DMT: A Lost History

DMT: A Lost History

2015, Drugs  -   13 Comments
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Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, can be found in many plants and animal species, but its effects are said to be as rare and powerful as the divine. When ingested, this molecule can induce a profound psychedelic experience filled with mystical hallucinations and fleeting surges of euphoria. From its use in ancient rituals to its modern day scientific applications, DMT: A Lost History traces its long and complicated journey.

Many users of DMT - both in ancient times and in present day - report of its power to transform the landscape and to bring them closer than ever before to the face of God. The film's focus is on its probable use many centuries ago, and how those instances helped to shape the world we all live in today.

The filmmaker traces the use of DMT back to ancient Egypt, and enforces his findings with the presence of the Eye of Rah in their hieroglyphics, which is similar in form to the pineal gland, an area of the brain that is responsible for meditation and dreams. Also linked to the notion of meditation are the practices in ancient India. Evidence from that region suggests that the compound was a popular ingredient for a particularly potent transcendental brew. Meanwhile, medicine men in pre-Christian Greece might have used the compound for medicinal purposes.

The origins of Christianity and Judaism are also linked to psychedelic concoctions like DMT in the film. Did it contribute to the image of the burning bush as reported by Moses? Did early baptisms bring about a near death experience that mirrored the cosmic effects of the compound?

Insights from more recent history tie DMT to the time of America's founding fathers and the construction of the Constitution.

The film examines a series of symbols that are present throughout ancient communications and art work, passages of the Bible, and long-deserted rituals and customs to build its compelling case.

Featuring informal but well informed narration and appealingly trippy animations, DMT: A Lost History shows how the most progressive and consequential ideas throughout world history might have been the result of this majestic psychedelic substance.

Directed by: Chris Rice

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4 years ago

This a a very poor film - listen to Terrance McKenna on youtube - DMT is "death by astonishment' as McKenna puts it - there is only one way to even begin to try and understand it ....make it and take it is NOT a party drug, its is not to be taken lightly,
its is something beyond anything you can imagine .
You can and will meet entities .
It is the red pill ...once you have taken it you will not be able to undo what you have done.
It isn't for everyone, read everything you can about it before you take the step.
It can be VERY VERY hard to integrate back into this reality once you have travelled there.
Enjoy the journey never ends.......

4 years ago

It gives you some idea of whats behind some of the ridiculous tales in the bible

J Miller
4 years ago

IMO lot's of pointless speculation to flesh out a small amount of solid information about DMT. I think what is much more interesting is hearing fellow trippers actual trip reports. When I was young I used Salvia Divinorium which if anything is more powerful than the DMT experience, yet darker and more humorous IMO. I became a believer in other world after using Salvia. It lasts about the same amount of time as smoking DMT but Salvia is legal.

Ren Tawil
4 years ago

This expose` reveals to me a universality of the presence of DMT, and perhaps the MAOI inhibitor, in most hallucinatory/meditative substances worldwide, including Cannabis. The apparent fact that the Founding Fathers had some exposure to these substances immediately brought to mind General Washington's fabled epiphany from God at Valley Forge, when the Continental Army was on the verge of collapse and defeat to the British.

4 years ago

This is a great source of information and food for reflection. Ayahuasca has long been known for allowing people to know their source when taking with responsibility and respect. An so, if the source is God or Knowledge, then documentaries like this one opens the door to explore what God really is. May be our politicians of the decade ought to give it a try to become less confused and more enlightened.

S Jenika
4 years ago

I understand it is banned in the State because it is a mystical drug. I have always wanted to use it, safely. Where can I experience this spiritual drug?

goose brollalolla
4 years ago

this is predominantly about organised religion