Life Beyond 2: The Museum of Alien Life

Life Beyond 2: The Museum of Alien Life

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The second episode of the Life Beyond series centers around a hypothetical "Museum Of All Life In The Universe." What began as an exploration of how life started on Earth and what it can tell us about the creation of alien life forms on Episode 1 continues with what kind of creatures we will find out there. If such a museum exists, what would its hypothetical visitors find inside?

When humans can finally explore outer space to seek new life, we will run into three scenarios.
The first would be not to find anything, proving that we are alone in the universe. The second is that we run into planets and living beings, be it plant or animal "as we know it," with similar biological, physical and chemical concepts identical or close to what we have on Earth. Finally, the third scenario is that we run into life forms "as we don't know it" or alien life forms that we are not familiar with at all.

The series is an excellent imagining of what exhibits and features this museum will hold. The exquisite visuals and digital renderings of what these hypothetical creatures will look like really give them life, making them stand out and seem real.

Its first section of the museum, or "Life as We Know It," shows how it is highly possible that alien life forms can be just like us or a lot similar to what we are right now. Carbon, a building block of life here on Earth, is an almost universal chemical element. So anything is possible, from purple coloured grass, dog-like creatures with wings, fruits and vegetables that look like carrots but taste like potatoes and so on.

These life forms might not be exact replicas of what you find on Earth, but if their home planets developed like ours, then it's only logical to think that any humanoids or whoever is on top of their food chain, as well as flora and fauna, will be close cousins.

On the opposite end, alien life forms can be unlike anything we see. There is an infinite amount of organic matter floating in the ether, and there are also so many different chemicals. When the inevitable happens, it can lead to an endless number of combinations and permutations when both are exposed to heat so that life can begin.

These creatures might live inside an alien volcano or even in the bottom of a frozen, alien sea. The bottom line is that these alien life forms will continue to evolve and adapt to their physical living conditions, their weather and more. We might find the strange, exotic, and, well, truly alien in our museum.

So are we the only ones? It will definitely be exciting to find out.

Directed by: John D. Boswell

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