Coronavirus: A Global Emergency

Coronavirus: A Global Emergency

2020, Health  -   12 Comments
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The streets of bustling metropolitan cities are barren. Death rates are escalating. Health care systems are being pushed beyond their limitations. Scientists are racing against the clock to formulate an effective vaccine while researchers are desperate to find out how we got here in the first place. Amidst this new apocalyptic reality, ABC News' Four Corners documentary series attempts to unravel the intricacies of the COVID-19 crisis.

The bulk of the film is centered in Wuhan, China, a megacity which housed the first reported cases of a mysterious new infectious disease in early December 2019. Early evidence suggests the virus originated from handling contaminated pangolin or bat meat somewhere among the city's many outdoor seafood and wildlife markets.

According to the interview subjects featured in the film, an internal silencing campaign began as the government attempted to squelch public knowledge of the danger. Crucial data was suppressed. This restricted flow of information led to deadly delays in research and testing efforts, and further endangered a vulnerable population. Unable to deny the inevitable any longer, Wuhan went into lockdown near the end of January 2020.

By then, the virus had already made its presence known around the world.

In addition to solidly produced investigative reporting, the film features insights from residents in both China and Australia. They speak to their daily reality as they endure long periods of isolation, uncertainty and fear. In the center of the hot zones, we're shown surveillance and amateur footage capturing the desperation of medical professionals who are understaffed, underequipped and completely overwhelmed by the number of cases they're tasked to treat. We also catch glimpses of authorities who are forcibly dragging infected persons out of their homes. In addition, the film examines what this catastrophe might mean for the future of President Xi Jinping.

The story of the virus - and its spread to even the most remote regions across the globe - is constantly evolving and expanding. Coronavirus: A Global Emergency provides an important foundation of knowledge about the outbreak, and outlines some of the most consequential mistakes that have been committed since its initial emergence.

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  1. Richard Leblanc

    There are 7 corona viruses. 4 of them can lead to the flu if you are exhausted, malnourished or are immune compromised. Nothing more.

  2. brian

    this one is in the wrong categorie should be in conspiracy based on the size of the scam

  3. Jimbo

    its proven Sars-Cov2 (the virus that causes Covid-19) did not start in China, it was confirmed in France in Dec 19 , & in sewage water samples in Spain in spring of 2019. for some reason the media does not report it often, but does listen to Trump call it the Chinese virus still.

  4. chris dodd

    I live in a small community in the UK. When the lock down here was announced there was panic buying in the shops and essentials were unavailable. Just imagine what would happen in a city with about one and a half million people in it if panic set in. It's easy to look back and say what should or should not have been done. Not so easy at the time.

  5. Federico Diaz

    Unbelievable documentary,
    And a shame that the doctor who started to tell the truth.
    Died from the virus. Shame on that government!!

    1. monique garant

      I agree fully. The government of China should be ashamed of themselves. It is paramount to murder. The Chinese government who hid this is responsible for all the deaths that could have been avoided. They should be stood against a wall and be shot.

  6. Josafa

    Good documentary for human reflect in his imperfect and limited condition.

  7. Rebecca

    Excellent documentary - very well done, and a good look at what conditions in China were like.

  8. Frank

    The earth can support 2 billion people. Now there's 7.6 billion of us. Prognosis for 2050: 10 billion. I think Mother Nature is starting her cleanup plan: 2 thirds of us will have to disappear. Sorry!

    1. Ctrl+space

      Please provide evidence. I think you made an interesting point and very funny too. could possibly valid the search expeditions that Elon trying to achieve so that life can be support on other planets as this one is deteriorating quickly.

  9. EastCoastAu

    hahahaha , they not supplying the corona as well gary ?????

  10. gary crant

    fear and paranoia, courtesy of the media and government