The Collective Evolution

The Collective Evolution

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The first part of The Collective Evolution is aimed at showing the current state of the world, why it needs to be changed, and how each and every one of us can play a role in changing it.

The documentary addresses this need for change through five individual yet interrelated structures society has come to rely upon - finance, education, religion, entertainment/media, and health/food.

Each of these structures is fully broken down to show viewers how they have come into place, and why their continued existence can no longer be supported.

The second part is focused on showing each of the dimensions to the experience we call life. The documentary does this by addressing exactly who we all are, and why we are here.

It further delves into each of the key pieces that make up the human puzzle, namely the planet, the body, and the ego. The documentary concludes by addressing the shift in consciousness that has already begun and continues to intensify on the planet.

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  1. Jimmy Singh

    Its a childish attempt. I stopped watching the movie in 2 mins and I am going to judge the book by its cover. What threw me off? Within the first 2 minutes of the movie, they give examples of mass protests around the world and specifically mention about Egyptian revolution (arab spring) and state that ' successfully overthrew the govt'. Yeah, the govt was overthrown but what is the state of Egypt now after all these revolutions? The current regime is even worse. Same goes with Turkey, spain and other major protests. Why spread information that's premature. Disappointing!
    I dislike information's where statements are made without careful examination and analysis of situation. All these uprisings are good sign but the fundamentals of dirty politics and governance hasn't changed.

  2. John

    Yeah, if all these people believed 9/11 was a inside job then why haven't they done anything about it in all these years but talk talk talk. Why when these countries are "successfully" overthrown do they have to do it again just a few years later? This video is for the consumption of 18-24 year olds who think their generation is "awake" and capable of change". It's not true and it's never been true. It's all talk in the end. I watched all this same nonsense go down in the 60s and look how that generation turned out. Same same.

    1. Gigemall

      Actually if you were better informed you'd have heard of the lawsuit to expose the fraud. A judge, apparently after reading the brief, said he would not throw it out. So if that means anything (who would trust a lawyer turned judge, which they all are of course) the case is/was supposed to proceed at some point. I believe the group was Architects and Engineers for ..... also supported by the group which were relatives of those who died in the scam.

      Sadly, anyone who believe the govt approve BS regarding 911, rejects doing legitimate homework regarding the subject. I know some of those types. They watch a little so called news and then think they are better informed and smarter than those who actually look into things independently.

      By the way, those who complain of "all they do is talk" seems to be the type who use that as an excuse to do NOTHING themselves.

    2. DustUp

      After listening, it seems their "Collective" is a number of individual "evolutions" which are not occurring at the exact same time nor pace... and clearly from the comments, some not at all. So it would seem their whole idea of a "Collective" event is bogus, and thank God it is just a false labeling of people who have grown tired of the BS, because anything labeled "Collective" is often very evil: Communism, Socialism, Progressivism, Corporatism(Fascism), are all different flavors of evil Collectivism.

      It would appear these youngsters have never heard the years ago term "mad as hell and not going to take it any more" or similar platitudes. Even as a youth, if you old timers can recall, when dads gathered for some occasion, there would be grumblings about how things were, the state of affairs, govt encroachments. Being dissatisfied with "things" is not a new concept sonny.

      Be careful what you wish for. When all those ridiculous TV zombies were parroting "we need change" leading to their votes for the lying Obama, I heard very few others asking, "change to what?" They never asked. Just a bunch of blind dupes. Will these folks "working for change" fall for the same Collectivist scam?

      One thing is for sure, people love to be lied to and then claim they didn't know ...or defend the lie like it was the truth. How about doing your homework first please before wreaking havoc upon the world with something worse like socialism! (And for the totally duped, Sweden is not a Socialist country at all. It is a Capitalist Welfare state, which it could Not keep pace with what the people wanted others to pay for even at 70 percent tax rate so cut back on everything, services, taxes, all of it, many years ago. Your leftist teachers simply lied to you, whether they knew it or not, they didn't care, just as long as they could promote their power grab like a pack of coyotes stalking a sheep dog guarding the flock.)

      Try not to mislabel incremental Socialism causing most all of the problems as being the fault of capitalism. And if your "new way" encroaches on me or my freedom or whatever I deem best for me, then you will have failed miserably to deliver what it seems most people desire. Which is to be LEFT ALONE by all the busy bodies ...and everyone else too.

      "If ever the people learn that more government equals less for the people, that will truly be an evolution. Oh wait, they did! Reference the Constitution for the United States of America; returning to it, would be a great future." --DU

  3. Grace

    Awesome doc! finally an empowering doc with solutions for change

  4. t regan

    I tried to listen. I am very interested in the subject matter and I believe we, as a society, are on the cusp of a great unknown that will radically transform us. What I hate about your film (and yours in not alone doing this) is this background muzak or whatever it is. It's beyond obnoxious. Irritating as cr*p. And so, 25 min or so, into the film I have to shut it down as it is driving me crazy listening to it. Get rid of that mood muzak. The message is important, stop trying to manufacture a mood or make your message more palatable. If someone is receptive to the message it will come across. This 'mood muzak' is unnecessary and detracts from your mission.

  5. Jacek Walker

    So many dokumentaries like this one have been made throughout recent years about the plain and obvious truth, yet the majority of people are still in the dark...
    I often ask myself why. What do they need to wake up? More time? A personal tragedy? A spiritual teacher like E Tolle to lead them step by step?

  6. Jbreze

    I literally can't watch any further. If I have to listen to some ahole whine about the evils of money while sitting in a comfy leather seat in front of a marble-tiled background beside two pricey statues I will explode. If that us some kind of ironic statement explained later then I apologize but it is irritating.

    There is not a need for change there is a need to change which means we all have to look at ourselves. We can't blame external forces anymore than we should blame ourselves.

  7. Steve Harrison

    This is not a documentary. Oft repeated criticisms of the monetary system, education, religion and media are covered but then come the conspiracy theories. Vaccines are evil, gmo's are evil... Any such film that features David Ickes is immediately suspect in my eyes. Should we eat healthier food? Of course, duh! Is Religion a tool of power? Of course, duh! Altogether a disappointing piece which I will not recomend.

    1. TheAnathema

      Oft repeated criticisms which are pretty much unassailable, which are employed, clumsily, as sweetener to help the bull**** go down. It's a cheap and fumbling tactic, one alas that, judging by the rating on this at the minute will no doubt prove highly seductive to the impressionable consciousness of the critically hobbled, dangerously ill-educated and enthusiastically st*pid.

      Seriously, listening to some child waxing lyrical about how he's never going to experience disease because he's not going to consciously engage with the concept of disease, I'm struggling for words...Young fella, your parents have clearly moulded you into a solid bet for a Darwin Award.

      Vaccines are part of a plot to facilitate mind-control?! Where have I heard this before? Oh, yeah, that's it, in Northern Nigeria, from backward Islamist headcases, who managed to convince hordes of their unfortunate faithful to abandon vaccinating for polio; guess what happened...If anybody guessed anything other than the widespread resurgence of polio, then they really need to grab a hold of their collective legs and pull their heads out of their collective *ss.

  8. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

    14:40 illustrates the systematic hook line and sinker, that the 90% "have to" swallow... due to an ideal that: "feeds itself on itself".

    Great points!

  9. Guest

    14:40 explains the "make work" concept as well.
    Great term!

  10. CapnCanard

    This doc is correct. Money is simply an illusion but most believe in the illusion. They haven't gotten the memo. Money is supposed to a container of value that can be exchanged without loss of value and yet Wall Street seems to make it a mission to extract value, or to decrease it's value relative to your money.

    Education since the17th-18th Centurys has been a method to prepare the people to be manageable workers. In other words, education is just social conditioning. It isn't meant to make people "better" workers, or put another way it is meant to make you an easily controlled worker.

  11. danielle

    The scary thing, to me, is that there are 'normal' people behind the media, behind advertising and dumb tv shows and 'low energy' (like that girl said) news programs
    Is it really that if you have that many people blowing smoke up your ass and encouraging you you'll air something? I know you don't have to watch tv and all but when you grow up with it you sort of have to wein yourself off of it, sadly.. it's supposed to be used as entertainment and as an escape, yes, but with all the propaganda and subliminal messaging it's hard to just lie back and accept. You have to be a pretty high level of stupid to not be aware of it or to just accept it, or just not care that much, which I guess is how a lot of people deal with corporations, by turning inward or just ignoring it. But you can only ignore such blatant mind-numbingness for so long....

  12. danielle

    I'm just glad to see something uplifting on the subject cuz everything I've been seeing on here or elsewhere on the internet seemed to be a tool to 'wake us up' so to speak, to help us become more aware, and the atmosphere in doing so can be really melodramatic, so this is a nice change.

  13. disqus_CjRNC4ld3Y

    The opinions from friends and family, as it seems, is quite amateur. Though what an idea. The youth of today have a driving desire for all these topics to be revolutionized. It hasn't been given a name to incorporate all these issues until now by these youthful minds. Collective Evolution fits this lingual gap perfectly. Lets all join forces. Good work fellas.

  14. Wayne Siemund

    I began watching this documentary and so far, these kids seem to have avoided talking to older and more experiences people to answer the questions they posed. After a few decades, the observant have lived long enough to see history repeating itself.
    But the vaccine section I found to be rampant with ignorance and from then on, it got worse.

    1. danielle

      What prior generations have (mostly) failed to fight against has finally begun to come to a head. and younger generations want to decapitate it.


      It's all well and good that the observant have seen it, but they did not fight it, or at least not strongly enough

      I haven't gotten to the vaccine section yet but I'm assuming they are against it. but you have to understand that we are much healthier than you guys are, we want to prevent illness naturally so we don't have to worry about these issues that your generations had to worry about so much. it's all about prevention, yet having the knowledge and the necessary materials when problems DO arise. and i know that a vaccine IS prevention, in a sense, but what I am saying is like prevention before prevention.

      you were probably just as angry as this generation but you did not have an outlet like the internet for 'older people' to see, so take it with a grain of salt

  15. Paul Gloor

    The majority of this doc is spot on though the elevator loop during the interviews gets annoying. The conspiracy theories about pharmaceuticals, even though I partially agree, GMOs and metaphysical 'frequencies' etc drive me insane and I found myself loosing interest toward the last half hour or so.

    1. Shawn Williams

      I'm glad you have an opinion

    2. Psych3d

      what he said

    3. Simon Gramstrup

      I didnt say a thing?

    4. Mathew Scannell

      wat he said