The House of Rothschild: The Money's Prophets

The House of Rothschild: The Money's Prophets

1998, Biography  -   66 Comments
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The House of Rothschild: The Money's ProphetsThis rich and nuanced portrait of the remarkable and elusive Rothschild family uncovers the secrets behind the family's phenomenal economic success.

This documentary reveals, for the first time, the details of the family's vast political network, which gave it access to and influence over many of the greatest statesmen of the age.

It is a family saga, tracing the importance of unity and the profound role of Judaism in the lives of a dynasty that rose from the confines of the Frankfurt ghetto and later used its influence to assist oppressed Jews throughout Europe.

A definitive work of impeccable scholarship with a thoroughly engaging narrative, The House of Rothschild is a biography of the rarest kind, in which mysterious and fascinating historical figures finally spring to life.

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Ali Chin
2 years ago

Assisted Hitler in killing Jews.

3 years ago

Damn son.

3 years ago

The coping in this thread is glorious. The Jews run the banks and the world. Deal with it. Further, they are in it for themselves. Deal with it. And they will break down all nations in order to preserve their power. Deal with it. But don't call it a conspiracy just because you are fat, play vidya, masturbate to porn and confuse liberty with being able to shop on Amazon at 3am. You are an ignorant buffoonish slave. You were born to work and produce for your masters in order to increase their power over you. And now you are all being culled one piece of yourselves at a time. No borders. No right to redress your governments except through fake elections in which results don't matter. No freedom of speech or right to bare arms (America is losing both too). No right to your racial integrity, community, history or future as a culture of people (that is technically genocide as defined by the UN), and the most important....below replacement birth rates which is true for all races (even Africa at some point). Populations are in a free fall while at the same time the standard of living is in permanent decline. This is the end. And it was by design. And the Jews understand this. Deal with it.

John McNay
6 years ago

Lots of fantasy here. We really don't need to spread these conspiracy theories....

Patrick Watson
6 years ago

I didn't watch the documentary,but I know all about the Rothschild. I honestly believe I know how we (the other 8 BILLION!) can stop this and make the world altogether better for our kids and grandkids, who will one day have to take care of us. We can stop this garbage I have no idea how late I am with these comments but anyone who is interested,contact me . do you all really think the trump administration is nothing more than puppets on steroids for these people?

7 years ago

I could not imagine any documentary music so ridiculous until the film began. It is worse than anyone can describe.

8 years ago

What is the music at 1:13:49 in the background?

Nate Brown
8 years ago

who did the music for this doc ?

Toy Pupanbai
9 years ago

When you truly have more money than you can ever spend, the only other thing is POWER!

Toy Pupanbai
9 years ago

The world's only trillionairs!

Jonathan Arn
9 years ago

Very poorly made. Classical music competes loudly with the narrator's voice, making it difficult to even focus. Interesting historical narrative, but not well presented. Not consecutive. Not comprehensive. Quite boring. Lots of quoted authors.

James Austin
9 years ago

This sucks. I would rather watch paint dry.
Was expecting a factual documentary not this bigots' take on 19 century politics. Most of the video just states people's opinions about the Rothchilds .... and who doesnt hate rich people.
Also, nice to see he's calling the numerous websites that show Rothchild conspiracy theories.

Waste of time!!! How the hell did this loser become a best seling author??

Shane Bauer
10 years ago

How could somebody be that greedy to bid various nations against each other causing the deaths of many people to benefit themselves financially.You would have to be void of any conscience what so ever.Much happier with the little bit i have as the saying goes "Its much harder for a rich man to get in to heaven than a poor man".

10 years ago

The absurd background music (Hey!!) is so distracting that it renders an otherwise promising documentary unwatchable. I could go no further that 6:53.

10 years ago

Just accept the fact that this planet is literally a real estate property of the Rothschild family, and you will get on better in life,lol.

10 years ago

Eternal jews and almighty world wide jewry...

Paul Cocco
11 years ago

@wong I would agree with what you say, with the added caveat that US currency is also valuable because the US gov't is seen as durable due to the stable passing of political power and the lack of social upheaval accompanying that change in the US. This, in addition to the strength of the military and the ability that it confers on the US to enforce a general worldwide peace (see pax americana) ensuring the stability of global trade, and the US state and its interests are clearly very stable compared to the rest of the states in the world right now (even in the current situation in the US).

11 years ago

stupid music! is annoying

11 years ago

What this documentary so casually with holds is the fact that the mentioned lord mayor amshel rothchild in 1694 said "give me control of a countries money supply and i care not wgho rights the law". so basically let me print, control and benefit from the act of printing fiat currency and i couldnt give a **** who rights the law....why would he, hed just buy them! and he did.

he took his chance after the battle of waterloo, in already knowing the french had lost the battle he spread a rumour that the British had lost. this caused panic in the market...mass sales lowering prices allowed rothchild to make huge sales

in 1913 along with other banking financial institute leaders, namely, rockafella, jp moprgan, they through woodrow wilson signed in the federal act of 1913.

i say off with their heads!

11 years ago

i d'ont see what that doc has to do with the book mentionned above.. or it's just some guy reading the book on a picture montage, or it's false information i don't know

11 years ago

Boring documentary.

11 years ago

That music playing in the background is annoying. turn down the volume on the music so it's not so distracting taking away from the words being spoken.

11 years ago

Extremely misleading to post Ferguson's book in connection with this - what is the true provenance?

11 years ago

If you could eliminate money then the power of Rothschild type banksters would evaporate. This is like "MISSION: Make it Possible", now everyone needs to get busy formulating a plan.

11 years ago

what a bunch of bullshit! These guys are the treasurers for the vatican and you can thank them if you don't have a job. Biggest satanists on the planet.

11 years ago

@phillip wong. Military is simply an establishment that enforces power, but who controls the military? those with the money and resources
Similarly, the police also exist to enforce the power of those with money. To quote Derrick Jensen, whose writing I highly recommend..."A primary purpose of the police is to enforce the delusions of those with lots of pieces of green paper."

11 years ago

The people that hold all the power and money would use all their power and money to stay out of the limelight.

The Rothschilds are probably a front for someone or a group.

phillip wong
11 years ago

Money is not power. Power is always military, and technology.

11 years ago

money grubbing juice

11 years ago

Where is part 2?

11 years ago

I'm glad I was already familiar with at least some of the info in this film, because the way the music is done in it makes it hard to concentrate on what the narrator is saying. They're both high in the mix, and, since it wasn't written specifically for this material, the music isn't directly complimentary to it, leaving me feeling like I had to focus on either one OR the other too much, and I hate it when that happens. There's never ever a break from it, either, and that's always a bad thing.

11 years ago

Mel Gibson would JUST LOVE this one.

11 years ago

i wonder if they ever will be brought to court?

11 years ago

I wonder how biased this is...?