Saudi: A Regime Declining?

Saudi: A Regime Declining?

2016, Politics  -   4 Comments
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Is the Saudi regime on the verge of a supreme reckoning? Characterized by egregious human rights abuses, a shaky relationship with the United States and other countries, their tarnished reputation around the world, associations with global terror organizations such as al-Qaeda, and a rapidly increasing deficit, the survival of Saudi Arabia as we've come to know it may be unsustainable. Saudi: A Regime Declining? examines the factors that could lead to a profound transition in the region.

The most significant factor behind the Saudi downfall likely involves their oil reserves. The demand for oil is dwindling, and that diminished desire is only going to intensify in the years to come. In fact, it is estimated that half of the country's international clients will be switching over to alternative energy sources like wind and solar within the next decade. The state revenues which are overwhelmingly supported by oil exports are in freefall.

Relationships with allies are decaying, which has inspired Saudi Arabia to cozy up to prior adversaries like Israel. Their invasion of neighboring Riyadh has not evolved as planned. The country is running a budget deficit of nearly 100 million dollars. The scrutiny of the international press is building by the day. Inner relations within the Saudi royal family are rumored to be in decay.

With such perils at play, the country seems to be on the brink of transformative revolution, but the old, corrupt regime has been slow to read the writing on the wall. In many respects, they have doubled down on their business-as-usual approach. Their arsenal of weaponized tactics and chaos mongering is producing less desirable results than ever before.

These and other topics are discussed at length by a panel of global political and financial experts. They speak of the Saudi's fear of losing control, and how this dynamic is likely to lead to the dissolution of the current regime. Other countries are not left off the hook, however, as the panelists point the finger of culpability at the United States and the United Kingdom among others.

The filmmakers behind Saudi: A Regime Declining? are diligent and effective in dissecting this descent.

Directed by: Amir Taki

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3 years ago

Great documentary

4 years ago

Very good documentary.

Søren Dahse
4 years ago

Saudi Arabia is a butthole country

Syed Aljunied
4 years ago

I truly hope that events will make this happen very soon.