The Crisis of Science

The Crisis of Science

2019, Conspiracy  -   25 Comments
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We rely on science to inform our understanding of truth in a confusing world. But when faulty science is accepted as fact, the consequences can be dire. Produced by The Corbett Report, The Crisis of Science examines the factors that produce compromised science, and the risks they pose to all of us.

There are several reasons why a scientific study might contain misleading data, including simple human error, prevailing bias, a flawed premise, and overt fraud. Sometimes, it comes down to a case of ego, and a scientist's desire to publish the most provocative and attention-grabbing study possible. After all, if the study involves a large enough sampling of the population, researchers can usually extrapolate the figure they need to support their claims.

Case in point: A 2015 study concluded that chocolate could help you lose weight. The study, published online by an esteemed science journalist, gained traction and was soon carried in publications around the world. While the study itself was real, the author admitted the findings were a sham. He simply wanted to test how successful he could be at spreading false science as accepted fact.

This is an extreme example, but indicative of a more widespread and insidious crisis. The consumption of chocolate may seem innocuous, but what if the public believes false data regarding vaccines or other potentially life-altering healthcare services? Corporations have used bribes to sway crucial research in their favor. Viewers learn about several such studies that successfully spread and sold questionable research in studies related to swine flu, bladder cancer and asbestos exposure.

The film outlines a myriad of worrisome issues that are currently plaguing the field of scientific study. Most retractions are made as a result of flagrant fraud and other misconduct. An increasing number of studies are not designed to allow for replication by other scientists; therefore, the study's claims cannot be adequately confirmed, and the bedrock of scientific certainty remains elusive.

The Crisis of Science contains informed narration that runs throughout the course of the film, and a series of news clips and study extracts that further illustrate its concerns.

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Cesar Orlando Pallares Delgado
7 months ago

I've studied the science system. With what I've learned I can say that this video does a really good work describing the types of crises in science. In addition, I agree that most of those crises are caused by funding schemes.

However, it is not good when relating the funding only to industry or to vaccine. The hearth of the problem is that funding decisions are based on impact factor and research assessment. And they have really serious issues,

Martes Marsden
1 year ago

Video removed for violating You Tube `s Terms of Service ? What exactly are the terms of service which enable censorship ? Would love to know .

3 years ago

The corbett report also has said 9-11 was set up by our leaders.
THINK about that first!

Frans van der Westhuizen
4 years ago

This in no doubts confirms to me Global Warming or Climate change make your pick as they call it is the biggest scam in human history.

4 years ago

I recommend looking up Corbett via web search to see his other works also. There are a couple more on this website but not all. A real education on how the world really works.

Zeke Putnam
4 years ago

So science isn't perfect. Still a helluva lot better than superstition, opinions and rumor.

Roger Andout
4 years ago

Global warming, sure, it's cyclical. Human caused global warming, hmm, ... now how can I finance that new house?

Devil Travels
4 years ago

Having worked in the corporate environment, I have witnesses many middle and upper level managers manipulating data, studiously collected by dedicated professionals, to fit personal finaincial goals.
I am not surprised by this documentary.
Money has become a measure of authority.

Peter Prevos
4 years ago

This documentary started pretty good and then went down the conspiracy path about vaccines. Simple truth: vaccines save lives!

Peter Prevos
4 years ago

Science indeed has a problem with over-publication. This does not mean that science overall is wrong. The applied sciences are still progressing, which means that there is truth in science.

Buzz Knapp-fisher
4 years ago

Thank you James Corbett. Time for change of global system put simple really we now need truth not greed and invested interests. stand on the edge of more mass extinction I worked this out when I was about 13 years old we have a global toxic problem #buzzofftoic

4 years ago

The only field of science exposed here is health care and drug companies. The corrupting influence of money on these scientific studies is shown to be widespread with positive impact on profits and grants and a negative impact on health. I do not recommend this documentary as a reason to cast doubt on all branches of science.

Published Many Times
4 years ago

Studies aren’t designed to be repeated because nobody repeats the studies unless the findings are controversial and enough information is available to make formal rebuttals. Publication is the goal, not increasing the knowledge of mankind.

Look into the Impact Factor scoring system used by the scientific and academic communities. It’s designed solely to put a “use by” date on research and keep new studies of the same things on eternal repeat. It’s wrong.

Alvaro Gomez-Jordana Moya
4 years ago


Javene McGowan
4 years ago

Yes indeed! Faulty Science is a problem and I definitely must with thus documentary. Imagine Albert Einstein talks rubbish about space time and people believe. Space is real. Time is not. Time is just a measurement of duration. Time as we know it is measured off the Sun! One year is the time it takes the Sun to make a complete revolution. One day is the time it takes the sun to make a complete rotation. A second is a constant, which has nothing to do with light or how fast I am moving.

4 years ago

Great documentary. Thank you.

Corbett fan
4 years ago

James Corbett does amazing work.