Antisemitism in Europe

Antisemitism in Europe

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More than 70 years after the horrific events of the Holocaust, a new strain of antisemitism is spreading across various regions of the world. Never is this more apparent than in Europe, where an uptick in hate crimes and incendiary rhetoric mark a disturbing trend. Produced by the DW Documentary series, Antisemitism in Europe travels to Berlin, Paris and Warsaw to uncover the possible motivations behind its emergence, and the steps that are being taken to curb its prevalence.

Berlin houses the largest Jewish population in Germany. This is where the Nazis first organized the extermination of European Jews. Today, the past has become prologue. The capital city documented close to a thousand incidents of verbal and physical attacks against the Jews in 2017. Representing a 60% increase over the previous year, this troubling statistic indicates a growing mainstream wave of antisemitism. Critics claim that the rise of the ultra-right AfD Party has empowered more obvious demonstrations of these prejudices.

The same dynamic applies in Poland where an emerging nationalist movement has taken over the political and social landscape.

In light of recent mass shootings, episodes of vandalism and displays of antisemitic hate speech, many French Jews are fearful for their safety. Many are immigrating to Israel to escape the increasingly hostile climate.

As detailed in the film, recent spikes in Muslim populations have also posed a challenge to multi-cultural integration. The film profiles several efforts to branch those divides as activists work to create a dialogue of understanding between Muslim and Jewish citizens.

The film features interviews with political insiders, social activists and members of these racist factions. They speak of populations that feel underserved and left behind. The venom of racism provides an outlet for their discontent, and the Jewish people are increasingly made the scapegoats of their frustrations.

For many, the idea of antisemitism seems like a distant remnant of the past. But it's clearly alive and well. If left ignored, an insidious streak of racism can one again become the norm. In order to combat this potential reality, Antisemitism in Europe champions more open dialogue and impassioned outreach.

Directed by: Andreas Morell, Johanna Hasse

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Enough With It
3 years ago

Massive muslim migration results in rising antisemitism. Go figure. But yeah, blame the right.

Sorin Gociu
4 years ago

well... how about antichristianism in Europe?

Tim Stadler
4 years ago

There is a great deal of misinformation on "THE JEWISH QUESTION", I highly recommend where Ron Unz who is a theoretical physicist by training has created a platform where academics, intellectuals, professors, ex CIA and scientists can voice opinions on an array of topics that the average reader would have great difficulty in sourcing on his own. Mr Unz who is a Jew himself has written a series of essays on the history of his faith and its aftermath that are truly astonishing and very well researched.

Below is a link to a favorite website of mine, both websites deal with a multitude o topics and for Jewish specific just search Jewish Question.
I feel sorry for the Jews that are nt part of the problem but fell they are the only ones that can fix the problem by being honest about their history and making the others come to terms with the issue.

Tim Stadler

4 years ago

When did this website get infested by worthless little new-right trolls?

4 years ago

Right wing anti-semitism is a joke compared to Muslim antisemitism, but in Germany they are trying to blame right-wing politics, because blaming muslim culture would be politically incorrect.

Logjammin' Treehorn
4 years ago

This production is a good example of how not to make a balanced documentary

4 years ago

For some real truth, watch David Irving on you tube or read his book Hitler's War. A must if you're interested in history and truth. You won"t be disappointed.

4 years ago

Lucas Wheeler, if that anecdote is funny to you, you are a sick individual.

Norris E Nordin
4 years ago

I heard repeatedly in this docu. that antisemitism and anti-Israel is the same thing. This was voiced most commonly by Jews. I do not agree. Israel's record of treatment of Palestinians has been dismal since at least 1948, and Muslim anger will not subside until Israel's policies change, nor should it.

Alfredo Limia
4 years ago

antisemitism is a fraud, is a concept invented by the Jews to camouflage the truth of the problem, the Jewish religion is evil.

J Miller
4 years ago

See people always tell me humanity is progressing and we are slowly becoming civilized and kind and fair etc. But I know their just trying to help themselves sleep better secretly knowing that in their souls the fire of nuclear war fear and hatred rule them. Humans are vicious animals and you better never turn your back on them. Especially the "civilized" ones.

4 years ago

Interesting how Jew Haters rush in to either defend anti-Semitism or deny that it exists. Can't have it both ways.

Monday the fun day
4 years ago

boo hoo there's too many people that whine these days everyone wants to be the victim... why can't we just get along and accept each other, keep your religious, political or sexual beliefs to yourself. If someone commits a crime they should be punished no matter their race, gender or class. Maby in the future we can ship off all the misfits to mars and see what happens, like England did with Australia.

4 years ago

Tell it to Syrians :/

mike m
4 years ago

Not religious, they hate Jews as a race of people for killing Christ.
Which is as dumb as an empty box of rocks.

Laurette Bergin
4 years ago

ISREAL? I am sorry but if you cant see that Osreal is giving Jews a bad name? But id like to see an accurate comparison of any other religion/sexual orientation/race etc to jewish attacks. When priests were carrying out pedophilia it was up to the christians to sort it out. When a brother/sister does something under umbrella it is up to you to help them be a good person. Good luck and every good wish. x

4 years ago

citing religious persecution as racism is out of context but it actually just fuels the issue.
it is consistent with exploiting a perceived victim status though...

4 years ago

MOAR Jew-promoting...MOAR!!!
Good grief! The reason for anti-Semitism is because they are VILLAINS that murder, rape, lie constantly, commit perversions and teach others to do same, pit one group against another, constantly seeking to destroy other cultures yet exempting themselves from same rhetoric. Jews completely DESPISE the Gentiles, the "goy" as they term us.

What's not to love about a group people like that??? o_O