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FascinationA collection of Fascination Series, discovery journeys to interesting and beautiful places and cities around the world.

This is a huge tourist travel guide which includes: California, France, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Turkey, Brazil, Tuscany, Italy, Thailand, Florida, Canada, Mexico, Iceland, Nepal, New England, Portugal, Hawaii, Finland, Ireland, Andalusia, South Africa, China, Cuba, Argentina and Norway.

France is a country with a long and dramatic history. A country of unique flair and picturesque old towns, fortresses and castles and also a country of beautiful landscapes. Today Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. First established by the Celts, next used strategically by the Romans and then the domain of the Sun King.

The journey in Canada starts in Halifax and stretches right across the country, from east to west and from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Halifax is situated in a deep, well-defined bay on the Atlantic coastline and has one of the most beautiful natural harbors in the world.

Ireland is one of Europe's most green and mysterious islands and everyone who visits this isolated island in the Atlantic Ocean is given a very warm welcome. Dublin is the capital of the Irish Republic and it is a city of musicians, poets and dreamers, as well as being a financial center.

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22 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Pangaea

    shame their not in hd..
    oh well. nice tho

  2. panos dramitinos
  3. panos dramitinos

    can't watch this. Can't stand the music!

  4. oompaul
  5. oompaul

    Total agreement!

    It's amazing how many documentaries are completely wrecked by the music, isn't it?

  6. dewflirt
  7. dewflirt

    You can win all these places on an 80's game show ;)

  8. Where is my shepherd?
  9. Where is my shepherd?

    lol What's up with porn music?

  10. lakhotason
  11. lakhotason

    God Vegas is tacky. It was much better when the mob ran things.

  12. oQ
  13. oQ

    If you plan on going to any of these destinations then you may find it interesting to watch the one of interest, the photography is good enough.
    I have better things to do for 21hrs.

  14. Sheri Rhines
  15. Sheri Rhines

    my goodness it's like they hired the guy who wrote the music for Miami Vice to write bad music for this doc.

  16. Marr Sullivan
  17. Marr Sullivan

    After reading the comments I had to watch some of it just to hear the bad music. You people are right, the music sucks the life out of this thing.

  18. dpsahoo
  19. dpsahoo

    Is this doco from the 80s? Whats up with the music

  20. bringmeredwine
  21. bringmeredwine

    Okay you guys, you were right!!!
    That music was so hilarious AND annoring at the same time.
    I only managed a couple of minutes in California.

  22. Dan Courtney
  23. Dan Courtney

    First half seemed kind of trivial with random numbered assertions of why humans are superior. The second half was better when they go into the moral consequences of anthropocentric thinking. The final thought was the best... are we as humans good for the system as a whole? That was worth the suffering the outdated music... which frankly I didn't notice until the final credits.

  24. francisco sa
  25. francisco sa

    In what respects to my country, Portugal, the documentary has at least 15 years, many spots are completely different nowadays.

  26. southab403
  27. southab403

    Um... you seem to be comenting on a completely different video.

  28. southab403
  29. southab403

    I'm Canadian and live on the prairies. The video on Canada totally ignored 1/2 of the land mass and skipped from Ontario to BC. Also, very outdated, but interesting.
    I agree with zatarra, I'll watch one episode at a time when there is not much else to grap my attention.

  30. Hakan Yildirim
  31. Hakan Yildirim

    Really poor documentary on Turkey! The video only talks about ancient Greece! But there so much more than ancient Greece! I am so disappointed!

  32. Marleen Bomia
  33. Marleen Bomia

    I was totally appalled on the Documentary of California...first off, where's the whole state? It doesn't just run from San Diego to San Francisco, and why is Vegas mentioned in A California documentary? Did the person who made this program fail geography? Also, the show seemed to have focused more on the commercialism of the state instead of it's majestic beauty. It spoke into great lengths about the tourist traps of the state...Pier 39 in San Francisco...really?! lol. They focused waaay too much on the missions. To refer to The Transamerica building in San Francisco as it's #1 landmark nearly knocked me out of my seat. The Golden Gate bridge was briefly mentioned at the end of the program. When they first spoke of it, the were on the Bay bridge in Oakland...lol! I was not impressed with this documentary. No offense to the European folks that did this, but it would be like an American who hasn't spent much time in England or France, to do a decent doc. on it...btw...people that live here don't call San Francisco "Frisco"...

  34. Marleen Bomia
  35. Marleen Bomia

    I will not watch any more of the docs from this producer. Very poorly done. I was appalled on the doc. of CA.

  36. Marleen Bomia
  37. Marleen Bomia

    why is Vegas mentioned
    in the CA. documentary?

  38. SilverBee
  39. SilverBee

    Good question, Marleen. Anything to add a little eccentricity to the image of California, I guess.

  40. SilverBee
  41. SilverBee

    You would think the producers would have made sure the narrator knew how to pronounce the California names with Spanish/Mexican origin. It set my teeth on edge to hear him say them incorrectly time after time.

    As I am listening, I hear the the Indians "converted" to Christianity, along with the strains of organ music. I supposed they didn't want to mention how brutal the methods of "conversion" were as the Indians were "civilized!"

  42. terencegalland
  43. terencegalland

    I found this film of california absorbing and entertaining of course it is quite impossible to cover every corner of this huge state in an hour or so, but what the producers have done is quite amazing i think that some day it would be a fine place to visit!

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