Derren Brown: Miracles for Sale

Derren Brown: Miracles for Sale

2011, Religion  -   146 Comments
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Derren Brown: Miracles for SaleWith the cameras in hot pursuit, Derren faces his toughest project yet, going in search of an unsuspecting member of the British public prepared to adopt the guise of a pastor and miracle worker.

His chosen one then has six months to learn the trade and flourish across the pond as a convincing pastor.

The final phase of the volunteer’s extraordinary challenge sees them attempt to perform faith healing miracles live in Texas, but will Derren’s new recruit be accepted as a faith healer or cast away as fake healer?

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Burak deniz
1 year ago

In this fourth article in the series on the "marvel" and the "mind," we will talk about how the cruelty of uncommonness is made an interpretation of by the conscience into causing the Sonship to seem divided. While nothing is really divided or separate as a general rule, the brain (since everything is in the psyche) resembles being divided due to the projected structures which are just self image decisions of uncommonness, uniqueness and independence. These are utilized to make us stand apart as exceptional in a horde of equality and subsequently they partition the Sonship. This addresses the very heart the one issue: The partition. These decisions keep up with it. Nobody is unique. Everybody is the equivalent in any case.

Harry Amos
8 years ago

I might as well take this verse out of context:

12 “This is what the Lord says:
“‘Your wound is incurable,
your injury beyond healing.

13 There is no one to plead your cause,
no remedy for your sore,
no healing for you.

Jeremiah 30 everyone! Taken totally out of context... :)

9 years ago

Love this documentary. I would show it at my church if it weren't for the occasional obscenities and filthy word. Incredible. I wish Christoans could accept the reality of miracles, but still keep their thinking caps on. Faith does not require absence of logic. Christians need to exercise faith by reading their Bible and discerning truth. Anybody studying their Bible and using their brain would easily be able to stray away from such nonsense.

10 years ago

@ 53:52 ; he's getting 2 new kidneys, on both sides! That man is getting 4 kidneys in total! Amazing!

10 years ago

Religion a lethal virus for humans.

Betty Phillips
10 years ago

I suppose I can look at the bright side that they are revealing pranksters who pretend to be healers.

11 years ago

When my mother was in nurses' training during WWII the students ran the wards at night. One night my mother had charge of a boy with severe burns. Nothing she could do helped him go to sleep. She woke the head nun and asked her to call the doctor. The nun refused and told my mother to handle the patient herself. My mother returned to the ward and told the boy that she had an extra-special, secret, one-time-only pill that would let him sleep through the night. Then she gave him an aspirin from her handbag and sat with him. In ten minutes he was asleep. His belief enabled him to sleep the rest of the night. I consider this a good example of mind over matter so it doesn't surprise me that many people get a placebo effect from the ministrations of a trusted person. But I think professional faith healers are a bogus bunch.

11 years ago

Man I fell into those healers sometimes back my University's day but I always have at the back of my mind that the bigger the congregations the bigger they get paid for lying in the Name of Jesus...Excellent exposure..Need world wide publicities and political will to stop this tiradind fraud...Doc

Elizabeth J
11 years ago

i love this one is so true and bring out the truth of faith healing miracles. my mother is blind when she was young some one brought her to one of these faith healers all it did was scare the crap outta her and guess what she;s still blind.... she and her family wouldn't change her... she is the best mother of 2 any one could have i feel lucky.

gunk wretch
11 years ago

i wonder what the limits of placebo healing are.. has there been much research on that? seems like more people would be complaining if all the supposed healed werent actually healed.. but then i am sure there are a lot of plants presenting themselves as honest patients to be healed..

11 years ago

A whole lot of fun! Hard time to refrain laughing.
Best hoaxes in centuries. And most of these faith healers were cought and condemned at one time. Still, peoples go back :-)
No where else on planet earth this works as much as that.

It ought to be that the population like that sort of show. Scams, gimmick or not, the audience is "Faithfull" :-) They don't get much audience elsewhere on planet earth, but money isn't elsewhere.

But in the end, the ones who died as collateral victims like this teengirl who's father held back the medidicins, isn't that causing death like driving "Under an Influcence"?

One thing for sure is that many of these faith healer gets political leaders in power through the money they get from parents who slaughther their child for a hoaxer.

A real good docu. Once anybody seen this docu, all the other ones become irrelevant since they have the same motive behind.
Give to God, with which I have a "Special" relation. Seen in hoaxes planed by Greaks much before J.C. (Here, I think in the religees docus.

-God's "Elected" peoples to be the first ones to be damned.


11 years ago

I believe the term is 'charas-ma-tic'.

Have you ever looked up the word
'discern-ment' in Hebrew?
Can you smell it?

Here is a 'new word' -
'charasmatic reiteration'...

Emotions my friend, emotions...

11 years ago

Jesus is a healer

11 years ago

Very good - and Kudos for Derren for being respectful towards true Christians rather than using this documentary to tar everyone with the same brush. Recommended viewing for anyone who has a friend or relative taken in by the likes of Benny Hinn.

Suzanne Case
11 years ago

I had a miracle healing from disabling back pain because of one of these healers. I didn't attribute it to the healer or my faith but in something that is beyond understanding.

Donna Shuck
11 years ago

Many thanks to Derren & all those involved to bring about this exposing film! I do wish that the PR man would have worked out b/c I think you would have had many more people, but thru this video, an untold number of people are reached! Many years ago, I was desperate to see my son healed of his pains in his body & he was desperate too so we went to this "faith healer" & when I saw him doing that trick on my son, I was so disgusted & embarassed & I felt so bad for my son. We DID NOT GIVE THIS MAN ANY MONEY! It was a good lesson; all it takes is one desperate situation, especially where one has pain, to make one vulnerable. But thanks be to the Lord for He uses all things to teach us & is able to deliver us if we look to HIM. Bless His pure & good & holy Name!

11 years ago

Derren should investigate a nigerian healer(amongst others)called TB Joshua.To me he seems authentic but, these muthaf....s are so good,they'd fool almost anybody.Money is involved as usual.I must give this guy the credit though;there are proofs he doesn't heal only the rich,but mainly the poor pple who cannot afford private hospital bills.

Nilanjan Halder
11 years ago

a really good documentary....loved it

11 years ago

Great Documentary.. I am a Strong Bible believer.. and remain to be since I was the age 13.. I am now 35.. I am no fanatic.. as some would say.. but I am greatful for well respected documentaries like these.. all that is in darkness shall come to light.. it's sad to see money is still the root of evil. It sabotages peoples faith in God. This documentary can do two things.. it can either turn you away or make you stronger.

carla villegas
11 years ago

good documentary, too bad they couldn´t gather a larger audience.

11 years ago

Hail lord satan...he shall rain fire on you imbeciles....666

11 years ago

I'm so disappointed, I'm unable to watch it as Channel 4 has blocked it in my country. Is there anything I can do to see this?

12 years ago

This is a good documentary but we must also know that there are genuine faith healings. I like the confidence and the way 'Collins' conducted himself to make the project a success.

12 years ago

While it may be wrong for people to manipulate healings, it is also just as wrong for people to manipulate people against healings.

The problem with disbelieving in faith healers is that it also denies the healing by faith, which Jesus commanded those who believe in Him to do.

It was Jesus who said "They shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover". Sure, there are hucksters within Christianity as well as every other religion. But when you deny the very Bible verses that are commanded for "these signs shall follow them that believe", then you have to walk away from the very ministry and message of Jesus Christ. It is wrong to manipulate, and Derren set about to manipulate against faith healing. It is wrong to tell hurting people that they must suffer, when the very Bible tells them there is hope and help.Jesus would never have done that.

12 years ago

I don't think this was handled very well...they seemed to confuse several kinds of frauds: prosperity gospel preachers, big-time televangelist scam artists, and low-level local faith healing quacks. You can't be all things...and if you try, you will smell fishy...He dressed like someone from the prosperity gospel, claimed to be an almost ascetic wanderer, and talked like a televangelist quack. I think they would have had more success if they chose one thing and shaped that more faithfully. Plus, they missed a big thing..these people build relationships and then exploit them. "James" couldn't do that so he didn't get much of a turn-out, but it would have been worth investigating how many of these people attend and give money to the same creeps time and time again. ...In short, it could have been a better and more intriguing documentary than it was. It was a waste of a lot of invested time and money.

12 years ago

@Epicurus; I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed what you wrote in response to CnN earlier. I also wholeheartedly agree with your estimation of the "hell" topic. I also think that you have come to a good place in your debate on these matters and your arguments have become stronger as a result. These men that fleece the desperate with promises and lies do not deserve some eternal hell. They deserve to have all that which they have gained to be taken from them. As it was fame, wealth and power that inspired them to do these things the absence of those rewards is the ultimate punishment.

12 years ago

cults are exploding in the internet age

12 years ago

as a religious person i think that the message of this documentary is really good. it is not about questioning your religion and your faith but to be more critical of what the churches are doing, because they are human made. god never values us human based on how much money do we spend for the church. the relationship between god and human is direct, simple, personal and humble. not jaguar or diamond earrings.

12 years ago

FFS... people...

12 years ago

I think Derren Brown was the best man to pull off this documentary, he has excellent knowledge in the area of mind manipulation.

I watched the doc on TV and thought it was quite disturbing the lengths some of these people go to to fleece money out of people.

I don't know how a devout Christian would see this though.

I also loved seeing that faith healer that opened for Derren's apprentice get really uncomfortable when all was revealed.

12 years ago

While faith healers are certainly despiccable, are they any different from the Catholic (catholic) Church? Both promise the world; both hold themselves out as emissaries of god.

Only the methods vary--sort of. The faith healer improvises as he goes along; when backed against a wall, the Catholic (catholic) Church wings it with new and improved doctrine a la immaculate conception. The faith healer indulges in supposedly miraculous cures and the Catholic (catholic) Church in indulgences with some miraculous cures thrown in for good measure. The faith healer touts blind faith, the Catholic (catholic) Church papal infallibility. The faith healer decries doctors, the Catholic (catholic) church abortionists.

Both are equally adept at milking a crowd (congregation). And speaking of milking (tax-free style), it's hard to tell which has the biggest bank account--cathedrals don't come cheap and neither do lavish lifestyles.

In the end, who's to blame, the hoi polloi who know no better or the faith healer and the Catholic (catholic) Church who should?

12 years ago

Darren Brown does a great job of exposing how so many are deceived by the false prophets!

12 years ago

At least these people feel at one with a higher power by allowing a tax free devil to fleece them of their wealth. Gone are the times of sacrificial burnings, beheading, hangings, drownings, stonings, torture, imprisonment, human sacrificial cannibalism ect.......... to please the gods. Darren brown should have pulled this trick in iran/pakistan or iseral that would have been epic im sure, sorry Darren brown you been scooped Borat did this in texas 10 years ago it was funny then atleast.

12 years ago

I liked the idea A LOT, but do they have to put reality shows everywhere nowadays???

12 years ago

Very interesting doc on the gullibility of a lot of religious people, but I forgot, a person has to be gullible to believe in the religion fairy tales in the first place!

12 years ago

Not about faith or religion. It shows how easy it is to create a faith healer and how they take peoples money. Amazing to see the simple techniques they use and the illusion. Save your money on faith and go to a magic show

12 years ago

Great show

12 years ago

Boy, that was mean.

12 years ago

Great show! Derren is a genious.

Gary V
12 years ago

An excellent doc with Derren Brown that exposes these charlatans for the fraudsters that they really are. What these people do is nothing less than criminal, all they do is swindle gullible people out of their hard earned money.