Where is Flight MH370?

Where is Flight MH370?

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With fresh memories in our minds of the unimaginable event on March 8 2014, which caused the world to hold its breath, this BBC Horizon documentary gives a forensic analysis of the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. 26 nations joined the search to find the missing plane. With theories such as terrorist attacks, a suicidal pilot, colossal technical faults or another event that caused loss of control - learn the inside story with air crash investigators.

Delve behind the scenes of the engineering marvel which is the Boeing 777 - a plane with systems so advanced that it could technically fly itself.

Plane navigation is pre-programmed by computers. Air paths are like the 'motorways in the sky' and have set routes which are defined by 'waypoints'. Waypoints have code names that the air traffic controllers and pilots use to describe certain points of an air path. Within a minute of taking off, the crew was told to change their route to a waypoint called Igari. The last automated message from the flight MH370 showed that it was flying the correct route to Beijing.

With an inconceivably large search area often called 'close to nowhere, as it's possible to be', investigators used data recorded via satellite communications to discover that the plane had flown on for 7 hours - after being lost on radars. With further investigation it was confirmed that the plane had not flown north as had hoped, but south into the southern Indian ocean. Why MH370 came to be so far off course is a question still to be answered.

On a race to find the plane's black box before the batteries that powered it ran out, an Australian navy support vessel located the ping signals from a black box. However, locating the box in an ocean almost 5 kilometers deep is difficult. Finding a needle in a haystack would be easier, because at least you have a haystack to know where to start the search. Continuing to look for the wreckage of MH370 is an ongoing process, but with several distinct pings from the black box, the 'haystack' has at least been found.

Though we may never know the fate of the passengers onboard, the world shares the grief and pain of the families left behind. But with new aviation technology being developed, there may no longer be a requirement for black boxes on aircraft, which could also eliminate the possibility of an airplane to simply vanish from radar. There is hope that this tragic event will never happen again in the future.

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4 years ago

Life insurance polices don't pay if there is no body,,hmmmmm Airline was in financial trouble,,but they don't have to pay out do they?

4 years ago

Standard procedure of the Captain is to check into the next airspace he enters, which in this case was China's. He knew that he was to radio Ho Chi Min Air Traffic controllers and he did not. Neither Air Traffic Control in KL or Ho Chin Min Air Traffic were in contact with the plane for hours. KL assumed that the Captain had checked in with China and did not follow up. The plane flew for hours before China sent a notification that the plane was missing. That would suggest that the plane was able to fly for hours without anyone noticing.

4 years ago

It looks like everyone is trying to sell their technology using this unfortunate incident. Commercial interests seem to be dominating.

It was not very convincing for me to believe about the area of search they arrived at.

If it was done intentionally by someone inside the aircraft, then there is a serious possibility of purposefully sending misleading data so that the investigators are always in circles and can never find out what happened.

1. The search area could be completely wrong.
2. There could be some piece of intelligence which Malaysia is not sharing with the world.
3. There is a chance to accidentally find the debris in an area which is unthought of.

Time will solve certain mysteries.

4 years ago

There's a chance the fuselage is in tact, ditched among the depths of oceanic canyons.

It's strange

Looking at this from an objective standpoint, I see a murderous veteran pilot - angry, desperate, cornered, guilty, ashamed of his life - thus possessing fanatical ideas of reclaiming something near his former glory through death & disappearance - leveraging from his 'aviation status', being 'all' he 'had left' - to cultivate the perfect career crime...
"...but under the best of intentions", the criminal pleas. Before going on to try and convince everybody that all the industry loopholes, grey areas and bottlenecks are finally undergoing the scrutiny HE became subject to - just for trying to flag them for fixing,
Whilst he was alive.

..But sensing from my gut?

Accident, fatal mishap, misfire, fault, threat.. (electrical?)


We must find this plane.
Come on guys.

5 years ago

The top theory I subscribe to that explains how there's no trace of wreckage, instantaneous gps loss and pilot signing off saying "goodnight" as if he knew that would be his last words.

* Highjacking with the pilot in on the plan. I believe this is more likely than not being able to send any CODED SOS whatsoever by any means necessary. I believe that the plane landed safely, however what happened after that I have no idea, but I don't think anything good for the passengers. I think all passengers had any form of communication confiscated before landing. Otherwise, it's likely 1 out of 239 would of got some type emergency text/call out. What the hijackers were after is anybody's guess. The only thing that stood out to me was the high # of semi conducter engineers on the flight. Possibly classified tech?

*There's pilots who have experienced static electricity phenomenon. They say all electrical equipment suddenly malfunctions and a gray haze vortex/wormhole seemingly sucks them in. The consequences of getting caught in one of these electrical vortexes is supposedly jumping time and space. Perhaps they ran into one of these vortexes and before anything could be communicated it was too late and are now in a parallel universe or dimension. Sounds crazy, I know and I'm not trying to be insensitive whatsoever- perhaps we DO need to think outside the box especially when it comes to phenomenon and the unexplained.

UFO highjacking. No explanation needed.

5 years ago

My opinion is that this flight exploded on the air in a high altitude. Its pieces spread on the ocean and the ocean currents spread them further apart.

7 years ago

The date of this video posting is Dec 31/2013-plane dissapeared 8/3/2014.

Opasatica Jack
7 years ago

will it happen again,I don't know. Is there a way it could be prevented?
There is a Canadian Company that may have the solution,and I think it does..
Flyht Aerospace Solutions ( FLY-V ) It reads the black box and sends info to ground live in seconds.Look it up and read about it .

8 years ago

Ask the Amerikan gov. they know what happened !!

8 years ago

Well, i don't know but maybe there where terrorists aboard that had somehow got explosives aboard and just basically exploded the whole plane and caused that to make it disappear and never be found.

8 years ago

I'm gonna get geeky now...but no one has mentioned if they had entered the NDB incorrectly like the AA crash in Cali, Columbia in 1995. The pilots weren't really paying attention and when they entered the coordinates, 3 options came up and they just pressed the top one not checking if it was correct or not. Igari was their last input, but what if they typed in IG into the NDB and a 'fast fingered freddy' chose the top option not checking if it was the correct option this could have put them off course.
I watch to many programmes about this stuff :-/

8 years ago

so the question is .....why in a world where anyone in a yacht or in the mountains can know where they are within 20 meters why didnt they have gps why didnt and why dont all aircraft have 3 gps that go of automatically ????????

Jim Bunion
8 years ago

Boeings are equipped with remote pilot control, even the pilots do not know if the controls are taken over. This plane was taken for the men aboard.

Richard Neva
9 years ago

Expect it will happen again. The Rothchild terrorists have found the weak point in governmental systems and they can take down what ever they want, just don't fly anymore you might be the next victim!

9 years ago

Usual BBC and MSM lies of omission, not a word about Diego Garcia, a huge American military air/naval base in the Indian ocean, nor about Malaysian airlines twin to MH370 that was bought by Israel flown there and hasn't been seen since!

Horst Manure
9 years ago

Can some one tell me why the crew are allowed to turn off the transporter and why no oil or debris has floated to the surface by now.

9 years ago

With all due respect to the unfortunate passengers and crew of MH370, this doc was utterly fascinating and engrossing for an aviation nut such as myself. It's really amazing how far advanced flight technology and computer engineering has come.
Yet we still depend on those rare brainiacs sitting in their labs doing math equations and calculations to put the info to use.
I really enjoyed this BBC gem and now I wanna get me one of those planes showcased at the 52 minute mark!

9 years ago

Wonder if nasa might be of use !

9 years ago

Very good, I agree with L'Amour. Hopefully the film makers stay on top of this search until we know what happened to the plane and her people. And why.

Fabien L'Amour
9 years ago

Interesting doc with scientific facts and best informed guesses of what could have happened to that plane.