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GalapagosFollow the filmmakers from the Smithsonian Institute on a visual journey through the lush Pacific Ocean paradise that is home to some of the most precious flora and fauna on the planet. Scattered across the equator, this largely unexplored series of volcanic islands is host to a stunning array of endangered species that remain virtually unknown outside of the archipelago.

Darwin came up with his theory of evolution after contemplating variations in the bodies of birds and land animals isolated for millennia on the islands. But the real focal point of this film lies deep in the islands' waters, where Darwin never got to explore.

Because of currents flowing back and forth between the islands and the Ecuadoran mainland, the evolutionary separateness of the sea creatures (as compared to the land-dwellers) has been diminished, but they are marvelous nevertheless.

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  1. Hoffy

    A place of enchantment and contention for Ecuadorian natives who live there. We lived in Ecuador for two years and declined to add our footprints to a once closed ecosystem being rapidly eroded by tourism.

  2. joe

    Ever read "Satan Came To Eden"? Great story about a strange German couple who decided to colonize an uninhabited island in the Galapagos in the 1930s. You can get it on Amazon.

  3. Isabella davis

    Beautifully filmed and narrated ....great way to start the day...on my list of magical places to see one day...

  4. Ciel

    I love this documentary who knew that the world could be so beautiful it is just outstanding how everything is

  5. John Simon

    It's Human Nature to search out the most pure of everything, without knowing the cost. Fact is, We have known the cost for hundreds of years. Whenever man touches with ignorant hands, It spells certain death for whatever we touch.

  6. ThePhilhw

    Many thanks for posting this..

  7. lex lexich

    great doc, but with the sad reality factor at the end

  8. emily

    why do we do things like this? it's just wrong.

  9. Muir

    Is it so wrong to just leave the Galapagos Islands alone? Is there not any irony in the fact that introducing new plants and wildlife to the area is not only killing off the native wildlife, but the introduced wildlife as well? No wonder there is natural disasters, we deserve them.

  10. Thomas M

    Great doc mixing stunning images of the wildlife with a historical context.

    Unfortunately in the HD version starting from the second part the episodes are out of sequence.

  11. Malli

    Wow, this is just an amazing documentary. Every image shows the beauty of nature at its best.

  12. MrWizard

    Amazing documentary, i am surprised no one else commented on it. I never realized how remarkable the Galapagos really is. If only everyone could just stop for a moment and realize how beautiful the world they are living truly is.