ISIL: Target Russia

ISIL: Target Russia

2017, Military and War  -   7 Comments
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Produced by Al Jazeera, ISIL: Target Russia delivers unprecedented access to the extremist terrorist organization, including their never-before-filmed female fighters. The focus of their current strategy is driven by a thirst for revenge against Russia.

Russia's history in the region is inflammatory. In December of 1979, Soviets sent their military to fight in the mountainous terrain of Afghanistan. They sought to overthrow the extremists who operated there, but their efforts were costly and ultimately futile. Pulling out of the region after nearly a decade of brutal bloodshed, USSR left behind a vacuum which empowered the rise of the Taliban (during the cold war were initially armed and trained by the USA) and subsequently the rise of Al-Qaeda and ISIL.

Now, under the direction of President Vladimir Putin, Russia is striking out against ISIL in Syria, and their actions have further intensified the hostilities of the terrorist group. Instead of structuring their retaliatory aggression against the west, ISIL now considers Russia their number one enemy, and they're determined to launch a series of devastating attacks on the Russian homeland. ISIL fighters have their sights set squarely on cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg, and they claim to have sleeper cells fully embedded and at the ready.

For its part, Russia expresses supreme confidence in their ability to defeat any ISIL enemy that crosses over their borders. Yet recently, a deadly subway bombing was carried out by a lone extremist in St. Petersburg. This incident exposed Russia's vulnerability to such threats, and served as a potential forecast to the dangers yet to come.

There are no shortage of documentaries on the scourge of terrorist conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere, but ISIL: Target Russia is unique among them. The film allows us to see the faces of the enemy, hear their thoughts as expressed in their own voices, and learn their strategies for enacting their schemes of vengeance. We meet a mother who suffers in a constant state of fear and exhaustion, but nevertheless feels it is her duty to defend her family against the tyranny of Russian involvement in the region. We watch as they flee a mountain camp after catching sight of an oncoming drone. We feel the presence of impending doom as they outline their grandiose plans for annihilating Russian opponents.

It's a rare, instructive and frightening portrait.

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  1. khalil

    this is propaganda guys. if you realy believe this, than you are as stupid as the ones who are acting in this documantary. at 11:47 the woman says " i am a member of the women's wing of daesh". if she realy was from isis she wouldnt say daesh, beacause isil hates it to be called daesh. DEBUNKED

  2. cdnski12

    I doubt 2000 or 4000 ISIL can have much effect on mother Russia. A few pinpricks here & there. A few bombings of innocent undefended civilians. That's an ISIL Victory, They've been chased from Syria to Iraq & back to Afghanistan.

  3. Udo Kazumi

    man these terrorists are just despicable, human garbage. They are complete cowards.

  4. Christian Klinckwort Guerrero

    Propaganda revived

  5. Lucas Wheeler

    Wow if I ever feel the need to view the Sunni Muslim jihad from "the other Side" I know where to go. God bless Mother Russia for defending the White race and the Western World from its mortal enemy. I hope one day we here in the actual West will be man enough to thank the Russians for doing what we should be doing. If there is anyone who should be leaving the region alone it is definitely us not the Russians!

  6. Oldschool Returns

    Shot Music Director - not sure if a Great White was about to make an entrance shortly followed by Clint Eastwood swinging the doors of a near by Hotel.

    Lovely footage, sad stories if real and the guy at 27.00 deserves a lot of respect.

  7. Morris

    Thanks CHARD, that needed to be pointed out for years.