Famous in 31 Days

Famous in 31 DaysFeeling unhappy at work and experiencing a midlife crisis, the film's subject quits his job and tries to become nationally recognizable in a month's time.

John Gerard, abandons his job, cashes in everything he has, hops into his car (decorated with enormous lettering that advertises his goal-and the film's title) and goes on a 31-day, cross-country trip, hoping to create so much publicity along the way that he'll end up a guest of Jay Leno and become an instant celebrity.

Does Gerard achieve his dream? Well, it's so fascinating to watch him try in this professionally made and occasionally poignant film that the end result hardly matters.

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Ratings: 6.00/10 from 5 users.

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  1. Amy

    Nice! i liked it thank you?

  2. azilda
  3. azilda

    Who hasn't wished to be famous at one point or an other? With the internet the ways of reaching this goal is getting easier and wider by the minute. The world is expanding in more than one way!
    I must say this guy has ambition and intent and most of all he has learned to talk to the one inside of him...one on one no bull**** tolerated!
    And you know what? he made it!

  4. azilda
  5. azilda

    i googled John Gerard...he is 9th in line...looks like his carreer is taking off!

  6. rosie
  7. rosie

    The only part where I laughed was at the end where he says he wanted to burn the guy's hawaiin shirt, that part of the story was just classic!

    As for the rest, mildly amusing. That guy is annoying and a total nutjob for doing this in the first place, what did he think he was going to achieve? This documentary is overflowing with self pity, and I just don't lap it up.

  8. Collette
  9. Collette

    Awsome! I loved it.

  10. Baz
  11. Baz


    "That guy is annoying and a total nutjob for doing this in the first place"

    Calling someone a "Nutjob" just because you don't get agree or understand them shows just how you intolerant you are of others. I don't like you Rosie.

  12. Spaghetti and Meatballs
  13. Spaghetti and Meatballs

    @Baz - is 'nutjob' a sexual act ?

  14. Brokennib
  15. Brokennib

    Wow... the memoirs of a truly stupid man.

  16. Fractal
  17. Fractal

    @Spaghetti and Meatballs

    I believe it is. I usually refer to Tea Party activists as "nutjobs", which is synonymous with "Tea bagger".

  18. mike
  19. mike

    I was hoping it would have been much better. I wouldn't watch it again, or recommend it to anybody. Despite the effort it isnt profound in anyway and not entertaining either.

  20. grey area
  21. grey area

    complete and utter garbage. this isnt a doc more like i want some fame and money for doing nothing youtube type bull$hit. this is why the human race gets smarter but stupider every day. i award no points for this video and all who watch will be mentally knocked down a notch. throw him on an island with the rest of the 'i wanna be famous' freaks and let them all enjoy eachother forever

  22. azilda
  23. azilda

    @rosie...he achieved what he wanted to achieve...often times one will realize that the journey is the goal...and yes through tears, insecurities, and support along the way.
    Some people can't see others struggle they see that as weakeness. I see a lot of courage.

  24. azilda
  25. azilda

    and i do agree it could have been made more interesting...or condensed!

  26. Nakor4200
  27. Nakor4200

    Yeah, I could have done better. He really needed to do something crazy while on one of those talk shows. Once you get your spot on tv, you gotta grab the headlines and do something totaly off the wall, like suddenly start making out with the news lady.... or something that would make national news. Just answering their questions isn't exciting or memorable enough,

  28. Villnova
  29. Villnova

    It belongs in the newspaper you read on the subway. Many other documentaries that are worth watching before this one.

  30. sahotak
  31. sahotak

    don't waste your time guys...

  32. Mike C
  33. Mike C

    This made me feel like I was watching a cow stumble into a slaughterhouse

  34. Jellivere
  35. Jellivere

    Annoying piece of shallow topic, but stunting though.

    Bet ya' this is the last time you have heard about them, the story is made up too poor.

  36. princeton
  37. princeton

    this was good and funny
    I liked the guy... seems to be very in touch with his emotions and willing to bare all on camera for the world to see without much trouble.
    his self esteem is pretty good and in my book, he's famous

    funny, he kinda reminded me of the guy from x-files.. david duchovny or some ish..

    x-files was awesome!

  38. del
  39. del

    man this guy sounds just like me when iam talking to myself. very cool. a man that never took a chance never had one to begin with and the one person you should never lie to is ones self.way to show some guts john.

  40. OD
  41. OD

    This was not worth it he doesn't become famous and waist his time too. He has no talent and dose nothing at all

  42. Will
  43. Will

    I found this excruciatingly boring and almost stopped watching during his crying scene. I commend the guy for having the guts to follow his dream, as pointless as that dream seems to me.

  44. Monk
  45. Monk

    This is about as believable as me being told I'm a member of the royal family.

    A TV producer/director with one week to go before he owns his home decides to blah blah blah.Strictly for the gullible amongst us and a complete waste of time, he must have made this film as a bet to see how many suckers believed it....

  46. Gough
  47. Gough

    I liked it, kind of sweet

  48. Waldo
  49. Waldo

    The whole thing supposedly gains weight over his choice not to wait a week and own his home? That's ridiculous, he could have just waited a week and had his home and his dream. This is pointless every one feel sorry for me type b.s. Only in America would someone attempt this type of drivel and try to make out like it had any deeper meaning or life lessons to offer. You feel unloved, unwanted? Tough sh*t. Thats life, for everyone, and we don't get the priviledge of running around with a camera basically begging pitty from everyone we meet. How many people will die today from hunger, desease, filth, poverty, and senseless wars and violence? Do we really want to give this guy's self pity and extreme need for acceptance the validity that his so called documentary implies it deserves? I think not.

  50. whizkid
  51. whizkid

    Well said, Waldo! The rest of you, stop watching stupid, pointless docs and go learn to SPELL! As a window into 21st century America, you all are embarassing.

  52. Baz
  53. Baz


    How American of you to assume that it is only Americans who are writing comments...You know there are other countries that also speak English to sh*thead.

  54. Monk
  55. Monk

    Waldo, you said it all man thank you.

    I'm English by the way, from England, and even I know this film was exactly the same as all the wannabe 'reality' shows most hypnotised androids watch. If that's what passes for 'reality' I feel sincerely sorry for anyone who is taken in by this all too prevalent tripe!

  56. William
  57. William

    I think you mean "too", not "to", sh*thead.

  58. whizkid
  59. whizkid

    Exactly my point...

  60. Sideral
  61. Sideral

    The guy tried and failed, i guess that's the point of the documentary, that he tried. 5/10

  62. JustSayGrow
  63. JustSayGrow

    Doc isn't the greatest no, but the guy is lovable. He has a level of virtue but not much merit to his initiative. I would think he would be a much more contented & realized man, were he to invest in the study of his own Buddah nature.

  64. Steve
  65. Steve

    This guy is horribly self consumed . . .

    He should have looked at the other people who have actually acheived this task . . . and copied them . . . instead of going on a tyrade of self indulgence . . .

    Seriously . . . you cant just go around asking people to help make you famous tp become famous . . . DO Something instead of crying about shit . . . and talking all the time . . .

    The ONLY way this could have worked was if he was a lovable character . . . or he's incredibly good looking . . . BOTH arent true, he's ugly and annoying . . . who would want to give him any work in the industry??

    He was in TV for the majority of his adult life . . . and this, THIS is what he thinks is a good idea???

    He needs to get a job, and settle into mediocrity, because he's nothing more than that. Mediocre.

    The sooner he realises this, the better.

    To all the people here who said he made it, or he's on his way . . . you need to get your head checked . . .

  66. donald
  67. donald

    he's making more money than i am.i work long hours than he.i don't have health insurance.i work for a cheap bunch of pricks and i'm going to leave and not to be famous.but have peace of mind

  68. haha!
  69. haha!

    boring, found myself fowarding the video. not worth it.

  70. azilda
  71. azilda

    @whizkid...did you mean doc or all docs on this site?...and if you do mean docs...then what are you doing here?...and if you meant doc...pointing at others always leaves you vulnerable to being pointed at.

  72. azilda
  73. azilda

    @Steve...he made it, you watched it, you and 5527 other people! That's what i meant.
    My head is fine says Doctor Mirror.

  74. AyazKoomal
  75. AyazKoomal

    i like it, thank you...

  76. Gardenthieves
  77. Gardenthieves

    He did become famous after this film was completed!

  78. Roberts Cerbulis
  79. Roberts Cerbulis

    I hate how he's pushing out tiers at any chance, just to get extra publicity. Really makes all thing look cheapish.

  80. Tipsy
  81. Tipsy

    This doc was slow, and frustrating - all the events were told with the same pacing and enthusiasm, which made it all very monotone. I really wanted to like this guy, but his self-pitying was too drawn out. Some very cool things happened to him, but he didn't embrace them and celebrate them.
    Yes, he took a chance and went out there, but the whole time, I couldn't help asking myself why he even DESERVED to be famous.

  82. esmuziq & frames
  83. esmuziq & frames

    sounds dumb

  84. esmuziq & frames
  85. esmuziq & frames

    i guess this guy wants to stop having to pay for sex

  86. rawkidd
  87. rawkidd

    Well,this is some sort of VLOG /Self-Mockumentary, not really a documentary but anyways, I liked it alot. And besides, I don't know what John's budget was for this flick, but it's well-made and very entertaining.

  88. David Rocha Jr
  89. David Rocha Jr

    i think it was a bright and noble idea not many would try this good docum

  90. David Rocha Jr
  91. David Rocha Jr

    very good documentary

  92. yasir zia
  93. yasir zia

    I liked the documentary, it was funny at times, and had a real feel to it. I think his main problem was that he was selling nothing. He has to sell something, perhaps his goal should have been to find a wife. Which almost did with Karen :)
    I think John can be good Radio or TV host perhaps in a small regional area.

  94. elle richie
  95. elle richie

    I have not watched the documentary yet but i just want to say FAIR PLAY! life is too short, just enjoy it! i am living my dream as a model and i am enjoying my life to the max! i get to travel all over the world and i only decided about 10 months ago i wanted to do this as a career. I know modelling doesnt have much longevity to it but i am living for the NOW! Well done!

  96. FreemonSandlewould
  97. FreemonSandlewould

    BS! If he was famous the chix would sleep with him. Guaranteed.

  98. Norman Hawk Nordic
  99. Norman Hawk Nordic

    Into the wild?

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