Clash of the Dinosaurs

Clash of the Dinosaurs

2009, Science  -    -  Playlist 16 Comments
Ratings: 6.93/10 from 28 users.

Clash of the DinosaursThis show explores dinosaurs inside and out to reveal their structures and the lives they lived.

Extreme Survivors: 120 million years of evolution made dinosaur bodies better adapted to their environment than any mammal today. The latest science reveals the anatomical secrets that made them such incredible survivors.

Perfect Predators: The Cretaceous Period spawned walking death machines with a savage combination of speed, eyesight, brainpower, and razor-sharp implements. The latest science reveals the anatomical secrets of these bloodthirsty carnivores.

The Defenders: Predators don't dominate the Cretaceous, plant eaters do. And their bodies are built to take a beating. The latest science reveals the anatomical secrets that made the world's largest vegetarians such successful survivors in a world of claws and teeth.

Generations: More than a million generations adapted dinosaurs to a changing planet. But each successful generation boils down to a single encounter between two like-minded reptiles. The latest science reveals the anatomical secrets to life and love among dinosaurs.

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3 years ago

What a horrible documentary. 4 minutes segments followed by 5 minute commercials. The segments were just copied and pasted into later segments. After the first 30 minutes everything was a repeat and some of the 1st 30 minutes even repeated. Perhaps, they needed to repeat as I couldn't hear the commentary the 1st time but sometimes not even the 10th time they played the repeated segments.

7 years ago

One could have made a good and informative documentary in half the time – without repeating EVERYTHING all the time! It left me with the feeling the maker of the documentary think I’m a dimwit!
Also the music is simply horrible: Too loud and to hectic and if you tune down the noise you can’t hear the scientist any longer.
All in all could have been a good documentary but sadly it is not!

11 years ago

What's up with all the Computer Animated shots of Dinosaurs shitting?

11 years ago

Elmira wants a baby Trex

Shawn Christy
11 years ago

Give this one a pass, folks.

Check out the Walking With Beasts/ Dinosaurs/ Cavemen series instead. It's time better spent, and the little ones will dig it, too. :)

11 years ago

Man I would never mess with raptors. Nastiest animals that ever stalked the wild.

11 years ago

Not very informative and the repeat scenes are just ridiculous.

And yeah computer generated animation is costly but they repeat the scientists over and over as well.

Just poorly made IMHO.

11 years ago

boring, lots of repeated/flipped scenes as Richard mentioned, so many that the documentary feels cheap.

Richard Jordan
11 years ago

Light on detail, and lots of repeated/flipped scenes.
Would be good for kids to watch, but not worth it if you're an adult, and you've seen any of the BBC Dino docs.

His Forever
11 years ago

Yea! My son loves dinosaurs. Perfect Predators was very interesting.