Dude Perfect: Backstage Pass

Dude Perfect: Backstage Pass

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In 2009, a video uploaded to YouTube of a basketball trick shot made by five friends went viral and quickly gained national attention. In less than a week it hit 200,000 views. When their second video got just as popular they decided to strike while the iron was hot. Encouraged by their instant fame, they began to release new videos every two weeks. Fast forward to a little more than ten years later and the Dude Perfect channel now has 55 million YouTube subscribers (and counting). Their videos have amassed over 10 billion views and show no signs of stopping.

"Dude Perfect" - made up of Cody Jones, Tyler Toney, Garrett Hilbert and twins Coby & Cory Cotton, were college buddies at Texas A&M having fun one weekend when they shot their first video. Little did they know it would make them YouTube celebrities. Today, Dude Perfect is a major brand. They have numerous high-profile brand tie-ups and endorsements and a successful merchandise line. They have hosted shows for ESPN and even had a Nickelodeon show. They work with multiple charities, superstar athletes and entertainers and even launched mobile games for Android and IOS.

Their videos are a mix of physical challenges, comedy skits and more. The quintet performs trick shots (even from airplanes, skyscrapers, and more), ping-pong shots, bottle flips, etc. They like to come up with unique contests that are a mash-up of different sports. They go the extra mile to challenge themselves in friendly competition with each other.

The first few years were difficult. All five were starting families as well as holding down regular 9-5 jobs. Despite all of that, they had to churn out content week after week. It proved too stressful, and they nearly quit despite their success. The five then decided to plunge into it completely. So they quit their jobs and "Dude Perfect" became a full-time job and business endeavor.

The five are extremely popular with children ages seven to sixteen. Parents and educators have praised them repeatedly as well. They provide safe, non-offensive, feel-good content almost anyone on the planet, regardless of their race or religion can enjoy. No foul language, no crass humor, just lots of fun. Their trick shots and other challenges are adrenaline pumping and amazing to watch. Being devout Christians, they are on a mission to keep their content clean and family-friendly. They are also hyper-aware of the influence they have over their young fan base. They take that responsibility seriously, keeping it in mind with every video they make.

However, it is also their chemistry and personalities that draw many people in to become fans. What you see is what you get - they are regular guys having the most fantastic time doing fun challenges with their friends. They show that it is possible to be competitive with your best buds without drama or negativity and that friendship must always come first.

The Dude Perfect phenomenon continues to jump from one success to another. In 2019, they went on a 21-city live tour called "Pound It Noggin." They adapted the best of their YouTube videos and skits for a live audience and sold out every city. There seems to be no end in sight for Dude Perfect's continued success. Their 2020 videos have already logged in over half a billion views! With their creativity, authenticity and humble personalities, they're sure to stay in the spotlight for a very long time.

Directed by: Shane Nickerson

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2 years ago

This is the formula guys. Hype sh*t to the max and don't look back. It wouldn't hurt to make it known you guys are the gods of your camp.

2 years ago

...so strongly compelled not to watch, I had to post about it...(based on write-up above...)
...who the (&^%$#) cares...

Saul Beck
2 years ago

5 min 50sec.......guy says 10 bucks if you do it, other guy hits his drink bottle & it falls over, proceeds to jump up & scream with the rest of the guys there as if he's pulled off some impossible feat. What am I missing?? Are these guys just a bunch of deluded god botherers who think they're awesome for attempting & doing literally anything? For all we know their video attempts at these amazing feats are the 200th take where they just happen to get it right. Do something enough times & you're bound to get it succeed at least once.....