The Sex Chamber

The Sex Chamber

2011, Crime  -   24 Comments
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In the isolated desert town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico operated one of the most sadistic sexual predators ever encountered by law enforcement. He may also have been one of the country's most prolific serial killers. Perhaps David Parker Ray lacks the instant name recognition of a Ted Bundy or a Jeffrey Dahmer, but his unspeakable crimes are no less heinous for the families of his victims, the investigators who worked feverishly in their quest to imprison him, and the traumatized women who were fortunate enough to survive his wraith. This provocative and disturbing documentary, The Sex Chamber, retraces Ray's long-hidden reign of terror.

A 59-year old mechanic and father of two, Ray was generally regarded as a highly intelligent, pleasant and upstanding member of his close-knit community. Amongst those who believed they knew him best, he was the last person they would categorize as a sexual torturer of women. The depth of his psychosis first came to light when a young prostitute was discovered nude, chained and screaming hysterically for someone to call the authorities.

Her story was harrowing. She claimed to have been kidnapped by Ray, kept in his home for three days and repeatedly molested and tortured before managing her narrow escape. When the police searched Ray's property, they discovered a gruesome environment that fully corroborated the victim's story, including a utility shed where he kept a large inventory of elaborate sexual torture devices.

What first appeared to be an open and shut case proved to be anything but. Ray was a mastermind at covering his tracks. This was a talent that had served him well over the course of 40 years, during which time he likely confiscated, raped and murdered countless women. Additionally, he is believed to have subdued his victims with a potent cocktail of memory-erasing drugs. This left obvious holes in the accounts of his accusers, and gave him the leeway to characterize each assault as consensual.

The filmmakers speak with the original investigators who first happened upon the torture chamber, the defense attorney who worked on Ray's behalf in spite of the certainty he had of his client's guilt, and a key witness for the prosecution who struggled to recount the painful details of her molestation in court.

The Sex Chamber is definitely not intended for the faint of heart as it contains sexually explicit language and graphic crime scene footage.

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24 Comments / User Reviews

  1. fred

    Who cares. Prostitutes are scum.

  2. Rudi

    Just smiling in court shows what kind of a monster he is. Innocent people don't smile in court.

  3. Tronald dump

    He probably dissolved as he seamed to have access to chemicals

  4. Paleo

    WHen I first read of this monster, I swear I saw that it had worked at Elephant Butte as a parks ranger, now that seems to have been scrubbed even when I google the question, nonsense just pops up. God God how could anyone be so sick and cruel, with female helpers as well. Ugh!!!!!!!!!

  5. owais

    i think police should have investigated more thoroughly ,david should have been punished more severely ,his daughter too had a role in it,she should have been jailed too.god bless all the ladies david raped and tortured.power and good luck to them.

    1. Scott

      I tell ya im speechless to this guy! If given the chance I would punch his teeth down his throat and beat him within an inch of his life! He is ananimal at best. He needs to be locked up for life and the guards at his prison should let all the inmates **** every orfis of his body 7 days a wk ! One after another but keep him just BARLEY alive ! What a ****** puke!!! Same goes for all u other pieces of ****** dog **** out there! Either put u all in the same room togethér to rape and kill each other or throw them all in a deep pit one after the other and listen to them burn in hell! Whomever one of you ***** r listening to this, that's ur destiny! Everything I just said is just a fraction of what's Gona take place when your day comes! And it will come! And ur slut *** bitch of a daughter she's Gona get her day too! People DONT forget or forgive something like this!

  6. Kori

    What a horrific human being.
    I can't imagine what kind of judge could deem that tape irrelevant and what kind of jury could rule not guilty.

    His c*nt daughter is free to roam the streets.
    This case is actually f*cked.

  7. annon

    That horrible bald c*nty little lawyer omg hope he gets r*ped

  8. bobo

    that was right around the time Diazen Hossencofft murdered his overseas bride. Gurly Chu - in the infamous 'Reptile-King' murder - also in NM, he was the 1st person *ever convicted sans habeas corpus... i know, he was my neighbor in Rawlings, WY, back in 03...

    1. udolt

      perhaps you should lookup habeas corpus so you can use it correctly

  9. tomi

    prostitutes who are sexual deveints and monsters just like this man! using and seling drugs in our neighborhoods, leaving dirty diseased needles lying around for our children to find. Spreading disease. how are theses dirty awful killers different from this man? they choose this life so they know what can happen to them!

    1. Rudi

      Prostitutes are people too. I can't believe you see murderers and prostitutes as one and the same.

      By the way, it's "deviants".

    2. Laura

      Wow I'm not even religious and I just said a prayer for you. Horrific to say such things. Drug addiction is a disease, and prostitutes usually get stuck in that work because of it. They cant afford to break away from the lifestyle even if they want to usually. They aren't sexual deviants, they're not having sex to orgasm or for pleasure they're doing it because they HAVE TO so they can get money to get high again. That's what they want. Not sex, the money. Otherwise they would just be hoes or porn stars and live their best life, sex addicts, enthusiasts or even deviants aren't charging for sex. They would more likely pay for it.

      I still cant decide if this prayer I said earlier was for you to be less hateful... or less stupid. Pick one, I suppose.

  10. Dattatreya

    How much bloody evidence do they need , before they finally get a move on ?!?

    How about using his fancy contraptions to get some info out of him ?!?

    I think pot smokers are treated with more contempt by this rotten society !!!

  11. Tony Gould

    How can that disgusting devence atourney stand there smugly infront of the reporter and try to justify his actions, what a disgusting humanbeing.

  12. Lee

    David Parker Ray was not a park ranger, he was a mechanic at Elephant Butte State Park. He was a disgusting monster, also. I cannot believe that creepy daughter of his is out walking the streets, and also that Roy Yancy guy is out of prison already. I think he is living back in Truth or Consequences, if I read that correctly. These people were involved, and I am quite sure watched DPR torture many,many women & children. Just to add something else about this documentary. They were jerks for referring to Cynthia Vigil as a "drug addicted prostitute" over & over again. She is a HUMAN BEING for crying out loud. They kept referring to her, like she was garbage. That is why a lot of these DPR types always get away with murder, because they kill women that society deems unwanted. Have some respect!

  13. Elizabeth Rodriguez

    David Parker ray died shortly after they found him guilty of kidnapping, rape & torture. He only served 8months of his 200+ year sentence. No bodies recovered and his daughter served no time for her role in assisting with kidnapping thanks to his plea with prosecutors.

  14. Purplegrant

    I'd relish the opportunity punch the stupid smile off that lawyer's face.

  15. Wednesday Pandora Pestulance

    I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico! I had gone to visit my Uncle at work, and I was in the parking lot across the street, when this poor young lady was abducted by David Parker Ray and his girlfriend! No bodies were found on his property! David Parker Ray worked as a Park Ranger at Elephant Butte Lake, New Mexico's largest man made lake. His patrol area was very extensive! He had alot of 'alone time', learning every dirt road, party nook, animal cranny, garbage hole, and rock to hide under, that was out there. It's a huge area, I mean HUGE, and there are alot of VERY private, isolated, and dark places to choose from! I'm sure many ladies met a gruesome, and terrifying death around those campsites... And I'm sure that David Parker Ray was there when it happened! David Parker Ray died while in custody and awaiting trial. He, unfortunately, took all of those lady's names, ages, manner of death, and grave site locations, to his grave. He never confessed to killing anyone. He openly laughed, about, and mocked, the agony shared by all of the missing women's friends and families! He was not, and now will never be, charged with murder. Please take a moment to send blessings in the wind for the missing women, and for the families that will never stop looking! YouTube has alot of excellent resources, and documentaries about David Parker Ray... I recommend going to their site and watching! Monster's are real, and what makes them terrifying, is the fact that they look just like you and me!!!

  16. Mark Gaboury

    Creepy and real. Really creepy. For those of you who are lawyers or who believe that a lawyer should defend a person whom the lawyer suspects to be guilty, you need to read 'The Morality of the Legal Profession' by R. L. Dabney, the 19th century theologian.

  17. Margie

    What I cannot understand is these defense attorneys defending clients they KNOW are guilty.

  18. Desert Gypsy Girl

    As I recall from news reports, they found bodies buried on his property.

  19. User1

    Did we say that David was intelligent?

  20. Desert Gypsy Girl

    I remember this case! I had just moved to the Four Corners area and was horrified.