Conventions 2012: The Price of the Party

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Conventions 2012: The Price of the PartyThe United States is in the midst of its most expensive election season ever. It is not what Washington pundits mean when they say that this year's presidential race will be won or lost on the economy.

Nonetheless, almost $6bn will be spent trying to get Republican and Democratic candidates into office. Virtually unlimited cash can buy many things - hundreds of hours of television advertising, automated phone calls, a really big party.

But who is paying? And what is the price exacted of the country's democracy? There are three months left until voting day.

And Sebastian Walker and the Fault Lines team travel from the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, to examine the spectacle being broadcast on US screens.

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  1. David Ewer

    A truly bleak vision of the future, but worth watching. Sebastian Walker asked where the money was coming from but got the usual answer, "No comment!"
    American politics as about as real as its TV soap operas...

  2. John Krisfalusci

    Anyone who votes for Romney is a complete moran.. Thank u very much have a nice life~

  3. oQ

    Anyone who supports this crap by voting....should be happy afterwards but they never are.
    The real money is always off the books even though politic is all about money.
    Faith and Race in American Political Life, a mormon against a black man, that's a change from the last time, a baptist against a black man.


  4. lakhotason

    Hey Al Jazeera, the US has only fifty states not fifty-one.

  5. RickRayFSM

    You mean a Mormon m*ron don't you? Sort of like Romney Robme!

  6. Dean Edgington

    I distinctly remember that Baptist being a m*ron also ;)

  7. Dean Edgington


  8. fewoptions

    its all a game of liars and deceptors. i liked the speech at the end with obama trying to convince ppl that the choice was more than a party or a person but the different choice of the path USA will take. what a load of bs! we seen in the past that both partys have the same sponsors in the obama deception doc im sure it was something like 5 or 6 of ombama top 10 donaters was banks.the same banks back the other canidate so its always win win situation for the banks and corps. all of the banks, i bet later recieved gov bailouts after the elections. its a big game thats rigged. i watch a funny film i highly recommended to everyone its called Man of the year with robin williams (comedian says as a joke he gonna run for president). i also recommend american blackout doc, it shows what these ppl will do to get what they want, even rig the voting system it from the uk and i see this bs happening alot over here more and more. these ppl that get these top jobs are not qualified at all, they pre selected muppets from dodgy elite groups. quick example is that cameroon 'prime minister' and osbourne 'chancellor' (both from very rich familys) are best buddies from bullingdon eton boys club, a club by invite only bit like yale skull and bones. where rich ppl get to mix with there own class lol. so its a case of "not what u know but who u know". its bs this shouldnt be allowed to go on. politics and politians stink, money needs to be taken out .heres a idea pay them minimum wage and see how they like £6.08 an hr,i bet not many will stick the job. we need ppl in power that are humble,honest,loyal and not some rich over privilaged idiot who only cares and relates to about 1% of a countrys population lol..........and dont get me started on European paraliament bs! a paraliament that ppl cant vote in or out! wtf is that all about? isnt europe a democracy???

  9. Nwttp

    Could you actually state some things that will be different when one candidate is voted in over another?

  10. oQ

    Not a thing, just the same for a different clan. A bunch of people getting a higher pay job and deductible perks.

  11. Nwttp

    So in that case you are saying you vote for no reason?

  12. lakhotason

    How about no reason to vote.

  13. xxconspiracyxx

    No need to vote, all controlled by the same rich bastards who pay for all this, voting isn't going to make a differance considering it's the israeli's that control the american politics anyway, they get to say who's in power and what america's next step is, your a mug if you think otherwise.

  14. Simon Gramstrup

    That's a seriously messed up country :)

  15. Danny Jones

    While accurately demonstrating the overly corporatized nature of the U.S. election system, there were two discrepancies that show a lack of research from the producers of this video. First, There are only 50 states. I'm curious to know what they counted as the fifty-first. Second, Charlotte is not the capital of North Carolina. The capital is Raleigh. On another note, I agree with the protester at the Occupy Wall Street protest that the choice is between the lesser of two evils, but that doesn't diminish the importance of voting. The Citizens United ruling was one of the biggest errors ever in electoral policy, devaluing the majority of the population and strengthening the corporations and billionaires, therefore lessening the democratic nature of elections.

  16. Effn Wasted

    Years after years. Its always the same thing. Yet people still think that this election year will be different. Until all corruption within has been eliminated. It will not matter who is placed into power. It really is to bad when people rather have someone think for them. Than think for themselves.

  17. LFRD

    We have starving people and homeless, but waste $$ on campaign BS from all sides. God must be shaking his head with disgust. America! Check your priorities.
    Politics is big money---gee, I wonder why.

  18. manfruss

    Yes, modern democracy is decided in the budget. Monetary democracy. :) Those with money have a larger voice than those without. Oh how the freedom fighters would weep at our current dog and pony show.

  19. kompikos

    This system is actually the definition of "plutocracy". Look, I'm from Greece and I'll be the last person to criticize political corruption here, in every modern democratic nation corruption unfortunately exists. The thing with the US is that people actually "celebrate" this corrupt system.

    In Greece for example, everybody knows and complains about the way political corruption bankrupted the country but used to "quietly annex" the system as far as the middle class was treated with benefits. However, nobody ever considered this to be ethical or right and nobody felt and feels comfortable with it, even the beneficiaries.

    In America, people seem to consider political corruption as "the way American democracy works". What on earth is that?! A. This is NOT the definition of democracy anywhere you look and B.In the long term this system undermine the future and well-being of the American people. The US is mounting debt and printing money as we speak. Is uncontrollably inflating it's economy to survive.

    How long do you thing this is going to last until it bursts, no matter how dynamic and resourceful the American economy is...being bankrupt is not pretty, believe me. Greece will eventually recover, this is the only thing we know for sure here. But it has been already 4 years and there are double as more ahead in recovery. You DO NOT want that in ANY economy.

  20. Jayarathne Abeydeera

    Capitalism & religion are twin brothers.They exist together.

  21. talashea8

    This is all pure bullshit! They make it seem like Obama created all the problems the USA is facing today.. When in fact he ran into a hornets nest
    from "Both" Bush admins.. You cannot solve that many years of ****ups in a mere 4 years!!!!!! You people are in trouble and the worst is yet to come!

  22. francisco sa

    I learn many years ago that the foundation of democracy is the public service provided. In America more but not only, the private service and interests are leading the elections and a big majority celebrating. Many people are voting in their near future oppressors.

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