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For LibertyAs the 2007-08 presidential campaign cycle offered up the usual slate of Washington insiders, Ron Paul, an obscure Congressman from Texas brought an alternative voice that challenged the political establishment.

Advocating a philosophy of sound money, a non interventionist foreign policy, strict Constitutionalism, and individual liberty, Dr. Paul inspired a unique grassroots movement unmatched in American history - the repercussions of which continue to reverberate today and into the future of the American psyche.

For Liberty: How the Ron Paul Revolution Watered the Withered Tree of Liberty follows this historic campaign from the perspective of grassroots activists, and showcases the unique, often bizarre, yet groundbreaking projects they undertook as they brushed aside traditional campaign methodology.

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    Kathy Velder
  1. Kathy Velder

    ms tool virus on board ; don't play

  2. leonardobdas
  3. leonardobdas

    it worked fine for me

  4. ça?lar Türk
  5. ça?lar Türk

    what a "democracy"! big business owners simply buy the senators, representatives and the President. Give them money for their campaing, in turn they work for you in government offices.

  6. Gary V
  7. Gary V

    A very Interesting doc, I'm not an American but I'm all for those who want to take their country back from the corrupt politicians who have been running it until now. I will need to do a bit more research into the policies of Ron Paul & then I will return & comment on exactly what I think of them. I definitely agree with the anti-war parts but can't comment on any other of his policies until I have done my research. Watch this space, I'll be back.

  8. Epicurus
  9. Epicurus

    what do you mean?

  10. Petar Vitanovich
  11. Petar Vitanovich

    best doc on this site. fala vlatko.

  12. Nakor420
  13. Nakor420

    The debates freakin KILL me, when they stand there with that damn smirk while he's talking. People like Romney are so dense, it makes me sick. Romney thinks he knows the the economy because he has alot of fake money, but doesn't realise like Ron Paul that eventually, all his "FED" notes will be worthless.

  14. thekingbeyondthegate
  15. thekingbeyondthegate

    This has made me re-evaluate my opinion of Americans. There's a stereotype of non-intellectual politicians spreading bullshit on stupid false news programs and the American people just accepting it. I can't believe there's a politician who actually knows the political and historical background of the places they're invading. Maybe there is some hope for America.

  16. Plilip
  17. Plilip

    Oh boy, an hour and 1/2 political commercial for Ron Paul and Libertarians,
    Totally worthless! The film makers don't spend hardly any time on what Libertarianism is. This whole film is 'Oh, we are grass roots, Oh, we are for liberty. So what. Ron Paul also stands for lots of totally crazy stuff. He will never be President of the US and neither will his idiot son, Ran.
    By the way the guitarist for Pink Floyd isn't 'Jim Gilmore', it's David Gilmore.

  18. Plilip
  19. Plilip

    This is just a political commercial for Ron Paul.

  20. leonardobdas
  21. leonardobdas

    i wouldn't go that far myself. The majority of americans active in this political movement I say are in it because it is fashionable in their colleges and universities. A small percentage is comprised of good ol'boys, cowboys and gun owning constitutionalists and hardcore evangelicals. As I see it, the media is still so powerful and people so scared of boogieman trifecta of terror, unemployemt and american self importance that as long as there is food in the table and available gasoline people couldn't care less to be political..

    But hey.... maybe there is something in there and the revolution spoken of by the likes of alex jones and max keiser and others is more than hope.

  22. Deborah Willing
  23. Deborah Willing

    While it is very comforting to see so many Americans supporting withdrawal from wars, I cannot see this happening with a fossil fuel-based economy. Unless massive efforts are made to cut reliance on oil/gas, these "enemy" countries are strategic to oil security. It was good to see some of the activists walking and cycling; good in so many ways. Also, perhaps I am mistaken, but isn't "deregulation" just another term for "removing laws"? Wasn't deregulation of the financial sector the cause of the The Great Depression and The Great Recession? I guess not everyone is moral; hence, the need for laws (regulations). It might be possible to reduce income tax (which is a punitive tax) if white collar crime could be "collared" and if the huge military expenditures could be converted to green energy research and production, eventually tapering expenditures rather than going on into perpetuity. Who knows?! Stranger things have happened.

  24. NAND Gate
  25. NAND Gate

    lols @ secret hidden viruses in youtube videos.

  26. leonardobdas
  27. leonardobdas

    In the US, everything seems abundant and everything is obviously cheap. That makes everybody feel incredibly entitled and blinded from the rest of the world. Anybody who lives there gets to feel that same way and it is fun for a while. Visit an American home and u get to see so much stuff just laying around that beggars belief.

    People generally don't care how they spend or on what, from children to grandmothers. Schooling does not seem to affect people's intellectual ability, specially when you consider that schools are usually really well equipped despite rumours to the contrary. Most people really sound pretty dumb, but certainly above the average south american simply because of more access to schooling.

    Most people use drugs and lots of it, because they are so bored. Their parents use it too, and are terribly addicted to money/church/party/shopping almost blindly.

    People drive a lot, for everything, cost is not a factor really, despite recent high prices.

    The average american is smart (potentially), but shamelessly simple minded and proud of it. THere is a whole lot of pretentiousness in the air.... both in the way people talk but mostly because people have access to fancy clothes that make them feel better than everybody else. There is not much of the intellectual snobery featured in Europe everywhere you go just because they can.

    Cities are so despothic and disgusting, for it is all about cars. That makes people feel incredibly disconnected from reality to be in a large city. It is perfect place for blind shopping.

    it seems like there is a restaurant every 100 yards. So people got so fat there that skinny there is really ab obese person in many other is acceptable and dr. recommended for a woman to gain 40 pounds in pregnancy for example.

    I am saying all this to make a point: most americans don't care because life is too easy. The first americans made america, the second wave kept it and this one will blow it all....Good luck political minority.

  28. Nwttp
  29. Nwttp

    While I don't totally disagree with anything you say, giving your opinion on pure speculation does not make you look smart. I mean you say "The majority of americans active in this political movement I say are in it because it is fashionable in their colleges and universities." Why? Were you in fact a Ron Paul supporter? Did you take polls at all of his rallies?

    I feel, and this documentary supports me, that there are a lot more logic minded people in the U.S than I though. It is just hard for me, and I think it would be for many others like me, to know what to do about the sorry state of our country when it is clear the majority cannot, or will not think for themselves.

  30. Robert Mulle
  31. Robert Mulle

    Ron Paul is most probably the last hope for liberty minded Americans, only by a concerted grassroots effort does he have a chance.

  32. J B
  33. J B

    Americans are understandably angry at how the main stream media and the Republican party ignored valid dissension by a large segment of the population. Liberty minded hippies and Commie hating nerds , tuned into what is arguably the most repressive, perverse, hypocritical yet powerful mix of politicians, media moguls, and bankers. Intelligent Americans know the game and they will not stand for it. If things don't change (what OBAMA promised another example of lying to get elected after Bush ran on non nation building and smaller goverenment) there will be a huge movement of CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE AND NON TAX COMPLIANCE.

  34. leonardobdas
  35. leonardobdas

    @ NWttp, I agree with you man. That phrase is meant to show how sophomoric and emotionally charged the movement really is, as I see it. This is an emotional subject for me, obviously. It is difficult to observe so much political wrong doing and not be frustrated and saddistically negative.

    While Ron Paul which I would vote for, has big dreams, the bottom line is that congress is long bought and paid for.... and if people want their country back they will have to die for it....literally.

  36. leonardobdas
  37. leonardobdas

    You really think that people will risk jail for protest in the US? in large numbers? multi-million marches taking down congress? YEAH RIGHT.

  38. leonardobdas
  39. leonardobdas

    Personally I think there will be tanks and special police and lots of rubber bullets.

  40. Richie Cahill
  41. Richie Cahill

    Amazing how many of these jackals come out of the closet as soon as there's a black president... didn't hear their screaming when Bush was wiping himself with their constitution and spending trillions on wars.. oh no.. crickets.

    Equally disgusting how the so-called progressives have suddenly stfu now that their man is in office...

    America, your leaders have you by the gonads... you are so dam easy to control due to your instinctive reliance on the false left-right paradigm. you have all stopped critically thinking and go with your gut. Cheney says it's good? "righties" agree... Gore says it's good, "lefties" agree.

  42. misterwong
  43. misterwong

    Civil disobedience may give the government the impetus it would repuire to impose police state riot tactics and declare a state of martial law.Many states are already militarizing their police force to respond to the growing unrest of the American people...We are haunted by the ghosts of vietnam and civil rights protests of the 60's.The government has had 50 years to prepare strategies to deal with dissent

  44. Myk Lab
  45. Myk Lab

    Ron Paul was very public and came out against the Bush government every chance he could get. If he runs as an independent Dennis Kucinich might run with him. These are two men who have been publicly speaking out against the extreme ends of government for YEARS. They are by no means jackals coming out of the closet. You may not have heard of them because the American propaganda machine denies them air time, and makes them seem like bad choices. I do agree with you on the average Americans instinctive reliance on the false left-right paradigm.

  46. David Foster
  47. David Foster

    Yet the children will pour into the streets by the millions. This should be great spectacle.

  48. Guest
  49. Guest

    Quite a few are willing to risk going to jail and many are going to jail, but very few are willing to lose the money they think they have.

  50. wald0
  51. wald0

    You fall victim to exactly what you are trying to warn against when you say, "you have all stopped critically thinking and go with your gut." You could definitely say the majority has stopped thinking critically, but not all. There are many people here in the US that see very plainly that no one political ideaology could possibly cover every situation. If you care to look back over my comments you will see that I have been organizing a group called No Labels in my community for some time now. Our entire platform is that no one ideaology will serves us well in all situations, that we must consider each issue on its own merits. I didn't start this movement, its nation wide and gaining more ground everyday. Obama himself said repeatedly during his campaign, "There`s not a liberal America and a conservative America. There`s the United States of America."

    Why is it everyones favorite past time lately to stereo type Americans? Everytime I see some politically based doc on this site it is followed by several people telling everyone, including Americans, what every single American thinks or acts like. Thats impossible to know, even for people that live here. Does everyone in Mexico think or act a certain way, how about France? No, and its the same in the US.

    I saw some post earlier stating that here in America we have a restaurant on each corner, spend our money frivolously, drive everywhere we go regardless of cost, think we are better than others, etc. Well, none of this is true for the area of America I live in. In fact none of it is true for many many places or people here in America. The truth is that every government, religion, or group of any kind uses propaganda, including those that hate the US. If you want to buy that propaganda then thats your business, but stop telling everyone else how they have been tricked- because you have as well.

  52. StillRV
  53. StillRV

    That may well have been one of the greatest summations of the American condition I have ever read. Subtly scathing yet with no outward disdain. Thank you, from an American who agrees with you yet still loves his country.

  54. StillRV
  55. StillRV

    Enjoyed this doc. And am prepared yet again to vote for Ron Paul. Not surprised the documentarian is from my town.

  56. henrymart81
  57. henrymart81

    Ron Paul 2012

  58. DocLover247
  59. DocLover247

    Alright guys....
    It's that time again.... Time to save this country!
    From bankruptcy, From corruption, From BS wars, From ALL this CRAP from BOTH sides of the usual political BS.

    It's time to STAND UP !!!
    It's time to SPEAK OUT !!!

    It's time to make signs....lots of signs
    It's time to make donations...anything you can
    It's time to wear your Ron Paul shirts......if you don't have 1, buy 1
    It's time to talk to friends, family, neighbors...and strangers
    It's time to stand up for the U.S.A
    It's time to fight for freedom
    It's time to help Ron Paul

    If you want big government running every aspect of your life
    If you want gov demanding a permit for your 5yo's lemonade stand (true story)
    If you like making less every year due to FED money printing and "inflation"
    If you think the other replublican's are for rich....oops...I mean for the people
    If you think gov should pass laws to claim the rain as property (true story)
    If you think borrowing trillions of dollars from China is a GREAT idea
    If you like 5yo's groped/treated like terrorist at airports is good (true story)
    If you like US fighting BS wars everywhere for oil and other resources
    If you like that it is LEGAL for Reps to use insider info for profit (true story)

    Well, then Ron Paul isn't for you.........
    Vote for one of the BS talking heads

    The time is NOW to get off the couch, get busy, and FIGHT for what you believe in
    Turn off the TV, turn off the Playstation, and DO SOMETHING
    You won't regret it..that..I can promise you !!

  60. Guest
  61. Guest

    Plan not to vote and be vocal about it, make it reach the front news, make it an uproar of dissatisfaction and lost of trust in any of the presented government puppeters.
    Take the plan to the date, Do NOT Vote, gather crowds of non voters. Get attention!
    Stand to the rich and say Enough is Enough!
    In your non participation, force all the loud voices to sit together and realize that the puppet strings have broken.
    ....Pinochio has been liing long enough, time to stand up free!

    i am Canadian so why should i get involved? I tried here but it didn't work...we will have a harper on the front stage.

  62. RileyRampant
  63. RileyRampant

    i get so tired of these every-man-for-hisownself-snakeoil libertarians.

    the pauls win every internet poll, and get about .001 percent of the vote when the actual election comes around.

    no one wants what you are selling, beyond that highly vocal fringe.

    ron paul contended for the republican nominiation, didnt get it, didnt come close, and immediately stated he wouldnt support the party's nominee.

    i'm not a repo or a demo, but there's something sneaky-pete, or ingrate, about that.

    if you are an independent, be one. run as one.

    the system needs massive reform - but from a humane, community-based perspective.

    that's my view.

  64. EliWebber
  65. EliWebber

    Riley , If you hadn,t noticed the Republican Party wanted no part of Ron Paul or were you asleep when you watched this video , if you watched it at all .what world are you living in Humane community based , huh..and whats that we sit around and sing cumebaya..this is a revolution .thats coming and you better hope its for your freedoms and not because you and your humane community is out on the streets starving and poor ..lets see how long your local and state politicans, stick around when the moneys gone ..lets see how truely dedicated they are .hell there already getting out the lifeboats ..and guess what your humane community hasn,t got a seat in those F%%%ing boats .your a typical dickweed who thinks politicans are going to save our ass .it starts at the local level stupid, thats were the corruption starts to.Get the message dickweed its about freedom. If you don,t have that what the hell is the sense.we know how your community base works, kick a family out of town because he has couple junk cars in his yard .we are to familar with your type of freedom..

  66. JeffreyDo
  67. JeffreyDo

    If you new the history of this country you would recognize that comunity is exactly what Ron Paul is advocating. Get rid of the government from our business. Stand up and take personal responsability for family,Freinds, and neighbors.

  68. Adam Keller
  69. Adam Keller

    Wow. You are really ignorant.

  70. Adam Keller
  71. Adam Keller

    Actually, Richie, there were A LOT of people 'screaming' when Bush wanted the unconstitutional patriot act, and when he wanted to invade other countries for their oil. Ron Paul was one of them. Political dissent and grassroots movements do not have anything to do with the pigmentation of any person's skin, unless the issue being discussed is whether or not that pigmentation matters (as in the Civil Rights movement of the 60s) You're right that most Americans are being fooled by the false left-right paradigm, but you obviously have very little knowledge about the internal political disputes America faces every day. Both parties have ultimately the same objective- to create a plutocratic police state. Most of the time, who you vote for has to do with their stance on the small issues, which are rarely addressed in reality. A politician goes to the labor union and says 'i'm pro union!' well, they are probably a Democrat, and people who are members of a union or consider that issue of great concern, will vote for them, regardless of their stance on foreign wars, simply because they're working class and the union is their life. A politician goes to the chamber of commerce and says 'I'm pro commerce!' well, they are probably a Republican, and people who save and invest in small businesses or work for small businesses consider that issue of great concern, will vote for them, regardless of their stance on farm subsidies, simply because they're working class and their small business is their life. Politics on the national level are a different beast, entirely. Our national politicians are chosen for us by their parties. Whoever can get the most money from their party gets the most propaganda and thus more votes. Usually its the incumbent or a popular opposition. When you make generalities like saying Americans can't think critically, you make yourself sound really ignorant. How do you propose we get ourselves out of this situation if your so smart? The political parties have been around for over a hundred years, and they aren't going to loosen their grip on the power and the money without a fight. The Libertarian Party at least has a shot, if it can grow and influence government maybe we'll start to see things turn around. Otherwise, things are gonna go really bad and this country will have to change regardless. Hopefully for the better, but Fascism is an easy last resort for a society when its on the ropes. Hopefully we don't keep going down that road.

  72. Danny Leach
  73. Danny Leach

    Ron Paul for president 2012

  74. Chris
  75. Chris

    Overall, Ron Paul is our only HOPE!

  76. Guest
  77. Guest

    People need to organize local walks, once a month, once a week, whatever.
    People who are worried about beating Obama will only vote if they BELIEVE he can win. We are going to have to show them or lose.

  78. Donald Edward Goodman
  79. Donald Edward Goodman

    I agree. However "Washington" who most people BELEIVE, (because they were taught) that good 'ol George" Washington was a good guy. Hey, HE had slaves! HE did lots of "unrighteous" stuff; yet we are all taught what a great GENERAL he was. This country was DESIGNED from the very beginning, to someday, and that day is here, to build-up a MILITARY-FORCE, that could POLICE-the-world. And where we find ourselves today. The Illuminati should get an A- for all their efforts. MINUS because they've been discovered.
    However, IF....the people of this planet, ever unite against TPTB, aka "The Illuminati," there will-be "hevean on Earth." But I aint waiting for any so-called "Savior" to help us, that never existed in the first place. And NO, "the meek shall (NOT) inherit the Earth. But the intelligent...

  80. Donald Edward Goodman
  81. Donald Edward Goodman

    Lord I wish

  82. LesterWise
  83. LesterWise

    No Ron!!! Please don't support Romney. Please man! Let your son go to the dark side if he wants. Stay true to your beliefs. That is the only reason we all support you.

  84. Trevor Morin
  85. Trevor Morin

    Why would you make a video private if you are trying to spread a message?

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