The Gulf Stream and The Next Ice Age

The Gulf Stream and The Next Ice Age

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The Gulf Stream and The Next Ice AgeThe Gulf Stream and The Next Ice Age is about the consequences of global warming on The Great Atlantic Conveyor, which has to do with regulating climate and the fear that the melting of ice will stop it, perhaps triggering an ice age.

In the battle against climate change there is no enemy to fight, just our attitudes. - Nicolas Koutsikas, Director. Climate Change is hot on the political and social agenda internationally. Our climate is changing, with industrial production, habitat, transport and everyday human activities acknowledged as causes of global warming.

The Gulf Stream and the Next Ice Age is a one-hour documentary which explores the results of a recent American government report that believes the collapse of thermohaline circulation will take place around the year 2010 and impose a minor ice age on Europe. Could Dublin acquire a climate like Spitzberg, and London like that of Siberia? The Gulf Stream is a powerful surface current, driven by the Trade Winds.

Its origins lie in the Gulf of Mexico and it carries the tropical waters from the Florida Strait to the great banks of the United States, where it heads eastward, carrying its warm waters to the borders of the North Atlantic. As soon as the tropical waters hit the Arctic Ocean, they cool abruptly and plunge towards the abyssal zone to form a loop, known as "thermohaline circulation." Then, like an immense conveyor belt that slows down in the ocean depths, it sets out again southward to rejoin the beginning of the Gulf Stream.

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6 years ago

For me it's very simple. At one time all the greenhouse gases were in the atmosphere, life didn't exist on earth. Over billions of years these gases were sequestered in the earth. When say 99 percent of the greenhouse gases were sequestered life on earth started to evolve for millions of years and decomposing carbon matter continued to be sequestered. Along come humans in the last couple of hundred of thounsands of years, remenbered it took these gases and decomposing matter billions of years to be sequestered in its present liquid and solid forms. Now along comes these humans in the last 150 years or so and they start releasing these gases into the atmosphere faster than mother nature can re-sequester them. What happens? The answer is elementary, we start turning back the clock to the point were life on earth in its present form and numbers become unsustainable. What took mother nature billions of years to accomplish we are reversing in a few centuries. All you need to do is look at the gases being measured in the atmosphere today with what they were a few decades ago. That's all for today children.

Michael Bell
7 years ago

We'll here we are. 2010 happened six years ago. Have to report: No catastrophe with the Gulf Stream. No new ice age. The last time this happened (ice age caused by re-alignment of the Gulf Stream) was more or less 10,000 years ago. At the time warming (caused by what we really don't know) melted a gigantic two mile-high ice cap that had covered most of Canada for thousands of years. This created, over a period of more than a hundred years, a humongous fresh water lake about half the size of the Mediterranean Sea. The lake at the time very slowly drained down what is now the Mississippi River. But seismic activity (earthquake for all of you from Cleveland) suddenly opened up drainage directly into the Saint Laurence. Fresh water, which would have taken hundreds of years to drain down the Mississippi, suddenly was dumped into the North Atlantic in a very short time. This changed the salinity of the water and caused the Gulf Stream to relocate. This can’t happen again. Where will enough fresh water to fill half the Mediterranean come from? How will it suddenly appear in one or two year’s time, fast enough to drastically change the salinity of the Atlantic Ocean?

Susie Apple
7 years ago

It would appear that those of you who are still in denial about climate change probably left school at 16 or read most of the right wing drivel Rupert Murdoch feeds the world!

Todd Morrow
8 years ago

This is from 2008

9 years ago

More scaremongering disguised as science.
I stopped believing anything the liberal pseudoscience buffoons said 25 years ago, and I was right, every prediction they made did not come true even slightly.

9 years ago

Complete and utter nonsense. Nuff said.

9 years ago

Good video but the most appallingly bad caption subtitling I have ever seen in my life -- by "SBS Australia," who have the gall to boast of their having a "copyright" on their atrocious work. Click on CC to see what I mean for closed captioning. Very poorly transcribed. Better to just try to hear it without reading the transcriber's pathetic gibberish.

10 years ago

err, this documentary is based on the premise that salt water is heavier than fresh. As global warming, and the resulting infusion of fresh water will occur over many years it will affect the global average oceanic salinity levels rather than create a differential

sediment cores are hard to argue with though

10 years ago

it's already too late... if we quit all fossil fuel burning today the CO2 and the methane leaks from Fracking up to right now, already released in the air rising to the stratosphere will melt all the ice. within 100-150 years the earth's population will be reduced to below 1 billion.

11 years ago

What trite rubbish! More alarmist nonsense that serves as food for the gullible. So what exactly caused the other ice ages? Maybe cro magnon cars were too inefficient emitting vast quatities of greenhouse gases.

Give me a break. How about some real science that relies on facts instead of speculation.

11 years ago

Good stuff... well presented!

Sam Haslam
11 years ago

Damn that gulf stream. THAT'S why you stetson-wearing friends of Uncle Sam, on that side of Thatlantic, have been having extreme heat waves and why us dentist-dodging limeys on t'other side are experiencing (another) cold, wet and grey 'summer'. Pah, so much for that-theeere 'glurbal wurmin' – bah n' pft!

11 years ago

This climate change has REALLY screwed up my purchase of snow shoes for the wife and I .....up here in Canada.All we had this winter was sparks from the alluminum snowshe cleets due to a lack of snow.

Oh well,I've been cold since 1959 and I'm ready to sell the snow shoes and take up sailing because the spring,summer and falls are getting nicer EVERY YEAR !! I guess I'm an optomist at heart and I embrace change.

Snowshoes 50% off ....$800.00 new !! ....will trade for sun block.

Colin Smeja
11 years ago

To Jordan. Black absorbs heat. So what you are saying is not a proven fact, it is a proven fail. If you laid asphalt for instance in a city, it heats that area up, because it is dark colored and dark colors absorb heat. Go to a science class please.

To John. That is depressing to make the assumption that mankind isn't worth keeping. I bet you don't say your life is worth nothing when you wish to live and have a choice to make a difference. Also, I notice the ? near carbon monoxide. The actual gas you are thinking of is Methane. Methane has a huge footprint compared to CO2. The reason it is assumed that Methane could kill off the world is because of all the trapped gas from all the previously living lifeforms. All bacteria and even large mammals as ourselves produce methane when we live and when we die. It was trapped in the ice during the ice ages. Ages plural because there has been a few more than one including the Little Ice Age which wasn't that long ago in human terms. Corporations have everything to lose just like everyone else. They are not humans (corporations) but they are run by them and they will fight for life like the rest of the planet. To think otherwise is ignorant.

To cptwayne. There is no written evidence of 3 million estimated underwater volcano's. There is evidence of previous volcanic activity but those move to new locations as volcano's tend to do. The Hawaiian Islands are a previous volcanic chain. The islands were created by the crust of the earth (mantle) moving across a hot spot. Which to this day continues to create more islands. Also it was the book of Joshua (and I am not even religious) and it wasn't the earth he spoke about, it was the Sun.

"Then spake Joshua to JEHOVAH in the day when JEHOVAH delivered up the Amorites before the children of Israel, and he said in the sight of Israel, Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou, Moon, in the valley of Ajalon.
And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day.
And there was no day like that before it or after it, that JEHOVAH hearkened unto the voice of a man: for JEHOVAH fought for Israel. (Joshua 10:12-14)."

That is the quote you are referring to. Also, never use the bible or any reference to religion when dealing with science, especially if you cannot quote it correctly. The fastest way to be proven false is to do so. Nor are there any facts to back it up. The rouge force that you could speak of never stopped the mantle, it removed the crust / mantle from the earth and created our moon. It was from a previous planet that had the same orbit as the earth and crashed into us Billions of years ago. However you were right, the crust kept spinning and the earth absorbed almost all the mass of that planet. There is also no proof of demagnetization prior to an ice age. Don't just google, read some science journals or something other than stuff about planet Niburu / X.

To Rocky. If you seriously think that there is an alternative that would sustain what we have in the US alone, please tell me and others. Because there is no reason a company wouldn't jump on the band wagon and make trillions in one year alone by having a renewable source. There is no RENEWABLE source. Even solar energy isn't renewable. It is consumed, converted and used. Wind energy isn't renewable because we are not outputting wind once we use it. Laws prevent this from happening. Energy may never be used but only transfered from one form to another.

I swear 90% of this site's viewers have no background in anything. I am not a scientist, I am not an astrologist, I am not a political affiliate. I am someone that actually cares to take the time to educate themselves, ask people that know about the topics, and then come to conclussions just like anyone should. Stop googling and start talking to educated people. This site is just gross at times.

john kay
11 years ago

forget science
forget politics
use common sense or your spiderman instincts

30 yrs ago snow was averaging 4 feet by early nov
10 yrs ago avg 2 feet by late nov
nowadays less than a foot and its jan 16
although i am unsure summer temp's i do know they are alot more humid
at the same time i recall hearing snow falls in florida california? and elsewhere over the past 5 yrs? which i never heard of in 30yrs

i also know that based on travel experiences the changes seem to occur in highly populated areas - big cities mainly in north america (dont notice it as much in europe or mexico - although i dont live there)

i dont really factor in hurricanes / floods proofs but who knows

one interesting fact? which i seen on a show where they mentioned some large glacier melting by 2015? or 2025? which will cause an increase in carbon monoxide? levels which will cause a point of no return ( a substantial raise in levels that will increase tenfold and there will be no stopping

although gores video may be bs, i dont belive the before and after pics of glaciers melting are noty fake, which should be a concern in general
i strongly believe that alot of these issues are normal natural occurances

i also agree gov's/corporations will milk the public with propaganda to make money as i already see it for environment charges, plastic bags, disposal...all new charges which will do absolutley nothing on overall effect
the worst part is that they will do so even if it does mean mass destruction

as george carlin says we are like ants and the earth can continue on with nio ill-effects but i believe even george realizeds that we (mainly north americans) are really like termites and we will destroy anything & erything in sight.

since i was a kid i tried to not litter, turn off lights, not walk on lawns, not burn plastics, not let car idles, not waste water...stupid little things to some people but common sense / moral values to others

on one hand i beleive thaT global warming, natural or unnatural is a HUGE issue and we should all try to prevent it for the future of mankind

on the other hand mankind is pretty disappointing and i welcome an end to our existence

it seems like the majority of people that are "spoiled" choose to ignore/contribute issues until its too late ...

good luck to future generations and planet earth

Rocky Racoon
11 years ago

What did the American Academy give us? Milton Friedman and Neo-Liberal Economics-the end of history-this is it-the Fifth Riech-forever! Now that is a real laugh wouldn't you say? Unfortunately-the people in power the 1% and their illegitimate inbred offspring in the political sphere make sure it stays that way.

11 years ago

although i do agree with your very documentary orentainted opinion on world poplation, the fact of the matter is that we all know in our heart of hearts we are all to blame for pretty much everything wrong with this world because we let the powers that be sell us any old s***t and then pretend to belive them because it makes us feel better, any how this doco provoked me to write somthing else so enjoy.
lifes a rose
Who are we to to dig and tear in to our mother earth's breast with out a care.
How can we defend the things we do, when ignorance infests most of you.
We should be the defenders of earth's emerald eyes, and yet we cut into them with our saws and scythes.
Our mothers forests has fallen by half, in less than a century well actually half, and still we sit and listen to those, who tell us its peachey and life's a rose.

11 years ago

When europe freezes up the sahara dersert will probably turn into the tropical forest and grasslands it was the last time europe was in an ice age.

11 years ago

I once heard someone say ''we are in the test tube runnng the test''.

12 years ago

There should be a reversal of white european emigration to southern spain, middle east, northern africa as that's where the areable land would be

12 years ago

I first read about the theory of the shutdown of the Gulf Stream conveyor in a science magazine (I believe it was Scientific American) about thirty-five years ago. At that time there was no concern about climate change induced by global warming and the idea was simply posited as a reason for the very rapid cooling of Europe resulting in the last ice age. The reasoning behind it seems well founded. Now, even if you don't believe global warming is caused by human activity, what do we gain by remaining on our present course? Our continuing use of fossil fuels to power our activities cannot have a positive outcome. Ignoring the catastrophic ice age that could result in Europe, the diminishing supply of fuel to power our world will present us all (or at least our children an grandchildren) with an ever diminishing quality of life. Travel, trade, and even the much beloved foreign wars for fun and profit benefiting powerful nations would decline. We are all trapped in a system that is almost impossible to change because of a complete lack of political will.

As a young man in love with his V8 powered '57 Chevy I was oblivious to these concerns. We must now, en mass, leave these adolescent foibles behind and and begin to understand the need for public transit and renewable energy sources to power our world.

How we get there is, unfortunately, well beyond the knowledge and scope of a sixty-three year old guy still trying to make a living. =:0(

12 years ago

So many god damn Nay sayers below!!! I have a theory that all you HCGW (Human Caused Global Warming) skeptics are just so f--king lazy you can't stand the idea you might have to actually get off your asses and DO SOMETHING to possibly avert such circumstances. I also believe from what I have learned hat natural cycles occur and this may be one but how can anyone believe that human activity is not contributing or even accelerating it? You can't tell me that all of our unprecedented industrial and agricultural practices have NO negative effect on the environment on which we depend to survive. Yes OUR SURVIVAL as a species and that of others is the only thing on the line here, the earth has been through much worse and survived just fine, its inhabitants are the ones who rise and fall when the shit hits the fan.

Jack Burton
12 years ago

I LOLed through the whole thing. What a load of poo.

12 years ago

You know --- people should quite worrying about the cause of something as major as a recurring change in the climate. A quick internet review of ice core researchers will show you that changes are perpetual. Try doing something to prepare for these eventualities and get a life. If you don't do it for yourself, no one else will. The bodies that promote law changes to "save" us from what ever threat they have invented will simply take your money, and remove your freedoms. Instead of paying higher taxes to save us from terror or climate (which does neither), spend your money on beans, bullets and a good fur coat. If it's too hot, remove the coat -- you may still need the beans and bullets.

david the bear
12 years ago

interesting doc, i liked the theory of drowning as many muslims as you can before we all freeze to death....wait oh hold on thats just my theory but it works go try it ppl!!!!

12 years ago

Every world organization, everyone bar none, the world health, global warming organizations, the UN are all political bodies that have no interest in you, you are just a pawn to them, Don't give them your faith they will only use you then spit you out.
Don't take their inoculations, don't believe their doctrine, and whatever you do stay alert because things are not as they seem.
I am not telling you to be afraid but ....stay alert!

dookee boy
12 years ago

Look fellas. global warming is natural. it is not human caused. there is always warming just before a deep freeze. it's in the histories of this planet. LONG cold ages followed by VERY SORT periods of warming. certainly not caused by man. but its a cyclic progression. with every ice age and subsequent warming man makes his biggest evolutionary changes. I wonder what we will look like the next time the earth warms up enough for us to replenish the earth.


420 Vision
12 years ago

Oh my Gawd,.. it's human caused global warming and we are all gonna die ! Arrrggggg

12 years ago

Completely useless drivle in the comments section. Excellent information in the documentary. Thanks.

Ted Nabrdalik
12 years ago

In short... crap. Just another piece of propaganda made to make people more gullible to be ripped off based on propagating lies about global warming based upon human output into the atmosphere. Just to debunk it in few short sentences ...
-Ice sheet on the south pole grew immensely, much more than ice melted on north pole.
-Human output of CO2 to the atmosphere is LESS than 2% of that produced by natural global ecosystem.
-CO2 has weak influence on temperature change, comparing to regular water vapours it is about 30 times WEAKER.
-Temperature changes on the earth are influenced the most by the SUN ACTIVITY, most importantly the number of sunspots. There were NO SUNSPOTS for the most of the year predicting very cold winter. This was most unusual activity since such was not observed for more than 200 years.
-Another very important issue is that the orbit of the earth varies vs sun in multi milenia cycles like mentioned here 10, 20, 40 and 100 thousand years.

Oh, on the lighter side I wonder how many SUV are driven on Mars. Ice caps there are melting MUCH FASTER than those on the earth lol.

Those are few but most important issues this screed does not mention for obvious reasons. Just to hit the nail in the head number of scientists disagreeing with "human caused climate change" tripled in last two years outnumbering those that are pro by factor of 20:1.

It is about time to get rid of those lying scumbags. The true issue here is to TAX YOU TO SUPPORT WORLD GOVERNMENT via UN.
In the end climate will do what it always did during long earth history no matter what those a-holes like Al Gore will tell you.

12 years ago


Viva la gordita! throw a shrimp on the barbie!

12 years ago

I agree that there is quite a bit of pollution but apparently plants thrive on co2....that's carbon to you and me!

12 years ago

So, Man Made Global Warming isn't working.. but a gulf disaster might...

12 years ago

Yep, all our human activity is causing disruption of the solar cycles and wreaking havoc on our good old planet Earth. Our activity is also causing an ice age on Neptune, too. We'll all just have to stop using sunscreen. What nonsense. Anybody who falls for man-made climate change is gullible beyond belief. Follow the money and see who stands to make money (lots of money) from Carbon Credits.

12 years ago


Yes! We have to all stand up! The beginning of a revolution!

12 years ago

@nos es sic screwed:

interesting sites. i've been to them occasionally a few months ago. may start checking again. the idea of a pole shift sounds fascinating. im very interested in getting to the bottom of that.


the sources are the NOAA and the National Snow and Ice Data Center. I was not following the climategate thing so you tell me if they are frauds.

im not for or against global warming. im for evidence. everything i've said here is based on evidence. if the evidence shows that global warming people are wrong, then that's what im for. that's the attitude we all should have. adopting a stance and trying to hold it no matter what, no matter if the evidence refutes it, is ignorance

your link shows that the ice volume has increased 25% since may 2008. that's an extremely short time span. but, if the sources are accurate, an interesting and relevant one.

the longer term data (from about 1974) show that arctic sea ice has been gradually declining. this is a much stronger pattern than a brief blip of increase from may 2008 to may 2010. however, all data is relevant and good for knowledge and understanding.

12 years ago


you may want to calm down lol.

i too agree that corporate and political elitism is a growing disease that is ruining many peoples' lives, putting unprecedented species extinct, and dividing the top 1-2% from the rest of us peasants.

however, the trends that have been going on have been going on from before April of this year, when the BP catastrophe happened.'s very complex. very sneaky animal. we must hunt intelligently to figure its ways.

12 years ago

I swear the people who believe in global warming are f***ing s****d! I cannot believe that they can't see what's going on! It's all about the money! BP caused the biggest economic disaster in history just to make more money! Cheney bought out boots and coots before the disaster and the ceo of bp sold his stocks before it as well! Now think about it! It is about money! Now saying that, the oil will and has got into the jet stream to break/slow it down to cause dramatic weather changes to the entire world such as a small ice age! Al gore knows that most of the people in the world do not believe in his ignorant theory! So the elite had to come up with something to make the people believe again! Now since weather patterns are changing people on this site believe in global warming now because of it! It's a big f***ing scam to the extent of killing billions of people for easier control and to gain trillions of dollars from carbon tax! How in the f*** is money going to stop carbon emissions? Volcanoes throw a s**t load out! You f***ers have to wake up! Oh wait... It just rained today but yesterday it didn't rain! omg! It's global warming! You got to be f***ing kidding me!

12 years ago


"That is the plot from a science fiction movie called 'The Day After Tomorrow'"

wanna know something? i haven't even seen that movie. im just reporting what is going on based on weather data i've been looking at over the past week. if what's going on matches what they predicted in that movie, maybe there is something to their ideas

"The Arctic ice cap has expanded 25% in the last two years and you say it’s getting warmer up there??!?!"

i don't know where you are getting that fact, but here are some:

wunderground com /data /images /latest_monthlytempanomaly.gif

wunderground com /data /images /latest_monthlyseaice.png

(i've spread the links out so this comment can be posted quicker, otherwise Vlatko would have to approve it and that may take some time)

both of these graphs show that:

1. The arctic near the north pole is one of the fastest-warming areas in the world.

2. Arctic sea ice has been decreasing since 1980 (or more). It is not "25% expanded" as you say.

12 years ago

@ Farren

"Want to know why much of the US and Europe are so unusually cold right now? Because this cold air normally would be over the arctic and the north pole. The past few years, due to the changing climate, the arctic jet streams have been acting unusual. Normally, they keep the coldest air up near the pole, and only briefly release colder air masses down to the US and Europe and Russia."

That is the plot from a science fiction movie called "The Day After Tomorrow"

You Warmistas make up ridiculous theories (global warming causes colder temperatures)when the observed temperatures don't fit with your AGW theories.

The Arctic ice cap has expanded 25% in the last two years and you say it's getting warmer up there??!?!

As I stated before in my comment #49 the average temperature at the North Pole is -50 C so it is not melting up there like you fear mongering carbon tax hungry AGW pushers say.

CLIMATEGATE proved that human caused global warming theory (AGW) is nothing more than politically motivated junk science.

12 years ago

One of the best sources currently is Lord Monckton. He is very adept at proving his point.
Just do a search: climate change denier or some such. Perhaps:
Climatologist denials. It should prove interesting.
Gore's hockey stick hypothesis is entirely false and was proven to be false even before he put it forth.
In addition you can read the emails of the leading climate change proponents that were hacked a year ago. This laid out they themselves knew that it was false and were actively working to cover up the facts.
This whole anthropomorphic climate change is nothing more than a scam to bilk the commoners out of their cash.
It's like an ancient priest saying that if the natives will give them their Gold then he will make the Sun return during an eclipse.
Go to my website and read more scams in the making.

12 years ago

I just watched a video on the Gulf Loop. The gulf Stream was picking up heated water from the gulf and then sending it up the east coast and across to Europe to keep it warm in the winter. The point of the video was that the oil and dispersant have shut down the Gulf Loop. I can't find it now but if yo Google the shut down of the Gulf Loop you will find plenty.


12 years ago

@nos es sic screwed:

i read what you posted in #73. i have not looked at the other planetary warming, so i can't comment yet on that.

of course it's true that the earth has been much hotter and colder in the past. i need to see the charts and data you look at to see where you're coming from. i have myself been a bit back-and-forth on this issue. i havent been looking at long-term (more than about 200 years) data for a while.

do you know some good links to charts and data that you think are best to show what's going on?


"Yes you are right that all time weather records are being broken and in the last few years they have been all time cold weather records."

that is a gross oversimplification and not even a true one. it's only been extremely cold in certain areas (northern US and Europe especially). in others, it's been extremely warm. as i posted in #72, the reason for cooler Europe and US is because that cold winter air normally would stay in the arctic. these past 2 winters, it has not. the warm air that would normally be in the US and Europe has gone to the arctic. it's way hotter than normal at the north pole than we've ever seen it (im not talking distant past).

i heard about that Australian summer snow. it shows that the antarctic is probably experiencing similar things as the arctic. colder australia and new zealand, hotter south pole

12 years ago

@ Farren

Yes you are right that all time weather records are being broken and in the last few years they have been all time cold weather records.

Yesterday Australia got snow in New South Wales in midsummer and most of Europe and North America is under a blanket of snow. We got snow in Alberta Canada last July.

It has been cooling since 1998 and that does not fit with the theory that co2 causes warming because it has not changed.

See my comment above (#49) for more info.

12 years ago

Did you read what I posted? It has happened before. Geologic records prove this out. Back then, human recorded records are problematic at best. Yes, they do exist.
Read Proto Hebraic or Proto Cainan.
Earth Changes IS real. It's just not humanity that is causing it.
Just wait until you see what will happen in the next two years...

12 years ago

@nos es sic screwed:

if global warming is false, then why are weather records being broken more and more? a stable world would rarely break a record. it would stay for the most part within its previous boundaries.

a warming/changing planet will continue to push the envelope, and will not return to stability. if this is what's happening (and it is), then how can all you deniers keep your heads in the sand and spout anti-al gore propaganda? that's all you do. meanwhile, the earth is changing the most we've ever seen it.

it's like the titanic sinking and ya'll are trying to arrange the deck chairs and pretend nothing's goin on

12 years ago

Sorry to bother you but did anyone notice how much money that looser al gore made on his carbon credit fiasco? I left his name lower case for a reason.

12 years ago

What a bunch of funny people. Just like many of the other wack job scientists, if the data or lack of it doesn't match the desired outcome; change it so it will. Wackos should be on the funnyfarm. Most of the people there don't think they have anything wrong with them either. Global warming - no wait, Global cooling - no I mean whatever it is you did it. Science should be based on facts not assumptions and maby's.

12 years ago

Global warming is false and science bears that out if you care to do the research.
First, one volcano gives off more Co2 and particulate matter in one day then all of humanity in one year. Currently, there are more than 300 volcanoes active. Go ahead, check it out I'll wait...
Good your back.
Up until 2009 all the planets of this Solar system were warming. Why? Because the Sun was going through a substantial Solar flare phase. The volcanoes were active due to the heating of the Earth by the Sun.
Now, the Sun has become exceedingly quiet. So, now we have cooling.
This has all happened before. About every 11,000 to 13,000 years the Sun goes through this cycle.
Gore's "hockey stick" has been proven without any doubt that it is an outright falsification of the information.
Finally, look to who is to gain from this "climate change". Who?
Big oil and banks. Their idea of a fix is to put further taxes on humanity in toto.

12 years ago

Global Warming, or Climate Change, is a fact.

A better name to call it, so more people might understand and recognize it, could be: Increasing Weather and Temperature Extremes. because that IS what people notice. it so happens that many people in the US and Europe are seeing increasingly (and record-breaking, which means extreme, which fits this phenomenon) cold weather, like never before in record-keeping history. they are also seeing hotter summers. it goes both ways.

The Earth as a whole is warming. It "coincidentally" (or not) happens to be at the same time we humans started dumping enormous amounts of gasses into the atmosphere that have never been released in such amounts except for mega-volcanoes in eons past.

Want to know why much of the US and Europe are so unusually cold right now? Because this cold air normally would be over the arctic and the north pole. The past few years, due to the changing climate, the arctic jet streams have been acting unusual. Normally, they keep the coldest air up near the pole, and only briefly release colder air masses down to the US and Europe and Russia.

the past two winters (in the northern hemisphere), the arctic jet streams have reversed their normal direction (which is west-to-east), and are spilling out their coldest air down south to England and Europe, and to the the US and Russia, while warmer air goes up to the pole. This warmer air is the warmest it's ever been in the arctic and is rapidly increasing the melting rate of the ice sheets and glaciers there.

So the climate is definitely a-changin'. What all the people who are getting the cold arctic air and who get all the propaganda by the big oil companies and right-wing spokespersons think is that it must mean there is no global warming and/or climate change. wrong. it is proof that climate is definitely changing.

poles are warming to the most they've ever been. cold weather most people are getting would normally be kept at the poles, but the reversed arctic jet-streams are changing things up and melting the poles further.