The Hacker Wars

The Hacker Wars

2014, Technology  -   16 Comments
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An eye-opening feature-length documentary, The Hacker Wars explores the duality of the modern-day hacker, and the government's response to their activities. The film profiles a few of the highest profile hackers who have tackled the secretive inner workings of corporations and governmental agencies, and faced severe punishments from law enforcement as a result.

Andrew Auernheimer - otherwise known as 'weev' - is perhaps the best known figure from this larger-than-life set of characters. A master troll who became a media darling, Auernheimer is shown on the eve of a long prison sentence at the film's opening. His crime? Exposing the email addresses of over 114,000 AT&T customers, including public personalities like Mayor Michael Bloomberg and news anchor Diane Sawyer. In his defense, he claims that he was merely shedding light on a major security flaw in the communication company's online operation. The FBI felt differently, and Auernheimer was eventually sentenced to over three years in prison.

Characterized by a tremendous aura of brash and arrogance, hacking maestro Barrett Brown is currently undergoing a sentence of over five years in federal prison for his crimes along with fellow hacktivist Jeremy Hammond, who was sentenced to ten years. Both are incarcerated for releasing sensitive correspondences from the email system of Stratten, a global intelligence company. Some of these emails insinuated involvements in insider trading and advanced knowledge of Bin Laden's hide-out in Abbottabad.

A large segment of the public view these figures as heroes who speak necessary truth to power.

The film is complimented by additional interviews with the journalists who have tracked the world of the hacker with great interest, including NBC News correspondent Michael Isikoff, and Pulitzer Prize winners Glenn Greenwald and Chris Hedges.

Sharply edited at a lightning-fast pace, The Hacker Wars questions the motives of law enforcement agencies that often seem too preoccupied with policing the release of information the public has a right to know. But the central pull of the film lies in deciphering the personalities of the hackers themselves. Are they anarchists driven solely by a need to instigate havoc and chaos? Or are they activists with good intentions? The answer could often be a little of both.

Directed by: Vivien Lesnik Weisman

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16 Comments / User Reviews

  1. jadefeldtophelia

    just a video of disjointed images over loud music, jeez, wtf.

  2. Tony

    Clearly YOU are part of the machine that's destroying this country with a feable comments stated here. If not you've certainly drank the KoolAid and have your head up your a*s.

  3. Tony

    This country needs more Patriots like these! This was a real eye opener, I wish there were more on where to find and read about the things being brought to light so someone such as myself could stay informed in real time. Thanks to all involved in this film.

  4. din mor

    Thanks for the video :D

  5. Bert A. Craig

    Video unavailable?

  6. Esteban

    Link broken :/

  7. e

    A bunch of narcissists who most likely got teased throughout their child hoods and are now adults that think they are changing the world by revealing information that everyone knows is happening already. weev is a toolbag trying to act like he has an IQ over 100 when all he needed was boobie milk as a child and a hug . Oh no the FBI and NSA has our emails, what will we do!?!

  8. skilbhumen

    this is just want we looking for xD

  9. Ana

    Horrible soundtrack. Excellent information.

  10. qweev

    This doc would be a lot better without the overly long and useless montages playing the worst bro step PLAYED SO F*CKING LOUD. Probably just just trolling us. They are so cool.

  11. sandman

    Not even 10 minutes into this documentary and my thought is this; "These that are rising up, yes indeed, they are the children of the hippy generation, taken up an explosive notch. You can't keep freedom and liberty will always rise and take flight into the powerful light of true information/knowledge to advance the masses, not the select few." :)

  12. Goldie

    Kudos to the anarchists!!!! Stop believing the government, wealthy and their socially imposed meanings of words with their emotionally retarded tainted meanings. Look it up for yourself from a reliable source. Up with freedom, intelligence, creativity, knowledge!!!! Turn off your t.v.'s and think for yourself.
    I don't know about all of you, but I'm sick of being pushed and held down over dumbass rules that serve absolutely no one. I'm grateful this bunch of hackers/trolls found a way to push back over the years!!!!

  13. dick buttkiss

    Do they show this guys swastika tat?

  14. Cynthia McKinney

    CACI was in Abu Ghraib; I'm down with WEEV, Barrett Brown, and the rest who tell the people of the U.S. the truth about how their tax dollars are spent.

  15. Fred Williams

    Chick on the cover is cute!!

  16. User1

    More please.

    Great reporting on our martyrs in the US.