Sex Robots and Us

2018, Sexuality  -   13 Comments

Samantha sits upright on a table and awaits your every command with eager, penetrating eyes. Her makers are a husband and wife team, and they're preparing to ship her to Australia. Once she arrives at her destination, Samantha's unique artificial intelligence capabilities will be employed to service clients in a brothel. Thus begins "Sex Robots and Us", a frank and occasionally explicit look inside an underground industry that's quickly hurtling towards the mainstream.

Sex dolls are nothing new, but they've become more sophisticated than ever before. Silicone surfacing makes them feel more human to the touch, their animatronic reflexes are spookily accurate, and their level of interaction has been enhanced exponentially. They've also grown in popularity and acceptance by societies that are increasingly detached and isolated from person-to-person contact.

While male dolls do exist, they remain an extremely limited niche. Female models continue to dominate the industry by a wide margin.

What could this mean for the future of healthy relationships? How is this redefining societal views on sex and desire in the 21st century? Do these robots satisfy a basic human need or intensify the development of sexual dysfunction and deviancy?

These troubling questions emerge throughout the film as the cameras capture burgeoning sex enterprises in Spain, London and Japan. Defenders of the technology herald its therapeutic applications while detractors fret over the normalization of sex on demand without consent.

What ultimately emerges from the investigation is a larger issue that transcends mere sexual gratification. What happens when the technology becomes so advanced that the robots become indistinguishable from their human counterparts? At that stage, how will we define what it means to be human? Innovators in Japan proudly show off their latest robotic model, a beautiful life-like doll infused with cutting-edge AI. Her programming has been tailored to mimic human desire. In this respect, she represents an essential step for the robot race as she displays a capacity for self-awareness.

The wheels of technological progress keep turning, but the future they're creating might have severe ramifications for humankind. "Sex Robots and Us" is a fascinating expose that will prove titillating to some and terrifying to others.

Directed by: Jon Eastman
Ratings: 8.95/10from 155 users.

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13 Comments / User Reviews

  1. ilia


  2. ITguy

    There are, today, tens of millions of sex slaves in the world. I do not mean slaves in some euphemistic way but actual slaves. Most begin their enslavement as pre-teens and most do not live past thirty. Many are murdered by their pimps when they are too old, many others are killed by customers and the rest from drugs or disease. If robots can replace many, most or all of these slaves, great! Then there are the millions of children who are abducted every year by pedophiles and murdered. If they can get their jollies from a robot, all the better. I wish these guy great success in their work. It could end a great deal of human suffering.

  3. David

    I think this guy has been living in a seminary for most of his adult life. He does not once mention the disastrous way our society has become with the effects of divorce, wife beating, sex slaves, prostitution, rape and tinder. Sex robots will find a place in our society just as liposuction, breast implants, lip augmentation, buttock enlargement and botox, have done.

  4. SeekingWhat

    The best dools were the humans, Venus the blond hair woman and the Liverpool's girl.(don't remember the name). By far.

  5. James Rimmer

    So the human race will end with a "bang"!?

  6. Caamano

    End of the human race soon? or may be certain race from Arabia survive

  7. Laymen

    Isn't a vibrating dildo the essence of a sex robot?

  8. Roger Andout

    This guy is too coy and clearly is out of his depth discussing sex in this programme.

  9. Chacho

    They should not be called sex robots, masturbating machines is more apropiate.

  10. Gunther

    There was an episode on Star Trek The Next Generation about Commander Data being de-activated.

  11. iraja

    25:20 did she say destroy human civilization by a ai or robot and you dont stop it?

    1. ilia

      yes. so she said

      better to stop these foolishes

  12. Fuches May Do

    Decent documentary. Host is a tech geek though, so it winds up promoting this crap.