The Human Microchipping Agenda

The Human Microchipping Agenda

2011, Conspiracy  -   85 Comments
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People are living very busy lives these days, working extra hard to keep the roofs over their heads, the food on their tables. Those are the lucky ones, or so are led to believe. Life in this particular dog-eat-dog system can be stressful. We've been trained by behavioral experts to live our lives as expendable cause, upholding a cruel and vindictive machine, all for the benefit of a dominant minority of ruthless, elitist criminals, at or near the top of the pyramid.

There are powerful psychopaths who can engineer world wars or bring down entire economies whenever their global business plan requires it... and they do. This anti-human system we collectively chose to maintain focuses on the perpetual need for money, so as to avoid becoming homeless and destitute, rather than working for humanity and focusing on the ability of human beings stored together for the benefit of all, great or small. And also tolerates George Orwell's "doublethink", where by liars and criminals the governments can hide the public opinion and keep secrets for the sake of "national security"... apparently.

Or making outrages claims about openness and honesty and padding themselves on the back for the wonderful service they're doing to humanity by exporting democracy to the Middle East. And we haven't seen anything yet. The new world order that we see unfolding used to be merely handed out by the various strategically positioned front men and women. Nowadays it is discussed semi-openly by today's front people and can no longer be ignored by the human beings who happen to be alive today.

Those new front people utilize new technology as it been made available to the general public. They have us all numbered and they want us to believe that it's for our own good. That way we can all be monitored more easily and believe that it's for our own safety.

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85 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Darkness

    Illegally implanted with microchips. You guys can call me leo Ok, I am Desperate for answers Please someone help me I need answers for so many questions and things that’s been on my mind bothering me. Please if anyone could help me please read this tell me what to do only if your gonna be really honest, respectful and genuine. There’s a chip in my head someone purposely put it there without my consent I was drugged 6 or more months ago I was with a friend I haven’t known him for that long a year maybe barely knew anything about him like i know he’s homeless just like I was at the time and I know his first and last name and I know where he’s originally from which is Los Angeles, California I know he does have friends which is I’ve seen or met most of them be their homeless living in the streets and doesn’t have a place to live, just like the guy I met and at the time I was homeless living on the streets away from friends & family I met him in Los Angeles in the Hollywood area near a bus stop so i met him he’s 28 I’m 23 and at the time I was really young like I am now but I was just young and I knew better but I didn’t know better but me and this guy our relationship was like all about doing crystal meth and having sex and being cool friends, we grew closer we fell for each other had deep feelings for each other but he has a history of domestic violence and being a jack ass to the guys he would mess with and be involved so I know for sure we were in love he definitely was in love just didn’t show what’s so ever I don’t know why but we we’re or maybe I should say I was being very irresponsible and stupid and NOT SMART AT ALL JUST BLINDED BY SO MANY THINGS Especially this guy that was “Irresistible” well I learned the hard way because he showed me he didn’t care by hitting me physically hurting me verbal abuse as well and it seemed as though he would care but then turn around he didn’t give a shit about me because he would do things that would tell me otherwise but he basically ~exploited~ me the whole time we did crystal meth together had sex and even hangout we barely had conversations at all I mean I was the shy quiet cool and laid back one that’s why I just didn’t know what to say to him so we barely had conversations we had them but not all the time like friends should basically we were camping out in a abandoned building in middle of Hollywood while we was camping out there we was doing crystal meth but I didn’t do any I was more into him while we were making out I feel asleep alike I suddenly felt really tired and I just was out fell asleep next day All I remember was falling asleep while kissing him so we were still kissing when I fell asleep so few months later I’m in Jail I start hearing voices in my head start seeing things like People that I knew and didn’t know but I would get high and it got worst so I had suspicions that I was microchipped that something was implanted in my chest because at the same time It was hard for me to cry but the thing is I came to realize that I was talking to the voices and I shouldn’t have that was a bad idea ❌ I’m a little loco some of the voices was nice so I pretended they were my entities that came from heaven like my guardian angles that came from my 3rd eye I then start to notice that my body would move that it was not moving my hands arms legs and head butt it was something else uncontrollably without me having to do anything soon after I began to speak meaning talk and when I talk my lips would be closed and my tongue would be moving and you would hear vocals Im basically saying I subvocalizing all the time up until this day I NEVER STOP TALKING LIKE EVER ITS ANNOYING I’m also always doing things like the chip has some kind of ability to move my body parts and to make me speak and talk and say anything it wants literally this is real I’m always thinking people after me like the guy I was thinking he and some other folks drugged me and implanted more than 3 chips inside of me. It’s like 1 in each hand between my pointing fingers and my thumbs and 1 in each arm and 1 in each shoulders 1 in the back of my head 1 in back of my neck and 1 in my head where my frontal lobe is and one in each of my legs and 2 in my neck and in both my wrist I feel them moving around and beeping all the time the microchip forces me to do crystal meth/drugs it has the ability to move my body parts and move my hands and everything else like make me walk and talk like it’s the Normal me I been to the emergency room over a dozen times and I been to physic hospitals and seen many doctors but not enough Psychiatrist seen them over a dozen times I really need your help it’s making me do sexual things to myself and with others I had like 5 CT SCANS but the CT SCSN SHOWS NOTHING and They won’t Give Me a MRI BECAUSE SOMETHING MIGHT GO WRONG BUT HOW ELSE WOULD BE ABLE TO GET IT OUT ??? I’m going crazy for real they won’t stop doing evil mean things to me I so need your help I been moving and it’s not even me doing it’s the chips I think there all connected some how and lately they been making souds beeping and moving around so different parts of my body. Please help me I need it because they even make me spend my money on drugs every chance they get they won’t stop I had no food in the house after I begged them and broke down crying pleading for them not to make me buy drugs and do them but they insist on doing it anyways now I’m crying because they make me slap myself my face is completely covered in blood and they just recently stopped making me hit myself when I came home back from there i just got a job worked there for 1 week not even they made me quit already how is that well I’m sitting here and out of no where I began to move my lips and start to speak then my arms and legs start to move I get up and start walking out of no where can’t control it what’s so ever it’s weird scary as hell saying these people are after me for no reason at all saying there gonna hurt me and family they always say they will hurt my family but its just them being evil they said and they also say they will never stop and that there programmed to do this to me I also here my family voices in my head even when I’m around them it’s like there always made at me or something.
    Some part of me believes that these people I’m talking about him and his friends are after me bring voices always bring them up and they always say they can’t do nothing but be evil to me I’m crying because I have no food in the house and I’m starving and they always sexual abuses me making me do drugs and strange sexual things to myself and strange men they won’t let me go to the police. I tried to go to the cops before but the police in California says there’s no microchips and the says it too but in my hometown they won’t even let me go to the police.

    How do I stop them?
    How do I convince the doctors to give me a MRI SCAN ?
    How do I convince Psychiatrist to help me get a MRI SCAN ?
    How do I get them to stop making me do the drugs ?
    How do I get them to stop harassing me ?
    How do I get them to stop harassing me and sexual abusing me they make me masterbaite it’s not even me it’s like someone took over my body and is possessing it doing what they want to me do it’s kind some else is doing it and I’m just sitting here afraid for my life.

    1. Air

      They r doing the same to me my nabiors
      Nadine Gretchen put a micro chips in my head without my consent in Northwest Arkansas they been doing the same thing to me they have me trapped here they own all of the police and when I try to make a police report they won’t let me make a police report I’m trying to escape Arkansas but they broke my car so if I try to leave my car overheat or something

    2. Air

      Call me if you want to help They sold me as a slave in Arkansas to my alien neighbors they also wake me up in the middle of the night and make me start masturbating so they can feed off my energy they also choked me in my sleep and the guy started humping me in the next door neighbor came out his name is Jerry he said did you sleep good last night third sick an disgusting
      But the police cover for them an so does are government unless we work together they will countinue to abuse us
      Call me thir listing right now an watching me text u They hacked all of my technology and I’m trying to escape

    3. Air

      To tell you the truth I was just reading and a girl in orange county was microchip just like me I’m not only was micro chipped in Arkansas but when I lived in Laguna gal a Persian alien girl Sarah no Jevon allium raped me she put a microchip in my penis while having sex with her and spontaneously she was able to control me they own all the police so there’s no point To tell you the truth I was just reading and a girl in orange county was microchips just like me I’m not only was micro chipped in Arkansas but when I lived in Laguna kill a Persian alien girl Sarah no Jevon allium raped me she put a microchip in my penis while having sex with her and spontaneously she was able to control me they own all the police so there’s no pointfor us to call the police without a lawyer However try to call me hopefully we can get a lawyer to get these micro chips out so they stop abusing our civil rights of privacy rights and any other inhumane rights that are being violated

    4. Air

      I was Alien raped By Sarah
      noJevon They never tell you when you’re having sex with them that they’re going to be putting micro chips in your penis and raping you of your sanity and making you schizophrenic and bipolar but as soon as they microchip you they have the control over your emotions over your mind they are sick people but our government covers for them the alien girls that put micro chips in people
      They don’t call it alien raping they call it making a pet basically a slave that nobody helps none of the police will help you because they own those police by blackmailing them again please call me if you get this number and we can get a lawyer but in Arkansas all the people know each other so with the microchip Gretchen Nadine
      Said nobody in this town is going to help me and she is right I’ve tried nobody helps I called the police I called the FBI I called the CIA I called the attorney general every one of those cowards violated my rights I have it on video tape the police saying they’re not going to allow me to make a police report the only thing that will force them is if we had a lawyer
      Dr. Leah Sharay SHA IREY poison to me at the Washington regional hospital in Northwest Arkansas I’ve been trying to get back to California to get a doctor and a lawyer but they broke my car so I can’t escape they said with all the things they did to my car I’m not gonna be able to make it back home they can make my engine blow up Whatever they did I need someone to help me so please call me or text me letting me know it’s you because I don’t answer the phone usually or email me


      Dear Earthling,

      "What you allow, is what will continue !"

    6. Victim

      Iv been implanted since 2019 by a bunch of pimps. It took place at a religious compound in Trinidad. In my case I happened to manage to escape from my pimp at the compound, after they drugged and gang raped me. I reported the rape itself to Trinidad and Tobago police service. But it did not take long for me to notice, they are all a part of it, including police. I heard that the pimp I reported had since then been bailed out of jail. That was in 2019. From then until this present day,I have tried to give out info to the public, Iv tried contacting almost every sector of gov't for help, but they have been using the covid as an excuse to not help. I have legal info on the person's involved in my case, but due to the present luckdown in Trinidad, I have not even been allowed to contact much. They just keep taking my name and number and they say " we'll call u. No one called. I'm also of medical complications. Ever since I have escaped from the actual compound in 2019, iv been constantly followed by helicopters and other flying objects, which is how I am 100 % sure iv been implanted with a microchip. The radiation has been in my body for almost exactly 2 years and iv been badly affected up to this day. Iv been having seizures since I was child, but it never used to be as bad as the past few months. I was also told that I have major depression, anxiety disorder and ptsd. I hope that I can speak to u. It's been a long 2 years for me and I am relieved that at least 'someone' is believing me. U can msg back. I'd be glad to give further info and contact.

    7. Ky

      Sounds like drug induced psychosis to me lol stop hitting the pookie

  2. alex eli rivas

    i was illegally implanted with a microchip in 2016 by a cop in my apartment in Orange County CA. i knew something happened because i was able to hear them immediately but never thought a microchip, until it vibrated 8 months later. check out my instagram AER512

  3. Christopher C Ciongoli

    It's all happening now so this is where it's going covid covid cure don't believe it. I will not be tagged.

  4. Deee e S

    Electric harassment, tagging for ID theft and land jacking and deer jacking and survival of the fittest! There also Pokey manning illegally people covertly for (spying but in a twisted get you back game!) using them like a hunted animal found the article in the news! and harassing intimidating with high pitch implanted to hares you and your pet to hurt him make it look like your an animal abuser...And you don't know how to explain you were screwed with a implanted audio something internal implant system You did not want! It's to make you part of what ever they do you talk we get caught your screwed also? Counties in Wi! county are now in that game beware!(?)

  5. norm

    T1,Tammy, I am sending prayer smoke for you.

  6. Tammy

    I am finally realizing that I have been a TI for as far back as I can remember... now it is to the point of insanity. They tried to sex traffic me and I refused so they trick me into a date and violently Raped me. More microchip and dermal implant piercing now on my back. They stalk me and use sound technology to torture me. Can see what I see and kept sending fake friends to manipulate me. Tried to get me on their list for sex vacation. People travel and get laid. I would not willingly do it. My boyfriend of 10 years was fake. Kept me tortured and confused. Gaslighted all the time. Microchiped in my head. I can feel it. They have been causing both my son and I to wake at the same time in the night this past week and he has night mares . He was born premature and was microchiped at the hospital secretly. They torture us and there are people involved every where we are. ....why? ! They almost killed me in my sleep. I could literally feel a hand of evil reaching into my chest and squeezing my heart. I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel lately as they torture and mind rape me. All I ever wanted was a good life with love and they mock my hopes. They have me surveillanced like an ocean animal. where I go and all body information. They have used billboard to write message. They find people who even resemble friends of mine to harm . Endless zombies willing to take part. I see no future for humanity with this evil ruling the land... so much of my life and relationships were painful for was an experiment to some evil entity! So disgusting. I want my body back! I want my life! You evil aliens I will use my mind powers to destroy you. Love will win!

    1. Christopher Wayne Lecompte

      I know you are real, because i am going through the same thing with Library NI, Adrienne Adair, she set me up and zapped me with a micro-chip and and I've been getting tortured through radio frequency, shes stalking me and talking to me while burning my brain or making my side tighten up, and when i fall she blend her laugh in with whatever is electric around me, making it sound like its cumming an automobile, or using your family voices while zapping you wherever you are wounded at. I recently had brain surgery because i was catching seizures, and the doctor said i had brain cancer. As i think back after the surgery they had me on the MRI table, somebody had me singing a song and when i noticed that i couldn't control my own mouth, my neck tighten up, and i went into a stroke, leaving parts of my body paralyzed. Can you believe they are so evil, they zap those parts of my body to make me fall down, while laughing with my mamas voice through the radio frequency . If i cook they zap my arm to make something fall or i get burned. When me and my girl have sex, they wait for me to stick it in, then all in a sudden i can feel them making it go down, while there are laughing and talking with my dead grandmothers voice. They don't want me to study in college, i had to quit, because they were putting pressure on my brain so i wouldn't be able to think while i was trying to study. When i went to the doctor for help, they automatic said i had a mental problem. Ev every time i;m driving, i can feel them trying to control my body to get me in a wreck, while talking to me disrespectfully through the radio frequency. They can control my bowel movements and they can make me piss on my self. Sometimes they zap my penis, or parts of my body leaving scars and pick on me about being ashamed of them. I cant pray or go to church, because they turn the radio frequency sky high cussing and laughing with voices that they copy in the church. I have read most of these, but i bet you can relate to what i am talking about. Most of these people or parole officers, inmates, doctors, police offices, government officials, and prison gourds. They hire people on the street to break in your house or go into your bank account, because they are watching everything through your eyes. They worship an d serve the creature rather than the creater. They stalk you from the time you get up to the time you go to sleep.

  7. Pamela Brown

    No one has to agree to chipping. It will be manipulated and illegally done to you without your consent if you are a target. God forbid if you're having a medical procedure done which usually call for some type of blood work. That is how I ended up with a chip in my arm. Wouldn't have known right away if that point of entry hadn't become infected.

    1. letty

      So was the chipped remove?

  8. seafordTI

    Human microchipping is part of crypto-centralized crypto-totalitarian world government, with staggering inequality of knowledge and technology helping us masses be domesticated by our callous rulers. As part of Big Brother plausibly deniable behaviour modification, they are experimenting with causing psychological complexes in individuals such as about failure, bigotry and paedophilia, to make it easy to manipulate us, for fear of exposure of artificially primed unappealing or degrading aspects of personality or life-story. They also subliminally implant wrong beliefs that some individuals are responsible for leading the world to WW3 nuclear war to terrorize and manipulate vulnerable mind controlled people.

    There should be a new type of bigotry defined for 'cyborgophobia' (maybe something less 'glamorously' sci fi sounding for something so dehumanizing and degrading as forced transition to augmentation in us SLAVES!). 'Augslavaphobia'?

  9. F

    I would like a doc showing how you destroy/ turn off these microchips.

  10. SeafordTI

    On occasions I tried communicating relevant information about TIs from home, I had my password changed, internet regularly off, massive terrorizing thuds from neighbours and the regular dehumanizing imposed dreams turned up a notch to be unbearable at my then levels of weary, demoralized, sleep deprived, confused terror. I found that using internet cafes, I could communicate more but the couple of websites I commented on were shill websites.

    Things that happened to me as a TI which I was unprepared for and didn’t read about from the bits and pieces I saw on the internet – (‘Being able to see what I see’ I had assumed them too fanciful at the time......if j is right about the eyelash, false eyelashes might help, just a thought):

    They used health scares and torture and multiple binds so that I was terrorized, bewildered and/or conditioned into not straightening my spine, moving my eyes, using my nose, multiple exercises. Some of the worst stuff they had me do was something like manually circulating each small segment of my body again and again, so as to map my control over my body to make it possible for them to replicate these pathways and move me extensively by remote. Possibly to potentially over-ride my self control system, they had me repetitively dehydrating and fasting regularly for a long time, in order to map me when nearly empty and forcing me to go to the toilet on myself. This was accompanied by constant health scare tactics, telling me I was going blind, deaf, crippled and dying and forced to make myself cold in the Winter. Eventually, I moved as if I had Parkinsons for many weeks and I believed I had something drastically wrong. Since then, they can walk me, move my arms, hands, head, eyes, erect my penis, make me cough and close my eyes. This was a barbaric, degrading, bewildering experience for me but the end product shows that they knew a lot of what they were doing, meaning some of it will turn out to be SOP and has been done before and they or others will do so again. They can see what I see, hear what I hear, smell what I smell. They forced me to stop having much breath in my lungs. One reason was to stop me screaming at being tortured (and also probably just to stop me asking questions, complaining and whining). Another was generally to decrease the influence of my body-parts associated with confidence , also - spine, guts, heart, testicles. They numbed my system, so that I cannot fully feel things. They imply that somehow they can at least register when my body is in pain, though they have used what I can best describe as pseudo-pain and psychosomatic torture so much that I cannot rely either on my numb sensations or the controllers of the technology.

    Their control of me when sleeping and very sleepy includes what I experience as total perception takeover. Years back, I could occasionally become lucid in these dreams but they have honed the dreams or my receptivity to them. They can insert music and words subtly into my unconscious, when awake. This is a warning to people who’ve already suffered extensive organized stalking, gas-lighting, implants, induced dreams and microwave harassment of possible next steps they may try on you. I got less than a year of reading about the subject before they cracked down on me extremely hard, so clearly my reading on the subject was not exhaustive, especially given the levels of disinformation around.

    Making the system not pay for the culprits is one way I think would have an effect. Their VR/other induced dreams/perception takeovers they want reactions from the victim. At one point I temporarily stopped this by blocking the sub-vocal recognition by tape over my mouth, a neck brace or an elastic band around my head (from the top to under the chin). I found these 3 either scary or uncomfortable. I think that if people could maintain certain brainwave states (guesses maybe things like..... sleeping pills, other medication, self hypnotic repeated recording, meditation), could lessen the amount of money/research they squeeze out of us. Collected urine can be thrown away, not flushed. Another idea is to slightly de-anonymize ourselves and the process by typing information about both where in practice others will be watching, say search engines, others computers, internet cafes. At some point, it might become too traceable or emotive. This might be wrong but even so, by typing in real-time responses in a search engine at home to their banging, induced dreams and terror, I found that finally feeling I had slightly found my voice made me at least feel a little more confident. They cracked down on me doing this from home eventually. I think it may have been a temporary loophole.

    1. Alek

      Not to discredit your experience with them controlling your body, did you by chance use any stimulants at the time?

  11. ME

    Where are the french subtitles!!

  12. a

    My greeting all
    I have mazy thing to tell u about .But first u must fix who I am .I am just simple person live in Iraq .not in security or government or political or chief of my trib or my family and their wife son. Also so poor and I didn't have any organisation in Iraq at all .Not have any one follow me .or take order from me ..any one tell you reverse or opposite of this information about Me .He will be big lier .fake this truth . I said this cause I am under spy from biggest dangerous gangs . This gangs from whom attacked France and Belgium .and Germany and Russia and USA and Turkey . Yes friends .It's the truth that some want you didn't know made your mouth .stop talk .I in this message open your eyes to see whom did .And you can ask Un why you became silent .why you didn't take action against it ..why you let the new technology between the hands of this gangs .like it's have satellite and electronic airplane and mind control weapons .yes friends unfortunately this gangs .The gangs number one in the world .cause it have high quality .armed by what many countries didn't have I will tell you .how you can make sure about my talk .by so ensure way .by the way this the only way .You can ask from the nato alliance or any agency have satellite . And observe this place . ( Iraq .In diwanyah city middle Iraq .In afak twon ) 2 yes friends afak twon. ) you see so simple way so ensure no one can lie on you or give you wrong information as usual .cause this gangs spy on me now and all time they used to lie on whom I tell .and nothing happened to it .and they still hurt others . .This gangs not easy gangs but their heads have high security jobs in Iraq and in same time they have their gangs . .as I said I am simple person didn't have any organisation in Iraq .but this gangs tried to use me as cover or face to telling others a lot of fake lies .like this gangs my organisation .or I lead it or give orders .how .when I eat or drink or take things or money or be in the home of my family .In spite it's not my home .also when I think . Or go to any one ..or talk .or hear .else ..cause this gangs putted spy tool on me .and try to use my body .This way so normal in gangs ways .when whom lead it's hide them self .and use others to be cover to them .Also it's like Satan when he embodied .or he put himself on other bodies .and move it's .All thing that this bodies lead but it's not .lead any thing .also I wish tell that this organisation as they call them self ..have four group work in .All in same record name .inside computer .and all have same laws that evil made .This laws also so like any others gangs law 3 no any different .like kill who fired from this gangs .also silly articles like Eat or drink or take money or things and talk and think else .also this gangs have big leaders to it this hide himself and he give forgiveness .to his gangs .He have some one work in police .He made himself know hide things . This like right hand to the big evil .He can lead all the four group .All this group in one net .like chain ..There for .evil and his dog who work in police .can lead all their net in any place . .and give orders .by using their computer ..This mean my be some one laugh when I say to him that so dangerous gangs in afak twon .and it's so little place no one expect that those in . This problem I faced it in Iraq .cause a lot never belive or made them self didn't belive .also I don't know yet now why Un didn't do some thing .at lest cut or remove the satellite that this gangs use it. And in real this like eyes to this gangs if this gone .It will blinded .and this so easy to Un to do .But no any action .you my friends can ask Un also why .. In spite I told un after few little time when this gangs attacked France .. In Iraq this gangs play what it want no one can do any thing against .its have big evil he gave his forgiveness to whom attacked France ..but now I have question .who care .about this satanic forgivenes 4 .did he call un for example .and told that he gave his forgiveness ..also when this evil give this .It's must be as all know repentment .but this gangs repeat with Belgium.

  13. dapadzz

    It's called Babylon that great city of commerce and trade - Destruction of Commercial Babylon (Rev 18:1-24)

  14. seafordTI

    There is illegal, unethical forced and covert implants going on in East Sussex, UK. There is a correlation between the implants and Targeted Individuals. In and around Seaford, they use national security as a cover for the whole TI stuff: micro-chipping, zersetzung, organized stalking, gas-lighting, psychiatric reprisal, induced dreams, fake hallucination 'V2K' and audiovisual input, subvocal recognition mind-reading, forced VR dreaming, threats, blackmail, ridicule, parodying, torture, shocks, sleep deprivation, noise campaigns (like drilling and scaffolding work), harassment skits, intellectual property theft, plagiarism for scripts, invasion of privacy, breaking and entering, thefts, collection of used toilet water for scientific purposes.

    The organizations involved include the NHS (locally Eastbourne DGH and St Marys House), intelligence agencies, police.

    Some of the scientific people involved include Josef Kittler and the CVSSP at the University of Surrey (who have links to EW defence firms BAE Systems and Roke, the BBC, SIGINT (GCHQ and NSA likely), remote brain scanning, robotics and machine learning.)

    Also in Seaford there is an unlikely UCLA linked building 'Regional Studies Association'. I think there is a UCLA link here - the David Geffen school of Medicine UCLA, the use of forced sleep labour, a previous UCLA plan to use implants in sex offenders in the community as subject for a UCLA mind control programme. Also, as part of one of their scripts, that was inspired (though exaggerated) by surveillance of me - the Elliot Rodger Santa Barbara hoax shooting - I Believe UCLA doctor Kay Redfield Jamison was involved in writing the Rodgers script. She was involved with Jolly West, knew Sussex and California, went to the same school as fake Elliot did and sounds like she is connected to the spooks, amongst other things.

    I delivered a few protesting fliers locally in Seaford to areas that looked to me like there was a good possibility of similar mind control to mine happening. The authorities came down on me like a ton of bricks. I was told by the culprits that it had backfired, as what was going on was that the people I was trying to contact were allegedly sex offenders and the culprits said that the result of my delivering leaflets was to cause one of the alleged sex offenders to have a heart attack, another to kill themselves and another to be attacked. The microchip controllers tried to blame this on me. I don't know if they were telling the truth as they lie a lot but they went to some effort to guilt trip me - the police left a funeral service card outside my flats. A suspected spook also cut my hand in passing, to imply I had blood on my hands but they were giving me death threats and torture at the time, so I misinterpreted it and didn't realize the significance.

    There are an enormous number of people in the media who use the TI industry for scripts. I was told that if proper compensation/royalties were given to TI slaves, each one of us would be worth tens of millions of pounds, meaning billions overall, so obviously they are not going to admit any of it, as slaves would be given money and power at the expense of slave owners. Bizarrely, they said they feared a paradigm shift in who controls the Establishment, as investigation of the TI industry would lead to people noticing fakes through history, including (they alleged) Mein Kampf, which they alleged was plagiarised from a TI. They alleged the TI industry goes back generations before 'microwave harassment'.

    Certainly, a lot of origins of sci-fi should be suspected, as to where the original ideas came from. Others include films like The Truman show and Peeping tom, TV series like Peep Show (which contains internal dialgoue and POV camerawork and whose stars elsewhere have done clearly TI related sketches like the Green Clarinet) and Inside Victor Lewis Smith.

    Personally, I've had parts of my life used (scattered through characters) in the BBC TV show 'Nurse' (tons of details of my everyday existence exaggerated and dramatized) and Eastenders (hitting my mother with a music box as a child) and a skit of mine used by Stewart Lee. Shill psychiatric nurse John Allman, (who pretends to help TIs) has used my words and actions in his work. There are likely a ton of others but scattered throughout it is hard to prove and it seems to go all over the place - hard for TIs to concentrate on one aspect of investigation whilst under mind control. The culprits said that TI originated material (from all TIs, including myself) has gone into much work including TV shows, radio shows, comics, top huge book/ film franchises, fake true crime mass shooters and serial killers, fake domestic extremists including fake Islamic terrorists. The Elliot Rodger script is provable as they went overboard in giving him a backstory, a sort of misogynist Mein Kampf, which has dozens of details from my life in it (though I'm not that bad!). I wonder if MK in MKULTRA and MKSEARCH was Mein Kampf?

    The national security shtick comes in because you either are completely unaware of what is happening to you, or you have to poke around where you are obviously unwanted and they can rationalize clamping down on you. Along with the microchip, I believe there are other implants, cochlear, ones to 'see with your eyes' and a pain control device in the hand. I think I got my microchip by Sussex NHS dentists. I got my cochlear implants and (I believe) some visual implants, by thugs in Seaford, whilst they were doing their best and succeeding in bewildering me, turning my lights on and off at night, giving me shocks and confused induced dreams, depriving me of sleep, entering my room in the middle of the night when I was asleep - in hindsight it seemed like a well worked SOP to disguise giving people implants amid total psychological chaos induced by their constant long term terrorizing. The implant in my hand was by a medical thug whilst in Eastbourne DGH.

  15. DustUp

    You can supply all the evidence in the world and those (most) who prefer to live in denial will either not look at it or just say it is nothing because they prefer to believe what they want. Put something out that obliterates someone's long held world view of how and why things are ... and you will be shot down without reason and despite your excellent evidence. So why bother with evidence? Is it my job to convince people who are too lazy to click a mouse button to check, while spending time shooting down evidence "that can't possibly be true" because it conflicts with their world view? Say what you have to say. If there is enough truth in it, people will investigate to validate it for themselves. The lazy demand everything spoon fed and then drop the spoons they don't like anyway.

    Freedom isn't free. You have to be vigilant and exercise your rights or you lose them. Not only in theory but in law. There is a statute of limitations for most things. If you don't challenge the govt or goober who did you wrong, then its on you; despite that it is on them for screwing you in the first place.

    I'd prefer reading on how best to prevent the inevitable. So far the best that I can conjure is to do more than vote but for the people to investigate and nominate wise and decent people themselves and to stop letting the political parties screw them.

    Who will volunteer to spend an hour a month organizing a functional meeting by which people submit names of people they trust and think could do a good job for a particular govt office. Then search and investigate for integrity and wisdom. Only allowing those to run who would vote in term limits and reduce govt.

    What exactly IS social justice? It boils down to where you steal from me to give to someone else who didn't work for it. Another emotional manipulation term for SOCIALISM. Which is the expansion of govt by the stealing from others for what YOU think it ought to be spent on. In fact the true definition of Social Justice is INJUSTICE to all.

    More govt = less freedom, always. Social justice SOUNDS good to those who refuse to look at results. The emotional feely good crowd who never look at results and consequences of what it is that they feel entitled to foist upon others.

    There is no free lunch, no free health care, no free education. Unless you live in a place with plentiful wild food, take care of yourself, and educate yourself. If you do, you are very fortunate and very wise in avoiding social justice wherein they hire a gang of thugs called govt to take the food you gathered and give it to others whilst keeping some for themselves.

    Oh but we're just trying to help the less fortunate, those with less opportunity... Good. I do mean that. When you earn enough to help them out of your own pocket, great. To force others to do so is more immoral than what you consider to be social injustice. Truly sad that the social justice promoters refuse to look at consequences. It is right in front of you; history staring at you. We have much more social justice today than when I was a kid. Social justice creates more dependents by design.

    Hello I'm from the govt, let me do that for you ...and in a few years charge you through the nose for it. Let us in govt take those burdens of fire and water and sheriff and city planning and ports and schools and pretense of assisting those in need and hey lets create a dept for everything under the sun and figure a way to tax it so we can provide more social justice to our slaves.

    If you understand the Constitution at all you would understand that it is govt that needs chipped if anyone, not the people. They need monitored, clearly. But who would monitor them? Very few are now and when they do, nothing is done, or Billary would be in jail along with many others.

  16. seafordTI

    Some of what they use the mind control technology for is actually very simple - everything that you can do in an interrogation (insults, threats, mind games, torture, sleep deprivation, dialogue, etc.) can be done through plausibly deniable means, as AFAIK, to a general public, these communications cannot be proven to be happening. What alarms me is that like anyone looking up TI stuff online, it looks like Juliette Mckinney had worked enough of it out decades ago for a free media to investigate her claims and the problem to have stopped. Yet there is a whole industry of shill fakes like Duncan, Allman, MMHughes, Forewood, Giffen, Lloyd, Leto +(very probably Hall and Liu who I found useless). Books by Vunda and Nagel I found useful but they both have dodgy looking covers, so you cannot really show them to anyone else. There are deliberately bad and offputting TI videos all over Youtube, one point seems to be to keep TIs hysterical, depressed and paranoid and to put off outsiders from investigating. Confusingly, there are plenty of sources with at least a bit of truth to them. I'd like to know where these people get their information from. Obviously some personal stuff would be censored but it would be very useful in showing the places and people where the best information and the disinformation come from. I've never seen them cite Mckinney but to my knowledge, her paper on microwave harrassment would seem to be an important place to start, so I think working out her story is the key to working out what has happened in the last couple of decades to stop the genuine story from spreading and the human rights abuse to stop.

  17. Jon

    "We've been trained by behavioral experts to live our lives as expendable cause, upholding a cruel and vindictive machine, all for the benefit of a dominant minority of ruthless, elitist criminals, at or near the top of the pyramid."
    I suppose that even without aligning these to Biblical prophecy, the hidden fear is these prophesy are coming to pass.
    However instead for building a common welfare, the Kingdom of God, the beast heads build up separate and distinct
    The Beast is heartless and got several heads that are fighting each other. These heads compete for recognition and most likely for control of resources. The beast may blasphemy God and uses the name of God in vain. Instead of becoming faithful stewards by instituting Justice or common welfare, the competing heads of the beast pursue their separate and distinct agendas. The heads are building separate and distinct wealth machines instead. This deprives the mainstream and causes poverty and destitution.
    Instead of building up the Kingdom of God, the beast builds up separate kingdoms. The separate or distinct heads are fighting each other. They create the reasons for implementing laws that seem to remove evil and establish fair game. Thus even with the mark of the beast or tagging of individuals, evil will prosper. The heads will try to outwit and ruin each other in an effort to enrich their separate kingdoms or welfare.
    Thus the mark of the beast is really to police or control fairness while the beast heads compete for vain glory. Most likely, the evilness of the system is created by the heads themselves, which affects the mainstream via system of laws.

    But if men will build just one common system, the Kingdom of God then the beast will be made irrelevant and harmless.

  18. AiR

    How many "commodities" have been used to make you dependant and enslaved to the point that without them you would have to pay penalties. Think about it , putting something in your body (permanently and medically) will only make you dependable on those who marked might think in first that it is useful, for goodness sake, look you can find your child microchipped once the intruder has done it's deed already (or even before), it doesn't work miracles, you can also be very late... this is how technology works: "Each microchip contains a registration number and the phone number of the registry for the particular brand of chip. A handheld scanner reads the radio frequency of the chip and displays this information. ", so you see it's not some magical tool that like a crystal ball can tell you where your child on GPS tracker is...It is just a barcode, a mark (if you wish) , that those who marked you can use their scanners on. So why will they be using those scanning methods , apart , for what they are telling you? Of Course you don't know, and you cant are just a 1 in around 7 billion people on this planet, with job from 9-5, an no time to dig in what the "string pullers" are planning for you...We don't live in some civilised world, where social justice is absolute...we live in a money driven world, you know that if you are sick, no one will offer you help for free, you have to pay, they see you as profit margin, you and your illness are just a product that they are cashing why in this way of life would you feel confident to entrust your life, your body, and your kids body to any permanent procedure? You are willing slave or taught to trust authority without questions?

  19. Richard Sievert

    They have all but ruined the value of money the biggest crooks are in the federal reserve and Washington DC.
    A German Frank is worth two dollars a dollar, there is worth 43 cents.
    That tells me there trying to say don’t accept cash because they have ruined it’s value altogether making it worthless
    Accult yes evil is just a word they hide behind and the whole sick world is riddled with can’t do this no can’t go there and let me see your papers!
    Liars season2016 hurting your fellow man taking everything and calling it your own just because your laws say you can, they messed up got robbed by the machines and nobody believed it because there’s no rich. GI goe that’s given you a paper to prove it! Microchips in babies radiating there minds with RF waves 3000 prisons in every state counting city and town jails that teach indoctrination to children not real knowledge! This is not just a American disease it’s WORLD wide and the money is power which equals corruptions is all drilled into there minds memorize and your smart?
    No problem here’s your degree even though your sociopaths from all the millions of memorized  tests! China's indoctrinating babies as there born and God's going to punish everyone for it!

  20. J

    Government Experiments on Targeted Civilians

    1. Right now there is a faction within our government conducting horrifying experiments on targeted American Civilians.
    2. The CIA designs and oversees these experiments with cooperation from the Psychological Operations Division of the United States Navy. Both of these organization's main bases and headquarters are located near the Hampton Roads region of Virginia, where the experiments on targeted civilians are taking place. Human test subjects are selected by this group for life-long experimentation early on in their childhood. Faction loyalists implant diabolical micro-devices into their bodies while they are still too young to remember the surgery later on in life. Many years later when the implanted children reach adulthood, the experimenters start activating the micro-devices inside their bodies to reprogram their behavior with an experimental new conditioning method that I refer to as micro-signaling.
    3. The faction inserts two types of micro-devices into their subject's bodies One type is surgically implanted onto each of the nerves on that person's spinal chord. When remotely activated by the experimenters, these micro-devices zap the nerves on the implanted person's spine, causing them to experience involuntary muscle spasms on any part of their body the experimenters choose depending on which spinal nerve the activated micro-device was attached to.
    4. A second type of micro-device is attached to the pulmonary arteries on the targeted person's heart. Whenever these machines are wirelessly activated they constrict the subject's arteries, reducing the blood flow to and from the targeted person's heart and causing them to experience severe chest pains. In theory, the restriction of blood flow caused by these machines could also cause heart failure in the targeted person, effectively terminating their life by remote control if deemed necessary by the faction conducting these experiments.
    5. In addition to the heinous micro-devices implanted in targeted citizen's bodies, other covert devices are utilized by the faction to monitor the subject's actions at all times during the experiments. These advanced surveillance devices observe their host's behavior wherever they go and they always maintain a clear line of sight to everything visible from the targeted person's point of view. The faction's surveillance devices are most likely hidden within a fake eyelash that is attached to the subject's eyelid before they become aware that they've been targeted for experimentation. The strategic placement of these surveillance devices near the targeted person's eyes allows the experimenters to track their surrounding environment as well as their eye movements with a shocking degree of precision, enabling them to determine the most likely focal point of the subject's conscious attention at any given moment. The intelligence gathered during this extensive surveillance campaign is then used to map the targeted person's personality and chart the various relationships between that person's core ideas and cognitive associations. The conspirators use their analysis of this data as well as information uncovered about the subject's background, habits and personality to anticipate their most likely responses to the various forms of harassment they plan on unleashing against them as the experiment progresses. This intelligence gathering process generally goes on for many years before the dormant micro-devices in the subject's body are first activated to coerce and condition their behavior. In later phases of the experiment new micro-signaling strategies are adopted by the faction to further torture, distract and manipulate the implanted person.
    6. By timing the remotely activated muscle spasms and chest pains caused by the micro-devices to coincide with the observations made about the targeted person through surveillance, the experimenters attempt to condition their subject to discontinue any behaviors that are unfavorable to their organization by responding to that person's actions and surrounding environment with micro-signals immediately whenever any undesirable behaviors or attitudes are noted in the subject. The primary objective of the experiments is to successfully reprogram the psyches of unwitting civilian test subjects so their responses to various external stimuli, especially cues that trigger undesirable emotional responses, are suppressed or coerced using extreme psychological behavior modification techniques in conjunction with the heinous micro-signaling devices implanted in the subject's body. These conditioning and coercion methods are applied repeatedly until the civilian's behavior becomes aligned with the warped ideologies venerated by this rogue faction of traitors that has taken root within two of our nation's most powerful defense institutions.

  21. S

    I get that the movie references served a purpose, but 40 minutes of it? Come on. Otherwise, a good documentary but faaaaaaar too many boring movie clips.

  22. Monica Riggs

    Those who stand up for their rights are the First Targets to be chipped. I know it happened to me in Colorado 2012, Colorado AG approved. One woman has had her BREASTS BUTCHERED FROM HER BODY (medical research) another woman has been successfully murdered, by this police brutality. They were both AMERICANs, with disabilities. Our issue is a matter of Public Record, and a National Security Issue.
    Currently subjected to Deprivation of Rights Status, denied respectful services. Largely due to the GROTESQUE NATURE OF CHIP IMPLANTATION'S, organ interactive reactions. That would expose the EMBARRASSING CONDUCT by those whom supposedly protect Justice, and care for preservation of life
    Any report of illegal micro chip implantation is definitive indication of rogue operations. An act of Sedition, over throwing the very laws, that serve to protect "We the people", and the Constitution of the United States of America, by those sworn to oath, to protect.
    The Aurora Theater Massacre, was, Preventable.

  23. doc


    Who thinks they are NOT chipped right at this moment?

    In all electronics since "90"s

  24. Romeo Mihalcea


    We already are monitored via our mobile phones and online activities. The most hilarious fact is, they don't even need to work at all because we are updating their database every step of our lives by feeding that facebook, twitter, pinterest, gmail etc. They just need to tap into that stream of information we all gather like busy little bees. We post pictures (they can perform face recognition), we tag ourselves on various locations, others tag us in pictures (face recognition still works) and so on and so forth.

    We are all part of a "BIG DATA" that is constantly being parsed and analysed by artificial intelligence.

    Keep working at it, busy little need for a microchip.

    These docs are just a distraction from the real agenda taking place right now.

  25. Anon

    Question: How do you distinguish between a global conspiracy "to reduce people to a component in a massive human inventory" from the natural tendency to incorporate technology more and more intimately into our lives and/or the idea of transhumanism?

  26. lightintheshadows

    They will probably force it on people, you know so they know who everyone is with this "War on terror/baloney b#llshit"
    Maybe there is much to be learned from the bible, but certainly this rabble on earth who act as his emissaries are to busy raping and pillaging little boys and girls.

  27. William S Blade

    Well i think humanity is already a slave. You work jobs you hate. You live in debt. More then HALF the planet is impoverished to feed the richer countries and people. So who decides who is worthy to live and who is not? Who decides who deserves and for what reason? I am against the entire system over all as it has this mentality of the beast. Known as Survival of the fittest which i do believe is predominately seen in the white race. They have been more a bane to humanity then an aid. I know i am white. I think we need to stop enslaving and start thinking all humanity deserves even if they do not fit our idea of what life should be. Or what a man should be. We should create a world where they can reach the goals they wish with money being given FREELY to fulfill the needs of all men. Remember money is but paper its value is what we make it. Its use is what we want it to be. When we finally wake up and realize that we are valuing paper over the lives of the SOULS of men we will finally start understanding what money was made for. FOR US to make a better world for everyone even those who cannot work or are home makers. Even for those who are disabled,wounded, or with other issues. Even these people have value to those who love them and even they give back to the community in jobs for other people and developmental sciences. When we realize each of us is as important as any other we will then remove the mark of the beast from ourselves and finally walk as a HUMAN.

    1. fender24

      Well first i love my job :), i.m in debt yeah but it gives me insurance, because you own something of value that increase over time. i have a house that iv'e been working hard to get it makes me appreciate it more and it makes my life better,that makes me wanna be in debt. There are maaaany people who got other kinds of debt, those who don't pay they're bills, people who got like ten credit cards with sky high debt because they don't pay what they've spend and just don't care about the debt collection notice!!. To be in debt don't have to be a bad thing. it means that people who don't afford everything themselves can actually get it. If u don't want to own a house and be in debt and just rent an apartment the rest of your life, then so be it, but that's like throwing money away out the window, money u never get back. Yeah it is a piece of paper, so what?? if you don't like it then move out to the woods then, and cut your self out from society :) hehe and live on bugs or something.

      Use the piece of paper wise and don't just throw it away and it might actually set you free.

    2. William S Blade

      First off its pretty ignorant to think that people go in debt simply cause they do not pay their bills. Sometimes jobs are lost and medical happens. There is so many reasons to debt that i do not have space here to bring up them all. I also do not think ANY human being should go without the basics due to ANY reason. Poverty and ignorance can never be changed unless we attempt to make the system a better one where people are given equal opportunity to achieve no matter their birth circumstances. I also think its pretty rude to just tell people to to shut and leave the world just cause they disagree with how its being run. It is great thinkers of the past who questioned and confronted the ways of kings who changed to our present system and yes i believe it can change again. Humanity should also strive to advance to become greater. We are human after all and that is what separates us from the beasts. The ability to think. To learn. To change. We should not tell each other to LEAVE we should actually think of how to fix our issues with each other and move forward better then before.

  28. terencegalland

    How many of us dont know but only suspect, makes voting a bit of a farce!

  29. tyler

    its the mark of the beast!

  30. Doompie

    Micro chipping Pets is already mandatory here in the Netherlands..
    Route is clear:
    1) advise too chip pets
    2) make it mandatory
    3) advise too chip children

    4) make it mandatory

    Pretty sad..

    Already there are some clubs where you can get a chip which is then used too pay at the bar.. Which is under much attention from the media off-course. "It's very cool yo"..

    Don't want too even imagine it, but it is happening..
    While people only discuss about minor issues brought up too hide the really important things..

    1. Adolphine

      What a sad Experience for all the pets America has created. What a f*ck up NATION....

  31. a_no_n

    um...why microchip everyone, when everyone carries phones and shares that information anyway?


      The phones are soon Obsolete. You will become the Phone & Call ! Feel me ?

  32. NewCovenant

    ALL of these documentaries are done BY THE NEW WORLD ORDER!

    1. malachi simonyan

      I agree!! Finally someone that gets that lol!

    2. plUR

      were can I find some that arnt by the new world order?
      please help

    3. Thedudebro

      You can't, the real information is in that boring text stuff

    4. mycial

      All you have to do is Google New World Order, but I prefer you read it online. It's a lot to consume at one time, it details food used as a weapon. Posing our air. Mind control in music TV religion. It only depends on how far you are willing to awaken from their spell! But you can do it

  33. Eric Lawson

    Very Interesting video. I have heard it will start first by Chipping babies. So they never get lost . Everything is based on fear !! Always has been always will !!

  34. Name

    and your social secure number, credit card, driver license,bills, pay checks, irs, and anithig you buy. and you cr5y for this chip? please look around first!

  35. Name

    this is just another program to mass control but we have been controlled for ages either by stone,iron, bullet, religion,education, poltics. no one is free!

    1. NewCovenant

      I'll tell you who is free, those who know truth! And Truth is a Person and I am not supposed to proselytize.


      here is wi§dom....Person = Persona = Mask - Have you assumed the persona ?

  36. oQ

    Bet you anything if Miley Cyrus got a chip implanted in her tongue, thousands would follow. Why would teenagers be against chips when their whole life has been welcoming computerized inventions. It's easy to imagine that to many of them the ultimate would be to be chipped.
    At 55 I am forced to imagine a world I refuse to be part of....

    1. Pysmythe

      If that chip wields some kind of power to pull that ridiculous looking thing back into her wrecking-ball head, the sooner they pin her down and clip it in, the better off we'll all be.

    2. docoman

      As long as that chip has a 'vibrate' feature ;)
      Happy holidays mate :)

  37. szeredai akos

    rfid, more specifically the resonance based device (which comes up in this documentary) is not a tracking device, it works at really close ranges, its implementation as a tracker implies a dense installation of scanners that can only track those devices by traversing a large frequency band. that is impossible because it will eventually bite into widely used frequencies such as mobile, wifi, radio, tv, ... even if it will cost more then any other system ever conceived to be anywhere effective.

    technology itself is completely harmless. the user, however, might not be. besides, the whole is dependent on information technology therefore augmenting the power of the rulers also augments the power of anonymous.

  38. Jeffrey

    What a worthless documentary. The research done is quite broad, but this is a load of nonsense. Almost all is speculation, hardly any real evidence shown to convince people. This is just a conspiracy theory which could be true (like every other conspiracy theory), but it's way too suggestive and way too far-fetched to be true.

    Don't get me wrong. I do think measures should be taken to ensure privacy, but I don't think this is anything near the truth. Telling people what to put in a movie to make people believe that implementing themselves is good? Oh, please! Mock someone else. Maybe one or two movies are influenced because the directors have friends who once or twice told something about micro-chips, but a long list of movies to create public acceptance, is a really really far-fetched...

    1. Pysmythe

      It's the Illuminati Lizard People, and that's not just, like, my opinion, man... ;)
      I didn't really get that part of this agenda, either... That is, forty minutes worth of clips from films and tv shows depicting chip technology as almost uniformly bad, and this is supposed to condition us to accept the idea? I must have misunderstood some of the subtleties of "predictive programming" somewhere along the line. Even so, while corporations control our governments to the degree they do now, I think it is a very bad idea to broaden the playing field for them even more, not to mention the government itself not being very trustworthy "of late".

    2. Jeffrey

      The government & thr top 1% have been conspiring since the uprise of gasoline, where the seven sisters started to get a lot of power. This was around the 1950's. The only reason why it looks like multinationals own the world since recently, is because it has been brought to our attention due to fast globalization.

      The documentaries
      - Inside Job
      - The secret of the seven sisters

      Both documentaries are very very good! I really recommend them

    3. Pysmythe

      Thanks, I'll give them a look.

    4. Melanie

      Its already being done Jeffrey.....

  39. terencegalland

    Can one imagine being implanted in a public place in full view of criminals, it seems that criminals might have a chipping agenda which is way ahead of official sources how else can they explain their good fortune or ill gotten gains or youthful appearance, the whole system of implantation is open to
    question for instance horseplay and perhaps bent police looking to make quick money for favours of removing chips from guilty felons and implanting them into innocent victims!!!!!!!!

  40. bringmeredwine

    I'm sure this micro chipping will be made mandatory eventually.
    There's going to be a civil war because there's still many people who refuse to have flu shots or vaccinations
    I think the way to go (for the powers that be) will be to convince paranoid parents that micro chipping their children is the responsible thing to do as a safety precaution.
    Eventually, people who refuse to be chipped will simply be hunted down and easily eliminated.
    Hope I'm dead before we reach this phase..

    1. Jeffrey

      Okay, let me tell you something. There won't be a war about people getting chipped and no one will be hunted down and eliminated... That's all a big conspiracy theory which doesn't make sense.

      Why would any multinational or influential person want commotion on chipping while Smartphones & PC provide the exact same thing? Any smart phone you're walking around with is personalized and has gps + internet. Stuff you buy, you buy it off a website, internet history is sent to developers. The pc that is connected to the internet has private data and everything gets jacked by the NSA, just like the rest of the things mentioned. Probably sold to the highest bidder as well. So why would the world's top leaders want a thing that is already there, only in a different way?

    2. fnertz

      Because people are inventive and after all - you can actually put your phone on the table and walk out the door. Try doing that when the chip is in your arm.

    3. Jeffrey

      If people have those things injected, anarchists will experiment with it to find exploits etc. If it is accessible from the outside and if multinationals can alter things wireless (as suggested in the documentary), other people will be able to access it as well. So it won't only be the same as leaving your phone home, it'll be worse.

      Now, you can give a counter argument that almost no one can actually disable being spied on by phone. But that is because a phone is a luxury item, something to pimp with. A chip inside your body, which has to been put in everybody's body, is not a luxury item or spmething to show ofd with.

    4. IndustryOfBlame

      I don't see how some misinformed minority of people refusing to vaccinate their children would lead to civil war. More likely a series of epidemics.
      People microchip their pets because it allows easy identification when no other means exist. For humans, you have fingerprints, mugshots and facial recognition software, apart from the non-obligatory electronic appendages people carry around these days. No government will ever need to turn you into a cyborg for them to keep track of you, so don't worry :)

    5. fnertz

      That is why we have to draw the line at mandatory chipping.

      I think they will start with mandatory chipping for convicts and ex-cons. Then there will be a campaign like the one you're talking about - chipping children to calm parents.
      Then unemployed people will be chipped - to "assure that they're not cheating". Then all "weak groups" will be convinced to chip themselves.
      This will be combined with an effort to completely digitize money, which is already a long-term strategy. Then people will flock to chipping for the "simplicity of it".
      People that own property or own businesses will not be chipped because they will be seen as "too important to society".

  41. MAllen Documentaires

    All this technology and we can't help Target get a new credit card system?

  42. Pysmythe

    I can't help thinking that "Fish and Chips" would have been a better title for this little piece of covert Christian fear-mongering... That said, I don't personally know of anyone who thinks that chipping the population is probably a good idea, with our governments and corporations in the state they are (allowed to be) in now. My own thinking is that a number of things would have to change considerably (like much about human nature, for example...) before this kind of technology could be safely used, and I'm afraid I just don't see any of that happening any time soon to the degree that would probably be required. The potential for abuse and unjustified control does appear to be enormous, in light of the Snowden disclosures, among other things.

    1. Dave Ace

      And everyone thought we'd never let the US govt pass a bill to let them have access to our private email accounts... And yet, here we are. People will accept anything. I meet people all the time who wouldn't accept a microchip... But then, I meet more who would allow their children to chipped if it keeps them safer from the terrors of the world and even more who still don't even know about them at all. Those people use the technology every day and certainly don't understand it or care how it works let alone the human microchip's true purpose. ;)

  43. CapnCanard

    Not bad, but I saw Aaron Russo's "From Freedom to Fascism" in 2007... But this film is pretty darn good. Long story short: don['t get chipped. "Resist and live", or "live free or die."

  44. Horst Manure

    We are all just grains of sand, one grain is nothing but put together you have a beach, we all get caught up in buying a house get into debt have the best and the American dream ..only to find out it is all a myth when it is to late to do any thing about it when you want to retire.
    Millions around the world are finding their wealth is slipping away and they have worked all their life for nothing.
    Robots will be doing 45% of jobs now from Lawyers and above,, so who is going to buy the goods made by a robot????

  45. Philip Fong

    So? Don't tell us old news, make a video on how to avoid please.

    1. Dave Ace

      You simply spread the word and educate and inform as many people as possible. You do it like "THEY WHO ARE NOT US" do to us, the 99%. The only way they will get everyone accepting a chip is if those people are ill informed. So, give as many as you can the information... That's it. :)

    2. Philip Fong

      The chip implant is only for the wealthy people as credit identity while the ordinary people carry a hand phone and use broadband to access internet, no escape unless we don't use these things. The technology obsoleted my profession also gave me new opportunity, so I'm stuck.

  46. johnnyplant

    I have been saying all of this, word for word and found via my own research this dark agenda. Once I began sharing my resrearch on this 4 yrs ago, coined a conspiricy nut, friends tried to have me institutionalized. Qonsequences: suddnly being audited by IRS, computer compromised via NSA, DOD, etc, Algorthyms, key words etc, suddenly cast into a home growing terrorist. I will not be scared into stop posting my research, awaken the sheople, into people.

    1. a_no_n

      define research.

      Usually people are only called conspiracy nuts when they have no evidence and are spouting paradolia.

      Is it possible to you that if your friends had you sectioned it might have been for a good reason?

    2. fnertz

      1. "research" is when you look facts up and try to see if they are true.

      2. People like you (the one in a discussion that starts using the word "conspiracy" or "conspiracy theory") - like saying these words - "no evidence".
      That's just because you're lazy and don't want to bother looking at the evidence we actually do provide.
      Look at the evidence - then talk. If not - you will simply not be listened to.

      3. You have absolutely no proof of him having any real problems. And this is coming from "evidence-boy" here..? Just a cheap suckerpunch. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      You see what I just did here? You talked DOWN to this guy and then I talked DOWN to you. See?

    3. a_no_n

      your definition of evidence and mine must be two very different things.
      to me, evidence is something that can prove a claim.

      If people keep repeatedly telling you that you have no you not think there's a distinct possibility that you have NO evidence?

      I didn't suckerpunch anyone, i asked a genuine question. People don't just commit their friends to mental institutions on a whim.

      Please feel free to talk down to me all you want, because until i see some evidence for whatever you're claiming i don't respect you and don't really care what you think.

      most cranks and whack jobs tend to hate me.

    4. Jonathan Michael

      You misunderstand the burden of proof. If you say you have evidence to support your claim, it's you that must provide that evidence and a convincing argument that supports your hypothesis. You can't simply say that you have evidence and then condemn everyone who doesn't immediately waste time trying to prove you wrong.

      If you do, in fact, have proof. Provide us with your evidence and a valid argument and then we can have a discussion. If you can't do that then don't complain when people don't take you seriously.

    5. docoman

      You did well mate, I was still stuck on his No. 1. I can't work out how to look up a fact that is not true ;)