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Journey to the Sea of Cortez

2013 ,    »  -   8 Comments
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This documentary is retracing the famous Steinbeck/Ricketts expedition of 1940, when they sailed down the coast of California and Mexico to the Sea of Cortez. "The abundance of life here gives one an exuberance," they wrote, "a feeling of fullness and richness."

Their stated purpose was to document the creatures that inhabit shallow waters and tide pools on the margins of the Sea of Cortez. But it became much more.

In these mysterious, phosphorescent waters they sought an understanding of mankind's relationship to the natural world, and a wellspring of hope for a world headed toward war.

Looking beyond the events of the day, the two friends foresaw our rising impact on the oceans, and the devastating impact that over fishing would have on this rich sea.

And yet, in their journey, they encountered a periodic cooling of the eastern Pacific Ocean known as La NiƱa that can still set off an explosion of life. Can the story of their journey inspire new efforts to preserve the Sea of Cortez?

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8 Comments / User Reviews

  1. N

    Soilent green will soon be on your plate.

  2. Carl Franklin Hendershot

    Wonderful Documentary. The decline in sea life is freighting. I wonder how much the ocean would come back if it we were to stop fishing for a year.

  3. plattekleppet

    2 Decades seems more realistic to me. It takes years for some species to be able to reproduce. A year just won't do the job. Noble thought nevertheless.

  4. DigiWongaDude

    Only when the last tree has died, the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught will we realise that we cannot eat money. [Cree saying]

  5. panthera f

    To little, to late. :-(
    Everywhere men comes along, things get f***** up.

  6. Imightberiding

    Thank you for this one. Thoroughly interesting & educational. As evidenced by the few comments, I suspect it was perhaps a little straight forward if not antiquated in it's presentation. Maybe not quite sensational enough to keep the attention of today's preoccupied masses? Alas, it is each & everyone's loss who didn't take the time to watch this film.

    All the more interesting, was the fact that celebrated author John Steinbeck made a journey (ahead of the curve & the times) down the west coast to these waters & after much time & research wrote a book about his adventure that due to nothing more than bad timing (WW II) was lost to the ages. This was all new to me.

    After a lifetime of living in the Pacific Northwest & sailing, I yearn & have yet to travel to & sail in the Sea of Cortez. I can only dream, hope & aspire to such a wonderful adventure some day before it has changed forever (if I'm not already too late) from decades past.

  7. Imightberiding

    Nice one. Although a nice bernaise sauce or reduction of balsamic & or veal stock can go a long way at making anything edible.

  8. Carole Ann Lajoie

    If it weren't for the over zealous palette of mankind, we wouldn't have over-fishing. I mean really, shark fin soup? Give me a break. Is there really a need to cut the fins of sharks and throw them back into the ocean still alive to die a terrible death so that some can have their soup. Mankind has lost respect for the sea and ALL of it's inhabitants.

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