Justice: Saudi Style

2012, Crime  -   73 Comments
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Looks at the case of eight Iranian fishermen falsely accused of drug trafficking and beheaded when their boat drifted into Saudi Arabian waters by a storm.

Sharia law is supposedly a moral code and religious law of Islam. Muslims believe sharia is God's law, but they differ as to what exactly it entails.

Modernists, traditionalists and fundamentalists all hold different views of sharia, as do adherents to different schools of Islamic thought and scholarship. Different countries, societies and cultures have varying interpretations of Sharia as well.

In Saudi kingdom death sentence is given to murderers, rapists, and drug traffickers. The execution is usually carried out through severing off the heads of the victim with a sword. Pretty gruesome stuff - as you can imagine. This is an acceptable standard in that country.

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  1. Nigel

    Just a reminder - This comment area was designed to discuss the documentary we all watched about the Iranian fisherman - not Israeli/Palestinian relations or what religions Obama prefers. Can we Try and stick to the subject matter for once !? Why does every conversation Remotely involving Islam always degenerate into comments like these ?

    A good documentary but lacking any opposing view or commentary from the Saudi side; maybe they refused to comment to the filmmakers, which wouldn't be strange considering how closed off the Kingdom is from outside media. It's quite clear that the fisherman were not drug traffickers and that the Saudis' bizarre version of a justice system is totally medieval and absolutely unwarranted. I think these poor fishermen got caught up in a situation that had nothing to do with them, and everything to do with Saudi Arabia flexing political power over it's archenemy, Iran. It certainly makes one feel lucky to live in Western society with due process - most of the time.

  2. Ahmed Shakil

    I could not hold my tears back. I am a sunni Muslims. I had shared many times earlier stories of innocent people being implicated and warned people of dangers of Working in the kingdom.

  3. bionara

    "caught between Iraq and a hard place" - was this doc made just to reel off that pun?!

    1. bionara

      reel off wasn't a fishing related pun...

  4. yano

    hey why you swines bringing the irish into this backward evil middle eastern crap. Ireland the best country in the world.

  5. Richard Neva

    America does business with these criminal Saudis which goes to show you that criminals hang together!

    1. walterbyrd

      America is addicted to oil. We're junkies, and Saudi is our dealer.

  6. Darren

    islam is one sick puppy


    I' forget to add Iran has they own barbaric Justice system like stoning Women and cutting a hands of peoples so the whole area is so screwed up

    1. walterbyrd

      Iran also executes children - as young as nine years old.

  8. Navid Fa

    Why is the image of this documentary of a woman who was in Europe protesting execution in Iran?

  9. 31jetjet

    The more I learn about these Muslim countries, the less I respect them.

  10. Chico Buencamino

    did they find aspirins onboard?

  11. annacolleen

    Hard to imagine,,even with the memory of the 52 American hostages taken by the Iranians during the Carter administration, from the American University in Tehran. Man does not have the right to impose God's law, no matter what religion, and even if they happen to impose their own laws, and call that law "God's", Mohammed's", or "Allah's" law, does not make it so, or just. God gives to each man "free will", and only judges man after this life, not before. Any law imposed in this life remains that of governments, made up by men.

  12. Sherman Monro

    the problem is US and UK and other wesern countries constantly lick Saudies ***** for oil. This is a primitive country which has lot of oil only, and makes a tons of money out of Macca every year. It all comes to religion and its exploitation of man since 3000 years ago up to day. ironic that if there is a little bit of human rights abuses in China or Russia, West condemn them but the same abuses by primitive Saudies raises no question and always West has no reaction toward injustices in Saudi Arabia. Regarding the different sects in Islam, it's all BS like the different sects in Chritianity. generally speaking, religion can be a poison to many and most of the time people become the victim of religion's hocus pocus.

  13. Shirley Marsh

    One reads so much about the shocking cruelty and lack of compassion that seems to rule the Middle East. Nothing much has changed there since the dawn of time. One wonders, will it ever? How can a region whose religion is supposed to be one of love and justice and compassion, live in a way that is so diametrically opposed to these ideals? My heart aches for those who just want to live in peace and take care of their families; who do have hearts filled with love and compassion, and are instead caught up in this insanity.

  14. Al

    I'm trying to imagine how an Irish fisherman are
    captured by English coast guards in English waters and after seven/eight years
    they are executed without proper trial. I thought that Saudis are much more civilized These poor fisherman must had a defense lawyer, but not like this,
    it's so primevil. Well, it's long way to go for Saudis, unfortunately. Shame on

    1. Jayarathne Abeydeera

      " Irish fisherman are
      captured by English coast guards in English waters and after seven/eight years
      they are executed without proper trial" Please give us all the information regarding this incident .

  15. Jayarathne Abeydeera

    Theft is punishable by amputation of the right hand.

    • Criticizing or denying any part of the Quran is punishable by death.

    • Criticizing or denying Muhammad is a prophet is punishable by death.

    • Criticizing or denying Allah, the moon god of Islam is punishable by death.

    • A Muslim who becomes a non-Muslim is punishable by death.

    • A non-Muslim who leads a Muslim away from Islam is punishable by death.

    • A non-Muslim man who marries a Muslim woman is punishable by death.

    • A man can marry an infant girl and consummate the marriage when she is 9 years old.

    • Girls' clitoris should be cut (per Muhammad's words in Book 41, Kitab Al-Adab, Hadith 5251).

    • A woman can have 1 husband, but a man can have up to 4 wives; Muhammad can have more.

    • A man can unilaterally divorce his wife, but a woman needs her husband's consent to divorce.

    • A man can beat his wife for insubordination.

    • Testimonies of four male witnesses are required to prove rape against a woman.

    • A woman who has been raped cannot testify in court against her rapist(s).

    • A woman's testimony in court, allowed only in property cases, carries half the weight of a man's.

    • A female heir inherits half of what a male heir inherits.

    • A woman cannot drive a car, as it leads to fitnah (upheaval).

    • A woman cannot speak alone to a man who is not her husband or relative.

    • Meat to be eaten must come from animals that have been sacrificed to Allah - i.e., be halal.

    • Muslims should engage in taqiyya and lie to non-Muslims to advance Islam.

    • The list goes on.

    1. doodA

      So true. Saudi is a s*it hole!! My girlfriend converted from islam to Christian because of this crap. She once was married to a muslim and had the same problems trying to get a divorce. He raped her before marriage and she couldn't do anything because of the sharia law against women. She finally broke free and converted to a free and peaceful religion i.e Christianity!!

    2. Faisal

      when you wrote the word "taqiyya" I knew you got all this crap from Shiaas. who are the worshipers of man, not Allah. you seem like a good reader and a searcher for truth. please stop being monochromatic with your thinking. and search for facts from the books of the Sunna Muslims, who represent true Islam.

      I recommend you look for videos for Yusuf Estes. An American Muslim who was a pastor. trust me, you really should...

      Thank you

    3. Jayarathne Abeydeera

      Majority of Saudis are Sunni & most of Iranians are Shiite. This is just like one sect of Islam is worshiping the dick of Allah & other sect of Islam worship the a** of Allah. Otherwise why should they fight each other while both of them declare that "Islam is the religion of peace".

    4. felix

      I DO insult any belief, cult, or "religion"or any other illness or mental-drug , which promotes to kill, to be-head, or cause any pain.


      seeing this list I' wander who wrote the Quran not Muhammad for sure because these statement is obviously wrote by Man and spread only hate and superstition

    6. walterbyrd

      Mohammad was just a man.

  16. Ahemmed Kabeer Naha

    How these people talking about sharia low ,i am living in ksa its like home for me .see in Ireland one man killed so innocent youth then he still alive like this u need .Anybody can kill anybody and go rest in jail what stupidity is this .see in Americana jail they promote homo sexuality and make some ta too on them what bloody justice that .THINK WHAT ISLAM AND WHAT IS SHARIA

    1. sta8ce

      see, in western society there's a whole 'nother half - the female half. too bad for you the rules of *sharia low* just don't sit well.
      never mind the fact we ACTUALLY ARE a society of PEACE and LOVE, not to mention respect - where all human beings are tolerated and given the right to live.

  17. anna miller

    Religion: Many Zionist Christians believe that after the Jews returned to the holy land, then Jesus would return. This fit perfectly with the desire of the Zionist Jews to return even though they don't believe in Jesus. So thousands of years after the diaspora, and with justified world sympathy after the holocaust, the Israeli state was established by
    the English. (What is the most wealthy bank in England?) The most powerful lobby in the United States is AIPAC, the Zionist Jewish lobby.
    Mainstream media is owned by 5 corporate conglomerates, all owned by Jews. Look at the financial and banking industry, Hollywood, publishing. Israel is paranoid and believes everyone is out to get her because she is out to get everybody. We are being manipulated by people who were told they have been chosen by GOD. and they believe it.

  18. davy11

    its a sad situation when they hold them for years without evidence and no legal advice or any real outside contact. and i thought the irish justice system was fudged up. oh what a crazy world we live in.

  19. Highlander

    Granted that the Israel / Palestine trouble is truly dreadful , but , billions of comments are written every day about that particular travesty, on this and many , many other sites .
    This doc. is about what appears to be a terrible injustice in the neighbouring state of Saudi Arabia .
    This state is backed and supported by all the western powers, especially the USA. It seems to me small wonder that Iran acts so belligerently to western threats when "we " allow barbarism on this scale to go unquestioned ? For the first time in my life I have sympathy for the Iranian regime as I can understand why they feel so isolated , with not one western power demanding either clemancy or even a fair trial ?
    Shame on us .........
    As always, I thank you Vlatko for doing that which the mainstream media would do , if they were at all interested in telling the populace the world news, instead of their governments latest propaganda against Mr Ahmadinajahd . ( Apologies if spelling not correct )
    If there is any sort of movement to try and achieve justice of any kind for these poor guys , will someone please post where I and any others who have been horrified by this film, can support in some way ?

  20. Ðaniel Çurtis

    man,i hate religion...its some crap way to control the peons,to profit the so called leaders...i guess its always been that way...

  21. Shawn L Blumenfeld

    [biting fingers and tongue] Israeli children,women ,old men and old women have been wiped out in groups. While this discussion is now out of my league because of propaganda and things I have no control over . I shall sthu before it goes from fishing to a full blown political raid .amazes me is that P has had better PR. OIL speaks. and the land the Israelis have is tiny. Look at the map. They were originally there thousands of years ago and claimed it backed . small piece when you look at how large Palestine is OR for that the whole area of the middle east is gigantic. Israel has many religions in her country including muslim with muslim shops. They have a kosher McD's for petes sake.Palestine has room to grow and the rest of that country with all religions and tribes have enough land to make texas, oh heck the US tiny.

    1. iStateOfMind3 iii

      Look at it this way; In a prison the inmates occupy 90% of all the space and the guards the other 10%. It's doesn't change the fact that the guards control the prison. As for your assertion the Jewish people just returned and reclaimed a land that was rightfully theirs, they didn't need to reclaim it! Jews and Arabs were already living side by side in peace. A different way of thinking was introduced that's the problem here.

    2. Shawn L Blumenfeld

      leaders are the problem on both sides. [graying hair]

    3. Shirley Marsh

      The Jews didn't reclaim it; it was created by the 'big four' after WW2, i.e. US,UK,France,Russia. They carved up the entire world to suit themselves

  22. Lenny

    What really puzzles me is how some of you here are smart enough to grasp the barbarism of the Saudis but won't apply the same logic and reasoning to the Palestinians. Tearing off a gay person's face with a razor blade and other methods of execution, honor killings, Sharia law, no trials, no justice, etc... all of these things are rampant in Gaza. That is what Hamas is all about.

    Yet you would sooner bash and condemn Israel at every given opportunity and stick up for the same Islamic madness than call the Palestinians Muslims out for what they really are and stop supporting them so blindly and boycotting one of our closest allies which happens to be a liberal democracy with the same type of judicial system and ethics we have in the western world.

    Pure hypocrisy on every level. Or maybe it's just ignorance with a little anti-Semitism thrown into the mix :/

    1. Shawn L Blumenfeld

      Jew here..[ smiling ] the Palestinians have better press than Israel. The problem is their public relations/propaganda vs. Israel. The anti-semitism has increased within the last 5 years. Amazing. In Saudi ,if you are a business woman/man you are welcome even if your a jew. Other wise , "No jews Allowed"
      [shakes head] they are mean and cruel ,period.

    2. ClownAndGate

      Completely untrue, and an old propaganda line from Israel. Israel jusy needs to start acting like they wish to be seen. Why did you have to bring up Israel here, anyway?

    3. dmxi

      well,if israel would stop bombing civilians the place would come to a rest?(PS.:this is a short answer & we all know that there is more to it!so,spare me the same old rhetoric!)

    4. Shawn L Blumenfeld

      of course no Israeli children and women slaughtered?
      spare you? Go visit Israel and see what the heck goes on. the gaza area is a total nightmare. so which is jewish blood vs. Palestinian blood ? They bomb tourists ,they bomb anything going down any road that might be Israeli. This is my rhetoric.. Palestinians lie and have enough propaganda that bleeding hearts believe their BS.

    5. Shawn L Blumenfeld

      it would be swell if Israeli students and their visitors from other countries would NOT get slautered on side roads too!Palestinian signature of course. now , I suggest we allow this documentary to thrive.Give the film a chance and its creator. By the way, more Americans are hating Jews everyday, do u believe I am going to hug this and love what is happening? NOT! I am a jew no matter what.

    6. Jack1952

      This video is about Iranian fisherman who allegedly entered Saudi waters, by accident, and were charged with drug trafficking and were denied basic civil rights and legal representation. If this is true, then the Saudis acted inappropriately. Period. How the Iranian government metes justice is irrelevant. How any government behaves has nothing to do with this case. It is a classic tactic to deflect ones personal guilt by pointing out someone else's guilt. It doesn't lesson the guilt but it causes others to lose focus on that guilt.

    7. Shawn L Blumenfeld

      your right Jackson, I got thrown off subject. My apologies.
      yes ,it is probably true. But is there anyone who would take them to task for breaking the fisher mans civil rights? UN?

    8. Gadea

      The Israeli government arrest Palestinian
      Fishermen for fishing in their own waters.
      Google it.

    9. ClownAndGate

      And how is related to this documentary?

    10. ClownAndGate

      Why is it always about the anti-semitism? Why bring up Israel at all? Can't someone dislike the way Israel acts and NOT be accused of racism (since literally hundreds of ethnicities live there anyway)?

    11. Shawn L Blumenfeld

      your right as well. My apologies.

    12. Toy Pupanbai

      The majority of Jews are not semitic!

    13. ClownAndGate

      This has nothing to do with Jews, or Israel.....please stop talking this rubbish about them! Who cares?

    14. Gadea

      Lenny, I don't believe that it puzzles you.

      Whatever the Saudis, Iranian, system of justice is,

      that is no excuse for what Israel had done to the Palestinian

      people. That is zero excuse for stealing Palestinian land,

      brutalizing them, killing their children, barring them from

      having even mundane items, denying the Palestinian people

      access to professional medical care, electricity, running water,

      denying that the Palestinians even exist as a people.

      Until Israel corrects that injustice that Israel has inflicted

      on the Palestinian people, there will be no peace.

      The Palestinian People did not have anything to do with

      the despicable Nazi Regime, the terrible, horrible Death Camps, they were not the perpetrators of the Nazi Holocaust.

      So why have the Palestinian people paid the price for

      the Nazi Holocaust atrocity?

      It's not right, it's not fair, it's not just and you know it.

  23. Shawn L Blumenfeld

    That is one country I have no interest in. Getting rid of our need for their oil nor money or murder..would be a pleasant happening

  24. bringmeredwine

    Wow, imagine if the Canadian Coast Guard reacted this.
    Foreign fishing vessels are always sneaking in and taking what is not theirs.
    If these men were innocent of the drug charges, at least they're not rotting in a prison being tortured any more.
    There is no real justice and life ain't fair, especially in the Middle East.
    Are women even allowed to work for a living in Iran?

    1. Jack1952

      Maybe a few beheadings would have saved our Atlantic cod fisheries. Even so, I still wouldn't approve. Now if foreign fishermen were ruining our walleye fishing, then I might have to sharpen my sword.

      It is my understanding that women can work in Iran but only if their spouse or the head of the family allows it. Not the equality that we have in the west.

      I just find it troubling that anyone could face the death penalty without legal representation or a fair and open trial. Things are far from perfect here but this does not happen in this country...at least not that I have ever heard of. I feel that I'm quite fortunate to have been born in this country and have the privilege of living here.

    2. Shawn L Blumenfeld

      the women are safer here. None of us will be hunted down if we differ from their own religious laws. we do have a right to breath without too many questions. I shall remain where I was born. America.

    3. kcsummer

      That's all changing if anyone can see the slippery slope we are on. Islam is touted by Obama to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. He's insulted Jews and Christians are slowly being pushed into a corner forced to pay for abortions, no more chaplains for our servicemen while at the same time we pander to Islam. The Ft Hood guy can't shave on account of his Islamic religion so therefore we are unable to try him in a court of law, our soldier must wear white gloves to be allowed to touch the koran w/o wearing gloves, and Obama's just getting a nice head of steam - wait till you see what's next. Obama canceled the National Day of Prayer but he can be seen in mosques gaping in awe, telling us how grateful we should be for all the wonders Islam has given us.

    4. wald0

      What pure b.s., Obama is not a muslim nor has he endorsed Islam in the way you say he has. He has only tried to quai a little of the islamophobia pushed so hard by the far right conservative slime bags that care more for inciting their base than solving any real problems. I am an atheist and the one thing I dislike about Obama is his appeal to christianity and endorsement of Israel. Israel clearly uses the fact that our country is addicted to oil like a heroin addict and needs to be close to our dealer. Obama at least has had the guts to say that Israel isn't always in the right and can be overly aggressive as well but I would hardly say that is alienating Israel or pushing christians into a corner- I wish. That's why I voted for him- I wanted two things, Bush and Cheney prosecuted for war crimes and religion taken out of schools and govt at all levels, but he has been a horrible failure at all of the above..

    5. Shawn L Blumenfeld

      Obama is not muslim, correct. He is not particularly fond of jews either. So Israel is the last on his list,really. AND he has been in awe of new mosques . Makes one a bit iffy. The American public [ not all ] absolutely feel they need a christian president. Will that ever change? separation from church and state was and has always been my understanding WHILE showing otherwise.

  25. thinkagainagain

    Iran is protesting the harsh and unfair treatment of its citizens who accidentally stayed into Saudi territory. Oh the irony.

  26. maxisx

    I haven't seen the documentary yet, but I quite sure that this is a largely political and biased, coming from PressTV, a state owned Iranian TV, who has a history of conflict and hatred toward Saudi Arabia. It's funny because Iran was the worst in applying Sharia in it's most understood way. I know that the Saudi juridical system isn't the best out there, but Iran falls way behind.

    1. iStateOfMind3 iii

      I watch a lot of their debate programs and documentaries. I have to say they bend over backwards to be objective. Lets be honest, Western Government's are a target rich environment for critique and the very best propaganda is the truth.

      'I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it.'

  27. dmxi

    nothing like it's counter-part (usa) where one endures several luxuries like electrification,poisoning or asphyxiation (not practiced anymore?) when seen fit for sentence in an equally balanced juridical system?

    1. bringmeredwine

      Innocent people have been executed in the U.S. from time to time. It sucks to be them.

    2. Shawn L Blumenfeld

      many states now are attempting to bring up old cases if they can get or kept any form of DNA. It all depends on their PD and the appeals process.

    3. bringmeredwine

      Many years ago, a Canadian was executed and then found innocent.
      Does any one remember who that was?
      I have been told that this is why we no longer use the death penalty here.

    4. dextrase

      Yeah, it was Wilbert Coffin, hanged in 1956, having been falsely accused of killing 3 hunters in the Gaspésie, Québec, in 1953; they were from Pennsylvania.

    5. bringmeredwine

      The poor guy...I should read up on him.

    6. bringmeredwine

      I just read up on Wilbert, and everything against him was circumstantial; and his family couldn't afford a lawyer.
      Sound familiar?

    7. Shawn L Blumenfeld

      Horrible. Sooner hopefully soon , no one will want to be the medic or doctor that puts that IV in.I believe it is slowing down in some of the 35 states.. there was a mistake in the how the Iv was put in and a nightmare happened a few years back

    8. bringmeredwine

      There have been pretty awful electric chair malfunctions, too!
      My husband, who's dead now, was falsely accused of a heinous crime and he was completely innocent.
      He was never exonerated. The horrific charges were simply "dropped" a year later.
      We lost EVERYTHING defending him, including our minds.
      He ended up drinking himself to death and dying young.
      At the beginning of this nightmare, his name was all over our local news.
      I will never, ever get over his treatment by the "justice" system and the media
      And the "accuser" never had to apologize or pay restitution..

    9. Shawn L Blumenfeld

      we Euthanize by IV [ lethal injection] only 32 states use that method with Florida and TX leading the way. if a person demands to be executed another way it is their own decision instead of the needle. I would never compare the middle east [especially Saudi] with America . The leader turns their heads on marrying off 7 year olds and turns their heads on Sharia law.

    10. kcsummer

      Unless NDAA becomes involved, we do have the right to a trial in a court of law, to hear the charges and to an attorney to help us defend ourselves. Sometimes the courts are corrupted but it seems far superior to me. Anyone set for execution may have 20 or 25 yrs while waiting for all the appeals due him / her.