Ending the Nuba Genocide

Ending the Nuba GenocideEnding the Nuba Genocide is a highly informative, thought provoking, and extremely moving documentary about the latest humanitarian disaster in Sudan.

With a fine blend of interviews with survivors of the aerial and ground attacks against the Nuba Mountains, close-up views of bomb-ravaged villages and the harrowing living conditions that the Nuba Mountains people have been subjected to, this documentary is a must see for anyone who wants to begin to understand and appreciate the dire situation currently faced by the Nuba Mountains people.

The Nuba people reside in one of the most remote and inaccessible places in all of Sudan, the foothills of the Nuba Mountains in central Sudan. At one time the area was considered a place of refuge, bringing together people of many different tongues and backgrounds who were fleeing oppressive governments and slave traders.

Sudanese President Omar al Bashir is already wanted on charges of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes by the International Criminal Court for atrocities perpetrated in Darfur.

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  1. systems1000

    The verious gangster factions that is controlling most African nations are quite literally stealing their own peoples money with the connivance of Western and European financial and commerce institutions.Untill this stops nothing will ever change for the better.


    the offensive hollywood soundtrack detracts from the subject matter.

  4. John
  5. John

    We can never believe white folks not after what happen in Iraq, Afganistan, Syria, Ivory Coast, Sanctions on Zimbabwe and the propaganda on Kony. DEVILS!

  6. systems1000
  7. systems1000

    Brilliant (well documented)deduction,if i say so my self.

  8. Darren Greenough
  9. Darren Greenough

    Thank you for allowing us to see this far. Will share the magnitude. Unreal.

  10. Darren Greenough
  11. Darren Greenough

    Well documented, well written. and poignant. Cambodia comes to a fretful mind :-( Keep sharing, as will I.

  12. Darren Greenough
  13. Darren Greenough

    Unreal.........going to wake up my bf (i've been using his account) and f****** help with this. amazing what you're doing.!! xoxo

  14. Darren Greenough
  15. Darren Greenough

    Wow. Blown away!!! Just blown away....

  16. M A
  17. M A

    Very brave mission, thank you.

  18. Ciérrabella
  19. Ciérrabella

    are you saying that ALL white people are bad?
    the propaganda on KONY was to
    try stop him & get him arrested, many people are still trying..
    What nationality are you may i ask?
    How can you claim all whites are untrustworthy, these wars in Africa are blacks against blacks.
    Even if conflict was started by one specific nationality, say a 'white' one for example, how can you stereotype ALL white people as being bad (untrustworthy devils)?
    If you are stating 'white folks' aka 'some americans' -who were involved in your previous said conflicts,
    You should probably state so correctly.

  20. SeanQ38
  21. SeanQ38

    I know how dare this white devil try to help these black people. How dare he. The Black president does nothing but a white guy does his best. Your ignorance is the problem with our world. Its people like you that are the root of all crime and poverty. Go **** yourself.

  22. SeanQ38
  23. SeanQ38

    I'm surprised the International community has done nothing. Here it is 3 years later (4/20/14) and still these people are being killed. Its very sad. Maybe the Muslim community of nations should get involved to stop these tyrants. This is a Muslim country and I think this is the reason many western countries dont want to get involved. This leaves other Muslim states to act. Good Doc!!!

  24. Eleanor Rigby
  25. Eleanor Rigby

    The repetition of footage, overly dramatic music, and novice narrative makes it feel like I'm watching an assignment composed by an A/V high school student. Incredibly fascinating doc, for the most part-ish.

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