Obama's Real Reason He Wants Your Guns

Obama's Real Reason He Wants Your Guns

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Christopher Greene examines the "real reason" President Obama wants your guns and while doing that he explicitly claims the following:

In many ways America seems to be making the same mistakes as Germany did prior to the outbreak of World War II. Since taking office in 2008, on the promise of hope and change, president Barak Obama has launched an aggressive assault on America's liberty.

He has armed America's enemies, violating his oath of office, by sending money and weapons of war to insurgents in Syria led by Al-Qaeda terrorists.

He has violated federal law by overseeing a cover-up surrounding attorney general Eric Holder's operation "Fast and Furious", in the running of guns to Mexican drug cartels.

He has lied to the American people by overseeing a cover-up of the September 11 Benghazi terror attack in Libya which led directly to the deaths of four American citizens.

He has bypassed Congress using executive order prior to the attack on Libya, insisting that congressional approval was not necessary.

He has signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act which includes provisions to permit the abduction and military detention without trial of all US citizens, violating "Habeas corpus" - the right to a fair trial.

And on January 16th 2013, surrounded by children, he has signed twenty three different executive orders for broader gun control in the United States.

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  1. Could not care. It would upset others who use them for hunting, but that is it. I would rather dedicate myself to education than worry about these issues. I read articles everyday about amazing scientists that do things that I can not. More important issue for me is how do I become like them.

  2. When Obama said Chinese could not have modern life like the American, we know he is a 'god-fearing' morally defunct evil 'hypocrite'.

  3. Simple. A purported quote from Socialist/Nazi Germany dictator Adolf Hitler-"To conquer a nation, you must first disarm its citizens."

  4. So did he take your guns you m*rons?

    1. Because he couldn't Ass Wipe!

  5. I will never trust the communist/democratic party to protect the USA citizen.

  6. This is a convoluted mess from someone who does not understand the Constitution or states rights.
    Ensure your county sheriff understand he was elected to protect the counties citizens as they enforce laws and the police or federal law enforcement has no jurisdiction or power over or above the sheriff.
    You will never see military on your street and if so then shoot to kill. Tyrants have no authority over you.

  7. This is total Right wing political propaganda bull-crap that is meant to scare those Fox news watchers (i.e. idiots) to believe that the Democrats are the enemy, when it is the Republikkkans that are conspiring with other nations like Russia to bring down the American democracy.

    1. America isn't a democracy. It is a republic!!!

    2. Shawn, can you explain the difference between a representative democracy and a republic?

    3. Czuch (or is it cooze) Why do you think that The Right to Bear Arms is right after Free Speech?? It's not 5th, 8th or 14th, it's the 2nd for a reason. It seems that you are watching the Chlamydia News Nutwork (cnn)again. Do yourself a favor and think!

  8. Number of guns I own-5. Number Obama took? Zero, 0. Zero, the same number Bill Clinton took. Every time a Dem gets elected, out come the big bad scary 'gonna take my guns' conspirators. Another delusional paranoid NRA Trump-loving idiot!

    1. You are exactly right. These people are absolutely out of their minds. One day, hopefully, they will be old and will realize the time, money and life they lost living in paranoia and fear.

    2. You do realize that it has been six years since this came out. Are you ready to admit it was a waste of time?

    3. He’s the most evil person in this world . Exile him or put him in prison for life. Actually I hope he dies soon.

  9. If you raise arms against a prevalent power...with a capability to destroy others (real or imaginary threats). You are either a terrorist or a democrat. It all depends on whether America is defending or attacking at the time. What your aims are and who you call God. Otherwise

  10. ebola-bama un d-suckers can try to take what is mine...

    1. mainly weird s;;t down below. Just like bush said.

  11. This is not worth to have a title of a documentary....and if you think it does then its a damn shame how low that standard has fallen. More guns is not a solution to gun violence...you know what is? Wolves....releasing wolves.

  12. In order to control so called gun violence, every person and entity must be gun free, from police officer to security officer. The military should be weapon free also, since we're seeking peace. Let's see how long America will exsist.

    1. A lot longer than you think.

  13. More people are killed with knives in the United States of America than guns in fact for every one person killed with a gun 4 peopl are killed with knives in the United States. More people were killed with bare hands then guns in the United States. There are close to 400 million guns in the United States America. There is less than 10,000 gun related deaths every year . But to put a better analogy to it. For people who want to ban guns why not ban cars because 1.3 million people die in car accidents every year. And yes, in case of home invasion you point a gun at someone and they're going to stop and if they don't stop, shoot them! When talking to a cop friend of mine he's pulled his gun thousands of times and people stop they listen. He's never had to shoot anyone, but he has definitely disarmed, arrested, saved lives of hundreds of people using a gun. Half a million people died of drug overdoses every year many of which were prescribed by doctors and considered accidental death are you going to ban all drugs, all medicine. Half a million people die of cancer every year related to tobacco products, my point is people die some for circumstances beyond their control. Again there are 400 million guns in the United States probably more. There are millions of registered gun owners. With crazy gun control logic like this, if all guns were bad there wouldn't be any one in America, we would all be dead. Do not punish the responsible upstanding citizens of the United States because of the mentally ill. It is not the guns that kill people, people kill people. When seconds matter law enforcement is only minutes away. If you want to stop or hinder mass shootings in schools pay for more law enforcement in the school. Make teachers go through weapons training and arm the teachers.

    1. Data please

    2. Interesting

  14. More people are killed with knives in the United States of America than guns in fact for every one person killed with a gun 4 peopl are killed with knives in the United States. More people were killed with bare hands then guns in the United States. There are close to 300 million guns in the United States America. But to put a better analogy to it. For people who want to ban guns why not ban cars because 1.3 million people die in car accidents every year. And yes, in case of home invasion you point a gun at someone and they're going to stop and if they don't you shoot them. When talking to a cop friend of mine he's pulled his gun thousands of times and people stop they listen. He's never had to shoot anyone but he has definitely disarmed, arrested, saved lives of hundreds of people using a gun. Half a million people died of drug overdoses every many of which were prescribed by doctors and considered accidental death are you going to ban all drugs, all medicine. Half a million people die of cancer every year related tobacco products, my point is people die for making stupid choices. Again there are 400 million guns in the United States probably more 270 million registered gun owners. With your logic if all guns were bad there wouldn't be any one in America, we would all be dead. Do not punish the responsible upstanding citizens of the United States because of the mentally ill. It is not the guns that kill people, people kill people.

    1. Data please, also this paragraph is self contradictory. Citations might clear that up

  15. Really? It's all President Obama? Really? Not the mass shootings mostly among white students?

  16. so.......obama took yer guns, huh?

  17. How did that work out with Obama getting all the guns?

  18. Just a note the right to bear arms was put into writing to protect we the people in case of tyranny. That right ain't goin anywhere kids, not off the books and not out of our lives. I for one feel assured and safe having such a right.

    1. Till they amend the Constitution

  19. Your all a bunch of idiots . May no man rule over me to the extent that I have no control over my destiny , or the safety of my loved ones . You come at me , you die . Hurt mine , you die . You don't like it , shut up and don't call for help when it's you on the chopping block . Live your life , and leave me alone . SIMPLE !!

  20. If the gov't wants your guns there is nothing you can do about it. I know our egos and firepower may us think that there is. Ultimately it is gov't regulations that allow the guns to be made and sold in the market in the first place. For every weapon the allow us to buy they have a weapon to defeat that weapon.
    If the gov't will let you buy the guns do you think they would sell you weapon that could unseat them? If your ego, excess testosterone and delusion makes you think you can you could fight the firepower the gov't has you are truly foolish and deserve whatever fate comes your way...


    2. Only problem for the goobermint is that the guns of WE THE PEOPLE outnumber the goobermint guns by what, 100 to 1, 50 to 1? The goobermint (military + police) would not last a week against us, and many of them would be on the side of WE THE PEOPLE.

  21. If the U.S an these other country's had not given all these country's all gun's an all the other weapon we wouldn't have middle east attacting all these country's you go into a country for war you take it over an keep it an you do not have an this mess they go into the country take it over then you built it back for them an years later they come back an attact us again years later if you people would read the the Bible you would see the middle east will not stop fighting till Jesus come's back but our great people in Washington do not no what it means an do not care about themself's an not the people of the United States of America an if you dam ass people vote for hillery clinton do not blame the people who vote for Trunp because if you you vote for Hillary you will have seal all our fates you wate an see may God help us................

    1. Clark; A perfect example of 'Merican edumacation.

    2. You are mistaken on your Bible knowledge

  22. more people killed in nice with a truck than any mass shooting and how was he stoped oh that's with a gun now look at history places where guns were taking at what their leaders done then and besides that when there was no guns someone invented one you dont think that could be done again then what they would have a gun and noone else will that is real smart thinking

  23. Most of you are missing the truth of the matter (didn't read all the comments). Although I have seen several news reports of a mother, teen or adult successfully stop intruders with guns. The real reason Obama (also Hillary Clinton) wants to disarm us is to completely take our once loved Republic to total Socialism. In history you will see before a despot took over a country they disarmed the people by using the same arguments Obama is using now.

    Our forefathers didn't put the Second Amendment in so we can go hunting or protect our families from intruders (although part of the reason) it was to protect ourselves from an out of control government like we see today. They owe China so much (giving them our land to pay debt) but China doesn't want to have to fight the American people for it, they want us disarmed.

    Trying to enact marshal law will be an all out civil war if they try. The Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing and Columbine shootings have been proven to be false flags perpetrated by people working for that .0001 % that run the world. Right now America is the only thing holding them back from completely implementing their plan. You can read and or listen to past presidents JFK, Lincoln and Washington warning us about those families who pass down their agenda to their inbred offspring.

    When Woodrow Wilson opened the doors for the Federal Reserve to take over the printing and handling of our money (with interest to be paid) he signed the death warrant of this beautiful country. There have been many warnings in many ways since this country was fought for, go and search and read before you comment.

    1. since the bankruptcy of 1933 we have been in a soft martial law for most of the past Century the District of Columbia act basically change the United States into a corporation United States Inc versus a country America's your country United States Inc is a big business corporation with a bunch of franchise networks that Branch off of it out of the District of Columbia and the 10 mi there in outside of that jurisdiction using your ZIP codes and the legalese terms they used and not understanding how the law works is how they trick you into their jurisdiction because date words we use on a daily basis have a completely different meaning on paper. As if the bankruptcy of 1933 we have been in a soft martial law that is why we go on Admiralty and maritime law which is the law of the high seas that's why you get your name's currency cash flow excetera all the words that relate to money and commerce have to do with water the bar in a courtroom the way you could tell jurisdiction is by the flag represented at the flag has gold on it you are in an admiralty court or Maritime Court basically your USC codes and UCC codes are statutes not necessarily law there's only 10 real laws if there's no victim there's no crime it's that simple under the common law of the land of the Republic and the Republic looks out for the individual rights and people need to study these different types of loss that they can understand the difference we would not have UCC codes and USC codes if we were not in a martial law because that is military law that's how they do it is through codes people need to realize that we are already in a soft muscle loss of the government has been unchecked and unbalanced for a very very long time putting more power in the executive branch has hands and was ever meant to be the legislative branch was supposed to be the most powerful but when you're in a martial law the executive branch pretty much can Trump all other branches and make their duties damn near impossible to carry out the same elite people that go on your Federal reserve and monetary system are the same ones that own your media the bilderbergers in the rothschilds and the trilateral commission excetera excetera excetera it's the same families that own pretty much every aspect of our lives there are also the ones who own the publishing companies that provide the school books to your schools so I would educate on these topics we are headed straight for a dictatorship and totalitarian state if we don't get our act together as we the people United in spite of our differences

  24. The gun is one of the scariest and most effective tools of war. Just watch a youtube video of people shooting guns. They have a lot of power. Now, how in the world could you take over America if the nation is together and all the PEOPLE are armed as a militia? It is a BIG country. But if you disarm the people...

  25. If you live in the United States of America, and do not support the right of its citizens to own firearms and carry them about, you disagree with the Constitution of the United States of America. You literally need to go move to another country because you have a fundamentally different belief system than the people of the United States of America. Good day.

  26. Ive never seen such nonsense. Im from GB and the answer to why guns need to be controlled was in the stats he gave about our country versus the US. Our murder rate was nt just "slightly" less per 100 000 it was 3 times less. Lets assume that our violent crimes are actually 3 times that of the US as was stated in the doc, (even though i doubt that very much ) our muder rate is far less. THE DIFFERENCE IS GUN CONTROL. If we had as many guns as you we would kill each other too. Why? because it is easy to kill someone or many people with a gun and run off. Much harder to kill with a knife. How many moments of madness killings are there in the US? yes we have your crime docs!!, the first 48 etc. Most are jumped up soft little kids killing other kids for a quick dollar or some stupid facebook argument or some crap. Well every country has angry teenagers its just that they don't have guns in their pockets. Wake up and smell the paranoia,Obama is nt Hitler or Pol Pot he s trying to reduce gun crime and death from gun shot wounds.....that involves guns........Its seriously simply and weird that you don't get it.

  27. "Obama is trying to take our guns away! There is no other possibility other than that he's a nazi!"
    Great comedy movie, man.

  28. Im not a gun nut, but knives kill more people than guns,the real issue I have with firearms especially pistols is that its too easy for someone to take there own life with them.

  29. There are many scenarios involving the gun issue, but take the following into consideration:
    (present-day Okinawa). When that once-independent kingdom was taken over by a daimyo from Kyushu in 1609, the Ryukyuan people were forced to surrender their weapons.

    Instead of remaining defenseless, they secretly developed a fighting style that combined their native martial arts with forms from China, such as Shaolin Temple kung fu, to create an effective method of unarmed combat. The point is that guns are not needed to kill. I am trained in several M.A. self-defense techniques, and sometimes teach those seeking my knowledge. I show how almost anything can become a weapon...so should we ban and criminalize "everything"? Of course not, we have a privelege in America, to bear arms. With that privelege comes responsibility. A country should never allow it's right to bear arms diminished for any reason. We may need our guns to fight our enemies on our own land someday, ISIS and it's followers is a good example. Don't fight among yourselves about guns and gun control, fight to make gun owners more aware of the responsibility that comes with gun ownership. There are always going to be "crazies" and criminals. If some one wants a crowd of people dead....they simply find another way, check recent News stories.

  30. Further more ,all the "laws"that any state ,or federal goverment make up ,are for one reason and one reason only ,,they want to be the only ones to have the bigger guns and more ammo in them ,so to me ,they are infringing on my constitutional protected right ,remember why the second amedment was put in place for ,it was not for hunting was it ,don't you find it odd,,just the same why does anyone needs some one else dictating how to live your life ,do you need it ,because I don't, I never agreed to some one running my life ,,,it is mine to do with it what I want ,don't you know .does anyone one remember why the colonists decided to sussed from England, was it taxes? So why are we the people being tax even after we are dead ,,it sounds to me like it's time to review our current situation, and tell goverment ,you work for me ,to make my life easier, not to tax me even after death ,now if you don't like it let me know you can be replace,,and no we don't have to wait for another election ,I could terminate ur employment ant any time ,by the way ,for the people that say that some people are paranoid ,look up ,Bill Clinton's executive orders to fema ,,then talk about it ,have a great day

  31. Can someone one please tell me what happend in any country that the government have disarmed the people ,has anyone pay attention to history ,I don't know but it haves a funny way of repeating it's self bottom line ,if you want a gun get one ,if you do not want one then don't ,and my right to defend my self is not given to me by the constitution, it's protected by it ,my creator whatever it might be ,gave me that right ,I'll will not burden any one whit my safety ,that's my job ,,have a great day

  32. Obama wants our guns for a reason. Just stop and think not all these shootings are from American citizens. Taking away our guns isn't going to do anything criminals are just going to find a way to get them. There's 600,00 people in winsconsin alone with guns some police officers hunt some people can't afford the grocery store people have hunted for thousands of years. Guns are not the problem

  33. Brainwashed gun nuts believe everything the NRA and the gun lobby tells them and every time there's a shooting they go out and buy more guns like a bunch of stupid sheep.

  34. The USA has a lot more to answer for than killing each other. The NRA is a Godless corporation without a soul. You have twisted a belief in God into an unrecognizable justification to topple governments, arm death squads, and the perfect example of Bush W. to invade Iraq behind a veil of lies to invade Iraq killing tens of thousands of civilians and trigger the middle east into the murder and torture of millions. Christianity has been gutted, just as Islam has been gutted, to justify the most heinous acts of barbarity the world has seen. Now the US and Russia are in a stand-off, with Iran and China on its side and itchy fingers hover over nuclear holocausts with Pakistan and India, and maybe Iran too, and let's not forget Israel. Each power thinking that maybe only the first to launch will be the last to stand. So you fools arguing about you're right to bare arms should maybe bring out your machine guns and aim them at the sky because in case you haven't noticed the world is fu**ed right now and the good old USA has done more to cause that than all the other mad men combined.

  35. Well then, Mom Pie, surely you would be aware by now, that anyone living within 100 miles of a US border has now had their constitutional rights removed & that means all of your amendments. But don't worry, I hear that soon that discrimination shall be removed & that everyone will have their constitutional rights removed from them equally - it's only fair.
    I sure hope that doesn't leave you feeling too infringed upon...

    1. Does that mean the NATIVE AMERICANS will be treated like the blacks and other folks who are her who protest THE US

  36. trumpsAhead you are so correct!! well said.
    now i must respond to Rick Kiriakidis and the comment about a citizen shooting the bad guy. first of all, the citizen that has shot the bad guy is encarcerated by the government to set examples and leave the citizen unarmed when the gun is in his face. its all a scandal. unarm us and take our rights away. the justice system is not in anyones favor but its own. $$$

  37. The point is...THE SECOND AMENDMENT guarantees my RIGHT TO OWN a gun. Period. I don't care if you like it or not. It's my right. I don't infringe on your rights and you sure as hell better not infringe on mine. I can own a gun for sport, for protection, for the mere pleasure of ownership. It doesn't matter how that makes you feel. Your interpretation of gun ownership is irrelevant, thanks to the brilliant minds of our founding fathers.

    1. Amendments can be amended. There are no guarantees.

  38. I think-when you want to buy a rifle for shooting game in season you should have police check--checked by your religion- and not past violations-then have to wait about six months

  39. Fine, for each lethal weapon that a civilian gives back he gets a non lethal weapon of his own choosing. Your 2`nd amendment should be just fine with that. As non-lethal weapons are still 'arms' .

  40. If people are polite only because they fear you are armed, you are not living in a "polite society" by any definition of the word. You are living in a society paralyzed by fear. Only a fool thinks you can put out a fire by dumping gasoline on it.

    Rather than arm every one to stop crime, we are better off eliminating the root causes of crime: poverty and social inequality. That is the sane and reasonable way to deal with things.

    Figures the same party who insists they are "the party of life" are the people least willing to stop dreaming of legally murdering someone and calling it "self defense".

  41. This documentary if full of spurious correlations and insinuations with great cherry picking of statistics. Comparing Obama to Hitler. Paleeze. Terrible editing too. What a farce.

  42. And when the army shows up at your doorstep to take over, it is not a few citizens with semi-automatic weapons that are going to stop them.

    1. It is hilarious when emotional lefties claim the “army” would go against the US Constitution. Most of the military are Right wing and support the Constitution.

      Your dream of the military going against the people is laughable.

  43. Come to Canada my friends. Leave your guns behind. I live in a city of three million and know nobody that owns a gun and no nobody that knows somebody that has been shot by a gun. I walk the streets at night with no fear. The gun nuts create the problem than propose the solution. Everybody armed? How is that working for you? There were less than 50 murders in my city last year and only a fraction by guns.

  44. First. Thank you. Now. one thing i so miss is where we can sit down and talk about all things and no being called names and trying to belittle or hurt the other. now we do it all the time and look at what has go wrong on that! We all have the right to say what we feel with out being called nasty things. I do live in the south texas and very proud of it. Yes i do have hand guns and rifels.

    we do hunt some. we have set down and learn to use them and use them very well. keep them clean and ready to go. and sadly. i had to stop someone from getting to my wife and babys., I still can see his eyes when all that happen. :( We should have the right to own and keep fireamrs to hunt and keep the love ones safe. we need to look to the past. every contry that does not allow persons to keep there arms. thy will fall very fast. Gov have turn on them! Other Gov start wars and take over. look around and see it now. I am NOT saying arm up and turn on your gov.. but keep a eye on them and your friends to help them. But Please.. and i do mean Please. Stop the hate and name calling and lets sit down and start a new line and be open to Learn from others.. ANd always. Look to your town gov and back them up at all times. if you or not happy.. Then Vote them out and replace them! you have a voise and a vote! use them!

  45. There is nothing wrong with taking guns away from a populace. Here in the UK we don't own guns, as a general rule, even our police officers remain largely unarmed, there are illegal firearms which are occasionally used to murder others generally within the black population and there have been gun crimes over the years but nothing like the issues of the USA. There is no need to own a gun in a sane society. This documentary is extremely one sided I don't like Obama but if he is removing the vast majority of guns from the American populace this can only be for the good of everyone in the long run.

  46. Many other countries have a high rate of gun ownership and low violent crimes related to guns, eg. Norway and Switzerland. There are also shootings, but these are very rare and always by the insane.

  47. He wants our guns because he knows that eventually the true patriots in this country will rise up and he doesn't want them armed when they do... Well, guess what? There is ALWAYS a way, remember that...

    1. except he isn't taking your guns...just your ability to mow down an entire classroom of children without needing to reload.

  48. you can sum this s*it up in one sentence: american citizens owning guns does not equate to the wild west. criminals will get their guns regardless of law, therefore extensive gun control measures, for the most part, only affect those who are following the letter of the law, that is, your average gun owning citizen. i dont like that they talk about sandy hook as being a scapegoat in this "documentary", i dont believe it was any kind of false flag terrorism. People lost their lives that day, and no matter how much you may hate obama, he didnt make that happen. is he using it to his advantage? yeah, sure he is. but i think people, especially republicans and conservatives, need to take a step back, make a f--king real arguement against it, instead of saying "oh yeah obama? well my names ted cruz and im gonna talk for 21 hours straight. that'll show you! america! f--k yeah!

    heres what should happen, and it could solve all our problems, roll a fatty, get john beoners a** into the oval office for a legitimate smoke out. that indoor s*it.

  49. The real reason he wants to ban firearms is so when the NEW WORLD ORDER takes in full affect citizens won't be able to defend thierselfs

    1. you should have your guns taken away solely for the reason of writing "thierselfs" here.

    2. AMEN

  50. People should educate themselves a bit more .Go on alternative medias platform , do not listen to mainstream media. I am french , I live in South Africa now , tired of the oppression of the masses, and the brainwash we live in .Just come back from Europe , and saw again the blatant faith that people have in the media, whether it's about syria , JPMorgans ,the Boston Bombing,gun control, FEMA camp , and the list goes on . Knowledge is power , and the people backstage know this !

    1. How is that move going for you?

      I live in the USA, I've considered many times leaving.

  51. Toothpaste out of the tube. Obama nor anyone else is going to TAKE our guns. Think about it...Too much money to be made. Too many people employed by the manufacture. Too many legitimate reasons to have. For hunting, for sport shooting , for protection, for the appreciation of machining, carving and skill that it takes(or took) to produce an object that will serve for generations.

    1. Guns are already being confiscated in California from innocent people

    2. no they aren't.

    3. yes they are.

    4. who from?

  52. This monster will see his last years from behind steel bars.

  53. I believe that the US citizens need guns.

    The fact is every one has gun's now so you need to protect yourself.
    Obama wants citizen to have no means of defend themselfs he knows that the US is going into financial ruin.

    His rich Friends are stealing trillions the day will come were folks
    are just going to rise up hence he likes them to be unarmed.

    He already is in the process of dismantling the constitution.
    Soon you can be convicted for crimes you not even done yet.

    Dollar is going to colapse hence why people crazy about buying ya gold.

  54. Ok give syrians guns.. check! go to war with syria... check! copy bush by giving future " enemys" weapons before an invasion.... check! And oh while im copying bush or history or whatever claim they have weapons of mass destruction (chemical weapons) check! people cant you see it away to happen again !!!

    1. was i the only one that got the memo about the deal they came to over the chemical weapons?

    2. Was I the only one that read in ten different articles that chemical weapons were used by Al-cia-da Rebels in Syria killing many children, and not used by Assad's Syrian army?
      Any deals America makes is nothing but a scam to get closer to kicking Assad out of power -- the same as in Iraq and Libya and now it's Assad's turn to be the villain in Pin the tail on the Unwilling Patsy.

  55. he did not promise change you can believe in he promised chains you can believe in a campain promise he is keeping

  56. From day to day I'm looking you Americans and I can't belive you're so ignorant , poorly informed , basicly self centered that you even have no time or chance to see what is F..k happening around you. You are so self preocupaid so you start to belive that you are ONLY people on this planet , you gave your self a mission to go around a world and rob nation after nation everything in the name ''THAT SOMEBODY WANT TO TAKE YOUR WAY OF LIFE'' and poor you , you must take everything get in order. For last 20 or so years you becoming a real POLICE , MILITARY and FASCISM society that you can't make diferent bitvine american life and life of some odher man in the world . For you is completly normal that is american life is worty 10 times more then any other life on the planet and that is one of the first signs that you're sliding , easy but shurely , in to FASCISM. You have so much domestic problems even you're not aware , you have probably about 2 mill. people under arms in more than 140 diferent groupations like milityas , white arians , black that , pink this and so on etc.Can you imagine all those people all around you , your houses , your's kids with tones and tones different guns and amo but most important all of them have there own ideology and they are prepared to fight for that idea or whatever. That will be the moment you will open your eyes and says to your self ''OBAMA WAS RIGHT', HE KNEW WHAT WAS HE DOING , EVERY RED NECK IN AMERICA NOW HAS AN ARSENAL AT HOME AND WANT HIS OWN 15 MINUTES OF FAME' ! Good luck my good people of USA and maybe , just maybe there is little bit more time to open your's eyes and made right decision. P.S. Sorry for my english , my writeing but you'll understand what I'm talking about. i'm not from english speaking country so I belive I can be excused for all of my writeing misstakes.

    1. Unintelligible English is unintelligible English. So no, you don't get special pleading--you can't be excused.

    2. You ignorant prick,I realise you're probably just trolling but I would put anything on the fact you can't even talk another language,much less write one as tough to learn as English.
      The fact this guy has poor grammar in no way belittles the absolutely valid points about american society his comment is making,you'd do we'll to read it again,digest the content and reassess your twisted world view,having said that,I don't agree with the anti gun lobby for one reason,namely,the first step to a fascist crackdown on any population is to remove their means to defend themselves from an unjust "security" regime.

      Do us all a favour and get back to screwing your toothless sister or sucking your brothers poo off your fathers todger,back under the rock from whence you came ;) XxX

    3. I don't give a damn about this guy's english, but you jumped all over robertallen1, yet you opposed broken-english-Dino's support for gun control. I do also oppose his view, very much.

      But that was his major point -- he's blaming all murders, wars, fascist govt on guns and says Obama was right. He doesn't understand or doesn't want to let on (I think he's a shill) that guns protect the citizenry against government. Guns are not necessarily a killer's weapon but definitely a weapon of choice for "defense" against killers.
      Man, you were harsh as hell to robertallen; he probably saw through that guy as I did.
      Let me get this straight, some guy spends 500 words cursing USA as fascists and murderers and robbers and war mongers with a punch line saying Obongo was right with gun control ... but you turn around and curse the guy who complained about his english. Wow! Think you got your priorities right? Maybe You should re-read what that prick said. I smell govt.

  57. Guns Dont kill people, People kill People... If they have the intention to they will. No matter what weapon of choice. Timothy McVeigh killed more people with a home made bomb than an assault rifle. Doesn't make sense to take away assault rifles, when anyone could do more damage with a home made bomb. The Government obviously has different motives in mind.

    1. More murders are committed around the world with blunt objects than with guns. I'd like the right to protect myself from those blunt objects(that have a human hanging off the end of it) by owning a gun. It is every human's right to self preservation.

    2. I see your point, and I tend to agree. It seems guns give everyone the same power to protect themselves; they create a level playing field. But personally, I am happy not to have them in my society.

      Consider this though...imagine if we had the technology to each have a force field around us that was bullet proof and stopped anyone from invading our personal space. Would be great huh? It would also have the distinct advantage of being a defensive shield without being an offensive weapon.

      The offensive features of guns are in question, not the defensive ones. In our day and age attack remains the best form of defence. And unfortunately, that characteristic of our social behaviour does not stop at guns and as @kobe says: people kill people.

    3. nobody is challenging your right to own a gun...they're challenging your right to be able to fire fifty rounds at that person, or that classroom full of unarmed children who nine times out of ten end up being the actual victims.

    4. We stand together, brothers in arms.
      God bless America, no matter what the turd in the WH thinks.

    5. Ugh, Timothy McVeigh was a patsy, not a killer; that's like saying Oswald killed Kennedy -- both wrong.
      We get your point but a home made bomb did not do damage to Oklahoma City, the building was wired beforehand by govt, the same as Twin Towers in Manhattan, duh.
      Please learn the truth -- we are under attack by govt as we speak.

    6. you know...when EVERYTHING is a conspiracy, the word starts to lose it's impact.

      Oh no, my drink was knocked over...it's a CONSPIRACY!!!

    7. Try to understand the words that are coming out of your ass. It is you who called these events "conspiracy".
      Now about your drink being knocked over -- before you call it a conspiracy you must first investigate exactly what happened, who was closest to you at the moment of upturned drink, who could have gained by this? The bartender & shill patron wanting you to buy another drink, or friends seeing you're already drunk. Did you investigate?

      So after due deliberation and hundreds of hours of investigation, if you don't know the truth of 9/11, JFK, OK City, then you're an ass and a zombie.
      Go back to sleep, govt says the economy is fine, gun control will keep us safe, and obama really loves Americans because he too is American and we all saw his birth certificate that proves it. Goodnight, say your prayers, your gonna need 'em.

    8. lol, i was making the point that most conspiracies are utterly r*tarded...and that people with a taste for tin foil hats will make a conspiracy out of anything...you kinda proved my point for me, thank you.

      I'm not an a** or a zombie...you're the one believing tall tales that are unsupported by evidence. Personally the only conspiracy i saw in 9/11 was the conspiracy to use it as a reason to go on an crusade in Iraq...But of course you were too busy foaming at the bit over utter fantasy to see what was happening right under your noses.

      You think your eyes are open, but really all you've done is pulled the wool over your own eyes, and you've done it, pretty much at the behest of people who have made a LOT of money in selling you a fanciful story.

  58. What a bull**** documentary, made bij obama haters hahaha, we europeans smell that from a distance americans are to naiv,

  59. If guns were what made you feel safe, then why would they be a physical object capable of only physically harming another human? Guns are manmade objects, capable of destroying and or being destroyed. Words and deeds, (lifestyle, behavior, attitude, etc,) do more harm than a manmade metallic object (anything manmade in lazy english) while rebellion speaks volumns in the wrong direction, (just as Obama is relying on) Obedience to a HEAVENLY King OF kings and LORD of lords says something stronger. sends a better message. Guns don't save you. guns have no life. Guns have no blood, no brain, no bodily functions at all. People are still ultimately the ones responsible for what they do, to who, and why they do it. If a gun is what makes you feel "secure" (for some, security is a job or a mansion or money or anything manmade) than why is it so easily taken from you?! And don't say "because of threats", a gun has no other purpose than to threaten, goverment has no other purpose, a job has no other purpose, schools, "public education" or any type of social anything has no purpose but to cause fear and intimidate, to pull you further away from Jesus Christ. is that what you sell your soul and the souls of your children for? For false security? Or am I even still on earth? I thought we humans were supposed to be wiser than that but maybe that was my wishful thinking.

    1. And just what's the matter with being pulled as far away as possible from your goddam Jesus Christ?

    2. Why are you putting your man made invisible deities/jesus's into this doc? Has nothing to do with it. Go spout your religions somewhere else.
      It seems your "heavenly king" jesus unthroned Mithra, probably used a supernatural gun. lol

      funny religee's

  60. Hilariously bad and dangerous to suggestible m*rons. The gun companies don't care about you "protecting yourself,"? their sole interest is and always has been your money. Get a f--king education.

    1. .i was saved by a gun, thank god I didn't have to shoot but still, I probably don't count in the dozens of kids that have been killed...by the way, do you think it's all a lie...?

    2. would this gun that saved you have been taken away by any of the now failed proposals ?

    3. well it seems to be heading in that direction.

    4. was that a no? you are assuming that is the direction. why not judge the legislation on its own merits? we can't judge all legislation by what might be proposed in the future. that is akin to those who claim that allowing gay marriage will lead to people marrying an animal or inanimate object, if you cannot argue on the facts and need to impose characteristics not in the proposals onto it to dismiss it. then you do not have much of an argument

    5. It is their stated goal to remove guns from the American people. They are using "incrementalism" to bring this about. Their words, not mine. I also have had to use a firearm to protect my life. Their goal is to remove guns from the majority of citizens, not those with criminal intent. It is their freedom to do what they want to the American people without fear of reprisal that they are protecting, not the American people from attack from people with guns.

    6. nowhere has it ever been stated that the plan is to remove all the guns...that's just hysterical PR from the desk of a gun lobbyist.

  61. “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Page 261 - The Audacity of Hope.

    1. no need for context i see.

  62. Well in my country gun control is extremely tight. In 2010 there were less than 800 violent gun crimes that year and only 60 were murders. We have only had one mass shooting since the ban. Our government has never used violence to assert control since the ban either. Your arguments for guns being positive are invalid. Although the US gun culture would prevent a ban from actually working which is a problem. Especially since US gun laws are actually tighter than some other countries which manage to maintain more positive crime statistics. But I digress, while there is a self defence argument, one would never need a military grade light machine gun to defend their home, bolt action rifles and shotguns are enough. End of.

    1. And what country is this? Your country that you refer to in your statement. Does it have a name?

    2. I mean no offense, Will, but you are wrong. The truth is: In America, places you cant get guns easily are the most violent places in our country. The places that allow OC/CC are much safer. Texas is a good example, its violent crime went down as they loosened gun laws. Cali and New York have the heaviest gun laws, and are the most violent, pretty much sporting 3rd world murder rates. Furthermore, I was born in Arizona, my first gun was a bolt action mosin nagant, my second a ruger gp100 .357, these are tools not weapons. This is my culture, as everyone knows. There aren't people in this world who think Wild West and don't think gold boys, henry repeaters, and a good double action revolver. Also, whatever country your from doesn't consider a gun a sovereign right, my country does.

    3. Well that's because of our culture, we just have a violent culture and too many minorities. if a culture is homogenized like in norway, guns aren't necessary. everyone is safe because there is no culture of crime. USA is much more complex which is why sadly we need guns to protect ourselves. i agree though all assault rifles should be banned, there's no need for them. a shotgun is the best home defense weapon and a handgun is best for mid-range combat

    4. Norway is about to need guns again in the worst possible way. The Muslims are coming. They are a severe problem all over Europe. Don't fall into the trap laid by the creation of the political term "assault weapon". It was designed to create fear and loathing but the weapons described have more in common with sporting weapons than any current military weapon. The main reason to resist the ban of assault weapons is that their definition is not carved in stone and is subject to frequent redefinition. The term has been expanded many times since its creation to cover many more weapons. The second amendment was written as an escape clause from an oppressive regime that the founders were reasonably certain would eventually usurp power in the USA. Even the term "Militia", that our government wants us to believe means some sort of state sponsored fighting force, meant something different in that era. Militia referred to ever able bodied man capable of carrying arms.

    5. lol, no it wasn't!
      the term assault weapon came into being because they were designed for troops to assault the enemy with them.

      do you work for smith and wesson or something?

    6. exactly syndrome

    7. Murder rate per 100,000
      CA: 4.9
      NY: 4.4
      TX: 5.0
      AZ: 5.5

      Source: "Murder by State, Types of Weapons, 2010" Uniform Crime Reports. Crime in the U.S. 2010. FBI.

    8. ah, that all important thing called context.

    9. You and your country.

      I am glad that you speak for all of humanity and are a living testament to the benevolence of governments towards their own people now and throughout history.

    10. OK, but your county has, and still have, very few guns...do you really think we can take millions guns.

    11. I would like to see the government get rid of assault rifles...if they could I would agree whole hardheartedly

    12. do you even know what an assault rifle is. or even capable of describing what one looks like? there is a major misunderstanding in what an assault rifle actually is. what i'm saying is, I have a semi pistol, a 30/30 rifle, a 20 guage shotgun, and a 22lr. and my guns have been in my gun rack for 18 yrs. and have not assaulted anyone. they just lay there and draw dust. must have bought unassault guns. man, I sure hope they don't jump off that rack and run down the road and kill someone. in which is a legal question, would I be held responsible for their actions and held liable?

    13. If by "assault" rifle you mean a more powerful weapon than a .22, I say govt is the reason we need them. While most Americans are waking up and realizing the importance of the 2nd Amdmt you are unwittingly siding with the enemy, the usurper of our beloved Constitution. Please rethink your idea.

    14. Fool analysis on your part, since while a "military grade light machine gun" may not be necessary to defend one's home from a solitary intruder, it may be necessary if two or three broke into your home, but more importantly, more powerful weapons are very necessary if we are to fight the government invading your home. The US govt seems hell bent on turning citizens into slaves. Wake the hell up.

    15. to be honest, just so long as measures are taken to keep those guns out of the hands of paranoid people with victim complexes, i'm perfectly happy.

  63. I came to this article expecting something interesting...instead I found a bunch of people fighting over an opinion. Now it is no secret that a society with guns and the will to use them is a lot harder to take over rather than an unarmed or even a society that is unwilling or fearful of their guns. Now I have no idea why Canadians are here talking about an American issue but I suppose they have the right to post what they wish. I am not here to tell you whether or not what you believe is wrong nor am I here to call anyone an i*iot for their political beliefs. I am personally an Independent because this is the UNITED states of America. Having a political system like this only brings fractures in that unity. Now I know that some of you will respond negatively to my post because i am not on this particular subject or you just feel like a god sitting on your computer talking as much trash as you possibly can because the person on the other end can't harm you. Any of the many choices that may be present are out of my hands because I could not possibly cover them all but the main thing I am trying to say is that we are a united country, 9/11 showed us very clearly how united we are, and together we stand united against any enemy that wishes to harm our people or the many that rely on us in other countries. How can we possibly defend ourselves without the means or the weapons to do so. Look at the slaughters in Africa and tell me that none of those slaughters would've happened if those people were armed as well. We can't get rid of guns as a threat, we can only embrace them. "If guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns" -read that somewhere. Yes, if guns werent invented we would not have this problem. Well they were. So we can only live around the mistakes of our forefathers.

    1. I say one thing.
      the worst enemy is the one within.
      To make it simple check out what ya government is doing to your constitution and watch a decent news channel other then your Fox and compare.

      Perhaps some alarm clocks start ringing.

      Your government can arrest you at anytime and imprison you indefinitely with no proof just by calling you a terrorist.

      Nothing great living in the US no FCK civil rights all removed for the pretends of so called national security.

    2. ok, just do me one favour...try and actually imagine the logistics behind conquering a modern industrialised country. It is quite literally impossible, there isn't an army big enough outside of China, and China are making money hand over fist from America, so invading would economically destroy them.

      dude...turn call of duty off and go to bed.

  64. In recent history and not of the American Revolution War era, countries such as China, France, Spain, Poland, Thailand, Vietnam, Phillipines, India, Vietnam all fell because their government were weak and their citizen have only cutting weapons, to defend themselves from the Germans, Japanese. Then there are recent African countries that were/are still being genocide by their own countries as they too have no guns nor even cutting tools to defend themselves from their LEADERS... Who will survive during a civil unrest, liberals that have no guns, or people that have big ones?

  65. Funny, those Benghazi emails were faked.
    Your article is bulls*it. :)
    Oh, and a little something called the Patriot act already allowed indefinite detention of american citizens.
    How soon we forget.

    1. Well at least he was profiling known terrorist...Obama is, or can record any phone call, email, and face book (which has already happened :) you don't think that's scary as hell or are you not aware. I believe Thomas Jefferson said when you replace liberty with safety, we are in big trouble (paraphrasing a bit)

  66. These "white" guys who did these shootings all look completely whacked out! Makes you ask again about our mental health issues and how they are being handled?....oh wait give them access to more harmful drugs and let them self medicate. Isn't that right big government?!!! I'm starting to lose all credibility for the term "conspiracy theory"...it seems to be just conspiracy more and more.
    Governments have never done this over the course of history have they! They probably set that whole shooting of that poor politician lady in Arizona up all in the name of their cause...a sacrificial lamb if you will all in the name of their hidden agenda to gain the masses support and divide us further. Coincidence kinda how close all these shootings started sparking off ???....Who know's???...but as "ELITE" leaders you must find the good in any situation right?!!!
    It also appears over the last few decades we are being flooded by foreigner"s made citizens here, which is okay since a lot of them love America and seek a better free life. The problem here is they are not educated on how the freedom they seek here was established and are fed false, twisted, manipulated, and corrupt stories/lies and America's past. Basically being tricked into following this change thinking it's right....WRONG! You are are now heading back to where you came from by unknowingly helping and voting away your FREEDOMS!!!....and MINE!!!

    1. What have we learned from the past about the government trying to take things away from us? Prohibition, the war on drugs. What did those things create? An opportunity for organized crime. How many organizations and/or countries would love to see the US government brought to it's knees? So they take all the guns away, fine, everyone from drug cartels in South America to Kim Jong-un would probably send us care packages of weapons just to see us stick it to the man.

    2. If you supply the drug's you prohibit them

      so your price don't go down.

      half of those politicians are involved in those drug trades indirectly.

  67. It seems to me that the real reason the Second Amendment was made was due to the times of that era. I think they wanted a country where people had the ultimate power, and having come from corrupt England, they wanted the US to never get to a point where the Government became tyranical. Of course at that time wars were fought with armies of armed men and therefore an armed public could effectivily fight tyrany but today is way different with massive leaps in weaponry and technology the forefathers couldn't dream of, the second amendment is really no longer effective for its intended purpose. I don't think its as simple as making anti gun laws though because most criminals don't care about the legality of their guns and there are already so many guns in the hands of people that its really a complex issue. I don't really see the point of fully auto and massive clips but then I haven't thought that much about it.

    1. did you watch the video? apparantly not its people like you that are in for a big surprise im afraid gun control is the end of our freedom son any other way of thinking is just wrong!

    2. ". I think they wanted a country where people had the ultimate power"

      You got it man,

      ergo an armed population is one of the checks and balances of the power of the federal government

      to those who say the feds have too much military power ergo hand over all the citizens guns, thats not how you balance an imbalance in power. If one bucket is more full than the other you dump some of that water into the empty one OR empty some of the fuller one on to the ground.

      As the old slogan goes "towns dont need tanks". TheDHS does not need to be militarized to control the people, so get rid of it entirely. The military, if too powerful, should have its arms reduced, or dispersed central power to that of the states, or increase the arms of the people (give them full auto back.)

      Address the "checks and balances" that were meant to keep the feds, state, and "people" (militia) on par with one another in terms of power.

    3. It always amazes me how people can see the application of the 1st amendment to modern forms of communication such as computers, phones and satellite communications but the 2nd amendment is restricted to muskets. People only see what they wanna see and only apply what they wanna apply concerning their personal beliefs. The fact is the constitution is VERY clear about gun ownership and when added with the tons of other writings about the 2nd amendment by the founders it becomes VERY VERY clear EXACTLY what they meant.

    4. i do not think it should be limited to muskets. but what about the "well regulated" part? and freedom of speech has been limited when it is used to deliberately harm others.

    5. As he said, people see what they want to see - lol...the well regulated what now?

    6. Lumberjake, 2 things for you to think through.

      1- If the armed citizens in the USA are no match for the "massive leap in weaponry," then why is the UN, China and all anti-gun factions of US Gov't so worried about "average armed citizens?" CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE?

      2- Why couldn't the mighty Russian military forces defeat the rag-tag Afghan militias who had nothing but small arms, pitchforks, grenades and spears... etc etc etc? The Russians had tanks, jets, canons, bombers, gunship helicopters, rockets.. etc etc etc.

  68. This is a junky documentary.

  69. what a crazy video, propaganda? yep. like wtf is with the piano an sad panda speech?

    World united Culture is the most powerful thing on earth right now. It is real, it has been built by our kids, and they have the wheel of this beast. if we dont ride the wave, we will be swept away by it.

    Soon the wave will capsize China, America should worry more about that then a out dated auto loading rifle with a large clip.

    1. acezero44 you arent very bright are you?

  70. @awful_truth

    You know for a Canadian, you sure do talk a lot of shit about something your country never had the pleasure of having,,, freedom. Sure you can come on and try to put down everyone who post something with your "what are you going to do about it" type remarks. I call it psychobabble. For one thing the United States is not even a democracy, the word never appears in our Constitution. In fact the United States is a Republic, which brings me to my second point. If you read the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights, there is a word that ends all debate on us "fearful" Americans losing anything (for that matter). Ahh hell I will just copy and paste the paragraph for you.

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE

    Unalienable is defined as: Something that cannot be taken away or given away by the possessor.

    You seem to enjoy reminding the American people that we have had all of our rights taken away from us, with you incessantly jabbing us with the mention of the patriot acts etc. Let me inform you (standing on this side of the fence) that an administration that does not reflect our Constitution is in fact null and void. I like how you throw out those comments about how we can keep our guns but when they come with bigger and more guns, that we can just shut up and do what we are told. Another fact that you fail to realize: All service men and women of all branches of military and all civil servants of the federal government takes an oath to serve and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. So it comes down to the individual moral choice of each one of us when the time comes. I guess that is something that is alien to you being from a country were only about 11% of its land is privately owned? Another little fact that you like to throw in our faces (standing, or hiding, on your side of the fence) is the 900,000 deaths by firearms number within a 30 year period. Which (contrary to what you are pushing) is a direct contradiction to the numbers that the F.B.I. have come up with in their study within a 15 year observation of gun purchases and violent crimes. You can look it up, their study shows a 49% decrease in violent crimes which they have surmised is a direct correlation with the amount of gun purchases (which has been rising) in that 15 year snap shot. I have to admit, I thought that I would absolute learn nothing from all your post, other than a well versed lesson in psychobabble. I came across an academia word "democide". Democide is defined as: "the murder of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder." Now there are numbers for that too (maybe the next time you want to impress someone with numbers, you can use this instead). Democide just within the twentieth and twenty first century has risen well above 260,000,000. How you compare America with Nazi Germany, well I would have to disagree with you as well. Sure once Hitler came into power he created legislature much like our "patriot acts" and he also confiscated firearms. But (and its a big but! so big you can set a twelve pack on it) his government killed over 20 million between 1933 and 1945. As for you Canadian's being to smart to follow "US" into the "war on terror". Well I do recall that your countries troops were in Afghanistan and Iraq as well (something you must of missed standing, or is it peeking, behind your side of the fence). You are right about our corporate media though, which brings me to my last couple of points. When you say "talk is cheap" what do you mean? Are you calling for a rise in arms? You say we are part of the New World Order? If that be the case, why all the push to eliminate our Constitution, Bill of rights? We are in a information war, in fact it constitutes our First Amendment (much better than your countries watered down version). So talk is not so cheap, the spread of information is much more powerful than the spread of bullets. So, my dear Canadian neighbor, let me remind you (while you hide behind your fence shouting rhetoric of freedom and a call to arms) your country has only obtain independence since what? 1982? You remind me of an ant biting the claw of a lion, or better yet. What is your national animal, oh yeah a beaver against a bald eagle. By the way, at the start of our Revolutionary War, only ten percent of the population initiated that war. By the end only up to 20 percent participated in that war. They too were out gunned and out numbered. But you guys would know nothing about that now would you?

    1. As an American you make us look pathetic. You talk in circles and your rhetoric about Canada is false. Do research on the country before you go off trying to explain yourself whose bigger in the pants. Canada was never in Iraq nor did they gain independence in the 1980's. You are backing up your statements with who has a more fierce national symbol. Do your research and I stop proving to the world that the Americans educational system a illegitimate flop. We Americans have faired far worse in this recession then those North of the border which is why many of their banks are popping up across the country. So maybe there doing something right that we could learn from.

    2. You should probably learn how the economy works before saying that other countries are doing "better" than the US. The US is a much larger country (population-wise) than Canada- we are about ten times its size; understand that our sheer size and our free market makes managing our economy a nightmare; we are actually doing very well comparatively speaking. I have actually heard some say that our economy is the "prettiest house on an ugly block", which is perhaps the best way to put it. You are however correct in what else you said regarding Canada in addition to pointing out his fallacies of argument, though you could have spared the ad hominem. I do however respectfully disagree with your dim view on the educational system. I think it is in much better shape than people make it out to be- as a matter of fact, the only ones I hear complaining about the "sad" state of our educational system are folks who haven't utilized it in a good many years. I have made use of our educational system in the very recent past and believe that it isn't in such sad shape, though I do believe it would definitely benefit from having more money thrown its way.

      Malevolent-Storm, we are neither a democracy or a republic, we are a democratic republic. Look it up.

      As a side note, this "documentary" is riddled with misinformation. I am a conservative and I don't care for Obama, but this is just bogus crap. I watched it for laughs.

  71. greater security is equal to a small number of weapons, if you kill a man in self-defense, that does not prove that you are a better man than he, when people realize that there will be less tragedies around the world

    1. They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. -Benjamin Franklin

    2. Poor Malevolent-Storm, so bereft of ideas and original thought, he has to rely on what a dead person said 300 years ago.

    3. takes a damn fool to trust and rely on a government - me (still alive) after watching the hurricane Katrina aftermath.

  72. Can anyone explain to me why they voted for Obama besides the fact that he is black??? Does anyone have a clue??? Can someone tell me how Obamacare is going to help??? Does anyone even know how it works?? Doubt it.... You people are clueless....

    1. I am not an Obama fan either; however, when he's right, he's right, such as his recent stand on abortion and his support of stem cell research.

    2. @mike walsh:
      The american public voted for Obama to exercise their illusion of democracy, in an attempt to get rid of a couple of oil backed wingnuts, for the hope of something better. The republicans responded with their token african american. (Herman Cain) Since he was a wingnut too, they ran home to momma, and failed to remove Obama with their standard corporate white man, that has served them so well in the past.
      After reading your blog below, you are obviously a very fearful individual. The last bill that was knocked down in the senate was for background checks, and limiting clip size. I am guessing you still want the right to own assault rifles as well, which god knows you will need to attack your government with if they infringe on your rights. You know, those rights you lost from the previous wingnuts with the patriot act 1,& 2, that allows your government to enter your premises without telling you, and shipping you to gitmo to be tortured without legal representation. A government that forces the american public to cough up 1 trillion dollars a year to pay the interest on a debt, they loaned from a private corporation, who created it out of thin air. (fiat currency)
      A government that bailed out Wall St. and the banks, who
      forclosed on a million home owners. (sub prime mortgages)
      Since you don't like Obama, you must prefer his predacessor who had Donald Rumsfeld admitting the pentagon lost 2.1 trillion dollars they couldn't account for, and was never mentioned again, even after the 2008 economic collapse.
      Yup, you do have a lot to be scared of, but I don't think it is the american next door that you need to be concerned about.
      Ultimately, your government (1 politcal party, 2 factions) could care a less about the guns you have in your possession, and they are more than happy to see you drunk, and stupified, shooting one another, than paying attention to what they are really doing. The awful truth is you have the right to shut up, and do as you are told like everyone else, because the second you don't, they will come take you away, and 'blow your face off ' (quoting you) if you resist, because their guns are bigger, and they have a lot more of them then you, and "there is nothing you can do about it!!" (your quote again)
      Any questions?

    3. Mike, if you know so much, then why don't you answer your own f*cking question? Why ask the "clueless' people that are beneath your feet? Get a better life.

    4. well one thing I found out about obamacare, I get to pay extra money on my premiums so I can get help learning to breast feed, as a 51 year old male, I sure am glad I get to pay that extra money!

  73. The good news is all you anti gun dunbasses have no say, there is nothing you do about it!!! Go back in the hole you crawled out of... Come get my gun and I'll blow your face off...

    1. hmmm...I'm thinking of a word...stereotypical...that's it! Nice.

  74. In England almost all guns are banned, gun crime is so rare and low in the Uk the police dont even need to carry guns!!

  75. we are trained/ influenced... through propaganda to think that our enemy is potentially our neighbor making us live in fear ... how about when we give our guns away and the government is the only one with access to these guns .... they decide to implement laws and regulations we do not want.... have fun fighting back ... the fact is guns do exist.... and to deny a person a gun and allow another is not right... is the cop not a person when they take off the uniform? take a step back and think... if you read about a society where the government had all control of guns etc and the citizens had nothing couldnt the government govern the citizens of that society any way they want without having to worry about a fight lol dont be governed through fear.... what are we so scared of?

    1. @disqus_wly8MVJ9xO:disqus: That is fine, keep your guns, and just what do you plan on doing with them to keep your government in check? Since they have aready taken away all your rights, (patriot act 1, & 2) what are you going to do about it? That's what I thought!
      Talk is cheap, and even if you did respond in force, they would label you a terrorist, ship you off to Gitmo, and torture you without legal representation, assuming they didn't kill you first. In reality, your argument regarding the past is meaningless, since you are now part of the new world order where technology has altered the entire equation.(LRAD, drones, etc) The awful truth is your guns are only good for killing each other. (over 900,000 in 30 years)
      Since your entire economy is built on war now, you are making the same mistake Germany did 70 years ago by equating american culture, with american militarism, through corporate exploitation. (fascism)
      What are you scared of? If my country exploited, attacked, and interfered with everyone like your country has in the last 100 years, I would probably be scared as well. However, since I am canadian, (we have guns too) I am more focused on what really matters, as most canadians are. (don't freeze, don't drown)
      The awful truth is your government just voted down firearm background checks, and limiting clip size. No one said anything about confiscating everyone's firearms. This shrill response of panic that you are displaying, is how you lost your constitutional rights to begin with, because you were all listening to political rhetoric, (propaganda) when you should have been paying attention to what your government is really doing. (robbing you blind for the elite)
      Just keep watching fox news, Bill O'reilly, Glen Beck, etc, " and your transformation to the dark side will be complete!"

    2. This guy f-ing gets it. Far too much truth for the people that agree with this video to comprehend.

  76. In Australia, when they outlawed guns, and in the UK with their limited guns, there was/is a huge increase in violent crime, due to criminals not needing to fear most residents. You can't be shot, all of the HONEST citizens were required to turn in their weapons. Derp, criminals still got them on the black market, and as I said, violent crimes such as rape and assault (with knives, blunt weapons, etc) went through the roof. There are all sorts of accounts in which there are INCREDIBLY SAFE communities (or state, texas) that don't have to worry about a psycho killing 30 children because by the time the counter hits 4 someone has already shot the guy.

    1. Any statistical evidence to support your claims that Australian crime increases are directly attributed to gun control measures? I think you will find there is a difference between correlation and causality. As for the rest of your post... I hope you are from the UK is all I can say.

    2. Ok, here is a great system. Each psycho gets to kill 4 people minimum (and the number is higher with high rounds per minute guns like the AR-15) before he can be removed from the scene. I am not against guns, but why do you need an automatic weapon? If you have to pull a bolt, move a slide, or wait for an actual moderate reloading cycle before you pull the trigger again, that number drops to one or two people that can be killed. I have yet to find a gun advocate who can give me a better reason to have an automatic weapon than "its my right", which i count as void because the constitution gives me the right to life and pursuit of happiness, and the high number of possible kills with an automatic weapon is a threat to that right.

  77. most states if you have a gun, and shoot and kill the person who breaks into your home wether alone or has partners, you'rw guilty of murder. they want u to call 911 first and wait. while im not againt having a hand gun or a shotgun, i am against us citizens having assault rifles and the like. they are not protected by the constitution. in fact it says a "well armed militia". well individuals are NOT a militia, so their arguement of 2nd is crap.

  78. god will smite ,the freemason/luciferrian out along with vatican

  79. Absolute rubbish to the last second. There are many countries where guns are not quite available to the citizens, yet they are quiet safe and peaceful. We as a species are degenerating to an extent where our fundamental purpose is being forgotten.

    1. Breeding? Don't think anyone forgets about sex smart guy

  80. If you people believe this is about safety in your homes you are sadly mistaken. This is about the government not wanting us to be able to protect ourselves when they try to take away the rest of our rights. The second amendment is about keeping the government in check. Wake up people! Obama is a puppet in the hands of very evil men who want to control everything you do. He does what he is told to do in order to take away our freedoms. He wants to destroy our economy. Take a look at what happened in Germany before Hitler took over and what the state of their nation was in. All you uninformed young and old people who listen to the lies told by the media need to wake up!!!!! We are being sold out, we are losing our liberties.

    1. @Rebecca Colvin:
      Interesting thought process you have there. For the record, in the last 30 years, the american public have killed over 900,000 of it's fellow citizens with guns. In the same time period, only 3,500 americans have died due to foreign terrorism. So, while the american public refuses to give up large magazines, and assault rifles quoting the 2nd ammendment while killing each other off, they gave away any meaningful rights they had, (patriot act 1 &2) allowing their government (sneek and peek) to enter their homes without telling them, and allowing their own citizens to be shipped to Gitmo, and be tortured without legal representation because they might be a terrorist.
      I guess the only question that really matters is, if the american government can do to you whatever they want, when they want, what is the point of having guns to defend your rights, against your own government, if you don't plan on ever using them, except of course if it is against each other?
      Until the american public wakes up from it's own propaganda, (fox news) you will continue to support a government that has robbed you blind,(a trillion dollars a year in taxes to pay the interest on your debt, that you loaned from a privately owned federal reserve that created it out of thin air - fiat currency) or take a million homes away from home owners who were bilked by Wall St, (sub prime mortgages) and the loss of all your pension plans. In other words, how bad does your government have to treat you before you will actually call them to account?
      If you can't understand the logic I have just expressed to you, then the alternative is to go back to your happy place, spouting rhetoric, withhout any critical thinking. In the mean time, consider the fact that you have supported your leaders who have gone and killed millions abroad for the greedy few who own it all, and when they finally retaliate, (and they will) ask yourself, who is really to blame.
      Ultimately, your guns mean nothing to your government, and they are happy to see you stupified and killing own another, because you are more afraid of them, than they are of you!

    2. We, Americans, WILL FIGHT BACK. We will live free or we will die.

    3. Who are you to be speaking for all Americans?

    4. Hey! there's probably like 10 of us

    5. Yes, it is quite interesting that her "thought process" leads her to logic... while yours leads to nonsense... very interesting indeed.

  81. Chris Greene could have edited this better, come on. Talk about depressing as hell to watch. To disseminate information, don't depress the viewer to extremes. It is a depressing topic, but the music, and his voice is so downbeat. I get it, the topic is sad, but overkill much?

  82. Once you give up your RIGHTS that the Founding Fathers Gave us you will never get them Back , its not guns that kill its PEOPLE , The Prisons are full of those criminals who will have these guns and you wont , and maybe someday youll wish you did say when that criminal comes at you in your home I wish I could defend myself and my FAMILY , but I gave that RIGHT AWAY .......just something too think about God Bless
    Keep America Free........

  83. Stepping outside the box here, why should the Gov be allowed a say one way or another? I don't care how people want to live their lives, if they are not hurting anyone else it is nobody's business. We need to get the Gov out of our personal affairs, out of our bedrooms, refrigerators, educational system and then get us out of the UN and the UN out of the US but I know I am going to catch hell for this statement because so many people seem to think we are all children and incapable and too irresponsible to be in charge of living our own lives. People should live their own lives and allow other people to live theirs. Everyone should not be punished because of the actions of the few, maybe i we were not being poisoned and pumped up with chemicals, we would not be producing minds with the inclination to kill, maybe if we based our lives on what is actually important instead of the $ society could rid itself of this sickness!

  84. I wonder how many gun death and injuries are by law enforcers/police? Usually, when the police shoots they shoot to kill, the target never live to experience due process...the police become the judge and jury!

  85. Coming from a country without what is generally referred to as 'gun culture' this all seams so crazy to me.

    Arguments like: 'We need guns to protect our-self from our government.' never pass my mind. Why would a couple of handguns be able to stop the military of a country that has tanks, bazookas, in the case of america freaking drones? Also, I live in a country with violent people and violence is not uncommon given the socio-economic status of a significant chunk of the population. I'm so incredibly glad those people don't have access to guns. Yeh, sure they do rob stores, beat people up and each other up in the middle of the street but in most instances people caught up in this land in the hospital not the morgue.

    And on the other hand, look at countries like Japan. In 2008 they had 11 gun related homicides not because everybody has guns but exactly because guns aren't so available.

    (Please excuse me if I misspelled any words or used them inappropriately. English is not my native language.)

  86. Not bad an just want to point out to anyone that trust our gov. go an study the past 50 years or so and then see if you still trust them

  87. Sources?

  88. This documentary is filled with so many half-truths, distortions, and lies that it isn't worth watching. Everything would have to be fact checked to know if there is any truth in it at all. For one thing, it fails to mention that Bush already had the power to have any U.S. citizen "detained" that he and any future president, all by themselves, decided was a terrorist or threat to national security of any kind. Bush and any future president could detain them, send them anywhere in the world they wanted to including countries that don't have any qualms about torture, and not tell anyone who they took or where they have sent them or detained them. Bush secured these rights for himself and future presidents and anyone whop questioned it was called, unpatriotic, treasonous, and a terrorist sympathizer. Now all of a sudden, this guy, Greene, wants to make these completely unverified accusations against Obama comparing what he is doing to Hitler? Give me a break!!!! He has done nothing compared to what Bush/Cheney did. This so-called documentary is nothing but right wing extremist propaganda.

  89. I love how they use numbers from England and Wales from 2011-2012 instead of taking several years... there were riots in that year, so the numbers have nothing to do with their average.

  90. In America People Are So Afraid Of Loosing A Fight That They Have To Use Guns And Knives To Win.This Doesnt Only Make You S*upid But It Also Makes You A Coward.

  91. free people have guns, slaves do not for those who do not own guns, shut up and obey your masters!

    1. ozzy
      please do not tell others to shut up. also i have never even held a gun and i have never been in a situation where one was needed. if your version of freedom comes from a barrel i want no part of it

    2. America became a free nation because it fought the British attempt to confiscate civilians' weapons and tax them into submission to the Crown. Of course, it's not that simple. I know the British also had their side to the story and am well-versed in it. A lot of the rules in the US upon its formation were in the interests of plutocrats. But this one time, the plutocrats' interests aligned with the interests of citizens.

    3. But I agree. People who do not own guns are free not to do so. They shouldn't "shut up." They should just not impede the freedom to own a weapon. But such a thing should never be mandatory, either. Owning a weapon or foregoing the process should be a choice, not a matter of policy.

      That said, I am all for universal background checks. :)

  92. some points brought up were plausible.. but on the whole, bias narrow minded s*it talking. spreading unnecessary fear when there are far more pressing issues for America than the main points for concern in this film.

  93. The maker of this doc must be really incompetent.... The ignorance is too damn high

  94. To most commenters generally, you all fail to observe the real world findings of current and in history. I ask you where your lolities lie Epicurus.

    Example, I live in Australia and can not legally buy, own or possess a gun (air rifle/paint ball included) simply because of the district I live in and my living situation. (sharing a rented home) in saying that, not only is it extremely easy to find a black market gun dealer if I choose to look for one, but more so, organised crime and other corrupt/criminal entities seam to effortlessly find all sorts of heavy weaponry to play with, and lots of it, sea containers of military grad weapons and kit. As i write this, the eastern states of Australia are "under a state of alert" because of suposed biker war, (bikers being rebel organized criminals groups) set to play out in/around high profile venues across suburban Melbourne and Sydney.. At the heart of that crisis you might just find that the state and federal police are imposing new anti association laws that affect the movements of individuals involved, point being, radical legislation = tention/power vacuum and endangers innocent civilians, most of who like me cant not legally own or posses any type of weapon. singel point but you get my drift.

    Here we dont really have to worry about civil unrest because Australia is mostly uninhabited and mostly un-armed, but you lot in the US though, if you hand in your guns you surrender the last bit of security and freedom you have, from internal and international threats.

    Main points are

    1.the facts of history show what happens when one side is more technologically (guns are technology stupid, so is a sword) advanced than the other.
    2. Legislative gun reform dose nothing to the sale of black market weapons in the real world.

    3.handguns and shot guns can kill innocent adults and children but have a hard time dealing with military grade armor. you know exactly why i make this point, if you deny it then you are not fit for debate, bad things can happen in the modern world bro.

    4. The fundamental reasoning for intervention is misleading and flawed and all further intervention should be discarded. Remember your still waiting for your Weapons of Mass Distraction.

    5. Aggregated power always fails and endangers public safety, disseminated power that everyone understands is what humans have evolved to do, guns are at the height of this evolutionary trait.

    6. FBI and other agency data. Epicurus this is where you fail at being real.

    there is a larger agenda being potrayed on the US and all its people, unfortunately I dont think obama calls the shots. If you have any sense you will leave the US...

    1. How would you having a weapon protect you, or 99.9% of Australians from a bikie war? Are you the owner of a Tattoo shop about to be shot up/burnt down?

  95. Blame Bush : he took your liberties away after 9/11.
    A few idiots in an airplaine and you all yelled "daddy, protect us''.
    Go figure.

  96. I didn’t watch very much of this because it bore me but isn’t
    all this talk about new guns laws just about
    making it harder to get guns if you’re a criminal or psychotic, not
    actually making citizens give up their guns unless they are military style
    weapons? That’s not taking away our second amendment right. I wonder how many
    anti Obama brats actually own guns. My
    dad keeps telling me that Obama is trying to get blacks to take over the world,
    and I think he is just as cuckoo as the rest of these complainers. Every day I
    see ignorance spread over Facebook, it’s why I don’t give much thought to what
    they say because most of their information seems to be obtained from other
    misinformed ignorance.

  97. i'm not american but well i think the second amendment was put in place for a reason & its for the people so i reckon that the people should decide if they want to change that, not one the war mongering bloke using dodgy tactics avoiding congress etc. also if guns are bad then take them away full stop, no guns for police & no guns for armed forces, not fair to just remove them from the public. i think stats are not always reliable & if someone be going to be violent then they will find a way so if its not guns then it could be bombs, they are not so hard to make & could potentially cause more deaths.

  98. the whole reason we should have guns is to protect us from our own goverment. and people keep saying everyone should give up their guns the world would be safer....if the goverment gave up all its guns i would agree. people put way to much trust in their goverment, and the people who are against owning guns are completely ignorant when it comes to guns and gun safety. if you give proper training to gun owners the risks go down signifigantly. and people will still say "well not everyone gets training so we should take everyones guns" i say to them not everyone who drives a car hs a valid drivers licence so does that mean we should take all cars away from everyone. on a side note driving is far more dangerous then having a gun so everything has risks

    1. I feel completely terrible for americans if this how you feel towards government. You vote these officials into power if you have no trust in them whats the point of voting. As a canadian I view government as people that look after our citizens, provide us free health-care, ensure equality, if you get laid off for work for reasons out of your control the government pays for your tuition and cost of living if you want a new career, among many other great things. Its sad to see that America is on par with third world countries that have no trust in their corrupt governments either. Americas brief golden age is over they are in recession unless you work together your problems will never be solved.

    2. In many ways, my country could learn from yours and other countries. I never cease to find it amazing that most of the knowledgable, intelligent posters on TDF are Canadian. My fellow Americans feel that they are better than everyone and everything.
      I agree with you. America's brief golden age seems to be just about over, but my fellow jingoistic Americans refuse to admit it. We are indebted to China and who knows who or what else? What money we do have, we squander on third world nations which hate us with a passion and rightly so. More work is being farmed out abroad than ever before. Our economy is hardly self-sustaining. Cities are going bankrupt. Our culture is completely down the tubes. Need I go on.
      Under what our political system has become, it is impossible to work together. Thus, there is no solution is sight.

    3. That's not the whole reason you have guns, what about defending yourself against all the other people that have guns. You know what the problem is, you lot all live too far apart, there's too much nothing between one house and the next. Just enough to leave room for monsters but not enough to shoot at them without hurting each other. Obama won't take your guns, it's logistically impossible and he knows it. Don't panic ok, you can keep your Homestead Security hat ;)

    4. Mate do you know how many gun related death are reported on an average each year? How can anyone argue that even if gun regulations safe just one life in it's first thats still better than not having them and not saving that one life. and by the way it's around 32,500 gun related deaths per year in the USA. I think that after around 250 years it might be a good time to rethinks your "Bill of Rights" and all of it's amendments

  99. This
    should help explain why this country is going in a different direction
    than what is generally understood as freedom. The ideals of a man who's
    life was based on desire for equality, but where he fails is in that
    fact that not everyone believes people
    are held back by others. In reality, people have an inalienable
    responsibility to choose their paths in life. Most of us will figure
    this out on our own. The rest of us will think life owes us something
    because we're alive.
    is important, but dwelling on past faults will lead us nowhere. Placing
    blame on success is a cop out! This is where our President has failed
    us as a nation.

  100. Obama is clearly plotting to take away the guns to line us up for mass murder.

    4 step plan to tryannyy

    1. Disarm your political opponents

    2. Suspend their rights
    3. Run false flag operation
    4. Dump their dead bodies in the fema concentration camp

    Obama just need to complete 1 before he completes 4

  101. Dear Epicurus, why do you hate guns? Have you ever been the victim of a crime. Do you understand the supreme court says the cops have no duty to protect you as in law and in their contract the requirement is for them to INVESTIGATE and not stop crimes?

  102. No Gun, No Murder!!!

  103. as a person who lives in a country that has strong gun control laws i can say that less guns in the hands of law abiding citizens does not solve the violence and crime issue we have to remember that criminals don't use legal guns they don't have to apply for a licence a criminal can get a gun in my country for $50 dollars or less while it's almost impossible for an average citizen to get one the legal way and with one of highest crime rates in the world it's obvious less legal guns equal less crime i wish we had the gun laws that you all have

  104. Was 9-11 Bush's scapegoat? No, I don't believe it was and nor do I believe Obama is a warmonger. How does Obama profit - we all know Bush and his mates profited enormously from their investments in war, but I've not seen any evidence of war for profit from Obama. That's a republican gig - they loooove guns!

    1. Among other things, by sending U.S. planes to bomb Libya, Obama is a warmonger.

  105. Right to bear arms = the right to bear arms against government. Look it up.

  106. 7FN,
    You are a very naive individual and completely blinded by corporate propaganda.

  107. @A_NoN
    Once again, the post you cited was about defending the home and family, not about the banning of assault weapons. So far this makes two false accusations, the other being the accusation that I edited my previous posts to make them conform to what I am saying. As the records, show this is clearly another bald-faced lie. All This makes you a despicable piece of garbage. One way or the other, you owe me two apologies and two retractions and I think you know by now that I will not let the matter rest until I receive these.

  108. WE cannot keep drugs out of a federal penitentiary what makes you think we can keep guns out of the hands of criminals? The pretense is just m*ronic and anyone who honestly believes this needs to wake up. The founding fathers took all of this into account when writing our constitution, weapons are a necessary component to overthrow tyrannical regimes and the risk of having an armed populace far outweighed the benefits of disarmament. IF the American people want guns removed then why was it not sent to the senate? If the majority are speaking in these decision why was it necessary to use Executive Orders? Regardless of what your personal stance on guns is, this is tyrannical enforcement of a political agenda and nothing more. Many polls show that over 60% of Americans do NOT want any new gun laws and this is why Obama is using executive orders to go around the democratic process. Laws that protect us from ourselves are counterproductive to freedom and liberty. I leave you with this quote; "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
    -Benjamin Franklyn

    1. Quotes from authority mean nothing--and by the way, the last name is Franklin.

    2. That is your opinion and you are welcome to it but Ben Franklin (thanks for calling me on that didn't even notice) is one of the greatest minds of modern history so I would have to say that YES in my opinion it has important meaning and fits the context of the argument I was making.

  109. In Canada if we are experiencing a armed home invasion we have the right to phone 911. We can also phone the RCMP directly but this is slower than 911. My advice to Americans is this, don't be gullible enough to assume you can best protect yourself and your family with a phone.

  110. Japan has a violent comic book culture and this doesn't transpire into violence on the streets.The problem is capitalism itself.Anyway, it's well made and reflects how Americans think and thefore it's important.On a lighter note, the introductory music is awsome!

  111. The US Constitution was created in 1787, a time where law enforcement was rather difficult, for a sheriff to arrive at the scene of a crime to stop someone well that would have been quite difficult. Having the right to protect yourself made sense AT THE TIME. If the USA still had the same laws as they did in that time there still would be slavery, women wouldn't be voting amongst other horrible things. Nowadays, with the amount of damage a single weapon can create, if you showed your Founding Fathers i can assure you they wouldn't want every citizen being able to purchase one. Its ridiculous. This is especially true when looking at the culture of the american people. Americans are a fighting culture, they like to act tough, there are bar fights regularly, gangs and people admire gangsters. So yes switzerland may have guns but when University is free in Europe and Switzerland has one of the highest incomes in europe, gangsterism and wanting to live the whole criminal life is the last thing on a young swiss kids mind.

    1. Law enforcement was not the driving concern behind the second amendment. If we don't like the law we may work to repeal it. Until then, it is still law.

  112. Cathy, ignorance like Liberalism, is a mental disease. Your rapid jump to an erroneous conclusion is proof your understanding of this issue is flawed and inadequate, negating your expressing an intelligent opinion. Our second amendment rights were and are guaranteed because we have an outstanding obligation, as stated in the US Constitution, to rise-up, overthrow and depose the evils of a tyrannical government which, with unmatched prescience, our founders envisioned as the greatest threat to the sustainability of our freedom and our nation. The greatest aspect of the second amendment is that its enaction is not necessary until that very amendment is threatened.

  113. When will you get it?? We don't want your GD guns, just the f***ing cannons that slice up little kids and innocent bystanders...Sh*t!!!!

    1. and when you take all the Cannons and american officials start rounding you and your loved ones up for this or that and you dont agree but got a pistol in your safe you and your family going to fight off armed soldiers (carrying Cannons btw) or you just sop ignorant that you believe no country would do that to its citizens least of all the country who has hurt millions in its history but of course not they wouldnt hurt THEIR citizens

  114. He is nothing but a communist with the agenda of control and backed by the UN IMF the World Bank it is about control look at history. He supports al kieada went after going after Kaddafi who was against el kieada and killed anyone that supported them. All he wanted was his 40 billion dollars in cash plus the 41 tons of gold which he has not as yet found and look at Lybia worse off than when Kaddafi run the country but that is kept quiet.
    Look at Switzerland every household has guns by law where is the crime with guns?

  115. I have an acquaintance who is a self-proclaimed liberal, and I remember during the 2nd Bush administration he told me that Bush was secretly trying to
    fix it where he could be re-elected or have his term extended for as many times as he wanted by using the terrorist problem as if he was the only one who could solve it. Up until then I thought this acquaintance was a reasonably intelligent person.This kind of conspiracy reminds me of it by the use of fear to promote one's own fear. Americans would NEVER let this happen. My reaction, as it is for things like this is: If aliens are monitoring our airwaves, social media,etc.,they'll never try to make contact with us because they probably don't see any evidence of intelligent life here.

    1. similar thought with that..so much apparent evidence that they were here and helped us build this or accomplish that then apparently leaving our earth for their own reasons (as you said no intelligent life here)

  116. this is the stupidest video, you are an enemy combatant and should be put in prison for a long time for making this. no facts, just fox news. Jesus does anyone actually fall for this?

    1. your one of the few people in America that I would say is completely deserving of whats coming to your shores over the next couple years

  117. A recent study found that people who self identified as 'Conservative' show a larger 'fear response' to a control stimuli than those who self identified as 'Liberal'. Does this not explain a lot of things? Including this moronic documentary.

  118. The burning of rieghtstag parliament is no different than 9/11.

  119. The ign*rant right in American is a paradox. At the same time people believe they live in the best county in the world and fear a fascist takeover.

    Fear is the most effective instrument of coercion. Whatever happen to freedom to? Instead of this psychotically paranoid freedom from. This government has provided you with the best opportunities to succeed at anything you want, yet these resentful slaves obsess over trivial things.

    Move beyond this ignorant propaganda. You're free. Live your life. Stop killing each other.

  120. this documentary is blaming obama for everything, its not obama, he is just the face you see on television, he isn't the only person in america benefitting. this documentary makes you feel that with obama gone problem is solved, but that is far from the truth and i hope deep down people know that.

    im not gonna suggest a way to solve anything but all i can say is dont blame other people for your sh*t and before you get a gun, get an education.

    oh and id rather be kidnapped by al-qaeda members with guns then have to live and go to public school in america.

  121. To the person or people who made this video, I am from Australia and since the gun bans were put in place, Australia has become a much safer place and crime has dropped dramatically. The statements made in this video are idiotic and are made based on emotions and fear and not deserving of being publicly displayed. This video is purely designed to put fear into the US citizens and to make people think that without a weapon you cant be safe.
    The reason the US is going into a depression (or is in one) is because your nation can not survive unless you are in or creating a war, this does not mean US citizens are bad but it does however mean your country needs major changes to correct itself and stricter gun laws is only a small part of the big picture that will soon present itself. fear fear fear!!

    1. Yea, and your government controls almost everything you do. Why do you hate freedom? Australia is one of the few countries actually worse than the united states in terms of regulating their citizens. I mean come on, you can't even choose what video games you play. How do you know " Australia has become a much safer place and crime has dropped dramatically" because of the lack of violent video games available in your country? I'll answer that for you, you don't.

      Just to be clear, I'm for the banning of nothing. People should be free to make their own decisions. If you want someone to rule your life, I'm sure there are plenty of people you can pay to do just that for you, and I bet it would be cheaper than what your government charges you.

    2. Thats rubbish! I am from Australia and violent crimes or crimes in general have not been reduced because of gun control.

      People now choose to use different weapons instead; like shoving a glass into someones face. If you want to reduce violent crime... reduce alcohol consumption.

    3. @Step Steppins: Finally, someone has a solution with teeth. In reality, this is precisely why alcohol is legal, and grass isn't. Intelligence, and alcohol do not go hand in hand, and what better way to dumb down, and distract the population when they are all intoxicated. Personally, I think the American public need real education,(not brainwashing) and a lot less alcohol, and a lot less guns! Live long, and prosper!
      P.S: My statement is not in support of marijuana, only that potheads are non violent. (drug dealers, greed excluded) In the absence of a vacuum, take the lesser of 2 evils, if you just can't say no!

    4. I also am from Australia, and needless to say you haven't researched your point. There was a 59% drop off in gun violence with increased gun laws right after the Port Arthur Massacre. Sure, there are other ways to injure people... but glassing someone to use your example cant be done from 20 metres away. I agree though, the binge culture of both the USA (where I now live) and Australia is shameful.

    5. In Our United States Constitution, it says that American's have the right to bear arms. Do you know what that means? It means that we as Americans have every right to have guns. Not all people want them for "protection". My dad and father in law have a bunch of guns, not for "protection", but for hunting and if we ever need them, they have them. I also am an owner of a few. Our government is trying to change our constitution, which is wrong. But there are people that want them for protection, and for every right. Some people have been raped, their house robbed, or even shot at. We have every right to own as many guns as we want. I don't think that taking our rights to own a gun would be a good idea! Do they want to start another Civil War? That's exactly what would happen!

  122. Is this really considered a documentary? The facts are wrong, the conclusions wrong, the presentation bad.

  123. What a load of bull pure scare tactics, but the last 20 mins were very interesting with the connections between lone wolfs and prescription drugs. To compare Obama to Hitler or Stalin you would have to be on some prescription drugs your self.

  124. bills like Washington S.B. 5737, proposes “banning the sale of assault weapons.” According to the legislation an “assault weapon” is any semiautomatic pistol, pump-action rifle or shotgun that can accept a detachable magazine. that is essentially every gun made. many other states are proposing bills like this so time stop saying "no one is coming for your guns" thats true, but if this bill passes then yes from state to state you may loose all but your bolt action. 120 per month more is out your check and the healthcare is doubling, next the GOP is cutting befits, then taking the guns see a trend yet? or is that money still on your check? are the insurance not going up? Think about it.

  125. the point is the gov runs guns and propagates war, then fear mongers guns in the states. or did Fast and Furious and Benghazi not happen? and dont bring up obama, bush, clinton, obama.... all of them have been at war with the middle east neglecting the home land.

  126. i want my 1hour and 7mins back.. what a pile of rubbish! looks to me as they only watch Fox News

    1. why do you people watch these videos to talk crap go elsewhere if ya cant believe... hell fox news is on and so is American Idol go drown yourself in waves of advertisements

  127. The truly SCARY thing is that you can GUARANTEE that these moves on the part of the WHITE HOUSE are tied hand in hand with the proliferation of all the new FEMA CAMPS. The Corporations that run the U.S. have gone so far overboard that the General Public have become completely NUMB & BLIND to the fact that LOBBYISTS practically write EVERY BILL that gets PASSED, and THAT Government is approx. 10 times the size of the ELECTED ONE. That's why everyone is continuously surprised & shocked at what the Government they elected seems to do right in front of their eyes. GOOD LUCK!

  128. This has to be the most ridiculous shite I have ever seen in my life. Utter drivel propagandist nonsense. The idiots who made this film should be ashamed of themselves. Comparing Obama to Hitler... Give me a f****** break. Knowing there are people in the world who make stuff like this makes me worried..

  129. an inch less and the wolf pack would be my sisters.

  130. Going after guns is like treating a rash,not the cause.

  131. Comparing Hitler to Bush/Cheney is far more credible than this doc's comparison to Obama. With that said, the fascism/corporatism of Hitler's Germany was supported by the U.S throughtout the war, (IBM, Ford, GM, Coke Cola, banking institutions, etc) which is why the U.S was reluctant to enter the war until the attack on Pearl Harbor. Furhtermore, (mispelled on purpose) it was outright poverty in Germany that gave rise to Adolph Hitler, that occured from the economic collapse of 1929, (bank robbery) and war reperations under the treaty of Versaille. In reality, there is no left wing elements in the states to speak of, thus there is no difference between democrats, and republicans. It is more accurate to say that the U.S has a one party political system, with 2 factions vying for power. Since the corporate world supports both, the individuals who run for political office are chosen for electability, not for ideology. Since the U.S has a war on everything except war itself, (entire economy built on it) don't expect any changes regarding gun legislation.

  132. Doc needs narration badly!

  133. This is undermined by the narrator's tenuous link of depression medication and violent behavior.

    People who are struggling with their mental health and often being bullied at college or school or in the workplace become desperate.

    The narrator displays himself to be uneducated and ignorant to the realities of mental illness.

    That the vast majority of people with mental illness only ever harm themselves.

    That very cognitive people who consume alcohol are responsible for the majority of murders and crime.

    This is a prejudicial and ignorant piece. Based on assumptions and half truths. Mental illness causes delusion and psychopathic thoughts. NOT the medication.

    Shame. Ignorance wins over truth in this piece.

    Let society off the hook and blame the "crazies". What a cope out.

    1. I guess the admitted side effects listed by the manufacturers aren't real then.....and you think the narrator is ignorant? SMH!

    2. robert, habitual drunkards and drug abusers have been forbidden ownership of firearms since 1968. true as it may be that "the majority of crime is not committed by those on psychiatric meds", many of those drugs list such side effects as psychotic reaction, suicidal ideas and thoughts, and impaired judgement. though the occurrence of those reactions may be rare, they do occur.

      if you have a higher likelihood of such a reaction than the population at large, you honestly should VOLUNTARILY not own firearms. that i can drive home drunk 99 times out of 100 without incident doesn't lessen the negligent behavior that results in the accident on the 100th. with a right, comes responsibility. if i am cursed with vision so weak that even glasses only allow me a few feet of clear vision, responsibility demands i forego a license to drive, even if the DMV is foolish enough to issue one to me. the same applies in the case of episodic affliction such as epilepsy. if i can drive all year without having a seizure behind the wheel, would that fact relieve me of negligence when i "pitch a fit" while driving on the 366th day, resulting in an accident (assuming i already knew about my affliction, of course)? that 1/3 of a percent chance is statistically incredibly insignificant, yet when it rears it's ugly head, it tends to bite the nether regions significantly.

      one must also face the FACT that all the motiveless mass killings we witness have been committed by mentally ill people (granted, they were indeed much more profoundly afflicted than the average sufferer of depression, as but a single example). these crimes were all committed with arms that were legally purchased,in all but the rarest of cases, by the incredibly mentally ill perp themselves. that points toward a fundamental flaw in the system of background checking. in a few cases it points toward a serious problem with "sweeping the loonies under the rug" in the criminal justice system. in select cases it points toward incredible negligence in the distribution of arms. in other cases it points toward lack of responsibility in securing arms.

      in closing, i'd like to pose a question to you: if we are agreed that a habitual user of "crank" (bathtub amphetamines) should have no access to arms, how is a habitual user of the amphetamine ritalin any different?

  134. When I hold you in my arms
    and I feel my finger on your trigger
    I know nobody can do me no harm
    Because happiness is a warm gun


  135. REMEMBER: Most of us talking/commenting on this right now are probably not effected by poverty or sickness. When you look at the statistics board ... I see 50 mill on food stamps and unemployment at above 12% for damn sure and the 'fun part' (banking collapse) has not occurred. (But predicted to crash 2013-2014 or so)

    Hmmm.. maybe that is what all the fuse is about. I don't know what do YOU think... and YOU better get it right for ALL of our sake. :)

  136. Going back to craigslist free. Least I have a chance there! FTW! ;)

  137. So dumb are these assertions none could honestly believe them but those already quite taken by the most extreme right wing convictions and thus utterly indisposed to examine the soundness of their fixed and unshaken notions. When cogency of reason is not sufficient of itself, rhetoric aimed to raise the passions by extreme insinuations take the place of cool and impartial analysis; thus Obama or any man whom the foolish would like to lambaste becomes akin to Hitler, and the administration of their discontent, "Germany prior to the outbreak of World War II." The most imbecilic dissenter whom you hear will invariably mention Hitler or some evil person as being like Obama for that is the best rhetoric available to them, and having not much else in the way of valid deductions, their dissatisfaction takes the form of outrageous assertions. Such is the last refuge of a scoundrel.
    This is sad stuff, to be sure.

  138. wow what a load paranoid, right wing cod swollop.

  139. Guns should never have been allowed to get into hands of individuals freely

  140. "you people," "work for the site," those phrases sound a bit paranoid. And like a Eutherian!

    Look out, I think he is going for his gun! Or am I going for his? Somebody shoot first and let god sort 'em out!

  141. Writing forum posts on the job - that is not American.

    Do you want a kernel of truth or a colonel of corn?

  142. Spade?
    In the oil and chemical process industries, a spade is a round piece of metal with a small tab that is placed in between two pipe flanges to give positive isolation from the centre; usually to prevent cross contamination between fluids or to allow work on the line. The name comes from the shape: a little like a garden spade. The small tab lets one see that the spade is in place.
    In kitchenware, certain ice cream scoops are called spades due to the shape. These scoops are used more in making hand-scooped milkshakes or desserts where a lot of ice cream can be scooped at once and the typical "ball" shape of scooped ice cream (i.e., scoops on a cone) is not needed. The spade-shaped head also helps scrape off the ice cream stuck to the sides of the cartons.
    In typography, the spade is a symbol (?) stylized from the idea of the tool. It is used as one of the suits of playing cards.

    1. if letters were limited, you would just have wasted a fair few.

  143. How many people active in this thread work for this site?

    1. Why? Do you think I can make some extra money? Who do I contact?
      Oh, wait, that was just a rhetorical conspiritorial question you posed. Never mind.

  144. Nobody is taking anybodies guns! WTF

    1. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

      - Bill Clinton

    2. Colonel_Corpus_Callosum
      you still have provided no proof of anything. you make assumptions or draw correlations where none exist.

    3. Neither have you man, that is the entire point.

      The perpetual stalemate.

      We are both making predictions based upon what we believe to be true. An array of variables contributing to our different thought process.

      I look at history and use it as a guide, you choose to allow for benefit of doubt. Neither of us are necessarily wrong at this point, only the future will tell.

      Me personally...im not a gambling man.

    4. Colonel_Corpus_Callosum
      the only claim i made was "nobody is coming for your guns" and the fact that nobody is, that would be political (and possibly literal) suicide and nowhere in the proposed legislation is that proposal present is my proof how about yours? please avoid useless quotes, drawing false correlations, making analogies without showing the direct line form a to b and explain away other contributing factors. if you can i will listen if not you are just blowing a lot of hot air

    5. That happens to be your opinion, maybe best we stay out of each others hair for now.

    6. Colonel_Corpus_Callosum
      "That happens to be your opinion" no it happens to be the facts

      "maybe best we stay out of each others hair" you have every right to avoid responding to me but i will not let your scare tactics,baseless claims and logical fallacies go unchallenged.

    7. What are you going on about now. OK I will give you your bottle. Ask me again questions you want answered, simple, no convolution & I promise to answer to the best of my ability.

    8. okay please back up this quote of yours with facts "but the fact that America/UN is moving to disarm citizens is just another step towards stripping public of their civil liberties. It has nothing to do with lowering gun crimes/protecting the people. " and please keep in mind the tactics that i pointed out in previous posts.

    9. I have no tactics, Im not here to influence despite your perception. Its just my opinion, everyone has the right to their own, im sure you hold that belief closely. People can make their own decisions Im not shoving anything down anyone's throat. Im working on it, BRB...not a very fast typer.

    10. Colonel_Corpus_Callosum
      if something is just an opinion then state it that way. the quote i provided starts with "but the fact that " that does not sound like an opinion to me.

    11. Im on it, just dont go over the edge on me just yet

    12. This is always one of the inherent problems when discussing politics. I know it can be defined as a science, but not in the same way physics/chemistry/biology etc...its nowhere near as black & white.

      Yes often assumptions are made that do not qualify as "fact". They can't be, too many variables. I put it with like psychology/psychiatry. They contain very complex and well-studied principles, cause/effect blah blah...but its all up for interpretation.

      We can study an atom & determine its mass, we cant study a political landscape and determine the future, just too many unknown variables.

      I truly believe that a powerful entity is actively moving to not only disarm America, but the rest of the world also. I believe said entity has a greater goal in mind & disarmament is only a single hurdle. This has already, if not, close to being achieved within Japan, UK, Australia...& Im sure many more/in the works.

      Its an obvious pattern for me when I view it from a global perspective, and I really dont think its in an effort to achieve world peace, at least not in the same way majority of people consider the process.

      "but the fact that America/UN is moving to disarm citizens is just another step towards stripping public of their civil liberties. It has nothing to do with lowering gun crimes/protecting the people."

      - PL87-297 Arms Control and Disarmament Act / State Department Publication No.7277

      - Since UN was formed weve had nothing but constant global violence, they suck @ 'peace' & i dont think they really want it

      - Check the U.N. "small arms treaty" - They also describe any use of firearm as 'violence' - It circumvents the constitution. Read up on their “Implementation Support Unit”

      - Look at history of UN, what it replaced, who helped create it, people involved

      - The Obama administration supports international regulation of all “advanced conventional weapons, including tanks, armoured combat vehicles, artillery systems, military aircraft, military helicopters, naval vessels, missiles, missile launchers, SMALL ARMS & LIGHT WEAPONS, and combat support equipment. It should also include parts, components, and/or technology to manufacture, modify, or repair the covered items” as stated in the ATT.

      - UN Foreign Office Minister, Alistair Burt --> "It has been estimated that approximately three quarters of a million people are killed each year in armed violence. Millions more lives are blighted through injury, displacement and destroyed livelihoods". During the 20th century, governments murdered between 260,000,000 and 350,000,000 people...Why not focus on murderous governments? Common UN, you people are smart i thought.

      - Former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton - "trying to act as though this is really just a treaty about international arms trade between nation states, but there is no doubt that the real agenda here is domestic firearms control."

      - Read up on leaked US Army Military Police training manuals for “Civil Disturbance Operations” outlining how to confiscate firearms and even kill Americans on U.S. soil during mass civil unrest.

      - Feinstein said on CBS-TV's 60 Minutes, February 5, 1995, "If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them . . . Mr. and Mrs. America, turn 'em all in, I would have done it. I could not do that. The votes weren't here."

      - In July 2006, the Vitter Amendment to prohibit Federal funds being used for the confiscation of lawfully owned firearms during a disaster.

      - demonization of "preppers" and "truthers" - IRS, DHS, and TSA militarization

      - New York Assemblyman pleads with republican Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin not to share document proposing confiscation of guns.

      - During the Katrina disaster, New Orleans police began to steal guns from ordinary Americans under orders from the Mayor of New Orleans.

      -US government quietly used nearly $1.6 billion in borrowed money to amass ammunition for the domestic operations of Homeland Security.

      - Iran, a country that is one of the world’s worst human rights violators, yet often chaired the U.N. Human Rights Council…yes Iran, arms supplier to many of America’s most determined adversaries… was selected for a top Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) planning conference position.

      - The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World - U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE DEPARTMENT OF STATE PUBLICATION 7277

      - Don’t forget that an Illinois senator named Barack Obama was an aggressive advocate for expanding gun control laws, and even voted against legislation giving gun owners an affirmative defence when they use firearms to defend themselves and their families against home invaders and burglars. That was after he served on a 10-member board of directors of the radically activist anti-gun Joyce
      Foundation in Chicago which contributed large grants to anti-Second Amendment organizations.

      You guys are trying to look at this as black/white...They haven't actually taken anyones guns, so its not true. Others can see around this nonsense. They are slowly, surely manoeuvring into a position where they can, at that point there will be no way to resist...These people are not stupid, they are strategic, & have some of the smartest minds in the world working for them. Much more clever than you, I & anyone else on this forum.

      I am not paranoid, people often confuse paranoia with a mix of critical thinking & negative past experience, which is what i feel am guilty of throughout this thread. History has left a bad taste in my mouth & i cannot escape it.

      When exactly will you believe it fact...When there is an APC sitting outside your door and over loud speakers you hear "We are here to confiscate your firearms, resistance will be met with deadly force"

      I honestly can't devote anymore time to this right now or i am going to get fired.

      I cannot freaking believe the character cap on these posts.

    13. @Colonel_Corpus_Callosum

      If you don't mind me asking, how many guns do you own?

      Do you feel that owning these guns is preventing the supranational control of governments, land, and resources around the globe?

      You're clearly an intelligent individual, and see where I am going with this. If there is indeed a group of people with a massive accumulation of wealth and power, then they couldn't care less about whether Americans can own guns. If I were one of these hypothetical people I would focus my strategy on how to achieve a checkmate, not on eliminating the pawns on the board.

    14. Colonel_Corpus_Callosum
      your copy and paste job without giving credit to the original source is one indication that you do not wish to have an honest debate. that along with your failed analogies,appeals to authority and appeals to emotion along with many other falsities is disappointing. i will however will look into the claims of others that you stole and respond in time

    15. Colonel_Corpus_Callosum
      it took a lot of reading on my part and after i came to the conclusion that you did not read your copy and paste arguments as they do not deal with the topic at hand
      -"PL87-297 Arms Control and Disarmament Act" is a nuclear non proliferation treaty. nothing to do with taking guns from the citizens

      - "Since UN was formed weve had nothing but constant global violence" again nothing to do with taking your guns

      - you asked me to "Check the U.N. "small arms treaty"" so i did. it does nothing to take away legal guns. only an attempt to address the ILLEGAL small arms trade.

      - "DEPARTMENT OF STATE PUBLICATION 7277" really? it was written in 1961 and you still have your guns. it deals mostly with nuclear weaponry and delivery systems. as well as scaling back national forces. it was never implemented and does not try to take away your guns

      - i refuse to go on with your post. you obviously grabbed a lot of stuff of the net without reading it. so i will ask again can you back up your claim that "but the fact that America/UN is moving to disarm citizens is just another step towards stripping public of their civil liberties. It has nothing to do with lowering gun crimes/protecting the people. "

    16. hey colonel... paranoid delusions are NOT facts, even if wayne lapierre and his fellow cretins of the NRA spout them. have you actually READ the UN small arms treaty? it EXCLUSIVELY deals with the international trade in small arms. it contains specific language stating that all signatory states maintain exclusive sovereignty over internal laws dealing with arms sales, and also states that it can in no way infringe on constitutional rights.

      the treaty is intended to cut off delivery of small arms and ammunition to "rogue states", terrorists, and criminal cartels. it calls for adequate monitoring of international trade in small arms to ensure such scoundrels as "the ZETAS" have a more difficult time purchasing weapons, and ammunition.

      now, if you would like a NICE meaty paranoid conspiracy to dig your teeth into, ask yourself this simple question: "why would old wayne and teddy nugent object to such a "no-brainer" of a treaty?". what answer do you come up with? the one that pops into my mind is: "the NRA is a marketing/lobbying arm of the small arms industry, and has been since its inception. this industry MUST make substantial profits off sales to these "rogue entities", or they would have no reason to object." in short, your precious "guardians of freedom" are LYING to you, for the exclusive reason of retaining profits generated through "material support of criminal and terrorist enterprises". they aren't "defending my freedoms from a gun grabbing marxist kenyan illegal", they are "peeing on my leg and telling me it's a warm spring rain".

      i honestly have no desire to see arms of any kind removed from the citizenry (i enjoy firearms, not only shooting them, but also the marvel of mechanical wizardry they represent, and the historical significance of some models), but as a society, we MUST face the fact that weapons of extremely lethal potential are finding their way into the hands of INCREDIBLY insane individuals. my "poster child" to illustrate this is laughner (the madman that shot gabby giffords and several others). that young man is one of the more obvious "basket cases" one can possibly imagine, that a dealer delivered anything more deadly than a spork into his hands is an ultimate example of irresponsibility. that dealer SHOULD have been taken to task for that, by both society, AND the industry. instead, your pals wayne and ted bellowed "that african gwine take your guns now, run buy more!". in other words, they encouraged the REWARDING, through increased trade, the business that, ultimately, had both ability and responsibility to PREVENT that killing spree, and ducked both for a quick 25 bucks. not a single word was uttered by those lobbyists related to retailer responsibility. if they have ANY concern for your "safety", why is that?

    17. Thats because guns is just a red herring.The real issue is about acquiring and securing money.

  145. This documentary have been sponsored by NRA?

    1. I honestly wouldn't be surprised.

  146. Living middle class in North America is living rich.

    1. When compared to majority of bodies on this planet...If you have roof over your head, steady access to clean food/water & relatively safe from being raped/murdered in middle of night...you are living rich.

    2. i agree.

  147. Amazing documentary. Thank you for sharing this video with us. I suggest everyone see this and send links to this before the government finds some way to take it off the internet. IMPEACH OBAMA

    1. There is another good documentary on this site titled "Learning to Think Critically"

      Watch that s***


  148. FOUND HER! oQ <- <3

    1. hay jude,don,t be afraid,you have found her now go and get her.

    2. You found her? now lets see you strut your stuff, I know, off topic.

  149. "If I Were a Rich Man" Fiddler on the Roof. Just popped into my head for some reason unrelated to guns.

  150. a chicken in every pot, a car in every garage, and a semi-auto in every home.

  151. Quite a bit of an unexpected turn of events as that doc introduced the concepts of psychtropes "Pushed" by the giant corporates.

    At first, I was thinking to myselft: "Hey, the USA already had its own "Reichtag" in the Golf of Tonkin". Maybe Obama was not yet born! :-) Who needs him?
    And then, Nixon "Big lie" that didn't hurt anybody compared to "Obama's big Lie"? More over, this "Obama's camarade" who illegaly sold arms to Lybians who stood up Khadafi? Not a first for the USA considering the CIA Iran/Nicaragua arms deals for drugs, cocaine a generation ago. Was Obama walking on his own at that time?

    Business as usual in the USA but this time, it is hurting oneselve instead of foreigns. The main source the problem may well be very hard to resolve 'cause the pharmateucical lobby has some dought to push it down the thoath.

    What was the consomtion of psychotropes in the 20's to the 40's?
    Many massacres in those years?

    My 2 cents.

  152. what a complete mess, yet again only america can cause such a problem, just cannot understand why you dumbasses want to teach your children to own a gun, seriously, your country knows nothing about protecting itself, only to intimidate, bully and murder.

  153. the hope of a nation focused onto obamas promise of change masked in a blurry "yes,we can" with no clear direction...then deterioted by realistic political actions which in criminal language would be called :"caught red handed !" i've been accused of rascism due to using the quote "black puppet attached to white strings",clearly someone not understanding the higher implications behind such terminology,
    meaning that black (as i believe that afro-american is an euphemism for the
    N-word) is more offensive than calling someone a puppet (disregarding an individual for self conscious action) which should be apparent,when disecting
    obama's pre-election aims & post-election deeds.
    i understand when executive orders are being questioned when one stands back to observe the big picture.too many believe in or fall for the illusion of democracy when clearly democracy has been bought up by/or been lobbyied into co-operatism!

  154. Your racism is showing. you do realize that Bush and his cronies had already decimated the constitution with the patriot act right? You do realize that Bush and his cronies funded Al Quida, Right? You do understand that Bush had every intention of going into Iraq and the WMD's were just a false flag to get us there, right? Did you say a world when they passed the patriot act? How about any of the other 20 or so pieces of law that shredded the constitution on Bush's watch? Try getting all your facts straight and I might take you seriously. I have no love for Obama and did not vote for him or Bush but trying to lay everything at Obama's feet is dishonest.

    1. Who bombed Libya in addition to our puppet, the United Nations? Who tried to postpone Humberto Leal's much deserved execution? Who invoked executive privilege to cover up the malfeasances by "the good guys?"

  155. same mistakes as the Germans in WWII c'mon... this is just propaganda for propaganda's sake.... get rid of your machine guns, simples... get over it!

  156. I just want to say I love chatting with you all, you seem like clever people & I respect your opinions even though it may sometimes seem otherwise, & even though there is an obvious abundance of left. (I am sorry Jack, after reading over some of those posts they do appear to be overly a**hole'ish, my apologies)

    I wish only the best of luck for the U.S. I really hope it all works out & you can all come together to fight for the right cause.

    Im outta here, always loved this site, keep up the good work!

  157. "...In many ways America seems to be making the same mistakes as Germany did prior to the outbreak of World War II...."

    Ah! come on, are you kidding me??!

  158. The biggest argument i see against gun control is the whole "we need them incase of an authoritarian government" one.
    Well what the f*$k are you lard arses waiting for?
    The Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act, the brutral mistreatment of Dissidents at OWS protests and in Seattle way back?
    Hello?!?!?! It's already on you!!!!!
    Heil Republicrats!!!!
    *salutes star bangled swastika*

    1. That only proves they are all talk. Cowards who will not take up real action, only waiting (maybe) until some army knocks on their door demanding their weapons. Gun dillusionists. And yet they consider themselves reasoned thinkers.

  159. I don't think its a stretch to say anyone here arguing for gun control has never been in a situation where one was required. I hope you never are. I do, however, think that anyone who's never owned a gun, held a gun or fired a gun has no business telling me what I can and can't do with one. I believe that's a pretty fair argument, after all as a straight man, what business do I have telling gay people what the can and can't do with their gayness (no offense, I'm not great with words). Allow me to answer a question posed by a_no_n "why do you need 30 ... rounds?" Even trained marksmen need extra rounds when the shooting starts. Fear and adrenaline destroy your aim. It's estimated that for every insurgent killed in the War on Terror, we've fired an 300,000 rounds. Real life doesn't unfold like movies. You almost never drop your target with the first round. But more to the point, we have the right to have weapons that are somewhat on par with what the military has to prevent a potential fascist government from destroying the constitution (please refer to the Deceleration of Independence). This is a stupid debate, in that if the government actually tried to disarm the American people, there would be a second revolution, full stop.

    1. "Even trained marksmen need extra rounds when the shooting starts. Fear and adrenaline destroy your aim."

      Exactly. I really don't like bullets flying in general, approximate directions.

  160. A quick survey here, I am purely just curious:

    How many people reading these comments have *personally* been at such immediate risk they had to draw a gun to defend themselves?


    1. The survey is only for readers here, your own stories. Do not include anecdotes you read or experiences of friends or relatives not with you at the time of the incident.

    2. Please mention the country the incident took place in, and whether it is your country or not.

    3. Military combat does not count. I sincerely hope you had a weapon if you were facing an armed enemy combatant!

    4. "If only" doesn't count. Either you had a weapon, drew it and successfully defended yourself with it, or you didn't.

    If you had an incident that makes you *think* you would have come out better off with a gun, you're welcome to share, but it does not count as "Yes."

    Me: No. USA

    1. An even quicker survey here: How many people care about your survey?

      YES: 0
      NO: @ least 1
      Don't even care enough to give input: Majority

      Point #4,907 that pro-gun control will never understand...means to protect from enemies both foreign & DOMESTIC.

      "A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government."
      - George Washington

    2. Government home intruder incidents count as yes, as long as you drew your gun to defend yourself. I'm an equal-opportunity pollster.

      Btw, "Doesn't agree with you" =/= "Doesn't understand the issue"

    3. "A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government."
      - George Washington

      Right, because in this day and age the weapons the U.S. military and the citizens of this country have access to are pretty much on a par...

      Come on, man, I'm sure I distrust and dislike the government at least as much as you do, but I'm always irritated when someone brings up this particular argument in defense of gun laws. If the U.S. wanted to go all out against its citizens like a lot of extremists live in fear of, exactly how effective are the weapons we have access to going to be when the hellfire missiles start raining down?

      I'm thoroughly convinced that the U.S. government is not in the least intimidated by the guns the people of this country own. Hell, if they were, would they have enacted a lot of the laws they have, in particular over the last 12 years?

      It seems to me the encroachment into our freedoms has been a much more subtle thing than this argument would suggest (and will take different skills to fight it), probably precisely because they know they don't have a damned thing to worry about in that regard.

    4. Remember Vietnam? The North had cheap assault riffles & lived off rat-meat. US had all the toys + the South, more bombs dropped on them than entirety of WW2, how did it play out?

    5. Well, part of it played out by the citizens of this country beginning to peacefully (for the most part) oppose that war, and thus slowly changing the political will to keep fighting it.

    6. Yes, a small part, & believe those same movements would spring up in mass if it there was ever anything that resembled a civil war on US soil.

    7. Another thing. Who is the government composed of? Answer: citizens.

    8. Right now top government officials are actually citizens of other countries such as Israel, so our government is not only American citizens but citizens of other countries made possible by the bush administration with the duel citizenship allowance. And if you think governments are concerned with their people you are mentally impaired my friend.

    9. My understanding is that the super-wealthy, especially, are indeed more and more considering themselves to truly be citizens of the world now, rather than just of their home countries, due a good deal to the nature of international business as it has developed over the last few decades. It does make one wonder sometimes about the ultimate allegiances of that sort, doesn't it?

    10. Where is your proof that our government is in part composed of citizens of other countries.

    11. F*** it I'm back, just can't resist...Let's do this.

      "Where is your proof that our government is in part composed of citizens of other countries."

      - Barry Soetoro lol

    12. I despise him too, but he is an American.

    13. I have literally read dozens of articles/watched dozens of hours of video - both containing many valid points, some not so much.

      Both mainstream & alternative, far left to far right & everything in between.

      There is a substantial chance he was not born on US soil and that he may not even presently have legal citizenship.

      Its not so much I despise him, but in this case...his proposed transparency.

    14. That whole "Obama is not a US citizen" shtick has been debunked over and over and over and over...

      Case in point: The name you cited was an April fool's joke...but unfortunately has been circulated as "evidence."

      A "substantial chance" would indicate proof somewhere. Have any to share that hasn't already been debunked?

      Is there any actual proof he was born anywhere OTHER than Hawaii?

      Is there any doubt that Hawaii is a state?

      I hate to say it, but all this "Barack Obama isn't an American" crap smacks really loudly of racism.

      It's [Barack's presidency] infuriated the racist that lives deep in middle America, and everyone dances around it claiming "Oh, no it's not racist, it's his policies" "Oh no, its not racist, his father was an exchange student so he must not be American!" "Oh no, it's not racist, he was an exchange student himself so he must not be an American!"

      Deny it all you will, but the attacks on him have been vicious in a way I've not seen since the 60's.

      I'm disappointed in some of his policies myself, but lets call a spade a spade. Racism underlies a lot of the vitriolic anger directed at Obama. I speak as an American who has lived in the South and the Northeast. Racism is everywhere.

      (Edit for clarity)

    15. I agree. Let's call a spade a SPADE.

    16. Either he was or he wasn't and all the evidence points to that he was. If you're claiming he wasn't, let's see your sources. "Substantial chance" doesn't cut it.

    17. That is the big problem here, you people are scientists trying to discuss politics. People are convicted of crime in courts all the time despite lack of solid evidence. Its not black/white when it comes to this stuff, why can you not accept that.

    18. You have a bad habit of making assertions which you can't back up. Now, which court cases are you referring to? And yes it is black in white, either he was or he wasn't born in this country. "Substantial chance" is idiotic. Now, if you have any hard evidence that he wasn't, let's see it.

    19. Listen christian, i'm not your teacher, where is evidence your god exists? Go do some reading for yourself, come back in a week and well give it another shot.

    20. First of all, I am not a Christian. Jumping to such a conclusion is beyond idiotic.

      Second, the burden of proof rests with the one making the assertion, in this case you. If you can't provide hard evidence, it's because you have none to provide and are merely attempting to shift the burden which makes you dishonest.

    21. Probably few, so what? You have stated that while you are for gun control, you are not for gun elimination?

    22. I am for gun regulation; particularly anything that would help dry up the pipeline into criminal hands.

      I don't feel the need to take away anyone's toys.

      This is not a perfect world; I don't expect any legislation to magically achieve anything but small gains and, hopefully, some attrition over time in the criminal sector.

      As far as my survey goes, it's not a 'gotcha' question, I'm simply curious.

      From the comments, it seems the "I must protect myself and my family therefore I must have guns" argument is the most commonly-repeated refrain from anyone who presumably has a gun.

      it piqued my curiosity as to how many people posting on this site (small sample, i know), have actually been in the situation of using their guns for personal protection in a civilian setting.

      So what about you?

    23. No. I don't even own a gun. So I'm just arguing on principle. One way or the other, I've encountered everything from complete banning of all firearms to no restrictions with all manner of gradatiions and have found no real comfort in anything recommended so far. Could it be because everyone is proposing legislation to govern all based on the acts of an even less than small minority? In other words, we're letting the kooks call the shots.

    24. "No. I don't even own a gun", Have you ever owned a gun in the past?
      "complete banning", Where?
      "have found no real comfort in anything recommended so far", If you have seen it all and have not found comfort, you must feel like there are very few options left, any ideas?

    25. Two things you said. Few options. Any ideas. Sums up the situation quite nicely. Thank you.

    26. I was clearly referring to proposals. Please learn to read.

    27. My questions were genuine. I meant to ask it exactly as i asked it.

    28. I was clearly referring only to the subject of gun control.

    29. "Kooks" indeed. I'm more concerned about criminals tbh. Common sense needs to prevail and I'm afraid the leadership of the NRA shows zero.

      Guns--like any other potential threat to public safety--need common-sense regulations applied.

      If you're not a criminal or a crazy, you won't mind registering your gun.

      If you're not a criminal or a crazy, you won't mind showing ID of some sort at a gun show. You won't mind paying the additional liability insurance, if it applies.

      We already do that for other potential threats to public safety such our vehicles.

      No, not everyone will comply. That's why we pay for law enforcement officers.

      It's worrisome when police officers are outgunned in the very neighborhoods they're trying to protect. Those civilians who were fired on by jittery cops in LA were lucky they weren't hit with a rocket! --an exaggeration *now* but conceivably cops will need military grade weapons just to pull someone over for speeding!

      Escalating weaponry is NOT common sense!

    30. I've stated previously several times that I'm in favor of all this, but that I realize that it's merely a feel-good band-aid. Now, where did I mention excalating weaponry?

  161. The Bill of Rights were not delivered through the barrel of a gun, cannot be defended through the barrel of a gun, and will not be taken through the barrel of a gun.

  162. allen
    your post (deleted) has nothing to do with the topic of the documentary. please stay on topic.
    i deleted your response as it made no sense with the original gone.

    1. Thanks. It was a disturbing comment.

    2. I suppose it's a good thing that you do not have to delete all comments that make no sense. You would be one over-worked moderator.

  163. The comments section on this page is far more entertaining and informative than the video itself,

  164. Perhaps guns is not really the issue.But rather the fear factor that I may get less then you.

  165. way to start paying attention to politics AFTER the bush administration. your crusades are so corrupted by teabagger propaganda that you forget to even question your backwards process of logical deduction before sharing it to a world of many diverse and valid opinions. there is a thing called the internet. and you can use it to easily fact check the bulls*it and misinformation that you propagate across the public opinion. do me a favor and google a subject before you open your mouth and give your opinion on it. and do me a favor and type your sign's slogan in on word and hit spell check before you misspell it and start marching around some rally making you and anyone that actually does have a valid opinion that sympathizes with your point of view look like an i*iot.

    our founding fathers intended for us to have the freedom of speech to voice our opinions and work towards the best outcome possible when it comes to our government. however they also believed in an educated and well informed citizenship to advance this process. so some dumb f*ck like you who fell asleep in government class and doesn't even know what the separation of powers are should at least google and research the issue they are talking about before spewing garbage all over the internet.

  166. how many m*rons have you heard label the Nazis as gun grabbers.....The Third Reich relaxed gun laws,encouraged private ownership of both rifles and pistols....even for the communist Jews who were endlessly trying to overthrow the government ...In fact ROSA LUXEMBERG and the Spartacists did manage to use violence to gain control for a few days until the Free Corps crushed them...Nevertheless Hitler didnt engage in "gun grabbing."

  167. Complete and utter BS

  168. This film plays like it was made by "meth-lab studios". I won't go as far as to say the content is outright dishonest, they probably just didn't do any real research. Instead basing the a lot of the premise on things they read on blogs and heard on radio shows.

  169. The quality of posters on this site has dropped so far since last year. Where has Az been? or has my avoidance of reading this "stuff" kept me from seeing her posts?

    1. Charles Alderson
      she changed her name. not my place to give her new one. but rest assured we still benefit from her unique perspective.

    2. Ah wonderful! I always enjoyed her and the other "vets" of this site and their insightful input.

    3. lol, she is still here under a new profile, lets see if you can find her!

  170. For some reason people in America seem to think the Third Reich outlawed gun ownership. This documentary repeats this myth. It's bad history. The Third Reich did no such thing. On the contrary. Hitler relaxed gun laws enacted by the Weimar government and martial arts were very popular and encouraged in Germany. Moreover, not even Jews were denied gun ownership. Of course, in that age full automatic guns were not readily available regardless of which country we're talking about - machine guns were a novelty - even the major armies of the world did not rely on them during the interbellum and when WW2 started. As for the claim that the burning of the Reichstag was a false flag operation, that is pure speculation, not supported by any evidence, and probably just a red herring.

  171. For some reason people in America seem to think the Third Reich outlawed gun ownership. This documentary repeats this myth. It's bad history. The Third Reich did no such thing. On the contrary. Hitler relaxed gun laws enacted by the Weimar government and martial arts were very popular and encouraged. Moreover, not even Jews were denied gun ownership. As for the claim that the burning of the Reichstag was a false flag operation, that is pure speculation, not supported by any evidence, and probably just a red herring.

  172. So does this guy make one claim he can back up with evidence? All he does is ask "is obama going to take your guns?" "is hilter modeling his presidency after hitler?" "whats next on his agenda? fema camps?" Wow.. WOW you people, if you believe any of this, you are re*arded. Anything you have to BELIEVE is not a fact.. "Will he put people in fema camps? will he take your guns?" all he does is ask questions.. no shred of actual, empirical, evidence. He changes the music, tone of his voice, lol.. what a fraud.

  173. Yep, its true. Obama wants everyone's guns. Forget the fact that his proposed gun legislation doesn't take anyone's guns. The proposed gun control legislation concerns future sales, not past sales.

    If you are reading this and happen to be nervous about gun control, then just go buy an assault weapon tomorrow, and guess what, you will be able to keep it indefinitely. Come 2017, when Obama is out of office, you will still have that assault rifle.

    However, there may be a few drones flying around your city. Conspiracy theorists would do much better focusing on the future of drones at home. The government will not be taking anyone's guns, but local and federal agencies will begin using drones domestically while using fuzzy legal terminology to target citizens without warrants.

    I highly doubt our country will collapse into a post-apocalyptic zombie state because of the loose language justifying the killing of a U.S. citizen without trial or even warrant, but it certainly isn't a good precedent to set.

  174. Obama is a puppet of a "higher authority".

    1. Presidents always are.

  175. How many times did this guy mention the 23 executive orders that are going to take your guns away? Here they are.

    Here, according to the White House, are the 23 executive actions that he and his administration will do:

    1. "Issue a presidential memorandum to require federal agencies to make relevant data available to the federal background check system."

    2. "Address unnecessary legal barriers, particularly relating to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, that may prevent states from making information available to the background check system."

    3. "Improve incentives for states to share information with the background check system."

    4. "Direct the attorney general to review categories of individuals prohibited from having a gun to make sure dangerous people are not slipping through the cracks."

    5. "Propose rulemaking to give law enforcement the ability to run a full background check on an individual before returning a seized gun."

    6. "Publish a letter from ATF to federally licensed gun dealers providing guidance on how to run background checks for private sellers."

    7. "Launch a national safe and responsible gun ownership campaign."

    8. "Review safety standards for gun locks and gun safes (Consumer Product Safety Commission)."

    9. "Issue a presidential Memorandum to require federal law enforcement to trace guns recovered in criminal investigations."

    10. "Release a DOJ report analyzing information on lost and stolen guns and make it widely available to law enforcement."

    11. "Nominate an ATF director."

    12. "Provide law enforcement, first responders, and school officials with proper training for active shooter situations."

    13. "Maximize enforcement efforts to prevent gun violence and prosecute gun crime."

    14. "Issue a presidential memorandum directing the Centers for Disease Control to research the causes and prevention of gun violence."

    15. "Direct the attorney general to issue a report on the availability and most effective use of new gun safety technologies and challenge the private sector to develop innovative technologies."

    16. "Clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes."

    17. "Release a letter to health care providers clarifying that no federal law prohibits them from reporting threats of violence to law enforcement authorities."

    18. "Provide incentives for schools to hire school resource officers."

    19. "Develop model emergency response plans for schools, houses of worship and institutions of higher education."

    20. "Release a letter to state health officials clarifying the scope of mental health services that Medicaid plans must cover."

    21. "Finalize regulations clarifying essential health benefits and parity requirements within ACA exchanges."

    22. "Commit to finalizing mental health parity regulations."

    23. "Launch a national dialogue led by Secretaries Sebelius and Duncan on mental health."

  176. Gun week on TDF!

    1. A TASER and a SLINGSHOT in every house, I say! :)

      edit- That is, in every paranoid house that feels a need to own a weapon... Dewy would probably say a longbow, but this is America, and I don't think you can hold a can of beer and fire one at the same time.

    2. Wait until they resort to boobie traps and land mines.

    3. A Smith and Wesson (i.e., a fighter jet) beats four aces (i.e., boobie traps and land mines).

  177. I'll be 49 years old later this year. When I was in 7th grade, I had a little friend named Becky Addy, a quiet, thoughtful little girl with a sweet smile, never a problem for anybody, as I recall. She lived way over on the other side of the county, so during the summers I never did get a chance to see her. At that time, of course, I didn't follow the news, either. At the start of the 8th grade, Becky wasn't there anymore, and it was only then that I found out her sibling had accidentally shot and killed her over the summer break, apparently from an improperly secured firearm in her own home. To this day, I still think about her from time to time, and what a waste that was, what she might have grown up to be, and all that. It really affected me a lot. I think her's was the first death of a friend I ever had to deal with, and the manner in which it happened was just so shocking and completely damned unnecessary.

    But I don't think I ever did, in fact, really know any of the details... I said "improperly secured," but for all I know that wasn't actually the case. Becky was pretty sharp, and on occasion a bit of a tomboy, and it isn't that hard for me to imagine her figuring out how to access something she should not have. I guess the point I'm trying to make is just that, unless you've had a tragedy like that happen close to home, or closer, you may not actually know how you feel about guns, after all.

    Or maybe not... I do know I personally don't care for them. I've never owned one, and never plan to, and have only ever fired a shotgun a couple of times, years ago. But at the same time, I'm not opposed to SANE and SAFE people owning a peashooter for personal protection, if they live that much in fear, while not buying for one moment the utterly ridiculous notion that goes around in this idi*t country that we need these peashooters (or automatic weapons) as some kind of hedge against tyranny... I'm sorry, but that is just about, like, the stoopidest idea I've ever heard. And anyone with a grain of sense doesn't even need me to go into the myriad reasons why it is.

    The NRA leadership don't give a damn about kids like Becky, or all those precious little ones from Newtown, or those people in the mall in Oregon, or any of all the others that you could name. This is about their profits and power, the politicians they own, and an American electorate significantly comprised of solid-boneheads sold on dated ideas and the fanatical belief that this country is, once again, somehow exceptional when it comes to this issue.

    1. Insightful (particularly last para.) and well articulated, Pysmthe

  178. You want to talk about foreign policy lies used to consolidate power and gain extraordinary wealth? Remember Iraq? Remember Iraq? Where were you? We were in the streets. They were the largest protests ever in the world. Ever. Where were you? What were you justifying or staying silent over? You people are worthless. Its about consolidation of power. Not to politicians. To the corporate masters of the world. Where were you when we denounced the accumulation of power and wealth by the 1% during Occupy? You mocked us because you don't like our music, our style, our way of dress. What you didn't realize is that we stood for you. For an end to the rampant consolidation of power and wealth by the 1%.

    All those conspiracies you dream up to explain everything are worthless. The real theft is going on in front of your eyes. Wake up. End corporate personhood, now.

    1. I think we all appreciate you being on the ground. What did it accomplish? Did they end the war, did occupy modify consumer spending habits?

    2. It accomplished nothing cause worthless losers like you didn't join us. You were either apologist or apathetic wastes of space.

    3. You know nothing about me, plus I said we were appreciative, and I guess you missed that part. I live off the grid and buy most things locally since I have awaken. It didn't work because you cannot fight globalism that way, the system is far too corrupted, jumping around screaming and banging drums does not have the effect anymore, it's too far gone. Watch your mouth dips***.

    4. Which is exactly where we want you libertarians. See the rest of us are smart enough to know humans are social creatures and thus live in a society. Society is a tacit agreement. Since libertarians refuse to agree to social laws and protections you all need to go live away from everyone else. Thank you.

    5. Also, we weren't just banging drums. We were trying to shut down ports, highways, stock exhanges. The reason we failed is because you (the rest of America) did not join us. We got tasered, we got pepper sprayed, we got arrested. You did not become outraged. You did not come support us, you did not demand they stop. If people had seen what the police were doing to us, come out and help us hold and take new ground (bank buildings, forclosed homes) etc we could have succeeded. We failed because you didn't show up.

    6. If you had carried guns with you like the Tea Party people, you wouldnt have been abused by the police. People less likely to abuse their power around you if you are armed. That might even be why we have the 2nd amendment. Idk

    7. What kind of country is it that you have to arm yourself to protect yourself from the police during a peaceful demonstration?
      Maybe the tea party people are fighting the wrong fight.

    8. And just how do you go about ending "corporate personhood," not that it will really matter?

    9. There is a constitutional amendment to end corporate personhood now. Call your reps (national and state).

  179. Everything you accuse Obama of, started under the Bush II administration. You are ridiculous.

    1. How about the bombing of Libya, the attempt to put off the execution of Humberto Leal and the recent targeting of an American citizen?

    2. George Bush II talked incessantly about how his "regime change" in Iraq would start revolutions all over the middle east. The "recent" targeting of civilians also dates to the Bush II administration. I'm not excusing Obama. But stop pretending fascism isn't a right wing, corporate goal.

    3. Where did I say anything about right wing corporate goals?

  180. You are insane. If tyranny was allowed to grip America it was under the madness of Bush II. We were in the streets, the largest protests in the world ever, but due to a minority of America's population (conservatives) rigging house elections EVERYTHING BUSH DID WAS RUBBER STAMPED.

  181. I cannot wait until we get those FEMA camps up and running. You people are insane and you are destroying our society. Get a grip. Whites don't rule anymore. Quit crying, quit throwing your tantrum.

  182. Adolf Hitler never said that stupid quote, FIND THE SOURCE, it is made up. Adolf Hitler LOOSENED GUN OWNERSHIP laws (except against discriminated classes.)

  183. No one is fooled. Fast & Furious = Bush Administration. TARP = Bush Administration. So, quit lying to everyone. People are aware of facts and it just makes you look more and more delusional.

  184. This movie is absolute nonsense. Their unreasonable paranoia is the reason we need most right wingers guns to be taken away.

  185. I wonder how the people of Sandy Hook would feel if they watched this piece of crap and saw their kids used in such a way by the documentarian...er, um, author of fiction. I think I will let them know.

    Worst. Doc. Ever.

  186. all you against the freedom of Americans to own guns Are just so brainwashed its not funny this documentary IS about why we need the guns USA is a Republic I am a brit and i believe in the 2nd amendment more then most Americans

  187. The US Government has sent no money or weapons to Syrian rebels. That's a total beat up. If this is the basic premice of this 'documentary' then it's all b**l s**t.

    1. the lies run much deeper. "fast and furious" began during the bush admin. benghazi was a few cia stooges working a "plausible deniability" operation. basically the reality is "his skin is too dark for me to feel comfy".

  188. If no one would have a gun the world would be better off, relatively. But, the world is full off guns and people seeking power and control over others with them. This you can not change by having a gun, live by the gun, die by the gun. There is no freedom found in war and when we have to fight for "our rights" we are not free but slaves of tyranny helping to perpetuate a cycle of power, control and oppression. When we are part of a country, a government, a system that breeds violence, conflict and misery, guns or no guns, fighting the system won't change it. Just as running around with signs that banks are corrupt, that "our leaders" are corrupt, that corporations are corrupt, won't create change. It might help awaken sleepers, but won't create change, change as in the creation of something better, relatively. "I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man's; I will not reason and
    compare: my business is to create." -William Blake.

  189. an interesting statistic: 20% of all guns in private hands in the USA were sold as "new" since obama was elected. in 4 years of fear mongering, the NRA has managed to sell as many guns in 4 years as were sold in the previous 20. yeah, it's "about your freedom", lol.

    1. what does the NRA have to do with people buying guns i live in ND a lot of my uncles cousins (i got a lot) have guns and they are not in the NrA as far as i know they have gone crazy and killed people

  190. From Christopher Greene's website comes a subscribers' "endorsement." hmmm...


    “People you can trust…In a society where the truth has become a crime: Gerald Celente, Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, Ron Paul, Peter Schiff and Christopher Greene: You guys are the real heroes of the USA today…Listen to them, Google their videos for the truth and kill your Televisions.” – Subscriber

    About Christopher Greene

  191. Only read the title so far, sounds hysterical.

  192. All this "Basic Math" talk is stupid. Its not that simple. Its far from basic. Less legal guns will not = less murders. Less legal guns just mean stronger gangs, more confident robberies, etc. Massacres is the tip of the tip of the iceberg. Black market murders surpass Legal purchased murders.

    1. Please check the stats from countries that have serious gun control (most of Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan and New Zealand to name a few) and compare those to countries where guns proliferate. No comparison. Tight gun control = far fewer gun related deaths.

    2. Those countries are probably not supplying the black market like USA does.

  193. Where is my right to own rocket launchers, grenades, AP mines and C4 blocks on tripwires. By following the logic of some here it would seem perfectly acceptable to own a nuke to defend yourself against people. If criminals can ram my car when taking the kids to school shouldnt everyone be allowed to drive tanks to defend yourself and your family?

    This documentary is just propagating fear and mis-information, gun control doesnt mean blanket ban on all guns, it means regulation to make it harder for criminals to get weapons for mass killing.

    Sure you can kill someone with a hammer and no-one is advocating bans on hammers but thats because you cant kill 20 people in 20 seconds with a hammer.

    Sensible legislation on firearms is seen as some kind of attack on personal freedom... is it just me? am i crazy? I just dont understand how some people can advocate the sale of assault rifles without documentation or background checks.

    I ask those of you opposed to sensible legislation, why not allow even more dangerous weapons? If you think everyone should have the right to own an assult rifle, why not missile launchers? If you think people shouldnt be able to own missile launchers, why not?

    1. i think folks should be able to own anything, so long as they are responsible with it. there is the problem, really. the complete lack of responsibility related to arms. they are sold as "adult toys". they are used as props in political protests. folks scream about their rights, but shirk their responsibilities. i have had folks tell me adam lanza's mother was right to allow her lunatic offspring easy access to arms, as her "right to defend herself" trumped all other considerations. funny, that mob of gangbangers never materialized (and never does, unless you're slinging dope, a wholesale jeweler, or own a chinese restaurant in a ghetto), but her son used those "defensive arms" to end 26 innocent lives, as well as hers, and his own. crime stats show we are safer from crime than we have been since the mid 60s, yet we "need" to wander around armed to the teeth....

  194. Mirror mirror on the wall. Who is the biggest dealer of them all?

    Basic American history we all learned as kids. America profits from selling weapons. You need guns? We got them. Is your army in need of some RPGs? Ask America for some. Need some anti aircraft weapons? The US President is your man. We have been doing it for ever. We fund violence. Gun bans in the United States is hypocrisy.

    But we do need to start somewhere. Once America stops flooding the black market ill be first to give up my "rights" to kill someone fast and efficiently (guns). Defending myself from an intruder with a taser/bat/knife is a risk I'm willing to take in order to move one step closer to a civilized world.

  195. @johnkrisfalusci.Your heart may be in the right place,but your equastion is unworkable.

  196. -Dis-information Doc!-

    Designed to detract/distract from the real problems with in society.
    The complete avoidance of obvious issues, such as; abuse, bullying, and mis-treatment of people. Which of course, is one of many problems that attribute to high rates of violence in the US.

    Unfortunately it is my belief that the problem is so deeply ingrained within our culture, not to mention majority religions. It will be at least a century before the "sheep" catch on.

    That being said; gun control is an excellent step in the right direction.

    +1 Obama!

  197. Obama is doing this, Obama is not doing that... I'll bet when the US will be celibrating its next president he (or she) will be a hero at first and a year later he (or she) will be the source of all evil in the US.

  198. Would like to see a serious documentary presenting the case for less gun control. That would be welcome. However, this is amateur hour - slow and borring (and bad taste in music).

  199. the more guns you have the more gun crime you will have.please correct me if im wrong.....unless you can provide evidence to the contrary. so for you less smart folk, i guess it needs to be said....the fewer guns you have.......the less gun crime there will be....., i do wonder if the earth had been colonized peacefully, at this point in time how good it would be, with all that's been discovered ????

    1. That is wrong. Switzerland is proof of that.

      Wake up!

    2. the country in the mountains where national service is enforced!

      That's why the swiss all have guns, because that's the way their army works, it has a tiny standing army and relies on militias you do your national service, and then you keep your rifle once you're done incase you're needed to protect your bit of Switzerland.

      They don't sit around in trucks all day pretending to be a militia by pointing guns at unarmed immigrants like the southern dandiy American militias...the swiss actually are one.

    3. So what are you driving at?

  200. This is complete garbage. one of the worst "documentaries" on this website.

  201. thats all a lie about Austrailia there were more violent crimes by Non guns not more gun violence, this documentary is all lying to u , just cause he sounds like he know what he is talking about he DOESN'T SMARTIN UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  202. The Hysterical face of the NRA's PR department.

    1. Brother, you've got that right.

  203. u americans need to really think more guns more death that agiven

    1. Looks like Canadians can also use classes in spelling and grammar. I guess thats not just a U.S. problem, I apologize.

  204. This whole doc is full of bulls*it, America u are the best at being nieve

  205. I live in N Indiana. Good luck getting the guns from almost every person i know. I'm probably the only person i know right now that doesn't have one. And I'm about to get one just so i can hang out with my friends at the shooting range. And I'm not just talking hand guns, though there are those in abundance. Ar-15s, ak-47s, sig 516 assualt rifles are included in this. I'm about as anti republican party as you will meet, but the gun issue is laughable. Pandora's box has been opened, now its time for education and compassion to heal troubled minds, not more laws. If guns are banned, only criminals will have them, and we all know how criminals follow the law. This is a stupid argument. The government can't save you if an armed intruder attacks you or your family. That is a split second situation where only you can save yourself. Besides, this "issue" is being thrown at you to cover up real issues that are of monumental importance in our society that can never seem to build up any steam for actual change.

    1. I don't think anyone in the US wants guns banned.

      Registered, yes. Gun sale loopholes closed, yes. Guns removed from the streets and NOT resold to criminals, yes.

      I don't own a gun, never intend to own one, but I don't care if anyone has legal possession of one, any more than I care if they own a vehicle.

      Which then leads to...gun liability insurance! Does such a thing exist? I'm sure the guns can be insured as possessions, but do you also have to have liability insurance for it, like for your car?

      Edit: I don't think assault or automatic weapons belong in a civil society. If the US isn't civil, wtf are we doing wrong?

    2. So when you pull the trigger on your AK, spray thirty bullets around your front room, flick on the light and see that that 'intruder' was actually your son or daughter getting a glass of milk, what then?
      Who's going to protect your home from you if you go over the deep end?

    3. So we shouldn't be able to protect our homes and families at gun point because we might go over the edge. How idiotic.

    4. why can't you protect your home with a bolt action rifle or a shotgun? Are you that bad a shot you need thirty high velocity rounds to scare away an intruder? Nothing is stopping you from fighting like a real man either! (except your inane cowardice of course)

    5. Once again, where did I say anything about needing thirty high velocity rounds to protect my home and family. Another strawman.

      For your information, I support a ban on the FUTURE sale of assault weapons and high-capacity clips.

      P.S. And just what is fighting like "a real man" and if my home is being invaded and me and my family threatened, why should I care?

    6. you're the one insisting that your family just aren't protected unless you can fill a room with bullets in a matter of seconds.
      Boll0cks, you've been arguing FOR the continued sale of assault rifles since this thing began...Or are you doing the typical right whinge thing and flip flopping now you can see just how dumb that argument is?
      I have an axe...If someone breaks into my house, they get their skull cleaved...I don't need modern military hardware to protect my family...And to be honest, as spiteful as i'm being, if we're all being honest with one another you probably wouldn't need much more than your own hands or a knife if your house was being generally broken into! You'd go ape sh1t berserk like anyone would, and would probably be using the butt of the rifle like a club before you'd even thought to load it, either that or you'd just quietly wait and snipe the i*iot from the top of the stairs, in a cramped corridor, you're not going to miss.

      I'm just saying that the self defence argument is utterly ridiculous how ever you look at it!

    7. If someone breaks into my home and threatens my family or property, I have the right to put up any defense I deem appropriate, including the use of deadly force--and that's all there is to it.

      Now, where have I insisted on the continued sale of assault rifles?
      In short, you're a despicable liar.

    8. how about the whole part of the argument we were having earlier...All the times where i've expressed sentiment that assault rifles should be banned and you took it upon yourself to argue with me.
      How do you think we got started with this dumb conversation in the first place?
      Don't call me a liar to try and cover up your own tracks...go away you pathetic little troll.

    9. Im here and i think your so ignorant it aint funny I think people like you with their heads in their asses are the reason these people get away with the atrocities they commit daily F YOU BRO

    10. I gathered you're here...that kinda goes without saying when you're posting a comment...Something tells me i'm giving you way too much credit by asking this question but...If you can provide a single example of one of these atrocities, and how I've helped enact them i won't just assume you're a mindless troll!

    11. Not ridiculous at all. You forget the government could blow away your house in seconds. Even with assault rifles, defending ourselves against our own government is a monumental task, and leaving us with pea shooters to do so with is unacceptable to those of us with a love of freedom.

    12. Sounds more like the plot for a bad action movie to me...but anyway,your reasoning is the paranoid delusion that the government have nothing better to do than nuke your house for unknown reasons...If they were going to do that, what difference does having an assault rifle make? It only means you'll make a bit more noise before one of their marksmen pick you off.
      so yeah my point still stands...self defense is a ridiculous argument however you look at it.

    13. only if your to afraid to fight for what you believe in and for who you call loved ones

    14. i can only presume you've ignored most of what i've been saying.
      I've said plenty of times there's nothing wrong with defending your family with a shotgun, a bolt rifle, i've said that i personally keep an axe for self defence...So how exactly did you come to that conclusion?

    15. what about the girls

    16. What is your reply to people irl when they call you out on your BS? Everything you just said is so far from reality that im kind of disappointed in my self for responding.

    17. How can a question be bulls(it?

    18. by your argument how did we evolve past clubs

  206. i had a whole post ready to go explaining exactly what i think of this hour long fear porn fest. then i remembered that i should set an example here so here goes.

    - i owe Ray comfort an apology. this is way worse
    - nobody is coming for your guns
    - i believe strongly in "Goodwin's Law" and this film is a great example
    - nobody is coming for your guns
    - this film misrepresents the facts of fast and furious
    - nobody is coming for your guns
    - faux news would be proud
    - nobody is coming for your guns
    - please check out the website for this film for more idiocy than i thought one person is capable of

  207. Reading the summary of this doc will tell you everything you need to know. Fear, Fear, Fear

  208. This film represents the horrible, backwards, fear based thinking that is preventing our country from solving its very serious problems. It seems these gun "advocates" would like us all to go back to the wild, wild west when everybody had a gun and the average male lived to be 35 years old. The NRA and the gun lobby do not care about you or anyone else. Their one and only motive is to get even more filthy stinking rich than they already are. To accomplish this they spend millions every year on propaganda to convince people, usually poorly educated and uninformed people, that the mean, evil "communist" democrats want to TAKE their guns. Ridiculous. At no time ever in our history have democrats, or anyone else, tried to stop people from having guns. It boggles my mind how some people are so easily misled by profit motivated corporate propaganda.

    1. The film is riddled with inconsistencies & disinformation. The best solution is Government non-interference in citizens rights directly based upon the US Constitution. Our forefathers got it right the first time, looks like we're have to repeat the same fight for the same reasons. . Such ideals are noble to be sure but in reality they aren't likely to work because "we the people" are too late this time around.

    2. The US Constitution is a flawed document - that's why it has been amended so many times. The world changes, we learn new things and our founding values documents, such as the American Constitution, needs to change as well.

    3. In roughly 250 years, there have been 25 amendments (I don't count prohibition and its repeal) and a few changes to the main text. That's comes to one amendment every ten years. That's not so bad. Also, at least our founding fathers had the foresight to plan for changes.

    4. Your birth certificate is a flawed document...it was made in error.

    5. yeah! the forefathers got it right the first time! That's why we have amendments! because it is just such a perfect document!

      What is it with you Americans and you're old bits of paper from a bygone era? It's either a 2000 year old bible, or a 200 year old sheet of paper!
      Nothing is infallible!

    6. Well said:) Actually PERFECT!

    7. i cant smoke in a public building even though they had a seperate room for smokers I think seatbelts are more dangerous than guns but i have to wear it or get fined

  209. Though I totally believe this is true, it looks really odd to say you're not racist when Obama and Bush are one in the same and people are only identifying 1 of the 2 crooks as being such....

  210. So many of you still seem to act like it's the bloody wild west over there, and - tarnation! - everyone has the right to arm themselves! Well it is still wild I guess, until people learn to change their paranoid blinkered outlook...

    Lets say, OK then. EVERYone does indeed have the right to arm themselves. and let's say all countries go along with that too (fair's fair!). Do you really think the world will be a safer place then? Do you? Really?! This is just utterly moronic in the extreme! Gun crime is already A BIG PROBLEM in the States precisely because of this mind set. You've had decades to try out your theory about everyone being allowed the right to protect themselves, and history has proven you wrong! Can't you see that? Have things been better there? How many more killings will it take for you people to wake up and smell the cordite? It's already out of control because of people like you...

    There's always going to be victims, and aggressors - I'm afraid that's just the way of the wicked world! There will always be violence & murder. But turning the world into gun carrying 'citizens' to protect themselves against the possibility of somebody else doing them harm with another gun is going to make crime and violence even worse than it already is... Not make the world a safer place in the slightest!

    Guns are designed to kill people, and the more that carry them, the worse things are going to get... Imagine if everyone bought guns on a 'what if' hunch? What if nobody ever went out the front door, because 'what if'...?! It's utter right-wing propaganda/paranoia.

    The excuses I hear for needing guns are also pathetic - many countries seem to get on very well indeed without every citizen arming themselves just 'in case'. Do you really want a world where everyone has a gun? You go into a cinema - people in there are armed. You goto a bar, people are armed (and guns + drink... yeah great idea!). Where does it end? Who draws the lines?

    If people can't see that there really is no hope in trying to make a positive change in your Country in terms of gun crime and culture...

    Give or take the odd very rare situation, the only damn people that should be armed when called for are the Police and soldiers...

    Children are dying out there because its so easy to get hold of guns in America. Time for a change in the law, and a change in how weapons are portrayed in films and the media (NOT as something cool, but something that does great damage/harm).....

    1. So what are you proposing other than an unenforceable change in how weapons are portrayed in films and the media.

    2. I of the issues is a mindset that places the self above society. In most developed western countries (this does NOT include America) the population as a whole deem the safety of everyone above their own and support gun control because it makes society safer. If you have a selfish perspective then you want a gun to protect yourself and to heck with everyone else. Sad really.

    3. Just how do you the mindsent of most developed western countries and which ones are they?

      You have a bad habit of making claims you can't back up.

    4. that's why we fought for our freedom from England

    5. most of the wild west stories are dime novels. The real wild west rarely had children die from guns even tho every body had a gun the oly mass murders were from Indians killing a family or solders killing a Indian village village

  211. Utter drivel - the worst doc I've seen in a long while. Guns are for cowards and bullies.

    1. people who try to impose there likes and dislikes on people are bullies

  212. black puppet attached to white strings.

    1. Wow. Racist are we? Why would I listen to you if this is the best you can offer?

    2. That wasn't racist at all...

    3. isn't afro-american puppet offensive too?

  213. put the word gun or better gun control in a documentary fill it with dog do and spoon feed .hun were's my ak dam it!

  214. Gun rights v. Gun control. We have gun control and that's not working. We have 300,000,000 guns so gun rights is not working.

    So why are we debating the two things which we know will not work.

  215. Gun control will have NO effect on gun control because most of the crimes committed aren't with legally bought guns.

  216. What utter CRAP!!!

  217. It's far too late for gun control.

  218. First disarm criminals and illegal guns before you take away the legal ones.

    1. That will never happen, the world banks make too much money on the black market.

  219. I am sorry BUT to mention 6 mill jews and not to mention 18 mill russians is simply just sad. Nothing more... I ain't some racist-nazi punk BUT lets stay real, huh?

    1. Tha fact is, wether it's 6 mill jews or 12 mill russians it is the same world bankers that funded both sides and also the cause of the killing. And the same power hungry people that are still starting wars all over the world. Tens of millions of indians and affrican slaves.

      256 million people have been killed due to war in the last 100 years thanks to those that have the money to pull the right strings. BANKERS BANKERS BANKERS of the world.

    2. So where else do you go when you need a loan?

    3. That is the problem we don't have a choice. Our government has the ability to print its own money without intrest, why would they choose to borrow from a private bank and pay intrest. BIG POLITICAL PAYOUTS. It is a system that keeps people in debt and makes the rich richer.

    4. And if I were the rich, I wouldn't mind being made richer.

    5. In that train of thoughts'........and what would you do with this extra money?

    6. What would you do with extra money? lol

    7. It depends on how much you're offering...lol

    8. Spend it or save it, my choice.

    9. How about giving it...ever thought about that?

    10. Not unless I get something in return, like a tax break.

    11. I'm not rich, but I have no problem with it.

    12. What does one has to have for you to think they are rich?

    13. Money--and it's "What does one HAVE to have for you to think HE IS rich?"

    14. Thanks for the grammar lesson and if you want an equal service towards your French, buzz me anytime.

    15. This I will take you up on. Is it correct to write (say), "Je ne doute pas que" followed by the subjunctive or the indicative? Second question, in reflexive verbs, does the past participle always agree with the subject. I've seen and heard it done in both ways.

    16. You are tottaly right.. This fact is even more sad for me - that behind all evil are this dorks:(
      Bankers... Mega-Corporations... Warmongers:(

    17. mr. UnclearFizzyCyst wrote to me (i just can't find his comment) - that actual number of russians is somewhat between 40 and 80 millions and that Stalin was hiding this fact to keep axis in awe and fear of extreme numbers of russian soldiers...
      If this is real - I megarest my case.
      I've heared that sometimes there were 4 russian soldiers per one gun, yes - BUT THIS??
      Its time to stop with tales of antisemitizem, at least for some time and lite up a candle for real victims of war... those russian ones - that were killed by enemy and by their leaders............... in such numbers that whole holocaust is rather small number... One killed jew is already a crime, 6 million is 6 million times unacceptably unhuman, unforgivable - but the number of russian victims is simply out of this universe!!!!!!!!!!!!
      what a sad planet this is:(

    18. @TomazZz: For the record, the Russians had a population of just over 210 million prior to the 2nd world war. (presently 147 million) When the war ended, 27 million Russians had died. This is nearly 1 out of every 2 people who died during the 2nd world war. (58 million dead in total)
      With that said, cudos to you for raising to light something that many people are unaware of. (we all know about the 6.6 million jews who died, - better lobbyists) It is likely the fear of communism (capitalist motivated) as to why the general population of the planet doesn't know about this, and yes you are right; a crime is a crime, and all the antisemitism(racism, predjudice, etc) must end if humanity hopes to move forward. Live long, and prosper TomazZzz!

    19. 27 Million might noit even be the full number.
      when the Soviets walked west, every concentration camp they came across was renamed a Gulag, and filled with Russian Political prisoners...there's no way of telling how many other people Stalin slaughtered under these conditions...so i think the numbers of Russian slain are quite likely even higher again!
      I never thought of that Hypocracy until you just pointed it out...and shall never forget it again either!

  220. Most crimes are committed with Illegally held firearms anyway so gun control is ridiculous. do they really think that gun control can work, all it will do is make the black market in guns more profitable than ever.

    1. Thats not the point, the point is to rethink WHY you need those guns anyway? To protect you from WHAT? Its the culture of gun ownership that needs to be abolished, not the guns themselves. As a Canadian I can easily get myself a gun, but for what reason would I need to? I feel perfectly safe walking the streets at 3 A.M. in my city, I dont need a gun to protect my family, they are quite safe. I'd only buy a gun to hunt, not for protection And THAT's what needs to change, this notion that guns protect you. They Dont. They make things worse when you go in with a mentality of "protecting yourself".

    2. rich, i agree with you on many levels, i too feel perfectly safe in my hometown at 3 am .. and especially in my home. But, as far as protection for my family, i wouldn't dare ever risk my families safety even in the tiniest bit. and that means entrusting it to someone else. I dont care if there is a cop car outside my door parked 24 hours a day.. i will always own a gun for that .000000000000000012% chance that something happens. I wouldn't be able to live with myself knowing that i could have done something and didn't because i refused to own a gun. We dont live in a perfect world and as great and safe that i do sincerely feel it is, i would never dream of getting rid of my last line of defense that keeps all that i know love and hold dear to me safe.

    3. The problem with that is that you are a sensible and intelligent human being who will keep his guns locked and away from potentially getting into the wrong hands, and then you have the other 80% of the population who are idi*ts and will carry a gun to a shopping mall to protect themselves and accidentally shoot their own kid in the face!

      I mean seriously, stop thinking the world ends at the footsteps of your front door, look at the bigger picture, maybe its worth sacrificing that 0.0000000012% to create a better world.

    4. this doesn;t involve you your candain this is a us issue look at Chicago and la and Detroit

    5. I think the bigger issue is teaching people grammar and how to spell in the U.S.

    6. The US (and world really) has so many problems, that actually cause real, widespread suffering and death that it crushes my last hope for humanity to be constantly reminded how many people on the internet, with access to the wealth of information we have, still think grammar is big enough to even be worth mentioning.
      I've always maintained that attacks on a persons grammar are an indicator that you can't debate the actually ideas the person puts forth.

    7. I would agree with you on a basic level, his comment was so pointless and devoid of any real idea other than to say: "you're Canadian so keep quiet, it doesn't involve you", as if my opinion on the matter is obsolete. I could disregard grammar and spelling if he had made an intelligent comment.

      Also, Im sorry but spelling and grammar ARE an indicator of intelligence, especially when you have tools like spell check readily available to you. It belittles (and in some cases even makes it obsolete) your comment when you can't articulate and/or present it properly.

    8. You're right. See the beginning of your second paragraph.

    9. Nonsense. Grammar and spelling (and I don't mean typos or venial errors) are an indication of a person's education and by extension, his ideas.

    10. You're absolutely correct. Why should we as Canadians care that the American people are enamoured with their freedom to shoot each other. We live in Canada. We don't have that freedom. Of course, we are also free of the fear of drive by shootings, accidental shootings by children, spontaneous outbursts by angry and drunken louts, and a host of other craziness that happens routinely in the United States. Actually, the only thing that concerns us about American gun laws is that these laws make guns so available down there that individuals go there, buy them and smuggle them back into Canada. That is how your wacko gun laws affect life here. It seems I've talked myself into a complete circle. We Canadians do care about the gun question in the United States. It threatens us, too.

    11. Maybe I like to shoot off a few rounds for target practice. Maybe I like to hunt. Maybe I like to collect guns.

    12. None of which have anything to do with PROTECTING YOURSELF.

    13. But they have a lot to do with possessing firearms.

    14. Which is why the CULTURE needs to change. Banning guns wont happen, it cant happen, it will never happen. Even in the most strictest of countries with the strictest of laws you can get a gun. Im not advocating banning guns, I'm advocating rethinking WHY you need your gun in the first place. If you think any knucklehead can freely walk down the street with a gun strapped to his pants because that is "freedom", my friend, you need to seriously ask yourself if thats the kind of society you want to live in. Stricter regulation does not equal banning EVERY gun.

    15. Talking to him is as pointless as beating a dead horse. He just doesn't understand the situation. His mind and heart is closed to any enlightened thinking.

    16. Your grammar is also closed to any enlightened thinking. Let's see you come up with a practical solution. You're obviously the one who doesn't understand.

    17. And just where did I say it was freedom to allow any knucklehead to walk down the street with a gun strapped to his pants? Don't try the strawman argument on me.

      Saying that the CULTURE has to change is not even approaching a solution.

    18. maybe you like stroking long hard shaft like things to make up for a personal deficiency.

    19. And maybe you like making idiotic statements.

    20. i think the end of your gun is polished enough now.

    21. why do u assume only guys like guns

    22. Maybe you should try walking the streets of chicago at 3am.Or any of the cities in the us where they play the game knockout kings.I would rather have my gun and not need it then not have it and need it.

    23. "i need guns to defend myself from the residents of neighborhoods i never go in, at times i never travel"....

    24. It can't stop the decades of 'duh' that put so many weapons into the hands of criminals, but attrition over time would reduce the numbers of illegal weapons.

      Gotta start somewhere.

  221. @Nothing_Is_Real
    Good to see that you at least no what weapons came first. I guess the next progression in you logic is to move on to rocket launchers to protect yourself from guns?

  222. @Steve
    Right about then, I'd be wishing they had more strict gun control laws...lol

  223. gilgamesh123, you are the duh in Ameriduh

  224. @iamthinker68
    Your logic is terrible. If a guy used a hammer instead of a gun, the likelihood of the victim still being alive would be much greater. Now lets use a better analogy, if you put loaded mouse traps all over the states...you will obviously have far more accidents then without them.
    Blaming the mentally ill just doesn't work, because where you have millions of people you will always have a percentage of mentally ill. That idea is as bad as a war on things you can't fight, like drugs and terrorism.

    1. my point is if the individual cant get a gun they WILL find another way to commit the actions they are intending to do. even if the person lives it is still an act of violence. many shooting victims don't die. so what your saying is that it ok as long as the victim doesn't die? information to make bombs is readily available and a person can run over many people with a vehicle or block the doors of a building and start a fire. there are many ways to kill people. the fact that it got to the point that the individual even thought of such things is a failure of society as a whole.

    2. ha u are soooooo stupid! and the people who liked the comment. point is that even without a gun an unbalanced person will find a way to kill people. hammer, car, fire, gun or whatever method is still violence whether the victim survives or not.

    3. The big difference between a hammer, car and gun is that it's a lot harder to kill 20 people with a hammer or car, etc.

    4. What about a bomb, or a plane?

  225. People have been killing each other since the caveman picked up a rock, then a club, then a knife, then a spear, sword, sling. Some people use these tools for good and some not so good. The real crime is to deprive those with the same tools to protect themselves as those that would do the harm. In response to 7FN, if I see someone doing you bodily harm should I just stand there and watch or would you want me to help you. Or would you want me to " not help " because I have a gun. ;).

  226. It's 3:00am and your front door is kicked open. In run 3 masked men with guns and knives and hammers. They are going room to room. You hear your children scream. What are you going to do? Call 911 . . or are you going to grab your 9mm and portect your family?

    1. @Steve please, your example or argument if anything, is a terrible one. The point is, with guns out of the equation, society will see a decrease in gun deaths and gun violence...

      These people who are on gun sides always try to present a scenario with other weapons to illustrate that the 'GUN' is somehow better, no it's not better.

      Guns will NEVER solve anything, and shooting someone to justify an intruder attempt, or robbery, or whatever the petty situation may be.. is just primitive and shallow thinking... Honestly, I feel sorry for you.

    2. I'd shoot the intruder and I'd shoot to kill. At least, my primitive and shallow thinking might just save my family.

    3. @robertallen1 well you should be in jail you sicko. You disgust me you hear me?

    4. When you find it sick to defend one's home and family at all costs, you're the one who needs help; you're the sicko.

    5. I believe that often 'at all costs' is not that at all. If someone is walking in your backyard you have no right, I would feel, to kill them. Even if someone is in your home you have no right - in law even . You have the right to defend yourself with appropriate force and a magnum is, most likely, excessive force in many situations.

    6. What you feel and what you claim is of no consequence. If the woman in Georgia had killed the intruder, she would have been in the right as it was clearly self-defense. Now which law are you referring to?

    7. I see...so all those kids broke into school did they?
      The really ironic thing is that the age range most shot at with automatic weapons are the 6-18 category...Because unfortunatly nobody can protect a child from their father when he goes insane with an assault rifle.

    8. Again, because of a few extreme cases, we shouldn't be able to protect our families and homes at gun point. Again, how idiotic.

    9. So because bad stuff happens, we shouldn't legislate to make sure the bad stuff happens less.
      Personally i don't think you are protecting your family...I think your family are in just as much danger by having an arrogant poseur like you wielding an automatic rifle in the house pretending to be Rambo...The long and short of it is the only US citizens who have ever had a legitimate use for assault rifles outside the military have been thieves robbing banks, lunatics massacring children, and gang retated murderers...Personally i believe guns are like power...the people who really want them are the ones who should be kept the furthest away!

    10. Who said anything about an automatic rifle? Who said anything about an assault rifle? Complete strawman. When it comes to a home invader, what you think does not count and, quite frankly, no one cares.

    11. um...that's what this argument is about!

    12. You might save your family but you're thinking is killing your society. Sad.

    13. My family and I come first. And when it comes to defending against a home invader, the last thing I'm going to think about is what you think is the effect on society, whatever that is.

    14. the US tried an increase ban and increase restriction on assault weapons 2002-2009 in 4 states and DC, in all 4 murders had risen in those 7 years and for the 2 following them.... facts > ur opinion

    15. I don't consider an intruder who threatens to rob or harm me or my family a petty situation. Shooting this person dead before he can do anything solves the situation well enough for my taste. They call it self-defense--and the person defending his home and family couldn't care less about how you see him. Perhaps somene should break into your home. Considering the views you've expressed, it's certainly easy pickings.

    16. and when you turn the light on and realize you've shot your own kid, what then?

    17. An extreme case is no reason to say a person can't protect his home and family at gun point.

    18. yeah you say protect your family at gun point...i think that's very telling fraudian slip there!

    19. Fraudian? What's that?

    20. Can one protect ones family at gunpoint? Surely if your family are at gunpoint they are exactly the opposite of protected...which is kinda the point i'm trying to make...Since it tends to be what happens quite a lot.

    21. I wrote," So we shouldn't be able to protect our homes and families at gun point because we might go over the edge. How idiotic." You obviously missed one of the operative words, "protect."

    22. if your family are at gun point they're probably more likely being threatened than protected.

    23. Not if the gun is pointing towards the intruders.

    24. but it's not...you said yourself it was pointed at your family...that's what "at gunpoint" means

    25. Defending one's family at gun point does not mean pointing a gun a the members.

    26. if something is at gun point...the gun is pointing at it. Seriously, we're going to argue basic English now?

    27. The operative word is the verb "to defend." And yes, we will continue to argue until I receive an apology for and a retraction of the bald-faced lie you wrote about me.

    28. that might be what you meant...but it's not what you said, lol and what lie was that exactly?
      Or is this another one of those situations where you're going to deny that you've said something...even though that something is exactly what we've spent the last week arguing about?

      You're a very disingenuous person! You change your story and then call me a liar to try and cover it up...sad really!

    29. About my being against banning future sales of assault weapons.

    30. "Defending one's family at gun point" can have multiple meanings. Apparently you do need to learn a little bit about English.

    31. actually grammaticly speaking it only has one meaning...But i know you right whingers love changing the interpretation of things as and when it suits you...so whatever.

    32. Does that happen often in your neighborhood?

      If the masked men with guns, knives and hammers have kicked the door in, they are already in the house.

      Could one realistically locate the gun, remove the child safety locks (hopefully they're there, in a home with children), get the bullets from a different location (safety precaution one hopes one would take with children in the home), load the gun and prepare to defend one's family before aforementioned armed men wreak whatever havoc they came to do?

      Or do you sleep with a loaded gun readily accessible to both yourself and curious children?

    33. It happened in Georgia a few weeks back.

    34. So the homeowner slept with a loaded weapon at the ready in a home with children?

    35. I don't know if she slept with it, but she was certainly justified in what she did and would have been even if she had killed the guy.

    36. So it's ok to have a loaded gun in a home with children?

      I really don't know anything about the incident you're referencing. "Somewhere in Georgia a few weeks ago there was a home invasion" but you have the details and I don't.

    37. Look up "Georgia Home Invasion."

    38. It's seven am on election day. 126,000,000 Americans run to the polls and without guns peacefully elect a President and a government. What are you going to do? Re-think your position or whip out your 9mm.

    39. When the hell does this ever happen other than in a Hollywood movie? My god you people are so paranoid. Come back to the real world. The chances of this scenario happening are the same as you crashing in an airplane... MAYBE YOU SHOULD CARRY A PARACHUTE EVERY TIME YOU FLY. Complete non-sense.

    40. What are the chances of that you dork? I don't hear that happening very often unless you are involved in something shady. lol...

  227. What is this? Some kind of joke? The REAL reason President Obama wants our guns is because of Colombine, Colorado shootings, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook, and COUNTLESS others...

    Jeezus christ, this isn't rocket science here, it's simple to decrease gun violence in America. Wake up and smell reality for once! This isn't the 18th century 'Right to bear arms' nonsense...

    1. Get your head out of the sand.

    2. Looks like the propaganda worked on him. Hook line and sinker.

    3. And just how do we decrease the gun violence in America?

    4. gun violence has decreased most is centered in poor inner citys with gangs

    5. That doesn't answer my question.

    6. The reason for that is simple. Guns are so readily available in the States, 300,000,000 of them in circulation, that gangs and criminals find is easy to obtain them. Illegal sales and theft guarantee it. Reduce those numbers and the types of guns available and you will see gun violence go down everywhere. The greater the difficulty in getting a gun the less likely a person will use it in a criminal activity. It's basic math.

    7. The black market will ensure the availability of guns for gangs and criminals backed up by world banks for profit. You just don't know how the world works do you.

    8. IN Australia and every other high gun control country there are criminal elements that can get hold of guns but that is no reason not to control the sale. In these countries if you're caught with an unlicensed firearm your in serious trouble. Not so in the USA.

    9. I don't know where you get your information, when individuals get caught with guns and no permits they are arrested and jailed. So tell me how exactly the sales of guns by criminal elements being controlled, they don't abide by the laws, or is that different in your country. And why do people alwayse blame the common working man for the actions of their governments all over the world. In case you didn't know, governments do not listen to the people, they listen to the the big banks that rule the world, and those banks are run by very few billionaires and trillionaires.So if you earn money you are part of the problem.

    10. So by your logic, we should all stop earning money or perhaps wage earners should be eliminated.

    11. Yet, it works in Canada. I guess we're not part of the world in your view. Our biggest problem concerning illegal guns are those smuggled from the States...which some Americans believe is the world. Its not. Also, contrary to your post, our financial institutions are not bankrolling gangs and criminals to enable them to buy illegal weapons. That is just your own paranoid delusion.

    12. Financial institutions...who knows, but government agencies, using taxpayer $ - would it really surprise anyone at this point.

    13. I'd assume that this is a reference of the "Fast and Furious" program?

    14. Ill see your F&F...& raise Al-Qaeda

    15. Wait... so you are suggesting that the U.S. government funded, supplied, and pretended to care about Afghan rebels to fight the Soviets. Then, when the war ended, they abandoned said rebels, which lead to tremendous torment and death for those rebel groups.

      Regardless, its impolite for them to use the money and weapons we gave them against us. Al-Qaeda us like an ungrateful child...

    16. Now that theres funny ?

    17. Just what government agency would I approach for a loan to purchase these illegal weapons to enhance my gang's criminal activities? You're clutching at straws. This is the same type of argument and logic used by smokers when medical stats showed that smoking increased the risk of lung cancer. Any argument, no matter how flimsy, to justify the continuation of something that you don't want to give up. The justification for American gun practices to continue as they are now are getting more foolish and desperate as we go along.

    18. Well, the CIA would probably be a good place to start

    19. I would love to be a fly on the wall when you go to a CIA office to apply for a loan to buy weapons because you need them for your protection racket. A great Candid Camera stunt.

      I live in Canada where strict gun control laws are in effect. Should I still go to the CIA or should I seek out our domestic government spy agency called CSIS. I wonder what I should put up as collateral. Maybe my good name will be enough...or would that be bad reputation?

      Like I said, the arguments are becoming more desperate in nature.

    20. Your bleeding liberal a** is the only one arguing here. Your intelligence agency sucks, your country has no gold, you separate oil from sand & use a big juicy beaver as a national symbol.

      ...If your point existed...it would be moot.

    21. It seems that all we have left is the indignant bluster of one who has nothing left to offer of a substantial nature that will support his stance. Nothing left to do but throw out a few insults and a dismissal.

    22. Insults can often double as fact. I have my insults, you have your thesaurus & your big dirty juicy beavers. Do us all a favour & find yourself a synonym for douche bag.

    23. Form your information I am a canadien and you have no clue about my views. As far banks go, all financial institutions borrow money from the world banks and the world banks make loans to both sides of the war so everyone that gets a loan or cashes a paycheck is contributing to all the wars, that the way the system works. The only way to not participate is to eliminate all legal tenders. So take it from another canadien, get of your high horse " we are all guilty"

    24. Who's talking about a war? We are discussing the use of assault weapons by the ordinary citizen on his fellow citizen. If I want an illegal gun I don't need a bank. I can afford to get my own. As for guilt, of course, we are all guilty. Not one of us is so pure as to be incorruptible. That is human nature. It is a struggle that will go on forever.

      I cannot speak for the individual Canadian, but I can speak about the attitudes that I have observed concerning gun laws by the average Canadian. There is no clamour for relaxed gun laws, no discussions about it in the lunch room at work, no heated debates at the local bar. Every time there is a major shooting in the States, people all seem to agree that there is something fundamentally wrong with the attitude towards firearms in the States. The only controversial item concerning guns is the long gun registry...and that has a lot to do with the expense versus the effectiveness of this registry. Your personal belief is yours but don't pretend that it is shared by the majority of Canadians. Most Canadians do not want American style gun laws in our country.

      In reality, I care a lot about innocent people being killed, no matter where they live. Over ten thousand gun deaths a year is too high. That troubles me, even if they are Americans. Compassion for people does not stop at the border.

    25. War is individual citizens of the world using assult weapons on it fellow citizens of the world, I don't understand how you can seperate the two. One is planned by greedy governments and its allies and the other is planned by the breakdown of an individual, both are mentally deranged.

      Until you live in the United States long enough to see what their government is doing to its own people without regards to any individual rights then you have no reason to look down on them. Why should billions be punished for the actions of few mentally unstable individuals. I would agree with gun control if it applies to everyone globally individuals as well as police, government, military. If anyone is exempt it is not a control, it is a dictatorship. And for your being capable of purchasing a gun on your own without a bank you missed my point. Bulk gun deals , legal or illegal, get money from banks so the gun you purchase in supplied by the banks canadien or other wise. There is no difference in war or individual killings, if one person kills a group of children in a class setting it is a tragedy but if a group of people kill a bunch of children the it is glorified, and yet both parties are mentally deranged. If the US government would help its people as the Canadian government does the American people would not be so reluctant on giving up their guns. And it also seems that the United States and its allies , which includes Canada , are involved in creating war throughout the world where there is oil and minerals to be obtained for personal power and it all involves killing of women and children, not much focus by the media on that topic. I wonder why. And I am an average Canadian my thoughts are no different tha anyone else on the planet, if I surround myself with like minded people I began to think that my way is the only way it should be.

    26. "Why should billions be punished for the actions of few mentally unstable individuals."

      There's something between the 'unstable individuals' and 'war creators' aka governments. They're called criminals. Don't forget them.

    27. There are always going to be Paedophiles too...i suppose you think we should stop prosecuting them, because what's the point if they're always going to be there? Might as well just make kiddie fiddling legal right? That's the logic you're using!

    28. I have gone through your comments and it seem you don't have any good things to say to anyone. I realize some people just need to hate and vent and that is you. There are millions of children being killed in countries all over the world why focus on just one place. And for your information very few paedophiles are being prosecuted, most of catholic ones are bieng protected by the VATICAN. Because the vatican has lot of money in is above the law so" kiddie fiddling " as you put it is pretty much legal in religion institutations and big money institutions, because the rich protect the rich no matter what. I don't think you have a clue about how to fix anything but I understant your frustrations and your need to vent your hate. I hope you get better.

      Peace :)

    29. So yes then

    30. There is violence going on all around the world every day. Right now you are focusing on America because the media wants you to. The same media that is covering up the truth of 911. Fema is already building concentration camps all ove the United States, What do you think thay are for? Millions of people are being killed in fals flag wars and the media is not reporting much of that. Its all a b*llsh*t game and they have gotyou conned

    31. Ha!

      I'm not a big conspiracy theorist these days.

      But your kinda right: The media has the masses totally wrapped around their finger. From birth to death, our behavior and conditioning is dictated through it.

      My recommendation:

      Cut off your cable subscriptions, cut out the commercials, and use the internet, to target the information, entertainment, You As An Individual Want.

    32. I haven't had cable or tv for 15 years, I like to think for myself .

    33. And?...Nothing to get hungabout.

    34. Great! Now I'm going to have those cellos traipsing through my head the rest of the day.

    35. Wow. Can you please let me know when the Zombie Apocalypse will be starting? I REALLY Need to know as I have to buy out my local gun store and get 1,000,000 rounds of ammo to protect those I love....

    36. This does not respond to my post? Is it because you have no solution?

  228. what if the guy used a hammer instead of a gun? would they be pushing for hammer control laws? its not the gun but the person and that is why it is EVERYBODY'S fault that things like this happen. we need open our eyes and watch for troubled or mentally ill individuals before it festers to point of such crazy actions.

    1. If the guy used a hammer far fewer people would have died, if any. The guy would have had to actually get up close to the individuals he was trying to hurt instead of stride through a school picking people off several at a time, at a distance. Someone would have had time and space to grab the hammer off him, he would have been arrested, and not killed himself using a hammer.

      I agree that mental health should be as much of a priority as gun control; of course it's the person, but that person with a gun can kill many more people much more quickly than they could with any other hand weapon. Besides which, these people are often difficult to help because they are by definition withdrawn from social realms in which their problems could be picked up on. Apparently the next best thing is their mother's armoury.

      The spate of knife attacks in Chinese schools in the past few years has resulted in a total death toll of 25 — still too many, but spread over 7 attacks the disparity between the gun attacks is clear. Around the same time (on the same day?) as Sandy Hook a guy in China lost it in an elementary school and tried to kill everyone, but with a knife. No one died.

    2. my point is if the individual cant get a gun they WILL find another way to commit the actions they are intending to do. even if the person lives it is still an act of violence. many shooting victims don't die. so what your saying is that it ok as long as the victim doesn't die? information to make bombs is readily available and a person can run over many people with a vehicle or block the doors of a building and start a fire. there are many ways to kill people. the fact that it got to the point that the individual even thought of such things is a failure of society as a whole.

    3. No, it is not everybody's fault and attempting to lay a guilt trip on the preponderance of people is despicable.

    4. no it is not despicable. as long as society is corrupted with greed and self interest, instead of willingness to love one another and not be preoccupied with materialism things like this will continue to happen. it is everybody's responsibility to look out for one another. what is despicable is when an individual feels they don't have to share in some capacity the care of everyone in this world. we are only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. bottom line is that gun control is not the answer.

    5. Garbage. First of all, I am not my brother's keeper and am responsible only for seeing that I do nothing wrong. There is also nothing wrong with materialism, but there's a lot wrong with those like you who try to foist the blame on the innocent. That makes you despicable and disgusting.

    6. LOL Too bad you don't have the intelligence to understand the situation. As long as there are small minded people like you, there will always be tragedies and turmoil. Someday you might need the kindness of strangers and someone like you will just crap on you and say "hey I am not your keeper so too bad so sad". Stupid people like you make me laugh.

    7. One again, trying to make innocent people assume the guilt or blamefor the crimes of the guilty makes you despicable as well as stupid.

    8. stupid comment, means nothing, compare hammer deaths to gun deaths.

  229. This gentleman's grasp of a gun far exceeds his grasp of history.

  230. @7FN you pretty much nailed it. This is the most r*tarded conspiracy crap ever put to film! Made by a sore loser, that probably is also a creationist. Haha..only in Ameriduh.

  231. Right wing moronic rhetoric! The less guns in the world, the better. One shouldn't NEED guns to protect oneself, if there aren't any in the first place. Do you really think America would be a safer place where (taking things to their logical conclusion) everybody is armed?!? You think that would result in less violence?! Perhaps if your media was less violence obsessed, less images of guns (check your cinema posters...!) etc. etc. you would have less problems in your country. This stuff DOES make a difference to your children. America is too in love with The Gun and this violent 'kick ass' image to give it up though. All that frontier crap is still very much in evidence today... Time to perhaps grow up and admit change is needed...!

    1. An armed society is a Polite society. Yes, I FULLY believe that to be true. Can YOU guarantee my protection at ALL times? No. I am the only one responsible for my personal and families protection, and the only way to guarantee that is for me to carry a personal sidearm.

    2. You have obviously never heard of America.

    3. you carrying a weapon doesnt GUARANTEE your safety like you seem to think it does. in fact every stat shows that it is more likely that you will get shot if you have a gun. dont be an i*iot.

    4. It's 3:00am and your front door is kicked open. In run 3 masked men with guns and knives and hammers. They are going room to room. You hear your children scream. What are you going to do? Call 911 . . or are you going to grab your 9mm and portect your family?

    5. LOL do you really live in that much fear?

      okay its 5pm, you are getting home from a long day at work. you open your front door and just as it opens you hear BANG. you rush into your room where you usually keep your gun locked up. now you see your son laying on the floor with a hole in his head and the key to the safe laying next to him.

      both our scenarios are extremes and used by only the most ignorant when it comes to this subject.

    6. no... just no lol

    7. ???

    8. Totally agree. Neither side is willing to concede to the undisputed facts supporting both sides of the debate, nor are they willing to address the underlying symptoms and disparities of an over medicated (by Big Pharma) and dysfunctional society. Even coming from a "right wing" source those were good examples through history (which so many of you ignore time and time again, as you continue to elect either the left or right arm from the same rotting corpse we used to call a Democracy; actually a Republic) of what could happen with too much 'knee jerk' gun control legislation. It's about time both sides stopped with their petty 'cherry picked' arguments and realized this: The right to maintain a militia and bear arms (in defense against invasion, tyranny or a government gone horribly awry.) is number TWO on the list. That's what protects number ONE: our right to Free Speech, and honest representation. Not a lot of that going around lately, huh? When people stop getting F@$Ked with, and opportunity and innovation returns to America and we remove all this (still) racial, class bias; money in politics, and make life on this rock sustainable for all, then maybe gun violence won't be front page news anymore. But until then, even though I do not own a fire arm, I'm more compelled to get one for the fact that someone wants to tell me what I can or can't do with my Constitutional Rights. And if one more person calls the media "liberal" I'm going to bust through the roof laughing. The media is OWNED by Big Business Conservatives (neo-cons). When will 'straight ticket' liberals and conservatives figure it out?

    9. Guns do not protect your freedoms. countries with less guns have just as many if not more freedoms and are in less danger of losing them. no matter how many guns you have you are not protected against a military.

      and another problem is people like you demonizing the mental health industry which in turns discourages people from admitting they have mental health problems as well as enable them to make excuses as to why they shouldn't take the medication.

    10. I'm from new Zealand and am sometimes considered the conspiracy woman ?.. I can't agree more . " A GOVT GONE AWRY" indeed ! This is not something in the future - I happened years ago .

    11. best.response.ever.

    12. Only an i*iot would leave a key to their gun safe available for their child. That is just the sort of s*upid i*iot citizen propaganda the government uses. They make people believe they are too s(upid to make their own decisions and proper decisions at that. The man who leaves guns or keys to the gun safe available for his child would go to jail.

    13. The mother of the man who killed the children in Newtown was too ignorant or too blinded by love of her son to be able to see what was in his heart. It only took one woman making this horrible mistake; one woman who could not be trusted to do the right thing with her guns to brutally destroy 26 lives and 26 families. This is not propaganda. This is reality. We should be looking for ways to do what we can to stop these things from happening instead of worrying about something that can't happen because the 2nd Amendment will never be repealed. As long as that amendment is in place, no president, no matter who he/she is, can ever take anyone's guns away. That is just another fact. It can't happen because of our Constitution no ,matter what the NRA says. There is no law that is even being proposed that would take away assault weapons that have already been purchased. Can't everyone just look for solutions instead of wasting time and energy on all the fear mongering about things that can't happen.

    14. R*tard, responsible gun owners don't leave guns laying around or the keys to the locks either. If you don't want a gun, don't have one. Wait the 20 minutes or more it takes for the police to arrive while your wife and daughter are raped and carved into bits and pieces.

    15. Human beings make mistakes. many people throughout history have accidentally left their gun somewhere that their kid got a hold of and then shot them self or a friend.

      you keep living in fear that someone is going to rape and carve up your wife and daughter. fear monger.

    16. You keep talking about fear!! This s*it happens all the time.. You are 3 times more likley to be home invaded than a fire... What about the lady who shot that home invader with her 2 children behind her... What if she no gun?????

    17. What is the percentage of people who save themselves from a home invasion and the percentage of people who end up shooting a loved one accidently. im sure the latter is more often.

      its fear when you make it seem like its a looming threat when we all know the odds of it happening are akin to that of winning the lottery.

    18. Responsible people also don't break into homes in the middle of the night, but you saw that as a suitable premise for owning a gun...

    19. since Obama became president...yes..I live in that much fear!

    20. hahahahahaha.

      poor you. lock your doors and hug your guns. The big scary president is trying to give you health care!

    21. this actually happened to my family...and unfortunately they were NOT armed...in fact...the man who broke in found my father hunting knife on the floor and picked that up as a weapon...I often wish we'd had a gun killed him...why you ask...because two weeks prior this same man who stalked my sister brutally beat and repeated raped a young woman (in the vagina with a knife mind you) and left her for dead...FORTUNATELY she lived...and was able to also identify this predator...yes...it IS a predatory universe and their IS evil walking this earth...this man needed to be stopped...NOT jailed as he currently is...

    22. the whole scenario starts with these guys having guns. do you not see the irony. wow. maybe gun control could stop them from having guns. or stop them from having large guns. your 9mm won't stop him if he has an AK47. so go get an AK47. and what if he throws a grenade in the house. you should probably get some grenades. and what if he waits outside til you leave. you should get a tank. and what if you think he's got a gun in his house. you should just shoot him before he has the chance to think about it. wait you're the 4th psycho with a mask holding a gun and knife and hammer.

    23. What a load of rubbish, have you actually seen the statistics? Texas has one of the lowest death rates with guns in the whole of USA, and it has the most guns too. You can have a gun concealed in your car or on your hip if you want, and yet people there don't shoot each other anywhere near as much as any other state. Seriously, do some real research first before commenting.

    24. Death rates from guns have declined in most states, including the ones that have not passed laws such as the ones that Texas has passed. Also, the death rate in Texas didn't go down until quite a long time had passed since the law passed, so right now, no one really knows for sure if the gun laws had anything to do with their low death rates. The study that Louie Gomert uses to cite all this info has been criticized by almost everyone as flawed because they didn't factor out many variables so the results of that study are skewed.

    25. I say we start removing the pharmaceuticals these people who commit such crimes are on and then the murder rate from crazed people on meds will likely drop significantly. They were all on meds. That ought to tell you something and if I am not mistaken....the mother was taking something also.

    26. I agree... Moved to Texas from Chicago and will stay!!!
      Living in a state where they allow you to protect your family!!

    27. Listen, that's only because those who have guns usually need them, and that one unlucky time it fails, they're dead, but people that don't need them don't get them, therefore they do have a less likely chance of dying because they won't be in a situation where they try to defend themselves and it doesn't work, so having guns usually helps good people that need them rather than hurt them.

    28. Tell that to Chicago!!!

    29. Chicago has LESS mass shootings than Texas.

    30. Have you ever been to Texas??? Do you see mass shootings here????? Nope... I grew up in Chicago.. Let me tell you, the city is a war zone...

    31. LOL wow man.....just do some research

      November 5, 2009
      Fort Hood, TX
      "On the afternoon of November 5, 2009, Major Nidal Malik Hasan—an army psychiatrist—walked into a medical processing center and began firing upon those inside. The rampage began at 1:20 pm, and lasted for about four minutes, during which Hasan fired off about 214 shots, killing 13 and wounding 30 more. After running outside the building to chase down a wounded soldier, Hasan was confronted by a police officer. Engaging in a brief firefight, the officer managed to down Hasan with a shot to the torso."

      September 15, 1999
      Fort Worth, TX

      Armed with two handguns and three 15-round large capacity ammunition magazines, Ashbrook walked into Wedgwood Baptist Church during a teen rally and began shooting. He killed 7 people (three of whom were teenagers) and wounded 7 more. Over the course of the attack, he fired approximately 30 shots and threw a pipe bomb in the church. Ashbrook then committed suicide. According to witnesses, during the shooting Ashbrook was yelling anti-religious invectives. In addition, a news report described him as one who "seethed with hostility, distrusted neighbors, and sometimes victimized the vulnerable."

      October 16, 1991
      Killeen, TX
      Armed with two handguns and 17-round and 15-round large capacity ammunition magazines, Hennard crashed his pickup into Luby's Cafeteria during a busy lunch hour. Stepping out of the vehicle, he began shooting randomly, killing 23 and wounding 20. After firing approximately 100 shots over 10 minutes, Hennard shot himself in the head. His motives remain unclear, but neighbors described him as "combative and unstable."

      June 29, 1984
      Dallas, TX
      On June 29, 1984, after offending his dancing partner at a Dallas night club, Abdelkrim Belachheb, a Moroccan in the U.S. illegally, left the club and returned with a Smith & Wesson 9mm semiautomatic pistol equipped with a 14-round large capacity ammunition magazine. He emptied the magazine into his dance partner, reloaded and fired into the crowd. Belachheb killed his dance partner, five others, and wounded one more.

    32. Protection from WHO? This is the paranoia that the media instills in people with constantly showing images of shootings, war and death. The only protection you need is from your own paranoia. What are the odds of you being in a situation you will need to use your gun to protect your family? 1 in a billion? 1 in a trillion? If someone robs you at gun point, you wont have time to reach for your gun, it will already be in your face. With all these mass shootings, show me ONE example where a citizen actually stopped the "bad guy". Thats what I thought.

    33. Where are you getting you figures on the odds?

    34. Those stories are not publicized.

    35. keep thinking you are doing a great job...lol lol lol

    36. A black grandma in her 80s in the northeast had her door kicked down by two armed robbers with bats and shot at 2 of them, one was shot in his ass and was caught when he went to the hospital. Without a gun I sure doubt they would have runaway

    37. "with all these mass shootings"...is that an example of a mass shooting? K. Would you also like to list a story of an armed person being overcome by robbers with their own gun and shot? Cuz those stories are out there too.

    38. The US is the crudest, rudest society on the face of the planet though. Nothing polite about it.

      The thing about relying on guns for liberty and security is that they don't work. Small arms are pretty much irrelevant to modern conflict. Even the (unsuccesful) insurgents in Iraq relied mainly on heavy weapons like RPGs, bombs, and mines. And still failed.

      Against criminals, a lone individual in his home will always be outnumbered and outgunned; a gun simply makes them a target.

      The issue has less to do with government control and personal security than personal image.

    39. The US is an armed society and it is one of the rudest, least polite, most violent societies among the developed nations. The real-world evidence, disregarding such pithy platitudes, demonstrates that an armed society is not polite in the least.

    40. Like in the old west! I challenge you to a duel at high noon in front of the saloon!

    41. The point is not to reduce violence or to save lives. The point is freedom, and the willingness to live in a more violent and dangerous world to protect it.

      The point is do you want to leave everything up to the government and put yourself and all future generations into their hands to do with whatever they will, or do you demand certain inalienable rights.

      It is obvious which choice demands sacrifice and pain; And which one offers social order, the rule of law, comfort, and safety. That does not make the choice obvious or easy.

    42. im sorry but "freedom" does not mean that you get to carry a gun and act like its the wild west. i should have the freedom to live peacefully without the fear of people like you having guns.

      welcome to SOCIETY. where there are more people than just you.

    43. What about keeping a gun at home? What about keeping a gun to indulge in target practice? What about keeping a gun for hunting?

    44. people can have guns. no one is trying to take all guns. a hunting rifle is fine. keep the target shooting gun at the target range. people dont need machine guns or submachine guns or even hand guns. and it should be a lot harder to get guns, they should have to be much better secured and the penalties for illegally having one need to be much stronger.

      no one is expecting to solve the problem 100% just like a law against murder doesnt get ris of murder 100%. but clearly regulations need to be put in place because as a human race we arent ready for these kinds of toys.

    45. Most of this is fine, except for hand guns.

    46. Freedom absolutely does not mean what you think it does.

      There are Laws/Rights (aka restrictions on Freedom). You may have a right to food, comfort, water, housing, not to be killed, so on and so forth. Which means that there is some law that restricts freedoms, and gives comforts to the populace.

      For example, Murder is illegal. So You get the right to not be murdered, and lose the freedom to murder. Practically that means that far less people are murdered and some people have to put up with not being allowed to murder someone they want to.

      Gun control can be described using a similar method.
      Enacting a complete gun ban (or some halve measure) would give you the right to live without fear of gun accidents and crazy/angry people wielding guns in an illegal manner. And it restricts everyone's freedom to wield a tool that is useful in many areas.

      You might not have any use for one, but that does not mean that there are not others who literally cannot live without them. Who certainly would be torn apart by wild wolves, for example, if their guns were taken away.

      Similarly, you might have no problem with a ban of plowing equipment if you were granted some comfort/right in return. That does not mean that an inalienable right (to grow your own food) was not taken away from you and everyone else.

      Stop pretending you care about Freedom. You do not, you care about comfort, there is a difference. Yes, you can use the word freedom in a sentence like: "The freedom to not be murdered", but that is not what big-F Freedom stands for and it is not what it means.

    47. "Gun control can be described using a similar method.
      Enacting a complete gun ban (or some halve measure) would give you the right to live without fear of gun accidents and crazy/angry people wielding guns in an illegal manner. And it restricts everyone's freedom to wield a tool that is useful in many areas."

      no one is calling for a complete gun ban first of all.

      and could you explain to me some of these useful areas that a gun is needed for?

      people living where there are wild wolves are more than free to own a gun that would not be banned. a gun not designed with the sole purpose of killing people.

      "Similarly, you might have no problem with a ban of plowing equipment if you were granted some comfort/right in return. That does not mean that an inalienable right (to grow your own food) was not taken away from you and everyone else."

      did you compare farm equipment to a device designed to kill human beings? i dont think you are as bright as you think you are.

      "Stop pretending you care about Freedom. You do not, you care about comfort, there is a difference. "

      stop pretending YOU care about freedom. you care about your own selfish wants while living in a society of MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of other people. you want complete utter freedom go live on your own.

    48. It is not possible to live outside of government owned land, they own all of the land that is habitable.

      And people a days journey from their nearest neighbor get their guns taken away the same as everyone else. Governments do not just enact sweeping laws and then review everyone to see if it is applicable to this person. And there is no difference between useful guns and violent crime guns, you can defend yourself from a wolf with a 9mm, and when the wolf is actually close enough for it to be properly called defence you might want to use a handgun.

    49. 1. Who, exactly, is trying to take whose guns away?

      2. Are you really that politically clueless?

      3. Did you actually believe this doc?

      4. QTF (from pwndecaf's post, below):

      "How many times did this guy mention the 23 executive orders that are going to take your guns away? Here they are.

      "Here, according to the White House, are the 23 executive actions that he [Obama] and his administration will do:

      1. "Issue a presidential memorandum to require federal agencies to make relevant data available to the federal background check system."

      2. "Address unnecessary legal barriers, particularly relating to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, that may prevent states from making information available to the background check system."

      3. "Improve incentives for states to share information with the background check system."

      4. "Direct the attorney general to review categories of individuals prohibited from having a gun to make sure dangerous people are not slipping through the cracks."

      5. "Propose rulemaking to give law enforcement the ability to run a full background check on an individual before returning a seized gun."

      6. "Publish a letter from ATF to federally licensed gun dealers providing guidance on how to run background checks for private sellers."

      7. "Launch a national safe and responsible gun ownership campaign."

      8. "Review safety standards for gun locks and gun safes (Consumer Product Safety Commission)."

      9. "Issue a presidential Memorandum to require federal law enforcement to trace guns recovered in criminal investigations."

      10. "Release a DOJ report analyzing information on lost and stolen guns and make it widely available to law enforcement."

      11. "Nominate an ATF director."

      12. "Provide law enforcement, first responders, and school officials with proper training for active shooter situations."

      13. "Maximize enforcement efforts to prevent gun violence and prosecute gun crime."

      14. "Issue a presidential memorandum directing the Centers for Disease Control to research the causes and prevention of gun violence."

      15. "Direct the attorney general to issue a report on the availability and most effective use of new gun safety technologies and challenge the private sector to develop innovative technologies."

      16. "Clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes."

      17. "Release a letter to health care providers clarifying that no federal law prohibits them from reporting threats of violence to law enforcement authorities."

      18. "Provide incentives for schools to hire school resource officers."

      19. "Develop model emergency response plans for schools, houses of worship and institutions of higher education."

      20. "Release a letter to state health officials clarifying the scope of mental health services that Medicaid plans must cover."

      21. "Finalize regulations clarifying essential health benefits and parity requirements within ACA exchanges."

      22. "Commit to finalizing mental health parity regulations."

      23. "Launch a national dialogue led by Secretaries Sebelius and Duncan on mental health."

    50. This is one of the biggest problems with lefties, they blindly believe what their governments tell them.

      The current president is a habitual liar, how can anyone possibly think these executive orders will be the end of it, they are only the beginning, plus many of them are vague @ best.

      Yes this doc is riddled with holes, I think we can all agree there, but the fact that America/UN is moving to disarm citizens is just another step towards stripping public of their civil liberties. It has nothing to do with lowering gun crimes/protecting the people.

      George Carlin said it the best:

      "I have certain rules I live by. My first rule: I don't believe anything the government tells me."

    51. Colonel_Corpus_Callosum
      This is one of the biggest problems with fanatics. they believe things without proof and ignore facts to the contrary of their beliefs.

    52. I have met many fanatics, I am not one of them, a libertarian at worst.

      You honestly need proof your government lies to you on a regular basis? You are the ones that avoid fact, choosing to side with naivety more often than not. Evidence/history is what brought me to this conclusion, not paranoia.

      The proverbial frog boiling to death. How bad do things have to get before you admit no one has your best-interests in mind.

    53. Colonel_Corpus_Callosum
      "You honestly need proof your government lies to you on a regular basis? " what ? where did i make a claim that they didn't? the fact that the government has lied in the past is not an indication that they are lying now. and if they did start coming for your gunns i would defend your right to have them. you imply /claim they are lying now. can you prove that? if not you are making a correlation without any proof.

    54. "where did i make a claim that they didn't?"

      Being naive enough to think this gun debate does not have ulterior motives is enough for me to decide your are too trusting of government.

      "the fact that the government has lied in the past is not an indication that they are lying now"

      Just because your girlfriend has cheated on you 27 times in the past does not mean you cannot trust her because she disappears for a night...I know I wouldn't.

      "if they did start coming for your gunns i would defend your right to have them"

      Now that's what I call a correlation without any proof. IF you did in fact take that stance it would already be too late @ that point. That is why constitutionalists are so aggressive about this. Many of them are not crazy...they just realize what happens if they let go of the reins at this point. Its not that I don't agree with a lot of this proposed legislation...its that I don't feel the government competent enough at this point to properly enforce it, among many other things.

    55. So there's a government conspiracy to ... govern?

      Unfortunately we're living in a world where governments exist. No, you don't believe everything the government tells you.

      You also shouldn't believe everything the crazies tell you, either.

      I have yet to see any one, left, right or middle, "move to disarm" anyone.

      And personally, I'm pretty much dead-center, politically. In that, I believe there is a balance between personal rights and societal rights, and its always an on-going dialog.

    56. "The government always lies" is a ridiculous statement. The government is not a singularity. It is a group of individuals, people like you and me, all with their own ideas, agendas, hopes and ambitions. To say that once a person enters into the government field that person joins the collective, a Borg entity, is childish in perspective and a paranoid view of politics. Not everyone in government life agrees with Obama. As a matter of fact many disagree and his initiatives might fail because of...guess what...the government.

      George Carlin's quote might be a more accurate statement if it read "I don't believe anything anyone tells me". Of course, if I was to apply this philosophy to my life, I would have to disbelieve Mr. Carlin as well. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't believe a thing written in this forum, or in the newspapers, in books, anything that was ever said.

    57. "Governments do not just enact sweeping laws[.]" (fixt)

      "you can defend yourself from a wolf with a 9mm"
      Maybe. Lets check some statistics:

      US human population (2013) approx: 313,914,040
      US wolf population (2011, lower 48 states): 6,199

      Us human population (2012, Alaska): 731,449
      US wolf population (2011, Alaska): 7,700 to 11,000

      I think we should be arming the wolves, myself.

      Of course, if it worries you, stay out of Alaska.

    58. First it was cougars and now it is wolves. Oh the perils of modern life.

    59. I live in Canada. We have gun control laws which are a great deal stricter than anything that Obama is proposing. These laws have been in place for years. No one, no government agency, came to take our guns away. Case in point: Five years ago, my brother was forced to shoot a bear that repeatedly destroyed bee hives that he kept within one hundred yards of his house. This bear also forced its way into the garage and tried to open a locked freezer. He eventually shot it, using his own gun, legally owned and purchased two years before that. Did you get that? He bought it while those strict gun measures were in effect. Not only were guns not taken away under those measures, we can still buy guns from a retail outlet. You pose an argument that has no merit.

    60. Another facile argument from JackS***1952.

      America has many more illegally owned guns/firearms currently in criminal hands when compared to Canada, enforcing strict regulation at this point would put law abiding citizens at risk.

      Canadian firearm laws have been slowly building since the early days of Confederation, it cant be used as a comparison, the playing field is not level.

      Canada does not currently run the same risk of mass civil unrest that US does, but will eventually.

      US has much higher current violent crime rates when compared to Canada.

      Violent-crime/murder rates have decreased more than 50% in last 20 years...yet private gun-ownership at alltime high, explain that one.

      Stop pushing gun control on other countries. Go back to shovelling snow & hunting moose.


    61. "Violent-crime/murder rates have decreased more than 50% in last 20 years...yet private gun-ownership at alltime high, explain that one."

      Correlation is not causation.

    62. Gun law discussions are already a viscerally divisive subject, so I feel like having some fun and opening a double extra grande can of worms.

      Has anyone here read "Freakonomics" and their statistical assessment of the correlation between reductions in violent crime (including gun deaths) and abortion rights?

      Basically, it turns out that in the mid-1990s violent crime began a continuous fall within U.S. borders. This was not a global phenomenon and happened throughout the entire U.S. No one could explain it, but every mayor, governor, etc. was happy to take credit for it.

      Statistical analysis revealed a correlation between increased access to abortion, and reduced violent crime. This analysis also works on an intuitive level. People choose abortions when they know they will not be able to appropriately provide for the potential child. On a case by case basis, there is a greater probability that a neglected child with a lack of resources will fall into the cracks of modern society.

      I cannot speak for whether Colonel_Corpus_Collosum's ideas have merit, but I can hypothesize that access to abortion had a much more profound impact on reducing crime than gun ownership does.

      I own a Siberian Husky, and both my neighbors own dogs. I'd imagine that this is a greater deterrent to burglary or violence than me owning a gun because a potential criminal KNOWS I have a dog, but most people don't walk outside wielding their gun on a day to day basis.

    63. Times I have trouble properly expressing/communicating opinions & it shows here.

      What I meant by that was more that Increased private gun ownership doesn't seem to be raising crime/death rates like so many claim (not necessarily within this forum but i see it many other places when having similar discussions)

      I really just hate the idea of disarming US citizens & rather the government put those efforts/$ towards tackling mental health.

    64. Why do you think gun control = disarm citizens?

      I still haven't seen any legislation even proposing such a thing, much less anyone taking that idea seriously.

      Informed dissent is one thing, paranoia something else.

      Your comments about mental health are right on target, so this should hearten you a bit:

      From the White House's 23 executive orders:

      20. "Release a letter to state health officials clarifying the scope of mental health services that Medicaid plans must cover."

      21. "Finalize regulations clarifying essential health benefits and parity requirements within ACA exchanges."

      22. "Commit to finalizing mental health parity regulations."

      23. "Launch a national dialogue led by Secretaries Sebelius and Duncan on mental health."

    65. Here are some more executive orders...

      Gun Violence Reduction Executive Actions:

      1. I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

      2. Fast & Furious was not an intentional effort to walk guns across the border.

      3. Your president is not a communist.

      4. US edumacation system good. We spend much $ with pretty results.

      5. Iraq has weapons of mass-destruction, i swear.

      6. We were attacked in Gulf of Tonkin, I was scared, Vietnamese bad.

      7. Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11 attacks, he is scary man...go kill him.

      8. Hello, I am Nixon...what is watergate...i have no idea, next question please.

      9. The Federal Reserve is a bank, a good bank, they help people. We give $, make people happy. We are part of government, that why we named "federal" we are not private entity.

      10. DDT is good, we put it on food, keep bugs away, make you strong like bull.

      Please don't make me do all 23 :-(

      Anybody can write anything on some paper, doesn't mean it true... that's the stance I take, for now. Maybe forever, maybe not.

    66. Ok, you made a list of 'faux orders.' Nicely done.

      You still haven't cited any actual, currently-active legislative proposals to disarm the population. Got anything real?

    67. They are not false, i didnt expect that comment from someone who relies so much on fact. I get to you in a bit.

    68. "I didnot have sexual relations with that woman!" qualifies as an executive order? Nicely played! (Not saying politicians don't lie...)

    69. Debating with you guys it like watching a mongoose/cobra fight to the death.

      I was just indirectly trying to show how a bunch of stuff, written on paper, by who knows who...does not mean anything to me, and it shouldn't...especially given the history of government lies, and then trying to add some humour to it.

      Do you people still have any sense of humour left? seriously, wtf have i stumbled into here.

      I dont understand why anyone would get that kind of flack.

    70. You; "sense of humour?"

      Me: "Nicely played!"


    71. I cant even tell any more, I have this problem texting as well

    72. no one is taking your guns. stop acting like armies are coming to peoples houses and searching for guns.

    73. People have beed killing themselves since man first picked up a club and ever since from killing with rocks, knives, swords, axes, all the way up to guns and beyond, so the weapon is not the problem it is the individual. If the guns are removed than they should be removed from everyone not just a selected few.If you remove them from a selected few it is just a way to empower one side over the other.

      Replying to your comment " Do you really think America would be a safer place where (taking things to their logical conclusion) everybody is armed?!? You think that would result in less violence?! "

      The ratio would be the same if everyone, and I mean everyone would be disarmed. Those that want to kill will kill by any means not just because of weapons but because they seem to think it is necessary.

      I have been watching the same tv, videos, games, movies as anyone else and have not killed anyone. The fact is the people in this country and around the world have a pill for every feeling we don't like and each pill has a side affect.

      The same power crazed people that create the media " kick ass " image are the same power crazed people that want to control guns its is all the big central banks of the world it is all MONEY MAKING.

      I agree with you change is needed but why just for a selected few. The criminals won't give up their guns, the government won't give up thier guns, the drug cartels won't give up their guns. Can you guarantee me that everyon will give up their guns around the world.
      Other than complete disarmament of the world than you are just empowering one over the other. Then the most killing with the least resistance is achieved.

    74. So what do you suggest?

    75. Here is a suggestion. Go to Canada and study the guns laws there. Start to implement them in the United States. Guns are not banned in Canada...only certain types that are easily used by the criminal element. If those weapons that are banned in Canada are no longer allowed to be sold in the United States, you will find that there will be a levelling of gun numbers. Grandfather the guns that are now legally owned. Do not allow the sale of guns on the banned list except to a government agency so they can be destroyed. Allow the inheritance of these banned weapons within families so long as the recipient does not have a criminal record and is mentally stable. Institute a program where people can sell any banned gun whether illegal or legal, to the government agency for destruction. Any gun confiscated from those with a criminal record or used in a crime is to be destroyed. Anyone who is found guilty of a violent crime, whether they used a gun or not, should have their guns removed and destroyed. You don't have to ban them outright. People can still target practice, hunt and collect guns.

      This will take time. There is no magic solution. However, the best things in life take time...an education for example. A civilized society is not one that bristles with weapons. Maybe your grandchildren or their children will not have to live in a society that lives in the type of fear that prompts people to suggest armed guards and teachers in your schools. To use an old saying...a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

    76. Australia has the laws as suggested here. We had a massacre in Tasmania were an id**t killed 26 people with an assalt rifle. There we other smaller incidents leading up to that using the same types of guns. The Port Author massacre in Tasmania was our trigger point. The government with the suport of most Australians then had an amnesty to hand in the guns and also did the buy back as suggested above. There are still Guns here. You can still go shooting etc. but you can't get assault weapons. so the shootings we have now are not so prolific. Assalt weapons increase the body count. I laughed when the NRA suggested Armed gards at schools as the solution. Talk about trying to make a profit from the deaths of childeren. ONLY IN AMERICA could someone say something like that and no one bats an eye.

    77. Other than studying the gun laws in Canada which I am certainly not opposed to, I have recommended virtually everything you've recommended.

    78. I've made this same point before. Like from beginning to end. You said it right man. And I'm in Canada. Where the guns used in crimes are usually from the USA. smuggled in.

    79. Live with it, violence is a profitable business and is funded by the world banks it will never go away. Everything boils down to MONEY, the people have little say in most matters. If it is happening it is because the filthy rich want it that way to make money.

    80. I hope, given what you have just posted that you support Obama and his push to control guns?

    81. I will support the law when it applies to all people, when some of the people are exempt in is not a law it is a dictatorship. Some people get sick when they eat peanuts should we get rid of all peanuts. Very few people on these killing sprees are natural killers, it is usually a side affect of medications, which companies are hiding, so why aren't you complaining about the drug companies, why aren't you complaining about the medical system for not doing a better job. How about looking into the reasons behind the actions, sex abuse, physical abuse, social abuse, bullying that are being covered up all over the world. Everyone bitches about the final result but look the other way the rest of the time.

    82. Just what is a "natural killer" as opposed, I gues,s to "an unnatural killer." It seems to me that when you kill wantonly, you are a natural killer. How do you know that killing sprees are usually a side effect of medications or that the reason you have enumerated are the correct ones? In other words, where's your evidence?

    83. If you were part of the filthy rich, you'd be singing a different tune.

    84. I made 5 thousand dollars last year and 7 thousand the year before and just 3 months away from loosing my home. Is that your idea of filthy rich.

    85. You're post is non-responsive. Once again, if you were filthy rich, you'd be singing a different tune.

    86. So what are you proposing?

    87. Obviously, you are not an American and therefore, your opinion merits speculation. The problems inherent in any society that allows weapons to be bought and sold by its citizens is not just an American problem. Yes, we do have a large population of people in my country, that do insist on excessing their 2nd amendment right to "bear arms". What is wrong with affording citizens their legal right to protect themselves and their family? Unfortunately, we also have on occasion, mentally ill individuals who vent their demons on unsuspecting crowds of people. Although these "mass shootings" are difficult to digest most Americans are in fact not evil but kind and peace loving. Let us not judge an entire culture on the actions of a few; for to do so shows a high degree of ignorance. You have a right to your opinion, but I question the manner in which you do so. Your information on gun control as it pertains to Americans is based on…What is it based on? I would never suggest a remedy to a problem in another country as fact because I would have no reference point to make my thesis valid. Furthermore, if you ever were to spend time in my country you would soon realize a few things: 1.) Since 911 our government has been on a planned program to control just about every aspect of our personal and professional lives, 2.) Americans are an informed people who live and die for one thing and one thing only - freedom and 3.) We love our country but are becoming ever more suspicious of our government; with good reason. Dictators take away books so as to keep their populace ignorant to the suggestion of ones inalienable right to freedom and deny them "arms" as a way to keep their mandate in place. I hope I have given you some insight into what it means to be an American, who has the right to own guns and the suggestion of "others" such as yourself, who base their assumptions on nothing more than the writings and thoughts of others.

    88. …Insist on exercising sic ---LIne 4, 12th word.

    89. Think you had it right the first time.

    90. If only the right to bear arms meant the right to roll up your shirt sleeves ;)

    91. Apart from the gun issue this president has broken many laws and set fire to our constitution

    92. So why does Obama and the political elite arm to the teeth

      -why does dhs order over 1 billion bullets claiming they need 5 bullets for every american, man woman and child?

      -There is no way to eliminate guns, it is a hundreds of years old technology that can be easily manufactured in a basement. While this may seem absurd, there are meth dealers who spend 50k to set up a meth shop. A gun shop would cost maybe 3k, and the fbi even has a program to build your own gun

      -Yes America will be safer if everyone is armed. These mass shooters know not to do a mass shooting at the police station or a firing range or on an armed active non-gunfreezone military base.

      -When the nra calls for a clamp down on images of mass violence and the end of murder simulators in the video game industry they are laughed out the room by mass media who receive billions in advertising revenue from the said industry.

    93. '..mass shooters know not to do a mass shooting at the police station or a firing range'.
      So rather than prevent shootings from happening, you'd further divert the shooter's attention to the unarmed? Look at where the massacres are occurring schools, public places, homes. These are places where you're supposed to feel safe, places where you should be allowed to let your guard down. Shooters target the vulnerable.
      Do you know why shooters don't generally target the police? Because they are trained to handle violent situations. The police know how to take a person down. They're wearing bulletproof vests. They are not easy targets, because they know what they're doing.

      Obama is calling for stricter regulations. You can own a gun, but you have to be RESPONSIBLE about it.

    94. He wants to ban all guns, he tried to do it in the senate, Biden wants to ban guns and feinstein is on record on 60 minutes saying she wants "mr and mrs. america to turn in all guns" Obama tried to ban both hand guns and semi automatics in illinois, why should I believe him? And even if he wasn't a proven liar and some people truly believe in responsible gun ownership, do you not understand that the people who hold the same position as you want to ban all guns at the top? Those senators who want gun limitations really want to ban them all and hope to use slippery slope to chip away at all gun rights.

      Well then maybe more people need training like police, but the answer is not less guns, its more. And shooters will go to extensive efforts, look at the chechen boston bombers, they flew to russia to learn how to build bombs, and learned it from a magazine and the internet injured 150+ people. You think banning guns will reduce murder? The guy can make a bomb from reading a book.

      Shooters target the vulnerable and victim disarmament laws make more people vulnerable by vilinizing gun culture and decreasing gun ownership.

      There are already 20,000 gun laws, any criminal who will break the dozens of laws it takes to get the gun and shoot a person isn't going to be stopped by more laws. Why doesn't Obama enforce the gun laws on the books first. Why doesn't he throw Eric Holder and the ATF guys in jail for gun running? Why doesn't he hold anyone accountable for anything, ever, financial crisis to gun running, to drug smugglie, illegal aliens, terror attacks on america, Obama never holds anyone accountable for failing in their job and he never demands they resign, he defends them. He doesn't crack down on the thousands of criminals breaking the background check laws currently, so more background checks won't stop criminals, they haven't prosecuted a single one in years.Obama has a general practice of refusing to enforce laws, he shouldn't be allowed any more laws until he starts enforcing the ones on the books.

      Obama has refused to prosecute gun crime in the crime capital, chicago, but he wants to lock up the god ol'e boys in texas because they sawed 2 inches off a gun that was never fired.

    95. Obama wants to ban illegal guns. He wants guns out of the hands of the mentally unsound and the irresponsible. What he did in the senate was try to limit gun ownership to the law abiding citizens, who are capable of making rational decisions.
      The gun ban in Illinois? Obama did not try to ban guns in Illinois. In 1996, he filled out a four question questionnaire regarding his stance on gun control.

      35. Do you support state legislation to:
      a. ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns? Yes.
      b. ban assault weapons? Yes.
      c. mandatory waiting periods and background checks? Yes.

      Despite what Obama personally wants, he has a duty to his nation. American citizens regard guns as a necessity. Okay. You have the right to own a gun. Again, okay. It would be stupid to ban all guns. Obama knows that.

      'You think banning guns will reduce murder?' Yes, but a complete gun ban is impractical. You say that shooters go to extensive lengths, yet give me an example of a bomber. Did the school shooters go to an extensive length to obtain their weapons? No. I would say prevention is better than cure. Do you not agree that these individuals are morally corrupt? Do you not agree that it was too easy for these people to obtain these weapons? If you do agree, then it shouldn't bother you if new legislation act to limit only these variables. We need to see to the mentally unstable. We need current and future gun owners to not be a risk to the safety of the community.

      We vilify gun culture when we see children being shot, shooting accidents, and the staggering amount of shooting deaths. We want to take guns out of the hands of the irresponsible, ill-informed, and the criminal. It is the disarmament of the community's at-risk people. Responsible, law abiding citizens are not having their gun rights taken away.

      It's not about adding more laws, rather to fortify the current laws. We need to minimise the shootings, rather than shooting shooters to stop shootings.

      'Why doesn't he hold anyone accountable for anything, ever, financial
      crisis to gun running, to drug smugglie, illegal aliens, terror attacks
      on america, Obama never holds anyone accountable for failing in their
      job and he never demands they resign, he defends them'. Is there a single entity responsible for each these extremely complex areas? Where and when does he defend them?
      '...until he starts enforcing the ones on the books'.
      'refused to prosecute gun crime in the crime capital, Chicago'.
      Obama is not a judge, nor is he a police officer.

    96. Well in addition to banning hand guns and assault weapons (all guns are assault weapons) he also voted to ban semi autos. So what he is going to let us have single shot, try defending yourself with that. All you will do is make the criminal madder before he kills you.

      Obama voted in Illionois to ban all semi autos, he voted against concealed carry, voted to limit gun purchases to 1 per month, co-sponsored a bill to license and registrar all gun owners in illionois, supported chicago's local gun ban, accused religious people who he put out of work as being bitter clingers clinging to guns god and religion, wants child safety locks on guns, and "'ll continue to be in favor of handgun law registration requirements and licensing requirements for training." [Chicago Defender, 7/5/01] Obama. And he also voted for a law to ban armour piercing bullets so that when the criminals wear armour we cannot defend ourselves.

      "Despite what Obama personally wants, he has a duty to his nation. American citizens regard guns as a necessity. Okay. You have the right to own a gun. Again, okay. It would be stupid to ban all guns. Obama knows that."

      Yes he knows that and so does Feinstein, they aren't dumb. But look at the record, look at their statements,they want us to have single shot, no armour piercing, they want us turn all the guns in, mr and mrs america. When even cops according to the most comprehensive study have only 20% accuracy on average nation wide, accuracy in shooting in a heated situation a limit on ammo capacity is basically a gun ban. You are not going to be able to shoot a guy with 4 shots when he is shooting back at you and 1 shot won't stop him it will take between 6 and 10.

      "You say that shooters go to extensive lengths, yet give me an example of a bomber."

      Ok those russian terrorist guys, the 9/11 guys and timothy mcveigh and the unabomber.

      "Did the school shooters go to an extensive length to obtain their weapons? No. I would say prevention is better than cure. Do you not agree that these individuals are morally corrupt?"

      Well depends what exetensive is, adam lanza murdered his own mother, the columbine shooters bought guns illegally. Cho was mental but the government system failed and he got a gun anyways. and by the way it was hand guns. I might add that those high capacity magazine are not good for mass shootings. They are not really designed to kill. They stopped designing those guns to kill in the 70s because they figured out if you design them to maim or seriously injury, you slow down a whole unit. Design a assault weapon to kill the guy is dead and the rest of the guys leave him there. Also they have a high tendency to jam, in almost every case they do, in aurora, in portland and in arizona. High capacity guns are less reliable they are prone to jamming especially when fired rapidly. And fully autos are virtually useless for mass murder unmounted. I could find you more people mass murdered with a butterknife than a fully auto gun unmounted.

      Yeah sure those guys are not good guys, you could call them morally corrupt.

      "Do you not agree that it was too easy for these people to obtain these weapons? If you do agree, then it shouldn't bother you if new legislation act to limit only these variables."

      I agree that all cats are fluffy and clouds are softy but we are not going to agree on gun control or victim disarmament. In the case of Adam Lanza he murdered his own mother for a gun, in the case of columbine, they made pipe bombs and when they couldn't get guns legally they just bought it through straw buyers illegally. So even effective gun control, like columbine is ultimately ineffective because there will always be some corrupting force. Guys in the army are taking home their guns and rocket launchers and grenades and du bullets and selling them on ebay. I think there is enough legislation, its just not enforced properly. No new legislation would stop someone from murdering their mother and stealing their gun.

      "We need to see to the mentally unstable. We need current and future gun owners to not be a risk to the safety of the community."

      Its not the gun owners its the criminals who are the risk to the community, the mentally ill need to be locked up with the criminals. If we could lock up the crazy folk like we use to then this wouldn't be an issue. Instead liberals demand they roam the streets so of course some will eventually get guns.

      "We vilify gun culture when we see children being shot, shooting accidents, and the staggering amount of shooting deaths. We want to take guns out of the hands of the irresponsible, ill-informed, and the criminal. It is the disarmament of the community's at-risk people. Responsible, law abiding citizens are not having their gun rights taken away."

      Well isn't that prejudice and racist to vilify a group of people over what a small minority does. Do we still villify blacks and mexicans who commit crimes or arabs for terrorismand jews for stealing? Why do liberals and the left say its wrong to prjudge gays but its ok to call someone a dirty gun owner and demand they be locked up in prison for it. Has it ever occured to you guys sometimes bad things happen and there is nothing you can do and no one to be blamed, especially when the shooter kills himself.

      And when people in the military blow the brains out and rape girls to death in iraq and afghanistan I don't see no one blaming guns. when cops shoot to death unarmed black guy in new york city, I don't see liberals blaming guns. It seems like private gun ownership is hated by people like diane feinstein but government gun ownership like the dhs buying 2 billion bullets so they can 6 bullets for every american is worshiped.

      And if this isn't aimed at responsible gun owners, why limit guns to 10 rounds, and ban any gun with any so called military feature which include things having nothing to do with function like a collapsible stock.

      "It's not about adding more laws, rather to fortify the current laws. We need to minimise the shootings, rather than shooting shooters to stop shootings."

      We need less gun laws, we have too many. Felons need to have their right to own guns restored.

      I am for liberty for all free people. I cannot support a ban, registration, regulation on a type of gun or person anymore than I can support a ban on, registration or regulation on a type of speech or type of person.

      "Is there a single entity responsible for each these extremely complex areas? Where and when does he defend them?"

      Well he could start by firing Eric Holder and those in the justice department and ATF who authorized the selling of machines guns of mass murder to drug cartels in mexico. He could then go on to fire the special invesitgators (he named about 6 of them) whose job it was to investigate the financial frauds. He could then prosecute the financial fraudsters after he fires the head of the sec for not investigating and charging these guys. He could then fire all the guys who were responsible for dropping the ball in the fbi with those russian terrorist, he could then go and prosecute the bush era war criminals who authorized torture including bush, cheney, that whole administration and anyone else who was involved in that whole Iraq scam and he could then lock up the guys who really did 9/11 in the us government. He could also lock up Rumsfield for the 2 trillion he stole from the department of defense which went missing days before 9/11, he could also lock up whoever stole the missing 9 trillion from the federal reserve.

      And whoever his minister or secretary of immigration is need a firm boot along with the head of the dhs janet napolitano, what homeland security is there when 20 million people can cross over your board, invade with drug cartels and set up business in the usa and launder billions in drug money?

      Obama could do alot, but he choses to take the easy route, and do nothing, holding no one accountable and be a lame duck president. O and he could close down guantanmo, end torture and end the ndaa like he promised, but that would require obama to be accountable for something so he won't do it.

      ps obama is the top law enforcement official, he isn't a judge, he cannot convict people, I am not asking him to, but he is the commander and chief, and him and his attorney general who is his employee and suboridnate can charge anyone with the crimes they did. but he refuses to enforce the law, just like he refused to enforce doma, its a pattern, and sadly as a former law professor, he knows that he is going out of his way to NOT enforce laws.

    97. You fool. It's not about safety (it never was) - it's about disarming the people and stripping away their right to bare firearms so that the government can control riots should they implement drastic new laws, such as the New World Order.

    98. Nicely said! Unfortunately, when you think you're the best country in the world and That God has blessed you above all the other nations, it's rather difficult to be self-critical. They're a hundred years from growing up.

    99. What country do you live in?

    100. well said

    101. The highest crime areas are ones that have the strictest gun laws, wake up!

    102. How can you be so s*upid?! No one has guns but the government... do you blindly trust your government??? .... if so, Im sorry but you're an idiot.

  232. Its the Drones you have to watch out for.