Eyes and Ears of God

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Eyes and Ears of GodIncludes footage recorded by civilians in Darfur, Nuba mountains, Blue Nile, with almost 200 cameras in the hands of the refugees themselves.

The cameras were delivered by Tomo Kri┼żnar and collaborators over the last three years, together with satellite modems, laptops and instructions how to upload the shots, in order to raise the awareness of the international community about the genocide that is spreading from Darfur and the Nuba Mountains to neighboring regions and is quietly accelerating after the split of the country, along the borders inside the North part of Sudan.

Spread the news and help raise awareness of the need to enhance the video-surveillance of the endangered areas.

Watch the full documentary now (playlist - 1 hour, 35 minutes)

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15 Comments / User Reviews

  1. brianrose87

    If only Darfur/Sudan (or Syria for that matter) had more oil resources we could help the helpless in these countries. Alas, they are minor oil producers, and therefore aren't deemed worthy of receiving "help" from the Western world.

  2. Ahmad Hilal
  3. Ahmad Hilal

    brain rose, i don't think "help" is the right word..

  4. brianrose87
  5. brianrose87

    Agreed. I put the word help in quotations to exemplify exactly that point. It was meant to be tongue in cheek.

  6. princeton
  7. princeton

    that statement right there also exemplifies the great human disconnect that leads to situations such as the one in Sudan/Darfur or poverty in general. we think that Oil is such a precious resource that having oil makes people of a certain country worth helping.. this is completely backwards.

    the greatest resource we have on this rock is each other.. what is the oil worth if no PERSON discovered it or figured out ways to dig for and refine it or deliver it to your gas stations. What good is any resource were it not for other people around to help dig it up and turn it into technology.

    when will we learn? forget the oil and the gold and all the non-living crap.. real living people are worth so much more.. This is what we should spend our time and money on, developing other people, improving their lives and skills so they can contribute to the global family as opposed to simply ignoring or marginalizing them.

    earth is just a little rock and they are all right around the corner.. their plight will catch up to us all in due time. it pains me to watch people spend so much money on "resources" and useless crap, when there are literally thousands of REAL LIVING PEOPLE all with untold potential rotting away right next to them. how many Einsteins, Tesla's, mlks and Pasteur's have we lost.. its sickening... yet this still goes on and we wage wars over nonliving- crap while nigguhs brag about how much their rims or jewelry costs.. me.. I get it... and my spare money goes to helping others live better lives, so they may return the favor eventually and pass it on.

    If we would invest in people as aggressively as we invest in the stock market, looking for oil, gold and other so-called precious metals poverty would end fairly quickly and war would be a thing of the past.

  8. Juraj Filkorn
  9. Juraj Filkorn

    well, you are right, but some of us do not give a f. get used to it. and, i will be stingy, what have you done to improve this rock?

  10. Sean Finn
  11. Sean Finn

    Princeton makes a lot more sense than your stingy self - it appears that removing you (and others like yourself) would be the first step on the road to greatly improving this rock.

  12. princeton
  13. princeton

    apparently much more than you.. and the point is that stingy or not.. if you were the smart kind of stingy, you would put your money in other people cos that is what will offer you the greatest benefit.

    all other investments are just short sighted and seem to be more profitable.. until some poor kid raised in the ghetto robs you and rapes your wife...

    yea.. i'm stingy too.. i just look at the big picture

  14. Donald Edward Goodman
  15. Donald Edward Goodman

    All of these "so-called-leaders" from the uN are AS CORRUPT as the very "corrupt-government" which they act as though they are against. When the matter is simple, as it is in Irac, Afganistan, Next Syria, and ultimately IRAN and WWIII ! This is all horse sh*t. THEY use the same lies our own "govern-MINT" uses against "we the people." As is said, "same sh*t, different day." (country)

  16. Donald Edward Goodman
  17. Donald Edward Goodman

    EXACTAMUNDO. IF Tibet had any oil, "we" would have helped them too. Only the countries WITH the "Black Gold" are worth "saving." (NOT my idea, just my opinion)

  18. Donald Edward Goodman
  19. Donald Edward Goodman

    The "saving" part in NOT "MY" idea, or doing. THAT distinction goes to the GREEDY WEALTHY FKS that RUN THIS PLANET.

  20. David Foster
  21. David Foster

    Those "GREEDY WEALTHY FKS" are what's powering your keyboard.

  22. DMT2012
  23. DMT2012

    We are truly a sad species who, after all these thousands of years, still hasn't learned to exist peacefully on this planet. There is absolutely no chance in my opinion that humans can ever find peace among each other by themselves.
    I hope the cosmos has soon something special scheduled on its evolution calendar which will free humanity from all its self-destruction and suffering.
    My heart goes out to the innocent people in Sudan and everyone else on this planet who is exposed to similar tortures. Tomo Kriznar is an example of all the good humans are capable of doing. Tomo, you inspire me to get involved. Thank you!

  24. Don Steiner
  25. Don Steiner

    As I see it the biggest problem is that "Modern Civilization" darkened their door steps. The unequal wealth that plagued our past great societies only led the common man to desire the the things that marked wealth and abandon the things that meant long term survival and happiness. If you watch doc's on tribal and poor people you will see much happiness. Its only when the wealthy world comes in and starts to teach them they are poor that they begin to have problems. A tribe who fought another tribe with clubs meeting the wealthy world and who ever gets guns first creates the greed. A desire for more then you need. Not all of us are infected with greed many of us would love to live a tribal exhistance. But our governments have created a system where we are forced to play in there game of making them richer. In the US they say we are free,This is a lie,No one can legally go into the wilderness and hack a life out with there own hands. They cant hunt with paying,they cant fish without paying,you cant own your own land without paying. Americans believe they can buy and own a home,Again this is a lie,They may buy a home but if they dont pay the taxes the home is taken. So Americans rent homes from the state and government.

  26. Don Steiner
  27. Don Steiner

    As long as the rich flaunt the things they have that the common people cant there will be greed. It is sad that children as young as 5 and 6 know and recognize band labels. The poor pay more attention to the difference then the wealthy. Im in agreement with you that we are done. We live at the mercy of wealthy super rich businesses. And they have no care save making more money. They will gladly kill an environment for a profit because they have the money and will never have to live there. Out of sight out of mind

  28. Daemon_Raimy
  29. Daemon_Raimy

    I stopped watching this after the "Sudanese government declared jihad on the Nuba". this is just a crappy islamophobe documentary that has no connection WHATSOEVER to even an ignorantly biased reality. this documentary is BEYOND ignorance.

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