Eminem: Diamonds and Pearls

Eminem: Diamonds and Pearls

2009, Performing Arts  -   19 Comments
Ratings: 6.80/10 from 70 users.

Diamonds and Pearls is a documentary film which tells the story of Eminem’s extraordinary life and incredible musical career, via the use of the rarest footage, interviews with his closest friends, associates and loved ones and contributions from the finest music writers and journalists around.

This documentary also features extensive news reports, location shoots, rare photographs and numerous other features to make for the finest film about Eminem so far.

Follow the amazing career of Grammy- and Oscar-winning superstar Eminem - whose hit records "The Slim Shady LP," "The Marshall Mathers LP" and "The Eminem Show" are hip-hop touchstones - from a rough childhood to worldwide acclaim.

Interviews with friends, colleagues, writers, journalists and others combine with news footage, backstage clips and vintage photographs to create an indelible portrait of the rap icon.

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7 years ago

I love em.
I wonder if he is off his face in the start of the doco?
His voice changes with he is talking about break dancing to the next bit were he is talking about his tapes....

7 years ago

Called my son Marshall after him love him die hard fan seen him 3times

10 years ago

this is a good doc. its real and informative. By people who are not trying to convince you hes a god of gods. em is one of the best rappers ever, no question. But dr dre could turn a monkey into the worlds biggest star, it is ALL about the connections you have, and dre is hooked up.

this is a documentarie that is not covered in media glamour or hype.

11 years ago

it's not that boring guys ! try to appreciate.

11 years ago

omg so boring !!!

12 years ago

what happens when you don't have the artist's authorization: an empty documentary. Pass.

12 years ago

i agree

12 years ago

Its amazing that they can take an artist like Eminem and make him seem to completely mundane and boring. Didn't even bother watching the whole doc.

Anti Dantas
12 years ago


the first artist who used is private life in his work??


12 years ago

i dont wanna listen to a nerd smug rambling about his opinion of who EM is. embarrasing to say the least!
em forever! one of the greatest rapper in the game.

Sadie The Celt
12 years ago

Eminem is SPECIAL! I love him, he has achieved success in a predominantly Black genre (Hip Hop) and knocked 'em for six!
I am way too old to be recognised as a 'fan' - but I am. My nephew (who is 13) mentioned to my Mother that he liked Eminem (and my eysbrows shot up!) - thus came an understanding between me and Rhys (my nephew) that nobody - least of all my Mother will ever understand!
and the funniest thing is, I left copies of 'Relaspe' & 'Recovery' at my Mums for Rhys to collect - she willingly passed them on........(if only she knew!)
But its all good stuff - tho Im not sure about the 'Eminem for President' bit! - need to give it some thought!

12 years ago

boring doc !!!!

Andrew Spenn
13 years ago

i think its pree good 4 not being official or supported by eminem

13 years ago

documentary was rubbish!

13 years ago

i thought it was pretty good.

13 years ago

umm this doco is unbelievably cr*p no offense to Vlatko ur a legend.

13 years ago

Looks like guy with the brown hair has never met eminem, seen him in real life or ever even heird about him back in the day AKA all the times he is talking about. Plz get that guy of the air...

13 years ago

This documentary is incomplete.