Day of Rage: How Trump Supporters Took the U.S. Capitol

Day of Rage: How Trump Supporters Took the U.S. Capitol

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On January 6, 2021, the world watched in shock as the bastion of American democracy was invaded and overrun by a mob. Trump supporters came out in droves and stormed the U.S. Capitol.

What happened that day was meticulously pieced together by a visual investigation launched by The New York Times. Investigative reporters collected and analyzed thousands of video footage, most of which were filmed by the rioters themselves on their phones. They also obtained radio traffic, CCTV and even police bodycam footage. These thousands of videos were then synchronized and mapped to provide an unprecedented picture of the chaos that ensued around the building.

Though it touches briefly on extensive planning leading up to the riot and its aftermath, the report focuses on the terrifying events that went down, on the grounds and inside the Capitol.

On that fateful day, the American Congress and Senate held simultaneous sessions in the Capitol to ratify the 2020 election results.

Many of the protestors turned rioters turned insurrectionists believed Trump and his close officials who repeatedly said that the election was stolen, rigged, and fake. It was now their "duty" as patriots to "defend" the democracy and "save" it from a "stolen" election.

Online chatter had been busy - there were over a million mentions of storming the Capitol weeks before it happened, even in online forums. The Capitol floor plans, easily accessible online due to the building's historical origins, were also downloaded and used during the attack.

There were even far-right groups, the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys, who made it their mission to storm the Capitol. They came prepared in full riot gear, with vests, helmets, chemical sprays and weapons like baseball bats. They were highly organized and used a radio app on their phones to coordinate the attack.

The coordination, the readiness, the weapons, and the sheer number of people who showed up meant that the guards barely stood a chance at holding them all back. The rioters quickly surrounded the building, breaking through barricades and going straight for the window, doors, and other potential entry points.

Once successfully inside, the mob headed straight to the Senate, and another group, to the Congress chambers. A quick-thinking policeman, Officer Eugene Goodman, alerted the Senate and distracted the protesters, allowing Senators and their staff to evacuate safely. A rioter, however, was shot and killed as they evacuated the Congress. Many were also looting, defacing, and ransacking the different offices and areas in the Capitol.

It would take about four hours for reinforcements, including the National Guard, to arrive on the scene to take control of the situation. Around 150 guards had been injured - due to the lack of instructions, reinforcement and protective gear.

The January 6 Capitol attack was not the result of an overnight or spontaneous act of violence.
It was planned and coordinated weeks before, with top officials themselves inciting an already emotional group of people to take up arms. Officials have a responsibility and should be careful with their words and actions.

This attack further demonstrates how America is, sadly, still so divided within.

Directed by: Nancy Gauss

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  1. Lynn

    It wasn't Trump Supporters who raided the capital, it was the hired shaking hands of the cia & the fbi and the hired fake Trump Supporters that consisted of the proud boys & antifa.
    & Pelosi other organizations like operation sunrise who had orchestrated the whole thing & it was DOCUMENTED THAT Pelosi refused President Trumps Offer of sending in over 20,000 soldiers from national guard to have on stand by & that was WEEKS BEFORE JAN 6TH.

  2. Mike Ehrmantraut

    The really beautiful thing about this is the "Dramacrat" act like they are always going to be in power, and they're not. In fact, it looks like they are going to suffer one of the worst defeats ever come November. Trump is coming back and he's pissed. He wants revenge. Them We'll see some real investigations with real evidence and everything. And I think it's time to start really looking at the citizenship of some of the real America haters. And if for some reason Trump doesn't run... bring on DeSantis. It's like their worst nightmare!!

  3. vince paterno

    The Right / Left paradigm is false. When I watch this, I think to myself, how much of this is a set up? After researching human events in the last 100 years, it's easy to say that the government has lied about every single human event since 1913. This is a NY Times production. They are sitting on the CFR dick more than any other. I take it with a grain of salt.

    1. Susie

      Totally agree


    Thank God....... Trump lost & his crazy ass supporters are gone too.

    1. Larry

      Right the retard and whore are certainly screwing up everything left and right in his stead - biggest power grab ever and you're too dishonest to acknowledge it.

    2. lynn

      Psst ! We are still here & We are exposing the truth about the Democrats lies,

  5. don

    this is terrible i must admit ..........but the united states government for decades have overthrown democraticaly elected governments in many countries so their business friends could get access to the countries resources let us not forget this they put dictators in who tortured and imprisioned their own people with the states blessing .......this is a historical fact

  6. Barry

    WOW - the Q crazies have really outdone themselves in the comments. Our nation's capitol was overrun by a murderous mob of the fatuous fraud's supporters due to his commands. ZERO = the amount of evidence of election fraud. Despite every opportunity - i.e the Arizona "investigation" for example, there is no evidence of fraud. The lying cheat who held the White House for 4 years was defeated by a margin of 7 million votes. Now his company has been indicted for tax fraud adding to his Trump University fraud, Trump Foundation Fraud, his open courting of Russian interference and his open display of narcissistic incompetence. The only fools who continue to support this fraud are the Q conspiracists and Republicans who hate Democracy. The only way they win is by legislating away the right to vote. The insurrectionists are traitors and accessories to murder as this documentary clearly shows.
    The NYT is one of the best sources of truth in these days of "fake news" from Fox, OAN, & Newsmax, but it only takes believing your eyes and ears as you watch this film.
    Watching these thugs murder capitol police is very difficult but these are Trump supporters who would hang Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi if they could. These are not American patriots - they are common thugs who deserve every day in prison we can give them. America deserves better but our country will suffer for as long as it takes to stop the insanity of these Anti-American THUGS and TRAITORS who support the Party of Hawley, Cruz, Jordan, Greene, Bobert & the Trumps.

    1. Lawrence

      Wow - your level of dishonesty and hyperbole certainly leave you devoid of any credibility, you are a detriment to this fine country and humanity itself

    2. lynn

      Q crazies? Sorry but they are democraps

  7. ES

    They left out the part about how this was worse than Pearl Harbor lol The only thing these people are convincing is each other, about how great they are to produce polished propaganda pieces... you can polish a turd constantly, but then its just on your hands. : )

  8. Andrew Blackadder

    Lets see here, this video was made, or helped made, by The New York Times.... THAT alone should tell you all you need to know, this rag is not all about the news thats fit to print, it is now a RAG... period...
    Many Trump supporters acting like idiots by following antifa morons into the Capital, some antifa were actually filmed inside the Building, but CNN, nor NY Times, will show them as that doesnt fit the narrative of orange man bad... Really... Does anybody think that stupid looking prick in the Shaman Halloween get up, and his two side kicks with their MAGA Hats on sideways, over their other Baseball hats, are actually Trump supporters...
    Give me a break already, why dont ya.

    1. Gaia

      “Why don’t ya” get a grip on reality. These fools thought they were deputized by a man who cares about no one but himself. They are traitors who played a stupid game and won a stupid prize (prison time). Do you think Ashli Babbit was antifa too? No. This is Trump’s best of the best. Very fine people. “You’re very special.” 🤡

    2. EnlightenYourself

      So you admit hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the capitol… but only because they are feeble minded sheep who followed antifa? But they were also known Proud Boys and white supremacists? Lol feel free to look up the folks who have been convicted. They were loud, proud Trumpers who’s names and social media profiles are publicly available. Did you stretch before those mental gymnastics?

  9. Susan

    I am going to report this because it targets a group of people's political believes. Is it ONLY Trump Supporters here? I think not, this video is here to incite trouble and make us Republicans look bad while black lives B- Burn L-Loot M-Murder and get by with it. black lives matter means B - burn L - loot M - murder

  10. Hannalore

    This should be reported as a hate video to incite trouble. There have been massive and deliberate out right killings by black lives matter and NOT one thing was done as it was ALL recorded. This video is "bait" for inciting trouble.

  11. Voluntaryist

    "It was planned...weeks before with top officials...inciting...people to take up arms."
    Yes, "it" was openly announced and acknowledged by media. It was no secret that some were upset with the credibility of the election and wanted an investigation. Is asking for a recount a rebellion? Is trespass on govt. property rebellion? Was it a surprise the protestors showed up and protested, as promised? Did they come armed, as reported by MSM for weeks? Were they guilty of murder as charged by the reports? Or, was one of them murdered? Did they put anyone in the hospital by a personal attack? Did they commit arson? Did they achieve an overthrow of the govt.? Did they claim that as their goal? Were they one homogenous group with violent intentions or a common goal? These are all questions NOT answered.

  12. Buddy

    Not only the military-industrial complex of the U.S.A but also millions of millions of maniacs such as these in this NY Times video constitute the greatest danger to world peace and international harmony. As a true admirer of decent Americans it is truly saddening for me to have to make such a remark.

  13. kim

    This is propaganda We have not seen thousands more videos yet. The Democrat knew about the gathering so they plan ahead to hijack by their own paid group... and turned it into 'resurection' narrative.

  14. American

    garbage - nothing more than propaganda.

    12 months of lockdowns people losing jobs, an election that was highly suspect with no attention given to tens of millions of citizens concerns.

    A riot happened and one of the protestors gets murdered. Enter mainstream media to put a spin on it, an insurrection they call it. The worst thing since the civil war but nevermind 12 months of riots in the streets with many, many killed. Nevermind the capital has literally been bombed but Americans forget so quickly and blame a side that could of easily been their "side"

    We need to understand the uniparty is real. These were fellow Americans of all races coming together to try to get their voices heard. Lets remember history as it really was.

  15. Kerry

    This is a damn lie and you know it!

  16. jon

    8700 Democrat supported Riots, Rape and Murder across America, and they're calling the Capitol Protest an 'insurrection". It was a coordinated event by Antifa and Democrats to blame Trump supporters. You people are dumber then anyone thought. 🤡🦨💩

    1. G

      Where is your proof?

    2. GrizzOH

      The village is missing an idiot. Found it!.

  17. Sam

    If only ignorant liberals and their ignorant pals realized they are keep being fed lies by someone who wants them to eat and hate each other. But they are too tribal to realize it

    1. G

      No, your statement applies to the conservatives and their allies being fed lies by the corporate-controlled media particularly Fox.

  18. Gongo

    Liberals idiots think they are morally superior than their idiot conservatives.
    It's like two chimps constantly trying to prove to each other that they somehow better at eating banana than the other. When in reality both dumb liberals and ignorant conservatives being manipulated by the people in power

    1. jon

      And what are you? Above it all? Pull your dress down. Your "moral superiority" is showing

  19. Educated

    The US has turned into a pathetic banana republic. The useless educational system has created a population that is half made up of brain dead right wing extremist. I grew up idolizing the US. Now I wouldn't go there in a million years. These traitors are an embarrassment to the whole concept of the US. And still they try to think of conspiracy theories of "it was the CIA, antifa, democrats" etc. Just pathetic.

    1. Arlo

      What do you expect from a nation with traitors (to the British they were) who built their nation on stolen land (of the Native Americans and Mexico) and on the backs of slaves and slavery? They're now failing because of their very own brand of FAKE DEMOCRACY and FAILED CAPITALISM, eh? LOL!

    2. john

      or brain dead left wing anti establishment and anti police. Divided country.

    3. jon

      Educated??? Your dumber than Joe Bidet

  20. greg

    democrats..or whatever democrats have become since 2015, seem intent on destroying the united states.
    i dont know why the muslim and communist anti-american insurgents picked to join the democratic party to sneak inside our govt. and get their terrorists positioned , maybe the republicans were just too narrow minded to vote for any of the terrorist infiltrators. but in the past 5 years the anti american rhetoric coming out of democrat leaders and congress people has become quite obvious.
    nothing is shocking anymore when stupidity is so rampant

    1. Trevor

      Everything you typed is... stupid. Irony. Try to read more, and maybe take some night classes. Your simplistic narrow minded uneducated view is hilarious though.

    2. Arlo

      "nothing is shocking anymore when stupidity is so rampant"! LOL! You're absolutely right there! Your obtuse comment has clearly shown your conclusion is on par with one another. Like Trevor stated above: "Everything you typed is... stupid. Irony. Try to read more, and maybe take some night classes." I must also add: "Read, research, learn... to expand your knowledge... in order to have a basis for critical thinking skills... instead of regurgitating what your cult and cult-leader(s) have been brainwashing and propagandizing you and your fellow cultists!" LOL!

    3. Larry

      Trever go sit at the kiddie table if you have nothing other than insults to throw. Please stick to civilized discourse. Greg has a point all democrats seek to dismantle the patriarchy... They are just justifying means. YOur friendly centrist... I thought the left was taking down the patriachy? Then why weren't they at the capital dismantling?

  21. Joe G

    A set up... look on rumble ashley babbit was not shot she is CIA.
    Another Elaborate Hoax.
    Government has proof they must crack down hard on You and I.

    1. Mike

      "Deplorables" do exist.

    2. Arlo

      I've watched the video(s) of her shooting numerous times from different angles... and I have to say... that's the best part of that " insurrectionists day"! LOL!

    3. Arlo

      The saying used to be: "Communism is spreading and nations are fallen like dominoes once one communist nation has established in a region. Communists and communism can't be killed from the outside, but they only can be killed from the inside... and by themselves!" The collapse of the USSR and the sharp turn to capitalism with China, Vietnam, Cuba, have proven it that much is correct.

      That same saying can be applied to the US and its government nowadays. No China or Russia or any other forces would be able to cripple the US... but rather, the US and its government will collapse on its own internal forces with the help of its own brand of fake democracy and fail capitalism along with the entrenched tribal politics among Americans themselves. And, that's a fact! LOL!