learning drunken monkey, I was always in pain. My teacher drank, I didnt. I smoked instead. If you drink, you get drunk. Your reactions are slowed down to a crawl. You cant focus. While on weed I was more focused. I dont like alcohol, never did. The taste, the feeling and last but least, the hangover. With weed, you have none of that. For me id take weed over any liquor, and any pills. Trust me if you have any ailments. Do some research. There is a strain that can reduced or even diminish the pains you are going through.

  3. To all people who made bad comments about weed. I crushed two vertebrae t8 t7 weed has helped me greatly with pain it helps a lot of people. It's not for everyone some people's chemistry gives them adverts effects. But you should not condemn weed .I trust it more than bullshit opioids .

  4. christo also sit down.

  5. a_no_n you should stay anon. clueless

  6. All medications have their side effects and marijuana is not an exemption to that. But which side effect would you like? Most prescription medications pose risk of damaging the liver and kidneys. Marijuana's side effects are mind-altering but only temporary. I'd likely prefer the short term side effects rather than the long-term and irreversible effects.

  7. So this doesn't actually matter since it probably a dead topic but for myself mostly I need to put out there as someone who has Bipolar disorder that EVERY medication has side affects. Mostly the ones put out by human hands, like my favorite pill right now for mood stabilization Lithium. The side affects for lithium are extensive and if too much is in my system or I eat too much starch is actually deadly. Sooooo....yeah...To hate on cannabis for being mildly addictive, little to no side affects from "withdrawal" and the propaganda and hate that has been piled on it so the government can keep making money on people like me with mental disorders and physical ailments with their treatments is kinda silly to me. While I agree that cannabis is amazing, I also agree that it like any other medication has it's side affects. One of them happens to be fun!

  8. HEY MAN! You ran out of lies so post an article link full of lies. At least be creative an invent a new one. Or make something good to yourself and accept the truth about medical cannabis. We as humans part of nature must to find the answers and well being in that we are part, nature. Actions and decisions just for profit hurts us seriously, and its the responsible of our decreasement as a spice.
    I wish you find the right way man. Greetings.

  9. 40 years a user with no ill effects. happily married and gainfully employed for all that time. Stopped smoking ten years ago and manage nicely with home made cookies. I have only ever used resin, which has a low THC content and in my opinion is a far less insidious drug than alcohol. It's time they legalised cannabis and used the profit from VAT to build schools and hospitals instead of affording a film star lifestyle to criminals and gangsters

    1. Yes, I couldn't agree more :-)

  10. The use of recreational drugs that affects or interferes with the individuals self consciousness, the I-ness, the id or the ego .
    The nature of subjective experience has been altered in some way or form. It is this binding power of the consciousness that produces the self to copy and emulate, to know right from wrong. The transition from pre consciousness to consciousness is altered during the partaking of recreational drugs. The non-computability and free will is being jeopardized..

    Qualia occurs in the micro tubules of neurons.

    The subtle damage is in the moment awareness is altered and anyone may think all is well but there is neuronal damage done. When the instrument of consciousness has been so abused their is no or little realty.

    1. Wrong. Cannabis protects cells from abnormality. The damaged cells are eliminated and it has been proven, so your "theory" is wrong, my friend. So Qualia induced through a natural substance is wrong, but what about a hormonal substance that induces Qualia in the micro tubules of neurons? Oh you can not fit an Orgasm or a full nights rest into your tube? Or maybe an allergic reaction? Or a stroke? Hmmm seems a Qualia of neurons is what exactly needs to happen to induce an immune stimulant. You need to go to sleep. Take a nap. Maybe that can be your next medicine. :D Dreams < do they fit into your tube too? LOL you are a funny funny man.

  11. How interesting that the human body includes not only healing cannabinoids but also naturally contains and depends on another forbidden drug, DMT, which is needed for dreaming...

  12. I have smoked weed for a while and i have never had any problems quitting cold turkey. As a matter of fact i dont even crave it i have stopped smoking for over a yr now and i only stopped because of the career i chose. Am not saying that it is all good every thing has its side effects but weeds side effects are way better than the pills that are legal for use which may cause death which is labeled on the bottle. Marijuana has many medical uses that they are now finding out as they research

  13. A less conscious human being is going to be subjected by various forces of life situations and if they be negative they can have disastrous consequences for them. Why would I want to encourage any individual to become less conscious unless I have some use for them when they are? I can only see this being used and abused by someone wanting power over someone else. The same applies to alcohol or ay other drug use.
    I would stress that a more conscious human being is the way forward.

    Knowing what one is doing thinking etc of the body so that it is not harmed in such a way that it becomes so abused.

    1. Je Suis, do you think that you are more 'conscious' than a person using cannabis? It's an assumption on your part, a guess, that cannabis makes a person less 'conscious', the same as suggesting that cannabis today is stronger than it was in the thousands of years gone by. The truth is you don't know, you're guessing, since neither you nor anyone else knows what cannabis was like 100 or 200 years ago. Who told you that? A doctor who is also prejudiced against cannabis? You should consider talking to people who consume cannabis and don't have the problems you refer to. And I'm talking about people who use cannabis, not misuse it. Do you not accept that cannabis is medicine, and that it has been medicine for thousands of years? Have you not seen the video of Charlotte Figi, who suffered uncontrollable epileptic spasms until she began taking CBD dominant cannabis. Fear is controlling your life, not knowledge....... Cannabis is medicine, and you want to deny it to those to whom it could be helpful. even life saving? Do some real research instead of guessing......

    2. I just want to thank you for your presence on this forum. You have been respectful, concise, and responsible in the way that you have continued this dialog.

    3. JeSuis, I have never used marijuana, yet, while you say that why would we want to be less conscious? To this, I say that sometimes an emotional pain is unbearable and physicians will give you Valium or stronger meds. These meds have helped ... and as for your statement; yes, we would like to be in control and have no need for anything to help us deal with pain.

      The subject is still on the table for debate.

      From a Bible point of view, the marijuana would be the medicine of choice, in opposition to the other prescribed meds which are not naturally derived because they are synthetic-produced. I hope that the American Medical Association does not continue to support solely synthetic meds, but rather work with accepting that natural herbs are great meds.
      I suggest that the government should stop pretending that pharmaceutical companies are really concerned about our well being, because they are only concerned about getting research tax grants and then making lucrative profits! This is true because Every day, several times during the day, we see the advertisement of Bad Medications that have resulted in causing more illness and death than the good that they promised... and meantime, the lawyers are like wolves looking for the affected victims who took the medications approved by the government and by the American Medical Association! Give us a break. Stop treating people as if need parental authority over us.

  14. Taking any drug that makes the individual less conscious of the present moment canot be seen as helping anyone. Such drugs should not only be banned for safe guarding the individual but be discouraged from an early age not encouraged. There is a lot of harm that can be done to anyone who loses just a small bit of the present moment.

    1. I would agree if that were the case. You are far more likely to be less conscious drinking beer.

    2. Don't knock it until you've tried it. If given a choice between having to ingest some pharmaceutical pill or smoking a joint well trust me the joint will win every time. That's just my opinion.

    3. Smoking marijuana makes the individual MORE conscious of the present moment.

    4. it´s the opposite. THC agitates the mind and doesn´t let your mind live the moment. You think more about the past or the future under the effects of THC.

    5. This 55 year smoker would disagree, George and Je Suis, as cannabis seems to be more than can be said about it. It can't be predicted whether it will leave you up or down, and my research suggests that the entire endocannabinoid system of our bodies is something we should learn more about. I have used it for Restless Leg Syndrome, Peripheral Neuropathy, and for appetite and emotional problems. I have seen it restore children with epiIepsy, and many claim it as a cancer cure. It is well known for extending consciousness in the arts, in painting and writing, and many suggest it is an 'extension of conciousness'. Don't sell cannabis short, I think there is a lot more to come. It's been used as medicine for 5000 years, perhaps longer, a substance that has likely been used throughout our evolution over thousands of years, and not a product from a chemistry laboratory just last year .....

    6. Cannabis since the 80s is not the same smoked for Thousand of years. Today cannabis is grown with eletric lights, chemical fertilizers and other stuff. The THC level is not even comparable to what it was. The impact in the brain, mind and body is not the same it used to be. So today what we call high grade cannabis is a laboratory drug.

    7. George, tell me how you 'know' what cannabis was like years ago. I have a copy of the 1900 Merck Manual that shows that Merck & Co. manufactured and sold Cannabine Tannate Merck for years before it was outlawed by Harry Anslinger in 1937, without consulting the medical profession. It was prescribed by doctors for migraine headache, neuralgia, nephritis, uterine problems, and more, Please do some research before you run your mouth because of your prejudices ........

    8. Coryn, you need to understand something. I´m not here to exchange ideas or to debate. I´m here to give information. If you want to take the information, you take it. If not, don´t take it. Do whatever you want cause I don´t have time to waste. I really don´t care about the ideas of anybody here. I also don´t care about what you all think about me as nobody here knows me. So stop wasting your time.

    9. Sure, George, but there are a couple of problems with what you say. If you really don't care about what anyone else thinks, why bother to post? Apparently you are convinced that your 'information' is true and correct, but frankly it doesn't fit with my experience. Are you prepared to accept that you could be wrong? I can assure you that what I was thinking at 30 or 40 years old has changed. If you were to learn something you would, or could, change, maybe even get 'unstuck'. Sure you have time to waste, everyone has time to waste. Are you able to admit you could be wrong? I could be wrong, since I've been wrong before, But for you to say that cannabis now is not the same as it was, say, three thousand years ago is something no one knows. Maybe they even knew more than we do, and maybe their leaders didn't make up lies to feed to their people because they knew the value of a medicinal plant. Now CBD is in the news, something we've not known about before, therefore we know you don't know anymore than the next guy. You're guessing.......

  15. For heavy smokers of high grade marijuana (high THC content) the withdrawal symptoms are very serious and take months to go away. Depersonalization, panic, can´t eat, paranoia, muscle pain, headaches, tachicardia, alterations in body temperature (hot/cold), night sweats and vivid nightmares, insomnia, blurred vision, extreme anxiety mixed with lethargy.
    Hard to believe?! That´s because the potency in marijuana is very high today in many places so more and more people are having more severe withdrawals.
    What relaxes in marijuana is not THC. THC creates tension, anxiety, euforia and hallucinations/psychotic symptoms. What gives stress relief are CBD and CBN which are sedatives and counteract the phychotic symptoms of THC.
    Today marijuana is very high in THC but has very low CBD and CBN level. This turns the problem worse.
    Marijuana is a complex drug, the addiction is complex and the withdrawals are complex too and goes in waves.
    People who smoke low or mid grade marijuana are not undertanding how hard the withdrawals can be for a heavy user of high grade.
    Have in mind that a standard joint of normal weak weed has less than10 mgs of THC and a joint of high grade has something around 150 or 200 mgs of THC.

    1. Bulls*it, if marijuana is more potent it takes less of it to get you high, period, nobody smokes more than it takes for them to get high or they'll become paranoid and experience very unconfortable effects, doesn't matter how potent the marijuana is, also, exercising almost eliminates these "withdrawal" symptoms you are referring to, I doubt you won't be able to eat or sleep after a heavy workout.

      Also the CBD/THC part is hot air, you clearly don't know what you are talking about, there are marijuana strains selected to have high levels of CBD (Cannatonic, ), some have almost no THC (Charlotte's Web strain).

      Its hard to appear to have knowledge in areas you're not familiar with, and that was your mistake, humility is the only path for true enlightenment, from a high grade marijuana (with enough CBD content to avoid psychosis) grower, breeder and smoker.

    2. Completely disagree with you. The high of a high grade strain will never be like the high of a low grade strain. Even smoking less, with high grade in few tokes more THC enters the brain faster than smoking more of a low grade.
      You don´t have humility because you are saying that what I said is bullshit, that I don´t know what i´m talking about and in the same post you are saying that i made a mistake and that i´m not familiar with this area. Do you see humility in your post???
      You think you know everything about cannabis but you don´t have the knowledge.
      And I didn´t make any mistake.
      I know about Sativa and Indica strains and everything. Everybody wants THC because THC gives the euphoria everybody wants. Many smoke high THC with high CBD strains (indica) and others smoke high THC with low CBD. Few people choose low THC strains because THC causes addiction and almost everybody wants more and more of it.
      You don´t know me, I have personal experience to say what I said. You know how to grow and how to smoke, doesn´t mean you have knowledge about the substances present in the plant. In fact like I said, you don´t have it. You look like one more addict trying to defend your drug of choice.

    3. Whats wrong with not being humble when you're right? Im right, you're wrong, you're saying out of your a**.

      I study the plant, don't just grow it and smoke it, you think you study it but you seem to have never smoked it, and you don't know anything about it either, you said "today strains have more THC and low CBD/CBN", which is clearly bullshit as I showed to you, research it, use it, you can only be informed if you're not afraid, you're a obscurantist person and you're fear-mongering which is not nice. Smoke it, try it for a while, study it further, then come back here to debate.

      Each marijuana user is unique, most users I know love THC, yeah, of course, but nobody wants a plant with low CBD, who wants to be paranoid and or have psychosis? I love indica strains, I love medicinal cannabis, with a good CBD/THC balance always, as somebody who never grown, you say as you were a specialist, I've read multiple books on the subject, watched hours and hours of content explaining how cannabis works in the brain, the endocannabinoid system, and yes, Im defending my drug of choice, and no, Im not an addict, I haven't even smoked it for the past month for I still have to harvest, dry then cure the cannabis. You're a self-righteous douche, who doesn't even know the plant you're talking about, but pretends you're a specialist.

      If you don't use it, don't grow it, and couldn't tell a marijuana plant from an apple tree, don't try to pose as Cervantes, it doesn't work.

    4. I smoked high quality marijuana for more than 10 years.
      You are an addict in denial.
      You look like an animal defending your food.
      I don´t have time to waste with people like you.

    5. lol an addict in denial.......if you really did smoke high quality marijuana for 10 years you wouldn't be talking out of your ass. Marijuana has no physical withdraw symptoms. I've smoked for 15+ yrs and on occasion I go weeks without smoking and am not crippled by withdraw symptoms. I have a strong feeling that you are lying about smoking for 10 years and can tell that you really don't know what you're talking about. I think you're confusing marijuana with the crack or meth that you were smoking as well. .

    6. One more addict in denial. Physical addiction to marijuana has already been scientifically proven.
      I experienced heavy withdrawals and I know many people who also smoked high grade who went through the same.
      I don´t care if you think i´m saying bulls*it or not. I know what I´m talking about (and i´m not talking about crack cocaine or meth).
      Opinions coming from people like you (marijuana addicts in denial) don´t matter. You don´t even know how to talk with respect.
      I´m not here to prove that I smoked a lot of high stuff for long enough or to prove that marijuana is physically addictive, harmfull or anything. I´m here to give information and to help. Do you want information or help? No ?! So there is nothing I can do for you.

    7. hahaha! So long story short....weed is a drug, which you believe to have
      bad side effects. Even if your ranting on were all true and the side
      effects were similar to a crack heads side effects...the good side
      effects from marijuana far outweigh the bad. I smoked for a good 10
      years as well, I smoked weed that tasted like sugar to weed that smelled
      like raspberries...most of which I would say is some damn good stuff
      grown locally in the Selkirk Mountains of BC...aka...bc bud. I know many
      that smoked...I'm not a scientist, nor a dumbass. SO the side effects
      you experienced, well those are because you have issues stemming from
      the past and or future. Anxiety is one for probably have an
      insecure future and that scares the shit out of you. Depression... well
      everyone pretty much knows that depression is almost always caused from
      something bugging you from the past...good advice, get over it. Once
      that's all done, smoke a joint, say hakuna matata once every exhale, and
      you'll probably be feeling just fine and your side effects, that came

      The plant is not harmless and it didn´t try anything. The weed is not alive when you smoke it.
      You are really fantastic finding empty arguments to defend your drug, you may have a box full of this arguments. You just invented my life ahahah
      Stop using your time trying to defend the drug and go write a book man!

    9. I was a heavy smoker of very good weed for many years i love weed and will defend it's use till i die the only effects i suffered when i took a break from it were a bit of muscle pain and a bit of difficulty sleeping but that only lasted a couple of days. I suppose it will be different for everybody though, any substance that alters the body in any any kind of way will have withdrawal effects of some kind, even coming off caffeine or suger will have it's own withdrawal effects. I agree some of the people arguing are either in denial or don't understand biology. Why don't we all just relax smoke a joint and stop arguing it's pointless, peace and long life to you all.

    10. Because that´s the high of weed. You relax like everything and everybody was ok when it´s not. People are understimating marijuana, that´s the problem.

    11. That's wrong too. You just can't stop stating incorrect things about cannabis. Cannabis doesn't make everything OK when it's not. Understimating isn't a word. People that call cannabis 'weed' are obviously not in the know about it at all. That's a little worse than calling it Marijuana. But since you know everything about it, I won't have to waste my time explaining why now will I? Troll gets trolled...

    12. Anything can be addicting if you like it enough. You could be addicted to f*cking cheeseburgers but cheeseburgers arent considered "addictive". And people dont crave the THC, its not like cocaine where it makes you want more and more. Sure some people may become addicted, but that is linked back to the persons childhood environment and other factors, but there are no serious withdrawals from any kind of Cannabis use, whether your smoking high grade or whatever. You might have a headache or might not eat as much but I think cigerettes present worse withdrawal symptoms then Cannabis, opiates cause serious withdrawals, not pot. And NOT EVERYONE wants strains with high THC content, especially those who use Cannabis for medicinal purposes such as pain relief. CBD and CBN are great for pain relief and we're seeing more and more CBD extracts being used instead of THC. So speak for yourself, everyones different.

    13. "Everybody wants THC because THC gives the euphoria everybody wants."...... George, who's talking like an addict now? Ordinary people don't mind a little euphoria once in a while, why shouldn't you? You sound obsessed with something.... with other people's habits or with what you want to do but don't want to do. Of all the cannabis smokers how many are like you would you think? The vast majority I would suggest can handle it, just as they do a beer or a scotch in the evening. Your accusative and insulting comments suggest you're very unhappy that people disagree with you......

    14. THC is what makes you feel good when you smoke. THC is responsible for the release of dopamine. This is a fact. I see a lot of potheads, know a lot of them and majority of them is obsessed with the stuff. Do you think you are strong and can handle cannabis? Congratulations. What you didn´t notice is that you can´t stop using because you WANT the little euforia. And what gives you what you want? THC. That´s because of it that you are wasting your time here.

    15. where's your evidence? All I see is you trying your damnedest to be a Debbie Downer on anything anyone has to say... with a hint of relating to this or that to sound bearable. Go suckle on Michelle Leonhart's Anti-drug tit some more you silly troll

    16. I've smoked weed that made me lose feeling in my legs, i couldn't walk and i felt displaced in time and space (otherwise known as "the good s*it". Smoked heavily for 3 months this year however since college started i barely have time once a month if i'm lucky.
      The withdrawl symptoms? Can't say i had any. No paranoia, definitely no muscle pains.. i had the occasional headache but that's more from the studying than anything else. Normal heart rate, i've been feeling kinda cold lately but it might have something to do with the fact that it's december and cold as hell, no night sweats, and it's been so long since i've had a nightmare that i can't even recall one. No insomnia, good vision, and the anxiety and lethargy parts are true but again it might have something to do with school.
      Literally every point you made about weed is wrong, and that's a very impressive thing to do.

    17. You are obsessed with this drug. And if you think everything I said about weed is wrong, you are proving that you don´t know nothing about cannabis. Your are just a weedhead satisfying your mind defending your drug.

    18. "You don't know nothing". The you that I am referring to is YOU, Mr. Guest, who has responded to Weedhead. Do you work for budweiser? The biggest anti-marijuana lobbyist in existence, and the guilty party responsible for selling beer that tastes like piss, or at least what I would imagine that piss tastes like. The same people who brought us bud light, and bud light lime. Stop spreading ignorance. Despite the ridiculous claims that you are presenting as fact, I appreciate your contribution, and starting a conversation is the first step to solving a problem.

    19. wow, are you actually delusional? you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about whatsoever. Your accusations are completely false and anyone would be a fool to believe a single word you've said, so stop living a lie and just accept the truth!

    20. You and the other addicts below don´t even deserve an answer. You just want to attack me because i´m attacking your drug. Marijuana changes the thoughts. Everytime we are thinking about something. Who can stop thinking and just be are enlightened already.
      Your thought process is distorted if you have THC in your system. And this distortion will always make you defend the drug. THC has a huge half-life of 13 days. So if you smoke good weed just 1 time per week, your mind is already distorted a little bit. Just a little will not make you a puppet, but a lot of distortion makes your mind a slave of the drug, a protector. A distorted mind can´t notice the distortion in it self. Thats what happens. Thats why people smoke more and more cannabis and don´t wake up.
      What makes potheads love cannabis is the same thing that makes people use other drugs: dopamine. The distortion effect doesn´t let you notice that all you want is not the weed high, the trip. It´s the dopamine that makes you feel happy. Without the release of dopamine, people wouldn´t love cannabis so much.
      Few people here are prepared to understand what I´m saying here but some will understand.

    21. That is the biggest pile of crap I've ever witnessed ploop out the orifice of the internet. Do you have any documented scientific research to back up your beliefs about this plant? Or are these simply your beliefs based on YOUR personal experience. You are your own person. Just as everyone else is their own. Every one is different. Maybe cannabis isn't for you. You want to use dopamine as a focal point for your debate? Go eat your favorite meal. That feeling in the back of your mind? So foods a drug too then? I can't I can't waste my time anymore

    22. This article is BS. I have used marijuana since mid 1960's ran and owned 2 Financial Businesses, and now retired . I have had no problems at all.

    23. I have a friend who smokes since mid 1960 too. He started to smoke the weed I smoke and quit because it was too strong for him, he said he was tripping too much. And he used to take LSD in the past so he knows what is tripping.
      BS is the weed you smoke.
      Have you smoked more than 1g of high grade everyday? If not, how do you want to feel heavy withdrawals?
      To feel heavy withdrawals you need to smoke a lot everyday of high grade for long periods and than try to quit for 3 months.

    24. You sound like one of those people who abuse a good thing, suffer negative consequences, and then want to make it illegal because its "dangerous" thus ruining everything for responsible users.

    25. And you sound like one of those potheads who think anybody have problems with cannabis just because you hadn´t.
      I don´t want to make drugs illegal. I think that all drugs should be legal, incluiding cannabis. But I see no reason to legalize cannabis and keep other drugs illegal. All drugs have positive and negative effects. And everybody wants to legalize saying it´s not harmless, but it is. To legalize drugs people need to understand that any drug has side-effects. Weed is not a toy. THC is a drug. So all drugs can be legalized, or all can be illegal. Alcohol is legal and other drugs are illegal: this doesn´t make sense. The same happens with cannabis. Doesn´t make sense alcohol and cannabis legal and other drugs like cocaine and heroin illegal as most problems of other drugs happen because of prohibition.

    26. George, I've smoked since 1959, I own two houses, have three retirements, 2 kids, I'm not in debt, 6th year prostate cancer survivor, worked for IBM, Wells Fargo Bank, worked in Sicily for 2 years, etc, etc..... Beginning smokers can and usually overdo it, like anything else. Sounds like you had a bad experience and you're generalizing about it. When you say 'smoking a lot every day gives you heavy withdrawals', of course, you're overdoing it. If you don't gulp it down, you can tell when you can't use the telephone or your checkbook that you've 'overdosed' yourself. Yes, I know people who have had anxiety attacks and other problems with cannabis..... they stopped smoking..... My son stopped $400/oz dynomite overnight without any problems when he had a stroke, and later 2 brain operations (moyamoya disease). Just as he and his friends stopped crack years earlier when they saw how bad it was. Chill out, dude.......

    27. You said that of course overdoing it gives heavy withdrawals. So you know that it exists. The problem is that many people don´t accept the fact that cannabis can be addicting and have withdrawal symptoms after quit.
      I´m not against cannabis. I´m not against cocaine. I´m not agains´t heroin. Many people have kids, job, wife, apartment etc....successful lives and using marijuana, cocaine or heroin. So what i´m saying is that everydrug has positive and negative effects and cannabis is not a miraculous plant with no side-effects. It´s a drug and that´s it.
      My point is that people are underestimating cannabis. And cannabis today is not the same smoked for thousand of years. The weed I was smoking from Holland was very strong and euphoric. Much more THC and much less CBD and CBN than normal native strains. Almost other drug, the high is very different and the mental impact is much bigger. The withdrawal from strong strains is also much worse.

    28. I don't think that is true for everyone. We should all know by now that we have been lied to since 1937 when cannabis was put off limits by Harry Anslinger, a nut case I think most would agree, Today, serious medical uses of cannabis are very exciting, and the side effects are generally minimal when used medicinally. Now, tell me how I can 'underestimate' cannabis. This is a very unique plant, especially in China and India, a plant used continuously since very early times, used medicinally and religiously as well as for enjoyment and entertainment. Why not? I never see in the news any reason not to use it. Think just of the nature of the plant, a dioecious plant that contains x number of cannabinoids, which I understand helps to maintain homeostasis. And it's said that it has been around for millions and millions of years. My point being this plant must be reckoned with, not outlawed or ignored, because it may be very helpful for us, in ways not yet discovered perhaps.

    29. You can't OD on cannabis. Here are some things you can consume too much of and die from. Caffeine, Cocaine, Opiates, Alcohol, Nicotine, and the one thing life needs to exist but can kill us if we drink too much at once without relieving our bladders - water. I'm sure there are a $#!+ +0n of other things that kill us I haven't mentioned. This is just a simple example. That's why people say cannabis should be legal and tobacco shouldn't. One kills and one saves. oh well, I've wasted 4 minutes of my life explaining something that will be met with ill-informed rebuttals... Why did I bother???

    30. I would still rather smoke a joint but I do have some experience with what your talking about.My 25yr old son was a heavy smoker and was forced to quit basically cold turkey and he admitted to heaving some very uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms like not having any appetite and not being able to fall asleep.Luckily for him they did not last too long.

    31. Hi empathic person. You are someone who I can talk here because you still rather smoke but you are not in denial. The problems of tokers for me is denying the truth. I smoke cannabis too but I admit that it is a drug, it´s addictive and that´s it.
      First time I tried to quit my symptoms were loss of appetite and insomnia, But after smoking a lot for more years I tried to quit again and BOOM, much more symptoms, the withdrawals were unbearable.
      Majority of potheads want to smoke but don´t want to admit that the drug has side-effects. Some people don´t even accept the fact that cannabis is a drug. They want to dive without getting wet.
      And I understand it because I admit that I was like them.

    32. Everyone is different. I've quit for months at a time for personal reasons. 2 days of being frumpy because I have to stop doing something I enjoy... a lot! You might want to seek out a good doctor after a month or two without toking, tell him your symptoms (without trying to blame cannabis), get a diagnosis, and follow up with treatment. You may have an ailment that's serious and the only thing keeping you from getting worse is the 'drug' you're villainizing. It's a drug after someone concentrates the natural substances and either presses it into a pill or converts it to a liquid concentrate. Once you take a natural substance and concentrate it, it's not natural any longer. Cannabis is an herbal remedy. Not a drug.

  16. Feuding will not get us anyware, let us all sit down and
    smoke the marijuana peace pipe.

    And remember, a blunt a day keeps the doctor away

    1. I would alter that statement to "a brownie a day keeps the doctor away" carcenogens in brownies :)

    2. MMMMM brownies

    3. although the "problem" with brownies is you have one, then you get a munch, and with all those delicious brownies there before you know it you're flying so high your in orbit.

    4. the problem with brownies is generally the refined sugr and indigestible and psychoactive gluten protein that eventually actually scars he villi of the lower human intestine- get a vaper and some ganja fluid dude. manifesting as the nonsense dustbin diagnosis of celiac disease -

      want more? its cos its highly addictive!

      its not? then why is it in everything?
      and why cant anyone i know give it up for a week?
      gliadodorphin go look it up .
      mmmm cake, yeah right mate- id literaly rather chew on a razor blade.
      they call it the gluten matrix in bakery school -never quite realised how sticky a substance it actually was up till recently.

    5. that seems like a fittingly hysterical be honest though i wouldn't know, i bake mine from scratch

    6. no its an auto immune reaction to the protein found in barley, rye and wheat. kills off the villi in your gut through its sheer size and electrical potential and inflames your immue system, whilst providing a painkiller i gliadorphin an other opioid peptides.
      biology not psychology you total f))ktard

    7. that is still somehow worse than inhaling smoke?

      Don't forget that's the point you're arguing here, that eating is somehow worse than smoking it.

    8. dont smoke it - vape it- there is a choice now- its just one of them takes three weeks and some very careful precautions to prevent it killing you if you make it wrong.
      was just saying dont eat it with wheat- i found i was smoking so much to cope with the effects of a bad diet and numerous health issues that arose.

    9. do us a favour and stop replying if you have little to share other than your personal asides and ad hominem attacks, it simply doesnt wash with the readers of this site.
      and if im wrong? prove me wrong...give up wheat for a week, bet you cant do it.

    10. i don't want to do it...especially not on the sayso of some crank from the internet making an argument from popularity (logical fallacy)

    11. and you dont actually make any sense- how does baking from scratch change the fact you made them from flour? and hence have gluten in?

    12. because i don't really care...when you look at it like that drinking water and breathing air becomes dangerous.

    13. Well maybe the next time you're gonna have some brownies cut it into slices. My friends and I usually take a slice each first.

      Keep the rest of it in the fridge and make sure to get it sealed in a wrapper or something just to make sure none of your family members takes it, provided if you live with them. My friends brother took a slice and he said he felt like the world was spinning but yet everything was so slow. I think he had a good time.

  17. In that case, how the hell did Bob Marley manage to die from cancer. .....?

    1. Marley didn't die of cancer. He died from an infection incurred from a soccer injury in his leg.

    2. Marley actually did died of cancer. Then again, I've never heard of 100% success rate for any cure, let alone one against cancer. Under these circumstances, cannabis is simply the way better option, but it's not fail-proofed.

    3. That was a joke dude..!.And by the way he died of malignant melanoma.(skin cancer) RIP.

    4. which cannabis oil applied to the affected area could have killed.

    5. proly from smoking it.

    6. No he died from life full of stress and sick of seeking peoples to woke up the minds which was poisoned from the generations before. The roots of all sickness starts with the mind . When all the governments try to shut u up and you keep going without fear of dying. Would u ever give your life for other ?

    7. too much sun, or a std or some site specific poisonous substance most ikey the carcinogens in the smoke probably didnt do him any favours

    8. He died from a cancer on the toe that metastasized, medical professionals told him he should amputate part of his toe but he refused because of his religion, and he never treated himself with cannabis oil, he smoked the plant matter, thus burning most of the anti-tumoral compounds.

      If you have cancer do not smoke marijuana, actually you can smoke it, but don't expect being cured of the cancer, you need decarboxylated cannabis oil to cure cancer.

  18. Isolating the chemicals and making them available in liquid or pill form is a great idea and it's already been done. What 99.99999% of the "Marijuana Cancer Cure" potheads want is the "right" to light up some dried plant matter and inhale toxic smoke into their lungs to be made legal so they can get high. They could care less about helping other people. It's all about them. Typical narcissistic liberals.

    1. the right to light up is a different issue, and no less valid.

      Typical hypocrite right winger...yap on all day about freedom from government oppression, until it's freedom for something you don't like in which case government oppression please..

    2. you must be psychic to think you know every pot smoker in the world.let me think,self important,narcissistic.tea bagger!!! yup

    3. Charlotte's Web. Read yhe story and weep as you will confront your ignorance.

    4. Actually, Harlan, big-pharma's pills don't work very well, if at all, because they do not include the positive effects of the hundreds of interacting chemicals that are in the natural herb. Perhaps, if you were a little more progressive in your research you might have already known that and so not made a comment that was so out of step with reality.

      Also, if they were all “narcissistic liberals”, they wouldn't be known as “bleeding hearts”, now would they.

    5. lol big pharma tried to come out with a pill form of synthesized canabanoids but found that it was not as effective as the natural plant matter. Being that they are unable to synthesize the compounds they are not able to patent it therefore they lobby for it to be illegal. Oh and news flash all the recent studies are showing that there is little to no toxic effect from smoking the plant matter. Keep listening to the reefer madness propaganda. People like you are the reason taxes are so high. Govt's spend billions a year on outlawing a plant. Let's put it this way, alcohol is a toxin created by man which destroys your internal organs. Pot grows naturally, has been used for thousands of years by native tribes as a means of enlightenment and general well being, do you trust man (who made alcohol) or "God" who made pot?

  19. This documentary states the magic words "cancer cure", then attempts to impress its audience with medical jargon that only a small fraction of its wievers can understand, and lastly dishes out anecdote after anecdote.

    To my knowledge, there are no peer-reviewed studies concluding that cannabis is an effective treatment for cancer in humans, and I'm not going to make any assumptions based on a couple of pilot studies in vitro and with animal models, no one who has an ounce of skepticism should.

    I don't doubt that the plant has medicinal properties, nor that its political status as a harmful and thus necessarily illegal drug is pure nonsense, not to mention hindering to scientific progress. But I can't throw out basic scientific rationale for the sake of believing something to be true based on promising but inconclusive evidence.

  20. My brother and sister use documentaries like this to excuse their addictions.
    I know lots of people trying to quit smoking, realizing what it actually does to your memory, anxiety, mental health over all.
    And I know lots of people who quit smoking who have realized its way better to be sober than to be high all the time.
    Make a documentary about the bad effects, too, please, because kids are eating this up and its ruining their lives.

    1. thanks for holding us to your own control problems. I use pot most of the time, I'm dependent on my pay check from a book store which I pay my student loans. currently most of the friends I had in high school are now single parents in poverty, they do not have time for weed but they are doomed to there responsibility gained as teen parents and now forgo opportunities like education. I conclude I was witnessing allot of people with control issues, with each other.. not on drugs, they weren't that interesting. though the few who have been able to cope with there responsibility miss out on nothing, they are mature adults, some of them who don't smoke weed, swing and wife swap, they pay mortgages, take out loans for small business. Some of these adults smoke tons of weed. the sad fact is life is hard, weed doesn't matter. you made it harder on your siblings by letting them make weed into some thing that gets them attention. If I met them I would sell them a bong and get back to my book, weed doesn't matter. I live in a small city where no one demonizes it they just expect you to be sensible, sensible about your life and reasonable about encountering one another day after day.

      yeah just tell them "all right every ones doing it, then it's nothing special." and get back to your book.

    2. it's not about smoking pot. the video is talking about the isolated components of cannabis- THC & CBD are a few of those chemical compounds. This documentary mentions several times that it's not about "getting high" and doesn't include the psychoactive elements of the drug.

    3. Believe me, there are plenty of studies on how the psychoactive elements of pot are dangerous for mental health. ur siblings are being selective.

    4. I've never seen any study offering such a conclusive statement, maybe you would like to share your sources? There are tons and tons of studies correlating various mental illnesses with cannabis use, but as far as I know not one that can show a direct causal link.

    5. Show me ANY study that proves there's a DIRECT link to some disease.

    6. In the eyes of most psychiatrists, correlation automatically means causation. Any study linking substance use to a mental illness, even if it's just a sociological study using statistical data from surveys, is used to fuel the flame of state propaganda. The fact that schizophrenia is linked to cannabis use does not mean schizophrenia is triggered by THC, it might as well mean people with dissociative episodes are more likely to be drawn to substance use/abuse. Just wanted to clarify what I said earlier.

    7. I don't think that's quite right.

      In certain situations cannabis can(and does) exacerbate preexisting mental health issues, and can trigger them in people who are already susceptible for whatever reason. Speeding up the process is not the same as starting it

      It is wrong to equate that fact with a "cannabis will make you mentally ill" kind of statement.

      Also, one particular cannabinoid, CBD, has even shown promise as an anti-psychotic medication; reducing symptoms.

    8. It's true that when I started smoking, pot had side effects on my short-term memory: memory of things I did while smoking was bad, anything else was normal. The only effect while not smoking were recurring feelings of déjà-vu.

      I've been a heavy pot smoker for 5 years now, including one in which I entirely stopped. After all this time, I can tell none of these side-effects exist anymore, though I still get the same pleasure from smoking a joint.

      The only thing that changes when I stop smoking pot is that I wake up after almost each sleeping cycle at night (and consequently, I remember 3 to 4 dreams a night). This only last for the first two weeks though.

      In all honesty, if someone is having anxiety and mental health issues, blaming pot is easy but it's not helping. Maybe these people had mental health issues because, as pot lessened the pain, they didn't feel the need to face these issues, and thus never solved them. It's very unlikely that pot caused any of this.

      Making a documentary about the bad effects is pretty hard, since there's no bad effects per say... what causes issues is more the way people are using it, rather than what it does to them. If you use pot to flee your problems, it's just as good as when you eat because you're anxious: it doesn't solve anything and it's not good for your health, nor is it good for your own self-respect.

    9. weed in small amounts helps my anxiety a lot and is a lot safer than those prescribed drugs that do god knows what to your body

  21. I feel the main issue lies in the prison and drug company lobbyists that won't let the government fully decriminalize marijuana, keep in mind legalizing marijuana would drastically decrease overall convictions and crime. Prisoners are dollar signs in the eyes of prisons. As for drug companies, well they make money off you being sick, so anything with any REAL healing properties are discounted as hearsay and wives tales. Its sad that we privatize things that the government should control, such as prisons, but instead the government chooses to control things they should have no say in, such as what we do to our own bodies.

    1. that's exactly what happened in Portugal when they decriminalized all drugs!

      Without the stigma attached to being an addict anymore literally thousands of people with hard drug habits got into rehab programmes and are now clean.

  22. Solve healthcare troubles with HERB! If your healthy and dont want to buy a healthcare plan, or can't afford it without quitting your herb habit, you would just by herb from a dispensary, and the profits go to pay your share into the HC system! Smokers ...Happy! Evreyone who need's care get's it! It's a win win. the MJ plan. Marijuannacare

  23. at 1:06:20 in the narrator begs what illness cbd doesn't cure?
    my answer is:" sour hearts in search of monetary issues!"

    1. Maybe someone just needs to pass it around to them :P

  24. Just a thought; If they gave everyone in the US a joint to smoke and we all smoked it at once what a calming affect that would produce. Probably be a population surge in the next nine months? It should be a mandate to toke up first thing in the morning, I mean I'm just saying

    1. Hahahahaha!
      Great idea!
      Glad I can't make more babies! (But I can still go through the motions).

    2. many people do it on April 20th all day, your best chance to do it in unison.

    3. So I ask myself, "Why wait until April 20th?" So I didn't.

    4. Did you at least wait until 4:20 am?

    5. If we think globally there are twenty-four 4:20 am's and 4:20 pm's every day. Consider the possibilities.

    6. Wake n bakes are no laughing matter... that said, it should be mandatory alright before anyone can judge anything about it. Sometimes theories must be put into practice to get a scientifically proven result ;). Either way, Bill Hicks said it best and no one will top it, lol. Anyhow, off to light one to enter the night. Mary Jane is such a nice person, wraps me in a warm blanket and brings me chocolate milk.

  25. I read somewhere someone comparing the legalization of marijuana and the legalization of same sex marriage. Both safe for humans, both none the business of government, both accelerating fast in being recognized by the mass as harmless.
    Docs like this one have been a tool in propagating the truth about cannabis.
    Why don't they let people enjoy the raw stuff while they play in their labs with the properties. Millions will be happy and many out of jail.

  26. I completely agree with legalising cannabis, those who don't are either nieve, misinformed, or have financial interests with pharmaceutical companies, Looking at Tarquins comments to which I could come to no conclusion over seems he may write pharmaceutical journals,
    I am but a philosophical man . and wish that government officials weren't so easily corrupted by medical money and there own ignorance , and allow freedom of choice for a natural herb that has never killed a living sole. i'm in my 50's not to incriminate myself would merely suggest that I have smoked joints for over 30 years although haven't had one for a few months at the moment am in good health never needed a doctor. so I put no strain on the health system.

  27. from 4:00 is that music from waking life? im so sure it is.

  28. "They do this by promoting the death of cancer cells that have forgotten
    how to die, as well as a reduction in their crucial blood supply, while
    leaving healthy cells untouched."

    Um...excuse me? Where exactly is that suggested, and who by? Sorry but that is total bullsh1t. It is also not what current understanding suggests about cannabis.

    Cannabis is recognised not as a treatment for cancer, but as a treatment for the side effects of Chemotherapy.
    It does this by reducing the nausea and pain of Chemotherapy...By making Chemotherapy easier to go through it considerably increases the rate of success for that treatment.

    What the documentary says about cannabanoids is technically correct...but it makes a lot of very strange conclusions about the resulting effects, Mistaking the effects of Chemotherapy for the effects of cannabis!

    Nothing can "tell good cells from bad", otherwise your body would be able to deal with Cancer by itself.

    The legalisation movement isn't helped one iota by misinformation about it's effects on cancer. It's an amazing enough plant as it is, there's no need to attach false magical properties to it, if anything cr4p like this severely hinders the legalisation process, and on top of that it takes advantage of desperate people suffering from a terrible disease for cheap political reasons!

    1. You wrote:
      ""They do this by promoting the death of cancer cells that have forgotten
      how to die, as well as a reduction in their crucial blood supply, while
      leaving healthy cells untouched."

      Um...excuse me? Where exactly is that suggested, and who by? Sorry but that is total bullsh1t. It is also not what current understanding suggests about cannabis."
      dude, you got it wrong, it's not "cancer cells that have forgotten how to die", it's rather that, cancer cells are cells that have forgotten how to die.
      You also wrote:
      "Mistaking the effects of Chemotherapy for the effects of cannabis!"
      I don't think anyone said that cannabis kills people. But they did say that cancer experts worldwide agrees that chemotherapy kills more people than it saves. The majority of people live longer without any medication at all then if they go through the horrors that is chemotherapy.
      And at last, a question. Were you high when you made that comment? :)

    2. So essentially you're just going to make a bunch of stuff up off the top of your head, present it as fact and pretend that's an argument?
      Chemotherapy does not kill more people than it saves...Who told you that, your homeopath?

    3. Its some sort of medical shill, it appears to repeat misconceptions whilst accusing people who are discussing science as woo-mongers purely at the mention of cannabis as a medical substance.
      chemotherapy does kill...the damage to the gut flora and the sheer toxicity of the substances use greatly damage health and permanetly too-
      cannabis appears to be a distinct alternative- not even a supplement- an alternative- im not a doctor but i will give you some medical advice----some doctors are s*upid, in many cases its now even their fault , even the sart ones are pretty s*upid- what doctors know about nutrition you could literally fit on a cereal packet as an advert (healthy wheaty wholegrains anyone?) not s healthy when you look past the marketing to the sallow faced malnourished populous trying to digest grasses that even cows with their four stomachs have trouble breaking down,
      Ea wheat stay regular. (failing to tell you what "regular" means is the daily inflammation and electrical scorching of the intestines villi by the comsumption of indigestable, huge chromosomed, psychoactive and highly addictive gluten proteins and OPIOID PEPTIDES that act as painkillers so you cant feel your leaky gut and all the aches and pains that malnourishment causes.
      Now go to your nearest medical practitioner and he will bulls*it and debunk everything i just told you without even knowing he is doing it- its how they are trained you see.

    4. ok first of all, i don't deny that cannabis has medical properties.

      It is not unscientific to not discuss outlandish theories that are unproven when their is already a wealth of information regarding Cannabis's effects on ME and MS.

      You seem to be convinced about cannabis as a medecine not because of evidence but because of a deeply held superstitious paranoia reguarding science, you strike me as someone who has watched too many films about mad scientists.

    5. its not me spouting misconceptions, it is thee, i am merely pointing them out and possibly where you got them from- established "science". not paranoia- i speak from experience...every doctor ive ever met has been basiclly a total i*iot- precisely because they are of the opinion that they are smarter than the rest of us, ive had unnecessary operations and dont talk to me about misdiagnosis.
      i questioned their opinions and am happily alive as a consequence so i am a little biased but a little bit of knowledge is a very dangerous thing and unfortunately this is what most doctors seem to have...

    6. im convinced of the benefits of cannabis a s a medical substance because of A- the fact i use it to mitigate the vicious and permanaent pain an unnecessary operation put me in, and to cope with the misdiagnosis of coeliac disease for 30 years - everything from anorexia to ibs.
      not paranoid nor deluded and your ad hominen attacks really wont wash on this site...
      and B i refer you to granny stormcrows list if you seek medical evidence for the claims of cannabis its how i learnt what it does- you know biochemistry? the evidence is there if you know what you are llooking for...

      now excuse me while i light my spilff.

    7. i certainly know the difference between correlation, causation and outright propaganda.
      You have presented no evidence to back up your dismissal of the research presented in this video, the only post you made referring to science or study contradicts itself directly and makes no sense whatever.
      You have little grasp of the concepts involved yet you are somehow able to refute the claims made? and now you make personal attacks laying claim to me being paranoid and fearful of science?

      When my first post was a direct and pertinent quote from a supporting paper to the hypotheses of the proponenets of this video.
      you are a troll, and a really crap one at that, now go spout your conclusive idiocy elsewhere- us scientists are still checking for evidence , and hypothesising as to WHY cbd and THC do what they do- not refuting what is right there...under your metaphorical nose, in a petri dish, killing cancer
      you can only lay claim to that which is real and verifiably in front of you, in a petri dish, killing of cancer cells in a process akin to how the body should deal with its waste- its like the weed gives your immune system a boost!
      if you cant see that then your just stupid and you should really just back to the lego and crayons.

    8. yeah...if you look at pretty much all of my other posts you'll see that i don't deny it's a useful painkiller, i also don't deny it's efficacty as a treatment for cancer, my problem is with the word cure.
      So how about you actually read what i've been saying, rather than try to second guess it.

    9. "It is not unscientific to not discuss outlandish theories that are unproven" - come on bro enlighten me- what meaning is this sentence supposed to convey? seriously... step away from the keyboard "so it is scientific to discuss outlandish theories"??? the theory is not outlandish...its in a petri dish, in an identifiable country, done by qualified individuals, in a lab , whay is this so hard to grasp?

    10. lol bro...that bodes well for the direction this conversation is going to go in...what i'm trying to convey, since it needs explaining again is that We can prove cannabis is a viable painkiller, because we can observe it's effects, and recognise the mechanic it uses to relieve pain in patients with MS and ME.

      what we don't have proof for, is that cannabis is a wonder drug that can somehow magically cure cancer.

    11. Seems to do a very good job of something almost analogous to a cure for this particular flavour of breast cancer
      that is if you insist on going roundy roundy circly semanticy circly thingajiggamy whatsit medoodlewhoojammaflipturd waazlebagsossageface.
      move on.. i have reading up on leukemia and some stuff about bacteriophages because its futhering my understanding and will prevent future misguiding analogies o my part i hope when discussing a subject i have only experiential experimental evidence in... and a habit of self diagnosing illness because in the end its far far safer and eventually you willl get it right unlike the statin salesman down the road who has just been trying to kil my mum and now has the test results back to actually prove that in fact what he was doing with his little prescription was actually like i told her from the outset ,killing her, this was after reading up on statins and what they actually do- and the role of cholesterol in the body and what incidentally happens i you f--k with it too much and presume everyone is the same and needs the same drug.
      i read up on them statins all right

      not what they are supposed to be proven to help with...but what they actually do on a chemical level- it aint too clver ill put it like that.
      you will have to research yourself this im afraid.

      its ok she having trouble remembering anyway its one of side effects....

    12. CBD induces apoptosis in human leukemia cell lines by activating classical caspase pathways, and enhancing

      NOX4 and p22 (PHOX) function (10). A recent study
      reports that CBD inhibits breast cancer growth (11) and downregulates
      ID1, a regulator of metastasis in breast cancer cell lines (12).
      Furthermore, CBD, in conjunction with THC, induces programmed cell death
      (PCD) in glioma cells-

      not a false magical property- a real, scientifically verifiable fact.

    13. now tell me what that actually means

    14. CBD induces apoptosis in human leukemia cell lines by activating classical caspase pathways, and enhancing

      NOX4 and p22 (PHOX) function (10). A recent study
      reports that CBD inhibits breast cancer growth (11) and downregulates
      ID1, a regulator of metastasis in breast cancer cell lines (12).
      Furthermore, CBD, in conjunction with THC, induces programmed cell death
      (PCD) in glioma cells

    15. now tell me what that means!

    16. Nothing can "tell good cells from bad", otherwise your body would be able to deal with Cancer by itself.

      er yes it can - it seems that is what cancerous tumours are sort of all about- wrapping up the dangerous cells and protecting the rest of the body from them.
      massively oversimplified but effectively the body can already differentiate- what cannabis seems to do trigger and enhance your bodies natural defences of autophagy and apoptosis which leads to effective biological defence against the mutated cells.

    17. oversimplified to the point where it doesn't really make any appears that you're saying the cancer itself wraps up all the bad cells and protects the body from them...surely that's not what you meant?

    18. There is research into nanotechnology that will 'detect' cancer cells for site specific release of treatment drugs.
      If we couldn't differentiate by some mechanism of the cancerous cell, we couldn't use rare earths and dyes to 'stick' to tumors etc. and not the surrounding flesh.

    19. but...that's technology that's been specifically designed and programmed to do that...How is that relevant to this argument?

    20. It applies because our technology relies on natural mechanisms in the cell that naturally differentiate it. A cancer cell is different and the way the body appears to react to boosted levels of THC and CBD seems to exploit this difference.

    21. but it's not comparable...Our technology is designed specifically to work within the parameters of it's objective.

      Fine, but how does that translate into making tumors dissappear?

    22. You're asking for a description of a precise biochemical reaction. I'm no biologist so I can't give you one other than what they say in the doc. It blocks the mutated cells ability to replicate, reduces the creation of supporting blood vessels within the tumor and triggers cell death, once again, only in mutated cells. I don't know the mechanisms by which it achives this, but people that have been doing science for a long time have observed these effects in their studies.

    23. except they haven't...

    24. You some kinda conspiracy theorist ?

    25. eh? How is anything i've said a conspiracy?
      I've not claimed conspiracy once...all i've said is that people are either misinformed, or misunderstood something...Please try and keep Ad Hominems to a minimum.

    26. "except they haven't..."
      You are inferring that everyone touting the medical benefits of marijuana, on every 'cannabis cures cancer' doc, are lying, which amounts to a conspiracy theory in my eyes.
      Have you watched any of those videos ? They all say the same things.

    27. not lying, misinformed/deluded/mistaken sure but I've not once accused anyone of lying. Those are two very different sentiments.

      Since i am also one of those people who tout the medicinal benefits of cannabis, your assumption is kinda silly...Just because i don't believe it's a magical cure for cancer, doesn't mean i don't accept it's value as a medecine.

    28. so nature has already gifted you the nano tecnology in effect in the apostosis and autophagic processes- the thc and cbd dont even need targeting as they once they are in they dont attack the cancer as such just provide the body with the toold to get rid of it itself.
      i wish peole wouldnt gas off about nanotechnlogy a some cure all bollocks- if this process works which according to scientific process it does, the cbd and thc do the job already , what the eff do you need nanotech for?
      in fact the nanotech is already there- vaping is the delivery process of choice these days, no carcinogenic smoke, just nano cannabis in an airbourne absorbable glyecerin suspension- effective delivery of the thc and cbd to the blood...

    29. A tumour is a bunch of mutated cells, the body effectively attempts to quarantine these cancerous cells in order to stop tthe spread of this mutation, forming a lump around the site of the cancer.
      now i am "just a lay person" but the way i see it the body is doing this i preparation for the natural way that it rids itself of dead cells, like a tied up a bin bag in a hall way- it still stinks but if the janitor is able to it will get cleared, lets say the autophagic processes and the apostosis is like the bodies natural janitor...he cant get rid of the bin bags as he doesnt have the tools, in the hope the tools will be provided at a later time he bags the rubbish(wraps the cancer site in a tumour) along comes a better diet or less carcinogeic environment giving a boost to the effective cannabinnoids your body naturaly produces and reintitiating the programmed cell death processes that for some reason where overwhwelmed or interrupted,
      In comes cannabis with its metaphorical bottles of cleaning fluid which a healthy body should already be well stocked up on and supplements them to assist with the clean up...
      a stretchy metaphor but on the right tracks, just dont ask a " doctor" to deal with it as their solution to moving this cancerous bin bag is to drive a jcb down the hallway rip out a hole in the floor whilst taking the bin bag with it, then flooding the hallway with cheap ,often ineffective and highly poisonous disinfectant (chemo) (radiotherapy) to get rid of the smell.

    30. You couldn't be more wrong. To destroy your analogy I need only mention leukemia. In a tumor, the lump IS cancerous cells. Any epithelium is formed by the cancer to enable itself to survive. At the point of developing a tumor the bodies extensive natural defenses against cancer have totally failed. The body still fights but at this stage it merely slows it down. There are many types of cancers and tumors, some have clear boundaries with normal tissue, but most are diffuse, with no clear boundary or 'quarantine' bin bag or whatever you are speculating.

      The thing that gets me most is the attack on conventional techniques, surgery and chemotherapy are not some misguided dark age technologies, and radio therapy is even more accurate than a surgeons scalpel. These 3 are used are used often in combination because of their proven efficacy. These things do actually cure some people of some cancers.

      Great, if cannabis can help add to these techniques, but they will not be replaced by it.

    31. I was using the analogy to try to get a handle on a possible thought process as to why this is happening with the cbd and thc- we are talking about breast cancer in this instance- the analogy i was drawing attention to was the janitor bit not so much the protective bit- you coud see it as the cancer is protecting you from it- maybe it knows its bad news for the body- its part of you after all- perhaps cancer isnt actually "aggressive" why would it ever be?- its simply the body doing what it does, there is no evdience that it actually "tries" to spread it just does- all analogies are flawed in this instance thats the point of them- the ones that nearly fit increase our understanding- so long as the numbers and observed biochemical interactions agree to a point.
      fact is there is a bin bag in the hallway and admittedly modern surgery is more like a sophisticated damage mitigation bomb disposal unit rather than a block of c4 so your chances are vastly improved-

      The very fact cancers grow into tumours in isolated sites in the body gives the body chance to do something about them- its the opportunity this affords not the emotions or feelings of the cells now is it?
      what if there were mechanisms for this- what if cancer were not even something that needed curing but understanding- the very analogies we use in regard to cancer- such as "aggressive" bely a personality on thousands of different mutations and tumours- the only thing they have in common is their fatality.
      the very idea of "a cure" as you see " a cure" is the most absurd analogy on these pages.
      that would be magic.
      seems to cure...sorry ehem helps to mitigate the effects of, spreading of and actually helps remove breast cancer cells of a particular variety.
      but they said that in the video i think already.

    32. but what is really interesting to me is that the balance of the thc and cbd was important in this instance- there are many balances to be found- many different cannabis strains- perhaps the strain is linked to the efficacy against particular types of cancer- there are certain ones favoured by the medical community and personal instinct could be a massive factor in future research if this was the case,

    33. it's not correct i'm afraid...It's a well thought through analogy that makes a lot of sense, but it just isn't the reality.
      firstly because the cancer IS the tumour...the tumour doesn't grow around the cancer...they are not seperate things.

      Cannabis is also not a viable 'cleaning fluid' because there isn't a mechanic for it to do those things.

      Our CBD receptors are in our brains, it's there that Cannabis does it's work.

      Think of cannabis as a painkiller for chemo. that is the current understanding of how it works. I can tell you this because Cannabis is the best treatment for MS and ME and Arthritis. It treats these ailments by ticking the receptors in the brain and flooding the body with endorphines that make the pain practically dissapear.

      This is also what it does for chemo, it makes the process of chemotherapy considerably less traumatic and through that increases the efficacy of it.

    34. Are you a doctor? Are you a scientist that has done any in-depth research into this and have you any evidence to support your claims? Or are you just here to contradict what this documentary is exploring based on no specific data but more on your personal opinion?

    35. Are you?

    36. i think one of your replies to me seems quite fitting here (concerning the 'down-vote' issue!):"you'll come to notice that some people think they can downvote facts out of existence."
      well,you were right !

    37. In short, you would like to keep an eye open on either side to make sure not too much mumbo jumbo gets told in the end, whether good or bad for the legalisation movement... so let's agree on that ;) the rest is still up fro grabs until some independent studies are being done all over the globe. AND as with ALL "medicine" out there, it won't always work for the best nor the worst when it comes down to individuals themselves. Everybody reacts differently to any other substance. (even placebo's, lol) Anyhow, upvotes, downvotes, in the end we all seek for a truth which will have common ground for everyone eventually... but as with nature, polarisation occurs widely... and will make things difficult, whether we want it or not, that's the way the "system" works.

    38. yeah pretty much :)

    39. "Nothing can "tell good cells from bad", otherwise your body would be able to deal with Cancer by itself.?

      Yes, but isn't that changing now as research proceeds? Remember research has been inhibited, if not prohibited in the USA by political concerns, the FDA and Big Pharma, So you'll need to explain the Endocannabinoid System within our bodies before you can eliminate cannabis, and CBD, as helpful in controlling or eliminating cancer cells. Cannabis fear is so overwhelming in our culture, it suggests irrational roots. Someone above mentioned peer reviewed studies, but obviously that's been impossible until recently, because of FDA prohibition of doing anything other that looking for possible deleterious effects of cannabis. Recent developments are dramatic, to the point where the Epilepsy Society has petitioned the government to reschedule Cannabis from Schedule 1, since it has been demonstrated by Charlotte Figi and others that it can reduce and/or eliminate the epileptic seizures of Dravet syndrome. Likewise there is increasing evidence of high CBD cannabis oil as beneficial in treating cancer. Yes, please do the studies. Until then, please refer to the journal of the International Association for Cannabinoid Research, of Holland, for current research done in free countries.

    40. Firstly, "Big Pharma" has nothing to do with it...Sativex has been a thing for quite a while and it's helped mainstream science to better understand the effects of THC and the nature of cannabanoids...We wouldn't know any of this if it wasn't for the scientists who so often get stereotyped as Big Pharma we wouldn't know Anything.

      "Cannabis fear is so overwhealming in our culture" I guess that's why it's being decriminalised, it has it's own movie genre, is heavily assosiated with mainstream music and is pretty much prevailant throughout said culture...i guess i didn't get the same memo that you did on that subject.

      You've hit the nail on the head when you say there's evidence of CBD's treating cancer, that is entirely a hundred percent correct, i just like to emphasise that the key word is treating, which shouldn't ever be misconstrued with curing.

    41. Sorry, 'Big Pharma' has everything to do with it. And 'cannabis fear' is overwhelming in the american culture. I'm sensing you're a Brit, is that true? Are you aware that Merck made Cannabine Tannate Merck back at the turn of the century. Nixon threw out the findings of his Cannabis Commision and made it a Schedule 1 drug meaning NO research. And this was in the 70's, a time when they thought cannabis just might yield some hope against cancer. And that is why GWPharma is english, not american. Do you understand the history of cannabis in the US? That it was given to some dozen or so americans back in the late seventies, and then they discontinued the program even though it was helping them all. Before me I have a 5 page list of chronic conditions, about 160 in all, that can be treated with cannabis, researched by Dr. Tod Mikuriya, M.D. between 1990 and 2004. Nothing was done with the list because of the Schedule 1 status of cannabis. And yes, cannabis is associated with the youth culture but you got the memo for 'under 25 year olds' I think. Big Pharma can't make any money from cannabis as they do other patented medicines, because cannabis is an herb. With regards your last point, treating versus curing, the jury is still out. If you have cancer in or on your body that you treat with cannabis oil, and the cancer disappears...... call it what you like, I'll call it a cure. With regards Sativex, what are the percentages of THC and CBD? To Big Pharma and our politicians it makes no difference what cannabis does, it's still Schedule 1!

    42. by turn of the century i take it you mean the turn of the LAST century not the current one...As for Nixon you're talking nearly fifty years ago. Times have changed drasticly since then and i think you're overhyping the curent trend of pulic thinking against cannabis.

      The idea that "Big Pharma" can't make money from cannabis is frankly ridiculous...Drug dealers manage to make Billions of dollars from it every year, so why would legitimate businesses have any trouble if it were legal?