The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet

The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet

2015, Technology  -   15 Comments
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Ramnicu Valcea is a beautiful, modestly populated town in the center of Romania. Entirely pleasant and agreeable, the surroundings betray nothing remotely conspicuous to an outsider's eye. But this deceiving facade cloaks an underground society known as 'Hackerville', a home to some of the most prolific cyber terrorists in the world. The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet investigates their criminal activities, and the threats they pose to our increasingly cyber-connected planet.

The age of communism kept Romania on the sidelines of technological advancement for much of the twentieth century. The Romanian Revolution of 1989 changed all of that. The youth in the region were hungry for inter-connectivity with the rest of the world, and proved enormously adept in the innovative use of new technologies. Perhaps inevitably, this also birthed a new breed of hackers who set their sights on wrecking chaos amongst the world's most powerful figures and institutions.

The film delves deep into the underworld of cyber terrorism, and tracks down several of its most notorious operators. With great skill and savvy, these hackers have swiped more than a billion dollars over the course of the last year alone.

We're introduced to Guccifer, a convicted hacker currently serving a lengthy prison sentence, as he discusses his infamous roster of high-profile victims, including former president George Bush and his family, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and even the Rockefeller dynasty. Then there's Tinkode, another hacker who was inexplicably released from prison after serving only three months of his sentence, who warns that over 80% of all websites are vulnerable to the manipulations of experts like himself.

We rely upon the wonders of cyberspace for so many of our essential daily activities. We purchase merchandise, indulge in sensitive and deeply personal communications, and even conduct our banking activities from the comfort our computers and smart phones. Little do many of us realize that a new generation of online criminals may lie in waiting, and any one of us could be their next victim. The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet is a valuable portrait of this frightening reality.

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15 Comments / User Reviews

  1. jim

    Norton made this worthless film, & it should not be called a documentary.

  2. Rod

    Norton sponsored the documentary.... slight conflict of interest here.... ?

  3. User 2

    We need hackers to keep the governments and Fed from being the actual criminals.

  4. Susan Lawrence

    the more i watch this documentary the more i am impressed. the shooting and direction is really interesting. the film and its narration is delving into deep dark invisible worlds that having privy to these persons and places is like hacking in itself.

  5. Susan Lawrence

    verrry interesting documentary. good story line. great editing. music is spot on. truth be told.

  6. Susan Lawrence

    Why aren't clean Hackers who get through high profile security links seen as heroes? They spot a breach that requires mending. one should say 'thank you'. Governments spy all the time. So when is it a crime?

  7. Ion George

    Do not judging a country that has emerged from communism now a quarter of a century. "This article is far from the truth." is far from the truth.

  8. Bindesh J Kelaiya

    oO-- That last phrase is from the Poem titled - Fire & Ice - by Robert Frost -- .Check out . To be romantic , you don't have to be from Rome but from Romania.

  9. lrz0

    @Achems Razor, not only companies hiring hackers for security, that is essentially what hackers are in the first place, it doesn't have anything to do with illegality - more about finding security holes, not abusing them.

    However, in today's society - and that's what the comment above you refers to - some hackers are there for the good, where politicians make laws that protect them, anonymous hackers stand up for the unheard opinions and can break those laws without getting caught - for the good of humanity.

    1. Achems Razor

      @lrz0, I am in agreement with what you say, thanks.

  10. Rahul

    Good Doc!

  11. User1

    This has to be the oddest doc posted on TDF. Not because of the content, but because it's two docs rolled up into on presentation. For those that closed their browser at the doc, the other one is hell of alot better.

  12. oQ

    Interesting doc, i believe some hackers are there for the good of society in a world full of corrupt politicians.

    1. Achems Razor

      Hi oQ, yes some companies hire the good hackers to update their computer systems from the bad hackers.

  13. oQ

    I wonder what the last phrase meant... "if it (the world) had to perish twice , i think i know enough of hate to say that for destruction ice is also great and would suffice". Does that have anything to do with what the prisoner says at 10:48?... " Every American to open wide their eyes because something very wrong is going to come to them this year. They are so comfortable in their life, and they don't want to hear that.