Casanova Conman

Casanova Conman

2020, Crime  -   7 Comments
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Hamish McLaren was the ultimate conman. Over three decades and across four continents, he targeted a series of vulnerable women and swindled them of their savings. Featuring revealing interviews with several of his traumatized victims, Casanova Conman recounts his life of fraudulence and the events that led to his eventual capture.

In one anecdote, a single mother recalls how she was swept off her feet by McLaren, agreed to marry him, and eventually suspected he was seducing his 16-year old daughter. Another wealthy single mother opened her love and her savings to McLaren. By the time she caught on, he had already taken her for over $1.5 million, eventually forcing her to sell off her assets to pay off debtors. Another victim reveals how she first encountered McLaren on an online dating site. After a year and a half relationship, she only discovered the truth about her paramour after he was arrested for his prior exploits. She lost $320,000.

When his reign of betrayal came to a close, investigators discovered that he had swindled multiple women of over $8 million. When added to his other fraudulent activities, his cons had netted him more than $70 million.

The women describe the attributes that made McLaren such a successful conman. He was handsome, charming, and even appeared open about the failings of his past and personal imperfections. He drew a convincing portrait of himself as an unwanted child who grew into a self-made man of great dignity and ambition. He drove luxury cars and wore top-tier suits from famed designers. There was little reason for his victims to believe that he was conning them for cash.

In retrospect, each of his victims recognize the warning signs - the inconsistencies, the little white lies, the inexplicable behaviors - that characterized their relationships with McLaren. But they were too sheltered by their sense of blind trust and affection to act upon them until it was too late. In the end, however, some of his victims were able to reclaim their power over McLaren and bring him to justice.

Casanova Conman could be considered supermarket tabloid fodder by some, but it investigates a phenomenon that leads to real victims and a level of trauma that's difficult to grapple with and overcome.

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7 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Megajism

    How could they expect intimacy from him when he was hitting a sweet sixteen year old ?

  2. Josh V

    Idiot is driving on the wrong side of the road

  3. Mark Gaboury

    Women who are desperate for a fantasy man are at risk of getting a con man. Women are easy to fool.

    1. AmYLeE

      Obviously YOU are QUITE the fool if you really think this **** doesn't happen to men, too. Did you vote for tRump by any chance? πŸ€”

  4. Mark

    A rather absorbing documentary. I wonder what circumstances came together to mold him into that sort of a person.

  5. RG

    Women seem to be so weak they get conned by people like above. They can not take responsibility when under influence of alcohol and they need affirmative action almost in every line of work except hospitality and yet they are equal in every way possible to men. Give me a break! The problem is society things equality is sameness, and it is obviously not. we should provide equality of opportunity and let effort be the guide for achievement.
    we should recognize our differences and use them for the betterment of mankind.

    1. AmYLeE

      🀣WHAAAAT!?!?🀣 So, you mean to tell me that you REALLY believe that men are NEVER weak or get conned by women??? "No responsibility when under the influence of alcohol".....!?!? πŸ˜‚ OBVIOUSLY you have been butt-hurt over women before.....or your mom/sister was a serious alcoholic.....? πŸ€” Men are FAR MORE likely to lose control under the influence.....more dui's, more domestic violence, more crime. Ane, as far as your whole "equality" trash talk there goes.....wrong, AGAIN! UNICEF says that gender equality "means that women and men, and girls and boys, receive the same rights, resources, opportunities, and protections. It DOES NOT require that boys and girls, or women and men, be the same, or be treated exactly alike". Meaning, if a women has the same or higher education (and, statistically they usually ARE more educated than men), then she should be earning the same, or, in that case, MORE than a man in the same position......she should also get the same chances at promotions and raises, which is statistically NOT the case......women are also forced to put up with FAR MORE sexual harassment at the work place then men. We KNOW we aren't men, and we don't wish to BE like "men" (trust me, we APPRECIATE "our differences") πŸ˜† All we want is the same chances at life, the same treatment and respect at our jobs, to be able to make our OWN choices regarding our bodies (like a man can), and that we no longer have to put up with ignorant assholes like yourself, calling us "weak" just because you had some kind of issue/ obviously have NO CLUE about NOW FAR/MUCH gender equality reaches/includes. And yet you still decide to get on here and write a bunch of bullshit about how all women are the same pathetic, weak, irresponsible drunks, just because you saw a few morons in a documentary. Get a life, sound JUST like a tRump KKKlown, which i am assuming you ARE, because intelligent men KNOW what gender equality means.....and intelligence is not something that RepubliKKKans thrive in, or have an abundnance of πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ’‹