The Lost Caves of Giza

The Lost Caves of Giza

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The Lost Caves of GizaIn 2008 a set of mysterious and long-forgotten caves was rediscovered by a British exploration team comprised of Andrew Collins, Sue Collins, and Nigel Skinner-Simpson with the help of engineer Rodney Hale.

The caves were found through solid background research and precise calculations based on stellar alignments and a forgotten archaeological diary made by the British diplomat Henry Salt in 1817.

After the discovery was officially reported to Dr. Zahi Hawass, Hawass denied that the caves existed but soon took a film crew into the cave system for a reality TV show.

In this intriguing documentary, interviews with all of the team members are interspersed with recreations of Henry Salt and actual film and photos of the cave system under the Giza pyramid complex and its initial rediscovery.

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  1. peruda hudson

    now i know through the comments that the thieving corrupt arse hawass is in the vid i wont bother watching

  2. Gary

    Fairly usual for a documentary about ancient structures. Words like 'could', 'might' and 'perhaps' abound...
    But of more interest, does anyone know where the music score for this documentary is sourced? Particularly the end titles? I've searched for many hours and found nought!

  3. Peter

    The denial by Hawass is typical - they still *insist* the pyramids are tombs, despite never finding a single mummy there. Have they not heard of the Washington Monument or the Eiffel Tower? The Egyptians *could* well have built these things just to show how good a civilisation they were. Open your minds guys!
    I found nothing really surprising in the whole thing, except the entrance to the caves was so large, and no-one had previously found (and explored) it!! WTF? But then the 'guy outside' knew of it, but Hawass denied it. Like I said, Egyptologists through and through.
    My guess is the grate (over the entrance) was actually put there to stop casual sightseers and vandals... not access to genuine archaeological teams. If teams are denied, it's sudden appearance is highly dubious.

  4. G

    Some of you people are complete m****s. The plateau is the type of geology that, like others of it's type are often riddled with underground fissures. This is not some great archeological find. It's only a cave system like any other. Big deal. The author never says anything about it being anything else. He even states all the conjecture about the plateau, by people like Cayce were wrong. He went to look based not on psychics but on research by other explorers and Egyptologists. I doubt anyone will even want to explore these caves anymore than any other caves. Just because they're on the Giza plateau doesn't make them anything special. Hawass is an *ss anyway. And to the guy that says, get all your spelunking gear together, these people weren't cave explorers you. if they would have been they would have had the right gear. They obviously didn't know anything about exploring caves.

  5. woody

    if you were exploring caves, why not wear head torches and take decent torches with you!

  6. Chris Elliott

    british we found it...

  7. Rite Then

    At the recent Israeli colloquium on science and religion, Dr. Shlomi Lesser of Hebrew University, and the Chairman of the Hofesh V'Mada Society (a stalwart for deeply skeptical Israeli scientists), led a heated debate between biologists and ultra-orthodox Rabbis on the origins of life. Many of the spectators, including those of a deeply religious stance, came away with the feeling that the Rabbis had not done very well against their "Epicurean" counterparts.

    The hi-light of the evening came when Dr. Lesser engaged in a one-on-one question exchange with Rabbi Dovid Brown of Yeshiva University. At one point Dr. Lesser asked R. Brown how tall the first man was, to which the esteemed Rabbi replied "he was roughly the size of an average man according to chazal [Jewish sages]." From there Dr. Lesser revealed that genetic research has revealed that the human race coming from a single pair of parents is impossible in light of the biological bottle-neck [a term for the strain put on successive generations by inbreeding] they would have to travel through.

    "Our research, in conjunction with the research of other respected institutions around the world, has demonstrated that the entire human population descending from a single pair of human ancestors is highly unlikely." stated Dr. Lesser. "It would seem that the traditional view of groups, not individuals, evolving has been corroborated; the only way man could descend from a single pair (rather than from an entire group of transitional hominids) is if the original pair were literally giants in the pre-nutrition age."

    As Dr. Lesser pointed out, prior to the breakthroughs in nutrition that took place in the 17th and 18th centuries, genetic evidence revealed that man would have been shrinking if he came from a single human ancestor. His calculations revealed that in order for the human race to reach the state it was in during the 17th century, the "Adam and Eve" story would only be plausible if the first man was 90 feet tall (which is fantastic to say the least). "There is no other way man could traverse the genetic bottleneck" Dr. Lesser again said. "If Adam was the size of any other man according to the learned Rabbis of the Jewish religion, this demonstrates an obvious absurdity to this myth."

  8. Rite Then

    There are two possible explanations of how th pyramids were built:
    Either with technology that allowed building of such massive structures or and more plausible they were built by humans in the past who were much much taller than we are now, what some people call giants.
    All ancient myths and even reliagion such as christianity and islam talk of "giants" in the past. According to a muslim belief, Adam was 90 feet tall and lived for 950 years or thereabouts.
    So if humans were that tall, then building all those huge structures that are strewn around the planet was no big deal. It makes perfect sense.
    As a matter of fact, the mapping of the human genome, reveals that there is a particular marker shared by all humans and these marker can be traced to one single human male parent known as the scientific adam. similarly a single female parent known as the endometrial eve. and a jeish research suggests that if all humanity had to descend from one human than from the genetic and nutritional point of view that human would have to be really really tall like aroun 90 or 100 feet.

    1. Kateye70

      "...a particular marker shared by all humans and these marker can be traced to one single human male parent known as the scientific adam. similarly a single female parent known as the endometrial eve..."

      IIRC, the "Y-chromosome Adam" and "Mitochondrial Eve" (not "scientific" or "endometrial") you are referring to are the ancestors we all share whose descendents outbred all the other 'Eves' and 'Adams' they were contemporaneous to.

      'Mitochondrial Eve' and 'Y-chromosome Adam' were NOT contemporaneous to one another; they lived several thousand years apart.

      Source: Wiki

  9. Yeah

    Jack, it's not personal. As a clearly intelligent individual however, I think you should be viewing things more objectively, especially subjects that there can be no absolute answers for. We are all enjoying a quest for knowledge through these and other means and to hear you trash different theories (and back yourself up with wikipedia?) is not only ignorant but very annoying.

    The truth about the pyramids may always remain unknown, unless they find the hidden archives or an alien re-appears to put us out of our misery. Until then taking any firm stance is a foolish as building a house on sand. Experts and academics usually have their own agendas when searching for knowledge (e.g. Andrew Collins was looking for his caves and found them, Zawi Hawass refused to believe in the caves so turned a blind eye to them even while he was inside them, calling them something else) so clearly it is unwise to throw in all your stock behind any particular camp. The search for knowledge requires a truly open mind which you need to learn to cultivate. Then you can enjoy the search.

  10. superbany

    I'm so confused. All documentary said that pyramids are in a line with orions belt, but now they said that is some other star???

  11. Derek Cooper

    I did begin thinking these people where nuts possibly they are as soon as I heard of a psychic but then I found even more nuts here making comments, Cut the bS, mad you think these people are there is a cave complex as for Dr Hawass he is not an Egyptian but an Arab the Arabs came there with the Moslems and wrecked Egypt he is a fraud and is put there to hinder the truth. Egyptians believed in magic yet today they still baffle the scientific world, which shows science is limited. The caves are there what we should be asking is why Hawass does not want the world to know and what else has been hidden from us and by whom. Don't be fooled Egyptians where a mixture of races just as there are chinese jews black jews and white Jews much is hidden from us by powerful people who want to keep the knowledge to themselves. It took some nuts to find the caves let the nut in you out you may learn something. Dekka

    1. Jack1952

      The Egyptians do not baffle scientists and the idea that science is limited is, quite frankly, ridiculous. What may be limited is our understanding of science and the complexity of the macro and micro universe. Magic is for children and science is for adults. What possible hidden knowledge could the Egyptians had that the power elite don't want anyone to know. You have no idea and you're talking through a magician's hat.

    2. Pffft

      Perhaps the knowledge that allowed them to encode pi and the golden ratio into a building that we cannot reproduce, thousands of years before we knew what pi or the golden ratio were. Perhaps that.

  12. Mauricio Gomez

    interesting.......I prefer the Cygnus Documentary

    1. Jack1952

      I've seen the Cygnus Documentary. Swan excrement is no better than bat excrement.

  13. Sheik1950

    oyah one more thing can I sheik.kafur go in to History that I discover that the earth is round ?????????
    OR something similar as what Zari Hawass did

  14. Sheik1950

    why people have to lie to gain honour ??
    zari Hawass plse be honest

  15. Carl Hendershot

    There was plenty to be seen but far from it.

  16. Jack1952

    I decided to see if there was other information about these caves and all I could find were sites that were involved, either directly or indirectly, with this documentary. Considering the potential of such a site in, what may well be the most significant historical site and tourist attraction in the world, you would think that the archaeological world would be all over this information. But, I found ziltch. Maybe I didn't look hard enough but if their claim of a major archaeological find were true, I shouldn't have to. Considering what was found in King Tut's tomb and their belief that these caves could lead to the mythological Hall of Records, one would think that the place would be crawling with all types of individuals and groups looking to make a name for themselves. What does happen is that the discoverers of the major find go home and don't come back. Four years later and we still hear nothing new about the site.

    I have never heard of any reputable archaeological organization that involved psychics and would make references to Edgar Cayce as a major figure in the study of ancient history.

    I smell the smell of bat excrement being liberally dispensed claiming to be legitimate academia.

    1. sknb

      You were right to search elsewhere. The people who make reference to Edgar Cayce are a five decade long group of people who desperately want to prove certain things by deception and faulty science. Their stories are alluring because of the mystery they present. But no matter how much mysterious sounding flute music they play to make us think certain things... it doesn't make it true.

      For more on this topic, read The Stargate Conspiracy, an incredibly well researched and documented book that shows why these people consistently want to promote their alternative Egyptology views.

      Like the book, I don't discount that there are interesting things that we don't know about. But they have to use science to talk about it. Period.

    2. Jack1952

      Al right. Its a CIA plot. Never saw that one coming. Its amazing how some people can turn any subject into an anti-American spiel. Trade in the bat excrement for the conspiracy honey wagon.

    3. Booya

      The CIA is Anti-American. Its fascist to its core. And I am only referring to the CIA, and not the above comments or subject of archaeology.

  17. Steve McCall

    The plateau, itself, was chosen as a sight for the pyramids due to its stone base. This type of pleateau is known to have fissures, or caves throughout them and geologic ground movement and water movement over the milennia could very well have sculpted these caves. Are the bats trapped inside or is there another entrance? They have been inhabitating these caves for thousands of years. I believe there are several caves inside this plateau. Whoever built the Tomb of the Birds knew of these caves and a "backdoor" certainly would have been created when the pyramids were built.

  18. Maddestmax

    The serious significance of this "discovery" (oh yeah, the local tomb guardian knew it was there) was not the wierd geometry, the resemblance to star systems or even the incompetence of the egyptian archeological authorities, but that it shows a reason of why the whole site is located there in the first place.
    And had these guys not heard of gaffa tape and remote control toy buggies, forty quid, sorted, pyramidiots.

  19. Roger Gordon

    UFOTV ?! no thank you.

  20. dewflirt

    Enjoyable if a little long winded but I can see why they would want to present their story in their own way, Hawass fights like a honey badger to defend his territory. He resigned after the revolution in Egypt, unhappy at the lack of protection for museums, monuments and tombs. Well, looting is part of rioting and you have to break eggs to make omelettes. I much prefer happy people to broken pots no matter how special the pots are and let's face it, there is no shortage of egyptian artifacts. Even my local museum has a Mummy or two. All Hawass needed to do was admit that though he knew of the Tomb of the Birds, they had missed the opening to the cave. Why not just join these few quirky Brits with some archaeologists and enjoy the discovery together. Could have been a nice bit of PR, a great doc and an education for all involved. It could also have put paid to the inevitable speculation about mystical ancient knowledge etc. I'd like to know what's at the end of the pipe, maybe a giant man eating spider, maybe treasure, maybe nothing. Don't know how the archaeologists resist the urge to go poking around down there :)

  21. Harry Nutzack

    pyramidiots.... roflmao. i do like the phrase. though these "explorers" do lack quite a bit in the credibility department, the fact does exist they did indeed document the find fairly well. they showed a train of documentation that pointed in the direction of the discovery, and that documentation does match up fairly well with both the cave system, and the later full excavation of the "tomb of the birds" by hawas. now, don't take this as my saying this in any way, shape, or form bears out the flight of fancy one must embark on to link this to such speculation as a "hall of records", or a "tomb of hermes". that would be, undoubtedly, "pyramidiocy". hawas is kind of an enigma himself. he has that almost prostitute nature required of academic administrators. he has done some highly questionable media appearances in his efforts to promote tourism to the ancient sites of egypt (one show he did with tabloid journalist maury povitch was particularly awful, "look maury, a moomy!!"), he is both fiercely protective, and nationalistic about these ancient sites (not that either of those traits are particularly bad). im going to have to try to find the history channel piece on this he did, and see what his take on this is. all in all this doc was far better than i expected (is that damning it with faint praise?), though it did have just enough "i was working closely with a psychic" kind of schtick to almost get me to skip it. of course, the visit to the casey institute, school of massage, diploma mill and bookstore may well have been required for inclusion on "ufo tv", lol. "it needs more pyramidiocy for this network, chum!"

  22. Fabien L

    The only mystery in that video is why anyone would go hunting for a secret network of tunnels under Egyptians pyramids based on the revelation of psychics?!?!

  23. dewflirt

    I discovered Stonehenge last year ;)

  24. Nils Lundmark-Searing

    that 'news clip' is obviously not real news...

  25. chard01

    mad dogs and englishmen go out in the mid-day sun. "oh they are quite deliciously bonkers" please god spare me these nut-nuts

  26. Chrosmata

    I dunno, as much as I want to believe that they found some great discovery. They just keep smelling like their lying. Most important discovery in Egyptology, and your stopped by bats, and spiders, and a oogy boogy you couldn't see down a tube. Sorry but I've been in a lot of caves, and yeah its nasty sometimes, press on, bring the right equpitment. They kept going on about how it was pitch black, oh yeah, apparently you've never been in a cave before. Hire some professional spelunkers, they aren't afraid of the dark.

  27. Paxton Gerrish

    "According to American Psychic Kasey" What a joke

    1. fl260

      Sophism of authority : it works both ways. :)

  28. fonbindelhofas

    0.12.30 ... i was working at the time with a friend who had psychic abilities...