Gearing Up

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Gearing UpGearing Up introduces four teams of high school students participating in Robotics competition. This documentary chronicles behind-the-scenes drama and excitement leading up to the Robotics National Competition. Teams receive identical robot kits with no instructions and have just six weeks to build a robot capable of performing specific tasks.

Teams have come together for different reasons and work together differently. Miss Daisy is from Wissahickon High School in Ambler, Pennsylvania and is the most veteran team featured. Rambotics are from Ridge View Academy in Watkins, Colorado.

This all boys team from a correctional facility has something to prove to themselves and their community. Ratchet Rockers are from Holt High School and Timberland High School in Wentzville, Missouri in their fourth year of competition.

RoboDoves are from Western High School, an all girls team from an all girl school in Baltimore, Maryland.

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  1. khushwant

    nice documentary..
    there should be more competetions like this in science and tech. It reminded me of my college days.

  2. Eric
  3. Eric

    Not bad, but i think this doc is more on the social life of the builders instead of the competition itself.
    And mentors takes too much place (if not all the place), i just wonder how much the students are involve, certainly not 100%.
    And please next time, try by giving them only money, no "prebuild models".
    But yes we should have more of these competitions. But for everyone, like the competitions from Virgin to build a spacecraft a couple years ago (there is a doc on that :).


  4. Andrew
  5. Andrew

    I was involved in a team like this in high school. While it does seem like it focuses on the social life of the teams a lot, it's because for six weeks each team has to learn to work together and build thier robot. In many cases it takes more work and there is more stress in the build season than at the actual competition.

    But, yeah a little more competition video would have been better.

    oh, and there are no "pre-built models" at all. You get a "kit" because it's a way to start off every team fairly, but it's just a bunch of random parts. It's up to each teams discretion whether they can/want to use any of the stuff in that "kit". I've seen entire robots built with custom machined parts, and i've seen teams use almost everything from that kit, so it goes both ways.

  6. Eric
  7. Eric

    Andrew, I totally agree with you for the effort behind that competition but you have to admit that those random parts are made to build a robot (at least a kind of), or a good start.
    My point is, its not totally amazing when you have a good kit and good mentors (who look more enthousiasts).

    But still a good doc

  8. tony
  9. tony

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  10. sasidhar
  11. sasidhar

    very inspiring for a budding engineer like me. this video rekindled my spirit.

    mentor of robodoves deserves some praise

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