Global Warming or Global Governance?

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Global Warming or Global Governance?They have not established that greenhouse gases are warming the earth. The IPCC is a political organization set up by the United Nations to provide evidence to support the framework convention on climate change, which has been signed by governments; it is entirely political.

Interviews of climate scientists and biologists from numerous sources who explain, step by step, why Al Gore and the global warming alarmists are incorrect. In some cases, blatantly so.

It also provides evidence that the global warming agenda is being funded with tens of billions of dollars as a mechanism to create global governance. Hear from congressmen, experts and even well-known news broadcasters how global governance puts global institutions that are not accountable to the American people in control of every aspect of our economy. The U.S. government is very close to making this a reality. Very close.

Every American, every citizen of the world, needs to hear the other side of the global warming story.

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  1. Having babies is a major factor in resources and pollution but nobody talks about this? Why? See how easily we are manipulated because we do not think outside of the media and what we are taught?

  2. War is a major factor in pollution and these are caused by governments but nobody talks about this? Why?

  3. Come-on leaders, the focus should be more on global pollution, over fishing, plastic wastes on land and sea (just look at the five big plastic waste patches in our oceans) , human sanitation and abuse of natural resources. Industries manufacture and produce for raking in cash, but when time comes for their own product waste management or post product life strategy, oh well, why bother right?
    Politics or Carelessness ... Well the damage is the same.

  4. I'm 63 and I remember when I was in my 5th grade my geography teacher told us that a shift
    in our global axis will shift in it's degree and this will cause temperature change and oceans
    to change, why aren't we discussing this as a cause OH I KNOW the GOVERNMENT couldn't
    SCAM us out of our Tax money.
    Also at one time in our history there was an ice age and then it started receding, who can prove that this process has ever stopped, and who caused this OH wait I know it must have been the cave man rubbing two sticks together, COME ON PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

  5. These bastard politicians the world over use global warming as an excuse to extract more taxes from us but I have not seen one concrete initiative from any of them to combat global warming with the extra taxes they extract from us. It's too late to cut emissions we need to actively reduce the the amount of sunlight reaching the surface of the planet otherwise we are all toast . After 911 the temp across the USA rose by 2 degrees because for 2 days there were no con trails in the atmosphere. It can be done.

  6. If this is true, then Al Gore would have won as president. But Bush won, and he did everything to ensure the ability of emissions to keep on accelerating.

    U.S. miltary Big Oil is the most powerful political and military force on the planet. They want no part of global warming talk. If there was a conspiracy, they would have to approve it.

    If global warming is a conspiracy, it's a big FAILure of a conspiracy. It's backed by scientists and opposed by billion dollar petro industry who is just innocently trying to squeak by on a few billion dollars per second profit. The puny Kyoto protocol has to beg for support. But fracking in the U.S. just bull dozed over the rights of citizens with no resistance at all! Who is in charge here? Isn't it obvious who has the power and who has almost none? You think just because they can rent out a conference room in Tokyo they have any power?

    You have to break Occam's Razor to say it's a conspiracy. The much simpler explanation is to say that Billionaires who make their billions from pumping greenhouse gases into the air made this video, and we're having a repeat of the m.o. used by big tobacco in their cancer denial campaign, than the way more far fetched notion that all the climate scientists are in cahoots to fight the (innocent) petrol industry.

    I don't know why they even bothered with any PR or propaganda videos anyway, given that they have absolute control over virtually anything that matters. It really doesn't matter how many supporters of global warming there are among the public. Look at fracking. 90% of U.S. public hates it but they ram it down our water taps anyway. They are going to belch fifth into the air until no more filth is in the ground to belch, no matter what.

  7. Starting in the 70's scientist and big government swore up and down that we where going to have a global cooling event that would bring on a new Ice Age. This lasted up till the late 90's. Seriously!!!!??? Yes there is climate change, it's normal for climates to change. But to say that carbon dioxide is the problem is ridiculous. Co2 is what feeds our plants and trees which in turn provide the oxygen that you currently breathe. This Idotic issue is all about control by the govt. If you can't wrap your head around this then there is no hope for you

  8. Are you people actually out of your minds? I mean really, are these ideas really what you think? Almost all science is really a conspiracy to further some new world order? Batman plots make more sense.

  9. Considering the treatment we've given it, this planet is well justified in eliminating our species. We are a nasty, festering, feces creating species of hateful and ignorant post-ape creatures. Earth spends hundreds of millions of years creating the things we throw away and call "profit". We don't deserve a stable and fruitful environment, we deserve hell. Bring it on and wash the scum to sea. The planet doesn't care what you think, it is a system that will flip its switch at some point and move on to the next.

    1. Hmmm, yes.
      Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money - Cree Indian Proverb.

  10. so many lies

  11. Over 97% peer reviewed articles support global warming only an i*iot would deny it ! If you don't know what a peer reviewed article is don't comment back to me !

    1. So it has a scholars academic assesment by toffy nosed twerps,here here so then it must be true right.Your an i*iot for for being one of those 97% then.

    2. what an articulate comment, those idiots you refered to have PhD's in climate so even though I'm not one of them persay, I would hazard to guess that they know what they are talking about! unlike you !

    3. These i*iots i refer to are part of the pay roll which is a Government funded political dissection of public funds going to none other than to line the pockets of profiteering racketeers.There is absolutely no truth in man made green house gas global warming what so ever.Keep hazarding your guesses

    4. Wrong, 66% of peer reviewed articles come to no conclusion. 97% of the 33% with an opinion do. So only 32% of peer reviewed articles agree with man-made global warming.

    5. A 2013 survey of 3984 abstracts from peer-reviewed papers published between 1991 and 2011 that expressed an opinion on anthropogenic global warming found that 97.1% agreed that climate change is caused by human activity.

      Cook, J.; Nuccitelli, D.; Green, S. A.; Richardson, M.; Winkler, B. R.; Painting, R.; Way, R.; Jacobs, P.; Skuce, A. (2013). "Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature". Environmental Research Letters 8 (2): 024024. doi:10.1088/1748-9326/8/2/024024

      if you going to argue your case don't put anecdotal comments ! support your arguments or shut up

    6. The 3984 were taken from the 11,000 total. Same numbers that I reference except that I only used the percentages. Thanks for agreeing with me that the 97% is bogus.

    7. maybe you should take a stats course and some do some math ! I didn't agree with you in any way shape or form -

    8. Also, both articles deal with the lie of Mr. Cook. It took a year to sort through Cook's lie, but that is the problem - the truth travels slowly and gossip and lies travel faster than the speed of light. This adage is why those that have been lying to you about global warming were so pressed for time to get control over you and your money. Eventually the truth comes out.

    9. The only one who profits from denying climate change is big business - you're obviously delusional to think otherwise ! The relationship between industry-funded denial and public climate change skepticism has been compared to earlier efforts by the tobacco industry to undermine scientific evidence on the dangers of secondhand smoke, and linked as a direct continuation of these earlier financial relationships.

    10. And to think that big business, big government and those with world wide power and control issues do not benefit from the tax schemes is a bit delusional.
      Funding is not relevant if the facts are accurate.

    11. It is not the stats that is wrong, it is the people that lied or did not tell the full truth that is the problem.

    12. Globally, Natural Disasters are Increasing. Source: EM-DAT

      the truth is self evident

  12. After watching this documentary, and reading the comments below, it would seem to me that people are confusing 2 separate issues.
    1) Can man save the planet?
    Answer: NO. The earth will die when the sun supernovas some 5 billion years from now.
    2) Can man destroy himself by poisoning his environment?
    Answer: Possibly.
    Only when looking from this perspective, can anyone stay grounded on this issue.
    A) Yes, we should be doing what we can to live symbiotically with the planet if we wish to extend humanity's lifespan, and it's quality for our species.
    B) Yes, corporations and governments will do whatever they can to squeeze every dollar from your grasp because evil (exploitation of inequity) is running the world.
    Since A, and B are at odds with one another, there is a strong likelihood that unless there is a paradigm shift in human thinking from greed to enlightenment, (good luck) we are going to ghost ourselves, if nature doesn't do it first!
    Perhaps, the best explanation is over 20 years old, from a comedian by the name of George Carlin. It still holds water today, and he is highly entertaining while doing it. Please check out George Carlin, 'saving the planet' on you tube, get a good laugh, and bring yourself back to reality. If anyone finds the taste of what he is saying unpalletable, then ask yourself why are you upset? Is what he said wrong, or is it the awful truth? Either way, he will make your think, and that is always a good thing!

  13. Global warming ... lie to us over and over and no one believes you anymore.

  14. I used to be for freedom of speech. Does distortion of reality count as speech? This is some 1984 "2+2=5" S&^% right here..

  15. This is very entertaining.

    I have enjoyed watching it and doing some online research on the "Scientific Experts" that are being interviewed.

    For example: Professor Tim Ball was a member of the Geography Department, not Climatology at the University of Winnipeg. Also, he has been working for the oil companies for years, and has had numerous lawsuits launched by himself and against himself. None, that I can see being resolved in his favour.

    Well, back to watching, and to researching.

    Junk science and junk scientists.

  16. china keeps building, India keeps building Asia keeps building south america keeps building.The only people that arnt are Europe and America now calculate that with the economic growth and it becomes apparent both are linked.The earth is coming out of an ice age and the hockey stick graph is a joke,yes the earth is warming up and yes i hate the way man is ripping the world apart i hate global markets also.I feel sad but man only changes when he has too!!! not before,man is reactive not proactive R.I.P.

  17. Do you know what's effing amazing? What's amazing is that we have all of these d0uchebags out there skewing and tampering with this stuff that is SO EFFING IMPORTANT. Instead of everyone being all paranoid about who or what to believe, we should be focussing on getting. this. done. But no. And what REALLY peeves me off is, we made this bed, so assuredly we should lie in it, but the animals of this world have done absolutely nothing wrong, and have and will continue to suffer for it. Such vile creaures we are.

    1. Not me, .drea. I'm good to my world.

  18. Keep denying climate change as hurricanes and forest fires batter the US and Arctic ice keeps melting. You can deny all you want but our children will bear the consequences of such deliberate ignorance.

    1. my friend read this book

      Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years

      and watch the great global warming swindle!!! and then reference yourself

      CO2 does have an effect on the greenhouse effect, but the temperature of our planet is defined by the sun. please have an open mind only then you can really make a real assumption!!.

    2. The meat industry second leading cause to greenhouse gas, one billion people added each twelve years to the worlds population and you continue to think this way ? Deforestation at the rate of 80,000 acres of tropical rainforest daily, and significantly degrading another 80,000 acres every day !" and you say were are not affecting climate ?

    3. Arctic ice increased 23% from 2012 to 2013, keep drinking the coolaid.

    4. That's a change in ice cover over one year. The trend of the last few decades even is clearly decreasing.

      The most important thing is being able to adequately feed and hyrdate ourselves and right now we're poisoning what little we can grow and get. meanwhile we're promoting the american-sized style of life to this populous planet.
      Now, this Gore blowhard is a stooge of the system and his dumbed-down Co2, fire and brimstone speeches and shameless support of carbon credits, the freakin commodification of our air, reek of greed. Typical capitalist eco-manager.

      The existence of a slick politician who can take advantage and promote "market-based" solutions to an ecological shift doesn't disprove the whole theory. I find it too conspicuous that the meteorological periodic phenomena within which we live lines up in lag with the great world wars and the industrial revolution, not to mention the post 50s consumer revolution.

    5. Global warming is nothing but thieving socialist re-distribution propaganda .... issued by corrupt UN, corrupt academia, corrupt politicians, and corrupt media. The arrogance of the left is astounding. Al Gore is a snake oil salesman laughing all the way to the bank flush with money from stupid people.

    6. The Dylans of the world worship the creation, not the Creator.

  19. Al Gore: "What would make us believe that we could go through these cahnges and not have an impact?"
    Answer: Stupid ass propaganda films like this one

    1. Global warming is very real but Man's contribution to it is infinitesimal. There is NOTHING that can be done about it either. Any person that believes the US Government (THE most despicable and destructive force on Earth) would give a f--k about the climate you must be daft. It's just another way to gain power and wealth.

      Watch 'The Great Global Warming Swindle' and you'll see.

    2. 'infinitesimal'.. is all it takes. I suggest you check out the videos of potholer54 on youtube. He debunks these so-called debunkers (demolishes them is more like it) with actual facts backed up by research which he quotes and also give reference notes.All his videos are really excellent. I must have watched his HUMAN ANCESTRY MADE EASY like 20 times by now. I like that he dosnt just tell us what we know, but how we know it.

  20. Right... this doc is highly questionable. If Global warming is such bullshit, why are all the Canadian scientists protesting in Ottawa about our governments draconian muzzling of their work? David Suzuki is out to rule the world. This is bogus.

    To play devils advocate, even if GW is false, why not focus our wealth and resources to find renewable sources of energy and take all those billions of profit to help build infrastructure and civil benefits? The US government is warmongers. They do not need their military budget, save to protect their oil concerns. Even in Canada, our military budget alone could send every Canadian so university.

    The priorities of this world are wrong.

  21. these geezers are tryin to convince us that if we increase carbon emissions
    we are helping agriculture to grow more efficiently looks like bp and shell are major sponsors of this documentary or everything we learned so far is wrong

  22. Oh please. The evidence for global warming is staggering. Weather is far more extreme. From droughts, to hurricanes to Canada just having a terrifyingly warm winter. I think this is pure propaganda in the interests of big, environment ruining corporations.

    1. Such as...?

    2. Weather is day to day meteorological events. Climate is decades to centuries of "weather". Did you watch the whole video?

  23. What are the motivations most governments in the world have for reducing global emissions? It's obviously not economic since most governments are losing money trying to reach reduction targets.

    However, the maker of this film (Sovereignty International) does have economic interests in dispelling climate change. They do not make their financial records public, but they do state that they believe in "the maintenance of the foundational principles of individual freedom, inalienable private property rights, free markets and national sovereignty." In other words, they believe in resource exploitation--from water to oil to land.

    Similarly, the other producers of this documentary are The Eagle Forum whose mission is to "enable conservative and pro-family [anti-gay] men and women to participate in the process of self-government and public policy making so that America will continue to be a land of individual liberty, respect for family integrity, public and private virtue, and private enterprise." In other words, cheap oil, jesus worship, and free trade.

    Global governance is right. It's not from the IPCC, however, but from PR companies like Sovereignty International and the Eagle Forum who are undoubtedly headed by large corporate interests.

  24. Trying to find James Burke's 'After the Warming' and suspect I can't because it was made in the early 90's and was so full of dire predictions for the next fifteen years that never came true and was the first I heard of the carbon credits. Sorry panickers, I'll post again on Dec 22'nd after the world doesn't end either. Remember Y2k?

    1. yeah what about Y2K? Y2K, in case you didn't know, was a real threat but everybody managed to re-tool on time. That's obviously not going to happen with GW, and therefore we better learn to swim, really well.

  25. And, by the way, this is a planet, not an asteroid, there are enough resources even if we all DO live like Americans. It's bigger, richer and more resiliant than you think or can imagine. We are simply the current inhabitants and not so important to Her as we think. Not so much as a flea on a Brontosaurus. Our progeny will laugh at our arrogance that we could affect an entire world when they try, try, TRY to terraform Mars.

    1. could not disagree more.

    2. id love to know which planet you live in.
      couldnt agree with u more on how we dont mean a thing to the planet, though. in fact keep exporting american lifestyle to everyone, keep exploiting everything, keep making wars to protect ur energy supplies, keep believing in money, keep being ignorant.
      we will see how resilient we are when 12 billion people struggle to survive on an ever harsher planet.

    3. you don't understand even the most basic things do you? Everything is finite, there are no infinite resources. Sure there is plenty of dirt on this planet, but dirt wont give you oil or gas or industrial production metals. We have already pushed countless species to extinction or near it. Wait when there is 9-10 billion people on earth by 2050, let's see how much faster we can push everything toward an ending.

  26. That was Goebbles, Hitler's propaganda minister, not Hitler. "If you are going to lie make it a big one. If you make it big enough and tell it often enough, people will believe it. Fine vineyards were growing in the south of England in the 11th and 12th centuries, they produced some very sweet and fruity wines which they exported to, of all places, France. Now it's too cold and the
    English all drink beer. We're just warming up from the Little Ice Age that lasted from @1300 to @1850. Why does Al Gore live in a seaside mansion (ocean levels are supposed to rise) that leaves the carbon footprint of a small village? Because he knows the truth: If he can panick the masses they will hand over their money.

    1. you mean like when they yell Obama will take your guns buy them while you can. Sure that's right people will give up their money if they you panic them, however, you can't compare an entire scientific field that agrees (to 97%) about GW to panicking people about guns.

  27. This doc was nothing less than shear torcher to get through (water boarding may be more desirable). I watched it the first time through and had to shut it down at the last 20 minutes when it really went off the tracks. Then I went and did some Google searches and read some sh#t for about 2 hours about global warming. Then I went back and watched again from the beginning and still have 10 minutes to get through.

    Who the F are these scientist anyway , its seems given Canada’s size (population) Canadian universities seem to be greatly over represented here. Carlton, Guelph, Winnipeg, Ottawa, these institutions are not even big science schools even in Canada. So we have 1) an American group with 2) far right wing American politicians giving their extreme biased views and 3) a disproportionate representation of Canadian and foreign scientist from back water institutions, giving their opinions.

    Another thing I noticed was they would string these experts opinions together. One guy would say the first part of a sentence then another guy from a totally separate back ground will say the next part and another guy would sum it up. I wonder if what the individuals where actually saying was the same as what was strung together to give a different meaning.

    I feel sorry for some of these guys, I’m sure when they gave their thoughts they probably thought this documentary was about global warming when it was actually about the new world order. They were totally used and may have been censured because of their participation.

    On second thought what was probably done was they were taken as sound bites from other videos and totally misrepresented. That’s why they relied heavily on foreign content because if they had used American scientist in this fashion they would have gotten their butts totally sued off (I’m really into the word totally today). Also many Americans don’t know where Carlton, Guelph, Winnipeg and Ottawa Universities are and would probably assume these guys were Americans.

    Keeping what I have said you should watch the video again to see if you agree with me.

    This is not a documentary. It’s a blatant attempt to manipulate one idea to support a totally unrelated idea. A feel it is extremely biased.

  28. "it means enough food for everyone", you crack me up. For christ sake, buddah or who ever you believe in. It's healthy with a bit of scepticism, but put that scepticism where it belongs (hint: all the republican presidential candidates take on pollution).Turn to the universities science databases and you'll understand this topic quite a bit better. And whilst you're at it, check the statistics for starvation (hint: in 2009 one billion ppl where starving).

    1. Starvation is due to political decisions, like in Rawanda where Mugabi destroyed the productive farms via socialist redistribution of the land then denied food aid to his opponents. Global warming or the lack thereof has nothing to do with it.

  29. A shambles of a documentary. The worst of what this medium can be.

  30. This proves what i've been thinking. there is no evidence that we are the problem there are other meteorological and astronomical reasons for everything aswell. there are recorded much higher temperatures in the past which is not caused by human polution. al gore is only focusing on the ice caps edges which are melting, but the glacier is actualy increasing in the middle., he do not talk about that. the temperature over the artic is getting colder. this doc is wery good, u get the other side the media is missing. as usuall. more co2 more food. since we are 7billion people on earth, shouldnt we be happy about that? it means enough food for everyone.

    1. there is no other side, science (the real climate scientist, not geographers or whoever the heck these guys were) agree on GW. Here is a hint: there is also no "other side" on evolution or gravity or quantum mechanics etc.

  31. Al Gore is an ass-clown When did being vice-president make you a expert in climate change and meteorology? LOL

  32. Top Documentary should put the year of this video release.

    It's quite obvious they are trying to divert attention away from the problem. The documentary is very poor, as a skeptical analysis, it is repetitive: that the climate is cyclical, etc. While it agrees that the global climate is getting warmer, it overemphasizes and is scattered all over the place, hence, it fails to convince me. Besides, it's already accepted worldwide by the scientific community that humans are releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere thru deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels.
    What about population growth and the consumption of non-renewable resources?! as predicted by Thomas Robert Malthus. Besides, in this century, maybe in the next few decades, oil reserves will dry up, then what?

    1. scientists says its getting colder, some says its getting warmer. do some research and u know what to agree on .D but media will never give u anything. its accepted that temperature causes co2 to change. not other way around that u think. ice core records show that, if co2 go up the temperature wont.

      water vapor is the dominant greenhouse gass from 36 to 70% of total greenhouse gass effects w/o clouds, 66 to 86% with clouds. co2 countin for only 9 to 27%, remember mans activities acounts for less then 3% of the total carbon dioxide, so at a maximum man is responsible for less then 1% of all potentional greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. why are u so sceptical then? :D

    2. What you are saying is partially correct. Temperature does increase CO2 immesions naturally. But it is a perpetual system. It is started either by solar influx, cloud density, and/or green house gases. Glacial ice rings and solar readings have shown us that all these have influenced climate change in the past. What science tells us now, not opinion but facts, is that the sun is not heating up, clouds density hasn't changed significantly enough in hundres of years, but the percent of carbon in the atmoshpere has increased rapidly. So when science points to three variables that will determine the climate, and one of those three is an outlier, the facts point to the outlier as the major cause. Not only is it Science but Math as well. One in the same I suppose. On your point about the tiny percent of Carbon in the atmoshpere and the large amount of water vapor. Carbon absorbes radiation nearly four times as much as water vapor. So take that 3% and increase that four times over. Oh... and no scientists are saying it's getting colder. This myth is based off of the early 90's satellite data that was found to be incorrect due to the satellites change in orbital distance from the sun. Debunked and new readings show only warming and getting warmer. They aren't scientists anymore if they still argue this, just your typical skeptic.

    3. Your answer lies in the fact that we have been geoengineering the planet for over ten years. Watch "what in the world are they spraying". Condensation trails have a net warming effect, as verified by NASA. Persistant contrails are "solar radiation management" and "sun screening programs". Designed to "curb" global warming, however; evidence shows this program is having a net warming and guess what? Corps. can now stake a claim for oil in the north! how convenient.

    4. RE: "Besides, it's already accepted worldwide by the scientific community that humans are releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere thru deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels' -- Scientific fact is not based on consensus. It is based on evidence. The evidence is not there to prove the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis. That is why the AGW proponents hide the facts and say "the science is settled" -- to make us all go to sleep and believe their fantasies.

    5. you cannot be helped any more. Dude, climate scientists are guys who go to work every day and research this stuff and 97% of them is on the same page about this stuff. Scientists are a very tough bunch to convince unless you have proof and beside the lat 3% who are mostly employed by oil and gas all of these guys are on the same page. That should tell you something.

    6. Oil reserves will not dry up. Bill Gates assures that when he spends millions every year to fund geoengineering experiment known to warm the planet-See "solar radiation management' and "sun screening". In the 50's they said such experiments would warm the planet, they knew it then and they know it now; the problem is that a warming is very convenient for oil and mineral exploration.

      NOAA even has a geoengineering website --that shows what we see in the skies today, persistent trails left from jets meant to reflect sun light---but there is a problem. These plumes cause high cloud cover, cirrus clouds,,,which have a net warming effect. On this site, there are some bright people, but not too bright>---take a look outside and look at the govt. documents, and look at contrail science.

  33. Funded by Koch Industries.

    1. Sorry, try again. That dog won't hunt.

  34. Personally, I think it's clear us humans are damaging our home, Earth considerably. But, let's say we actually weren't, this shambles of a documentary was correct and, Al Gore, is incorrect - I still see no problem in trying to make the Planet a safe, more stable place to live. I'd rather take a small part of my time, pay a small part of my wage each year to help protect the Planet AND if it turns out human pollution was insignificant, at least we would have made it a cleaner place to live, benefiting everyone. On the flip side, we don't help our planet, we ignore signs and data, we carry on, we're wrong and we ARE creating the problem, then.. well, we're in big trouble which is going to result in a problem a billion times more expensive that it already is.

    1. not safe when we are spraying ourselves with a heavy metal neurotoxin, Aluminum oxide aerosols, in the name of global warming and geoengineering.

    2. well thank those "the government is too big" aka I don't want somebody arresting me for my crimes folk. The FBI has barely fuel to get to scenes of crimes they need to investigate let alone the feds being able to properly police even something as fundamental as food safety.

  35. ONe world government is certainly on the plate for this world. It is discussed over and over again by our own presidents for the past 30 years. They even discuss it openly in other forums. One only needs to look past the corporate owned media machine to see what is really happening in this world. This doc cannot ignore the agenda behind the "climate change" propaganda machine.

  36. i agree and disagree at the end of the day ower so called demorcratic society is not sustainable to much power has been put in the hands of to few.Is global warming happenening i dont give a shit what is happening is a total disrespect not only for humanity but for mother earth and wheather either side is right or wrong you dont have to be a rocked scientest to work out which is the right path .We where all bourne naked and when we die thats how we will go.Irrespective of our familie ties.But i want to be able to say to my children i left this place Earth in the same if not better shape so they can marvel at the same beauties i have thats simple

  37. And how much to you all stand to make/save dollar wise if you succeed in brainwashing public to believe global warming is a hoax????? If its on penny, I have no interest in your message!

  38. It was good until the "new world order" part.. yes carbon taxes are just politicians way of putting more money in their pockets and helping their stockbroker friends instead of helping the environment, but talking about a one world government spear headed by the Bilderberg group is detracting from the global warming debate and entering into Alex Jones' territory.

  39. there must be eskimos living in igloos down thar in texas,USA??!!!EEHHHH????
    gonernance???? or global warming?? or mis/dis information??? or all 3???
    the root problem is overpopulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! libido!!!!!!!!!!!! me at 53,no kids.NWO is AAA OK!!!!!90% hornies must go.

    1. There are enough resources to go around if we DONT ALL LIVE LIKE AMERICANS

  40. MONEY is the problem. NOT Climate Change, not Politics, not pollution...not even extinction. MONEY is our number one problem... the center point that links ALL these problems. The financial system is RIGGED and it needs to be reformed. Everything is DICTATED by MONEY. Forget GOD, MONEY is the world religion.

  41. I am 3:08 into this movie and i cannot control my outbursts. This "documentary" is absolute garbage already. Hopefully i can make it to the end. I feel as if i could make a movie about how horribly incorrect the first three minutes are. Ridiculous. Just ridiculous

    1. You opinion is interesting however I wonder about the basis for such an opinion?

  42. I started one of the first environmental institutions in America in 1972, The Institute for Environmental Alternatives. I have forgotten more than most people know about environmental pollution. We do pollute. But there is no way in hell man has anything to do with effecting the temperature of the planet. That is a complete fabrication.

    Don't feel bad if you were taken in by this fraud. It's extremely elaborate long-ranging scheme. But it is a scheme, and it was set up to make people the enemy. Do not believe what their saying, it's one of the most fantastical hoax's ever perpetrated against mankind. Do the investigation into whom is saying what. Look at who is funding them, and remember if you pay people enough money they will tell you anything to keep getting the money. Hitler had legions of so-called scientists that would swear the Aryan race were the superman of the planet. Global warming is no different.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Michael.

      I am currently living in a City in Taiwan, Taichung. It is relatively crowded with A LOT vehicles and not "green" at all. I lived in Sydney for most of the life so by comparison and with no exaggeration, Sydney is a forest comparing to this place. From my experience living in Taichung right now (summer), I can assure you that it is extremely hot without any trees around. 28 degrees Celsius in Taichung is more hotter than 28 degrees in Sydney. However, I can feel the temperature to be much cooler when I stay close to the park with a lot of trees. I didn't even have to stay under the shade!

      I am not a scientist nor have any knowledge in climates whatsoever. But throughout my experience, I can truly understand how important it is to keep our environment as green as possible. To people with experiences (and lack in theoretical knowledge) like me, the man-made climate change argument seems to make a lot of sense.

    2. Yours is the most ill-informed post I have ever heard. It is hot where I reside, therefore the man-made climate change argument makes "a lot of sense". Ridiculous. The argument of climate change alarmists is that the present is significantly hotter than the past. If you could compare and contrast temperatures 300 years ago in your location to today, that might be a significant artifact. But relative temperature differences between point A and point B is not.

  43. The bigger the lie the more the populace will believe it...It's the old "But we are doing it for your benefit not ours" Wake up people... wake up America/Australia/Canada/UK/Europe...Global Warming due to man made CO2 is the biggest lie out there....Do you own research...Please do not rely on the media and other reports, both for it and against it !!!

    1. WEll then why does the Canadian government lie to the UN about current and future co2 emissions from the tarsands. Why do they not monitor the pollution and shred reports that the taxpayer pays for when it is time to tell the truth. I mean no harm no foul right? So why all the subterfuge and industry self non regulation and falsifying evidence to the contrary of their political goals-develop as fast as possible as much as possible before the rest of the country and the world gets it's socks on in the morning?

    2. Because we voted for Harper... huh what a shame -_-

    3. it reminds me of hitler, I hate to quote him but, he said something like this, ----'If you make a lie big enough, and simple enough, and keep repeating it, people will believe it".

  44. Even if there were no such thing as global warming (which there is,) What gives us the right to pollute the air and the oceans? Do we really want to live in a filthy ugly world where you can't even breathe?

    These film makers are afraid global warming will change their way of life. What's so bad about cities growing their own food locally? What's so bad about fitting buildings with solar power? Those sound like great things to me.

    1. Who can disagree that we want a cleaner planet? If the argument was about having cleaner air, and cleaner enrgy because we all want a cleaner planet, then more people may want to participate. The solution to global warming seems to always be more gov't rules and controls, more funding from the U.N.

    2. Exactly, I consider myself "green", on the little things where every individual can make a difference, and on the larger, or global scale (but I don't think there is much of a global scale for that). Either way, "global warming" isn't one of my interests, because it's all political. And it makes no sense because of that. I say, let the science to scientists. Not frauds like Al Gore and others.

    3. You need to realize two very important differences:

      1) Global warming vs. Mad-made global warming
      2) Global warming vs. Global pollution

      The difference between each is hugely significant.

      I wrote my Bachelor Thesis paper on the EU ETS and it's linkage with the CDM and JI and I can honestly tell you that it has so far been extremely ineffective in reaching pollution abatement targets and has been extremely inefficient economically speaking (even though theoretically speaking, it should be a very efficient instrument) and it is basically just a huge financial tool to make a lot of politicians and businessmen rich and to tax the consumers and make them pay higher and higher taxes, and especially increased prices for any products whose industry is energy intensive. And since these firms are mostly given their permits for free (grandfathering), those firms end up gaining huge windfall profits and they raise their prices regardless whether or not the firm paid for the permits or were given to them for free.

      This paper has given me insight as to why certain governments and politicians would have any motive to push for this whole "global warming" fear mongering. I also got an A+ on it so my research wasn't bad. ^^

    4. There's nothing bad about solar power. In fact, we could easily power our whole planet, even if all countries were fully developed, on solar power alone. But until we find a practical way for doing it, and more importantly someone who wants to pay that, there is no way it will happen. And perhaps the more important question is: what's so bad about the way we make energy now? This is what the discussion's about. The phrase "which there is" is just an empty shell, because it's not there. At least not man made. And even then, based on a (slightly) longer period of time, there really is nothing strange going on on our planet, temperature wise: it's just nature.

      The fact is that global warming is perhaps the world's most spread hysteria, and it isn't based on convincing evidence, on the contrary. I also want a clean environment! It's important to make that absolutely clear. For instance, I don't want a blanket of "smog" over our cities, so this is a reason to make internal combustion engines and industries cleaner. But global warming is a laugh.

      (Think about this: of the total annual CO2 emissions, about 97% are natural (volcanoes, decaying biomass...), so the rising CO2 levels CAN NOT be man-made, only a small fraction of the change could be ascribed to human activity.)

    5. CO2 is not a pollutant.

  45. I wish people (Squib) would stop basing their decisions on a false left/right republicrat paradigm that has thus far only served to stregnthen the criminals in government. Politicians in general just don't give a damn about anyone but themselves. Do you really think they are concerned about the world or environment? Remember now this is coming from the same system that staged 9/11 as a pretext for war, invades pillages and rapes smaller countries all the time, etc. etc.

  46. The factor these people aren't mentioning in this video is that yes, there has always been carbon dioxide, and yes, plants do need carbon dioxide, and yes, the planet has been fine with this in the past, the amount of carbon dioxide we are emitting as humans is the key to the global warming theory.

    The planet hasn't had to deal with this much carbon dioxide in the short span of time that we humans are introducing it on a daily basis year after year.

  47. Anyone who thinks constantly pumping mass amounts of gases into the atmosphere isn't harmful should lock themselves in their garage with the car running and see how harmful it is.

    1. carbon monoxide is not carbon dioxide

    2. Do this test for us there Nick, in your garage.

      Lock yourself in a car with Al Gore. The amount of methane spewing out of Al Gore is enough to harm you without even turning the engine on. How much methane spews from Al Gores smacking lips you ask... Enough to fuel his two private Jets as he flies between his global properties with his five kids haha.

      Smacking his lips away, brainwashing the sheep, playing them like the fools they are. It's the great global warming swindle flying circus.

      Hey Nick one last request...Pay my share of Global Carbon Tax to Al Gore while you are at it. Settle up with you later, you won't mind. Thanks pal.

  48. It doesn't matter how much we reduce emissions if the world population keeps growing at the rate it does. If Canada reduced its emission out put by 100% how many months would it take to be back to square one?

  49. This is just some right wing propaganda. The overwhelming consistence through out the world that Climate Change is a very real issue and of right wing political groups through out the world only one, ONE deny Climate Change. That's the GOP/Tea Party folk. Even Putin of Russia has come out and sounded the alarm. There should be scientific debate, however. When the evidence is overwhelming. Denying is amounts to sticking your head in the sand.

  50. Just did a line graph with NASAs Earth Observatory data and I found that Quake and Volcano activity round the globe has been rising since 2007. the numbers are ridiculous. Quakes/Volcanic Activity has been almost doubling every year.
    2010=93 and counting.
    In 2001 (on NASAs website) there were only 4 (YES 4) instances of quakes or volcanic activity. Please lie to me and tell me something is not up. After Katrina, I fail to see what governments are good for. Best prepare yourself, or ... well I prefer not to see the 'or' option. Its not pretty. And all of the skeptics will be, for lack or a better word, disposed of. Because as far as history tells, the Earth is a self correcting system. Its the creatures on it that must learn how to survive ITS conditions. Not the other way around. Alas, I fear it might be too late, with quakes/volcanoes doubling every year, how long do you think it will take until one's in your backyard?

    Its too late to wake up. If you're sleeping, I'm sorry for you. Those of you that are awake, take the appropriate actions to protect yourself and your family. Have a plan for a self sufficient lifestyle. That means not relying on money/government to provide food/water/waste disposal/shelter. If you can't supply those for yourself and your offspring now, there's no time like the present.

    They have eyes, but do they see? Please use your eyes and stop being bogged down with misinformation. Wether for or against a topic, we are all slaves to money. So does it really even matter what conspiracy leads where? In the end, we will still all have to WORK to LIVE.

  51. so yes climate change is not so much cause by humans but that does not mean we as human should ignore a better way of of life.

    Bebe18 I do NOT want to live the way of life YOU want me to live, ok, do you understand?
    I want to live how I want to live?
    You have no right to tell me how to live.

    1. Why don't you just go around and kill people? You can't because it is harmful and morally unacceptable. Life has an intrinsic value that humanity must respect. Ecosystems have thresholds that once reached do not allow you to go back and fix them. It's about the future of our existence itself. That has something more than just "I do what I want it to do"... hey, no wait.. it's not just about you! iThat's why you should not live a wasteful polluting life. You have no right to do so!

  52. a heavy PRESUMPTION to make, not just a heavy. whoops typo.

  53. an inviting introduction:

    "i'll bring my facts you bring yours"

    followed by this presumption:

    "The only people who fight this argument are typically those who make money on the current standard of living or those who have been brainwashed by someone who is."

    brainwashed is a heavy to make about people you don't know. the inclusion of the word "typically" underlines your presumption more than it exempts you from having made it.

    also, the possessive "your" is incorrect.

  54. I truly agree we all must adjust to a less wasteful way of living and manage the natural resouces wisely for the best benefit of all living creatures.
    The elite should be the first to do it by adjusting to the common people's way of living. They use entirely too much of anything. It is no good reason why the world has to live in poverty and in some cases even face starbation while they continue getting, using and splurging to fullfil their hearts desires while imposing their selfish rules on to everyone else in order to anssure for themselves the lifestyle they fill they deserve. (No need to mention how it was adquired)

  55. Ill bring my facts, you bring yours.

    Also, lets just assume that your right. That humans have 0 effect on the earths growing warmth. Do you really think its a good idea to use gas over solar energy? Gas = Explosive, Destructive, Toxic, and Harmful to any living thing that deals with it. Coal is fairly close to that as well.

    The only people who fight this argument are typically those who make money on the current standard of living or those who have been brainwashed by someone who is.

    EVEN IF YOUR RIGHT, if there's a cleaner, safer, and more beneficial way of doing something then that's how it should be done, not the way that makes you the most money.

    Your not right, and humans are going to cause their own destruction, but since 90% of the people who believe global warming is a hoax also believe in magical being in the sky, I suppose you have little to worry about when we all perish.

  56. joe, you are commenting on the wrong documentary, this is not the inconvenient truth made by scam artist Al Gore...

  57. lies and half truths. I just hope most of the viewers know better than to base their opinions on a poorly made documentary.

  58. The hockey stick theory coincides with nuclear testing & haarp technology. The UN dont mention either of these.

  59. so yes climate change is not so much cause by humans but that does not mean we as human should ignore a better way of of life. you see waste so much because we use to much which means we use factories mostly without a smoke filler to prevent toxins from going into the air. these toxic cause all kinds of diseases in people all the U.S.. so my opinion is to go green in our businesses,buy organic food and clothes and product(by demanding the government to lower prices of these products) and we must stand up to government and tell them to not control these advancements in our society.

    but can not simply live the way we are living now. even if global warming a hoax.
    love the information though.