Kosovo: Can You Imagine?

Kosovo: Can You Imagine?

2009, History  -   245 Comments
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Kosovo: Can You Imagine?From the author: Kosovo: Can You Imagine? is a documentary film by Canadian filmmaker Boris Malagurski, about the Serbs that live in Kosovo and the lack of human rights that they have today, in the 21st century.

Most of the Kosovo Serbs have been ethnically cleansed by the Albanians who make up the majority of Kosovo. Kosovo has been under UN administration since 1999 when NATO bombed Serbia for 78 days to halt a crackdown on ethnic Albanian separatism in its province of Kosovo. In the years following the war, thousands of Serbs were expelled from their homes, kidnapped and killed. Their houses, cultural and religious sites were burned and destroyed.

Kosovo for the Serbs is what Jerusalem is for the Jewish people. It is the cradle of their statehood, culture and religion. Most of the important Serbian Christian Orthodox monasteries are in Kosovo. Today, Serbs still have a deep spiritual and traditional connection to Kosovo, a land which is being cleansed of everything Serbian.

Most of the Kosovo Serbs are internally displaced, some of them live in small container camps, in ghettos, all this in the heart of Europe in the 21st century. We follow the stories of several Serbs who have fell victim to a nationalist and irredentist ideology that has a goal of creating a pure Albanian state of Kosova (Kosovo in Albanian). Serbs in Kosovo have no basic human rights. You will be shocked to learn which atrocities they have to face each day.

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  1. I couldn’t help but write something. May not be important but I feel I must. For many reasons, mostly since I am the daughter of a well known historian.
    For decades and decades, Albanians, historically have been barbarically massacred in front of their homes by Serbs. Albanian daughters raped in front of their families with father and brother watching with knives on their jugular veins. Pregnant Albanian women their bellies cut open and many many more.... My heart aches writing this. Serbs have committed world’s most barbaric acts in human history. They will never have Kosovo, they will never have a country. Hell awaits them.

  2. Hey Serbians, no one believes in your lies. So stop wasting your filthy breath and money on this movies. Whole world witnessed your killings starting from losing all wars you initiated started from Slovenia till the last one Kosovo. You are destined to lose, and you will always lose, God is always with the good people.

  3. @visar kelmendi,
    you mean imaginary state of Kosovo and metohija?

  4. I`m feeling very sad about the propaganda and the level of propaganda agains the state of Kosova. Just a documentary that has nothing to do with liberal mind of producing a documentary they are trying to poison every sectors of media but I`m sorry. Yugoslavia dream are over the Republic of Kosova is a country that has been occupied with brutally and death but not anymore,
    The Balkan champions

  5. Great video,as a Croat who served in Kosovo in the 90's I have witnessed cruelty of the albanians on anyone who was other nationality.They hated Gypsies, Serbs,Jews,Egiptians and islamic minoreties equally.My grandfather was also military officer stationed on Kosovo after the WW2 and witnessed comunistic ban for Kosovo Serbs deported to concentration camps in Germany and Norway, some 100 000 of them, to return to their native home on Kosovo.Also he witnessed Albanian refugees some 300 000 in the period from 1945-50 from Albanian dictator Hoxa who came on Kosovo to live and where accepted and from Serbs and local Albanians.Later in the period from the 1958-1970 came the second wave of refugees, some 500 000 people.And they caused problems for the natives of Kosovo that later became a exploding national problem.I wil never be a truce there!

  6. Kosovo is Albania and for hundreds and so many years serbs kill all Albnanians and u make a movie that serbs suffered,thats shit, its like making a movie about Hiter being the good guy and the Jews the bad guys

  7. Are aware that during kosovo-Serbia war 50.000 females have been rapped ,and they have been rapped in front of their husbands ,fathers ... are you aware that people have been killed in front of their loved ones , my uncle who was somwhere near 19 was killed and tourtured in front of his father , they killed so many people that we can't even find their dead bodies .. they killed little innocent kids ... and after all the things they did they aren't even shamed .....

  8. Please remove this video from this site! The whole story is one big lie!!

  9. this is the biggest rubbish i have ever seen. LOL. not even worth commenting . Pointless after all the killings the Serbs have done in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosna and Kosova. RUBBISHHHHH.

  10. This is another handy work of the Empire of Chaos (the USA) and its warmonger minions EU, they created more chaos, atrocities, racial genocides, hatred, bloodshed, destruction, misery, ... in the name of human rights and R2P, Kosovo, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, etc. were all having functioning societies, people were getting along and having normal lives despite their differences, now all those places are in hell, yet nobody remembers the culprits and perpetrators, the USA and EU, anymore, the victims are all busying blaming each other and pointing fingers at each other, what a sad scene.

  11. Albanian tongue n soil is the oldest in Europe so nice try with the apparent notion that Kosovo is Serbians. If so? By some miracle how come you guys were always a minority than? Halthough this minority took all the e onomy and ruled us the point being is that you were ALWAYS nothing but a GUEST in my country. And that is all you'll be. I've nothing against the minority Serbians only if they are somewhat respectable and humane ! Not trying to cause further complications than there are.

  12. And to answer your uneducated guess SASHA if you knew a little bit of history you would know that Slavs came in the picture / Balkan way after the ottoman had ruled Albanians for 500 years and then you theifs invaded it too but it was never yours! We are the palasgians/yllirian descendents we were here before Christ diverged into what is now left as roman n Greek dichotomy. So yeah the ottoman gave up and ended with the rise of GjERGJ KASTRIOTI aka skender beu who was taken to Turkey as a little boy had his parents murdered n once he became a great warrior of Turkey he was told he's Albanian which he then turned againsst them and stopped the ottoman from invading and assimilating almost the entire Europe.

  13. ya ok!
    don;t get things twisted!

    Here's the truth:
    1. your ancestors live at your home for generations
    2. you willfully let me into your house
    3. even though you supply everything I need to live happily; i help my self to all your belongings including food, money, lands, jobs and your family
    4. while i am your raping you...i call all my friends and family to partake in your hospitality; they call theirs...about 4 million people as gang rape now
    5. you then realize that what started as a kind gesture has been abused to the point you have nothing and neither does anyone else you know,
    6. you complain and ask for I and all the guests to leave.
    7. You complain to cops
    8. you complain to government
    9. everyone asks you me to leave,but I still don;t
    10. they demand I leave or be imprisoned or executed, but I still don;t leave
    11. people die and wars occur, but I still don't leave
    12. afterwards, when I have the majority of a country and cry to UN that I am raping, plundering and murdering to deal the final death blow, I have the sickening nerve to blame you for the above
    Who am I ?"
    A greedy, selfish, hypocrytical, POS Albanian!

  14. I read some Albanian comments witch are really silly! Let's point out some facts:
    - 1st Serbian state was founded on Kosovo. The whole cultural history is on Kosovo. Than, at the certain point, Ottomans come into the picture. Serbs flee, Abanians are being settled because of their loyalty to the conqueror.
    - Kosovo Albanins supported Hitler in it's aggresion on the Balkans. Hitler lost, as the Albanians resulting in many deaths.
    - Albanians were pushing for idea of own state way back before any Milosevic was born. Student "uprises" in the 50's, 60's? Anyone? Calling for "Kosova state"! Oppresion of all Serbs? Calling for boicot of Serbian? Serbs were forced to learn a language of the minority because of political stability. Fact!
    - Albanians had almost all priviliges of a nation but wanted more until Serbs said NO! Terror on police on local authorities began, with the result of raids into homes etc. A nonpopular, but legitimate way to supress violence when attacked with anti tank military weapons financied fron Albania and USA.
    - Once more, Albanian chose for the wrong side, USA, and once more it will be noted as a wrong choice in historical perspective.
    Albanians have already a state but wanted more, with all means possible. If this is a wat to gain respect than I doubt they learnd the lesson.

  15. U.S. President Bill Clinton's special envoy to the Balkans, Robert Gelbard, condemned both the actions of the Serb government and of the KLA, and described the KLA as "without any questions, a terrorist group".[43][44][45] took a similar stance

  16. The infamous Panda Bar incident, however, which was an attack on Serb teenagers at a cafe, that led to an immediate crackdown on the Albanian-populated southern quarters of Peć (Kapešnica and Zatra), during whichSerbian police killed two Kosovo Albanians[36] has been alleged to have been organized by the Serbian government. On 17 January 2014, the Serbian newspaper Kurir reported that a source close to the Serbian government stated that there exists concrete evidence that the crime was ordered by Radomir Markovic (head of State Security Service) and executed by the infamous Milorad Ulemek (Legija), so as to make Kosovo Liberation Army appear as a terrorist organisation.[37] Similar claims, although not accusing the government, were made by Aleksandar Vucic, who stated that there is no evidence that the murder was committed by Albanians, as previously believed

  17. The Yugoslav authorities regarded the KLA as a terrorist group,[34] though many European governments did not. The Serbian government also reported that the KLA had killed and kidnapped no fewer than 3,276 civilians of various ethnic descriptions including some Albanians

  18. The KLA engaged in tit-for-tat attacks against Serbian nationalists in Kosovo, reprisals against ethnic Albanians who "collaborated" with the Serbian government, and bombed police stations and cafes known to be frequented by Serb officials, killing innocent civilians in the process. Most of its activities were funded by drug running, though its ties to community groups and Albanian exiles gave it local popularity

  19. The KLA was responsible for serious abuses… including abductions and murders of Serbs and ethnic Albanians considered collaborators with the state. Elements of the KLA are also responsible for post-conflict attacks on Serbs, Roma, and other non-Albanians, as well as ethnic Albanian political rivals... widespread and systematic burning and looting of homes belonging to Serbs, Roma, and other minorities and the destruction of Orthodox churches and monasteries... combined with harassment and intimidation designed to force people from their homes and communities... elements of the KLA are clearly responsible for many of these crimes

  20. All these "propaganda" comments smack of the same author, so dont be fooled by any "consensus" from turkic terrorist vermin

    As early as 1998, the U.S. State Department listed the KLA as a terrorist organization financing its operations with money from the international heroin trade and funds supplied from Islamic countries and individuals, including Osama bin Laden. This did not stop the United States from arming and training KLA members in Albania and in the summer of 1998 sending them back into Kosovo to assassinate Serbian mayors, ambush Serbian policemen and intimidate hesitant Kosovo Albanians. The aim was to destabilize Kosovo and overthrow Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic.

    Bin Laden and radical Muslim groups have been deeply involved in the Balkans since the civil wars in Bosnia from 1992 to 1995. Despite a UN arms embargo and with the knowledge and support of the United States, arms, ammunition and thousands of Mujahideen fighters were smuggled into Bosnia to help the Muslims. Many remain in Bosnia today and are recognized as a serious threat to Western forces there. The Bosnian government is said to have presented bin Laden with a Bosnian passport in recognition of his contribution to their cause. He and his al-Qaeda network were also active in Kosovo, and KLA members trained in his camps in Afghanistan and Albania.

    Emboldened by the knowledge it could achieve its political objectives by terror, the KLA moved into southern Serbia and initiated, under the eyes of 40,000 NATO troops, a campaign of terror against the Serbian population. Not until NATO permitted the new democratic government of Serbia to send the Serb army back into the area was the KLA routed and sent back across the border into Kosovo.

    Macedonia, with its large Albanian minority, was the KLA's next target. In February, its forces moved against this small and newly independent democracy. The familiar pattern of murder, ambush and intimidation followed. Unlike Serbia, which still possessed a powerful and well-equipped army, Macedonia had little with which to defend itself against the well equipped and battle-hardened KLA fighters. The promises of assistance made by former U.S. president Bill Clinton in return for Macedonia's co-operation during the Yugoslav bombing were forgotten.

    Nevertheless, when the fighting started, it appeared NATO and the European Union might help Macedonia resist the terrorist threat. In March, Lord Robertson, the Secretary-General of NATO, condemned the KLA terror campaign and described them as "murderous thugs." He supported the Macedonian government's refusal to negotiate with the terrorists. Obviously, Lord Robertson was not aware the United States had other ideas about which side to support in Macedonia.

    The message was made clear in May, when U.S. diplomat Robert Fenwick, ostensibly the head of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, in Macedonia, met secretly in Prizren, Kosovo, with the leaders of the Albanian political parties and KLA representatives. Macedonian officials were not invited. It was clear the United States was backing the Albanian terrorist cause. This was confirmed a month later, when a force of 400 KLA fighters was surrounded in the town of Aracinovo near the capital, Skopje. As Macedonian security forces moved in, they were halted on NATO orders.

    U.S. army buses from Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo arrived to remove all the heavily armed terrorists to a safer area of Macedonia. German reporters later revealed that 17 U.S. military advisors were accompanying the KLA terrorists in Aracinovo.

    In August, fearing the Macedonian forces might be able to defeat the KLA, U.S. Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice flew to Kiev and ordered the Ukrainian government to stop sending further military equipment to Macedonia. Since Ukraine was the only country supplying Macedonia with military assistance, the Macedonians realized continued resistance against the KLA terrorists, the EU and NATO was futile. Macedonia was forced to concede defeat and obliged to accept all the terrorist demands. When the peace treaty was signed, Lord Robertson proclaimed, "This day marks the entry of Macedonia into modern, mainstream Europe ... a very proud day for their country."

    These words come too late for the Serbs, Gypsies, Jews, Turks and other non-Albanians who have been driven from their ancestral homes in Kosovo by the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army. It is too late as well for Macedonia, which has been forced by the United States, the European Union and NATO to yield to all the demands of the Albanian terrorists in that country.

  21. How about u talk about the albsnian rights from 1900-2000, what the serbs did to the albanians for over 100years. Get your facts straight before u make a film.

  22. Serbs are of the devil!

    All Serbs in Serbia participated in the massacre of Bosniaks.

    All Serbs abroad are hardened criminals.

    Serbs started 3 wars in less than 100 years.

  23. well this is propaganda at it's finest, it fits best to character of serbian people and their myth of innocence. they started wars in croatia, killed thousands in Srebrenica in front of all world, did macabre things in Kosovo, in Recak, Krush, Qyshk, I dare you to google for it that will be your true "Can you imagine" moment.
    Kosovo was majority of albanians before the war, because if you read history serbs came from beyond the Carpates, and inavaded a part territory from Albania, now known as Kosovo, so their so called heart must be somewhere beyond those mountains, and no parallels can be drawn with Jerusalem, none whatsoever. Clearly this is a serbian goverment paid documentary, serbs in kosovo are still the same, there is proof in northern part of Mitrovica, where no albanian can live their life without worrying that one of their neighbours would through a grenade in their backyard. They dont pay taxes, electricity, water or anything else, on other hand they get social support and wages from republic of Kosovo.Tell me in which other country this happens.

  24. I would like to ask all of you that don't agree with movie, where Albania as a country was first time got name and country, did you missed history class?
    As all know Serbia is one of the oldest, Kosovo is heart of Serbia.People not knowing history first time heard about Kosovo 1389, and people who know history the first time name Albania as country 1878, so l said enough, smart will know, s*upid will live to learn one day!

    1. First of all, please learn to speak English as much of what you're saying is nonsensical. Second of all, you know nothing about the history of your people. If you did, you would know that Serbs descended from the mountains of Russia and slaughtered their way into Eastern Europe. Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, and land from several other countries was once known as Illyria. But you're a Serb, why would you ever agree with something as logical as history? Kosovo is not and never has been the heart of Serbia. It was called Dardania before you took over with your barbarism. Now pick up a history book that wasn't written by a Serb.

  25. Skip this documentary, it is complete propaganda and utter bulls*it. The Serbs started three wars in a single decade, do you see the pattern here? They got neck-deep in trouble and took a dump on their reputation and now they want to lower us to their level in order to compensate. The KLA fought a clean war. I know because members of my family were in it. They never raised a hand against Serbian civilians while the other side was murdering and raping whole villages. I will not allow the honor of my family and people to be ridiculed like this. Skip this monstrosity.

  26. People,you sholud really stop talking about things that you have no clue about.You live 6000miles from here and belive everything that newspaper and TV have to say.As for Albanians,well it is expected that they are not going to be on Serbian side...But I live here,and belive me-I know exactly what happened.I do not wish that to anybody,not even for a second-even if you all say discusting things about us..Thats all just politics,unfortunatelly,and we are all just pawns in this chess game.Anyway-I wish you all best and I hope you'll realize the real truth someday.

  27. this is a lie not believe this

  28. the serbs are the most disgusting people ever I am an Albanian and I went through that war me and my family until you know how it actually feels to be running through bullets and bombs and trying to keep alive than don't speak what they did was wrong and gross where was USA to help and send there people no where but they send them to other countries to help and same with Canada yes they helped with refugeeing us but I don't seem there soldiers there either even 15 years later me and my older brothers and parents still grieve on what has happened it's a night mare everyday and night and to witness all that sucks and what have done to other families is disturbing... so for the people on here and everywhere else taking serbians side f--k you all and your lucky your families didn't go through that take lives away for no reason and SHAME ON you don't worry karma will hit you!!!

  29. Funny, when the breakup of Yugoslavia occurred first the Serbs went to war with Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and then Kosovo; I see a pattern. Macedonia was left out of the Serbian fun since they are so closely related to the Serbs, it would have been like attacking themselves.

  30. Interesting revisionist history!

  31. third world country..third world problems

  32. This documentary is pure propaganda and far far away from reality! It f*cked my brain because of the different techniques like sad music and exageration. Lies after lies mostly about serbian living conditions in Kosovo and dirty ways to try impressing serbians! I`ve never been in Serbia but of what i heard it`s not as a bad looking country but the mentallities of the people are staying in a Contra-West politics way and out of any logic and interest. Subjectivity and lies to continue the war in our heads!

  33. I live here, and serbs have far better standards here
    they are safe, no one bothers them, in fact they beat albanians in northen mitrovica they even murdered people, and in protests they are very violent but they dont face police brutality like albanians do any time they raise their voice

    they don't pay taxes, they earn from two states both kosova and serbia, they are just more privileged... I even have serbian friends Im not trying to favor anyone I'm not a nationalist loser

    and let us not mention the war where many people have gone insane after witnessing unbelievable cruelties
    people saw babies cooked alive by serbian nationalist forces why? just for some p*ssed colors in a flag, for a rotten symbol that makes people blind

    I grew up in these brutal time, as I child I couldn't understand how can a language and a flag divide people with such hatred

    the root of the problem is this: our identification with abstract ideas and symbols, nationality is just a idea... it has nothing to do with reality, we are human beings whats all this mess you fools make?

    there are no albanians no serbs, only human beings who speak serbian and albanian and so on...

  34. If people desire a world contains overwhelmingly justice for everyone, why they still request the justice for only themselves... Justice is required and needed for everyone... so lets think about Srebrenica...

  35. 90% of Kosovo's population are albanian. The serbs attacked in 98-99 and most hate the albanians, so why wouldnt they want to be independent..
    although neither nations are something to aspire to, because crime and backward ideology reigns high

  36. I Don't give to craps about Serbs what they did to Kosova is unspeakable, when my aunt was 5 months pregnant they found out she was keeping a Albanian flag in her home and got rid of her baby! she died a few weeks later, and everyone saying the Kosovans/Albanians are the bad guys!

  37. War is ugly business. There is no way to redeem losses experienced on your own soil by way of self-serving foreign policies. John Perkins' book "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" predicted that wars could be waged with the swipe of a pen instead of direct conflict. This chaos was predicted long before the world new which players would be next.

  38. WOW!

  39. This is the biggest load of BS I have ever seen, I served in KFOR in Kosovo, why doesn't he do a documentary about the atrocities that the Serbs did to the people there. I've seen the most disturbing things in my life there at the hands of the Serbian forces. I'm not saying that all the Serbs are that way, but they should never of started the ethnic cleansing, now that the tables are turned they act shocked. Thats what happens when you murder women, children and mow down complete villages of people.

    1. This document just shows what happened after war, nothing more, nothing less.

    2. Round and round it goes, but the area has a history of ethnic cleansing going way back before the 90s, the Serbs didn't start it ... they were the victims of Nazi-supported Croatia in the 40s who were trying to exterminate them (and there's a long history even before that). Lots of villages mowed down, women and children fed into death camps by the thousands. When Yugoslavia broke up, the Serbs turned the tables, not victims this time but perpetrators. But the tables have turned yet again, and now their victims are perpetrators. So guess what happens in the future? Tables will turn again.

      Even in the conflict in the 90s the Serbs were far from alone. What the Serbs were doing in Kosovo was being done to them in the Medak Pocket and elsewhere.

      As long as the idea remains that what happened in the past can provide justification, its just going to keep going round and round in that part of the world.

    3. let's keep it simple, the doc is about Albanians ethnically cleansing Serbs now and recently. His point is that it's wrong, Serbs started it in Kosovo, in Bosnia, all over Balkans really and now they are trying to make it seem like they are the victims. They are not, that's common knowledge. You say that one wrong can't justify another but your whole comment started that Serbs did it this time but were victims sometime long ago so you are using the past to justify what the Serbs did.

    4. My argument is that all the finger-pointing
      has to stop. Which does not appear to be terribly important to you, since you're practicing it.

      Your argument is precisely that the past is a justification. You're saying because of what happened in the early 90s ... a generation ago ... that the Serbs "started it" when in fact that episode has been over for quite some time.

      I'm tired of the behaviour of the Balkan people and their finger-pointing and constant fighting. None of them are blameless and only a fool believes so.

  40. "Kosovo for the Serbs is what Jerusalem is for the Jewish people." So he is relating Serbs to Jews in Israel who have ethnically cleansed Palestinians removing them from their homes. " Serbs who have fell victim to a nationalist and irredentist ideology that has a goal of creating a pure Albanian state of Kosova" And now Albania has a similar agenda as Israeli Zionism to create a Jewish only state. There is a contradiction here which makes it difficult to understand his argument in this film. I think the situation of the Serbs is very sad, but i dont think there is enough information in this documentary to create a clear idea of what and why everything is going on....

  41. How much did they pay you for this article?! Because all the Serbs who live in Kosovo are criminals, who are not welcome even in they own country!! Try another profession please, you have no idea of the life that you wrote the article!

    1. Really, all Serbs on Kosovo are criminals? Even that old blind lady? Even those 9 children that live in 30 square m apartment? Even that couple who needed steel bars to be installed on their windows? All these people are criminals?

      How about your kidney selling prime minister? I guess he must be just a successful businessman...

    2. Donika is it not true that a large number of Albanian political leaders in Kosovo are involved in criminal activity of the highest scale?

  42. Oh really? Suddenly the serbs became the goods guys and the victims here? Let's suppose albanians are crazy....what about slovenians? croatians? bosnians? Yeah, all these nations "hate" serbs for no reason....and made wars to them!

    No shit....they are the most privileged nation in Kosovo! Not possible? You have to wash your face in the morning when you wake up....and take a better look!


  44. Its not propaganda, its just a movie from the serbian point of view (its directed by canadian film director). Belive me, everything here is true, but of course, i never said that only albanians are bad guys here. But that doesnt mean that those crimes in the movie arent commited. Im saying again- i do not justify crimes against Albanians by Milosevic, but WAKE UP- stop thinking of serbia as evil country, THAT IS PROPAGANDA, not this.

    1. Canadian film director whose name is Russian and Russia is Serbia's biggest ally in the world for better or worse. So they are going to stick with the Serbs no matter what, literally if Serbs wanted to wipe out all life on this planet Russians would still stick by them. That speaks volumes about the Russians by the way.

  45. First few minutes were quite enough to convince me this is a pro-Serbian biased documentary. It's not Serbians who are oppressed there! It's the Albanians, on their own land! Skip this stupid documentary and give support to Albanians. It's as simple as that.

  46. Woah! Deeeeep propaganda film. Serbians didn't do anything wrong at all before the big bad Westerners came and enabled Albanians to kill and slaughter the poor innocent Serbians. Of course, militant Albanians have done wrong but referencing some ancient, 'mystical', magical, Greater Serbian kingdom where Unicorns froliked with virgins 400 years ago as having any basis on the current reality in the region?

    At least they referenced the 'revenge' part of the Albanian attacks. They didn't actually get into what the 'revenge' was for though. Kinda like leaving out the holocaust when describing why Israel is so militant today.

    At least it was entertaining in the regard that I haven't seen such a deep piece of crap since watching an old version of 'Juden' made by the Nazis.

    1. I live in Serbia and I have to agree with you. This film, aslo second one from same director are pure propaganda. Most of it is the same **** we use to listen during '90s from Milosevics media. It is sad how people still believe in those ****.

    2. Nice try, Albanian. How many people have you killed, huh? How many Serbs you robbed in Kosovo and Metohija? Shame on you.

  47. This documentary is completely garbage, it has nothing to do with reality

    1. Really? And how do you know that for a fact?

  48. dude serbs are disgusting people

    1. No, we just have very bad leaders, come in Serbia and you will see the real truth. People are here totali cool/ok, movie is just a movie remember that... Global media is against us :( why ? mabye some kind of strategies that i dont understand in complit...

    2. I myself am Kosovo/Albanian, and saying racist comments doesn't make you better Nickhaj92. I've met a lot of young people from Serbia and a lot of them are very cool. They want change in Serbia as much as we want change in Kosovo.

    3. no but fashistic statements like this, meant to provoke and insult truly are the best example of disgusting dude :)

  49. this documentary is out of logic, reason and any history fact and is a very subjective one.How is possible that the Albanians in Kosovo have cleaned most of the Serbs in Kosovo and the Serbs now have a lack of rights in these days, i think that now they have more rights what they deserve......In was in the years of the war, that thousands of Kosovo people were expelled from their homes, raped, kidnapped, killed and put in massive graves from the serbian army. Were the Kosovo people who were expelled and went to sick for refuge in Albania, Maqedonia and all over the Europe.It was their houses, cultural and religious places that were burned and destroyed AND NOT THOSE OF the serbs......AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT KOSOVO HAS NEVER BEEN LIKE THE Jerusalem for serbia, how is this even possible? When first of all Kosovo has a different language from the serbs, different tradition, cultural and historic events? When more than 90% of the popullation is myslym not orthodoks and to add another thing how can kosovo be The jerusalem of serbia when in antiquity kosovo was the DARDANIAN Kingdom? Kosovo has it's OWN root's and is part of the ILLYRIAN history and NEVER will be a part of the serbian history not because i like to say so but because these are the facts. And about what the albanians might have done to the serbs(throwing stone to their houses or even destoying some part of them) i think it is an impulsive or instictiv reaction to what the serbs have done to them and this is so much minor to what the serbs have done to kosovo people.
    And about the author, Boris Malagurski my search showed that he has serbian nationality BUT in 2005 he had the fortune to go to Canada. He is just 24 years old now and when he did this documentary he was just 21, and if he goes on like this, doing such documentaries he has a prominent future (in serbia i mean). I stil dont understand what the hell were the canadian professors talking about!
    All i can say is:
    We live now in a time in which we have the so called freedom of speech and this means that anyone has the right to say it's own thoughts even if these thoughts are MADNESS.

    1. neslo24 your bias shine's through your comments and the only thing without logic is your empty head filled with propaganda, and learn to spell. Serbians will raise again now the world know's the truth.

    2. And U try to learn more to school, it's a suggestion. My words are not a propaganda as u like to say, but i suggest to u (again) look yourself in what u write : "serbians will rise again now the world knows the tryth" who is making propaganda here? I have wrote here what i think are the facts, if u don't agree then write againts these but dont write about me or what my head is like. Ok d... head? ! And by the way which is this GREAT TRUTH that u are talking about "That u really want Kosovo but u can't have it, because it is not your land and will never be.Because it would not be right if this would happen"
      Try to write something valuable! How was my spell this time, ok? Because i really want to impress u!

    3. of course they do that's why they recognized Kosovo. To give them freedom.

    4. as you said, at the end
      "We live now in a time in which we have the so called freedom of speech and this means that anyone has the right to say it's own thoughts even if these thoughts are MADNESS."

      I will not explain nor teach you history even tho you could use some lessons..
      You said Kosovo Polje was never serbian and always albanian, well just translate "albanian" word Kosovo Polje
      Let me guess.. there is no albanian word Kos or Kosovo :)
      rest my case about history.
      as you said :
      "anyone has the right to say it's own thoughts even if these thoughts are MADNESS."

    5. Dear alex avric
      which letters of the word DARDANIA dont u understand!
      Anyway one suggestion if u want to talk about the genealogy of the name kosovo please go further than 'the field of blackbirds'.
      Slavs (Serb + Croat) crossed the Danube and moved into the Balkans by the 6 or 7th century.Kosovo was a part of the Serbian expansion in earnest only in the 12 century under the powerful Nemanjic dynasty. And by this time Kosovo became an important point of this medieval serb state, but only in the 12 century.... however i will follow your great logic we will talk about names....If i want now to rename the city of beograd after i invaded it, i wanna call it 'Illyria 2' and after several decades what i will say to u? the same thing that u are saying to me NOW but on the contrary. I will say to u that the word beograd doesnt have a meaning in the illyrian language but the word illyria YES, i will say that there is no serbian transation for the word illyria and illyrian translation yes. In other words i will deny the name beograd and all the consequences of this, which means to deny the people and all the other things , but i cant do this because it is not right and this would not be called history.
      A temporal invasion of a land doesnt make this land yours forever and yes kosovo was never yours and never will be! Now some other things/ sometimes the reason is called MADNESS by those who dont want to see/ dont repeat my words so much all u have sad here is just 'kosovo polje'/ and please teach me some history i need this......

    6. Are you trying to sell us a story that albanians are Illyraians!? That is the biggest bulls*it I've heard in last 20years. Lets say that you are, so what..? I dont give a s*** about Kosovo,I am just sad for the serbians that stayed down there living with your people. Yes its your country now, how can it not be when average of children by family is 10. In last 2-3 centuries, your population growth was astronomical, while we lost 1/3 of population during first WW and 1/4 during second.. fighting on the right side. You got this land for the first time in history, make a good and honest country of it and stop looking only from your point of view. This documentary is not my favourite.. far from it, but majority of the story is naked truth. And one fact for all commentators that are so anti-serb orientated. During last Balcan wars, Serbia is only ex Yu country that had strong opposition.. we fought small wars on Belgrade streets against regime for a decade, 95% of all military personal were mobilized, we lived in everything but democracy so **** you all. Americans supported Milosevic as well as other dictators across the world till 1998.. they brought nothing but misery to countries they "liberated". And I am not talking about American people but of American government. So should all of you, there are no bad people, just bad policies. Are you trying to say that my children are evil!?

    7. you are sad for the Serbians in Kosovo? They can always move back to Serbia can't they? Of course they can so don't be sad they are choosing to be in Kosovo.

    8. Wow, that is so subjective and obviously from a Albanian point of view.

    9. no pretty much most of the civilized world knows Albanians are the victims, you don't have to be a genius to know that. It's mostly Serbians and Russians who think Serbians are the victims.

    10. Well you know what they say.. where everyone thinks alike none thinks very much ;)

  50. this documentary is out of logic, reason and any history fact and is a very subjective one.How is possible that the Albanians in Kosovo have cleaned most of the Serbs in Kosovo and the Serbs now have a lack of rights in these days, i think that now they have more rights what they deserve......In was in the years of the war, that thousands of Kosovo people were expelled from their homes, raped, kidnapped, killed and put in massive graves from the serbian army. Were the Kosovo people who were expelled and went to sick for refuge in Albania, Maqedonia and all over the Europe.It was their houses, cultural and religious places that were burned and destroyed AND NOT THOSE OF the serbs......AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT KOSOVO HAS NEVER BEEN LIKE THE Jerusalem for serbia, how is this even possible? When first of all Kosovo has a different language from the serbs, different tradition, cultural and historic events? When more than 90% of the popullation is myslym not orthodoks and to add another thing how can kosovo be The jerusalem of serbia when in antiquity kosovo was the DARDANIAN Kingdom? Kosovo has it's OWN root's and is part of the ILLYRIAN history and NEVER will be a part of the serbian history not because i like to say so but because these are the facts. And about what the albanians might have done to the serbs(throwing stone to their houses or even destoying some part of them) i think it is an impulsive or instictiv reaction to what the serbs have done to them and this is so much minor to what the serbs have done to kosovo people.
    And about the author, Boris Malagurski my search showed that he has serbian nationality BUT in 2005 he had the fortune to go to Canada. He is just 24 years old now and when he did this documentary he was just 21, and if he goes on like this, doing such documentaries he has a prominent future (in serbia i mean).
    All i can say is:
    We live now in a time in which we have the so called freedom of speech and this means that anyone has the right to say it's own thoughts even if these thoughts are MADNESS.

  51. this all is goverment's games reason:natural goods.I am Hungarian i live in Serbia,and I know the Serbian peoples is victims now.You have crazy people's in all nacions!but the serbians people's is not hanibals.Wake up and think about it:How can Albanias growing up an genocid the Serbs after Serb genocide and bed life standard on Kosovo?

  52. Love how a Serb posts about how 100,000s of his people were massacred and a moderator edits it to take the profanity out. "Hey there son, I know you were forced from your country and your people butchered, but there's no need to swear about it. I mean children could be watching this documentary on the topic of mass murder, you don't want them to see any dirty words, do you??"

    Humans, gotta hate'em.

  53. who ever made this film absolutely had no F...ing clue what they were talking about it should be shame for canadian goverment to even alowe some thing like this to be posted on internet unfotunetly no one pays attention to videos like this but let me say some thing to all the people of canada especially those who made this video i understand thet in canada leave millions os serbiens so thay hed a chance to make a propaganda like this even in canada.KOSOVO declared independence in 2008-4years now and serbs have more rights then we had being under serbijas' rule for over 100 years. so all of you canadian historians please learn proper history before u post a nother video like this because i would be a shame if i were you to expose my self to others that would make you talk to your self

  54. The Serbs have monasteries that date back to 1390's in Kosovo that were strategically burned, how do you explain that please? Any comment that has NATO in it should be completely erased and not payed any attention to because if you as an individual living in 2012 and are aware of what kind of operations NATO has been involved in and still is to this day then there is no way of getting you to understand anything, you dont even know your own history yet you have the nerve to speak about the Serbs, lol. Do you know that most of the Serb presidents in the last 60 years are all of Jewish decent, Serbs are not Jews, were Orthodox, therefore explain to me how someone that has no connection to the people makes laws and exercises them on those same people, the same thing happened in WWII, Hitler was a Austrian Jew by birth, NOT religon, yet he presided over Germany, Stalin was from Georgia yet ruled the Soviet Union, you see my point. All of these figures were thrown in these high positions for strategic and political reasons contrary to ours. Kosovo is important to the west because 95% of the world's heroin production passes through Albania, another fact, heroin is at its cheapest in Serbia, oh wow, do you see the correlation. All this is going on because there are high ranking individuals out there who have their own interests contrary to yours and mine. So because the Albanians are thriving now because the scale of heroin is so much bigger and they can readily sell it to their "mortal enemy neighbor" Serbia and kill of their youth and earn a buck while they are doing it, its all gravy for you Albanians. Do you know that the majority of the Albanians intermarry within the family. Albanians are known for being mercenaries, pay them any sum and they are willing to do anything and everything to whom it may concern as long as they get their cut. You can spew your pathetic opinions about Kosovo all you want, you have no facts stated at all, while i've pointed out countless number of them. Prove me wrong please, we have monasteries that are 600+ years old with ruins still standing and you're talking about the last 100 years, any intellectual person would clearly dismiss your futile attempt at a discussion because your hatred-fueled opinions show that you know absolutely nothing about that went on and is currently going on, the current times are good for you so you go along with it, its totally understandable and actually predictable from Albanians.

    1. Albanians are simply avenging the 1 million of Albanians ethnically cleansed at some point recently. That's how you explain that. You got to realize there are a whole lot of pissed off Albanians after what the Serbs did to them.

  55. Also why are you half illiterate individuals stating that half of serbia should belong to Albania, you see the problem with that, you are not stating facts, you are going by what you feel inside, what you think is not the truth, its your own opinion. My opinion is that we should get Kosovo back because it always belonged to the Serbs, prove me otherwise? You see, your opinion has no merit and has no backbone to it, from what I see in your comments, seems like you hate Serbs. On the other hand, I dont hate anyone, even the ones that kicked me out of my own country, nor do I hate you, having went through all that only makes me spiritually stronger, I am trying to instill my side of things and my view on the situation, I lived there during that time, you didnt therefore how can you comment on such issues, as I said, its your opinion and you have a right to exercise it, but because u have a choice to do so doesnt mean that you can literally **** on others because your state of mind is not the same as theirs, thats like you telling a serial killer that hes insane, of coarse he wont side with you because killing is all he does, to me and you thats insane, but to him its simply normal, its what he does...

    1. I don't know about hate but humans have that internal desire to feel sympathy for victims (Albanians) and not feel any love for the purps (Serbs)

  56. @ vba, you do realize that serbs are older then Russians and it was proven by British scientists in 2007, Serbs are actually the oldest group in Europe, I am a Serb myself who grew up in Kosovo. Russians came from us, since on the Ottoman tip, we were under slavery for 600 years, the Ottomans took Serb children, raised them and sent them to slaughter their own without them knowing at all. How many serbs were slaughtered in WWII and thrown in ditches, it is still unknown but the West's version of it is totally absurd, they said somewhere between 30,000-40,000 Serbs were dumped in ditches, contradictory to the West's version of the story, the Serb records show a more reasonable number which is in 700,000-800,000 souls. Now by any standards that is a trully huge gap, I dont really think 40,000 serbs died because when it was all said and done with the serb population was drastically reduced, even to this day, Serbia is still facing its own demise, its currently the only country in the world that has more people dying every year then are being born, what do you think is the cause of that? Its is totally acceptable to say that there were and still are idiotic and patriotic Serbs that committed and will commit mass crimes w/e scale they may be, I am not protecting them and never will, but I do want you to understand that more crimes have been done against Serbs particularly then Serbs will ever do to anyone. You do realize that Croats, Bosnians, Montenegro, and most of Macedonia's residents were Serbs at one time, the problem is this. During the Ottoman 600 year reign, they forcefully changed 1/3 of our population to Islamic, during WWI & WWII 1/3 were converted to Catholicism, and 1/3 remained Orthodox. Now you see the big picture, Croatia was divided by politicians and mostly Catholics inhabit it, Bosnia is predominantly Muslim, and the inner Serbia is comprised of the rest, therefore, from the same people emerged 3 different religions forcefully. Now during the 50's, the British MI5 instigated civil unrest in Serbia and continue to do so today, why do you think the rather now "naive" serbs are adopting American/British shows, attitude, vocabulary, and their culture, while forgetting theirs. Its because the West has their hands intertwined in all of our aspects of life as they do all over the world, its nothing new. You can safely say I grew up in Kosovo for the majority of my youth, my father was a homicide investigator/criminal technician and my mother was a elementary teacher. I can also safely say that they worked really hard and get me and my brother more then any other children had around us, it was a pretty bad scene considering we were refugees from Lika, Krajina, which today would be strategically located in the inner part of Croatia, not far from the Adriatic. Anyways, we lived amongst Albanians, went to school with them, rode the buss with them, shared classrooms with them etc... for the most part most of the Albanians kept their distance from us and almost looked down upon us for no apparent reason, now there were others who didnt at all care what ethnic background they were from or w/e the case may be and actually became close friends of mine, they came and went to my house as I did theirs. What Im basically trying to say is, Albanians are mysterious people, they dont allow you to know to much about them and are really secretive for the most part, considering the biggest amounts of heroin smuggled in the world comes through Albania, therefore they have to be. Reading through some of the comments really made me write this huge essay, but the point being is, Kosovo has always belonged to the Serbs, since you want to discuss history, research that fact, since when has Kosovo belonged to the Albanian people and under what circumstances? it never did, so please explain to me how the US/Britain/France and all the other major European countries came to a conclusion that Kosovo is to be handed over to the Albanian people because "its rightfully theirs". If it was I would totally understand because I am a very understanding individual, but this atrocity that was committed on a grand scale by some of the largest and most developed countries in the world is simply absurd and should never be tolerated yet alone believed and upheld. As I said I lived in Kosovo for a period of 10 years, Ive seen things that you cannot comprehend as you've seen things that I cannot comprehend, therefore you have my word and I have yours, this documentary outlines " a lot" of facts but "not all" of them. You cannot just look at one side of the scope and act upon as if that's true and anything else that doesn't come anywhere near that is absolutely wrong and you dont want to hear it. Crimes have always happened on both sides, but clearly the biggest crime took place by the huge corporate countries is still up in thin smoke as they laugh at us while we bicker. At the end of the day, all it comes down to is, elitist royals exercising their power over the naive and unsuspecting people, this has always happened throughout history and will continue to do so until we decide its enough and stop believing this bullshit reality that they worked so hard to cook up for us as we impatiently gobble it up never thinking twice.

    1. serbs are the oldest group in balkans? the ignorance in your post is too damn high

    2. you are Serb too, surprise surprise. Who knew (not a real question, therefore no question mark)

  57. Did they say in 11.20 something that their grandgrandfather build Uroševac?(Ferizaj in albanian)haha really ? a documentary without any real fact nice work! And this documentary should have shown why the womans where attack by albanian, what the reason was, the should have mention that serbs killed childrin in mitrovica area and that was the reason of the albanian youth rage!

  58. There are crime on Serb by other side.But Serb do most the crime.All over the world know this.They make genocide legally on Bosnian and Crotian.This is their clear wrongdoing.

  59. perhaps you should read an article posted by a serbian reporter named Miroslav Filipoviç about the serbian army slaughtering around 800 albanian children aging 0-5 during the kosovo war. and this is written by a serbian reporter.

  60. it is comparable to Hitler.
    if hitler would still live and go to israel to live there, then he could say
    :" why are all jews hating me? thats not fair Im goin to make a documentary film about that and than all idiots are going to believe me and than israel will be mine !" wake up idiots thats a propaganda film!! they could all go home if they want but they wont!!!

    1. I guess that's true. Never thought of it that way.

  61. it is comparable to Hitler.
    if hitler would still live and go to israel to live there, then he could say: why I are all jews hating me??? thats not fair - Im going to make about a movie about that, than all idiots are going to believe me and than israel is going to be mine!!
    PS:**** serbian people please go back to russian

  62. it is comparable to Hitler.if hitler would still live and go to israel to live there , then he could also say: why are all the jews hating me ? and why they make discremination to me???
    PS : stop trying serbian bastards- kosovo belongs to albania, half serbian belongs even to albania .

  63. i´m spanish and i only want to give my support from serbian people in kosovo, i know well that kosovo-albanian people is able to do , in my country the are a lot of albanian-kosovo chiefs and killers, they are very dangeruos and they are able to destroy all that they found in their way, we hate the Kosovo Albanians that neither our own police can stop them without using violence

    1. great you know some criminal Albanians and now all Albanians must be thugs. Good reasoning. Serbs had recently expelled 50% of the Albanian population in Kosovo from their homes. Then the world stepped in finally and gave them freedom from the Serbs, don't you think now there is going to be a whole lot of angry Albanians? Of course there are.

  64. It's funny how a Serbian is presented as Canadian :) I guess it makes him look unbiased.

    Showing only one side is always propaganda...

  65. Nonesense. Serbs here in Kosovo have every right that minorities must have their language is an official language and they are represented in the parliament. Serbs in Kosovo want to rule over us Albanians, luckily that is not going to happen any more. Stay away form Kosovo.

  66. How about the rights of albanians in Preseva which they were 45% before Kosovo war and naow they are 25% of the entire population because of the RACIST politics of Republic of Serbia HOW ABOUT THAT

  67. The essence of politics is interest and the victims are just "collateral damage". Does anyone wage a war in the name of the truth? Just look at the outcome and everything will be crystal clear.

  68. It seems to me that at one time Milosevic was riding high on a wave of Serbian expansion and would not have stopped untill the Serbs ruled almost all of Yugoslavia,(All of it if it were possible). Now that his plans for Serbian dominance have been thwarted and the non-Serbs have stood back up, there is all this retribution and power grabbing going on. What do you expect! There is always a temporary winner and a temporary loser in these kinds of ethnic clashes. Especially now, after the old glue of communism is melted away. People who can't live as equals will die as unequals, as one day it will be Serbs who die and the next, Albanians. If no-one is willing to forgive and try to get along, the ugly circle will continue. Human beings will suffer and if they get the chance, they will make the other side suffer in return. Thats just a sad fact of primitive human nature. My point is; to make a documentary about the suffering of only one side is a short sighted and naive endeavor. And only continues the resentment and hatered that started it in the first place. NO MORE BLAMEING, STOP NOW!

  69. Its funny because the most of comments here are wroten by Albanians. Yes, I understand that you must defend yourself, but the fact is that Albanians were and still are brutal to Serbs, killing and looting them, usurping their houses etc. THAT'S A FACT. It is true that Milosevic also did crimes against Albanians, and I do NOT justify that nor I like Milosevic, but Im just saying that he just tried to defend unity of his country. And yes, Albanians lived much much better in Yugoslavia then Serbs now who dont have any rights in places where are Albanians majority.
    It is true that leaders of the self-proclaimed country Kosovo are involved in many criminal activity. It is true that churches and monasteries were burned. It is true that you arent safe in Kosovo, you see, few days ago, when serbian diplomats came to Pristina to negotiate, Albanians throwed stones on their cars. So even diplomats arent welcome.
    And finally, I dont see the reason why this film is a lie or propaganda. Its all true, and its made by Canadians, who actually supported the self-proclaimed indepedence of Kosovo. Why would they lie?

    1. Albanians and especally Kosovo has fought for it s independence for 100 Years . WHY THE Canadians don t make a documentary about the horrors of war that were caused by Yugosllav paramilitary forces in Kosovo . im not telling that beacuse i am an Albanian but you have to study more balkan History and you will se my friend that HISTORY IS ALWAYS WITH THE VICTOR .

  70. Anyone with a little bit of honest and tiny little knowledge knows that this documentary is the manipulation of the truth, not 24 hours a go a serbian terrorist hit an albanian family in mitrovica leaving 2 children's without father and a wife without housband and also leaving the children and the women with very heavy injuries. Please do not try to divert the truth cus it is not as this documentary says. Thank you for taking your time to read this. And am heavy insulted by the author of this documentary, and all in all u can't expect from a macedonian a descent view of balkans region. At least make a documentary trying to lie about the name of your country.

  71. This documentary is incomplete, we didn't hear much from the other side "the Albanians" why are they doing that, what was the purpose of the NATO war on Kosovo.. also one of the things that got on my nerves was can you imagine that something like that is happening in the world,, I guess what is happening in Palestine is far far more crucial than this, if you can imagine what is happening there then you can imagine what is happening in Kosovo. I feel sorry for all those Serbs who appeared in the documentary, injustice is not acceptable anywhere in the world, but there is something in this documentary that is not right, missing facts.

  72. I hear people speaking serbian in the streets of prishtina all the time, it dosent mean that they are serbs, they can be Bosnian, or Croat, all those interviews are lies, and manipulations of the truth.

  73. Serbs always distort the truth.

  74. Post the documentary THE VALLEY about kosovo war

  75. Shame on the makers of this documentary who are trying to divert the attention from the real history of the ethnic cleansing of albanians by the serbs that happened for hundreds of years. The last war was only the latest example that got world attention.

  76. Albanians made ethnic cleansing over the Serbs in Kosovo in last 100 years. Albanians were fascists during II war. Before that they were allies of Ottomans and Austrians and used every chance to abolish Serb people and culture. Nowdays, they ruin our graves, steal our property, killing our remaining people and trying to destroy every evidence of great Serbian culture in our motherland Kosovo i Metohija. They came from Albania running away from hunger, and Serbia gave them home, they abuse our hospitality and than killed and exterminate us from our motherland.
    That is the truth.

    1. if kosovo is the motherland of serbia then all the serbs must be albanians. that's a nice thing to know.

      your hospitality? read the history you ignorant people. serbia has caused nothing but trouble in the balkans. 200 years of genocide against albanians, and the last wars involving the whole region. your only reason for existing is the russian empire. your nothing without them. just a barbarian population. you and your hospitality belong in the middle ages.

    2. I agree with you Radoja ,but unfortunatelly there are a lot of them who will never find out the real truth.
      "They came from Albania running away from hunger, and Serbia gave them home, they abuse our hospitality and than killed and exterminate us from our motherland.!!! "
      Very well said. That is the real truth.God help our people who left there...

    3. if they came from albania then you came from rusia ? you know you have more things ingcomen with rusia then you have with other parts of europe, you are a slavic people that left rusia

    4. I think you are confusing food with bullets and hospitality with raping.

      Was it hospitality and food you were trying to give to people in Srebrenitsa?

      Instead of being ashamed of your crimes you are being proud of them, no one blames you though it's what Serbian culture is about; brutality... just look at your history and how many wars your nation has caused!

    5. You should read history more, your own history, under the ottmans rule the serb king had a pakt with the ottmans. when skenderbeg wanted to be allied with the serbs the serb killed his messenger and went on the ottman side, And you and all serbs know that you can not change your history of being saveges, just look what you don in the wars you started and then return and say you offering people homes

  77. Director is a serb, make sure to doublecheck his facts and such.

    1. Let say that you have Jewish name, so let assume prejudice over your people suggest us to double check your sentence.
      How you like this?

  78. can everyone please read some history and get informed before having an opinion about Balkan history and problems. i see here some people think that somehow atrocities has been committed by both Albanians and Serbs and the result was a war between the two populations.
    this is not true.
    what happened was very simple. Serbian army attacked the unarmed albanian civilians in kosovo, resulting in destroying villages and murdering everyone possible ( men, women, children, old people, young people, every possible one ).
    this situation was finally resolved by NATO attacking of Serbia in 1999.

    please, please don't compare albanians to serbs in the kosovo conflict.

    1. Yea, the all world is in black and white.... nothing between, no gray... grow up pls...

  79. first of all I am a serb but I dont give **** for this or MS. Angelina Jolie tipe of propaganda... It's all the same, history is rewrited so meny times before... now as well...
    And Yes, there was a ethnic cleansing in all Balcan wars on all sides, google is god, find some good etnic maps of SFRJ from 80s and compere with some from present, you will se the difference ... and Yes, Milosevic was a real noob, but aslo other leaders are/were...
    Kosovo is ***** up, Albanians "have" their second state on Balcan, goverment full of drugs, people and serbian kidneys smugglers but, also fact, no their own will, Kosovo is a pupet crimi state, true- clean from serbs and allmoust clean of 700-600 years old ortodox monasterys but under the will of world top imperialists. And that is the way it will be.
    The move part of war's is bull****, truth is so f... relative as history is as well but the part of economic motivation of Nato and ather SUPER world states is simple the truth... Company, bank and some bord of directors do not give **** about a victims, exodus etc. PROFIT is the key,through the RESOURSES and new market's. Also, the part of political will to unpart Yugoslavia is fact, Nato does not want one big state on balkan.
    at the end, the Searbs are monstruos and forever labled as bad,stereotyped, all of them... Albanians are poor and simple people and will stay that way with their puppet state and American on top. Europe will sufer and who knows what the future is gona bring us...I think, more war... war is nature of mankind..sya

  80. what a documentary of misinformation. the author never mention to inform about thousands of ethnic cleansing serbs did in the 90s against other minoritys. no mention of bosnian and albanian massgraves of entire villages exterminated by serbs.... and kosovo was never serb before 1913 when serbia snatched the region from albania

  81. Everybody who wants to see sad reality can go to Kosovo,it is easy ,buy ticket and go.If you want real experience from hell just say that you are Serb.

  82. What a dishonest, disgraceful film. Disgraceful because of the true horrors and atrocities it attempts to hide or to help be forgotten. It doesn't take a genius to understand how horrific the atrocities of the Serbs were, for a majority Christian nation like the U.S. to intervene.

    1. Nope. Your country did more bad stuff in Balkans then any side. You should be ashamed. How can you even look at yourself in the mirror.

    2. @boris krokar:

      Okay boris it seems that you are trolling, stop doing that, have to delete your previous comments.

    3. You're funny. I hope you get what you deserve.

  83. just some historical question.
    where and when did the serbs came from in kosova?
    who did they find there?

    some other common sense questions:
    if you speak like a killer but you say you are not, what is one to think about you?
    i think you are sick, but that is just my opinion.

  84. the tides in history change swiftly, since i am a serb, with serbian blue blood in my body, i can tell you one, serbian history is much biger than albanian, and what i can see, and albanians cant, is that when the tides change again, all crimes and sins comited by drug lords, and muslim terorist in Kosovo will be repaid by the blood of their sons, and sons of their sons. I am not a killer, i wish good to all people in the world, this is symply historical nature of all man, and belive me, one crime can only be intruduction to a greater crime. Serbs will come back to Kosovo, and Kosovo will be Serbian again, in 50, 100 years, and when that happens, i pray for all the albanian children because they will pay for their fathers sins, they will pay for something that has nothing do do with them. I can only hope that albanians in Kosovo are aware of this fact every night when they go to bed, couse if they are not, nothing will stop the future crimes, history will repeat it self, many will die again, and again the inocent will suffer

    1. omg, if i were you, i would forget about kosovo, it's not serbia any more it was never serbian (only 10% serbians live(d) there) and it will never be serbian, so deal with it

  85. Truth!
    Keep the good work Mr. Malagurski!
    Albanians are from Caucasus, their language/culture is same as Azerbaijan, their genetics belongs to the Turkish & Middle Eastern group (% of haplotypes put them there), there is documented statements of Albanians from the beginning of the XX century (and from XVIII as well) in which they? sad that they come from Arabia after traveling from Caucasus (long time ago), they even know who bring them here. This is one of the reasons (and turkish invasion) why are you Muslims in such large %. Some of Albanian words have meaning only on Azerbaijani language or Torki language. Albanians, Azerbaijans and Turks has leter c-cedilla.

    1. and what has this to do with everything? u believe that albanians are from caucasus? ok lets say is true ( is absolutely not ) but lets say is true. what is your point on the whole conversation here? lets kill albanians because they are from caucasus? lets exterminate all the people that now live in caucasus, because they are from caucasus. or lets kill them because they are muslims? i really really suggest u do some reading before u post anything. or at least do try to understand what people are talking about.

      what u say make exactly the same sense in this topic as my statement below.

      i like pink.
      my neighbor has a mustache.
      is really cold in the winter.
      i believe unicorns do exist.

    2. Albanians of Caucasus have nothing to do with modern Azerbaijan and turks. They were not turkic people, go check wikipedia. They were Caucasian people and are more related to modern Lezgians. Turks have arrived in Caucasus only in 11th century while Albania existed mcuhc long before that. Some of the Albanians eventually mixed and assimilated with them but it is the same as to say that modern americans are the same as "indians"(native americans). And the culture was not the same because Caucasian Albania was a Christian country unlike modern day Azerbaijan which is predominantly a shia muslim turkic country.

    3. they are not from Caucas, they are the fellowers of Illyrians, illyrians lived there among Greeks and Latins, till the Slavs comed.

  86. I dont know where you get the information, its not since this documentary and it is not history as well! You make this Documentary like the children going ti make one! So I am going to report this Documentary and you too!
    Sorry Mr Malagurski read more and tell us about Iliria!

  87. This documentary lacks any merit and is geared towards those that have absolutely no knowledge of the world around them or of the genocide that was carried out in Bosnia and Kosovo. Serbians are by no means the victims. The real victims are the thousands of innocent children, women and men slaughtered in Bosnia and Kosovo by brute Serbian soldiers.

  88. I will be hones. I am not an expert on the crisis in the former Yugoslavia. This documentary though reminded me of my own media instilled prejudices. Without any real knowledge I found my self blaming the Serbs before the start of the documentary. It reminded me of the old dictum which old should always be remembered 'de omnibus dubitandum', be doubtful of everything. Now, I do not know if everything in this documentary was true (in all fairness the one sided nature of it smacked of propaganda. It did, however, make me went to revaluate my own views on Yugoslavia and come to my own informed opinion. Although I think it is a very old view that will dominate my mind. The very idea of religion and nationalism , ideas which so dissect the whole of humanity, no longer have a purpose in our world. No doubt atrocities have been committed on both sides, and those atrocities will breed further ones. I just can't help wonder what it would be like with no sides at all? Just people , living their lives as best they can.

    1. I have just re-read this and I apologize for awful spelling and grammar. I did not check it. Also I think I should of added ethnicity along with religion and nationalism.

    2. Friend, nations and ethnicities are not something you pick. We are all humans, yes (I often wonder if that is a good thing at all and time and time again get to some negative conclusions), but there are certain additional groups we simply belong to. That itself is not bad, bad things happen when we start valuing one nation/ethnicity over another. They are all of the same value.

      However, religion is a matter of choice and therefore you have the full right to put a blame on it. There were MANY reasons for YU wars to take place (the end of the Cold War among them), but it would all turn out different had religion not messed in. Well, the world would have been a better place in general, anyway....

      But you making some conflicting statements when you jump into a conclusion "Serbs are....." while claiming that we should all just see each other as humans and not by our background.

      (If it matters, this is by a Serb)

    3. no mate, atrocities have not been committed on both sides. unfortunately we cannot make everybody happy on this one. just for the sake of "getting along". this has not happened some centuries ago. what happened was not a crisis. was purely ethnic cleansing happening here in Europe in the beginning of the 21 century. with everyone watching, everyone. do u know that most of Albanian families in Kosovo have a close relative killed by the Serbian army. how can you compare this? how can u understand this. i bet you can barely understand the poor people living in your neighborhood. i can't.

  89. This is by far the worst Documentary I have ever seen in my life. This only shows how the Serbs are suffering without going over the Albanian tragedies happend in the 90s. Trying to show sad individual stories that are presented in foxy way to demonize Albanian, Islam and whoever practice it. The title is even worst the settings of the documentary. Absolutely impartial and pathetic production.

    1. You can't compare the 90s to today. What happened twenty years ago happened but what happens today is the real problem that needs fixing.

  90. Anti Albanian documentary , made for serbia paid by serbian government.
    Before 1999 Albanians didnt have own schools and all the s*** they said, i will explain how it was before 1999. If you was listening to albanian music in town and a policeman heard the music you was arrested and beaten for about 7 days in prison. If you had an Albanian flag on your own yard all the males in that household were arrested and beaten for about 1 month to 1 year depended what mode the officers was in. You never ever studied albanian in school so the albanians created their own home school secret ones and the teacher was not paid for teaching, KLA come out in public for the first time when one of this teachers got killed just beacuse he was teaching Albanian. THATS FACTS !!!

    1. you are full of ****, you have kosovo now, you can stop acting as wictims

    2. and you are full of hate. nothing good can come from your comments. that was the main reason of the Yugoslavia falling apart. your arrogance and selfishness. "blue blood in my body" are you serious?

  91. pathetic. he might as well made a documentary about terrorist Jews mass murdering Nazis in the WWII. ignorant, ignorant people, trying to talk about things they have no clue about. everyone should have the right to speak their mind but that does not make everyone right

  92. After reading most of this comments,i have to give my opinion. :)
    The documentary is crap,and so are most of the comments.
    There will never be a fully objective documentary,either done by a serb,albanian,croat, brit or a yank cause everybody has his victims and criminals!
    So to help out peoples understanding of the situation in the ex-yu¸here is a docu made by a canadian serb, that i as a croat found to be truthful enough.
    It`s called "the weight of chains"(2010)

  93. srpska propaganda

  94. I wish this guy was in Kosovo in the 40's when Albanian population was killed under the pretext that they are anti communist, in the 50's when Albanian owned lands were confiscated and thousands of Albanians were chased and exiled to Turkey in order to ethnically cleans the land, in the 60's and 70's when major Albanian leaders were assassinated by the Yugoslavian secret service in order to leave them leaderless, in the 80's when Serbs closed the universities and changed the constitution in order to downgrade the status of Kosovo in FDR of Yugoslavia so that Albanians had no political or civil rights, in the early 90's when Albanians were mass expelled from jobs and when schools were closed, in the late 90's when Serbs started killing Albanians and one massacre after another occurred. The author of this documentary is a person who I feel sorry for as he grew up in Canada and he thinks that he knows the truth about what happened in Kosovo. He has probably herd some stories from Serbian refugees in Canada (including his family and friends) and without doing any research he just did this documentary thinking that he is uncovering the ''truth''. Sad fact is that as the title suggests this documentary is only real in ones imagination as the facts on the ground do not support this story.

    1. Agron, were you there?
      hatever the Communists did to Albanians, they did to every other citizen. Also, your comment is by far exaggerated.

      Communist regime was by no means perfect, but Yugoslavia as an ideal is excellent and it would be in the interest of every self-aware ex-YU to revive it in some form and ''fashion'',because it has no rational alternative. That is for a fact, no matter if you like it or not.

  95. wow....this guy has no idea what the hell he is talking about. of course this documentary is only focusing on the serbian side of the situation because he is serbian. he is completely wrong about albanians and the rights that we had when they were in control of our country. i am from kosovo. i was born there and i had to leave my home thanks to them. we didn't have any rights under their rule so he can't say that we did just because the serbian government said we did. take it from someone that actually lived through it, we had no form of rights at all. and the electricity part of the documentary and where the serbs get their water, yea albanians in kosovo have the same problem. our electricity goes off all the time for extended periods of time. the water gets shut off for us so we have to have bottles of water in the fridge to drink and cook with. this is the most pathetic excuse of a documentary that i have ever seen in my entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...next time, actually film a real documentary not an opinion based one which my my country, the one that was completely destroyed by the serbs bombing of it. yea and the houses that were bombed in this stupid thing. most of them where albanian house, we were attacked as well i went back home to the house that i grew up in being completely destroyed and robbed. same with many of the other houses everywhere in the country. don't point fingers if you don't know the whole story. last time that i checked, there wasn't mass graves of serbians that were found on their land, it was one's of albanians. do a documentary on that.

  96. See UK 100 most wanted criminals. How many are Albanian origin? The fact that the UK can not control a few thousand of them. Serbia has a problem with hundreds of thousands.

    1. is not a Serbian god given right to rectify Albanians. we did not exterminate Germany in the 1945, and we can both agree that they did some pretty serious job on the "lesser races".

  97. For me coming from England the greatest sadness was and is how the UN have repeatedly failed this region, and I can only imagine many others. While in Prishtina with a Serbian college we were fortunate to speak with a UN representative who had been with the UN ten years in that region and was very dissatisfied with the UN and I do not believe he was alone. The history and continuing state of the situation in Kosovo and Serbia is not well documented sadly in western media or let me say as much as I believe it should be. I would however really recommend The Death of Yugoslavia which is on this website and the book which goes with it. It covers a lot of ground but is already now fairly old.

    In terms of this film, firstly it is clearly fairly amateur I'm guessing perhaps a graduate film, and it does come across as fairly anti albanian which is a shame because he speaks with some interesting people, which would be not so easy to get access too and who also have a right to have there voice heard.

    As with any film the intelligent person takes it as a piece of media and as this film doesn't involve so many official facts it's fairly obviously a lot of it is opinion orientated. I've never watched one documentary and believed it's every word and in this day and age it is so easy to research and find conflicting opinions. But to totally disregard this film...well then what are you saying. The people he speaks to in this film have a right to be heard to and it is not their fault that a filmmaker makes a bias film.

    Awareness is far better that ignorance and no subject so large can be clearly explained in 30minutes. As Documentary filmmakers we have a duty to (try) make our work unbiased, informative and not opinionated but as an audience we have a duty to always question and further inform ourselves.

  98. This is a pathetic attempt of a documentary, perhaps if the author hadn't been of Serbian background then this would have been more accurate. A documentary is not based on opinions and if you know anything about Serbia and Kosovo, you should know about the most recent war in 1999 and how Kosovars are still suffering economically, financially, and emotionally from it.

  99. The planned and perfectly executed ethnic cleansing of all Christian population in kosovo is the result of NATO, with the USA at the helm. Just like Osama Bin Laden, just like countless other former "allies" of the USA that have quickly become enemies and "terrorists", the albanian population of kosovo has quickly made a hell-hole of Europe. From human and organ trade, to weapons and drug trade, they profit from every kind of illicit business, and that's all they are interested in. The west has it's own plan for the balkans, and that's exactly what is being carried out. How come when albanian terrorists from kosovo came over the mountain to Macedonia and started attacking the legitimate police stations and villages, the americans told them not to defend themselves? Look up the battle of the village of Arachinovo, just outside of Skopje. After a Macedonian army plan (blessed by the USA) began to rid the village of KLA terrorists, the Americans realized the unexpected results, and then ordered the Macedonian forces to stand down, and took all of the albanian terrorists (WITH WEAPONS) on buses and back to kosovo!!! BACK TO KOSOVO! ARMED! Are you kidding me? You have to be crazy to think that kosovo is a real country, a country that has any future besides heroin and female trafficking. This is just the beginning. Look up the albanian mafia in Italy, USA, Germany, it's everywhere. The same businesses, the same people.

  100. Just as I've expected. As of my last comment, my inbox was spammed by a bunch of self-proclaimed experts with extensive knowledge about war, politics and everything else gained in cozy armchairs. And they will proceed with sharing their wide and, above all, OBJECTIVE knowledge with one another (hm,hm) until Vlatko disables comment posting for this page as he did with the one for Srebrenica (side-note, having both these docs, as well as one about Yugoslavia, here says much about the site). That is most like;y because Vlatko is an evil Serbophile, just as he was a Serbophobe before. The only thing I am surprised about is not having seen most of these highly educated individuals on other docs around here (taking in account the variety of subjects).

    And, oh yes, I'll say this just in order to give SOME people a pleasure of calling me biased, one-sided, arrogant etc - I am a Serb! Hurray, let the storm begin! And I will just enjoy the pleasant feeling of egoism and pride for not being the one to proclaim stuff such as "SEBRIS deserve more evilness than this, shown in this poor short documentary. JAH" {replace *Serbs* with any other nationality}. That feeling is useless, but good!

    As one (Croatian) guy has said “If people on this site (which is intended for intellectual discussion) are so narrow-minded and limited, what is to be expected elsewhere?”
    But, wait, no, that’s impossible, a Serb can’t be talking to a Croat, right? EXACTLY! Because Serbs are cannibals… and so are Croats and the rest!

    TOTALLY UNRELATED (!): Once I’ve heard a beautiful tale of mythical creature called homo sapiens, is there anyone willing to prove their existence?

  101. Its all about afgan heroin, going through kosovo, coz american politics don't dare to break bread with alban mafia.. If they would use their army in albania the war would not end in this century and they would get REAL terrorists behind their throat and not like this fake madeup alkheida or whats that clown story for dumbed down "citizens" since last 10 years???

  102. This is complete propaganda.

    I am English, I have been to Kosova many times, I know of the genocide that took place there, at the hands of Serbians.

    I have seen the huge Mills used as sniper points and have paid my respects to all eight graves of the Bogujevci family, from Podujevo, who were murdered by Serbian Militia.

    I have seen the depravity that Kosovans live in and have also met the people working to improve the country.

    I plead all viewers to discredit this documentary in its entirety.

  103. SEBRIS deserve more evilness than this, shown in this poor short documentary. JAH

    1. Hey, you're so brilliant :)
      I even mentioned you as my example up there, aha!
      However, you're still way too far from being a true example, you forgot to mention all that slaying and cannibalism, PLEASE do not leave that behind!

    2. lol no.2 ... we should propose to change the name of the planet earth to something like planet m*r*n or something like that... so "strange" and "unusual" to have an albanian agreeing with a comment by a serb (or SEBR), but I do! ... peace!

    3. Ilir Bajri
      Thanks! :)

  104. So much comments means that this movie hit target.
    I would describe my comment true one discussion with my friend from New York ( born American btw ).
    He asked me :"What do You think about situation in Kosovo?"
    I sad:"The fact is that Kosovo in now in Albanian hands with generous help of Your government, and in sooner future we cant do nothing about that, simple that's the unquestionably fact."
    Then I asked him:"Do You know that place where I live was part of Turkey for almost 500 years?"
    He sad:"And...?"
    I asked him again:"Do You now how many Turks now live here, my friend?"
    He asked:"How many?"
    I sad:"None. We were waiting for 500 years to get rid of Turks. We will wait again."
    After that he was stoned, and didn't ask anything more about Kosovo.

    We will wait...

  105. This is propaganda. Please visit Kosovo and meet the people here, and then you will see that there are no terrorists.

    PS: Please read and watch more from different sources.

  106. The funny part about this conflict is that it was a conflict between groups of people who had an equal amount of evil members, and had an equal amount of innocent victims.

    Pretty much most material or docummentaries on the subject are black and white. They all try to make one group the victim group, and the other group/s the villains.

    This is a conflict with no such clear distinctions. Everybody is the victim, everybody is the villain.

    1. This is one of few worthy comments on this page.
      As for the rest..... khm... no comment!

  107. As sad and frightening as the story told here may be, nothing has changed over time in man's lust for power. The current quest for global domination pushes the powerful to perform atrocities that are rationalized to the ignorant while the master minds of this lustful game of power and greed are so absorbed in their own sense of self-importance that human dignity and the common good do not exist. We the people are brainwashed, seduced, distracted, and duped. Who are those soldiers that perform these acts of debasement and destruction for the sheer joy of the kill and worse yet, for a nickel or a dime? And now again in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and where else? We are fed lies perpetrated to harden the dicks of the drunk on power leaders of this threatened, blinded beastial world of humankind.

  108. haha <3 you can tell you grew up in sweden ...

    peace, love and understanding..

  109. serbs have their villages that they live in kosovo and no one bothers them its when they go bak to serbia that they are forced to live in "tent cities" because serbia refuses to help em out ... their refugies in their own country

  110. the usa and al qaeda, working together for a common goal.

  111. Pretty lame attempt for a documentary.

  112. you know what Vlatko, it isnt that one, Its called "The Fall of Milosevic" If you ever find that, please post. Discovery Times played it like 4 years ago, but the don't exist as a channel in the US no more.

  113. Finally a Doc that tells the story of the innocent Serbs abandoned in Kosovo, we need to get our people, and churches back people!They wanted jihad, GIVE'EM A CRUSADE!

  114. This documentary is TRUE!! And I think that Boris is realy brave man for doing this documentary.I watched two times this and cried.People think that Serbs are bad ones,that they are agresive and propaganda but I know what true is because I saw it with my own eyes.You are saing that Serbs killed Kroats, Slovenians, Bosnians and Kosova Albanians but the true is that they didn`t done that,that people would killed them just like they killled their families.Ratko was the man who protect his country and people.And if Serbs are so bad why then they didn`t Albanian churchs burn down like they did Serbian?Because they are not like other people.America today is a shame just like their presidents.Kosovo today is a country of drug and prostitutions.I feel sorry for people that think that know all and think how Serbs are bad ones,well you first have to see it like I did and then to judge.And when you see people that whole life are fighting for something that belongs to them,living in fear,people who lost loved ones,people who live in 21st century but don`t have water,food and can` t go out then we will talk about true,until then you think what you want.

  115. Biased to the point of propaganda. Facts are mysteriously omitted and others bent. While there is a Serb viewpoint, contrary to this "documentary", the Serbs are NOT poor little angels prosecuted by the world.

    1. Sure, and you appear to be an expert on the Balkan conflict. We should just take your opinion as dogma; contrary to the obvious.

    2. Sure, you certainly appear to be an expert, huh.

    3. No the Serbs aren't poor little angels. They are also not blood thirsty savages which nearly all docs on the Balkan wars portray them as. You watch any of the docs, they normally say "Serbs are bastards, everybody else are angles." Be it the Bosnians, Croats, Slovenes or Albanians. Depending on which war you want to look at. There are two parts to the story.

      1. The atrocities that were carried out against innocent people.
      2. The reason for these wars.

      The atrocities that were carried out against innocent people, were conducted by all members involved. One attacks, the other retaliates. That is nature the nature of fighting. You cannot blame that on any one party involved.

      The reason for these wars? Well that is just a 1000 year history that none of us can really understand as it goes back to a time that is alien to the one we live in today. All members are fighting for their identity and a place to live. So again, you can't just blame it on any one party involved. That is just the way the events unfolded.

      The basis for most of the hatred towards the Serbs, where did come from? It came from western media during the 80's. Think to yourself, is that the most reliable source for quality unbiased information?

      This doc may be biased, I haven't watched it yet. By the general look of the comments, it probably is. I am yet to find a doc on this subject which isn't biased. I am just glad to see the Serb story is finally starting to be heard, even if it is only the biased version.

  116. too many comments with interest...
    this place obviously gets lower public every day. good for vlatko, bad for disqusion.

    anyway... kosovo - just doesn't matter anymore.
    if someone really wanna help - then resettle whole population far, far away.
    otherwise, due to depleted uranium, next generations will be real mix of serbs/schiptars - and no one wants that.

    1. @igor trifunovic,

      this place obviously gets lower public every day. good for vlatko, bad for disqusion.

      What's that supposed to mean?

    2. sorry vlatko... no bad intentions.
      instead of your name, i should put tdf.

      it's really sad to see such tribal behavior and collective reactions.
      on the other hand, any visit counts.

  117. what an ugly film! So many incorrect and false information, I don't mind that the film is totally biased but the author's attempt to manipulate the suffering of unfortunate and innocent people, in order to make a film that offers no idea or suggests no solution to the problem but rather stirs even more the hatred between people, is simply disgusting. This kind of mentality introduced the hatred and war in 90's in Yugoslavia which is now a huge graveyard and inhabited by thousands of people with their lives destroyed and no hope for future! Simply, this film doesn't deserve spending more time on commenting it! Plain simple - Ugly film!

  118. I was a regular visitor of TDF but from today on I will never check your site again. It is a crime to try to poison peoples' minds with this kind of primitive bs propaganda. This is only 10 percent of the whole Kosovo story. No mentioning of the other 90 percent! You've disappointed me PROFOUNDLY! SHAME ON YOU, VLATKO! THIS IS PRIMITIVE POISON!

    1. Vlatko did not produce the film. Most docs do not represent every body's opinion but that doesn't mean we are not able to watch them. If you dissagree, tell us why. I, for myself would like to know more about both side of the debate. A very dear friend whom i found after 10 years of separation received my email while working in Kosovo helping people rebuilt houses and their life. I got to see him upon his return, he was so upset, he could hardly talk about his experience. He had kept a marble found in the rubble to remind him of the atrocities.
      Denis if you are watching this...i love you my friend!

      That actually got me to tears...something i haven't done in quite some time.s

    2. YOu see what this enthnic business does we have to remember to stay united against the capitalist class that use nation religion race to keep us apart. Marx correctly analysized capitalism and it's macro-economic laws of motion-overthrowing that monster was left to us. Marxism has not failed our working classes have failed. Is it to late? Is it continuous Barbarism until global catastrophy or the end of short time due to co2 poisoning? What 10 15 years with the tarsands going to USA China and India? That is enough smoke to do us in. Right there!

    3. @zeripopullit,

      As @Az said, I didn't produce the film and with posting it I'm not taking any sides. TDF is a free space. Almost everything is posted. From hard core conspiracy BS to some excellent science and nature docs. The range is wide... I'm very sorry if the film offended you. If you know of any film with counter balanced view on the topic, I'll post it.

    4. Hey...don't shoot the messenger, man. He's only putting it out there, he never said he supports it.

  119. this is an incomplete documentary, because they don't ever tell the other sides story, a lot of people agree that both of these races are ignorant they probably never gonna agree with anything until some one, heaven forbid nuke one another, I guess they're eternal enemies for generations. I am an albanian , I lived in Kosovo ever since I was born, when I was a child I despised Serbs more than anything on this earth, but over time I lost that hatred because I though that I wouldn't gain anything from it. However,This video makes me regain that feeling of even more hatred towards the Serbs because all your doing is framing the other side for no reason.

  120. Shocking documentary, its a shame that there is so much hatred from both sides. It is sad what both peoples have undergone during this conflict. However I must agree with many fellow bloggers that there is indeed two sides of the same coin; just as there is in any other ethnic conflict, i.e. Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Both sides have committed massive atrocities, and so this mut be acknowledged.

    1. Israeli-Palestinian conflict is simple one, Israel is a state created on other land state buy setllers confirmed by 3th side, GB.... image that 2m russians go to texas and China giwes them right to create a state... there is no 2 sides of that coin....balkan is far complicated than thet...

  121. 8000 people were killed in srebrenica by serbs

    they dont really fit the victim profile, dothey

    if nato didnt intervene there wouldnt be any kosovo albanians left alive

    and thats a fact

    these people arein this situation becauseofthedoings ofthose they elected

    thebiggest ethnic cleansing in the last years in the heart of europe was done by serbs

    thats a disgrace for eu and nato as well

    1. No, that is not a fact. Serbs have been living in Kosovo for a long time before the NATO bombings. The Serbs & Albanians managed to live along side each other without destroying themselves then. They may not have liked each other but they didn't kill each other to the point of ethnic cleansing either. That only started around the time western civilization started to get involved.

      You have to remember this is at the tale end of a long war in Europe. There was a lot of weapons left over. Somebody had to get them. Serbia was a major role in fighting the Nazis so they had a sufficient military presence. When the wars were over, they got a lot of the weapons. Sebrenica was a tragedy. That is just what happens if you have a very old conflict between two people and one of them gets very well equipped. It was the same with the Turkish Ottoman empire vs the Arabs. Turks got weapons from the Germans. The only thing was the Turks couldn't go in blazing because there was a sea in their way.

  122. Srebrenica anyone? I totally agree with rezartsy, no mention at all of any wrong doing other than "atrocities were committed by both sides". I would prefer everyone got along and did not feel the need to 'ethnically cleanse' others, but it continues to happen regardless.

    1. Srebrenica is also coming under scrutiny by many Western observers and researchers.

      "If you want to use a word "genocide" (for Srebrenica) - then OK, but we need a new word to replace the old "genocide" word..." (Noam Chomsky)"

      "Srebrenica: A Town Betrayed a Norwegian documentary film directed by Ola
      Flyum and David Hebditch is now free to watch in Youtube. The film approaches Srebrenica tragedy from a bit different viewpoint than usual in Western mainstream media. Norwegian documentary about Srebrenica challenges generally accepted narratives about the 1995 massacre giving light to the civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina from non-biased point of view. It also connects Srebrenica into a wider context that is often ignored by the Western media, showing the crimes committed by the Bosnian army against Serbian civilians and villages in the area. These atrocities may also partly explain why some war crimes happened later in Srebrenica."

      You think there are absolutely no unknown elements to the version of the story you believe is undeniably true. But there are people, unbiased, as in the documentary I cite above - like a Muslim soldier, former journalist, who years after the war found out that "his people" weren't too honest about what exactly happened in Srebrenica & sold the town's population for political profit.

      But, as they say, the truth can never remain hidden forever.

      Besides, if you are unbiased researcher of what happened in Srebrenica, find information on the town's population before the war, compare it with the number of those who got out of it following its fall & were registered by international agencies, and then tell me where the number of 8 k fits in (or even anything close to 8 k). If you can't or won't do the research, then please don't bring the subject up, especially in a documentary about something else.

      Stay well.

  123. OK, honestly this is such bs, there's 2 sides to one coin, so yes Albanians may be attacking them here n there and a few but why doesn't anyone ever mention about all the massacres Serbs committed in Kosovo. Why doesn't anyone ever make a documentary about how all the men and boys were gathered and murdered in front of their mothers, daughters, sisters, and wifes? About all the Albanians that were tortured and raped? About throwing people down wells? About how they cut the belly of pregnant woman n killed their unborn child before killing them? AND YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS?

    1. there actually are a couple docs on this site, srebrenica; a cry from the grave, was one that was a bit more balanced and informative than this one. but even that doc, one could argue, demonized the serbs completely. i agree that this doc only gave a pathetic 2 second long mention of serbian war crimes, but the sad fact is that wars are fought and stories are told from 2 completely different perspectives. im not saying whos right or wrong, but when stories are told in black and white, the truth usually lies somewhere in the grey....

    2. because this Doc isn't about the war, this is about today, and the tens of thousands of Serbs forced into tent cities. At least read the description before commenting smart guy.

    3. Yes, there are two sides to a coin and both should be made available to public and scrutinized. I have seen an incredible amount of information describing one side of the coin, but one can't expect the other side to remain unaccessible to public for an eternity. The fact that you (or anyone else for that matter) doesn't want to see it revealed is a completely different story.

  124. what a cheep propaganda Serbs killed Kroats, Slovenians, Bosnians and last Kosova Albanians. Serbs got Bombarded by 25 members states of Nato do you thing that they did not now what they were doing this is a propaganda BULL S*** FILM that only the ignorant idiots will not understand. peace up people world is much cleaver that serbs think.albaian children keep throwing the ball in are gardens. I am sorry that they do that you f***ing massacre them from infants to elderly. shame shame shame shame shame shame shame on you.

    1. I can only say that I am appalled by the atrocities committed by the Serbs. equally appalled am I by atrocities committed by Albanians and others.

      Or is it that you think that Serbian children were of less value to be considered as a terrible loss???! Serbs who were kept in secret detention places in northern Albania until their healthy body organs were sold are also not victims that cry for recognition as victims? Be careful, every side in those bloody Balkan wars has too much blood on their hands to play the only-victim-no-guilt role, and that type of information is slowly surfacing. And it should.

    2. WTC7
      It's good to see you back!
      And I can only imagine what a hugely sensitive topic this must be for you...
      Hang in there, and keep your cool.

    3. Pysmythe!

      Thank you for the words of encouragement! Yes, it is a topic that touches me deeply but I am truly trying to keep my head cool :).

      I am not on TDF regularly, i take breaks from time to time, but,, what is happening with you, I see that you disappeared from my "follow this person's comments". I truly hope you'll be back!!!


    4. @WTC7
      I had a bit of a meltdown over all of that 9/11 stuff, and actually got so fed up I deleted my original profile, along with most of my comments... In fact, I've been a little worried you might've gotten the idea that you might've had something to do with it, but nothing could be farther from the truth. I just got mad at some people (not you) and said some things I shouldn't have, and ended up punishing myself, because I felt like such cr*p about it, before I could give myself time enough to cool off. I told myself from the beginning I'd never even comment on any of those truther docs, because I knew what was likely to happen, and I just went ahead and did it anyway, like a fool.

      I see you're up on the Top Commentators list now, which is nice to see! But I wish, too, you were around a little more often, because you always give me such a good, warm feeling. On the other hand, I probably won't be commenting nearly as much as I used to, either. However, if it's okay with you, I'll start following you, so I have a better idea when the sunshine is out. :)

      Hugs to you, too!

    5. Dearest Pysmythe!

      Of course it's ok to follow my comments! Thank you for seeing them worthy to do so :). Please, be sure that no topic on TDF can change my liking you very much :)! You are a kind and intelligent man and our different views of 911 is not something that can change me seeing you as one!

      Talk to you soon again :)!

  125. this is simply not true at all ! I was over there as a US soldier in 2005 - 2006. the country is VERY poor. both the Albanians and the Serbs dont like eachother. BOTH have tried ethnically cleansed eachother at one point or another. NATO led by the US invaded to stop the Serbian Government from whiping out not only the albanians but the bosnians, croations, ext.. this film just isnt accurate at all.

    1. Oh thanks you have done a great service to the world.
      Now save your country from your Presidents.

      & u better talk about the Ethnic Cleansing in ur RICH (now, begging POOR) country, the US.

    2. theres no need to attack him, its just his point of view just like the opinion you expressed about him, except ur being really rude ...grow up

    3. you are right,i'm a croat,this docu is a lie!

    4. You are right - although I have no love for the murderers on either side - this documentary is both TRUE AND one sided.

  126. When I saw the title of this doco I thought to myself "here we go with the ethnic lunatics".

    What goes around, comes around, people. Today, you have the gun and your neighbor is scared....but you better be nice, because that might change.

    Get over your shitty nationalist/ethnic jingoist shite.

  127. This documentary has been taken out of the entire picture, and as such can give a very twisted image on the overall situation. However, dear all, especially Serbs, even if all this was the truth the only sensible answer to it would be "What goes around, comes around". It's called a backlash effect. Many non-Serbs (especially Muslims in BiH and Albanians in Kosovo, even true Montenegrians in MNE) have put up with Serbs tyranny for decades; Many crimes against humanity, slaughterings and ethnic clensinc have been committed by Serbs police, military and paramilitary forces; many concentration camps were set up by Serb forces, the very same Serbs who now complain about "threatened human rights". I don't support terrorism, but there is a simple logic here "Don't do anything to anyone that you wouldn't want to be done upon you." But you have felt superior to all the other ethnic minorities in past 25 years and underestimated them all. Now it's all coming back, and you're the only one to stop it. The same is with Arab countries, the USA, even the EU. So please, cut the crap about being threatened and other people trying to "wipe you out" or "deny your human rights" etc. etc. "Human rights" are just a nice toy produced by West World countries so that the poor ones can have something to play with, while they are becoming richer and richer.

    1. Oh boy! Arent you a sick puppy!

      Here is a quote from my earlier comment below. (which you obviously missed.)

      Like Plato wrote in his book The Republic about the conclusion that Socrates and Polemarkhos got in their discussion about the justice.

      You correct unjust things with justice not with injustice, which would be like heating cold with cold not with warm.

      Thats common sense. Right?

      Now! The questions is...

      Where is YOUR common sense?

    2. Some people have paset war, seeing their family raped and then killed in front of them.

      Now! The questions is...

      What is justice to them?

    3. Yes I did read your quote, and you are absolutely right. However, please, do not quote ancient philosophers and use them only in narrow sense.
      Are you saying that 30 minutes documentary is the truth and justice that is supposed to correct all the injustice - something that courts and world officials, experts and historians have been doing for decades.
      Good question - Where is YOUR common sense? 30 minutes of video vs. decades of serious research and analysis.

    4. or or I have a better idea, throw out common sense and let them have it. Let them have it the same way they have done to others.

  128. Why it took so long to display the truth. I live in Kosovo and I witnessed all the events I have 27 years and my youth was passed in impatience and nervousness and fear of Albanian terrorism.

    1. I am Kosovo Albaninan my family left Kosovo 1992 because we where afraid of Serbs. I remember when I was 7 and a Serbian teacher came in our school and wanted us to learn in Serbian language. We started to cry and became very scared and ran home. That´s a strong memory and of course when Serbian police opened fire on my street. After one week we moved to Sweden and now I study in Romania and learned so much about "our" stupid eastern European mentality. It´s not strange that this countries are so behind. I often think how good Yugoslavia could had been if the war didn´t start.
      The most important thing is to try and build up our countries and eventually respect each others as human beings. I already put everything behind me and have nothing against Serbs except for the extremists just like I don´t like the Albaninan extremists or any other extremists.
      I´m a citizen of Earth and I want to be free where ever I go.

      Peace, Love and understanding!!

    2. Oh ta qifsha motren... i was 13 y old when the war started and i was in Kosova all the time.. and ur cracked up and heroine abuseing military almost killed my 2 y old bro, they even killed old people, i've seen with my own eyes how they killed two old ladies, and not with bullets but with big rocks... i can say that serbians would kill even they own parents for their interests.
      PS.. They are all big LIERS.

    3. Sorry guy but what you did to the Albanians is far worse, you can't blame them for hating Serbs now. Not just Albanians hate Serbians, the word is the Croats and Bosnians and everybody else on the Balcans can't stand them. I wonder why? Oh yeah, I know: they are bloodthirsty monsters.

    4. I am Bosnian and I do not hate Serbs. It is difficult for me to understand how it is that you have so much insight regarding who hates who in the Balkans. In reality this only shows that your actual knowledge regarding what it is people in the Balkans region are facing is second hand at best and far from realistic.

  129. Did you know that those sweet little Albanians ran concentration camps for Hitler where Serbs, Gypsies and Jews were slaughtered by the thousands? Do you think that will ever be forgotten?

    The reason why the EU wants Kosovo and Metohija to be apart from Serbia is because of:
    The Trep?a Mines (lead, zinc silver),
    Strezovc mine,(magnesite)
    Goleš mine,(iron)
    Sibovc Coal Mine,
    Crnac + Hajvalia + Crepulje + Drazhnje and Drazhnje lead & zinc Mines.
    And then then there are all the bauxite, Gold and Nickle mines in Kosovo the story is the same with Metohija. These are some of if not THE richest Mining areas in Europe.

    You see The EU trash are finding it easy to exploit those tiny little Autonomous Province. You didn't think that the UN action to kill enough Serbians to shove them out of those rich Province was about human rights did you? Once the EU has ripped those Serbian resources out of the ground they wont give a damn about those Albanian squatters...not a bit.

    1. as if the serbian gov give a damm abaut its own people. they are using them as tools for that resorces (northen kosovo, same tactics that they used before the war in bosnia...road blocking,unhapiness,guns etc.) gues who sufer the most when the tactics fail and than after that we write here abaut human rights of serbian people again and again.

    2. INFORM YOURSELF ... ON something thats NOT Serbian propaganda please :)

    3. You mean I should learn to believe Albanian propaganda? No thank you : )

    4. Xbow said:

      "Did you know that those sweet little Albanians ran concentration camps for Hitler where Serbs, Gypsies and Jews were slaughtered by the thousands? Do you think that will ever be forgotten?"

      Did you know that those sweet little Serbs ran concentration camps for Hitler where Jews of Serbia were thorougly exterminated, so that then-ruler Milan Nedic proudly declared Serbia "the first Jews-free country in Europe"?

      Did you know about attrocities the kings of Yugoslavia - all of the Serbian dinasty Karadjordjevic - commited repeatedly against non-Serbian populations of Bosnia, Montenegro, and Kosovo/Albania?

      Did you know about chetniks - self-proclaimed anti-fascists but actually notorious Hitler and Mussolini's Serbian collaborators - who depopulated in the name of "purity of faith" the whole regions of Eastern Bosnia, by slaughtering countless thousands of Slavic fellow-citizens whose ancestors dared to convert to Islam 400 years beforehand?

      There's more, but there's no point in enumerating all the sufferings both Serbs and non-Serbs had been through during the numerous wars in the Balkans. The point is that the criminal politics of Slobodan Milosevic was a resurrection of Serbian regional hegemony and ultra-nacionalism, after 50 years of peace and prosperity among ethnic groups of former Socialist Yugoslavia. Serbia, as one of federal republics, with her politics not only killed hundreds of thousands of non-Serbs, but commited the most painful crimes of all: she killed hope for civilized life and peace between ethnic groups.

    5. What a stupidity and lie you talking completely disinformation ,Serbia was under Germans occupation suffering one and half million victims.One million Serbs died in concentration camps.Your effort to justify this shame on Kosovo is sad.

    6. There were traitors in every country, if you think there were no Serbians running concentration camps you must be on something. Please don't insult anyone's intelligence and stop it.

  130. A fair warning to any discerning viewer: This so called 'documentary' is utter garbage. The factual base maintains very little integrity. The emotionally charged demeanor of the doc (Read: bias) is disturbing.

    1. Thank you... (who ever you are) for pointing out for us such lies.

      Only thing is that you dont mention even one fact that is wrong in this doc. Is it perhaps all wrong?

      Or is it perhaps that you FEEL that this doc is wrong? Is it perhaps that you FEEL that this is wrong because it contradicts the information that is spoon fed to you? And since you are such a clever person that you dont allow any wrong information been spoon fed to you and hence this contradicting information must be wrong.

      Is it perhaps so?

    2. The short answer is: NO. This doc is garbage.

  131. very good Doc,my prayers are with you.regardless of who did what why should they take your rights away.

    1. let me ask you this: If I killed some of your family and just kicked out the rest of them, would you like me? The Serbs have always suppressed, abused and killed Albanians. At some point Serbs had thrown out more than 1 million Albanians from their homes and it would have been more had NATO not bombed the hell out of them. Serbians are the aggressors here, not the victims.

    2. I don't have an answer.I had to watch this because I don't rememember it.anyways I hope you find some
      peace if this happened to you, I'm sorry for your loss.

    3. yea, NATO, america, bombing..
      saved EX YU, Irak, Afganistan, Somalia, Libya, Vietnam.. should i go on??
      Nato bombed Israel for doing **** to Palestinian people, USA saved them 2..
      o ****, no they didnt..
      you nearly got me there to believe that NATO is defending innocent and only attacking real aggressors..

      to me it looks like that only real aggressor and criminals are in world police - NATO..

  132. I understand that the Kosovars resent the Serbs and have committed atrocities as well...but let's be honest, even the UN recognizes that of all the war crimes during the 90's, a VAST majority were committed by Serbs. It's understandable why there is so much resentment, even if I don't condone it. The documentary makes it seem like the Serbs are the perpetual victims...not really the case.

  133. Boris Malagurski born August 11, 1988 in Subotica,Serbia, Yugoslavia.....what can i expect now from this doc? The shocking truth?

    1. amen

  134. Why didn't you make a documentary about the massacres they did to ALBANIAN civilians during the war? Instead of making serbs look like victims and make albanians look like suppressors and mean. This documentary is a disgrace.

    1. Like Plato wrote in his book The Republic about the conclusion that Socrates and Polemarkhos got in their discussion about the justice.

      You correct unjust things with justice not with injustice, which would be like heating cold with cold not with warm.

      Thats common sense. Right?

      Now! The questions is...

      Where is YOUR common sense?

    2. The fight go on, unhappily there will be no peace ever.
      We can make 1.000 docs, send $ of help, etc.
      But this clash will never stop. Great powers do theirs homework phenomenal, they make 10.000 year clash between, cristian and muslim, between serbs and albanians and all of them got their interest there :) silly aren't it.
      No nothing is silly everything got purpose. I am very sorry that this is still happening and common people can not be free of this in 21 ct , suffering is their only chose.
      Bleron Mustafa nobody is innocent all got guilt on theirs heads.

    3. The history is difficult to be told. As really there are many side of it. One of the most difficult things is to find when the story(history) begins. Who was the first there. The Slavic have left so many trace of their arrive that to date this event is very easy. Since the beginning they have caused many problems to the byzantine empire will their aiming of gaining new territories within the empire. It is much more not easy to find when the Albanians have come. One clue may be the language. In all the taxonomies the Albanian result as a language apart , one that is not derived from Greek not Latin or Germanic, not Caucasian and so on. The only theoretical root of Albanian could possibly be traced in the pellasgic language that was used by a pre-Dorian balkanic population.
      Why Serbs in Kosovo? Historical that does not mean much. After some decades that the slavic population make its appearance in the peninsula they went settling till the MOREA region south of Greece, but that dont means that they have any right over this region( whatever the "historical right" means). So the fact that in Kosovo there are orthodox sites of serbian religion doesn't imply an ancient autoctony of this group in this region.
      Despite this, the things went worse with the advent of the nationalism. the Serbs are notoriously nationalist people this statement mostly accepted by them too and not seen as a dangerous thing. But the history, seen by a third eye tells that nationalism has brought much sorrows in a region where the ethnic groups lived in boundaries that were not very geographically separated. Since the serbo-croatian-sllovenian kingdom the serb tried, and really managed to be the most important ethnic group of that state. This happened even if the serbs were not the most developed (the croatian and by much a higher degree the sllovenian, were more educated and produced more goods) why this? Because they are a coherent group that always in their history have been convinced that one can have all that he can take. Serbs really dont care about "right", they are strong and all they care is that their force to be as powerful as to let them achieve their aims. And they have been succesful in making others hearing their voice even after causing 3 wars in balkan against different ethnic groups. In all these wars the Serbians are the constant variable. These in social science means simply that they are the cause of these wars(maybe not the only but the main cause).
      Are the others guilty of war crimes? I am pretty sure that the reply of this question is yes. Almost all the wars are crimes against the person "per se" in themselves. So inside a big crime all commits crimes. But to say that all are the same responsible is equal to commit another crime. Whoever say this, is the true "second murderer".