The Power Principle

The Power Principle

2012, Politics  -   268 Comments
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A gripping, deeply informative account of the plunder, hypocrisy, and mass violence of plutocracy and empire; insightful, historically grounded and highly relevant to the events of today.

This documentary is about the foreign policy of the United States. It demonstrates the importance of the political economy, the Mafia principle, propaganda, ideology, violence and force.

It documents and explains how the policy is based on the interest of major corporations and a tiny elite to increase profits and the United States governments own interests in maintaining and expanding it's imperialistic influence.

Inside the United States this has been made possible with a propaganda of fear for the horrible enemies like the Soviet Union, Communists and so on and a love for "free markets", "democracy", "freedom" and so on.

Externally (and increasingly internally) this has caused massive poverty and suffering, genocide, war, coups, crushed unions and popular movements and environmental destruction.

Part 2: Propaganda
Part 3: Apocalypse

Directed by: Scott Noble

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268 Comments / User Reviews

  1. “The idiots take over the final days of crumbling civilizations. Idiot generals wage endless, unwinnable wars that bankrupt the nation. Idiot economists call for reducing taxes for corporation and the rich and cutting social service programs for the poor. They project economic growth on the basis of myth. Idiot industrialists poison the water, the soil, and the air, slash jobs and depress wages. Idiot bankers gamble on self-created financial bubbles. Idiot journalists and public intellectuals pretend despotism is democracy. Idiot intelligence operatives orchestrate the overthrow of foreign governments to create lawless enclaves that give rise to enraged fanatics. Idiot professors, "experts", and "specialists" busy themselves with unintelligible jargon and arcane theory that buttresses the policies of rulers. Idiot entertainers and producers create lurid spectacles of sex, gore and fantasy. There is a familiar checklist for extinction. We are ticking off every item on it.”

    ― Chris Hedges, America: The Farewell Tour

  2. “Nationalism is our form of incest, is our idolatry, is our insanity. 'Patriotism' is its cult...Just as love for one individual which excludes the love for others is not love, love for one's country which is not part of one's love for humanity is not love, but idolatrous worship.”

    ― Erich Fromm

  3. The problem is Metanoia Films advocates communism. There is no alternative presented between the extremes of capitalism or communism. Solidarity Forever was a love letter to communism. So if it didn't work in Russia, Cuba or China where they had to modernize with capitalist reforms... what is the point of advocating communism NOW! I admire the conviction, I laugh at the stubbornness... Just when I try to take you seriously, you go off the rails and become, useless. And reduced to virtue signaling. And revolutions are not made from virtue signaling...

    1. No nation can go against the hostile embargos and armed hostilities to make its "revolutions" a success when it is embargoed and prevented from trading etc. The Capitalists make sure that they do not succeed. China and Russia have succeeded because they have at least achieved a well educated workforce which under the old system would never have been achieved. It's easy to say it does not work if you make sure you it does not through embargos and hostilities

  4. 'Israel aggression towards Iran'?? and it seemed a serious documentary ...

  5. History and mathematics, only one deals in facts

    1. Facts? Hmmm..... It is a universal maxim of history that the winner writes the history, regardless of what actually happened.

  6. We need to come together and organize ourselves. Enough is enough. The 1% can't hold back the 99%. They have hijacked our planet and are committing genocide on humanity's future - destroying our biosphere faster than any models predicted. What do we say to our children and their children? That we complained but complied? Not good enough. It starts with conversations and then an established common goal - one milestone at a time. Anybody interested?

  7. It's exciting to me that this starts with a quote from Jesus (Yahshua). He was the true revolutionary of all, engaging in pure SPIRITUAL revolt and only He had the real POWER to wage true revolution of spirit.
    It's exciting to me because the people who are sincere are recognizing the wisdom of His words. And we need no religious system, denomination, church, or organization to be part of His real revolution. Jesus (Yahshua) is a person, I am a person, you are a person. We are people living on planet Earth. Earth is a planet which is a really great ecosystem flying through space. How we incline ourselves to behave on this planet in this mortal life is a snapshot of how we intend to behave were we given the ability to live eternally. This is the qualifying round. Some people can't be trusted with even just 80 or so years of life. How much evil would they unleash throughout the universe if their evil little hearts were free to go on forever and ever? Now my heart is evil too, which is why I know I need a Healer.
    It's just encouraging that people are recognizing (and hopefully practicing) the wisdom of the son of God APART from all the fallen religious influences. Guess what Jesus did to the religious people? He made a whip and chased them out and yelled at them. He totally wrecked the place of organized religion. Literally. He was mad at the religious phonies. He still is, even though nowadays they claim to follow Him. They are in for a surprise when He does show up here back on planet earth again.
    If you are a sincere truth seeker, don't be offended at Jesus just because people he is also fed up with are liars and hypocrites. Also, if you are ashamed of Him, what He is and represents (not what He isn't and does not represent), then He will be ashamed of you when He shows up here. I'm not religious, but I do believe the man is coming back with all the power of the universe on His side, so I sit tight till He gets here.
    He will sort out all the terrible injustice going on here.

  8. In part one in the first few minutes, it shows president Obama saying that he thinks there should be an increase in military spending. I believe this must have been taken grossly out of context as that has never been his stance. I have read his books and more importantly, watched his actions. He has ended wars and refused to get into further wars being pushed by the RW.

    1. The American military is engaged in war all over the world. The American media propaganda has you confused. Do some researcfh and turn off the television...

    2. I don't watch television, but nice red herring. Pity you have nothing of substance to contribute to the discussion. I stated facts, facts from his books and you react with ad hominems. Typical

    3. Those are not facts. Obama presided over the destruction of Libya. He did not end the US war on Iraq, it continues fo this day. He tried to get US forces overtly involved in Syria, but was headed off by the Russians. He oversees the murder of people in many countries with drones. He presided over the coup in Ukraine and the ensuing war of ethnic cleansing by the US-installed government. Obama hasn't quite faced up to the fact that NATO lost the war in Afghanistan, so it continues to this day. Which wars did you think he ended?

    4. Nice story. Unfortunately for you it's just wishful thinking and/or paranoia.

    5. No story, just facts. How about a list of those wars Obama ended?

  9. Chomsky observes that as long as nuclear weapons exist, the chances of survival for the human race are slim. Do you agree with that observation?

  10. Excellent documentary ! informative and therefore worth-watching .

  11. So many ignorant comments here --- it is truly sad. People have been fed so much anti-American propaganda that they can't tell fact from fiction. The United States isn't perfect. Governments seldom are because men/women are flawed and greed motivates people to do terrible things. HOWEVER, I'm sure glad I was born in the United States where I am free to rise or fall on my own merit. As a woman, I'd rather be here than anywhere in the world, Regardless of what corporations do (and I'm not condoning evil) the American people have been incredibly generous to the rest of the world. We are the first to offer aid and help out after national disasters, we rebuild countries who've allowed those who've done us harm to thrive and we are still the only place in the world where people can start with nothing and gain great prosperity with hard work. All you haters can hate but I'm still proud of my country!

    1. You have to realize all your thoughts have been controlled since birth. Your opinion is completely ignorant.

    2. Your proud of your country because of blind nationalism. You've been conditioned to have these feelings your write about. Think about where are those feeling of patriotism stemming from? It's a by product of indoctrination, programming, and conditioning that's been going on since you uttered your first word. Throw out your conditioning and you'll be left with the truth.

    3. Where did you buy your rose colored glasses? I would sure like to own a pair so I wouldn't have to see the facts that confirm our government has changed due to rampant corruption.

    4. The truly sad thing is that you, despite living in an age when you have more access to information than ever before, are still blinkered by these primitive notions of patriotism that have been drummed into you from an early age, that you can't see the truth when it is literally slapping you about the face. I suggest you go out and see the world instead of mindlessly parroting American self-delusional garbage that has lost all meaning and credibility in the real world.

    5. I have not seen the film, but I think those who are angry at the United States are angry because it fails to live up to their expectation of what the United States could be, not because they think other countries are better.

    6. No, I think they're angry because they're being bombed.

      Your argument is not dissimilar to the 'they hate our freedoms' Bush gaffe. I think the only people who see the U.S., at this point, in such a naive way are Americans or perhaps those whose interests the U.S. protects. I'd like to remind you that most folks in the world are not from the U.S. but are nevertheless affected by that nation in one way or another.

      Beyond that I can't really think of any good governments offhand, regardless of what they 'could' be. However, the U.S. is the Empire of the Age and is therefore going to be the most aggressively involved nation in terms of foreign policy and the most hated as it meets resistance to its global ambitions. It's only natural. I wish it had something to do directly with the Bill of Rights, but sadly it doesn't. Anyway, we have a perfectly good U.N. Charter now for all nations, so who cares?

    7. The war on terror isn't over yet.This is the cold war version of terrorism, At the right moment, the Awful Horror would be seen where it is not supposed to be.The mounting evidences on this site alone is pushing the time of discovery closer and closer.

  12. Great documentary. It shines a light on the US government without airbrushing history . I knew they were wolves , but I learned more watching this. The stone cold hypocrites .

    I would be devastated to find out my country fed me with self serving propaganda to that scale . So much for American pride, with respect to its many good citizens.
    The human rights abuses, war crimes, trillions spent on questionable conflicts and arms with so many people living in poverty.
    It's important to verify everything you read and hear .

    1. I think this documentary adds a lot of fresh insight to the last century's history. Very well done, except the editing is poor. I wouldn't take the anti-U.S. stance personally: obviously as the world's prominent empire in the 20th Century, it's bound to do a lot of harm in the world (this is what empires do ma'am) and take a lot of heat for that. I didn't see the documentary portraying any other nation as better. It does leave the Soviet bloc, in the dark, but that's another story (the USSR had its own dungeons as
      Chompskey observes). What I think it does it get at is that a lot of good social programs were crushed by the U'S. before they even had a chance to take root, even to the point of allowing coups, fascism, or the worst of scourges- war and genocide- to take place. There is no denying these facts, all the documentation is there. All that's left is the motive question- fear, paranoia, concern for freedom, greed, intolerance? World leaders are not known
      throughout history for caring much about the people and will do just about anything to maintain power. As Mao said (and he did know war), power comes out of the barrel of a gun. And that's what really sad globally speaking, though I am happy that American women at least are far more empowered than they used to be. Let's hope things get better and not worse...

    2. My reply was @ Kim S. :P Sorry.

    3. American women are not far more empowered than they used to be. Most people, male and female, are disempowered. Female equality was just the same ol' switcheroo like emancipation. "You're all free now. Free to be debt slaves. Release the hounds!"

  13. The Only action that could open the door to a solution is if people DO NOT VOTE on the next election. I know, they tell us that voting at least gives you a voice...bullcrap! Voting allows them to control the sitting president. DO NOT VOTE and make it known loudly that YOU WILL NOT VOTE that NO ONE WILL....and see what happens. It's called a revolution!

    1. i agree we all have to stop playing their games...till then we will all be puppets and nothing more...

    2. And better a really dead rebel than a living dead puppet.

    3. I agree. Vote thumbs down. Help your neighbor. Do something to change the world. It stinks.

    4. There needs to be a huge demonstration in the streets and on social media on the same day/time, on D.C., or your State capital, or your local city hall. Get the media involved, for once and have a clear agenda of what your demonstrating. Whether it is the forced Obamacare, out of control student loans, non equality, etc. We need a clear agenda, instead of just talking. That was what was wrong with the "Wall Street" protesters, they had no clear leadership or agenda. Keep it in the media. It needs to be done soon....because of the up and coming elections! Start a petition online at, make sure your family, friends and co-workers are involved. We can make a difference. What is interesting, the US citizens have the most freedom, yet it is people in other countries that actually are on the streets protesting their gov. policies. It worked during the 60's-70's it can work again. When Bush, Jr. was in office he passed legislation that there could be no protesting within 15 miles of a president, especially if the press is there. We need to start a petition to change that!

    5. I think your right to boycott is one of the most powerful weapons you have as an individual. I can live on very little.

      To boycott a democracy that is actually a militaristic oligarchy seems the way to go for me too. Sorry Hillary.

  14. I am going to comment after watching the movie....oh well never mind, its about "US, Corporate global control, alien agreements, and other nation's bend on controlling the World population and Worlds' resources." Perhaps some of you might have come to understand "the Hindu term that describes " four ages", one age that human's are supposedly just entered has been just 2000 years gone , another 430,000 years of it-still come before next 'age comes into being'.The current age is known in this context as "kalyug".So, I suppose human's on planet are going to go through hell before "the ultimate golden age arrives." We'll all be dead,and born probably thousands of time, depending on our present "karma." Best "you,I," can do is to, I suppose enjoy human life and do our best,as we can to improve the situation.

    1. Hopefully we get to the point when we see the golden age is already here, currently from my position, Im partialy blinded, yet the glimpses are shining through. It is like once a while this thing happens, you talk to someone for just a second and you connect so deeply and the wind blows and you know why and what it is telling, the bird suddenly sings and you know he is telling you a story. You look at the clouds and they are talking about love. And then the same old **** and one has to just happened?

  15. This documentary seems to have been made by apologists for the Soviet Union. Given the number of people that regime murdered - and it was far more than Hitler's - surely the United States' policy towards it was justified.

    1. The film begins with a critique of the Soviet Union, genius.

    2. I'm clever enough to recognise propaganda when I see it. The film clearly portrays the US as both the aggressor and the more immoral of the two superpowers.

    3. No portrayal of one as more or less moral is evident in the film. The US empire is degenerate, global, and still exists. The Soviet empire is gone. The murder of over twenty percent of the North Korean population by US air power is more than adequate evidence that the United States policies were never justified.

  16. To REDIJ and others alike:
    Whoever knows and understands the history of Mankind cannot be against the North American people or any other people at all!!!
    But is undoubtedly that the great capitalist machine is beeing ruled mainly VIA government of your country and its enormous branches, including abroad, which you can cal EU, NATO, IMF, and so on...
    I can assure you that these feelings towards such a puppet government stands either towards other puppet governments, institutions, politicians or personalities alike, whose mission is only the defense of the great machine. The empire, the capital, the financial parasite...whatever you want to cal it.
    Therefore, if the people of the World may aspire to a better World, a better Economy and a better Life, it will ultimately depend on YOU. On YOU the North American People, once the machine can only be stopped if grabbed by the steering wheel.
    Know what I mean?

  17. PunchDrunkLove:
    Aparently you are not convinced with the arguments on Salvador Allende's history and with all the economic subversion that led to a not so wealthy and stable situation at the end of his 3 years of effort...
    Well, let me give you another exemple for you to acuse of being leened towards socialism:
    CUBA - when a cuban ask why does he/she doesn't have a proper tooth paste to use on a daily basis, is the answer because of the imprisionment within Castro's Communism/Collectivism, or because of the USA/UN embargo?
    In behalf of the 11 million Cubans willingly living in Cuba and the other 2 million waiting for the néon lights and mcdonalds to arrise in Havana, the answer seems pretty obvious.
    Think about that.

  18. One thing is clear ... despite all claims of promoting democracy and helping the common man ... the foreign policy of the USA has not achieved this end.
    What it has achieved is the promotion of the ultra rich.
    That cannot be a complete accident.

    1. That's because the ultimate goal of US policy is economic, and military, subjugation of the rest of the world to the New Globalist World Order, informally through local elites who are also invested in it, and well-rewarded by it, and maintain close political and military ties to Washington. The people of all the world suffer to keep the oligarchs rich- plus ca change, plus c'est la meme...

  19. I like this film, but it has a clear bias towards socialism, making out Chile was a socialist success story prior to the vicious US sponsored coup is misleading. Also, Che Guevara was hardly a saint, in fact he was a bone fide murderer.

    1. All soldiers are murderers, trained killers.
      Che was an idealist, he wanted to create the perfect
      world, without exploitation of the poor by the rich.
      Che wanted to create a world of perfect equality.
      Che didn't count on the greed of humans.

    2. we'll never know what chile would have been thanks to the coup .. that's the point of it all. they were making some strong moves that were helping their people instead of serving u.s. interest. and just like Gadea states .. he was a soldier .. and all soldiers kill.

    3. They got invaded cause they wouldn't cooperate with the US and big daddy must have his way

    4. there you go. Plain and simple.

    5. How is it misleading? No matter nothing gives America the right to do what they did. The question on Che is what made him as you write a"bona fide murderer". we will never know what Che might have become or did with his life if the US would not have interfered in his country.

    6. U can hardly call the kettle black. Does the US not murder it's own citizens.

    7. Cops do, not the government, or at least not unless they are hanging out with known terrorists.

    8. As long as you're clear under what circumstances extrajudicial murder by the US state is okay, then everything is cool.

    9. Hey, in most places where it has been tried, socialism works well for most people...

    10. How about the Soviet Union, Cambodia and China? Socialism is responsible for the murder of 100 million people last century.

    11. There is a difference between socialism and communism.

    12. From memory, I'm sure Marx referred to socialism as a state in a post-revolutionary society, and communism is ultimately socialism perfected. So not a great deal of difference really.

    13. marx wrote the communistic manifest he didn´t invent socialism. sashira you're absolutely right. It´s stupid to think any political ideology in effect now is perfect, but scandinavia is a pretty good example of why socialistic democracy far exceed´s what ever you would call america´s governing system in regards to social prosperity etc.

    14. The film does not make out Che as a saint; it mentions that the revolutionary government executed hundreds of people.

  20. It's a bit too easy to blame the US for all the evil in the world. The Soviet and China under communism was bad enough too, same as Nazi Germany. Just as the Roman Empire also did a lot of horrible things, just like the other empires before that. And just like single countries have been against other continues, and even chieftains of tribes thousands of years ago - even single families might have one or more of the members making life into hell for the others. Even children can behave utterly horrible against each other. And by watching the nature reveals that the strongest have lives that depend on the death of the weaker ones. I've watched another documentary (I think it was "All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace") where people in a large scale operation lived together in communities with the motivation of not having any leader and to cooperate systematically in all things, but even if they didn't plan it, still they automatically made a leader - the strongest, most intelligent or attractive one clearly had an advantage and used that advantage without realizing, and those with the least power had a disadvantage and let themselves be dominated by those with more power, even if they didn't know they did. So it's survival of the fittest and dreams about a utopia created by humanity will never be likely to succeed by anyone, no matter what they do.

    1. Good point...cant ONLY look in one location, in one time period, or in one culture. It does make sense when compared to other examples how bad things can get. But I have to disagree with you on one thing. Survival of the fittest in the animal kingdom does not have to carry over to humans. Humanity is capable of much more reason, logic, and ethical thinking. Clearly it has not happened yet, but everyone is physically capable of better. I belive optimism is the most radical philosophical standpoint to take. What if humanity can evolve into a higher consciousness? That could also be possible, but first this old mindset will have to end in order for a new one to take place, because the greed and lust for power is NOT a necessary part of survival. And you are saying the most intelligent, smartest etc. person will still become the most powerful and influential, what if enough of these people had good intentions and came together to change things. Thus proving to ourselves that we can be more than just animals thirsty for raw power at the cost of blood. It will take many centuries until a real global shift can happen, but it will happen.

    2. you can't solve a problem unless you know it exists .. and many people in this country do not realize the true history or scope of influence that we have had in the world. this documentary does one thing .. shed light on the true realities and motivations behind our politicians. also, just because we will never achieve a utopia does not mean we should not strive to be better then we are now. Just because "shit happens" .. doesn't mean that we should let the powerful go unchecked.

    3. Well said!

    4. The ones that do not know it exist are generally those that do not want to know. Also public school has an agenda which is to produce the kind of citizens that buy into the America is the greatest country in the world where freedom reigns and people are treated fairly and anybody that works hard will succeed. The majority of private schools agenda is to indoctrinate you into some religious belief.

    5. Human survival is not dependent upon the fittest or the strongest or most intelligent. it is not survival of the fittest. If it were, perhaps the herd of humans would be at a sustainable level instead or the extreme over population we have today. Of course it would be filled by the type of humans you describe.

      Having a person of leadership is not inherently bad neither. Most mammals have such a system in one form or another. I know of no social animals that do not. Seems that humans are one of if not the only species that it's leaders can be anyone with enough money. Other species follow leaders that increase the herds chances of survival or the families survival.

      All it takes for humans is money to start you out.

      So IMO a better term would be surviving under the greediest. If there were more Guevara's on earth than Du ponts and rockefellers and Bush s the world would be a lot more like the utopia it truly is .

    6. Would really be nice with a world where people did something like China, instead of having a flock of children that only get born to starve. It's really going to become unfathomable wars if the growth continue. I'm dreaming of a small, old farm myself, living sustainable and spreading the knowledge to others. It don't really take much to live good lives without raping the planet to death. Just by stopping to use grain to feed cows, there would be enough food for the whole world and yet a billion of people. If the US spent 1% less at military they could actually fix their country. Etc. It don't take much, but unfortunately people get filthy rich by making everything stay as it is. And the 95% of the rest of people seem to think that there's nothing much to do with that. So some Guevara's could be good. I don't think words is going to help much anymore. There's just talk repeated by people that tell other people that something should be done. No angry mobs. No revolutions. No resistance.

    7. I too am not in heart an American. Although born here, my family came from Holland-and I wish I too were in Holland. What I have become perplexed over is: Why no angry mobs? Why no revolutions? Why no resistance at all? Then I discovered that the same wiring that makes the meek be meek-also makes them apathetic. And that apathy will kill us all in the end. The world is made up of aggressors and the meek. And as I see it, this will not change. I have tried my best to inform and to spend of my time and money to get people to unite and fight back-but they would rather post on Facebook (which reaches no one but other "meeks"-and in few quantity), or they are "hoping" that their positive thinking will lead to a mental revolution. All delusions and no where near what is needed to bring about change.

    8. Right on Gigi

    9. Edwin, I can only hope you are one of the smart ones who know of the 'primitive brain' discovered in 2009 and prevalent in the conservative party. See they will die until every woman and man follows God's word and they will even fight for it for they think the end is coming anyway. Hopefully, I'll see you in a more civilized country somewhere in Europe, where we can have a cup of espresso while the bible belt gathers forks, knives, some weapons and maybe some machine guns while they get smashed by the US military. You have a PhD so I suspect a better view on the situation of the second civil war of the US. See you in Holland!

    10. I'm missing some angry mobs and revolutions too. At least american citicens with weapons in every home should make use of their right to make millitias to overturn their so called government. But I guess it's more simple to wait for the Pink Fairy to sprinkle some magic dust on the white house and make people into people there.

    11. Oh, Alv V, you must google conservatives and psychopathic behavior-after you do that, check into getting some drones for I don't think you are up to the fight that was once though possible during the 1700's. But if you must, get your musket ready and go for it. The drones will have you gone before you say "fire"....

    12. It's obvious that the only way you can sleep at night is to say "it happened in the past and so will never change" and blame it on survival of the fittest. You are ignorant as h*ll and obviously uneducated about a lot of the issues this documentary has touched on. Aside from the fact that you are uneducated, why don't you apply your humanity in your rationality and think about the fact that the USA has gone into all of these different countries under the guise of "Peace spreading and Democracy" while funding juntas and military guerrillas? How would you feel if another country all of a sudden said that your country was not living a certain way and so it will be invaded and you had no time to grab your several purses, makeup and hair die before you found out that everyone you knew and loved were dead?? And the fact that they died slow and painful deaths? That every woman and child you knew were raped, dismembered and set on fire?! All because of a country that said they were going to change your life in a good way and instead funded guerrillas and gun men to become the new law enforcement, while a maniacal dictator was getting ready to read you the new rules of how your were going to live whether you liked it or not? How would you feel? And how would you feel if you knew that people with mindsets like yours around the world were not taking the tragedy and injustice that you and your country just went through seriously?? And blamed it on "survival of the fittest"?? Survival of the fittest was the rationale Hitler had behind his thinking when he began exterminating people because they were not Aryan. At least those regimes you used as examples were honest about their intentions. The United States politicians are psychopathic, narcissistic, egocentric murderers who put on the guise of angels. If the US was at least honest about the fact that they were going into these countries for military and economic strategic reasons and became a military state already like they are headed, then at least I would respect the honestly. At least the American people would know the real reasons why they are going into these countries and their wives and children would know the real reasons why they are deciding to sacrifice their own lives. The fact that they continue with this bulls*it of saving lives and spreading equality is absolutely maniacal! It's people like you who are ignorant that perpetuate the ideology. But again, it's not your fault that at some point in your life watching almost a 5 hour documentary showing dead children and women and innocent people around the world has no affect on your psyche. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

    13. Where on earth did you receive your so called education? As if the American Government is the only Government on the planet as you describe. Talking about bullsh@$!!! Like you stated what ever gets YOU through the night. Study some other history. Even of nations that do not play on the world arena. You have got to be kidding. Most of Americas involvement around the world has been to counter other Governments whom are just as bad if not worse(if that is possible, and I believe it is.) The other reason is to further the riches of the greedy swine (no offense swine just a saying) who gives the politicians the money to stay in control and do their bidding. Welcome to reality. As if the USA is the worst in the world. Perhaps you should travel because you seem to have received an education from an university in Tehran or somewhere similar. Everything you described is basically in 90% of the governments around the planet. Certainly the big players on the world stage.

    14. Sadly you make a valid argument. I tend to agree. We will eventually destroy our civilization.Any creature that inherently puts the overwhelming majority of it's resources time and energy towards killing other members of it's own species is doomed. They will go the way of the Dino's and they will not have to wait on an asteroid nor disease.It will be self imposed destruction.

    15. "It's a bit too easy to blame the US for all the evil in the world."

      Except that's not what this film does.

    16. except "survival of the fittest" in actual evolutionary theory does not mean what people with your line of thinking about it think it means. which is that the organism that has the most willingess & capacity to do the most killing and domination is the "fittest". thats not how it actually works & the human societies you named like rome, china, germany, the us soviet union are not evolutionarily fit collectives. they are maladaptive deviant examples of evolutionary unfit collective organisms. they conform to no laws of evolution or nature that determine whether or not an organism is actually fit. thats what "fitness" in evolutionary theory means: the organism that has the most capacity through an evolutionary STABLE strategy to find and maintain environmental & social balance for long term species survival. we are just beginning to see some of the really concerning consequences of an evolutionary & socially unstable system beginning to manifest as profound damage to this planet because of technology. the atavistic backwards evolutionarily unsound mentality of dominance subjugation hierarchy total control that characterizes societies like the us china russia combined with technologies of mass destruction (which arent just weapons, but the products of this throw-away culture: plastic, chemicals, geo-changing activities, climate changing activities, etc) is evolutionarily untenable, and, as evolution has proven time and time again, long-term maladaptivity is its own solution. the collectivities that are actually most fit for survival on this planet are not the western or capitalist ones, but the indigenous societies that are not obsessed with global domination & subjugation & that have survived well into the 21st century in an unbroken line of 500, 000 years. the western world in 150 years of industrial "revolution" created nuclear weapons & chemical technologies that could kill this planet, never mind just one or two species. THAT, my friend, is classic evolutionary instability.

    17. It's refreshing to hear a sane voice in the evolutionary argument. Spencer coined the phrase as an alternative way to describe natural selection. Both terms have been grossly misinterpreted. I think in mainstream, uninformed contexts the terms 'dog eat dog,' 'every man for himself,' 'might makes right' etc. describe more the sentiment that people have when they say 'survival of the fittest.' This hyperbole is proffered up in the cloud of the 'social darwinism' legacy. 'Fittest' does not mean 'strongest' and certainly not 'most savage.' Spencer's term is in my opinion a poor sub-description of natural selection, as obviously evolution is an extraordinarily complex and subtle process that cannot be summed up in any single concept; certainly not just 'survival.'
      While none of us has a crystal ball, we can obviously rule out things like militarism as offering us any hope for a better future (though that remains a dominant current in our political culture). I think first of all as individuals we need to be aware of the quality of our own lives. That more than anything will change our consumptive behaviors and our image of politics and metaphysical or mythic entities like the nation-state.

  21. I hate the Goldberg variations

  22. I think that these people there called the !% or 2% will kill us all if they can not keep the power or proxy over us I think it has happen before we have the deluge? now I think were in the 5th age?? this age will be by fire that sound like nuclear you see these people all they want is power. this is a conundrum for me?? I just don't know???

  23. Although this documentary summarizes history well, it does this almost entirely one sided. . Propaganda like the documentary above to counter the propaganda of the opposite in the political spectrum has the danger of swinging the power pendulum too far causing similar power abuses. Clearly we can not hail anarchism or the USSR communism as a real alternative based on the atrocities of USA history. That said we do live in an era where corporatism or fascism has a grip on many economies and societies. I see the collapse of the current economic paradigm as inevitable as it only functions with unlimited resources and a strong common goal such as a common enemy. WIth current information availability i doubt the leading class can maintain a stable system. In my opinion there is no such thing as a conspiracy at the highest levels of governance 7 billion of earthlings behave too erratic even if mass manipulated through bad education and media. All societies that collapsed in human history with various technological advancements are historical proof of this. Our society requires reform in education, media and democracy. Starting with education

    1. If this documentary were "one-sided," which it's not, it clearly would not "summarize history well."
      If there is a danger to be cautioned against it should be directed at unsubstantiated and oxymoronic critique. This documentary does an excellent job of providing factual information along with credible sources. If you believe there is an inaccuracy, you can easily do the research, and should.

    2. I think i meant with "summarized well" that the chronology of meetings, Federal commenting processes and history frombthe persective of the anti salmon farm group. it is one sided as the documentary is.made by someone who is anti salmon farms. doesny mean she lying or distorting the truth perse. all i am saying is that the government officials should be open and assisting the tax paying civilians in their search of the truth with the full set of tools we tax payers finance for yhem.

    3. do not rule out anarchism

    4. Agreed! The very few times anarchy existed in our history it worked out very well until capitalism ate it - backstabbing-style

    5. In our current complex society, with 7 billion people relying on fossil fuels for everything from food, shelter, transport, clothing, medicine, there is no place for anarchism. It simply would waste too much resources to sustain that many people. The self-reliant communities where anarchy worked on a small scale should not be compared with the current connected and dynamic world. A lot has changed in 50 years my friend.

    6. With regard to dependence on fossil fuels, the pervasion of this technology and the supporting commercial, governmental and military networks associated with it have been driven by conspiracies for over one hundred and fifty years. People conspire to maintain or gain power, and fossil fuels are power, from their very physical properties to the role they play in geo-politics.
      As for anarchy, I cannot imagine a system in which more resources are wasted than the current one. The entire global economy is now almost entirely based on the consumption of wasteful goods and services, the pursuit of which keeps the average person enmeshed in the current power structure. Consumerism is predicated on waste, and consumerism is the impetus behind the current phase of capitalism.

    7. I guess waste was wrong word. Anarchy doesn't provide a framework for teh adequate distribution of resources. Even the most elementerary ones.

      As for your comment on the "entire global economy" you are clearly part of the developed world which consists of 1/7th of the global population roughly. Most people in the world just get by and dont have the means to be wastefull. What you see around you is not always what happens elsewhere. It is true though that the North American culture is influencing all cultures to a certain extend.

      I agree the driving force of todays economy is trashing resources.

    8. Again, the current system does nothing like providing a framework for the adequate distribution of resources. Resource accumulation and distribution is determined by speculators for whom the commodities serve as the basis for deriving symbolic capital. Most people on this planet do not have access to most resources, from adequate water to nutritious food to modern communication and transportation. Never mind access to modern health care technology and services. Your implication is that the current system surpasses anarchy in it's capacity to provide, and at the same time you contradict yourself by saying that most of the world has nothing. A minority of the world's population uses the majority of the world's resources to support consumerist lifestyles. If that's not wasting most of the world's resource, please do posit a hypothetical setting in which waste would be worse.

    9. On the contrary you are using your imagination to bring you to the conclusion there is no conspiracy on the part of oligarchs to influence history. History shows the opposite wherever civilization has been established. We would probably agree that there is no "one" conspiracy but a series of interrelated ones that travel together on some issues and separate on others. I can give you very specific examples of both.

      I agree with you on education where I think the vast majority of us, even those that follow the propaganda regime can agree. Children and adults (education does not end with adulthood should be trained in critical thinking skills although it may be too late for that now--I'm not even sure most people of newest generation even know what that is.

    10. I think we just disagree on the definition of conspiracy. I push back on the conspiracy theories because they are almost always pictured as some all mighty group of people that control history in a way that they don't have to take into account world dynamics.

      Like you say there are groups of people with joint interest that can influence history in a negative manner for the public at large. But I think that is condition caused by the human character not a conspiracy.

      The current imbalance in societies worldwide are caused by dis-proportioned power distribution (including shadow economies).

    11. Again, conspiracy is a regular and normal political technique always used in small or large ways depending on how much rules are enforced--and in our society the rules are rarely enforced. I saw it on the street and it is no different in Washington.

      My objection to critiques on conspiracy theories is that they are dismissed without a look at the evidence. For example, I have yet to see anyone take me up on the fact that in the Sihran trial the Coroner's report showing that the states case was bulls*it was not entered into evidence--RFK was shot from the back at point blank range--that's unambiguous. There was definitely another shooter therefore a conspiracy, therefore a conspiracy to cover up therefore anything the gov't says is suspect.

  24. While the US media is feeding the public pablum made from cancer causing GMOs, the US is clandestinely a global, metastasizing cancer.

  25. This is an amazing documentary. Can't say I'm surprised about much of it though. I've been aware of some of these things for a while and have been questionning things a lot. You don't need to be a genius to see something's not right... And you don't need to be an American to feel compelled to do something. It affects all of us.

    I just wish I knew what to do, except than sharing this (hopefully everyone who finds this good and and eye opener does so).

    1. Every little bit helps. Spread your ideas and concerns around. Ed

  26. We must, eventually, move beyond greed and money, Beyond the grossly distorted notions of self-entitlement the elite have, for which others pay the cost. if we are to survive. What value will money have when resources are distributed properly? When automation supplants the need for human labor? And production soars yet there are no jobs. We need to start thinking about a completely new economic model to deal with the these changes.

  27. I dont know whether it is another propaganda movie or really showed truth. But it is awesome. As history showed us that there is no single power stayed on forever. Will US go down in my life time?

  28. how do i get the pwr prin to play on my android device?

  29. I did not like the ending on part an iranian i'm not for war against my country, but the iranian government will be much more dangerous with a nuclear weapon; only solution is revolution against the islamist facists in iran, but i do not support america's action neither, as it is known they have been a force for evil than a force of good...there is no doubt about any case we must ponder about the future, before we try to fix the present, even though the future is never predicted

    1. gt, go back around 80 ago in your history and look at what the US CIA did to your leader then and since. It makes US covert intervention look sinister and ugly and surely a cause for animosity toward US. ed

  30. After watching part 1 I had to wait a day or so to view the rest, I was so disturbed. I know our government keeps secrets from us and I didn't used to think we needed to know everything they were up to! I can't look at it like that anymore. I am disgusted, I am ashamed of how the ultra wealthy have stomped on democracy wherever they have found it all for the all mighty buck. How much money does a person or a family even, need, how many cars can you buy, how many houses? Will it ever be enough? They behave like junkies wanting a hit, no amount of dope will fill that void. I am old enough to remember the Grenada conflict, I was all for going in there and getting our students out, of course after seeing this and knowing what all that was really about, I feel like an *ss. The media's complicity also frankly pisses me off. I always knew the news Americans get is lacking but to bald face lie or cover things up, not Cronkite or Dan Rather surely. Puppets all, what a joke no wonder the rest of the world hates us and wants to blow up our s***! I hate us too right now, what a bunch of straight up bullies we are. Every American should see this what an eye opener, especially now that their trying to sell us another bill of goods on the debt ceiling again. Cut the defense budget.

  31. that smirk bush snr displayed after telling a lady to shut up, who questioned why the US was killing priest in El Salvador, is reminiscnet of many of the worlds self serving leaders....Ive spotted it in the act our NZ PMs speeches when he's trying to deceive his constituents and ellude exposing to the truth behind his parties policies and ulterior motives...thats what happens when these international egos coverge on their playgrounds, and call it a UN conference conspiring to influence their own agendas.

  32. Well next big bullies will be China....lets see how the US CIA military regime handle their next piece of propaganda exercises. This power play of lies and manipulation by exerting fear into societies with lies and deceit, has become so predictable by the patriachal rule of corrupt govts and their financial bankers.

  33. What we NEED, then, is to get all our best minds together and brainstorm up a NEW form of government, not based on global intervention and (Neo-)Imperialism. Perhaps Communism in America WILL work. Perhaps it won't. We haven't tried because we don't dare. Someone told me the other day that Communism alone has killed more people than any other form of government. I would argue that Capitalism (Imperialism-based, because there seems to be no other possibility) has killed far more in the suppression tactics we employ against those who are simply trying to follow the example we've set.

    Unfortunately, the way to a 'Free Market' as we have it today and our 'Liberty, Freedom, Justice' ideals are splotched red with the blood of innocents (and non-innocents alike).

    America is the New World Order. One Imperialist Multi-Nation. Under 'God', whose very existence seems disproved by his allowance of our many mistakes. Indivisible, because we have all the nuclear power to keep others from leaving (or protesting, or rising on their own winds to became better than we could ever be). With Liberty and Justice only for the consumers who pay their taxes and have been branded with SSIDs--and even then, THOSE few 'benefits' are being blurred.

    Regardless of what you believe 'proper' Capitalism, 'proper' Socialism, or 'proper' Communism can manage, I hope dearly that most of us are beginning to see the problem with corporations running the UN. I hope people are beginning to realise that 'money' in our economy (thanks to Wilson--may he be denied rest until he learns just what he's done to us) is all automatically debt. I hope that people realise that our 'Democracy' is so corrupted that there is no hope of us effecting change through the current process. I hope people understand that the electoral college is grossly ineffectual in its 'goal' to provide a democratic voting platform for the 'free' people (now enslaved by Consumerism [and thus the few corporations that own We the People]).

    The American Capitalist Experiment has failed. We tried. We made too many mistakes. We allowed the separation of 'Church and State' that Britain still struggles against, but we made no such separation of 'Privatised Corporation and State' (that is, refusing these corporations the sway in our legal process that they currently enjoy--probably because our Founding Fathers would not have expected Consumerism to be at the heels--and, in fact, a constant motivator--of Imperialism and Capitalism [to such an extent as it is, by which I mean that our rights as citizens in a 'Democracy' are now being infringed upon by these Corporations]).

    And people are too caught up in their Red vs Blue (Rep vs Dem) battles [Nod to RoosterTeeth] to notice. We have allowed the media and our presidents and government to distract us from the real problems by encouraging us to pay more attention and become more involved in the 'righteous' moral fights that are so prevalent in our current society. Reps and Dems ARE the same, really. They mainly differ on moral issues.

    Wake up, people. Stop paying attention to these 'issues' that DO need our attention EVENTUALLY, but cannot be affected until our government has been 'corrected'.

    Perhaps the best solution is to dissolve the US and make every state its own State inside a commonwealth. Who knows? But there is now way that such a big empire with its own ideals in mind, run by corrupt bastards and privately-motivated companies can have its People foremost in mind. We all know that America no longer (if it ever truly did) has been fulfilling the purpose for which it was (supposedly) created.

    Cut military funding. Quit our Imperialistic tactics around the world. Dissemble all Nuclear weaponry.

    Renounce America as the SuperPower of the world, and lets us be one nation of many again.

    Pull out our nose before someone cuts it off for us. Let our foreign policy be backed by a desire for true peace, rather than enforced Nuclear stalemates.

    Dissemble our Capitalist system and build our economy anew. (What is the value of our paper money? What is the real value of our gold? What is a decent standard that we could now adopt? Favours? Food for work?)

    Encourage more research into sciences determined to find sufficient alternative energy sources which will allow us to live ONLY WITHIN OUR MEANS. (The same idea should be adopted for each individual—throw out the credit cards by which we trade imaginary funds that are entirely non-existent in the first place.)

    Allow other nations the chance to build themselves up without our intervention.

    Concern ourselves with those at home first.

    Cut off the head of all corruption in our Chairs and replace/rebuild our Government from the ground up. The Constitution would not be a bad place to BEGIN. Let this nation be BY the People and FOR the People as it was meant to be--and let 'People' include ALL people, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, (other various labels of little-to-no value, except as a means by which we may refuse those 'different' from 'us' their proper rights as human beings), etc.

    If our system is broken, We the People have a duty to fix it.

    America's future is in our hands.

    What will our next experiment be? We've MANY options before us.

    I will be proud to be an American only when we have managed to progress with no harm to others. We began as a slave nation, as Egypt and Africa. Let us upset that paradigm by bringing into collective human consciousness. Only in large numbers will we prevail against our oppressors. The People will cry out when they understand the chains they are tangled in, and especially when they begin to understand just WHO has manufactured them.

    The answer? Themselves. We have create the bed we are lying in because we as a People were so misled.

    This is the Age on Information. It is time to Educate ourselves.

    We CAN be more than we are. We can be happy. We can be prosperous. We can regain the sense of community we lost long ago.

    But only if we want it.

    Please, begin to want it, America. The lives of billions hang in the balance.

    This is our true responsibility.

    1. look up zeitgeist movement and resource based economy.

    2. america's future is in our hands, r. quincy ??? sorry but in front of us we have pepsico. , u.n. , imf , federal reserve ,the zionists , all the bankers , roche . the rockefellers , power institutions (visible and invisible ones ) and the list goes on beyond our vain imagination ... nature will crack us first , then and only then our collective awareness will show us floating in an immense and infinite cosmos with its emptiness urging for real change .

  34. Excellent, fair, well balanced report and hugely informative.

  35. very educational, WARNING this gives some very interesting information with lots of facts. Danger. The author then makes there own conclusions.
    One reason JFK was such a great president is that he died in office and it can be said that he had great plans and since he was not alive to follow through one can only guess how wonderful it would have been.
    To say the world would just love us if we only wanted peace for all is silly.
    Look at Mali or Egypt that is going to put soccer fans to death for rioting but not the police for killing the people that over through a dictator.
    To say that Iran never attacked anyone and that Israel is doing bad things to them while at the same time doing a 4 and a half hour show on the USA's secret wars is just not truthful.
    See the show and learn and see others and put the pieces together and you will be educated. See just what fits into your comfort zone and you are just a follower.

  36. Factually wrong and omits many facts where convenient. This is russian sponsored propaganda. 0/10 - wouldn't watch again.

    1. Factually wrong about what, and which relevant facts were omitted?

  37. Why isn't this mandatory information taught in schools? Goddammit this is your duty to spread to as many as possible. ASAP before people fill their brain with mindnumming corporate propaganda. Ditch work, meetings, school, sosial life and so on as long as you get to see this.. DO IT!

    1. Because 85% of people are so incredibly lost and stupid that they wouldn't even get it. I could show this to a host of people, their reactions would be everything from "It was good sorry I slept through most of it" to "what did we even just watch, I don't even know what they were talking about"

      Seriously, it's the same reason that democracy is a BAD idea, you can't let the mass control destiny, because the mass is fooking blind.

    2. and i assume you know who is not "fooking" blind ?

    3. Just an example, I found Adam Curtis's "The Power of Nightmares" and showed it to my "fox" viewer family in an attempt to dose them with some real history and hopefully change their mentality on a lot of issues. They watched it, acted surprised and seemed like they were really into it, but at the end when I was like, "so now do you see what I'm saying about the propaganda machine?" and the response was something like "Well if we would just have a strong military and enforce a draft and force people to start hunting wild game and get rid of all the lesbians and gay's and then bring God back into our lives thing's will work out fine."


      My reply? "Oh, I see..."

      What I'm trying to say is this, people will see and learn WHATEVER they want to see and learn from a video or set of videos. You can paint it out in broad daylight and they will still sit there stumped and come to the wrong conclusions, even when it's 100% black and white. I show my family a video about the dangers of nationalistic fervor, the lengths that news agencies go to keep the public disinformed, TONS of information to fill in the gaps of their knowledge, and all they walked away from it with is "we need more military and less gays" !!?? WTF...

      And I tested this on more than just family, I've shown it to friends, who halfway through I look over to see them playing angry birds on their cell phone or passed out asleep and if I ask them what they learned it's usually something like "I'm not really into politics, it doesn't affect my life." ... ... ...

      People don't care unless it affects their pocketbook.

      End of story. When more people are broke and scared, then they might start to care, but it will be short lived because "THE SHOW MUST GO ON!"

      Ami rite?

    4. Don't get so discouraged. I've tried to wake people up. Some respond right away. Others blow it off, go away, then process it over time and become curious weeks or months later. You may be having a larger effect than you know.

    5. yup, Sad but true, i want to find hope but people have too many buttons to manipulate.whatever movement rises, can always be twisted. seen people jump from difference to difference inspired by phone messages !!!

  38. very interesting an informative film

  39. @tostrivetoseek

    I agree with everything you said in your post. I have checked out the Venus Project. As I have stated (I think, although it may have been something I deleted), all of that is technically achievable today. Further, all who are involved in similar projects on any scale will do well in the coming years outside of government interference. (Amish farmers should fare very well. I had a small hobby farm with four of those families as neighbors. They were wonderful neighbors.)

    “I think there are a lot of people who would want to live in a more sustainable system, and I think a more sustainable system is possible“, AGREED, ABSOLUTLY. For sure, the current system is economically and environmentally unsustainable.

    In my use of generations I was highlighting our current times. Civilizations have repeated similar cycles throughout the ages. Each of those had crisis points that effected change. What I find myself wondering about (and I will state, with skepticism) is what will the crisis be that will effect societies enough to implement the necessary change in a way that will produce meaningful and effective action.

    I have to admit my skepticism.

    I’m no new-comer to sustainability. I did the Mother Earth-er thing for quite a while on that hobby farm, had a seed bank, grew fruits and vegetables, built a methane digester, maintained a few livestock and an osmosis water filtration system for a well pneumatically or if need be hydraulically driven. There also was the ability to power the place through the methane system if needed. That was a personal 1970’s experiment.

    I’m an old Seeker.

  40. This documentary starts with “atrocities” committed by the two big bullies of the times, the USSR and the USA. They achieved these atrocities by supporting various entities found within the various countries of origin. Then explanations are given as to how this was achieved by the two bullies. After bankrupting the USSR the USA finds itself as the only remaining bully.

    Then it begins an educational session about the marketing master mind Eddie Bernays and his use of psychological marketing to brainwash the American public into becoming uncaring mindless ravenous consumers. Each citizen shrinking in fear of all outside threats created through the very same methodology. (Can anyone guess the name of the moderator of this Doc?)

    This battle has two opponents with diametrically opposed positions. The one being criticized in this doc is the Capitalist Utopia. There is however another Utopian ideology out there. It first arrived in the good old USA in 1876. It was found in the temples of higher learning as early as the 1900’s. It can be researched in the 1960’s form as the “1969 Weathermen manifesto”. In its less radical form it now has a Redux version that can be easily researched. If you’re really interested, I understand they are still recruiting.

    The Eddie Bernays method comes in two forms, a hard sell and a soft sell. Commercials are the hard in your face sell appeal to ones narcissism. The soft sell you have just heard. It appeals to ones altruism and sense of fair play with the calm low voise of a woman moderator. Both play fast and loose with truth.

    Both forms of propaganda have proven successful. By the way if anyone knows of a successful Utopian society that exists without heavy handed control and a ruling oligarchy that shares the same life style as those ruled, let me know. I’d be interested....

    1. Check out The Venus Project by Jacque Fresco. Yes it is possible to have a more peaceful world that doesn't destroy the environment and keep people in poverty. We have the the tools, the technology. Don't let a failure of imagination keep you from believing in a better world, or thinking that the only alternative is terrorism and anarchy. It just isn't true.

    2. @tostrivetoseek

      I must have been half asleep when I commented. The point is simply this. I was a young adult in the “Trust No One over Thirty” generation. It was a period of major change in the global ethos. This change affected the world view of the late baby boomers, their children and their children’s children, the current generation.

      At that time I operated under the old ethos and actually I still do with one caveat, never award trust. It’s very like the Glasnost term “Trust but Verify”. As an example, I first learned world history in the confines of a Parochial school, a very one-sided viewpoint. Being confronted with this fact, I found it necessary to read other histories on the same topic from three or more perspectives, one being that of the Britons’. Each had a different take on the matter. The process allows one to achieve a gestalt in the various subjects if you can do so without a prejudiced eye. One view of history is another’s propaganda.

      The Venus Project and many ideas of the aforementioned generation are laudable, almost Utopian. A Utopian society must be inhabited Utopians. There are none and there is no evolutionary drive, biological or universal ethic, toward that goal. There would have to be a controlling entity to enforce utopian behavior. What has history show us about controlling entities?

      Some of the ideas of the “Trust No One over Thirty” generation actually preceded them throughout the 1930’s. They began in earnest (in the US) in the late sixties. Europe was already well on it’s way. Lying at the door of the current economic situation we find the ethos of this new generation and en mass this generation will deny it and point the blame elsewhere. There is never any personal responsibility. The current generation, as a whole, has never faced a global collapse. I believe we are about to but without the ethos of our forbearers.

      If you need an example of real manmade catastrophic climate change watch Ken Burns’ documentary “The Dust Bowl” and see the societal reactions before, during and after. Take particular note of how they returned to prior practices due to the discovery of the Ogallala Aquifer and modern farming techniques.

      Top Documentary Films does a great job presenting opposing histories and ideas even when spurious. I would enjoy reading the reactions to a doc called “Generation Zero”. Just for the purposes of gestalt.

    3. Hi Philio; Here is where I think you are wrong: sometimes facts are the facts, and not propaganda. The fact is, our particular breed of unchecked capitalism, with multinational corporations doing pretty much as they please, along with the military-industrial complex that has only been in place for the past century or so, is absolutely destroying the planet. That the forests are being decimated, the atmosphere degraded, the land eroded and desiccated, the living world pushed to extinction, and the oceans acidified, is simply not a matter of perspective.

      That the previous generations, beginning in the thirties or whenever they did, all had some sort of reaction to these facts is to be expected. When any aware person sees what is going on, they will naturally be upset and want to change it, and this has manifested over and over with the beatniks, hippies, Occupy movement, etc. The fact is is that it doesn't really have anything to do with 'generations' -- from the time that we started polluting our planet on an unprecedented scale, became imperialist and antagonistic, and allowed corporations to run amuck, there have been people who have felt the need to stand up and say/do something about it. This has only varied by style and degree.

      I also think you are confusing any vision of a better world with an impossible utopian dream. Of course, we all agree that utopia, or a perfect society, is impossible, but I disagree that we can't get close, or at least develop a lot better system than what we have now. The principle behind the Venus project is that we have the ability to create abundance; when there is abundance, there is no need for war and crime. I encourage you to read more about it. It might not be totally feasible in every detail, but I think it has a lot to offer in terms of constructing a more harmonious and eco-friendly civilization.

      I think there are a lot of people who would want to live in a more sustainable system, and I think a more sustainable system is possible. It's about using our technological prowess to create a better and more efficient world for all, and it can be done. The powers that be are intent on maintaining the status quo, and then there are a lot of people who just go along with things and accept it is 'the way things are.' But there are also people living on sustainable properties, off the grid, in co-ops, and using permaculture. There are a lot of people who are shunning the materialism and unchecked greed, the consumerism that we have been conditioned to pursue. I can't say that it is 'my generation' (Y), because there are people of all ages who are becoming more aware and working towards a better way of life. But then again there are a lot of people who just care about getting the latest iphone and the biggest house. The native American cultures, by the way, did live in a healthy, sustainable society. Of course we can't go back to that way of life, but I maintain again that is the worst kind of narrow-mindedness and defeatism to say that, with all of our collective knowledge and intellect, that we couldn't develop a better system if we had the chance. The one we have now is on the fast track to ecological havoc -- surely that isn't the only way to exist on this earth.

    4. Native Americans did not live in a healthy, sustainable society, anymore than any other culture did. Native Americans made war on one another, and exploited available resources to the best of their abilities. It's not defeatism, as humanity as a whole is not at war with some anti-human entity. The genes strive to be passed on, and that's about the long and short of it.

    5. best of our abilities at exploitation is rising to new height, Moma earth is gonna cough us soon enough and then rebuild like we never existed. Might be blue with shiny eyes and tails from nuclear fallout before and earthquakes put us in our place..ahh the fundamentals of Systems, overload them, they re adjust, Am sure the coming readjustment will be scaled to the atrocities we are committing. Get ready , live your life , am gonna try and have some fun, appreciate whatever is left of natural variety, cuz after am gone, more will come

    6. Yeah if we surrender power to a benevolent socialist leadership that will determine everything for us.

    7. Have you researched it? No one makes anyone do anything -- it is much more democratic, freeing and empowering than our current system.

    8. I would like to believe in it, but power is reformed in any society to fit its standards, and some manipulative people will always be there hungry for that new "power". stupid smart good gullible people will be there too, .....choosing the food, locations, the masses must be led. leading is power... whatever gets their high. might be better, not perfect for sure with a great chance of corruption

  41. This is an excellent series well worth your time. But you must also read George Orwells Animal Farm where all the animals are equal but the pigs are a little more equal. Then you need to read Edward O. Wilson's new book on the Evolution of Society in which he theorizes that documentaries such as this and books like Orwells describe our true and unchangeable natures and that we will more or less always be like this. Mankind has dreamed of a better world for centuries and yet we are as far from it as we ever were.

  42. Some of the comments here disappoint me. Yes, actually, it does mention the crimes of the Soviet Union - it actually opens with them! In the first 5 minutes! But it's not about the USSR so it doesn't go into depth about it. Some people, lately, seem to think that to criticize something you must also criticize its counterpart in equal measure in any particular statement, to be "fair". What they really want is to get 2 wrongs to make a right. I wonder if these people had mothers to tell them this is simply wrong, or if they're just more intellectually lazy than the average 5 year old.

  43. I grew up in USSR, and for me to suddenly hear that our murderous regime was in fact peace-loving, mellow and harmless is just insulting. It's like saying that Stalin or Hitler were actually nice guys. Soviets were aggressively anti-West, that I can tell you by what brainwash I was fed daily at school, and in media. If they did not invade or interfere in enough countries for these filmmakers to start counting, it was only because they were doing so at the expense of their own people and eventually went bankrupt doing so. And thank you CIA and Mr Reagan for helping them to go under!
    I started to watch with great interest, but was just appalled at the heap of lies these guys have managed to pull together. They've blown their chance of making a decent documentary and have concocted a chunk of pathetic leftist propaganda instead. Frankly, I'm disgusted.

    1. You never really had socialism in Russia. The fact is that we have to come up with a new economic paradigm because technology will continue to automate and displace the need for human labor.
      At some point people must see they can accomplish more working together than competing. They should outlaw the ownership and sale of any natural resource and products should be built to last based on the amount of limited resources there are. There has to be a better way than a society in which everything imaginable is for sale in which money is printed by the privately owned banks and corporations that control our government

    2. ...

    3. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

    4. It was a harsh regime but I don't think anyone in the doc was claiming that it was "nice". Maybe you had to grow up here, and been exposed to the aggressive anti-East propaganda of the times, to understand that the point being made was that the Soviets were never as much of a threat to the West as we were told, and never had the stomach for war we believed that they did. As you pointed out - they couldn't afford to compete.

      Unfortunately the mindset of the Soviets lives on - in the West. We may not be harshly repressing the population (yet) but already things have changed from before, especially since 9/11. Things were moving in a more authoritarian direction even before that, though. I wish you could've known the West as it used to be, when we were really free, and average people had a good life. But I fear that, for you, it is going to be a case of "out of the frying pan and into the fire".

    5. I didn't notice that at all--I noticed nothing negative or positive other than the obvious fact that the Soviet Union was interested in its own affairs and after WWII and the death of Stalin the regime changed profoundly to resemble your garden variety authoritarian regime rather than the Kingdom of Fear that Stalin and his bunch created.

      But the subject of the documentary was not Stalin or Russia, the subject was the truth about U.S. imperialism. Whether U.S. imperialism is a good idea or not is another question. I suspect you may agree with that imperial project which millions of people had to die for. The Imperial project had nothing whatever to do with the Soviety Union--killing Nicaraguans or Indonesians in huge numbers or hundreds of thousands of Guatamalan Mayas had nothing to do with the Soviet Union and everything to do with making sure that no alternative to predatory capitalism was possible. Is better than Stalinism? Most certainly! And you're right the left often ignores this issue.

  44. Didn't USSR invade Afghanistan? Where's is that mentioned in these documentaries?

    1. No, USSR did not invade Afghanistan. The USSR puppet was in collapse, under siege by US-backed insurgents. While the military force that came rushing in to secure the country certainly walked and quacked like an invading army, it was simply a friendly gesture between allies, like the 1965 deployment of US troops to help out the ARVN.

    2. The USSR was deliberately lured into a well-laid trap, yet another iteration of the Great Game that has never ended and is still playing out. The Soviets showed their stupidity in spades in Afghanistan.

  45. So this website is blocking me from commenting, as Roy Wright, so what this is the best doco i have seen to date! and I like you Lord_Grammer, a realist, guess we better make the best of a bad situation and enjoy what we have and count our self's lucky we were born in the first world. if reincarnation is true then lets hope we have good..... karma !

  46. If I hadn't seen/read a lot of what is in this documentary before I watched it, I would probably be in a straight jacket in a mental institution. But, alas, I was not surprised by what I viewed. Sometimes, I wish I could go back to being the mindless i*iot I was in believing how great American is. I feel like that dude in the Matrix who wants to be plugged back in because he can't eat steak any more. This documentary is a must see for all, it is well done and the information is invaluable. 5 stars.

  47. An excellent documentary that calls a spade, a spade. I would love to see this documentary played on the FOX channel, just to see the response of mindless simpletons who believe the minutia they are being spoon fed on a regular basis. Who knows, they might even choke on it like George bush did with his pretzel.

  48. Thank You producer Scott Noble.
    An excellent must watch film. Terrible - Horror far more psychologically terrible then anything hollywood
    can do - perhaps, because truth is so damn painful.
    I know I don't want to believe that I have supported governments and industries who have wrought so much terror and inhumanity in the name of it's opposites on so many nations. Worse, that 'we' have been doing this so long and continue to today.
    I, like others, seek my own solutions; I have none worthy enough to advertise or coerce.
    Recently I was reminded that "to resist" is also action. So I research where I buy, review what I really need. I still VOTE, but
    seek a vote for those I think might still be flexible, and those who talk to rather then at people - I forward films like these to
    those (leaders/representatives) as well as to friends and family... I know I can not force others to 'think' or to want to 'learn';
    that would make me the same as those I oppose, only different by degree.
    Will there ever be enough in numbers whose education and will provide us all with a way forward? I don't know
    any more, except that I do not think Europe and Russia- former soviet union, (or Green land, Netherlands) and others will 'go quietly' into the plutocracy Corporations and Elites are in progress toward... some of these countries seem more knowledgeable then the average North American...a small grain of hope to be sure. And who knows, maybe my own country, Canada and the UK will one
    day grow tired of our servitude to US led policy, and get off our backs, close our spread-eagled legs and stand up for our selves
    for a change... In the mean time, good luck to all ...

  49. It looks like I was right to protest nuclear weapons when Reagan was president.

  50. How can anyone not like this doc? Calling it absurd, really?! What, you don't like history supported by actual facts?
    Sometimes I think that some of the commenters are just planted there to misinform and scrutinize real thinkers.

    1. true that. I seen a doc on netflix just the other day called dark... something which pretty much layed out in rather extensive detail about how bush 1 was in dallas as part of the kennedy assasination on the day he was killed, and prescot bush was down with the nazis. The bushes-skull & Bones brothers, CIA----they were some bad boys back in the day & it would be naive to think they didnt get away with murder in their rise to power.

  51. excellent documentary

  52. This is beyond absurd

  53. Your site is quite lame as you allow pop ups at every wrong move of the mouse and lie about it too.Really lame!

    1. @Arienduvas

      Hmmm... This site does not serve pop ups. Even if it did for a moment it was accidental and unintentional. And what do I lie about?

    2. Off Topic -> Vlatko, thanks for collecting all these documentaries and allowing me to spend endless hours watching the non-conformist point of view.

    3. @Arienduvas:

      Do you run Fire fox, Opera or Google Chrome? if you do they all have built in pop-up software to stop pop-ups, either you do not know how to use software or you are all virused up maleware etc:

  54. What I find most interesting is the idea that this movie has about global development. Its like everything from the 1950's and onwards, probably till this very day, can be understood by analysing American foreign policy. Poverty, global inequality, the rise of global institutions and the way the state of the world is right now seems to be the sum of all the actions that American imperialism has taken, although I really dont know if the words American of Corporate or more fitting here. Is it government that acts on behalf of American citizens, which means that American is appropriate, or Big Business that rules foreign policy? I am tempted to say Big Business but that feels a lot conspiracie to me.

  55. like there are two sides of a coin, there are two sides to history. The winners and the loosers. Which do you choose to know? The film only brings the exposure, only you can have the experiece... What you take, is what you take. As in, what you give, you recieve....

  56. It makes me sad te see the amount of suffering the current systems and power structures have caused, and is still causing. I can just hope that all the poeple start waking up and see the truth. And that alternative systems will be developed and replace the existing systems.

  57. What is the real end game here? So yes, the US has the best chance of ruling the world but that does not mean that they will be the happiest? Well, maybe for a handful. Like ekniets was saying as well, people need to realize that the political agendas in the US are creating more enemies than friends and its people are becoming increasingly unable to see the relentless lose-lose situation that is resulting from these conflicts. If money represents trust and responsibility it is no wonder that the US economy is penguin-diving because - I don't know about you but - I personally cannot trust the guy with a gun to my head and I may respect the gun but not the man holding it.

    If we look at the US - and its awesome culture - separate to its economy we may start to see why its military needs to keep growing. It needs to keep its massive gun for the sole purpose of pleasing the elite few and to maintain 'world dominance' as if it is some kind of Worldcup Finals. I know that the american people are strong and intelligent. I just wish people are able to see past their flat screen tv's and see what is really going on because they are the only ones who can stop it. Is the end game the conquest of the entire world at the price of THE ENTIRE WORLD or the dignified modesty that will utilize respect for a balanced future for all mankind?

  58. Why is this bit of Russian propaganda any more believable than the US propaganda described in the 3 documentaries? A pox on both your houses!

    1. Yes a pox on two more houses .. thats all we need. Thanks Mr/Mrs/Miss Sorcerer for sharing your particular kind of ‘constructive’ criticism. I would type a little more but couldn’t be ***ed.

    2. Russian propaganda?
      Please prove Scott Noble's association with the Russian State.

  59. A fascinating look at how the American public is sold the illusion of freedom and why the American Plutocracy is determine to maintain control of the world.

    1. Its not 'America' most Americans are victims too.

    2. Unfortunately The Americans are the victims too.

  60. I don’t think it’s as complex as some would like us to think. I agree that learning much more about each issue is a must. So, in a short time, I read from different sources, trying to keep it balanced and with an open mind.
    You know what I found?
    The American government is as imperialistic as any have ever been.
    I used to wonder why we kept so many troops in bases all over the world. Did it protect us from Communism? No, it was not really an issue. Did it protect us from Terrorists? No, we may have eyes and ears out there but when the true test came, they were of no value.Does it serve to enrich our relations with other countries, and in doing so strengthen our safety here is the US? No, Most countries hate us for being in places we don’t belong for our own benefit.That in turn has actually weakened us as a nation.Has it contributed to a balanced economy…well we know the answer to that.
    I think that when others insinuate that we can’t understand because there are many layers to why we do these things are playing the game of “I am all knowing, a scholar with many years of back ground so therefore, what you believe, of course, can’t be true.You can not possibly understand”

    I am deeply disappointed that my country has chosen to do things in this way. I used to be quite a flag waver, not any more.

  61. I would encourage people to conduct there own investigation, without preconception, into many of these ideas and arguments. Whilst many of these notions and issues raised are founded in truth and should be acted upon, there has been a great degree of sensationalism and single sided agenda pushing utilised in this production.

    remember complexity is far harder to understand then conspiracy.

    For those who have watched this documentary and are concerned about what they should do, the answer is simple. Help change the system, contact your elected official and if they won't do anything to help, find someone who can and if you can't find anyone, learn as much as you can and change it yourself.

    keep up the good fight.

    1. Yes the last bit was maybe a bit of sensationalism (with the nuclear stuff)
      But apart from that it seemed pretty right because it seemed to have a lot of evidence, no?

      (excuse me for my english, it's not my native language)

  62. Could you really watch this documentary? I live in the Czech republic. When I try to reach this documentary, it is blank. There is no reaction. I try to watch it on youtube, however some parts are deleted. Recently I feel strong censoring activity on youtube and other sites. What is your experiance about censorship? Could anyone recommend me a free site where I can watch this document without intervention?

  63. I don't think the makers of this video would advocate leaving or avoiding society. On the contrary, I think they would tell you to become a thorn in the side of the leaders through organized rebellion. The spreading of information about the deceit that it is pervasive in our media and history books is a significant change that the internet has allowed. While most people are still blinded by the billboards, I would argue that more of us are becoming aware of the game now than in any other time in generations. Humanity can fix these problems and we should all strive expose those responsible. Keep the faith in your fellow a-holes.

  64. It truly sickens me to know this stuff happened and is still happening. It makes me ashamed to be an American. There is simply no justification for it except to say that if you live here you know just how powerless we few informed citizens are to change it. When I try to explain this stuff to people I must sound like a conspiracy fr3@k because they never believe me. Then they ask where you got this information and you hate to even say it because it sounds so bad, "I heard it on the internet." If you try to explain then that it is verifiable information and was a ligitimate documentary, not just some guys blog- people just tune you out it seems. Especially my parents generation, over sixty-fivers- they will not hear this stuff. Maybe a few of the old hippy types pay some attention to you but, they are burnt out anyway and fairly useless at this point. I know a guy that hasn't blinked since like 1968 or so, fun to be around but not exactly Thomas Paine if you know what I mean.

    Besides, our economy is so intertwined with all this, our political system is so corrupted with it, the military industrial complex is so far reaching- it would take turning this country upside down and starting over to fix this. If America tommorrow pulled out of all these countries and stopped interfearing, turned over mineral rights to the peoples of all these countries we have our greedy little fingers in- our economy would collapse and that would inturn cause many other economies to collapse- it would be a global economic melt down- literally. I am not saying therefore it should continue, I am saying this is what it will realistically take for this to stop, that is what is really at stake. Realizing this makes me think we will never stop this because doing so would mean the end of the present global power structure, it would bring forth a whole new geo-political paradigm really. I am not sure who would emerge as the dominate power but the world would change accordingly and many would suffer in the process. I think the powers that be would destroy it all before allowing this to happen.

    1. i agree this doc leaves us with a feeling of requires to quit entirely....quit what? quit voting, quit banking, quit buying stuff, quit signing documents, quit driving...using gas, quit for a day and then for two and then for three and then for four and then continue until they get it! but who will?

    2. How can you quit all that and survive? Thats the thing, they have us by the short and curlies. Normally I am kind of into that kind of thing LOL ;) but, this is no fun at all. Our continued existence requires us to be part of all that. We have to have an income so we can consume at least enough to survive. Jobs don't allow us to just stop in the name of political protest for a few days nor could most of us afford it if they did. I live on a farm and we are fairly self sustaining but, some things we are not allowed to provide for ourselves. Communications, which are almost a neccesity if you livve in rural seclusion with sick and aging parents, comes to mind first off and of course utilities are restricted more than most people realize.

      At one point we had set up a small hydro-electric generator powered by a local creek crossing our property. We actually managed to generate enough power to supply our home and more but, they shut us down. One day the major state sanctioned yet privately owned power company informed us that we would be seeing the EPA and other agencies soon if we didn't remove the generator. We also caught some flack over producing ethanol for fuel after being turned in as moon shiners by a local fuel company that usually supplies all farms in this area off road diesel and other petroleum products. Now we produce so much bio-diesel we actually partially supply a huge commercial farm operation close by for cost only, no profit. This way we can't be hit for tax evasion or liscense violations because we are a non profit entity. At least thats what we are hoping. The commercial farm does give us thier left over organic fertilizer, chicken sh1t to be more candid about it, but I don't think that counts as payment as they did this before we ever gave them any bio-diesel. Anyway my point is they have set the system up in such a way that dropping out completely really is impossible if you hope to live a somewhat stable and normal life. Most people can't even manage what we have because they live in urban areas or rent thier home and have no real resources to work with.

      It makes me want to move out of this country but, in reality I could never leave this farm that me and my dad literally hacked out of the wilderness with our bare hands. I mean after thirty something years of living here it finally looks like a farm, when we moved here it was literally a pine forest with a narrow dirt road running through it which became our drive way. We farm honey bees and vegetables, grind corn meal, and cook molasses in the open pan over a hardwood fire, ride horses- its like walking into little house on the prarie man, its a trip. How could I leave that? There is never a boring day here, life is still an adventure after thirty-nine years. Especially if you add a few herbal amenities to the mix in a respnosible fashion. I can't say I love the somewhat red-neck environment we are located in and I have certainly experienced a ton of trouble due to my more liberal mind-set conflicting with it but, I love the sixty acres or so we live on.

    3. Love may be what keeps us in the predicament that we are in. Will hatred get us out of it?

      For you it's a sixty acres piece of land that you have molded with your own hands like a potter molds his magnum opus. Who could give that up? Who will own that piece of land in 300 yrs or 3000? What will they do to it? What is that piece of land to you now but the most comfortable, enjoyable, personal jail one can own. I know this sounds very exagerated even crazy to think this way.

      For others it may be a child that represents the partner gone, or a good paying job and the many hours it requires away from the loved ones, or it may be a country and it's borders...ect.. There are millions of ways for not wanting a radical change, different for each and everyone of us but certainly heartfelt if not genuine.

      There are no solutions we (as a mass) can think of, so i suppose life, earth, time, coincidence will find it for us. We just have to stay put in our comfortable and secure or not so secure every day and wait for the magic bullet.

      Two days ago i quoted Osho as a joke, here is an other of his thought:
      " At the very center of all the illusion is the illusion of "I am"- the ego. That is the very root, the central illusion and all other illusions move around it. They support it, they feed it, they are supported by it and they are fed by it; t is a mutual arrangement. And between these two, you and your reality are utterly lost".

      I like the way you describe your land, after reading your comment, i was able to close my eyes and see it like the set of a movie, i am relieved i don't own it because it would literally own me.
      edit: i must with any extremely beautiful places on earth, i would be more than happy to visit it and so would many. Ever thought of becoming a WWOOF farm?

    4. You know what, I think you've got it all wrong. You seem to be left with the same impression as the guy or gal below. Listen its simple, you dont have to quit voting, you have to change the voting system so that it works for you and not against you, and then you can continue voting. You dont have to quit buying gas, you just have to stop propping up corrupt dictatorships and pay the proper price for your gas. Then you can continue using gas. You dont have to quit banking, you just have to change the banking system so that its not owned by elitists, then you can continue banking. You dont have to quit signing documents, you dont have to quit driving.

      Your systems have become corrupt. They are arranged in a certain way to benefit elitists. That does'nt mean that the systems dont work, they just dont work for YOU. Who the hell says you have to burn down the whole thing and start again? What has given you this impression? Did the greeks and spanish burn their countries institutions down when they took self determination? No. They took control of the institutions themselves! They didnt destroy them, they USED them to benefit the people they should always have benefitted.

      You people have to wake up. You dont have to destroy anything. You just have to change things a little. It starts with deconstructing their mechanisms of power. First and foremost, it means wrestling their control of the military away - because otherwise they will turn it on you when you try to start determining your own destiny. Instead of sending brain washed kids into the military, you should be sending trully educated kids into it. Sending those kids into it to CHANGE it, change its attitude, change its mechanism of control , change who its controlled by. This will be a long long process, but this particular coup is the most important coup the world will have ever seen, and it CAN be bloodless. If executed properly. Although I have to say, if your post and the post below you is anything to go by, your whole country is lost - because you just dont seem to get it at all.

      You dont have to quit doing a damn thing. You just have to change a few things - get rid of a few people - change some attidues, change some mechanisms, change some policy's. The key word here is change, not destruction or opting out of society. To change society you have to OPT INTO IT - in a big way. It takes commitment, a commitment that I'm not sure any of you really want to make.

      Actions are way louder than words though - so lets see some change!

    5. Further to what I was saying before, about not needing to destroy your systems but change the way they are used - please would you do me a favour? Please view the third video again, from 00:55.00 (55 mins in). That guy will tell you how to change the role of your military. It demonstrates perfectly what I said to you in my previous message. It's about your mindset. Your mindset currently seems to be: we need to destroy all this, or abstain from society, or walk away from these systems and start again. Please understand that this mindset is wrong. Its a simplified way of looking at the problem. In other words, if the banking system has been used against you, you dont have to feel like you have to destroy the banks in order to fix it by starting again - you just need to change the way the system works and make sure the people running it are true at heart. Please please change your mindset and realise that the way to change is easier than you think - because at the moment you seem to think that you need to destroy it all, or at the least abstain from its benefits in order to defeat it. The first step to change is to make an example out of every president that has been your enemy (thats most of them in recent decades) - you need to bring them to justice - not just them and their staffs but also the people who financed them - you are not currently calling your leaders to task - that is your fault, these people should be getting impeached and they are walking away scot free - there is your first mistake and there is your first way to change things - make it so that no president ever wants to **** the people over again, by making an example over the ones who did. And it must be done legally. Thats the most important thing. God I could sit hear all day and pump you full of ideas but at the end of the day, its your revolution and if it doesnt get started its because you didnt want it bad enough. Enough of you are awake, you need to act.

    6. lol... pls go ahead... act
      ur trapped in your own freedom

    7. You sound defeated. It also sounds like you've not yet purged yourself of fear via propaganda. They've got you believing that if you try to change the system the whole world will fall. Bull****. Thats what they want you to think, havent you learned anything from this documentary.

      I'm not denying that sorting this all out would be messy in the short term, but how would it mean a global meltdown? All would depend on the direction taken and a hard commitment to true freedom and self determination. Did Greece and Spain fail by their own volition when they were self determined? Did they melt down? No, the people stepped up to the plate and it was probably the best time in their miserable lives because they called the shots for themselves. The only reason they no longer have this, is not because they failed or melted down, but because it was taken from them by elitists.

      PLEASE dont allow yourself to be frightened into thinking the whole world will melt down just because your nation changes its ways. In some ways that is a typically arrogant statement for an American to make. You dont have THAT much power! I read your post and started to think that you were willing to bring change, but now the impression I get is that you are either defeated into fear by successful propaganda, or that you are in fact one of the elitists trying to convince us all that it all melts down if the mighty Americans change their ways.

      If you are in fact genuine in your wish to see change in your country, I URGE you to ditch this fear you have - it will keep you perpetually locked into slavery. The fear is needless and irrational - and most importantly - stops you from wanting to make change - if you cannot ditch that fear then they have done a great job on you and you are lost. You might as well lie down and die now if thats going to be the case.

  65. Another excellent documentary. One of the best I've seen in a long time,and I've watched everything out there...This should definitely be mandatory viewing for all...

  66. I have actually viewed this several times.(looking for obvious signs of bias and historical flaws)I have served my country honorably and feel,as many real Americans should,duped,bamboozeled,hornswoggled and willfullly decieved by the nation which I swore alligience to.However,I understand that Politics is not about Right or Wrong,Good or Bad.It is without Human Conscience.It is necessarily souless.It is only about power.In that America is a great success.But the great American Pride is based on a litany of massive shameless lies.We are stupid and childlike,unable to accept that WE are the true global terrorists.Too much for the American brain,we will willfully believe anything the corporation of the United States placates us with.Are we patriots?No,we are ignorant.We're deluded.We're sheep.Ben Franklin warned us,"One who would trade his liberty for National Security deserves neither"

  67. A very sad but a very true documentary. After watching it, I'm left with a feeling of fear for the future, but I realise that fear does nothing but paralyse, and we are paralysed enough as it is.
    I was a child when they bombed my country, Serbia, but nevertheless I'll never be able to forget the misery and desperation. It's like the guy at the ending said, if they want to help, why don't they build houses or send food? As long as things like bombs are used as a pretense to ''save'' someone there will always be pain and suffering and a feeling of pointlessness amongst people.We will all end up killing each other.
    Life is so beautiful and valuable, but we have detached ourselves from our core and are too frightened to just stop and think for a moment. Becoming aware is the first step towards a better future, and I will try to make people see this great documentary.

  68. The world just keep getting darker..and darker..and darker..i been watching this kind of documentaries for years now, my life has the color of ashes..some day il die, and leave this ******* place were 6.8 billions are powerless to change anything, and a big proportion don't even wanna know..

    One feels obliged to try to understand,to research, to know, to stay awake..
    but in the process the world keeps getting darker..and darker..and darker..

    1. Here's how I look at it my freind. My step-father came down with cancer when he was only 32 years old. While it was eating up his body, his spirit and joy for life shone brighter and brighter. He wasn't a special man. Just someone who made the best of the world that was given to him. While the forces of evil eat the earth, poison the air and water, and busy themselves with their dark doings, let's choose to see all the love and beauty that is within our midst. There's more than you can hold onto, and yet more is what's wanting. Leave the darkness to it's cold black devices. Live in the now, in the light.

    2. so true find the joys in life,cherish the moment...but don`t blindlly live life to the atrocities of the evil. so we live happily ignorant and if were old enough now we`ll die before we see the real evil instowed for our chidren

  69. Excellent, thank you.
    Horrifying to think of these most evil people and their actions.
    I have read how the CIA trained torturer's would torture children in front of their parents. What the SAVAK and all the other CIA backed mosnters would do to people very much like ourselves.
    Absolutely horrifying. Once you read these kinds of things it is impossible to look at the world in the same way again. It is genuinely frightening and sometimes I just don't think I am strong enough to look at it. It is Evil.

    A very moving moment of beauty when the older greek people were talking of their idyll they created in Greece. That was very inspiring, that brief golden moment of community.

  70. I am shocked, disappointed, but now aware why the world in general hates us. Of course, Many stated facts are in ? for me, I would need to read more, deeper into various sources, but off the top: I believe it to make sense.Of course, that’s what a great urban legend is made of…..I do tend to believe it more now after the thugs in wall street and banking took millions if not billions from people all over the world and were rewarded by being bailed out.
    I don’t know if there is a vast conspiracy, but I no longer would doubt it without due exam.
    How sad, isn’t there anyone left that has a thought for anyone beside themselves?
    Well done and super background music.

  71. For those who like this documentary, the same film company (Metanoia) has several other films that are quite good. Human Resources, The PsyWar, and Lifting the Veil are done with equally good direction and writing. For those who think that these films are from the Democrats perspective, I suggest Lifting the Veil as it exposes the Obama administration's broken campaign promises, wall street coddling, and continued empire expansion using the M.I.C.

  72. It's fun watching this and naming all the movies they got their music from. Moon, 1492, etc...

  73. Absolutely a must see documentary.
    Thank you.

    Is the sound a bit off, or is that my computer?

  74. In part II, 1:23:48, a picture is shown of skulls and bones from the Greek Orthodox monastery complex, holy to all Orthodox Christians, of Mount Athos. This is the traditional way of keeping bones after they are exhumed after 7 years. Rather sloppy to use this picture with reference to the 'Skull and bones society' of the US. Apart from that editorial blunder, excellent documentary, very well researched and executed (I assume on a shoe-string budget).

  75. @Lord Grammer - Many apologies my friend. I had no idea you were speaking from a secular point of view. My laziness rears its beautiful head once again... I do however, hope you can could see how one could have discerned that you were backing the particular point of view of "End Time Christianity," as many Christians use biblical verses to "prove" their point. Without reading your earlier post, I just assumed you were crazy. Sorry once again.

    In my opinion, using the bible as a historical or philosophical reference is not very reliable. As an atheist, you most likely feel the same. Even as poetry, I think it's highly overrated. Although, I do understand the use fiction to make many points. Obviously, people with a much better grasp on the written word than I shall ever be blessed with have made incredible points and statements about most the problems of the world and of the human mind that are very much relevant. In the 20th century philosophically, I like A. Huxley, G. Orwell, Robert A. Wilson and even Hunter S. Thompson(in his own twisted way). They seem to have had a grasp on what the global power structure would look like and they wrote their visions of that future. In non-fiction form, Orwell's genius shines in his essays. "Politics and the English Language" is free online and is truly a superb piece of literature.

    But more specifically to our "China vs the U.S." discussion, I would cite Mr. Chomsky (2007) - “China does not pose a military threat. In fact, of all the major powers, China has probably been the most restrained in building up its military forces. China poses a very serious threat because it cannot be intimidated [by the US].”

    The question is why? As I said, I think the two countries are linked together as one. Good point about the virus. I would argue that the virus is not the system or specific governmental power but instead it is the love of power by a government or nation.

    Nationalism may be sold to the masses in each country but it is quite obvious that the leaders who preach those same jingoistic mantras in different languages rarely believe the slogans themselves. I think the world is now and forever a world government and economy. Some places just have bigger plates at the dinner table. I think China will use the American army for disputes.

    You are spot on about China being no more of a threat to humanity than any other so called Super-Power. It's the human condition that is to blame for the most grotesque civil rights violations. I suggest to anyone who doubts this, that they watch the documentary about the Stanford prison guard student study. You'll see how normal college kids can turn sadistic in a matter of hours by the roles they are assigned. We all have the capacity to be saints or mass murderers.

    @Everyone else frustrated at the stupidity, conformity and apathy of your fellow countrymen. Wake them up yourself. Take the initiative. Be ready to be called a traitor, terrorist, Nazi, communist and liar by those you consider friends and family. If religion helps you, great, use that. Martin Luther King and Ghandi did. Keep your chin up and know that you are the side of humanity. Personally, I frequently buy my family members books on politics. I talk to my co-workers about the false left-right paradigm and the nonsensical disinformation that is pumped out by the news agencies. I try to show people the pattern of lies and how they are deceived by propaganda. I call out people's beliefs and make them prove their "facts." I respect others who call out my statements and try to appreciate being wrong.

    Just do something. If your friends don't want to read, tell them about topdocumentaryfilms :)

  76. lolzzzzzzz..... one thing i know that people eat from garbage in STATES.... and i believe 70 to 80 % of Americans living hand to mouth .... i am not impressed by what they show on tv that the life there is so gala and **** like that coz what ever they show represents only 5 % or even less of the whole of the nation u r dead wrong that it will take care of u or rest of the world... and start SHOPPING with what ? CREDIT CARDS??? lolzzzzz.

  77. An excellent excellent doc . Going to watch it again and again....
    An eye opener ...what i believe now that the war for democracy is long gone , it has turned in to a war of GREED ....All the slogans of democracy , freedom , equal rights etc etc , BS.....

  78. All the other countries have to do is simply surrender their resources and their people to their masters in the US and all will be peaceful. After all the US elite know what is good for everyone. They will take care of those who deserve to be taken care of. It is the duty of all others to try to become as deserving a possible for the benefit of their betters.
    Stop fighting and start shopping. Economic hedonism is your new religion.

  79. Can someone with a decent IQ tell my , why? Why is the world like this? We do have the technical knowhow, the material and the manpower to create a second garden of eden here on earth -if we really want to. But we still spend over 20 times the money on warfare as opposed to infrastructure and fighting poverty. This will probably last until a major crisis shellshocks the majority of human population who still live in a dormant sleep state, thinking their sole purpose in live is to work and consume in eternal debt. People please wake up, we want to live beside each others happiness and peace, and not in fear that the neighbour might be a terrorist.

    Turn of the idiotbox in the livingroom. And start educating people might be a start. This documentary should be mandatory knowledge. Well built, and I must say, I enjoyed all three parts.
    Now spread this..

    1. "with a DECENT 'IQ ?" "tell MY why?" A decentIQ? You, sir, remind me of (while trying to shut a man up said) "How DARE you? How dare you?" "An inside job? How dare you?" Willy is truly "a piece of work." And his "Momma too." (His Momma meaning Hillary) Don't take **** so serious dude, that's exactly whatf THEY WANT.

  80. Great film. I love the soothing voice of the narrator. It is the same lady that reads for the movie "The Corporation." Quite informative and worthy of your time. This is an excellent flick for those in America dubbed the baby boomers. The years of imbedded propaganda and disinformation is an overwhelming anchor in their minds. They are the ones responsible for raising more of the useful idiots barely smart enough to be button pushers. When the elite claim that the people are not intelligent enough to rule themselves, the barrage of garbage that floods the internet and cable television only gives their argument validity. I think the systemic failure of the educational system is not an accident.

    As for China being a threat to the United States... I think the relationship is symbiotic and one society actually mirrors the other in many ways. I think this film shows a nice blueprint for how U.S. policy makers could make China the next boogie man if they thought China was going to close its doors to the multinational companies. The elite want to make us more like China. They are the bastion of the global controllers.

    The national debt doesn't really matter. The number is arbitrary. There is no real value to any modern currency except the very idea of value. We are moving tiny slips of tree around the world and giving it to people for labor and resources. Magic beans. Neither the stock market nor the GNP should be used an an indicator for state of a country's economy or it's well being. For the ways of debt and the inflation of an unstable commodity, one should study the tulip mania of the 17th century. Like then, our bubble will ultimately end.

    Your biblical comments are a bit off topic for this particular film but I love addressing them as a recovering Southern Baptist who has heard about prophecy all his life. Despite John's Revelation on L.S.D., the world is not going to end thanks to humans. I am assuming from your biblical references that you are a believer in the translations that state something about Israel being invaded from the Red North? Dismissing the "borrowed" mythologies now conveniently deemed metaphor and all the other direct references to the Roman society and government where the ruling power of the day rested, the military predictions of the book of Revelation seem to the objective reader quite improbable. Military aggression towards Israel from China makes no sense from the Chinese perspective. They, the Israelis, have nothing in the desert that China will ever want. Why God committed his/herself to that hot patch of emptiness is beyond me.

    Only those of you who believe in superstitions want to fight for land with nothing on it. Maybe that's why the bible was written there eh? They had nothing else to trade so they came up with a way to sell simply that. Nothing.

    1. The biblical references I use are not as a believer. In an earlier post I state that I am an aetheist (albeit a catholic aethist) so occasionally I quote passages to make historical/philisophical points. So I will assume you did not read them.

      Granted they are an esoteric way to make the point that empires come and go, and that the US is no different to any other. Therefore I don't see their use as off topic if you consider that EVEN the bible contains passages that recognises such a fact. I used Ecclesiaties from the King James Bible the first authourised version in english as a historical document; since English is the language I'm attempting to speak - and it seems I don't do it very well. My bad. :) LOL

      So all that stuff about Israel in regards to China you mentioned; until I read your post. I had never heard of it. I thought it supposed to be the UN or the EU that the anti-christ was suppose to come from there. Seems I am not upto date with current end of days thinking.

      To me when it says "nation rises against nation" in the many, prophecies of the bible they mean nation as ethic groups and since you know your bible, most of that happened (If you believe it has value as a an 'historical' document) in the old testament.

      The book of revelations with it's lurid imagery is more in keeping with the prophets of the old testament.Personally, I like to think that the members of the Council of Nicaea got drunk on the communion wine and put it in as a dare or a bet. (The thought makes me smile)

      Anyway............I use the King James Bible in a historical context.
      Given that the first translation is 400 years old (1611) and the notion of sovereignty had yet to be born.

      The beginning ofsovereignty was with the treaty of Westphalia (1648) which ended the 30 years war(or the wars of religion) in which kings and princes would invade one anothers territory in order to save the souls of the people.
      (I've been forced to google this because I can never recall the latin)
      'cuius regio, eius religio' - The religion of the sovereign, is the religion of the land. This is founding principle of soverignty. The notion of the 'nation state' would evolve out of this.
      In history, trans-national organisations were the norm. The nation-state as we have come to accept as normal is an abberation in the historical context.

      The coporations as the current manifestation of the dominant trans-national organisation is not an abberation.
      That is the logic of empire. It is the logic of power. It shifts and people forget that. Once the me' dicicis were one of the weathiest families in the 'world' they controlled the money, the politics -hell, they bought a papacy! How is that so different to the buying of the presidency of the worlds most powerful nation. It's the stage that's shifted not the plot.

      And symbiotic relationships aren't always what they seem - technically a virus is in symbiosis with its host. Yet when it has the opportunity to spread itself further. It has no problem in killing its old host.
      China is simply the next power in line for the title of global imperial power and they as I said, are playing the long game.

      Perhaps I should quote from Ozymandias if you like fiction. Or I could use the Persians, or the Greeks. I just happen to like some of the passages in the KJB as it is evocative in its languae and yet still familliar.

  81. Want to see this lot again. I was watching ACI (aka Maday) on You Tube and the reaction of the US (media, poltics it's all the same) to the shooting down of Korean Air Lines Flight 007 to Iran Air Flight 655 (IR655).

    I had just watched, Judgement at Nuremberg before that.

    Forgive the crassess of what I am about to say; but during that whole pontificating speech which following orders is no excuse for criminal acts - I laughed my arse off

    There is a twisted irony to the whole system - pity it's wasted on them.

    Also, the US may be the biggest show, most powerful military; as I recall the US ambassador to OZ when asked about the Chinese Army containing a million men He laughed and said "Well unless it's a million man swim team they're no threat" - So wanted to tell him to read his bible.

    The US will fall like every other empire before it; forgive me (there goes the Catholic in me again lol) but I shall cut and paste this.

    "The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us. There is no remembrance of former things; neither shall there be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that shall come after.” Ecclesiastes 1:9-11

    China and Russia may be paper tigers, but that paper is made up of US dollars, Treasury bonds and stocks. There is a very telling bit in the film; Too Big to Fail (HBO) where Hank Paulson is in Beijing for the Olympics.

    Sooner or later, when the Chinese( who know how to play the long game ) believe their own domestic economy can stand up without the reliance of the US consumer. You will see a fall more spectacular than that of Rome.

    “If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.”
    ? Sun Tzu

    1. You obviously haven't lived in China for very long... They aren't going to take over the world and they are playing wack a mole, not making long term plans.

      That said, if China does end up taking over the world, you can say goodbye to humanity altogether, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

    2. As to China. You're right I haven't lived there long enough.

      So, I can assume from your statement, you must have worked within the party apparatus for the past 20 years to definitely know their mindset.

      What was it like during the 90's? Must have been very interesting time to live in; epecially during the Asian financial crisis.

      We're they playing 'wack a mole' then too? Or were they still being enthralled by electricity and the motor car?

      Also, I didn't know that Chinese were less humane than every other power in the whole of history. Do they know that? Does the world? I'd speak up if I was you. People are still obsessing on the more humane regimes of Hitler and Stalin.

      I doff my cap to your superior knowledge: I sir, am indeed humbled.

    3. Yes, I am right, you have not lived in China long enough to understand. Do you even speak Chinese? I'm guessing the answer is no. How many times have you had the pleasure to join city officials at a banquet? From your knowledge in your comments I'm guessing not too many. So, yes, I do have a far superior knowledge to you regarding China, and yes, you should be humbled.

      In the '90s they were indeed playing wack a mole. No need to be enthralled by electricity and the motor car, they had them both in the 1900's, and the leadership had them throughout the entire time baring a few short periods from '35-'48. As for the people, they were just happy to be out of the cultural revolution, over the hump of the tiananmen massacre, and busy trying to put food on the table, just as the *majority* of Chinese are still doing today, if you bothered to look past the T1 and T2 cities you would know this.

      As for comparisons to Stalin and Hitler, Mao killed just as many, if not more, with both his policies and his lust for power. But I suppose 60 million Chinese are not worth as much in your eyes as 6 million Jews, perhaps you'd like to explain why?

      Yes, you should be humbled by my superior knowledge, you should also get out of your armchair.

  82. Kudos on the switch from Conspiracy to Politics for this title, and the addition to the recommended list. I've watched so many of these that it is not often anymore that a documentary resonates like this one has.

  83. Thank you Vlatko for putting this doc on the Recommended Documentaries list. I saw that many people supported the idea. Great for all to come!

  84. This really needs to be an editor's pick.

  85. Yo Irishkev! Slainte!

    So you reckomend this doc?

    1. Eireannach666 Abú ! Definitely . A real bloodboiler .

    2. Well i watched last night. I will also say its a well put together doc. I enjoyed it.

  86. Excellent !

  87. The good news is that many people, many of the so called 99 per cent are figuring out they have been getting fed a **** sandwich for a long, long time now, and they are really not too happy about it. The more people that become aware of how we are manipulated daily, the shorter the game will become. At some future time, there will be a tipping point. When, who and how many is yet to be determined. You guys remember not so long ago, if any of us talked about topics like this, we were called conspiracy theorists, fear-mongers, crazy lunatics and paranoid? Seems to me not too many people are laughing anymore, and the name calling has dropped to a trickle. This is a clue to the bare bones fact, a lot of people get it. Or want to get it.

  88. I have never wanted to completely leave society and learn to be self-sufficient more than I do after watching this. I also kinda think it's too late, like, we are already screwed. Even if I leave and do things on my own, there are new babies born every second whose parents will inlay them with patriotic rhetoric and war stories, and the cycle continues. How is it that my country claims to follow jesus, yet does NOTHING of what he said (and yes I realize he's a fictional character, but I really want to punch the next Christian in the nose that tells me they follow God and that their son is also in the military, it's hypocritical, disgusting, and should be scrutinized with fists)

  89. One thing I would like to know ... why is the united states allowed to continue this vile behaviour? Over hundreds of years of crimes against humanity, constantly lying to its own people... destroying everything it touches fully documented... everyone knows and yet it continues. Its like that nasty bully in school everyone ignores and hopes it will go away. So tired of US government and the constant lies. Axis of evil ... uh huh... it seems to me that the usa is the true axis of evil and the worst terrorists on the planet... and no I am not talking about the uninformed brain washed sheeple... not their fault they are born in a country of manipulative liars....I do think that time is running out for them though as people are slowly figuring out the hog wash that is shoved down their throats. But sadly its probably not in time as they will cause war again and are persuing it every hour of they day. 911 is wearing off .... time for some other giant lie to get the masses worked up and then we will watch the herds of brainwashed Americans waving their flags and cheering the creature obama, who ever the hell he is?! And yes so many will be mad at me just for saying so .... buy HEY the truth hurts!

    1. @ - bmtexpress

      You ask -

      ...why is the united states allowed to continue this vile behaviour?

      I reply -

      ...because they are the biggest show on earth.

    2. That's what I was thinking. Militarily speaking noone can do a damn thing about it and expect to win or come out in one piece. China=paper tiger Russia=another paper tiger. They have no Navy's that matter anymore, the technical advantage is above and beyond any ideas they are even thinking about. The big kid on the block is not so easily taken down a few notches.

    3. @slpsa

      Correct. (Vanc - Canada)

    4. it all started in the early 1900's,when the 'finance' bought up american
      politicians & implemented the fed while at same same time,they sent trotzky to russia,with a sack of gold,to bring a workers paradise
      under bolshevik rule.a social experiment,if you will,where the surviving system will overwhelm the world with it's righteousness!
      sounds silly?i beg to differ,if you examine the protagonists,their back-up & the situation,since the cold war ended.

  90. The title should be: The World in a Nutshell.

  91. Excellent documentary. Some of this stuff you all should be familiar with but the idea of the cold war being a War on the Third World is a great description of the international crime of the American Empire. The 2nd part on propaganda something I've been paying attention to since 1986 after a simple little Philosophy class on Critical Thinking. Many of you might be aware of the Abuse Your Illusions series of books from a decade ago. I highly recommend them or read some Noam Chomsky, or try Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States".

  92. This is about the best doc I have ever watched on these subjects. It does indeed warrant an Editor's pick. Agreed as well, it will scare some people, and they will not watch it all, it will disturb the bubble they are in.

  93. Just wanna say thanks for this most informative and important doc.
    They should show it in schools and in the mainstream media.

    Maybe one day change will come... dare to hope...

    1. ... certainly.

  94. Blinding doc...this should make it onto editors recommended!!!

  95. panem et circenses

    The world hasn't changed neither have we.

    I'm just sorry that I know that. Nothing I saw in this documentary surprised me - except Tsar Putin's candor. The rest, it's all the same.
    Forgive my suggestion but even those who wrote the bible knew. Read Ecclesiastes 1 - 11 they knew then. I use it as an example of how we just repeat history and then it's forgotten. The Pax Americana isn't new in it machinations. It's the scale that's changed nothing more.

    BTW I feel obliged to put tis in because I did suggest reading the bible. I'm an atheist; or as I discovered after seeing Dara O'Briain a catholic atheist. I was just using it as an example of how long ago people knew this. Start with the first authorised bible in english The king James Bible, that 400 years.
    Damn my catholic upbringing - It comes out every now and then.
    LOL sorry

  96. I finally finished watching the 3 parts.
    This documentary represents a nightmare for many and for that reason many will not watch it until the end, unfortunately.
    It's hard to believe that what is shown here is the description of the world we have lived in. It's hard to imagine that a country can have so much power over the world and get away with it. It's hard to understand that a population can be so blind as to what is being decided under their nose and despite that continue voting for murderers.
    I dream of the day people will leave the army, the navy and the air force. Let the politicians fight the fight they claim is needed. You have been asked to fight against others for the gain of banks, corporation and the status of rich people. Free yourself, go back to your family, go back to your house, your garden, to a decent social life, to a world of possible peace.

    I suggest that this doc makes it's way to the Editor's Pick or Recommended Documentaries. We at TDF can make sure this doc is seen by as many as possible.

    1. Hi Az,

      If you watch the doco on this site, about Chappelle Corbie, you'll see that Australia is taking a leaf out of the same book.
      It's all about media control.
      I'm halfway through it and even though I live here, I had absolutely no idea there was a worldwide protest to free Chappelle.
      There you have it. You're oblivious to what's happening in your country and I haven't a clue what's happening in mine.

      I agree that documents such as these should be made to proliferate across the web.

  97. Just watched them all now.

    It's a scary thing when the ruler of Russia is the only honest, would be emperor I've heard/ seen in the whole of these films.

    1. Calling Putin honest is maybe going a bit far.
      I wouldn't putiny thuggery past him either.

  98. Part 1 is brilliant. All this laid out very clear and connecting the dots is not a challenge for your average Joe. I look forward to parts 2 and 3. Kinda of reminds of the "World at War". Anyone know if this is a Canadian production? The voice of the narrator sounds familiar.

    Azilda, 34 minutes? Don't worry it's just Ronny's Hollywood illusion coming true. jk

  99. It was a long time ago when I found it funny to hear Khomeini talking about USA as "empire of evil",and considering the fact from where it come from,it was funny...Nothing funny about that anymore,of course,but watching this documentaries I find something else to be funny,and that would be the way how American presidents hold their heads aside while talking!One does not have to be a expert to realize that something is not right here,and that is not just the unbalanced position of their heads,but rather what lies behind those ugly images. American presidents were all liars,including the current one,of course,but that does not come as a surprise to me...
    The Empire of EVIL,indeed !

  100. The lid is off : the clock has been ticking but it just got a boost, revolution against nukes is underway!

  101. The main ENEMY of most people were their elites who did things like demonize marijuana, so that they could criminalize all cannabis cultivation.

    Of course, since the great majority of people have been so badly brainwashed, for so long, to believe in bullshit and to become sheeple, most of "the people" ARE their own enemy!

    The people should be their own wolves too ...

    However, the people are mostly only sheeple and the reactionary revolutionaries who are posing as their alternative leaders became mostly stupid wolves in sheep's clothing.

    Always, it was not good enough to reveal what real elites are actually doing to Us, unless We have better ways to do that!

    Good solutions must be better human ecology.

    The solutions can NOT be NO human ecology!

    The elites are the top carnivores in ecology.

    Something must do their jobs, but better???

  102. "Externally (and increasingly internally) this has caused massive poverty and suffering, genocide, war, coups, crushed unions and popular movements and environmental destruction."
    Im excited to watch this, however, I hope the above attrocities aren't singled out to US policy or structure.

    1. Us policies and structure is walking the baton and the flag at the front of the pack.
      Don't take me wrong, US citizens are from all over the world, baby country formed by foreigners if you compare it to the rest of the world, that is if you don't count the natives that were eradicated.

    2. This isnt a US problem, its a human problem.

    3. You couldn't have watched 4 hrs already?

    4. ....television and the rich....

  103. When a doc like this one is made many people will first think: "that can't be true, if it was, we would have corrected it a long time ago".
    Well no! It was happening and it is still happening and we stand and do nothing about it as a mass.
    So what if there is one or two numbers that are wrong? So what if there is a little exageration somewhere? So what, does it make it ok, better, tolerable?
    The thing is, this is happening and we keep thinking we are powerless.
    We are scared shite to loose what we own, that is basically what keeps us in the wheel attached by the neck.
    But the water is getting hot, and the frog will either jump out or else end up in boiling soup.

    I'm a frog, you're a frog kiss me, and I'll turn into a prince suddenly.
    Donne-moi des peanuts, j'm'en va t'chanter 'Alouette' sans fausse note.
    Robert Charlebois

    1. No doubt this doc (as has already begun) is going to rock the house. Comments will be interesting - I'll watch it today.

      @ Az - well said. I think the Charlebois translation is - (roughly)
      Donne-moi des peanuts, j'm'en va t'chanter 'Alouette' sans fausse note.
      Give me the peanuts. I will sing 'Alouette' flawlessly.

      (Am I close?)

    2. Yes and if you translate it word to word as we say it in Quebec:
      Give me some peanuts, i am going to sing you Alouette without a false note.

      In a way we are fed peanuts and we just sing along. I want des pommes d'api.

  104. If after watching this doc any Us citizens think they should show up at the next election poll...i say "You got what you want".
    Not one president has ever been clean and if things don't change none will ever be.
    You are not electing a president, you are electing the power hiding behind him or her if ever.

    1. hey az, going underground by the jam comes to mind.

      Yeah it's true, like a marriage, you end up wedded to the family and friends of your spouse :)

      The thing is, the power behind most presidential candidates is largely the same bunch of cronies. I'm sure some of the finer details may be different but it's pretty much a muchness.

      I'm encouraged by what's starting to happening in europe, particularly france. Not because the left is gaining ground (which I like) but because there is a growing stance against the "austerity" (which is in place to push through the pro-elite agenda, as if they havn't had it all there way for decades).

      We just need to sort out our failing labour party in the uk, maybe change the party leader and establish some clear, pro-social policies. Labour has a chance to really capitalise on the mess that is british politics but it's just not managing it.

      Hopefully we'll emerge out of this "crisis" with a fairer and more democratic society, but, as you indicated, only if we demand it.

    2. I'm encouraged by the French election, and what's happening there, too. Not that I'm a blind Obama supporter (anymore...), but if he should win reelection, perhaps things here will swing just a little bit more towards the true left, the truly progressive, the truly human and inclusive, since he wouldn't have to worry about securing a second term, and would have a powerful ally to back him in the international arena when he needed it.

      ( I've got a longer response I feel I need to add to this, but for the moment I've got to break off... *wife issuing commands* )

    3. who are you trying convince? "swing to the left"- there is no left- you are caught in a meaningless paradigm.
      Did you even watch this video?

    4. I've watched the first part, thus far...But, believe me, YOU don't need to preach to ME about the machinations of the political system. I'm well aware the game is rigged as it stands now.

    5. what were you on about "left" for then? and your strange faith in the obama confidence trick to convince you he is somehow a socialist?left? ndaa, drone strikes, yemen, somalia.
      "but if he should win reelection, perhaps things here will swing just a little bit more towards the true left" <---- you typed that not me.
      its that little bit of faith that keeps us all playing along with their farce.and debating which devil we want for our slave master when all that is different is the presentation- they are all arms dealers and tyrants.
      I aint preaching just remarking that your hope is truly unfounded and frankly wilfully delusional if you have any knowledge of wht laws obama has passed and the promises he has broken.

      hes playing empire expansion just like every other president -the guy is more fascist than bush 1 and 2 put together...he just says otherwise and has better teeth.

    6. Let me just simplify what I was going to try to say, which was, before I erased it (3 times), turning into an overly elaborate diatribe I'm sure you don't need to hear, anyway, down to just two little items:

      1. Something I've bitched about for years: A TRILLION dollars a YEAR spent on "defense" in this sh*tty little country, and Conservatards now want to cut spending for all manner of social programs because "we simply haven't got the money".

      2. Financial speculators essentially screw up the entire world economy with bullsh*t tactics and strategies allowed through deregulation, and the tax payers everywhere should fork out the penalties for the long, hard rape, because "we simply haven't got the money".


      And what, just for the hell of it, is a fantasy I sometimes have?

      That the entire political and economic system of the world should be radically, and perhaps violently (if need be), changed in order to truly effect the greatest happiness for the greatest number, and not settled upon the the shams of unrestrained capitalism, and its attendant wars, and the smoke and mirrors of "democracy," as it stands now. What all, exactly, those changes should be, I confess I don't know; I'm neither an economist or a political scientist. (Nor am I a Horrid Communist, comrades.) I do think I know, however, that ANY system that profits a very few at the expense of very many is an injustice that certainly must inevitably fail someday, because who among the Eloi would actually do the work when the Morlocks all went on strike? The elites who feel it is their birthright to rule over the rest of humanity, very predominantly for their own continued profit, ought to all be thrown out on their varicose-veined a55es, stripped of the illegal wealth many of them have accrued, told to catch the buses home, and then denied fare for it because... "we simply haven't got the money." They had their shake, and they phucked it all up, as far as I can see, because they were just too human and ordinary, after all.

      That, at least, is the way I feel about it, while I work and hope for a better world for EVERYBODY.

  105. Beautifully presented, almost soporific. Make sure to sleep with one eye open. Hope the final part will restore my optimism. Maybe the Apocalypse will actually be the lifting of the veil, not The End Of The World !!!!!! :)

  106. So far so good - have watched some and will watch the rest.

    When are International Tribunals going to be set up to examine the crimes shown in the film? Or is it only Africans that can commit 'crimes against humanity'?

    1. yep, ive noticed that too. only the criminals that don't toe the line are indicted.

  107. just watch part 1. first time i felt i need to comment. ive watched alot of excellent docs on tdf in my time, this has to be up near the top of my list of must watch docs. alot of lies have been told over these decades and ppl need to realise its still happening.its sick how money is more important than a humans life.i have admit it was sad and shocking viewing at the cruelty that has been done for so called freedom,difficult to watch at times, even more sadder is the fact that nothing will change. more and more governments divde there populations with different tags, so that we arguy are differences all time. this is very informative doc with alot of facts of events that got covered up with lies. i just wonder what still gets lied about, lol a long list of dodgy events i can think of in recent time.keep up the great work with the site.

  108. It never changes, those in power always fight to keep it becoming more and more brutal until there isn't anything to distinguish them. People always cite 1984 by Orwell as to how poltical power of the elite classes function. I think Animal Farm is subtler and much more aposite when it comes to the evolution of power and control.
    Be it through religion, poltical ideologies (which all grow up to become the same thing irregardless of its intellectual base) free market plutocracy, corporatism - once you look through the window you can't tell the difference anymore.
    The characters change, the story never does.

    May I just add, the use of The Gotterdammerung at the end of part one - VERY clever. When it started the hairs on the back of my neck rose, well actually (quoteThe Cat) 'It's one up all up!'

  109. probably the best quote from a modern politician is contained in the 3rd part: "our comrade, mr wolf, eats other's countries"- vladimir putin . mr wolf is, of course, my country, the usa. all 3 episodes combined offer up one of the best, most comprehensive compilations of truthful recounting of 6 decades plus of american subterfuge, double dealing, and outright lying with it's own populace, and the entire world population. i honestly wish this film would become required viewing for EVERY schoolkid over 12 years old here in the states, in both public and private schooling (yes, it IS that relevant, and important). to anybody "on the fence" about devoting a solid 4 1/2 hours to viewing this, i heartily recomend it. thanks once again, TDF, for providing access to an excellent doc, but i have to temper that with a criticism. lately, many doc's offered up are incomplete, either through "broken" playlists, or deleted episodes on those playlists. i completely understand "macy's doesnt advertise for gimble's", but is it REALLY necessary to delete a posting that leads a viewer to a different source of the missing material? in my case, at least, there is no danger of your site losing a viewer to "the competition".

    1. its not your country... got ayacht? billion shares in coca cola? then its not yours. they will give you a piece of it foryour continued servitude but its not yours.

    2. Sadly, Mr. Putin has now changed his tune and calls the US, "our friends" - Got politics?

  110. End of part 1 for me...
    A very good, interesting history lesson so far, some of it already known to me, a great deal of it not, or not in this depth...
    A subtext, never stated, running throughout for me, personally: "So remember, kids: Study hard, make excellent grades, make all the right friendships, play the system, make money and power the priorities in your life, and, who knows, YOU, TOO, just may be able to rise up one day into membership in our glorious American plutocracy, where the game is played as it has always been... Where those of our status do whatever it takes to hold on to our position over the st*pid classes -and countries- beneath us, those ill-fated, lessor members of the human tribe who REALLY ought to account themselves (if they know what is good for them) LUCKY enough to be our slaves."


  111. I'll finish watching this tomorrow, This is one of the best documentaries i'ved seen in a while.

    A lot of data and as little speculation as humanly possible.

    I do like watching All documentaries but i get annoyed when they offer a solution at the end since the world Documentary us suppose to be about just to document and not suggest.

    But i can also understand why they do.

    Overall Great Documentary :D

    Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *drinks more alcohol* wee-weee :D

  112. does anyone have the link for part three of this doc ? this is hot stuff !!

  113. Fascinating.Very illuminating..terrifying."Behind every great fortune is a crime"-Honore de Balzac.So many crimes

  114. Just as a muslim will strap a bomb around their bodies for Allah, they will also not backdown from a fight for freedom.

    Just like christians will do anything to keep their blessings from Jesus, called a house and limitless access to burgers, they won't fight for anything.

    Seriously: if there was going to be any real change, why doesn't it happen? Nobody can answer it because it is too big of a question. Noam Chomsky explains it so well, so why can't he convince people? Nobody cares and that is fine.

    Enjoy the show folks: this film is 'fox news programming for hippies' and makes no difference because nobody wants it to make a difference and that is fine with me.

  115. n.chomsky is always a source of information & insight.i emphasize to pick up a copy of 'necessary illusions:thought control in democratic societies'.
    one of the few with backbone!

    1. Noam Chomsky is the man.
      I love that guy.

  116. This doc in comparison to many that I've watched on this subject content, is very good. It's packed with relevant and accurate archive footage and facts. It's presented as factual rather than a conspiracy . Very well researched !!!

  117. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

  118. Ya our daily bread has arrived.
    edit: 34 minutes in ...this is an extremely sour dough.

    1. So don't watch... or do watch?

    2. Do watch, extremely interesting.