Great Planes: Boeing 747 and 777

Great Planes: Boeing 747 and 777

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Great Planes: Boeing 747 and 777Boeing 747 - Since its first commercial flight more than thirty years ago, the Boeing 747 has flown more than two billion people a distance greater than 42,000 round-trips to the Moon.

Fasten your seat belt as GREAT PLANES examines this aviation marvel and the revolution it created in passenger air transport. Learn the roots of Jet-airline technology and Boeing's race to create the world's first jumbo jet.

Archival footage and insightful commentary explore the evolution of the classic 747 models and illustrate what it takes to stay High In The Sky.

The Boeing 777, the world's largest twin-engine commercial airplane, represents a triumph of technology - a magnificent integration of two forces that have changed our world: the computer and the airplane.

A single 777 engine can generate more thrust that the combined eight engines of a B-52 Bomber, allowing the plane to carry 300 passengers at 84% the speed of sound.

How did this remarkable machine take flight? PLANE SIMPLE recounts the events and people behind this powerhouse airplane, including how engineers went from complete digital preassembly directly to a successful production model - an incredible aviation achievement.

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5 years ago

If you like to be herded like cattle through airports and subject yourself to the "wonderfully intelligent wise and gracious" [cough cough] airport security folks and stuff yourself into an aluminum tube with all the diseased hacking and cough recycled air system of such a plane which normal wide shouldered men cannot fit side by side without causing the other to move when one does, since their shoulders are smashed together, and hoping you are not on a plane some hell bent bomber or group of fanatics is on, then yes, then Boeing (or airbus) is for you.

When a personal flight can be scheduled like a taxi ride, at MY convenience, land and take off at local wide spot or better yet a parking space or driveway; or a small number of passengers like a flying SUV, at reasonable cost, then I will praise that flying machine. Never the cattle movers.

Efficiency of the big fuel guzzling jets is bunk compared to what is possible with technology invented years ago requiring no fuel, taking advantage of the scalar forces that exist everywhere at all times. It seems inevitable that someone will be able to reinvent that technology in secret and expose it to enough people that the bankster minions will be too late to buy it up or eliminate them as has happened to most.

For example, if you think Pons and Fleischmann were accurately discredited, you haven't done your homework. Tis the problem with people believing anything the major media (owned by corporations that are owned by banksters) says. Their methods and materials have been improved upon by others experimenting with cold fusion or LENR.

The day people stop listening to the major media is the day the world will change for the better. More are doing just that. When will it be the majority? When will we eliminate the totally unneeded and unnecessary central banks of the world which shackle everything so they can continue to profit from their holdings? When people pull their heads out of their govt school indoctrination, the media which reinforces that, and learn to take responsibility. Be the change, which would necessarily be opposite to what you have been taught and what the corpro govt media military complex continues to promote.

7 years ago

Sadly, yet another superficial NatGeo pseudo-documentary. With a constant stream of irritating music underneath the narrative. pffff...

7 years ago

Good documentary, though I am not sure why it has in the title the 777. There was nothing in this doc about that plane.

10 years ago

It seems 747 will stay forever

11 years ago

nice documentary it makes me feel like i wanted to have 1 747

12 years ago

Great documentary!

12 years ago

I prefer Airbus.

12 years ago

Very interesting documentary a must for all plane buffs.