Fox and the Big Lie (Updated)

Fox and the Big Lie (Updated)

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In the aftermath of the 2020 United States presidential election, former President Donald Trump made baseless claims of widespread voter fraud, perpetuating a narrative that the election was stolen from him. These unfounded allegations gained significant traction, particularly within conservative media outlets.

Fox News, a prominent conservative news network, played a key role in amplifying these claims. Unfortunately for Fox News, their association with Trump's election lies had severe financial consequences, costing the network approximately $1 billion. This documentary, as a continuation from an earlier investigative reporting, explores the impact of Trump's election lies on Fox News and how they paid a significant price for their role in disseminating misinformation.

Fox News had a close relationship with Donald Trump throughout his presidency. The network became a platform for his policy announcements, interviews, and rallies, often presenting a favorable perspective of his administration. This alliance boosted Fox News' ratings and solidified its position as the leading conservative news network. However, it also led to increased scrutiny and criticism of the network's journalistic integrity.

Following the 2020 election, Donald Trump relentlessly pushed the narrative that the election had been stolen from him. Fox News, in its bid to cater to its conservative audience, extensively covered and amplified these baseless claims. Prominent Fox News hosts and commentators provided platforms for Trump and his allies to promote their allegations, further entrenching the belief among some viewers that the election had been rigged.

Prominent voting machine companies Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic filed multi-billion dollar defamation lawsuits against Fox News for spreading false information about their involvement in election fraud. These lawsuits alleged that the network's coverage damaged their reputations and caused significant financial harm. Fox News faced the prospect of expensive legal battles, tarnishing its standing and further straining its finances.

Donald Trump's baseless claims of election fraud had far-reaching consequences, with Fox News being one of the casualties. The network's affiliation with Trump and its amplification of his falsehoods cost them approximately $1 billion. The financial toll, coupled with defamation lawsuits and a loss of viewership, served as a wake-up call for Fox News and the media industry as a whole.

It underscores the importance of responsible journalism and the potential ramifications of aligning with misinformation. Moving forward, media organizations must prioritize accuracy, fact-checking, and maintaining the public's trust in their pursuit of truthful reporting.

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19 days ago

Google search "Trump Aquitted" & you'll see that
"PRES TRUMP has never been impeached"
As the MSM News falsely reported!

19 days ago

Baseless claims? Bullcrap! If you stop watching the staged fake news & then spend some time in digging you will see every single bit of evidence that proves that the election was stolen from Pres Trump and that it had NOTHING to do with Russia who wasn't involved and your'll see that the MSN news had intentionally made false reports & they blocked the truth from getting out but I'm sure that you know this because you are more then likely ONE OF THEM OR ON THE DEMS PAYROLL

Biden's Diaper
19 days ago

So very obvious that the election was rigged. The moment they started pushing the mail-in ballots as if they were incorruptible I knew they were going to use them to remove him from office. Just listen to the testimonies of all of the poll watchers across the country who state that the chain of custody of the ballots was broken at every conceivable moment. They were not treated like evidence in a criminal trial like they were supposed to have been. Of course, you will have to search quite diligently on X to find individuals who have recordings of the testimonies (that still go on today, btw) because the media will not cover these events. Not just that. The routers that connected the voting machines which were not supposed to be connected to any outside line were noticed to have ethernet cables ran to the walls. This would have allowed literally anyone with even a small amount of hacking knowledge to make their way into the software and change the vote counts. Yes. There is a great deal of evidence of widespread cheating. And if there wasn't, then 2020 would have been the first US election in history to not have been rigged in some way. Don't be naive. It's not a good look.

Ralph Hollister
4 months ago

The fix was in, that was obvious right away when the newscasters started early calling the election for Biden and no one wanted to hear about election irregularities. If it were an honest win by Biden, there wouldn't have been such a push to suppress any evidence of fraud and refuse even a recount.

4 months ago

Too bad this site pushes the Communist left's agenda. The election was stolen so they could put the demented puppet in the WH and the people who think they won't be affected by the downfall of the US are listening to Satan and will also fall in the end.

4 months ago

I was a Democrat until I saw first hand through dozens of national delegates cell phone videos that Hillary cheated and stole the primary from Bernie. It is undeniable. No surprise that she/the DNC also rigged things against Trump after Podesta's own emails proved that the DNC "elevated" Trump through media because they thought he didn't have a chance. They smeared Jill Stein and then Tulsi Gabbard (who said HRC personifies the rot of the DNC) and now RFK, Jr because.... they dont want democracy. They want to appoint their figurehead/puppet, like the demented Biden and Harris who cannot string three sentences together. Then it was the fake cry of Russia, Russia, Russia and now the Durham report says Russiagate was made up by the Clinton camp to cover for Hillary's embarrassing loss. Many of us are seeing through the lies and corruption and now Top documentary films...are you in on this facade as well? Many more like this and I will be unsubscribing.

4 months ago

They are all liars who work for the same masters, the banksters; they all go to bed together at the end of the day. The whole politics is fake, and the people are played.

4 months ago

shameless propaganda

4 months ago

....the above is probably the most sickening propaganda drivel I have ever seen in this "top documentary" context....
"...maintaining the public's trust in their pursuit of truthful reporting..."
....there is no "trust" and there is no "truthful reporting" at all – if truthful reporting had been possible, the US regime would have fallen shortly after "911" if not before... you've broken it, it can't be "fixed" just needs to be discarded...

4 months ago

now we see how they try to arrest him and charge him proves the fact that a big lie is really going on. I hope and pray that Mr Trump stays in the fight and wins back what he deserves. That is no less than the presidency.

4 months ago

Marvellous. It's totally obvious this election was fixed. The establishment is against Mr Trump because he is a maverick and thinks for himself. In the UK he would be called a "loose canon", or uncontrollable. Well, in my opinion that gets my support. A man who can think for himself and does not toe the party line for his own profit. If i was in America, I would vote for him. I know he is a bit of a lad, certainly not squeaky clean, but so what. It's a hard world, we need guys like him in control.