Wild Russia

Wild Russia

2009, Nature  -   31 Comments
Ratings: 7.90/10 from 58 users.

Wild RussiaWild Russia is a landmark High Definition series charting a journey across this vast land that stretches from Europe to the Pacific Ocean.

Covering 11 time zones, this huge country contains a wealth of unspoilt natural wildernesses - beyond the huge cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, a primal world with rough mountain summits, wild rivers and an unmatched flora and fauna reveals itself.

Through unprecedented access we showcase the wild spectacle that is the Russian continent. Across six dramatic episodes we explore this diverse and even exotic country.

Russia is a place of superlatives proving that size does matter. Few countries are home to such extraordinary mammals: the Amur Tiger is the world’s largest cat; the Polar Bear is the world’s largest land predator; massive brown bears scour the rivers in search of salmon.

The Russian skies are home to the world’s largest owl and majestic sea eagles. In the freezing northern waters, walruses and Beluga whales hunt for fish.

It also provides a refuge for some for some incredibly rare species – including the beautiful and elusive Amur Leopard.

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31 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Lisa

    This is amaizing film! Why so many people hate the narration .all is fine) Maybe I need to watch more documentary for understanding what's wrong

  2. John

    Yes.. the American narration is idiotic.. as are almost every american nature narration.. however the british version of wild russia is brilliant. Can we not focus on that instead? They deserve alot of credit for their video editing and narration.

  3. DCT

    Unfortunately I agree with the criticisms above. The writing and editing was less than stellar, but the music was absolutely atrocious. Not overly impressed with the photography either, way too much editing, I guess for dramatic effect. Finally the in your face doom and gloom at every turn was a real turn off. Very sad, I was really looking forward to enjoying the view, it just wasn't there.

  4. said

    you at now the world is come very glad when a good see her nation in the best degree the using the technologie in the white side to keep the nature safe and clean in the object to give a generation futur a best of her mind

  5. Adam McDonald

    Are you all m*****? This is the greatest wildlife narrator and presenter ever, David Attenborough.

  6. Boris Babic

    I really don't see any problem with narration or the music. This is a great doc

  7. Nicole Luebker

    I think you are all being over dramatic yourselves whining soo much about the narration of this film. I didn't care about (or hardly notice) the WAY he was saying things so much as actually WHAT he was saying. I thought they gave a lot of interesting information. I personally LOVE learning about geography and wildlife regardless of how it's being lectured to me. I once had the most boring geography teacher yet NEVER lost my attention because it's the actual material that amazes me. Also, this documentary has such amazingly beautiful and intimate scenes that I can't imagine anyone who loves wildlife to become bored.
    WATCH SOMETHING ELSE because you're obviously NOT too interested in wildlife otherwise you would have payed attention and finished it within one hour, like I did.

    GREAT documentary. I will definitely watch again soon.

  8. Nichole Marie

    I think I may be the odd (wo)man out. I really loved this documentary and I thought the narration was funny at times. I absolutely enjoyed it. Definitely one of my favorites. I'm not sure why people hate the narration but I guess to each their own :)

  9. Daniel Kinley

    David Attenborough is the best =p

    1. Melissa Ann Anthony

      I love this documentary! Stunning in *every way*. I love the narration so much that I did a specific search to find out who it is - this male has a very specific yet subtle accent that I can't place and I want to be able to place it. Though I'm watching the National Geographic version on Disney Plus here in the U.S., none of the names that came up in my search match! When I hear them on YouTube, they don't match what I hear in the documentary.

  10. Janet Taylor

    Apparently who guys don't watch many nature documentaries because the music and narration is what you'd expect for such a doc. You can still find it on youtube.

  11. FranYule

    okay... the narration & stupid music are pains in the butt but the footage is incredible and it's amazing to watch WITHOUT THE SOUND

  12. Yash Patel

    IMHO, this documentary could've been structured in a much, much better way. You do feel like they're going around in circles. But I was able to look beyond that, and the narration and the background score, and this does throw up a lot of stunning pictures.

  13. Dexter Doodle

    Kinda unfair to be so critical, guys... I mean, I've tried watching this video three times and fell asleep well, three times. It's an interesting topic, veiled behind the mystery of the Iron Curtain and all that... but come on. Who is this narrator, and where did they find this guy-? If you can get past the Ken doll narration-style of this documentary, the footage really is worth watching. Who knows if I'll ever make it to the end of this film-?

  14. joe

    Lots of repeating information it seems!

  15. mimI

    WOW, truly one of the most amazing places on earth, something for Russians to be so proud of! I really hope that they set an example for the rest of the world and take important steps to preserve it! (unlike my government in canada...shame...)

    1. Joey Marshall

      i guess you are unaware that our country has many laws in place to preserve our wildlife, hundreds of national parks etc...cmon man and your canadian?

  16. beauregard

    This could have been a stunner. I'm glad so many are put off by the macho narration and the drama-queen voice. It really drags all the majestic imagery right through the 'he-man' sewer. I had to stop after 30 minutes. Just couldn't take it anymore!

  17. B. Nasty

    I just became exhausted from listening to this guy try to make this wildlife documentary scary, sexy and dramatic. I think it was written in an overly dramatic fashion because the producers want people to sit through commercial, after commercial...just their way of making Mo money, Mo money, Mo Money.

  18. Vladimir

    I will have to stop watching this documentary despite the great footage. Sorry but the music and the narration made me think I was watching a movie about the 2nd World War. Really sad...

  19. Dom

    I'm sure this could have been fascinating to watch but I couldn't get past the first 5 minutes. The Hollywood blockbuster style of narration is totally inappropriate. Stunning landscapes and animals don't need to be built up with over the top descriptions. Is there an alternative version in another language with subtitles?

  20. snow man

    beautifully done,thanks.

  21. Beth

    Its unbelievable how footage of such a stunning isolated region of the world can be portrayed in such a mind-numbing way. I was unable to continue watching something so badly scripted and badly edited with constant invasive orchestral noise that also made me expect Tom Cruise to jump into the picture and wrestle a bear. Is this a documentary or some bull-**** American action movie? The narrator's over-dramatic voice, the repetition of simple dialogue and particular scenes, and the lack of any form of context or wider analysis of the imagery left us thinking it was actually a comedy! A trully amazing feat of the inability to present an unbiased, intellectually stimulating depiction of an area of the planet so rich in information. 3 years for what? Next time please give the film crew some credit by putting some time and thought into accompanying the incredible pictures with decent editing, script writing and music. Subtle music please - in order NOT to overshadow the majestic scenery. Give me BBC anyday;-)

  22. Joe

    R U S S I A written in red...the over dramatic narration...suspenseful music...

    All proof that US never got over the Cold War

  23. Will

    Although I am from the US, I agree that the narration of this documentary is annoying and overly dramatized. The producers seem to want to keep you on the edge of your seat. They should realize this is only necessary when filming pointeless rubbish, like blockbuster films. With awesome subjects such as the ones shown in this series it only detracts from the viewability and impact of the subject matter. Great film, terrible narration.

  24. creutzfeld

    Annoying Americans, for sure. "Never before" remarks reeks of wishful thinking. BBC rocks!

  25. zahid


  26. zahid

    It most certainly is beautiful but I must say that this American way of narrating spoils this breathtaking landscape and wild life for me; they make everything dramatic. They should learn from BBC how to make descent commentary.

  27. Steve

    Animal Planet should try to make more "Wild" documentaries. Like Wild Pakistan or Wild Sweden.

  28. Waldo

    Cool, a very informative look at a seldom seen or studied eco system. Very beautiful, what an interestng variety of animals.

  29. Mike

    AWESOME! Thanks so much! This is absolutely breathtaking.