One Giant Leap: What About Me?

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Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman travelled for 7 months through all 5 continents, and recorded in over 50 locations to create the most inspiring film and album they could imagine. Their mission was not only to gather insights on the huge universal themes of life from the most inspiring and illuminating people they could find, but also to seek out the cream of the world's musicians and compose immense multi-layered music with them.

Sometimes you're used to a way of life where the house is open but you don't go out because you've already lost the concept of freedom. But sometimes you're so anxious for freedom that you could free yourself from any prison or chains. It all depends on the strength of your concept of freedom.

You've got to realize one thing, and that is you need to tame your wild, crazy mind. Your mind has a very bad habit which we call it self-cherishing or "What about me?" It's a bore, it's a drag, and nobody wants to hear it, so you can just shut up, get off of it, connect with people and give. You'll be so busy giving that you'll have no time for yourself. You're going to be a lot happier.

This is the time for awakening for humans on the planet. This is the time to wake up out of the madness, because history of humanity is basically the history of insanity. But for the first time in the history of this insanity, the insanity is threatening to destroy us. So we're coming to the end of this one way or another. Either we destroy ourselves or we wake up out of that dream, the nightmare. But to see your own madness is the beginning of healing insanity, because in every human being there's not only the madness, there's also the sanity.

Mostly what you get through the media is the madness. But at the same time there are millions of other humans who already have that awakening within them so they can hear what's going on. In every child an ego gradually begins to develop and one of the first things child loves is his or her name. I'm John, I'm... and then other things come as the children grow up... I'm a boy, I'm a girl, I'm strong, I'm weak. The ego is always built on identification with this or that.

We've been trained and conditioned to shut down our spontaneous responses, our authentic and essential responses from a very early age. We are talked out of our feelings because nobody knows how to communicate from an emotional field.

The idea of a shadow has to be liberated, we must go into the places that scare us, into the darkness and make friends with our demons. The wound is the key, because we're all wounded by birth. We're like "where am I", "who am I". "why am I here", "where is he", "where is she", and so we're constantly recreating until we make peace with the loneliness and our own anger.

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  1. oQ

    Thank you Vlatko...the music, cinematography, words...all awesome. @Epicurus, make sure you watch this one, great on all fronts.
    I especially enjoyed the African portraying.

  2. mark farley
  3. mark farley

    suffer for the truth

  4. ev
  5. ev

    A two hour meditation, aided by joyful music, guided by colorful images of the contemporary, exotic, ordinary human being.

  6. sebastien972
  7. sebastien972

    This is honestly one of the best documentaries I have ever seen.

  8. Harley
  9. Harley

    I am going to make this early claim that this is the best documentary of the 21st Century. It should be played in classroom in the world and on mainstream media.

  10. pwndecaf
  11. pwndecaf


  12. Vexst Junglist
  13. Vexst Junglist

    if i wanted to listen to loads of music it would be fine.

  14. tibor
  15. tibor

    I love it ! Entertaining and inspirational. Great editing job!

  16. TragicallyHopeful
  17. TragicallyHopeful

    Great delivery on a complex, topic. The insanity of humanity. Consider that stolen Mr. Power of Now. I enjoyed the mixture of celebrity, only since their opinions are more highly valued by the public. Not that I agree with that but it is what it is. Tim Robbins seems like a real cool cat.

    My only real critique was the complete absence of logic and over-presence of dogma. The irrational mind is made rational through logic not mystics and blind faith. Aristotle solved this problem BC and taught it to the elite who then occulted the information and used it to build the roman empire. And we all know what happened to them, or do we?

    Anyways, it would be nice if logic was presented to slaves and indentured servants the world over in just such an entertaining and digestible medium.

    No matter what my ego thinks, this documentary is a step in the light direction!

  18. Jo McKay
  19. Jo McKay

    It is already hurting to try and watch this, just over 6 minutes in and I am groaning...and thinking "Oh no, psycho babble 200 - I don't know if I can swallow any more". Yet other comments are raves, so the debate should I force myself or not? If its another one of those-humans are doomed to destroy ourselves, etc then I bow out - aim the poison to the 1% elite greed and our aim is sure (for much of the problems of all known history)...the majority have proven again and again that we are able and willing to change and can do so very quickly when the barriers come down - those barriers are not our psychology, they are the imbalance of power!

  20. pwndecaf
  21. pwndecaf

    Ignore the commentary if you wish. What I enjoyed immensely was the music. It is essentially one, maybe two tunes done in many styles from around the world, with a lot of mixing going on, too,

    Keep going!

  22. elv8mymnd
  23. elv8mymnd

    I agree with pwndecaf! The chatter comes and goes but the music is timeless and a lot of fun! I found myself moving along to the beats many times!

  24. Johanna
  25. Johanna

    (1/2) Very inspiring. Personal transformation and the exploration of truth is a lifelong process that takes so many forms. To hear the confessions of personal discoveries and wisdom - no matter what stage of life one is at or what background one has come from - presents one with questions they may not have asked yet, perspectives that constructively compare and contrast with one's own, and (I believe most importantly) rightly argues that one is necessarily in control of their own life - whether or not one realizes it.

    I think there is an important distinction to be made between cognizant aptitude and wisdom...

  26. Johanna
  27. Johanna

    (2/2)... This is a documentary that should not be expected to be particularly "logical" or "rational" in nature, or to thoroughly critique "dogma, mystics, and blind faith" (I am addressing some of the concerns seen in the commentary). The ideas and questions presented here may be engaged in a philosophical way, however the documentary does not take a critical and systematic approach or make a rational argument (i.e. the commonly recognized approach of philosophical argument). This is an accumulation of wisdom, glimpses of personal value systems, which concepts such as logical and illogical are irrelevant, for much of the context of these personal truths is not given.

    In short, engage the film with an open mind while exercising your critical thinking skills (which may not be a problem for those who frequent this site) and don't forget; the soundtrack is pretty fantastic.

  28. cyberdog
  29. cyberdog

    I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary. There are a few issues that irked me, but all that was easily overlooked by simply enjoying the absolutely incredible talent of the artists.
    The musicians, the composer(s) the presentation, the diversity, wow!
    The collective talent in this documentary has left me in awe. Probably
    one of the only documentaries, that I have already watched several
    times, and enjoyed it. if not more the subsequent times, being able to take in the subtleties that I had missed previously. If not, just to enjoy the music.
    Thank you Vlatko!

  30. soleil
  31. soleil

    a amazing show, thank you , would like to know who is the singer in green shirt at 34:15 , one love

  32. Jo McKay
  33. Jo McKay

    k...watched it all...hmmm...while there is a good deal of intellectual masturbation and 'new age' like "come to my workshops and I will take you to a deeper self of your self"(or worse flat out unapologetic patriarchal religious tripe), admittedly there was also some good poetry and beautiful I recommend?...idk...I took a break afterwards, spent an hour or so with a grand daughter (library and cafe)...If I had to choose I'd always go for the company of present experiences...

  34. pwndecaf
  35. pwndecaf

    Wow, you and I got a down-vote for liking the music. Tough audience.

  36. Emilie Martel
  37. Emilie Martel

    I have shivers! Amazing documentary. beautiful. Great Music. Is there a way to get hold of this music?

  38. judith
  39. judith

    Second time around was even better..just close your eyes and listen...there is true brilliance here !!!!!!

  40. bionara
  41. bionara

    Uplifting and insightful. I hope I can take something away from this!

    Cracking soundtrack too - great to spot bass legend Victor Wooten grooving away at 1 hour 49 :D

  42. Rampage
  43. Rampage

    Glad I stumbled onto this!

  44. Jessilyn Gardiner
  45. Jessilyn Gardiner


  46. Jacek Walker
  47. Jacek Walker

    Nice to hear Eckhart's timeless insights here and there again.
    Excellent music background but a tad too nostalgic for a sigle like me. It evokes the past unnecessarily. ;)

  48. opinus
  49. opinus

    "Chatter", |intellectual masturbation", "psycho babble" is perhaps missing the pt. that the doc is a collage of human experience/creativity across the board - not a philosophical debate.
    Question is, would expressed views have to concur with one's own to enable the viewer to appreciate the artistry of collage - both artistic and anthropological?

  50. Rampage
  51. Rampage

    Depends on their values, I would say most humans would be down if they enjoy art and music.

  52. Kristina
  53. Kristina

    For the two folk I disagreed with:

    Women rock and shouldn't be raped by their husbands. Go masterbate in the bathroom or find a woman who actually wants to have that much sex.

    I don't believe God considers a man to be my head. I'm a strong and independent woman and I'm happier without that bullshit.

    Great documentary! I will watch it again. Loved the music and the inspiration. Really great listen while I was animating in college.


  54. gizem kaya
  55. gizem kaya

    This is the thing is not possible to achieve By some of hippies but it is impossible for other normal people. Everybody has an ego and you can jusi cintik or restrict it but you can not end it up so that documentary can influence you but does not refleks in realite

  56. Joel Henry
  57. Joel Henry

    The worlds longest New Age music video

  58. Irish Sweetness
  59. Irish Sweetness

    The religious guy says "...God will wipe out humanity ... to preserve society ....."

  60. Irish Sweetness
  61. Irish Sweetness

    Let's put the navel-gazing aside for a while and take the world back from the banks before we do anything else. Then we get disclosure on the alien issue, and start talking to them .. because they're here. At least .. the Tall Whites are.

  62. Engaging123
  63. Engaging123

    Awesome, Inspiring, Deeply Beautiful Music and moving observations. An odyssey of interesting cultures and perspectives. Loved the transitions from people to thoughts in a musical symphony. Worth watching!

  64. Pacha
  65. Pacha

    Very good. Left me with a tear in my eye

  66. sonny corbi
  67. sonny corbi

    fresh - fusing Art with practical application; pulling the masses out of the either - Bravo!!

  68. bluetortilla
  69. bluetortilla

    I feel sorry for anyone who did not throughly enjoy this. The question is can I live it?

  70. bluetortilla
  71. bluetortilla

    Over half of it was Old Age I'd reckon.

  72. bluetortilla
  73. bluetortilla

    Indeed! I think it evoked the tribal, not the past. It showed us that we have not changed in our core. As a species and a family if we are alienated from our core we are doomed.

  74. Cain
  75. Cain

    "If everything that ever lived is dead, and everything that's alive is gonna die, where does the sacred part come in?" G. Carlin, 1996

  76. tanya123
  77. tanya123

    this piece of art is more brilliant than any of you critics can perceive, apparently. its just about god damned time we look at ourselves, really SEE ourselves. this video is a beautiful self portrait. warts and all.

  78. joey budgie
  79. joey budgie

    I cannot believe the way, over recent times, that documentaries and so many TV series have continuous background muzak that is such a distraction . I love music, but NOT is this increasingly annoying context. PLEASE STOP!!

  80. Neslihan
  81. Neslihan

    Thank you everyone.. It has been a great inspiration!!

    Love from Istanbul.

  82. Bernadette
  83. Bernadette

    Can't fault the remarkable breadth of superb music in this film. I tuned out however when the wearisome message on repeat appeared to be White People Bad (and exploitative and troubled).
    I'm so glad to be born in the West, unhampered by tribalism and poverty and slave to some dumb religion. If these places in the film are such paradises, I'd wish the inhabitants would just stay there.

  84. Loring Palmer
  85. Loring Palmer

    Bridgeman and Catto have used their video footage to put together new dimensions for their brilliance. Look for their 2 approaches on Netflix: "What About Me". They've created a series of 15 to 25 minutes each. More music, more dancing, plus the philosophy. A wonderful complement to the documentary you just watched.

  86. Lana
  87. Lana

    Amazing. Thank you so much.

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