Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine

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Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the MachineNightmare and insanity are akin. Mysterious an involuntary states that skew and distort objective reality. One wakens from nightmare, from insanity there is no awakening.

Whether Americans live in the one state or the other is the paramount question of this era. For two hundred years Americans have been indoctrinated with the mythology created, imposed and sustained by a manipulating cabal.

The financial elite that built its absolute control on the muscle and blood, ignorance and credulity of its citizenry. It is now metastasized into the corporate tyranny that owns and controls America.

America began with the invasion of a populated continent and a genocide of its people. Once entrenched it embraced enslavement of another race.

With those pillars of state in place it declared itself an independent nation and a testament that proclaimed the equality of all mankind. In that monumental act of hypocrisy America's myth had its genesis.

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  1. Rubbish doco. False facts, misconstrewed and bias content. Honestly rubbish.

  2. How can everybody be so positive about this doc? there's not a single piece of empirical evidence to support whats said, its just empty banter. You really all believe that the world works this simple? That rich coörporations can foresee politics on a global scale.... Now thats American arrogance.

  3. Humans would have been done a long time ago if they hadn't cooperated with one another. As a herd animal, people follow leaders, and throughout history people believe what they're told when they want to or see no other options.

    There are always options, new ways of looking at this life experience are possible. A good place to start, I think, is to not believe the advertising, walk that fine line that separates the observable world from the contrived projections of a predatory ruling elite, most places.

  4. Humans would have been done a long time ago if they hadn't cooperated with one another. As a herd animal, people follow leaders, and throughout history people believe what they're told when they want to or see no other options.

    There are always options, new ways of looking at this life experience are possible. A good place to start. I think, is to not believe the advertising, walk that fine line that separates the observable world from the contrived projections of a predatory ruling elite, most places.

  5. Lemme see if I hear you right. So capitalism is evil, America (as manifest over the last 200 years is evil and we're all unthinking, controlled morons just along for the pre-programmed ride. And you demand that we occupy the world, "fight the man" or over-turn our existing economic, governmental and personal lifestyle (consumerism).

    Now we know what you're against.

    What alternatives are you proposing? A return to agrarian Communalism? Republicanism (in the original Greek sense)? Balkanization into those idealic "simple tribes" your manifesto says we've maimed, killed and raped into near extinction? Are you proposing we dissolve the union? Abandon national defense? Are you suggesting Communism (vanguard of the proletariat) or socialism is the right model?

    The point is like most political types you present a well drafted and funded assault against the status quo...but you fail to outline better alternatives let alone a plan to arrive at them. You simply want people to "rail against the machine".

    Good only comes from positive goals/plans...never from "burn down the crap we have, then we'll figure out what to do next (that hopefully won't be worse)."

  6. Real. True. Heartbreaking. Terrifying. Honest. Inspiring in the end.

  7. Here the useful idiots(Soviet Lenin or Stalin's term) praise "down with big corporations" (understandably in and of itself) while it is the big corps who promote this move to Collectivism which is somewhere twixt Socialism and Communism. That is slaves to the even larger more power single Corporation of the state or a handful of them married to the state. Brilliant! Shuck off those corporate chains for ...thicker heavier tighter State or Corporate chains of the new world order which essentially is communism or close to it.

    The world's problem isn't so much the corporations, it is the person in the mirror who allows govt to be corrupted. Shakespeare had it correct: First thing, get rid of the lawyers. Well, limit their ability anyway. Corporations were just temporary structures for projects like road building back in the day. It is the lawyers and their willing compadres on the bench(court) who created the hydra beast corporation with more rights than you. You voted for weasels instead of seeing to it wise decent incorruptible people were running from all parties for all offices. There first job would be to make it easy enough to get rid of ANY govt position holder that wasn't following the law. (Goodbye: Bush, Clinton, Bush2, Obama, and likely who ever is next) along with most judges from the supreme court on down to your local weasel. Rules for Corporations would need severe mods. No individual, group, or corp would be allowed to own more than 5 percent of any stock in another publicly traded corp. Meaning if I start a biz and if it managed to grow big without ever selling stock, it is a private company and I can do what I think best. If the employees fear I may screw them at some point they are free to get a job elsewhere. If they think a bean counter with little vested interest in the corp they run, may make lousy deals or sell them out to feather their nest, they can come work for a private biz. That is the FREEDOM and competition for labor and for a job that tend to make people reasonably prudent. UNLESS there are no or little consequences for the guilty as is the case today.

    Information is the great divider of the people ...between those that want it and proceed to acquire much of it, those that don't, and those that truly think they have it but are not even close being followers of major media or the socialist indoctrinated.

    Fixing many a thing would be an easy task if not for those who think Marxism is a good thing despite all the evidence to the contrary. Yes corrupt corporatism, which is NOT capitalism is bad. Just getting the govt indoctrination center (school) socialists to understand the difference is a major chore.

  8. You see...we need God. And we can't be like the religions and be total hypocrites. That is what the Bible calls "Holding to a form of godliness, but denying its power." Are you too fickle to follow God fully? There were many kings of Israel, but only 3 followed Him fully.
    Consider this: Elijah said to those coming to get him, "If I am a man of God, then let fire fall from the sky and blow you up." It totally happened. 2 or 3 times that day. So, either you have fallen prey to unbelief, or you believe what I am telling you which is that if you want the overwhelming power of the Kingdom of God on your side, just be pure in heart and fully seek the God who made you until you find Him. Look, I have no way to get money from you, to enslave you as I have been enslaved before. I am part of no church. I am not delusional. Would it benefit me to be delusional? No, it wouldn't. I tell you what I know about. All I know is: if you truly break down and start seeking God in truth, He has no reason not to respond and help you. A hard heart is what separates any of us from Him. This is the true revolution, not something worldly and lame.

  9. It is time now for revolution, whatever the cost. Because to do nothing will most assuredly mean annihilation.

  10. It is great to see that in America, there are individuals thinking out of the box against the deep DECEPTION played out by few RICH ELITES under cover of "corporates-protective laws".
    Until the well-explained message of this documentary and other similar efforts such as the film "THE INSIDE JOB" is popularised and reaches critical mass, it will remain as feeble as ever.

  11. "Blame America First"- so what else is new in this near plagiarist piece of slanted work ?
    Is it simply coincidental that the vast majority of human freedom & creative invention has occurred here (and not elsewhere) ?

    But we are the "destroyers"? The "Producers" of this digestible slice of brainwashing must love what Islam has done to the Middle East & Africa, because those horrors are clearly omitted here.

    Only the Sins of America's creation of wealth is the monster in this, as though we are far worse than the Socialist experiments of the 20th century - which collectively murdered more than 100 million non-combatants. But Islam & Socialist Tyrants are not the bad guys here ...
    BUT WE ARE ? There is no doubt in my mind that Lenin, Stalin, Hitler & Mao could have produced the same exact indictment of us that you find in this "Documentary" ...
    because once upon a time THEY DID !


  12. As people grow more informed about reality, their resentment will grow against the fascists, which is one of the factors of the federal empire's self-destruction.

  13. Great short documentary. I agree we all need to act as friction against the machine, but I don't agree that massive protests will work.

    The powerful either ignore the protests or kill the protestors.

    People need the courage to actually bring the machine down to its knees and I believe I know a very effective and safe means.

    Stop traffic by stalling cars for 10 to 15 minutes at a time on every bridge and tunnel going into NYC. Shut it down. Make it impossible for Wall Street to open. Cause billions and billions in losses.

    100 people with cars could bring NYC to its knees. Probably even less. The cops could do nothing, not even figure out which car caused the problem. By the time they arrived, thousands of cars would form giant parking lots on the bridges and in the tunnels.

  14. Good.
    Not because it will make a change by next year, but because it is part of the process of education. if knowledge is power, then education is the engine to use power.
    It takes 12 years to design a new jet fighter, it took 300 years for Christianity to emerge as a "free" religion, it took 600 years to complete the cathedral in Kölne. It will take some time to undo what the rulers of this world have achieved in 150-200 years of economic, political engineering and mass media and history writing.
    All this said. It takes a small effort to make a change and it all start with a fraction of a degree.
    It takes 13 years to make the start. Because this is the time span to educate a new generation, that will educate the following one into the new direction on thinking people. All we have to do is to make the effort of the first 13 years, and to educate young people in the right direction. it is not by chance that in the old Jewish tradition, young children in the age of three where taught to read the bible. it is not by chance that US education is a federal government controlled system.
    It may be the right question now to ask what are we going to teach the next generation, and how much effort we plan to put into it.
    Keep this line alive.
    God bless you

  15. VERY good. Not too long. Hit's the nail on the head. A great counter to the piece of crap propaganda and lies that Souza put out on 07/04/14.

    American's will wake up... the trick is to be there for them when they do, and help them join the most massive lawsuit this nation has ever seen:

    When the average American realizes that the arrogant scientists have teamed up with the military industrial complex to "experiment" with spraying toxic substances into the atmosphere for 15+ years... and learns how heinous some of the things they have sprayed really are...

    This place is going to explode. I hope to be one of the lead plaintiffs and get rid of this dry cough and draining sinuses too.

  16. Jews are the architects of this nightmare! Read their so called Holy Books, Talmud, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This will be called the New World Order! Bet on it!

  17. Cool how the images in this video closely match the ideas and analysis, at the heart of this political tone-poem. A little too fast, some pauses of music interludes with children and animals at play twixt the big themes and intersections would make it better.

    Let the friction screech out freedom from corporate bondage and betrayal;
    Let us screech out a sparking friction for the people;
    Let the friction scream in the ears of warmongers;
    Let the friction frac the sick political system, the semblance, the illusion trick of democracy, dumb-mockery;
    Let friction ring in the ears of the complacent, the lazy, the deluded, the intentionally ignorant--yes, all the frightened people who's hearts need CPR: Care, Possibility and Re-evolution.

    Let new worlds grow from us,
    Rocks, trees and swaying grass,
    Oceans and mountains and lands in be-tween.

    Let us build the form,
    That this dream may be born,
    Of a world filled with man-y lives, lives that are one.

    Let there be beasts to run,
    Birds soaring to the sun;
    Let there be fishes to play in the sea.
    Let there be winds to blow;
    Let there be seeds to grow;
    streams to laugh merrily as they run.
    by David Spangler after Walt Whitman

  18. The web of ignorance is so deep in society.. the mass consciousness is so sociopathetic & trained... whew hooo.... a big bubble burst may be the only change to foresee... and nature will provide this and it is already.. it will spew out our species in a nice cleansing ... For change to happen.... hmmm... well, unless the masses are ready to give up things on such a basic level.... for example such (of which doesn't even scratch the surface): your 100 stations of TV shit, cell phones/EMFs, fancy sneakers, mc donalds, debt, bullshit expensive yee ha sport salaries but no $ for education, egoist delusions, addictions, plastics, industrialization of animals, conflicting religious/sex/racial ignorance, all the shit processed food addictions, apathetic medical sources that feed illness and refuse to feed the machine YES YOU/WE HAVE CREATED & FED INTO nursing corporate America and in GOD WE TRUST.... it's only going to get worse before it gets minutely better... Generally > People have no time to think... or they walk daily in denial.... they don't meditate to come to grip and develop awareness & wisdom, their minds are more linked to their genitalia, facebook accounts, tv shit and wallets .... and well as the net decreases attention spans that are farts passing in the ether.... the conditioning keeps deeping in a lovely downward spiral to control you... even the controllers are controlled by their own negligence & addictions... ha! how satirically lovely....

  19. polarities will always exist

    1. which has nothing to do with choosing the extreme negative end of the polarity. The idea is to balance them out through choices based on awareness and not giving up only because there are lots of ways of being apathetic and poor excuse for being a human...

  20. Ok, we stop the machine and then what, replace it with another machine, it's not possible to purge greed and indifference from the human sole. Someone will always want to rule, no ideology, political system or social structure has ever existed without government. We can not escape history, nor what is essentially Human.

    1. We can shape our behaviour how we want it to be.
      There is nothing essentially "human". We become products of our surroundings, wich at the moment is greed and stupidity...

    2. there is nothing essentially 'human'? so... there is nothing inately 'crustacean', nor 'primate', nor arachnid?
      not the best argument...

    3. My friend Paul and I made this video. Our purpose was to create a primer or manifesto about where we are and how we got here. It's target audience are the people in any community who lead, who teach, who must explain what's happening and why—and most of all to wake up their families, friends, and neighbors.

      We're evolving. But just waking up is necessary for whatever good might come.

    4. Study Austrian Economics. Youtube Tom Woods. Crony Capitalism is the bane. The answer is not another form of collectivism.

    5. Hey Lanny - I think you guys put this together beautifully! The peaceful guitar music in the end gave me goose bumps. You should get this to occupy! Americans have been purposely distracted with the help of the media and with learned behavior. My kids come home on veterans day and tell me about our military heros. My religious neighbor has no comment on killing of civilians, my teacher friends don't mind that unions are being slashed, friends in foreclosure have never heard of securitization. And the list goes on and on. We all still have to live and learn that we are in a system where party affiliation doesn't matter, where corporate rule makes the law (with the help of ALEC and lobbyists) and where we have become debt slaves of the banksters. You can be proud of this compilation! I loved it!

    6. We have got to stop letting corporations make political contributions. Stop letting ALEC write the law for starters and educate ourselves.

    7. Nick, study history. Not just the history written by rulers and are the products of the systems they represent. This will only mislead. It does take years, or not, but however long it is worth it. Study philosophy and ancient writings, study the true lives of "the founders", study the god priests, and look for the message about what true free humanity is. There is so much to learn from where you evidently stand you have a lot to look forward to. Not chanting Christ Conscientiousness here by any means nor do I recommend it as a goal but I do know you also will find a message and pattern unfold and it will become clear on where we have all been steered over and over. Away from the truth of how we could, should, or would be otherwise.
      My personal big first step was to realize I didn't have the tools to even understand the frustration I had with the system, and that's just what it is not reality, that causes so much sh*t in nearly all our lives we sense as unnatural. In other words you can't fight the system or even understand it exists from within you have to find a way to see it from the outside in.
      Second step I found and is very commonsense I feel, WE WILL NEVER IMPROVE ANYTHING DEBATING EACH OTHER.
      Oh, If you haven't already, turn off the TV and only seek knowledge through a critical path which leads to truths not opinions or quick answers.
      Bets wishes and no harm no fowl ;-)

    8. Yes, Nicholas we can stop the machine! But what it will take to do so, many of us are simply afraid to do, but yes, our masters have shown us exactly how to stop them.
      If they want ALL the money, give it to them and let us learn to barter with each other. This will mean making sacrifices but it will be a better sacrifice than our children and grandchildren's lives.
      If they want to de-arm us, give them all the guns, buy a bow and arrow, and learn to use it.
      If the banks want to take our homes, give them back to them, then build your own from whatever you have.
      STOP buying their toys. STOP working their slave-jobs. And STOP protesting against them and begin ignoring them, Do this most effectively by throwing every single television set you own into the trash.
      Develop the mantra, "I WILL NOT COMPLY".
      But most importantly, take every penny you have and either burn it or put it in an envelope and send it back to them and start your own currency system within your community.
      Trade seeds, food and food-plants, labor for labor and learn to sincerely care for your neighbor as yourself.
      I believe that amazingly we will find that there is plenty of room, food and love for every single person on the planet.

  21. America will not always be the unipolar power it is today.

    There are clear indications in population and economic growth rates that power is shifting towards the east, namely India and China. America need to create a positive legacy and help stabilize the world before these powers come to the fore, America is failing in this objective. They along with the rest of the capitalist west are creating enemies which have no right to be enemies. Why is the Muslim world anti-American? It is due to their aggressive global expansion into areas which have no concern with them. The British and French empires failed due to over expansion, in fact all empires have failed because of this, so will America.

    America and capitalist systems have encouraged previously unimaginable growth and prosperity, but now they are causing global suffering unprecedented in history, children starving millions dying every year when there are plenty of resources to prevent this suffering, instead the resources go on protecting oil supplies through military conquest. America has killed more people in Iraq then Saddam did, and spent enough money to feed the world in doing so. Where is the justice in this?

    Communism does not work, capitalism can work, it needs to be directed in way in which it spreads the benefits more evenly. Maynard Keynes explains that governments are the best distributors of wealth due to the multiplier effect, if the super rich distributed their wealth then the whole world could benefit.

    In short for the benefit of us all, America, the west and all members of capitalist systems need to act with more moral fibre, chose to help others who need fundamental help with food, shelter, security ect. rather than increasing the size of the bulge in their pockets. If America invaded Iraq to liberate it's people then that may have been a just cause, but the fact is they wanted to secure resources. China are buying up the worlds resources as we speak, while America is taking them. who is the more oppressive nation?

    1. Communism as a system is perfect, its people that do not work well within that system. That's why the Truman doctrine worked so well. If all people >wantedonlytheir< people rather than the future of the species. Thank god someone with a vested interest came along, I personally can't think of another example of greed ever helping humanity as a whole. But the crap like PS3s come at the expense of that. From sweat shops to straight up slave labour, destruction of nature and as mentioned on this documentary... Warfare.

    2. Thats called crony capitalism and is NOT the free market

  22. Its globalization,1000's of corporations have the control, that is the real truth.

    People get super rich with this Freedom we have, money is power. The corporations we build know no boarders, if a Country resists it? a Big Foot comes out of the sky,,. an WhHAPP!!

    This is a culture, Terrorists fight our culture with bombs, Normal people fight to build there own Mc donalds. and the super rich fight to build one in Africa.

    The whole concept of business is to expand an conquer, Western governments give the people this freedom, they encourage it.

    We can be an employe, we can be a business owner, or we can be a terrorist. the choices is ours, we have the freedom.

  23. This is crazy good. Got to watch this. Pow!

  24. THe problem with over population is that the wrong people are reproducing. If educated, contientious, ecologically responcible people pass those traits and values on to their offspring then the obvious result would be true caretakers for the future. Lyrics in a song I can never remember the name of says something like ...I look around me and see only stupid people are procreating... I think one big problem is too many people are having kids just because and are too busy running the rat race to instill any values, giving any direction or purpose...maybe because they too were were born just because and never taught any values outside the all might buck. Its like a world on mindless autopilot.

    1. Then you had better educate yourself before you reproduce. If you learn a little science then you'll find that the eugenics theory was binned in favour of epigenetics and really should have been destroyed with the Nazis. Perhaps you didn't realise the rhetoric you spewing forth is that of the most notorious man in modern European history, perhaps you did. Tell me do these uneducated, ignorant ingrates come from any particular colour? Country? Religion? Social strata? It would be handy if they were then we could eliminate rather easily. Tell you what... If you figured which group its Then I've got the perfect solution, a final solution if you like. Gas chambers!

    2. I think perhaps my comment was not properly worded or understood. What would make you or anyone think this was a racially motivated comment? I am in no way a biggot of any race,color or religon (and to Sue Em) financial standing. I was just saying again people should be more contientious and what a difference it would make if those values were instilled in the next generation. BTW how whould you feel right now if I told you I was Jewish? Dont worry I'm not. I apologize if anyone mistook my comment and was offended. I dont wish to offend anyone. And I try to raise my kids to be kind as well. Which is afterall my point to beging with!

    3. I have a Masters. Did that qualify me enough to reproduce? I got really smart kids, too. But sorry - no job and live on food stamps cause my husbands two jobs are not enough to get by. I guess I should have not reproduced. To my excuse - at the time we were doing pretty well. Didn't see it coming.

    4. I agree. Anyone who advocates that others do not have a right to existence is not fit to live in any society that I desire to live in. In a better world, no one will miss you.

    5. That is a horrible thing to say to anyone much less a complete stranger. So I guess this is not a better world. I re-read my comment to see how it could have been misinturpreted so poorly. All I was saying is we live in a world being raised by TV and video games and good values and contientious living is not being passed down to the next. And who hasent witnessed parents too busy or tired to properly instruct their children so they just placate. Many of us are caught up in a rat race trying to figure the meaning of life and having kids along the way...I never implied I wasent one of them. Just a thought on what might be wrong with the world after watching something so heartwrenching.

  25. The truth is very difficult, sometimes near impossible to acknowledge.

    I don't know if there is a conspiracy, or if the tail of greed is finally eating the head.
    you can't eat money.

    Big money peck nature, nature wake up, nature eat big money.
    No more big money...

    learn to grow your own food, start with a simple container. share your harvest with your
    neighbors. Learn the names of your state/federally elected leaders. Call them, email them, they work for us, join a local environmental group.
    Big money depends on us. remember?

    1. Well said, Teresa. It is time to wake up and grow, make, barter and share something.

  26. capitalism is good!

  27. If the machine created is a description in fact of Toy Soldiers. US. Those troops are our family members. They need to choose whom in which they are loyal to.

  28. How do we stop the machine? Should we start from education? It took over 200 years for them to build and perfect the machine that controls us; I think we should take a long-term view to unwind the machine by educating our children with the truth and the compassion for fellow humans.

  29. The individuals bashing this quick film are indeed dead beat..Its does not matter if it is "boring" or if somebody else said it. If you have done any of your own reasearch you will realise this is not a matter of opinion but, in fact, a matter of fact. There is no need for "facts" anymore, the facts are out there. The message of this documentary (especially nearing the conclusion) is almost perfect. I'm a Canadian, and it is not just America with the problem. Pardon my french, but everybody needs to wake up and smell the bull****. Turn your TV off for 2 weeks, stop eating fast food, eliminate pop music all together, and read a few books that were not composed by Government officials or corporate leaders. Please do these things for two weeks, you will end up scratching your head wondering why you feel so good.

    "Bababooey bababooey, Howard Sterns penis bababooey!!"
    - Joey Boots :)

  30. Yes, there is some truth in this -- but it's boring, because they don't present facts and information but rather conclusions someone else has made. I'd refer people to read Howard Zinn regarding actual history. Yes, American has done horrible things, that's apparently what man does, so we're not alone in the government experiment's gone wrong dept.

    I'm giving this a D because it became whinny and unwatchable, thanks but I like to be presented with information, not conclusions

    1. Agreed... merely a bunch of opinions and feelings. All this does if feed anger and hatreds.

    2. I don't understand what you expect facts to look like? Its just reality, start taking notice, when you listen to news reports, or listen to presidents of officials talk, just listen to them they are exaggerating, avoiding and twisting the truth and many times strait out lying. Most of them are not even good actors, Bush jr was a horrible actor and Liar, Obama is better but its still in his speech If you want facts start asking them for facts to back up what they are saying. Find facts that support your current idea of how the world works. I think from here on out you will start to see reality its only a matter of time, you cannot unsee what you just watched, at some level the truth has stirred in you and its hard to suppress, I tried for a long time to avoid it, it sucks, its evil but at least its real.

    3. Go back to sleep. Sorry we disturbed you.

  31. lol i'm sorry I have to LMAO at Jimcanada!!! just incredible....

  32. good narration, but a deaf person would totally get the message...the images speak a million words of truth! - powerful!
    I AM a friction against the machine by co-creating a new world, along with all the other peace activists, lightworkers/warriors, Jacques Fresco(s), off-gridders, star seeds, etc...!
    Paradigm shift time!!!

  33. first off I dont see why this is in history category its pure opinion but i may be wrong since i found it sickening to watch all the way thorugh

    1. Then it shows that the TRUTH hurts some people. Now, why is that ?

    2. i see no truth in this  that was my point if you believe every thing people tell you thats up to you

  34. I've almost NEVER played the game. I never had a credit card, was in debt for 2 years of my 50+ year life for a student loan once that I paid early and owed $18.00 interest on, hence made way more from the banks than I paid into them, haven't bought too much that was superfluous, always paid cash for my USED cars, only drive when I absolutely have no choice, and kept my overhead low. I don't play the stupid vanity games, get my jeans and shirts at K-Mart sales, don't do cosmetics, and even cut my own hair. Since I've learned, I don't do fast food restaurants, HFCS, MSG, or any of that other toxic crap, given up red meat, and only do chicken and select sea food. I don't celebrate that commercial garbage of a holiday known as Christmas, and never done a Black Friday in my life, either. Judging from the videos of Black Friday I have seen, I think we're doomed.

    I'm also not a breeder, so I don't have any additional unnecessary financial liabilities in my life, and I have discretionary time to actually think, not to mention no toxically compromised, indoctrinated cannon fodder for the government.

    More are waking up, but most are still so clueless. We are in trip-reset mode, but it ain't gonna be pretty. No longer having anything vested in this disgusting vestige of a world, oh well. Not my problem. I know too much for it to be my problem.

    1. Petunia, I feel ya. I really do. This is what I'm shooting for (although I do thrift stores instead of K Mart)

      I bet it's been really hard to live that way in our culture for over 50 years. I've done it about half that long, and boy, it sure does not make a gal popular. Especially the "not breeding" thing. That's ok. We can take it.

      But don't forget why we do it. It's not ALL a "disgusting vestige of a world"

      There is still some beauty. That's why we think about where out crap comes from and how we live our life. That's why we still care at all.

    2. wow. I thought I was the only one. It is not like the world suddenly got messed up. I decided when I was 6 years old that this world was off, and that I would never bring life into such horror. But I got a lot of crap from our culture for not reproducing. Once I came of age, and read Paul Erlich's book on the problem of human overpopulation and its predicted probabilities, my decision was cemented.
      Now look?
      Everything was predicted years ago by scientists. What are we doing?
      Thank-you Wigglebottom for your honesty and intelligence. May your petunias always bloom.

    3. "I'm not a breeder" lol thats a good one

  35. Everybody is quick to blame the bankers, or corporations. Well, they are playing by the rules made by the corrupt ruling class. Our so called "leaders" are to blame! All we have to do is follow the constitution, but that is now a "living document" allowing the goalpost to be moved on a whim. Our educators and news media are all to blame as well for allowing people to become so ignorant.

    1. @Various Fish It is odd you disassociate "corrupt ruling class" from bankers, corporations, news media and "leaders" when it seems apparent they are inseparable. But I agree about placing blame---including the "ruling class". Peaceful honest people will realize a more just and free society when they take it upon themselves to defend basic human rights and stop relying on violational institutions (U.S. Congress, Federal Reserve, CIA, FBI, police, military etc.) to do so.

    2. Our TV, newspapers, radio stations, and increasingly the web,are now owned by 6 major corporations.
      Check out Free Press online to learn more.

  36. A very good presentation. Any one know who made the film?

  37. Odd, that a white male is conveying a message about white racist patriarchal hegemony. Conspiracy theories also hosted by angry white men are precursors to "revolution" which means their takeover of our current system into an even more tyrannical system. It's happened again and again, these "revolutions" that supplant one system for an even more oppressive regime. I'm waiting for an American Indian to narrate one of these anti-Imperialist white power programs, or a Jewish woman, or a black woman, or a Latino woman. I don't trust this very mainstream white male voice at all, for the reason I listed above--it's suspicious and trying to evoke hate and animosity for our government in an era when a black male can be voted into power. White racist powers in the US want a revolution so no more black men or women or anything other than their kind can have the power. don't trust this seemingly politically correct diatribe.

    1. This comment seems to imply that any "white male" alive today with the lucidity to see beyond the illusions of the current system must by default be bound to serve solely whats good for the white humans of this planet. Would substituting the current narrator, but not the narration, change the message for you? Does it always have to be twisted into being about race? How thick is the veil for you brother?

  38. great video and inspiring us to clear our minds and know the truth behind all lies.What we each of us do in order to stop the insanity?...look inside you and wou will find what because signs are clear.

  39. WE have the power, WE need to remember who we are. WE have the creative divine spark within us. WE can change it. WE just need to intend it to change. WE need to see our earth, our country, our people, our future without the 1%. WE need to express love, even to those who oppress us. WE are the ones WE have been waiting for.

  40. People need to learn how to think not in the Abstract so much. This video was interesting... _but_ the issues are too much to handle when one lives in a world of abstraction all the time.

    By abstraction I mean, trying to fix a problem from 10,000 miles up. It is great to see this high (by abstraction) HOWEVER without clear focus and detail, there is no hope of fixing any problems.

    Most people can think in the abstract. Computers can not think in the abstract as good... but a computer can calculate Galactic collisions and create virtual worlds. But, each of these things required a Computer Programmer to code it line by line...

    The Details... stop thinking so abstractly! You are liable to kill yourself if you do.

    1. @ Matt, nice post!
      Because abstraction[ism] is EASY, it's a perfect tool against denial[ism] - those people who, for whatever reason, fail to see what is in front of their nose. Here is a 23 minute example that should raise THAT american view to a height of 10,000 miles better than any I have seen. But there's more...

      We do have to come down to earth sooner or later though, not because it will kill us up there - it won't, just a tendency towards helplessness and defeat through distancing. So dwelling in abstraction becomes nonproductive, unless we find a way to ENGAGE.

      Hopefully abstraction will identify a solution worthy of engagement, but if it does not, and you are not ready to admit defeat, I have this advice:

      "Enthusiasm is easy, motivation is hard work. Do the hard thing and you will grow. Growth comes from hard work and personal suffering. If you are not growing, you're just stealing oxygen." - DigiWongaDude

  41. This is one of the best documentaries I've come across. We need to wake up as sleeping sheep. Fools shop "Black Friday" and there were a lot of fools yesterday!

  42. For those asking for a "solution"---the documentarians are engaged in the solution! 90 plus percent of the population believe that it is okay to violate others' basic human rights when "my team" does so in the name of "my cause". Thus, when "Team Obama" invades Libya (including CIA-paid thugs jamming a knife up Qadaffi's ass and beating him dead and bloody), that action is OKAY cause it wasn't "Team Bush". So far these filmmakers have made the distinction of "predatory capitalism" from truly free market capitalism (which simply doesn't exist in major business dealings today). Critical Independent Thinking will lead all to the understanding that a government of COERCIVE FORCE cannot possibly improve our lot. The evidence is clear that such "governments" violate basic human rights by their very nature. If your house is afire, should you set the four corners afire to stop the destruction? This deeper understanding is apparently an evolutionary process and documentaries like this are a move in the right direction. It has taken me 50 years to awaken significantly from the hypnosis imparted upon me by our government schools, media, and fellow hypnotized humans. I'm writing a book and questioning OUT LOUD such sentiments as "bless our troops" (as one example) even when I risk indignation among friends and family. The message is simple: Consistently Defend the Innocent and Promote Peaceful Interaction. Tea Partiers/conservatives claim that "government" is the evil (except oddly when government invades other countries) and Occupiers claim that "business/capitalism" is the evil. Go deeper: The general acceptance of COERCIVE government has been the wrong call for thousands of years. There's the elephant in the living room---I have shewed him out of mine. He was so unwieldy as I worked around him. Without him, I can truly defend Basic Human Rights and promote Peaceful Interaction without compromise and hypocrisy.

  43. human species are endangered by own social constructs, and they must fall. and for those who want solutions before braking those constructs must remember that in an active system solutions emerge naturally, its how things work.

  44. America is not as great as it would like to believe. Far from it. But I wouldn't want to live in a world without it's presence and influence. Imagine if China was the hope of the world. Europe, Scandinavia (and Canada) are the most evolved places in the world, but without the miltary clout of the US they would all be alot less free and speaking a conquerers language. America does protect freedeom, it just doesn't practice it so well as yet.

    1. The conquerer's language is English.

  45. This doc says it all in a nutshell. We are born into this world as equal to each other as one ant is to another, but birth is about as far as it goes.If I sound like a fruitcake - it's because of my lifelong indoctrination into the current scourge of humanity - insanity xx

  46. You know we never had it so good, if you play the game ( go to work, obey the laws ) life is cool.We need to stop thinking like naughty unruly children and get with the plan. Protect the elderly the young and vulnerable, blow kisses at CCVT, use consumer power as your main (last weapon) be a don't buy guy. Love and peace from an old man.

    1. all in all we are all just bricks in the wall.

    2. Maybe you have never had it so good, you and few others.

    3. basic words of wisdom often overlooked.

  47. Stopping corporations is easy if you don't like a corporation just stop purchasing there products they will go away bankrupt.

    1. Not that easy. Corporations are too big to go away, you have to stop the majority of people from buying as well and cross your fingers they don't get a bailout. Like the schoolyard bully, one kid standing up is gonna get slogged in the teeth and a swirly for his troubles.

    2. really? so easy? try stopping hm... idk monsanto for example... watch your plan working...

    3. But we have lost the ability to produce and provide for ourselves. In South Africa, the blacks were pushed off all the viable land and coerced into the mines as cheap wage labor, separated from families, and only visited by AIDS prostitutes for company. It is happening to us by rising land prices, mortgage failures, and the collapse of a reasonable wage. But the news focuses on the richest 1% and how unfair it is to stop them make money off the backs of the 99%.

  48. We aren't lost, we are mired in a 'work to live' existence and distracted by the shiny things produced by jobs that were once ours. Its not just an american problem.

  49. Seeing more and more Americans admitting such major sins, even the Natives genocide, really fills me with hope.
    Not that other nations are angels, far from that, but you are the hammer of the elite. Nothing will change if they will still be able to smack around with their hammer.

    1. Yes, admitting is the START. We better grow up and learn about Hydrogen fuel (google stan Meyer) a water car. The N-machine on you-tube... energy is not the problem... we have plenty of it

    2. i actually laughed out loud when i read that...
      The N-machine, like every other perpetual motion machine is either a hoax, or doesn't actually exist.
      Perhaps you've been listening to too many ICP songs about magnets...but that's not how they work!

  50. Anyone that claims to know what is going to happen is just a lie to themselves.

    The story will play out regardless. We are just observers caught in a deep cultural wind that has swept away all your curiosity, compassion and decency.

    It seems some are waking up to what seems to be an endless sea or misery to come. But, it has always been a struggle... and we the privileged can sit here using bandwidth to do nothing but watch it happen. Why? We are hypnotized by our technology, our control and _temporary comforts_ over Nature.

    EVERYTHING is false (no matter how grandiose we seem) if the foundation (or top of pyramid if you prefer) is really the devil masked as predatory capitalism that is an Earth gurgling march of nonhuman numbers of Wall Street derivatives and the love of money.

  51. Did you see there's more, with more to come? Check it out. This is part 2.

  52. This doc is a total keeper, it should be shown in every classroom in America, that's the only way we right this ship.

  53. Those you speak of genuinely suffering will always suffer so that fat asses like you can sit on the internet and type about how we should all just be content to be on the winning team...People like you are why people suffer needlessly in those 3rd world countries, people like you sat back and watched the Jews get carted off to camps. Home of the brave??? Not according to Mr. brianrose87

  54. If you have the technology to watch this doc or comment on this site, then you are an intricate part of this "machine".

    The internet runs on massive warehouses of servers. Those servers not only employ thousands of technologies invented and constructed around the world, but they also use large amounts of energy. To get that energy involves thousands of other parts, components, inventions, companies, and whole industries.

    King Henry VIII did not have A/C. He couldn't have bananas, ice cream, salt, or sugar on demand. We, however, can travel by means of internal combustion engine to a local store and buy pounds of sugar, bananas, salt, you name it, for mere dollars. If you live in an industrialized country, and have the free time to browse docs on the internet you likely have nothing to complain about.

    If, however, you are one of several billion who lives in REAL poverty, faces starvation, contaminated water, etc. then you should lament the current state of affairs. Instead of complaining about how our lives aren't cushy enough, or how others have gamed the system to have luxury, we should focus on the billions who are genuinely suffering.

    Whats worse, the fact that literally billions go to bed hungry every single night, or the fact that certain clever people have figured out how to gain extraordinary wealth by gaming the system.

    1. Those desperate people are the bottom of this gross pyramid, and I believe that looking up at those above and down at those below is a distraction. The pyramid itself must change.

  55. Thumbs up on the doc but I still support capitalism. The better you get at this psychotic capitalist game the easier your life gets. This is the reason why capitalism is so powerful. Everyone takes part in it at different levels for this reason. The “EVIL people” depicted in this doc are just the people that play the game the best and are at the top of the pyramid!!!! Everyone at every level is equally to blame, including you and me.

    1. "The better you get at this psychotic capitalist game the easier your life gets."

      Really? That's your defense for capitalism, that it makes peoples lives easier when they participate in it? Since when is that an endorsement that trumps the destruction of the very planet we depend on for life, the imprisonment of our fellow man by the thousands for petty crimes that hurt no one, our failing health care system, etc. ? Life could be easy, as you call it, under other systems as well- systems that wouldn't cause all this senseless consumption and greed. But that means we have to stop kneeling at the alter of capitalism like it is some savior or something- it has very nearly destroyed this planet beyond repair.
      Capitalism is based on a concept everyone agrees is an impossibility- infinite growth on a finite planet. It has created class division and the upper one percent, which holds all the cash and therefore all the power. It prevents us from utilizing viable solutions like solar and wind, because we simply can't have people supplying their own energy at low cost to themselves, how would the utility companies make their millions? It creates conflict of interest- why would a pharmaceutical company or even many doctors for that matter want to cure cancer, its treatment creates a million dollar a year market all to itself. The same can be said for drug addiction, crime in general as a matter of fact- why erradicate it when it employs so many people and puts so much cash in the pockets of white collar investors?
      But hey, the investors don't have to worry, its not their children being arrested, no- we arrest the black and brown children from the slums mostly. Arrests have started to slow recently because demographics are shifting- minorities are no longer the minority, had to feed the beast some white kids finally. Of course that caught the attention of the investors, that could have been their kid or even them. Now they are calling for the end of three strikes laws and trying to legalize weed and all, I think its halrious. Their own monster, the one they created, ate their children- Ha, ha,ha!!

    2. "The better you get at this psychotic capitalist game the easier your life gets."

      I think he is referring to the 1%, not the rest of us.

  56. How come it's not letting us share this Doc. to Face Book?

  57. Change will happen weather the storm because it's coming.

  58. Excellent film and outstanding narration.

  59. Great Film!

    Great Comment N B !
    "you must also offer a viable alternative"

    There is a viable opportunity, for alternative:
    The alternative, is to dismantle the knot that has been tied.
    It proves to not only save its own length of rope (metaphorically speaking)
    As well, it serve as example to others that; it is time to start reversing the damage (political, social, racial, religiously etc) that has already been done.

    The turn of the communication/internet era, has already begun (sparked) this process.
    The amount of time it will take to pick each knot loose, is anybodys guess.

    A viable alternative to our current lifestyles, is competing to be better than each other, in terms of who can be the most: moral, ethical, economically and environmentally responsible.
    Tying knots is easy... its taking the time to undo them, which builds patience, and provides for piece of mind, for all climbing the rope, once it is out.


    1. I doubt that a VIABLE aternative is to increase competition as to what group is more moral, ethical, etc. That's already been tried and failed for going on oh... 2000 years or so. If you want to bust people for being economically stupid and environmentally irresponsible, that's already happening as well (red paint thrown on fur coats and HumVees). It hasn't helped much either.

  60. A nicely done docu. I think most people are probably in complete agreement with it. But as pointed out in some of the other comments, it isn't enough to oppose the status quo, you must also offer a viable alternative. And, please, don't bother directing me to the Zeitgeist films.

    1. Solutions and alternatives are not the same thing. A solution stops the problem; an alternative offers another way of doing something. Not the same.

  61. There's a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part! You can't even passively take part! And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels…upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop! And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!

    1. You had a rhyme going. What happened?

    2. ...a cog got his tongue.

    3. This is the opening to the linkn park song "Wretches and Kings"

    4. Kinda weak Jack, at the very least you could give credit to Mario Savio for actually speaking these words 40 years ago.

  62. "America began with the invasion of a populated continent and a genocide of its people. Once entrenched it embraced enslavement of another race."

    Sounds like just about every country on earth unless you think that the Mexican Indians started to speak Spanish by osmosis,... Islamic countries were there since the beginning of time, and of course, the Slavic countries are among the nicest in history, that worked out well for Eastern Block countries.... Maybe we should have remained a British colony because Briton has never done anything wrong or we can just leave and whoever wants to take over can............

    1. @ dufas_duck
      Sounds like a comedy scriptlet for a movie called "Bush & Pals In The Dock." Bit low on laughs though. Perhaps a guest appearance from Jack Nicholson with "You caaan't handle the truth." thrown in at the end somewhere?

    2. You are correct...people can't handle the truth...Even truths that are expressed by this documentary. But it seems that the truths never seem to depict anyone except right wing America... The left never does any wrong.....

  63. Very interesting and well done documentary! Passing around good documentaries like this does have an effect on mass opinion.

  64. It has always been that when the tough gets tougher beyond belief the necessity of the opposite takes place.
    "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition."

  65. That's why they call it the American Dream, cause you have to be asleep tp believe it!
    George Carling - R.I.P.

  66. From what I am seeing this holiday season is mobs of people who are more interested in hedonistic consumerism than in the economic enslavement they persue.
    There's just so long a person can sustain the fight before they have to take a rest or simply give up.
    As they say, it's best to pick you fights by opportunity rather than by desire.
    This call to action is useless. It is far better to inform, educate, and open solution opportunities as seperate waves so that the people can figure out the right time to act. The most important part being suggested solutions.

  67. What I see is an argument for action, but not a solution/alternative.
    Good to watch, but it's not a whole manifesto yet.

  68. "government" wtf bulls*** ancient idea is that? im perfectly able to govern myself, thank you very much. that would be the blasphemy, and local "government" must unleash armored thugs to neutralize such dangers

    1. and what does your self-governance, and local gov-thugs system do when the oil disappears? when the electricity stops flowing? when the crops fail because of drought? when your car needs a part? when your furnace needs a burner capacitor? we live in an entirely globally dependent world now, and those minor details of our lives become major hurdles without a system of trade, import and export, management of centralized infrastructure, disaster relief, and a host of other "little things" we take completely for granted yet would see great reason to lament the loss of access to. "local self reliance" is a long dead reality, even if an oft-touted fantasy

    2. But that is why we needs those skills not to die locally. Yes, we are dependent, but we could do better. It is madness that education ignores these skills.

    3. ah Harry, might have to...you know, change. Party of slick oil bout to end...

  69. you only need to look at yourself, your clothing, your house, your food and things around you, almost everything is done with life form suffering. you cannot make something unprofitable in a system of profit. american way of life is slowly making the Earth inhabitable for mankind and animals, in fact we are about to finish extermination of large animals on this planet and we will follow. life will go on without us, evolution will keep rolling but we will not be around.

  70. I think everyone should just be aware of the larger context that their daily actions effect and to not support antihuman practices at all ie. any procese that produces either toxins in the enviroment or directly or indirectly causes physical pain or hardship in others. Dont buy the products anytime you find out about such abuses. It is very simple to change the world just help make it unprofitable to harm humans

    1. See that sounds so logical and easy, but it's not. The truth is that most corporations keep thier offenses secret, most consumers have no way of knowing how they operate or what damage they might cause. Now our reaction to this is typically to assume this person is uninformed because they don't care or are to ign0rant to realize the importance of acting. In reality this isn't true in my experience, most people are so consumed with trying to make a living, raise their children, and take care of the everyday labors of life that their is simply no time to play dectective/activist and figure out who is doing what, where, and how they are doing it. But lets forget that and just assume everyone is informed and knows exactly how each item is manufactured as well as understanding the science behind how these practices harm the environment. We still have a very real problem, most people don't have the money to buy the right products- they are forced to either buy the cheap, environmentally destructive product or nothing at all. It is almost always the case that the more safe and responsible product is also the most expensive product. Now we can say, "Well they should go without then." but that isn't realistic when you have children or if the product is necessary- such as food.
      The truth is that they have us where they want us, which is no coincidence. The powers that be have been working on developing this strangle hold on the citizenry since the fifties and sixties. They have made it almost impossible to avoid being part of this cluster fck. What is the American dream? Its to own your own home, have children and start a family, and then retire to warmer weather with as much savings a possible to live out the remainder of our commercially perverted lives. In other words to emmerse ourselves in the capitalistic nightmare we call a system while at the same time creating enough responsibility for ourselves as to make escape impossible without ruin. And remember, you have children now so that ruin will not just be your own.
      I salute you guys efforts to persuade people to drop out of the system, but don't act as if that is a small thing for the vast majority of people. In fact it is a huge thing, especially if they have children. If it were a small or easy thing it would have already been done- people are sick of this they just don't know what to do about it.

  71. I have waited 4 years now since entering the rabbit hole for a means of conveyance to be so direct, so precise, so honest, and so intelligent that when shared with and viewed by those who remain blissfully above my personal line can be drawn in the sand between "us and them" without guilt nor debate on where one should stand afterwards.
    This piece gives me the courage to do so and take inventory thereafter possibly shedding dead weight but most hopefully gaining new found support for the greater good of forward momentum against "the machine".

  72. there is a HUGE fundamental flaw in the type of "revolution" championed by this doc, OWS, the arab spring, and the various other "empowerment movements". they are what i call "short bus revolution". you cannot replace the current machine with a vacuum. one need only examine what has happened in egypt to understand why. you merely empower the next tyrant to step up to the plate. you can air grievances until you are blue in the face, but until you offer up a truly working solution that accounts for methodology of maintaining all the gears of the machinery in motion, you are only blowing smoke. therein lies the real rub. the second you develop that plan, the moment you make a first step toward even arranging the mechanism of transition of power, you are a "traitor". you have crossed the line that makes you susceptible to prosecution, imprisonment, even (by current law) summary execution. this risk extends to any and all who lend even material support. yet for there to be a transition of power, you not only need to convince your countrymen en masse, but the international community we rely on as well. that logistical reality dooms you to failure.

    1. @ Harry Nutzack
      Two words: tipping point.

      I agree in your assessment of the "short bus revolution". Indeed it's been my understanding that anyone who is 'strong willed' enough to lead a "long bus revolution" invariably doesnt want to let go of the power he accumulates, so the vacuum of the short bus is replaced with something else unintended.

      I'd like to see the banks try and get another bailout, or any attempt to invade Iran for that matter. That is not to say it won't happen. I think they are both inevitable. But when a critical 6% of a population become so disenfranchised, and the powers that be are so out of touch as to ignore it...? Well, the dominoes will fall (IMO).

  73. Succintly powerful documentary. Thumbs up.
    When Americans, proud and patriotic wave there flags, sing their anthem and profess their unwavering belief in the 'american dream', they do so in a theoretical, fundamental belief that their Constitution and Bill of Rights is righteous. The fact that the symbols and songs have been bastardised by those in power, is irrelevant when you believe you are standing up for the truth and goodness of the rights afforded to you. The inherent danger, which seems so amiss with every wave of the flag, and every pledge of allegiance to that idea, is the fortification and vindication of that system that will enslave you, your children...and I.

    Americans: your allegiance may be well founded, but the original message has long been subverted. This is what is meant when you hear the words "Wake Up".

  74. i suspect friction has already started with ludditism.i have never seen so much halfassism even the cops! stop paying them no worky.let me tell you back in fascist cops loved beating you up.now they are short gripey and curiously feel they are members of the professional class good luck on that one copper.now if a riot and a bad flu converged,you could the overthrow of the western world hegemony.