The Revelation of the Pyramids

The Revelation of the Pyramids

2010, Mystery  -   457 Comments
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The Revelation Of The Pyramids takes an in depth look into one of the seven wonders of the world, the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Mystery has surrounded these epic structures for centuries with theories varying from the scientific to the bizarre.

However with over thirty-seven years of in depth research taking in sites from China, Peru, Mexico and Egypt, one scientist has as at last managed first to understand and then to reveal what lies behind this greatest of archaeological mysteries: a message of paramount importance for all mankind, through time and space.

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  1. More than one way to skin a cat YouTube. Russia will also show it

  2. Love thrips documentary.

  3. Great documentary...It makes perfect sense and the main stream hates the truth.

  4. lex lilex= bellend

  5. The message was nothing more than to ask the new human, reborn in 2012, a monkey of the lunar cycle, and an aquarian, (In western astrology, aquarius is ruler of the underground, and the chinese monkey is ruler of the underworld) not to turn the world on it's head at the end of time (2012) .

    You can all stop sacrificing your firstborn.

    I got the message.

    (born 8.2.69)

    I promise, I'll try not to self initiatie :)

    1. me too, also born 8.2.69

  6. The universal language used to convey a warning about the changing of our planets environment wow.... Interesting to say the least if the math comes out this is seriously something that needs to be researched

  7. The real truth of the subject is not known, so nobody can say their purpose without involving a certain leap of faith. The fact that there are no markings in or on the Great Pyramid anywhere(and you can **** off with that cartouche because that is not fooling anyone, unless you are retarded), runs completely contrary to how the Egyptians operated. To suggest that these were tombs is a bit far fetched, why there would be so much effort to create something unprecedented and then leave it free from hieroglyphs etc. is a mystery. Tombs though? Seriously?

  8. Completely useless. No info on the diamond! All other info made to confuse.

  9. What if the future people would invent a time capsule and bring themselves back to ancient Egyptian time and build the pyramids and other ancient structural mysteries. I don't know! life itself is a mystery that I could never comprehend.

  10. And what about whit the Bosnian pyramids in Visoko nobody examine that structures and their sites :(

    1. there is no such thing as Bosnian pyramids, only some hills bearing a vague resemblance, and good old Bosnian entrepreneurial spirit

    2. there is 100% several Bosnian pyramids.
      I'd say Lex Lexich is another paid shill and must work for wikipidia.

  11. The bible does speak of huges human-/godlike creatures reaching ultimate high level of occultism. If you google for "Nephilims" you will find clear pictures of remains of them. They must have been able to build such enormous and complex buildings. Note that they had 'godlike' abbilities that is: speaking forth matter to be. As Jesus/ God/ Spiritfilledbelievers do. Semenless buildings are childsplay. Note also that at all of these places human sacrifices were made on a huge scale. Untill the Big Spirit of Live (the Living God / Jesus) said: "This is enough, you fools!" and covered all earth with water, vanishing those who called themselves god's, leaving their proud but stupid buildings to the elements.

    No scientist will eat this, because it's not proveable. To bad for them, but things of the spirit must be decerned spiritual. Things of the flesh are to be decerned in the flesh. A great scientist is he who has the dare to combine those two in a lifetime. If you are willing: Read the bible and ask the living God for insight. It will lead to true knowledge, but no praise of man. For those who are not willing it is: claiming they are wise, they are foolish. Choose wisely ;-)

    Good luck!

    1. oh my gosh, wow, i have combined the two, and can disern the truth, the christ jesus, the living god :0

  12. this movie is stupid, y'all scientist are stupid, there's no such thing as aliens - read the bible y'all

    the construction techniques used in Egypt, china, Peru ,easter island and so on are all copied from the tower of babel until angels came and scattered all mankind to different continents and languages thats why u see them all over the globe

    they carry huge rocks Bcoz of one thing : GIANTS bible speaks of Nephilims - children of heavenly beings and humans even Goliath is a giant. we don't see much of them now Boz GOD wiped them out as soon as they finished constructing stuff

    as for the precision and accuracy - in the old age women don't cover their boobies and there is no porn channel on TV. so men don't go around whole day thinking about boobies. also there are no Harvard study fools who tells them that u need to sleep 8 hours a day, take breaks on weekends,eat 3 times a day, or get it with a woman - to have a healthy life. people back then just work and work, eat when they get hungry, sleep a couple then go back to work without leaving the workplace. they don't easily get distracted Bcoz there's nothing else better to do

    1. lmao

      yeah the bible ... right ...

      send me $10,000 and i'll make sure you end up on the good list for santa claus this year ...

      just as real as the bible

    2. poor lil' child

    3. jog on sunshine

  13. Here is a theory , the Spinx is more then 10 000 years old as proven recently by the water erosion on its body and was part of a much older civilization, its face was not of a man but a lion and coincided with the house of Leo , the area was not a desert but a lush forest area as again proven, and the line shown in this documentary was in deed the equator ,I am amazed they didn't extrapolate on the subject, and the so called Atlantis in in deed in Antarctica since the equator would have been 33* different . the proof is in the old maps found , the earth stone and the fossilized forest on Antarctica, there was in deed a end of the world as they knew and will be again. What it will be , i am sure some knows but in the sake of keeping chaos in check you will most likely never be informed of it until , well , until its much too late.
    Again proof that the past select few knew about it is simple , One only have to look in turkey and other part of the world for underground cities . Did the ancient civilization have power of flight , most likely , did they have the mean to colonize other planet , maybe , but unlikely for the simple fact that they would have come back to check on things, a rational mind would know that. or maybe they do , ETs....So they left some clue and religions and the power that be took care of it....
    OK, eyebrows down , religion and all is a good thing to keep us in order , i don't debate it , but they also did everything they could to erase all real trace of our past , from the earliest to the most recent, all want to control the science and spirituality on earth . So lets pretend the dead sea scroll had information , the the library of Alexandria were still existing, or that the conquistador and the church didn't destroyed everything in site to erase all trace of what could jeopardize their authority. I am pretty sure that we would know much more then some math to explain what was. Anyway the simple facts are that we did have former civilization, that the Pyramids and other monument supposedly built by primitive people with no knowledge at all any subject brought to light in this documentary is talking about are in fact left over of that same civilization, and that the message is clear , our pole is shifting and from time to time we are wiped out , what can we do about it .....dooms day scenario , most will go , few will survive and try to rebuilt , most of the wise will be exterminated by the barbarian, and knowledge will be lost . Can you built an hydro electric dam , melt metal, never mind mining it, can you ? So the cycle will repeat itself again and again, what do we have that can sustain another end of days? well these same old monument will be pass yet again removed from more of its history, a cache of all seeds is hidden in the mountain of some northern country , and we have the Giorgia monument to tell us how to live, and sure can kick start a new religion lol .
    I just hope that the next civilization will not be ruled by the same demon as we are ruled by today , but since we carry our ways in our DNA , chances are the same will repeat itself .

  14. A University professor at a well known institution of higher learning challenged his students with this question. "Did God create everything that exists?"

    A student bravely replied, "Yes he did!"
    "God created everything?" The professor asked.
    "Yes sir, he certainly did," the student replied.

    The professor answered, "If God created everything; then God created evil. And, since evil exists, and according to the principle that our works define who we are, then we can assume God is evil."

    The student became quiet and did not answer the professor's hypothetical definition. The professor, quite pleased with himself, boasted to the students that he had proven once more that the Christian faith was a myth.

    Another student raised his hand and said, "May I ask you a question, professor?"

    "Of course", replied the professor.
    The student stood up and asked, "Professor, does cold exist?"
    "What kind of question is this? Of course it exists. Have you never been cold?" The other students snickered at the young man's question.

    The young man replied, "In fact sir, cold does not exist. According to the laws of physics, what we consider cold is in reality the absence of heat. Every body or object is susceptible to study when it has or transmits energy, and heat is what makes a body or matter have or transmit energy. Absolute zero (-460 F) is the total absence of heat; and all matter becomes inert and incapable of reaction at that temperature. Cold does not exist. We have created this word to describe how we feel if we have no heat."

    The student continued, "Professor, does darkness exist?"
    The professor responded, "Of course it does."

    The student replied, "Once again you are wrong sir, darkness does not exist either. Darkness is in reality the absence of light. Light we can study, but not darkness. In fact, we can use Newton's prism to break white light into many colors and study the various wavelengths of each color.

    You cannot measure darkness. A simple ray of light can break into a world of darkness and illuminate it. How can you know how dark a certain space is? You measure the amount of light present. Isn't this correct? Darkness is a term used by man to describe what happens when there is no light present."

    Finally the young man asked the professor, "Sir, does evil exist?"

    Now uncertain, the professor responded, "Of course, as I have already said. We see it everyday. It is in the daily examples of man's inhumanity to man. It is in the multitude of crime and violence everywhere in the world. These manifestations are nothing else but evil.

    To this the student replied, "Evil does not exist, sir, or at least it does not exist unto itself. Evil is simply the absence of God. It is just like darkness and cold, a word that man has created to describe the absence of God. God did not create evil. Evil is the result of what happens when man does not have God's love present in his heart. It's like the cold that comes when there is no heat, or the darkness that comes when there is no light."

    The professor sat down.

    The young man's name : Albert EINSTEIN

    1. Just proves that Einstein was still a STUDENT then,who eventually evolved to make sense.

    2. How wonderfully put,
      I wish the world could read this, it clearifies the simplest of terms and proves a great point!
      Thank You.

    3. People love to be believe in things that are not real. Why? It's because those who cannot understand science seek to find something that they think they can use to counter or disprove science. Believing in things that are supposedly "secret", "unknowable", "hidden", or "They don't want you to know.", makes the believer feel that he/she is actually smarter than those who understand science. People who believe in "ancient aliens", or "giants", or anything counter to actual scientific study, have a great need to feel smarter than, or more informed, or more knowledgeable than actual professionals and experts in their fields, because their belief makes them feel special.

      The need to feel special is held strongly in human minds. When a person's mind decides on the reality they want, then the mind fights hard to defend what it believes, wants to believe, is real. Real research and real science is done by actual skeptics, not "believers". A true scientist doesn't hold firm to a belief that water can become a solid, a liquid, and a gas. A true scientist does study and research to confirm of not confirm if water can be a liquid, solid, or gas. And then another scientist takes that data and attempts to repeat the same tests. That happens over and over with different skeptical scientists. When the same results happen over and over and over, that is when consensus is achieved, and that is when we know what can or cannot be fact.

      The above attribution to Albert Einstein is a false attribution as Einstein did not state those things, not made that argument to any professor. The above is a bunch of bullsh*t created by those who seek self validation because they cannot accept facts and truth that force them to challenge their beliefs.
      Beliefs are not equal to facts. "Alternative facts" are not equivalent to actual facts. That is because lies are not truth.
      So, believe what you will, however, when you spread lies and bullsh*t as fact, you will get called on it. Dirk you are a liar and a bullsh*tter.

  15. I do not believe in "coincidence", simply because there is a reason for everything! Ask yourself... where did we come from, why are we here and where are we going ?!? When you get the answers, you'll realize that we are here for a reason. Does darkness exist ?!? According to the laws of physics, what we consider darkness is in reality the absence of light. My glass is half full and you may consider your glass half empty ? I respect your free agency, that God has given us. Does death exist ?!? I know, there is life after "death", otherwise my life on this here planet would've been meaningless and without purpose... Again, why are we here ? That too is NO coincidence ! That's life, and it goes on and on... forever...

    1. Dirk wrote, "When you get the answers, you'll realize that we are here for a reason. Does darkness exist ?!? According to the laws of physics, what we consider darkness is in reality the absence of light."

      You make a childishly naive comment and you want others to think that you are some enlightened genius for doing so.

      Darkness is the absence of light? Yeah, DUH! And dry is the absence of wetness. If you need to believe in a god, so that you can have meaning for you life, then that is for you. However, you attempt to disparage others who do not share your need to believe in something supernatural in order to have meaning to their lives.

      Coincidence does exist. Those who seek to truly understand how two disparate things can happen at the same time also know that actions occur constantly that have nothing to do with each other, and that certain actions can cause other actions to occur. Knowing how to keep those things separate is a necessity in understanding the real from the supernatural. Coincidence is not causation, not when one doesn't understand if the different actions are related or not related. These days there is much too much belief in disparate actions having some mysterious, mythical, or secret meanings.

  16. We are not human beings having a spiritual experience! Rather, we are spiritual beings having a human experience... After this life, we have the opportunity to return Home, where we came from. We lived with our heavenly Parents before we came down here. We are here to receive a body of flesh and bones, and learn about good and evil. It is necessary to have opposition in all things, in order to learn... and choose the right and follow the Light, Jesus Christ, the Savior and Son of God. [ God is our Father in Heaven ].

    1. So I guess in your world Mr. Steenbergen, Jewish people, or Buddhists, or non Christians are not from the same "heavenly parents"? Of perhaps you believe that non Christians are making the choice to not accept good, thus they must accept evil?

      Your belief is not mystery nor spiritual. Your belief is justification to divide and hate. That has been done many times in our same human history, and with believers such as yourself, those awful things will continue to happen.

  17. Interesting information:
    This documentary is the work of two Frenchmen, Jacques Grimault, writer of the book "La Révélation des Pyramides", the real narrator behind the voice off, and Patrice Pooyard, the "indicator" who studied the subject for over 30 years. The original text of has not been respected in the English version and has been made without their consent.
    The original text is what this long research was really about and was only based on real facts.

  18. i keep doing that i should watch the whole thing b4 i comment :)

    1. What would make us think that an ancient civilization wanted to convey information to a civilization in the future? It would be more plausible that the function of these structures was to connect different sites around the world, perhaps utilizing a form of energy we have long forgotten about.
      Yonaguni doesn't look like a structure for worshipping or something that was built. Judging by its structure it looks more like a quarry, where stone was cut and taken away. The scale and size of the stone that was removed is impressive. Compared to the way marble is quarried there are many similarities, it is the scale of the rock removed that leaves us bewildered.

  19. has anyone ever tried to figure out if the polar changes and the different equater are mathmatacally related seems to me there was some kind of polar shift over the years

  20. so people like us thousands of years later could see what they could do kinda like solidifying your place in history

  21. maybe they were like a time cpsule to show what they knew about math and whatnot

  22. u know they say they didnt have the measuring tools but i think they did and they were probably made of wood and thats why we cant find any of them.....maybe a little misinformed on that one but its really common sense

  23. I was inside the kings chamber of the great pyramid in 1994 and it is exactly as illustrated in the doc a bit claustrophobic though,looks as if it was made by modern stone cutting techniques could be it was made for only the tourists purpose just theorising.
    overall a great mystery and a fantastic wonder of the world, just one thing though why would an advanced civilisation travel to earth to hump huge rocks around i think the answer lies buried in the earth.

  24. This was a pretty cool documentary. Nice one.

  25. If they are warning us of a catastrophe with an architecture like that, why didn't they outlive it?

  26. the mathematical, architectural, geological, social, and other information required to erect the pyramids is too complex, subtle, and sophisticated to be ciontained within the written language of the Egyptians who (is it claimed) built the pyramids. Their language was not up to the task. It is not detailed enough, it is not sufficient to have expressed the information required to support the building of the structures. THe Egyptians who carved the heiroglyphs in the pyramids and other structures did not build them - they FOUND them. Heiroglyphs are essentially graffitti.

    1. The Rhind Mathematical Papyrus dated to around 1650 BC was copied by the Scribe Ahmes from an even older text. It is quite sophisticated in its language and it reveals a great deal about how much the ancient Egyptians knew. Your claims do not hold up.

  27. That Jean-Pierre is a genuine ******, and unfortunately most people behave exactly the same way, ignorant.

  28. I think that the huge shiny pyramid like the other monuments presented on that video are attempts of men to comunicate with god.
    Those poeple lived in conection with nature and where aware of the cycles of life, the influence of the sky on earth.
    They knew astrology and believed god was in the sky.

  29. My first thought after combining the pyramids with some natural disaster was they seem like big ass bunkers, deliberately buried for protection of the people inside.

    What a great film. However first alignment between shen-hsi, giza and the sun pyramid doesnt line up on a round world, only a flat one. Easter Island, Machu Piccu, Giza and Ankor Wat lines up perfectly though :)

  30. as more and more of these paid, old school archaeologists die off and the newer generations look at these mysteries with fresh eyes and use new technologies, the truth of our "real" history will finally be told. Dr. Sarah Parcak who has recently discovered 17 undiscovered pyramids using satellite imagery is a fine example of this new generation of open-minded, archaeologists that have not been paid off into conformity.

    1. Posts like this make me feel like humanity isn't that lost after all... thank you for bringing up this woman's work in Egypt, plus her work in Rome is brilliant as well.

  31. Does this not play for anyone else?

  32. Golden number for the trickle down pi

  33. Starts off really well, but what we are told is a mystery one minute is very quickly turned in to a "fact". It then becomes just another exercise in fear mongery based on very little substance. There are some amazing details in there for sure, but don't expect any actual revelations. saw the thing through but couldn't wait for it to end.

  34. Its just sad that this is just for us a huge huge waste of time to have known all this information SO SO LONG AGO and have to be trying to figure
    this out again and again throughout generations and generations. The egyptians seem to of known something more then everyone else seems we still today cant even grasp some of the things theyve done. I can only imagine people of the church who have been in power for a long time finding & destorying priceless artifacts money is being thrown around in all the wrong places

  35. this is the best film i've ever seen concerning the wisdom of the ancients/Egyptians. and this coming from a man that got kicked off and arrested three times for climbing up the great pyramid on three separate full moons! lol
    seriously tho, well worth a watch!

  36. These nice straight lines between different sites look really convincing.
    Only problem is that the earth is not flat and the none of these lines ever would be straight on a sphere.
    But maybe the people of egypt had some sort of machine that made the earth round....

  37. elongated fingers are representations of the huge fingernails the chieftains grew David Attenbourg's doc bout Easter islands explains it clearly.. this doc tho thru and thru is utterly mind blowing well recommended

  38. i actually watched the version where movie director her self was narrating it and it is beyond comparison. there is much more passion in that version. i had goose bumps throughout the whole doc.
    would be great if someone uploaded that version

    1. hello Dani. could you possibly post a link to the version you watched? kind regards Sean

    2. Its in video stores now. U have to pay to see this. Peoples sometimes forgot that we are in a world run by power and money...

    3. People also seem to forget that has always been the case.

  39. Personally I think the Great Pyramid was built long before the other ones like Saqqara, Djoser and that Saqqara, Djoser were the Egyptians attempts at recreating the Great Pyramid. As for Dr. Hawass, he's full of hot air, a liar and is always hiding the real truth when he is wrong. I don't believe a word he says. Example, he statement emphatically that the G.P was built by slaves and yet when more evacuation was done, it showed that people living next to the G.P were not slaves but highly respected engineers, scribes and architects. I wish that they would put another person charge that has an open mind and less self importance to help the world understand this wonderful culture to it's fullest while we still have time.

  40. Thought provoking and far-reaching in its implications.

    And surprisingly evocative of many opinions and suspicions I have personally harboured surrounding the enigma of the Pyramids and other ancient monuments and relics so far discovered, especially in relation to a previous, world encompassing high technology civilisation, now sadly all but disappeared, save for these enigmatic monuments.

    The mathematical 'coincidences' surrounding the Great Pyramid itself, together with the highly curious alignments with of other ancient structures around the world are obviously anything but coincidence.

    The featured academics arguing the case for such a trivial explanation of the astounding encodings and alignments, only served in making themselves look as obstinate egotists, and demonstrating a degree of foolishness that is in conflict with their levels of intelligence and learning, in my opinion.

    A gem of a film.

    Congratulations to the author and filmmaker.

  41. Heres my theory...the pyramids get rebuilt to preserve the message once it has become clear what that message is- if its an important one giving us geological cues,
    With the climate changing periodically, there was talk of seawater incursion evidence by another poster- if they got damaged a little the message of them being a clock would be constantly preserved by the next discoverers refinishing them.
    would then have the time to more accurate, maybe have time to build another one!
    It could be why the sphinx looks older and more rain damaged, you cant fix sandstone. .....but you can cut a few granite blocks and make something look newer than it is, dig it all out, seal it up against rain damage and bury the king in it.
    Preserving him and your neverending time capsule with it.

    1. but what exactly is that message -if there is one?

    2. " we have the testament of Pharaoh Khufu himself that he only did repair work on the Great Pyramid. The Inventory Stele, found in 1857 by Auguste Mariette just to the east of the Pyramid, dates to about 1500 B.C., but according to Maspero and other experts, shows evidence of having been copied from a far older stele contemporaneous with the Fourth Dynasty. In the Stele, Khufu himself tells of his discoveries made while clearing away the sands from the Pyramid and Sphinx. He dedicated the account to Isis, who he called the "Mistress of the Western Mountain," "Mistress of the Pyramid," and identified the Pyramid itself as the "House of Isis." "

    3. as for the 20 years bit...
      the story of Herodotus, who in 443 B.C. visited Egypt and recounted how Pharaoh Cheops (the Greek name for Khufu) built the Great Pyramid during his reign with 100,000 men in 20 years. However, we now know this story is highly questionable. Even his contemporaries called Herodotus the "Father of Lies."

    4. geologists are hard pressed to explain why there existed a fourteen-foot layer of silt sediment around the base of the Pyramid, a layer which also contained many seashells, and the fossil of a sea cow, all of which were dated by radiocarbon methods to 11,600 B.P. (Before Present) plus or minus 300 years.

    5. the dates obtained from mortar used near the top of the Pyramid were a thousand years older than those obtained from mortar nearer the Pyramid base. The researchers, if they were to fully believe these findings, would have to propose that the Pyramid had somehow been built from the top down.
      conclusive evidence of repair id say.
      good doc but they missed out a lot of science.
      "the Giza monuments were built using construction designs totally alien to any other pyramid form. As William R. Fix, in Pyramid Odyssey observed: "Because the other pyramids consist of much smaller blocks, they were built as a series of shells with multiple internal retaining walls to give cohesiveness. The three large Giza Pyramids do not have these internal casings. The very size of the blocks produces the necessary stability. This characteristic reveals a general excellence of workmanship and also imply a much higher technological capability than that employed anywhere else..

      And fifth, unlike any pyramid supposedly built either before or after the Giza Three, none of the Giza monuments contain religious symbols or pictures in any of their inner chambers."

    6. At the moment yours are the only comments I read on this site, but every time you post something I hear crickets... I can't help thinking anything of real worth is wasted on the internet, but type OMG LOLZ a thousand times and you are considered a person of great intellectual worth.

    7. Also perplexing is the presence of fossil saltwater / seashells and marine fossils 13,000 feet up in Tiahuanaco and around the shores of lake Titicaca. Salt water fossils in their millions, 3 miles up?
      Numerous flood myths and legends of cyclic calamity around the world from many diverse ancient cultures.

      I don't fear the revelation of the knowledge, whatever that ultimately is, although I'm apprehensive for the safety and continuity of my young family.

      Among the scholars, governments, long-standing religious orders and the secret societies of this world, it's a certainty that this knowledge is realised, but kept from the general public...which of course, only fuels the speculation that it is something that is thought would cause panic and the downfall of civilisation if it were to be known by all of us.

      If my family is to end, i think it reasonable we should have at least a respectable window with which to contemplate and prepare for our possible survival or certain demise.

    8. Why everyone and all the time think that any of these ancient buildings, temples, pyramids or everything else were build to leave a message, maybe leave a warning ? I don't think so. it was build for purpose, but that purpose definitely wasn't warning to our poor present day humanity. At least it seems so now, when thousands of years worth of history, artifacts, knowledge were destroyed in the last few centuries..

    9. Why were they destroyed, the only thing in my mind is they want it to hide something. The mayans, books, histories was destroyed by the catholic church. What truth? Why destroying history of a different sociaty?

      Its only to get power and get the peoples believe in a different way, and why....

      We are living in a world were bullshit is all around us, the goverment, fake power own by peoples with money, money that slow down the evolution of our planet...

      We have found treatments for many differents diseases, what they do, make peels that u gonna have to take for the rest of your life, to make sure the money keep coming in for thoses who found the treatment. Wow this is crappy evolution of a stupid humain been stuck in is own hole that was make by his own self....

    10. "We are living in a world were bulls*it is all around us."

      You could make that claim about most societies before us. Pick ANY prior society and I'll paint you a picture of the "bulls*it" of the goverment, fake power owned by people with money, money that slows down the evolution of our planet.

      I have little patience for those who make claims that the current times are unique for this. Study history more and your world view will change for the wiser.

  42. A very interesting documentary for open mind thinkers. The most profound story about the pyramids that I have ever read or seen.

  43. Little ignorant humans buzzing around such buildings remember me the opening scene of 2001 A Space Odissey, where the monkey-like protohumans encounter the monolyth, an object of precise geometric proportions (in that case are the squares of 1, 2 and 3, rather simple stuff compared to the pyramid) which also is the bearer of knowledge that transforms those creatures into higher level beings. Thank god pyramids are so much bigger, there's a lot of work to do here.

  44. This documentary has failed to apply occam's razor at any step.

  45. This documentary is hooey and conspiracy theories. I can explain how it was built in 20 years. LOTS AND LOTS OF SLAVES. The reason buildings take longer to build now is because we pay our workers and don't work them to death.

    1. lol are you really that ignorant to believe that the piramids were build with slaves? Japanese with modern science couldn't build a smaller piramid, and how did they build coridors pointing exactly to certain stars? how did they have the knowledge of a star distance, to build the piramid in Orion's belt position WHILE USING THOSE REDICULOUS TOOLS ?!?!!? Are you really that blind ?

    2. Nope, that just plain doesn't hold up, ask an engineer how many slaves it would take, the numbers just plain do not add up. It was either built over a period of thousands of years by conventional theory methods, or it was built in less than twenty years by unknown technology...or maybe, it was built by unknown technology over a period of many years, but your statement is just not plausible.

    3. a group of scientist in the States (hired by Discovery Channel) decided to recreate what it was to move a stone with exactly the same features as to those from Egypt and re-enacting the probable conditions back then. In order to move only one stone over a distance of 5 feet they required 30 well-built people and took them over five hours. Now you do the maths.

  46. I am not an expert on this by any means...can anyone tell why the majority of Eygptoligist believe that the great pyramid took 20 years to build..The documentry lead me to believe that there was little or no documentation from that period..thanks

    1. Herodotus' Histories, written in about the 400s b.c. Herdotus was given tour by the local priests of the area, which keep in mind was at least 2 or 3 thousand years after even the conventional dating. not exactly fresh info even 2400 years ago eh?

  47. BEWARE: MANMADE CLIMATE CHANGE PROPAGANDA FILM disquised as a cool Pyramid/Astronomy doc. Very disappointed the producers of this piece ignored so many possible POSITIVE messages that could be intended by the Ancients!

    1. @Mike Ellis,

      Let's leave these "Anciants" a good message: -"Next time, try to be a bit more explicite. Otherwise, don't disguise your ignorance".


  48. why are so many of these skeptics on pyramids all French!!!!???

    1. Haha really ?

    2. @karan1592,

      Taking for granted that you're either a brit or an american,
      -Still, it's better than being part of war criminal nation.


    3. Oh yeah. The French are certainly in such a pristine position to judge others. Christ, let us make Saints of each of them.

    4. @lakhotason,

      Asking with such instance, why not reply?
      So I did & if he ever follow up, he'll know.


    5. Pierre, if you take your world map and circle every hotspot you'll soon see that pretty much all , with a few exceptions, are formally colonies of European nations. There's where the problem lies. You guys screwed up the world then threw your hands up and walked away.

      Now you have the gall to sit on your ass and criticize the US because you don't like the way we are dealing with the mess you made.

      Either help correct the problem you made or kick back and have a steaming cup of Shut The Fu@k Up.

    6. @lakhotason,

      1st) I live in one of those former "Colonies" just as the US.
      Brit's, Spanish & French colonies ceased existing quite a few hundred years ago.

      2nd) I heard that we now live in modern world, except for a few regions on planet earth.

      Speaking of "the mess you made", as you see...
      Even if that mess dates back to other younger ages of humankind, I ain't part of them.

      Lastly, as one throws a comment such as the one from karan1592, what one should be expecting? If he's old enough to access this website, he old enough to digest it.


    7. How come I absolutely knew you would say "I ain't part of it".

      Nothing could prove what I'm saying is true more than that answer.

    8. "A few hundred years ago..."

    9. Poetry again? I don't have a clue.

    10. Oops. I think I've figured out what Pierre is trying to say. I may just owe the man an apology. Me and my big mouth. Jeez.

    11. @lakhotason,

      Strangely enough, I was thinking the exact contrary while watching my other movie on another site.

      The thing is that I witheld further comments I had in mind in our last few exhanges. I mean, not to make anymore wave, y'a know...

      It's this: The USA sure has a solid basis within its constitution.
      I mean the one on which the country was founded, not the "New" modified one through the Patriot Act...
      And I have read a comment here on TDF (Quite a while back) from a US citizen to the mention that the USA forefathers just couldn't imagine the future world we're now living in.
      -Quite obvious, isn't it?

      Those US forefathers sure builded the most scrupulous basis for democracy and freedom. we know that since the USA constitution is one of the many best democracy on planet earth.
      I don't have time to loose here with the other clowns...

      The point was & I guess remains: How many time since that constitution exist did it gotten updated within the spirit of the those forefathers since its estalishement in order to face the new trends for the modern world?

      I always felt like it needed to be thrown forward but in the end, it may be that the fact that I was brought up with the principle of "What doesn't hurt me, I'd better ignore it".
      Anyhow, we now know that your "Patriot Act" did restrained your constitution instead of giving it more teeth coze it became a sin qua non necessity.

      I remember a sub-comment to the US citizen who felt like the forefathers just could predict the future and simply commented:
      Update or renewal just can't be done anymore, in now days.

      After then, I decided to remain mute, even in the case of "Lakhotason" or anyone else. Sort of a missing link.
      And my replies may well have a sour taste, understandingly.

      Now, I'll have to cut my other movie in 2 days...


    12. Pierre - I was assuming you were French when I made a couple of remarks to you earlier. Please ignore those comments and accept my apologies.

    13. @lakhotason,

      Not totally wrong, my mum was French speaking, & Mums...
      But was brought up in an English speaking surrounding.
      Then, moved abroad in a French speaking surrounding since it was within my own nature.
      I realise that I've lost much, but still.

      There would have been things about the USA sort of "Renewal" of the US constitution that would have been a great thing exchange but as the other USA citizen told that it's sort of useless, I did push that aside. Anyhow, we woundn't even see it happen in our lifetime.
      A bit of the same thing in my specialty, I ain't a stud anymore.

      I was thinking to myself that where I work, we still buy quite a few of US made pretty specialised chemicals, and if any sort of "Storm" ever happens over there, I'll be sweating like hell to find equivalents elsewhere. And they ma not exist = reformulation from "A to Z"...

      So... Not in my days please.
      Only 10 active years to go, after then, the heck with it.

      BTW, our exchanges may not be within the lines of what these docu comments are for... Let's just hope that Vlatco doesn't see...
      No harms done since it may be me who's unwillng to plainly justify my thoughts.


    14. @Pysmythe,

      Ok, ok..
      Maybe not India, it was within the 20th but when did UK agreed that Australia can self-govern itself?
      Oh, Canada as well.
      It's been worst for Spain coze they had a little financial prob'm.
      And the French are a little more imposing. Pretty different indeed.

      Bwarff! I said a couple of hundred years.
      2 is more than 1, isn't it?
      Even 150 is more than only one.
      Close enogh for me.


    15. @lakhotason,

      Sorry to disrup but it appear that another TDF customer need the same advise.

      User name : Out_Of Africa in "Bombies: The Secret War" in reply to Jack1952.

      Don't have time to watch, busy elsewhere.


    16. Pierre, what nationality are you?

    17. @lakhotason,

      No. I don't fall for this. Not on the internet.
      No one has that obligation.
      Unless giving it it up, to friendly third parties which doesn't seem to be the case. It's everyone own choice.
      But if you have a better look at my description (Which dates a little, it is said that I'm from an old Brit colony?
      Whoupsy! I don't see it! Must be in my description or another website? Sorry, I owe you one here...
      Anyhow, UK gave freedom of self-government to most of its colony some ~(200-400) years ago.Even to the Vergin Islands.
      -Dates varies. Unmentioned the USA coze they split apart from UK on their own.

      I'm half way my other movie, gotta go.


  49. Did it ever occur to anyone that the Pyramids all over the world, were built to hide in every 26,000 yrs ?? They certainly are the proper shape to "deflect" something coming at you from above....?? And the underground tunnels would be handy in a fiery event on the surface. Then there's the Georgia Guidestones and the Order of the Rose and Cross..aka ...Rosicrucians...they know something I would say.....

    1. @Dude,

      Yes. Archeologists from everywhere seen this.
      Better yet, they decrypted most anciants languages found everywhere on earth. They learned since they have time & tools in now days.

      But not even once, have they factuatually discovered an archeological motive to believe that an more advance society ever existed.

      It appears to me that most of these "Previous" societies (Anywhere on earth) climbed up the latter of knowledge in a very "Specialised" fashion. Meaning that they pushed so hard one line of knowledge, the rest of their social social ways of living was left aside.

      So, quite impressive to see what human beings can come to if all of their every days preoccupations are toward one sole technology or "Knowledge", know how...

      Anyhow, archeologists can go back in earlier times of humankind, thus follow the awakening of technology or should I say "Know How".
      They can put dates (Carbon dating) on these steps.
      There is no 2, 3 or 10 time 26,000 years cycles because humankind didn't exist in those eras.

      About living spiecies from outer space?
      Why would anybody discuss anything that do not have a factual existance, proven by any mean?
      Better get busy with what we have than...


    2. OK, how about, there's lots of written languages that have not been translated, because we do not have the tools to do it from a cold start (as in the universal translator from Star Trek I suppose).
      carbon dating does not work on the artifacts under discussion.
      Getting the Facts of what it would take to build the great pyramid, the sphinx temple, an inca structure or two from an Engineer(!) as opposed to a bone duster (archaeologist) is the proof of highly advanced ancient civilizations.
      And modern humans have existed for at least 200,000 years.
      Is there anything else you'd like to be proven wrong about in one sentence or less?

    3. And to think these guys went to all this trouble when you got there with a little tinfoil ...

    4. Maybe that something is merely how to create a buzz feeding on peoples' curious nature...

  50. the fact that archeologists dont allow the enigneers to analyze the objects shows that something is hidden from the world. Also i completely believe that we should keep an open mind about these mysteries. the chinese govt should allow the world to analyze the pyramids, who knows what might we find there.. but we are ruling out that possibility, who knows what we might find in china, we might find some clues/..

  51. the fact that archeologists do not allow engineers to analyze the pyramids shows that there is something which they are hiding.
    PLUS i think the chinese govt should allow archeologists to analyze the pyramids, it can bring out some of the mysteries. who knows.

  52. Pyramid updates, cool, brings on the off planet entities. And points out beyond the earth tenent technologies. It's primal manufactured function is perhaps relitive to a megatron within a microwave oven. Even the experts get out acheived by still new findings.

  53. please do some critical thinking when amazing claims are made. Everything about this speed of light "fact" is misleading and a flat out lie. Lets look at the actual numbers, how they display the numbers, and how close to the speed of light the number actually is.

    The number they get from the circle calculations is 29,979,613. The speed of light is 299,792,458. Here is how they choose to display the numbers on the show.


    This is clearly a misleading and inaccurate way to write the number 29,979,613.
    The difference between these two numbers is 269,812,845. The calculations claimed in this video are almost 270million off, the speed of light is not in the math of the Pyramids. not even close.

  54. Fun documentary to watch. However the Egyptians recorded every aspect of their lives in their hieroglyphs. How they lived, what they ate, and yes, even how they built the Pyramids.

    How can anyone with a sensible mind even think otherwise.. Oh noes, the aliens..............

    People, ugh!!

    1. ??? How they built the Pyramids ??? NEVER such thing has been found and, believe me, there are thousands and thousands of hieroglyphs! Who told you that? Mr. Hawass, the liar? Com'on, man... by the way, I guess he also told you how they built the Great Pyramid in the 20 years, right? One single block every 9 seconds, huh? WoW ... those guys were good !!!!!! :

    2. @Jose Manuel Ataide
      where did you get that figure? by that math there would be over 70 million blocks, but every estimate i can find is 2.3 million. but you are only off by a factor of over 3000%

    3. yeah mr wowie zahi (hawass the liar) bugs the crap out of me too

    4. Pardon? The Egyptians recorded every aspect of their lives and yet they wrote nothing about how the Pyramids where built - did you dream they did? Could you please inform the world a little more about it. As far as the rest of us know, they hardly even mentioned the Pyramids - isn't this a little strange?

  55. That was an amazing documentary!

    I was very frustrated at the beginning of this documentary because they kept referring to the pyramids on the GIZA plateau as being only 5,000 years old or 3,000BC.

    The new date of the pyramids construction has now been put at 10,500BC or earlier based on the relationship of the Sphinx. The Sphinx is LEO representing the constellation LEO. At the spring equinox on March 21st in the year 10,500BC to 10,450BC the Sphinx points directly at the sun rising in the constellation LEO.

    What is missing from this program and what I hope to see in part two is the relationship of the 3 smaller pyramids beside the large pyramid that correspond to the positions of the 3 stars in Orion’s belt that are at their lowest position in Earth's precession in 10,450BC to 10,500BC.

    The 3 smaller pyramids beside the smallest pyramid mark the positions of the 3 stars in Orion’s belt at their highest position in Earth's precession in the year 2,400AD.

    Earth's precession has been calculated to be between 25,800 and 26,000 years.

    One of the functions of the pyramid complex on the GIZA plateau is that of an astronomical star clock that measures Earth's precession in its rotation based on new evidence.

    The other details of this documentary that link the GIZA plateau pyramids to other sites around the world on an equatorial equator is really amazing!

    All of the details now emerging about the mathematical relationships contained in the large pyramid are equally fascinating. I was unaware of these mathematical relationships until I watched this documentary. I also learned the origin of the length of the metre.

    So I definitely look forward to part two of this documentary that further explains the layout of the pyramid complex in Egypt as it relates to Orion's belt and Earth's precession.

    This advanced ancient Egyptian culture is thought to have been destroyed in 10,000BC when an asteroid swarm struck the Earth.

    There is evidence in the largest pyramid that it was filled to half its height in salt water when a tsunami struck the area. For the longest time the base of the pyramids was hidden under a thick layer of sand filled with sea shells.

    This same asteroid swarm also dropped an asteroid on North America in the vicinity of Ottawa, Canada. The asteroid vaporized the 1.5 mile thick ice sheet covering this area of North America. At this time in 10,000BC all the large mammals were wiped out including the Clovis people who were just starting to colonize North America.

    The asteroid swarm in 10,000BC would destabilize the Earth's climate for about 2,000 years. In 8,000BC a new wave of Clovis people return to North America once again following the seals and fish along the glacier from France to the East coast of North America.

    This site has the documentary "Journey to 10,000BC" which explains this.

    A lot of GREAT new information on the pyramids in Egypt and the advanced human civilization that built them. A civilization more advanced than ours today.

    1. check out earth under fire , paul laviollete- video is on ufotv on youtube.
      right up your street -with added actual real science.

  56. They built the pyramids using the cubit as a measuring distance, this is according to all the Docs Ive seen about the pyrammids. Now these guys keep saying pie and the golden number times/ divided by whatevere in meters equals meters. What did I miss and where do I find the info to correct myself?

    1. They said that the Cubit wasn't always accurate.
      I don't see how they could make such precise measurements with a faulty measuring system so it leads me to think they just copied the Cubit. well... they created the word Cubit but obviously got the measurement it stood for slightly wrong sometimes.
      In other words, i have no idea and i think this is the most recent documentary on the pyramids.
      Please correct me if i am wrong there people as i would love to see more

    2. see reply to sws420, pi and phi refer to ratios, not units of measure

    3. pi and the golden mean, phi, are ratios, not dependent on the unit of measure fifth of something is always one fifth of something whether it's in meters inches or cubits, dig? The point is that they knew about complex mathematical ratios, supposedly discovered by later greeks, who, by the way credited the egyptians with teaching them these. hope that helps

    4. Thank you, I appreciate your reply, and yea I see it now.

    5. Actually, I just now watched the whole documentary, and at about 1 hour 10 minutes, they say how the cubit could have been derived from the meter. it's worth going back to. p.s. happy 4:20

  57. Just a short comment (ish) ...... Why cant we carve that kind of stuff? Eveybody has rocks in there yard and a copper chisle can be bought at any hardware store.
    With all the talent and skill in America over the last 300 yrs, and lets not forget the Egyptians with like 5000 years experience carving rock, at least 10 people should be able to do it,f not, then there absoulutely(?) had to be some sort of "help". Or is my logic tree askew? Now be nice with the comments Please?

    1. Not exactly about carving, but have you heard of Ed Leedskalnin and his Coral Castle in Florida?

    2. YES! I think he may have had the key to moving these mammoth stones!

    3. Yes, very cool stuff, if you have good info source on that let me know...

  58. I have just watched this movie and i love it, its looking at the facts ands let us take the choose to belive and not. Exactly like science is supose to, in my eyes anyway.

    For the last 10 years roughly, when ive seen documentary's, ive had the feeling we wasnt the only civilation (the last 11000 years of humanity i mean). But no one never mentioned it until now, atlest the stuff ive seen.

    Im a big fan of math you can almost call it a fetish, and one thing ive looked at is probability, the fact as i see it is the pyramid is ment for us now, not 500 years ago or in 500 years from now.For some reason they knew when we where going to reach this level of technology, and be able to undestod what they where trying to tell us. I draw this conclusion on the fact, that we now start to undestand, how imposible it is to make the pyramids today. And even the most stubborn schoolers cant convinces us otherwise anymore.

    This is from another post of mine, sorry if you get to read it twice:

    2.5 million stones devided with 20 years = 125.000 stones a year devided with 365.25 days (since every 4 years feb. has 29 days) = 342,231 stones a day devided with 24 hours = 14,259 stones an hour devided with 60 min = 0.237 stones a min.
    That is cutting the stone, polishing it, moving it and put it in place in 4.2 min. non stop for 20 years. With out a single mistake or a ruined stone which we all know we humans never do so i dont even know why i say this :-). or if they only worked 4 months a year 1 stone every 1.4 min.

    Ive heard a lot of numbers of stone and years, so not to step on anyones toes
    here is the 2 millon 22 years version too, shortened a little :-)

    2 millon stones in 22 years = 0.173 stones a min. Or 1 stone every 5.8 min.
    If we use the 4 month again, one stone every 1.9 min.

    Its funny coz there is so many wierd things in our history, like the explanation for the name greenland. A geolegyist said "well the vikings thought they reached iceland, but by mistake it was greenland, and thats why its called greenland" Well if i went to a new contry and it was full of ice, my first thought isnt to call it greenland, and iceland isnt that green either.

  59. some fudged facts here. but i don't believe egyptologists have it all correct either. interesting how many times pi and the golden ratio occur

  60. if you want to say something, first open you mind listen then talk LEO MULLETT , because people like you we are lams in a wolf's cave of religion

    1. Well said that comment by that Leo was about a stupid as it can get


    Having read many of the comments (there are 326 as I write this) a few things are

    1- This is NOT a documentary.
    It is a video that presents information and theories
    in a way that can be fun to watch

    2- If you are looking for the latest research egyptology
    from world experts this is not a film for you

    3- Thank you to the first 100 comments even though I will not watch this video, I have found your comments very entertaning.

    1. You should watch it

    2. the mesopotamian crescent was believed to be the cradle of civilisation. everyone agreed that cities in the region sprung up round 7000bc. this was a commonly accepted theory. until 1994 and the discovery of gobekli tepe in turkey pushed it back to around 10000 or 11000bc. although gobekli tepe is a temple, there would be no need for such a massive temple complex without a population to support it. the carving techniques and the size of stone used means they must have had many years of experience in stone masonry, possibly pushing the date back even further into pre history, indeed pointing to a forgotten era in human history.
      i'm not saying every notion presented here is fact but to discount it automatically, without even watching the film is naive. throughout the twentieth century theories about our past have come and gone, been accepted as fact then rubbished. so much is invested in certain theories, i.e resources and ego's, that even when they are proven to be false, they don't die easily. few egyptologists agree on even the most basic tennants of the first dynasty and even fewer are able to decipher the hieratic writing system, and none are 100 per cent certain on the translation. lots of grey areas. lots of contradictory theories. no one right answer.
      however, maths is, as we all know, universal.
      so before you dismiss something out of hand and tell everyone they are wrong, at least have the decency to watch the material and then formulate your hypothesis and we'd all be glad to hear it.

  62. This is a good documentary. People don't seem to think it is because it still leaves them with no answeres. But that seems to be our problem as human beings, is that we have to make up a story or have the answer to everything. And we never will. We don't know if they were built from previouse advanced civilizations, or tha ancient alien theory, or some form of god. All we truley can say is that our traditional view in our history books is an obviouse mistake, and an impossible feat. People are too arrogant and have too much ego to re-write our history books and just say 'WE DON'T KNOW'!!! Same reason people still believe in stories from the bible and refuse to change there opinions. We will never be able to comprehend the universe, and many things about our past. But people can't handle that, so they latch on to simple minded, ancient theories and beliefs for a security blanket. I think we should always wonder, and always aproach things with an open mind.

  63. This documentary is lame. I was caught up in it because of its style and pace. But honestly the science and math done here is bull. They over and over again take coincidence and pretend it means something deeper. They also use traditional documentary techniques to make you assume things that arn't there. for example: when he talks to the architect of the glass pyramid, that conversation is so edited down, and they play daunting music over the architect's words as he seems to complain about something. This creates an effect that maybe they pushed him too far, and he was angry about secrets being let out, but really we have no idea why we was in that mood, maybe he spilled his coffee. Documentary filmmakers know how to lie, and make you believe it. Keep that in mind.

    1. i agree on what you said, but the math.... its too constant and applies to too much around us. im not saying its a fact but it definetly rises my curiosity as it ought to do in many of our species. as for the documentary and its director... we are all bias in our discussions if not how will we prove our theories/beliefs. in essence we must use our own doubt to find whats true. lets get the thinking!

    2. Agreed about the ways filmmakers can bend the truth towards their liking, but it would not be too far fetched to see this happening in the history books, the media and endless government propaganda/patriotism.

  64. Egyptologists and those who believe their claims are complete nutcases. Simply mad they are. The things that come out of their mouths make you question Egyptology as a serious science. They make these outrageous claims with absolutely no evidence to back them up, immediately reject any ideas that conflict with their beliefs, and fail to appreciate or even acknowledge the most astonishing features of the Great Pyramid. It's infuriating that they are taken seriously by anyone at all. Arrogance has no place in science; facts are facts and if they were real scientists they would check their egos at the door and do some real work to test out the most logical and easily executable theories. Do they not realize it is them who stands in the way of progress? Not only do they stand in the way, but they resist and even discourage it?

  65. I agree with altaf_rahman. Why did they not see their own extinction coming? Not only that, now that we are 'warned", what exactly are we supposed to do? Start building underground? Or somehow be prepared for an enormous series of lightening strikes that will cause a devastating fire across the ENTIRE globe? Maybe several thousand arsonists will be to blame. It doesn't make sense or I've missed something here.
    Having said all that I genuinely enjoyed the documentary but I still have no idea who is responsible for these awesome monuments and it would seem that nobody does either...still!
    (PS - sorry if that spoilt it for anyone that hasn't watched it yet! I suggest you do anyway!)

    1. they probably did predict their own extinction but, like us with 2012, the vast majority of the public dont want to think about it, so they slander and sling mud to ensure they dont have to think about it anymore.

    2. hgjyfgtffdd

  66. I was getting convinced but linking the speed of light m/s figure with some dimension measurement tripped me off.

    In the end, I think this documentary in several occasions, dragged on opinionated assumptions based upon mere co-incidences. some of the cases :

    - They showed how I. M. Pei, the architect of Louvre pyramid, wanted to show his concern of his another appointment. And that means he is hiding something ? Asking the other scientist about speed of light measurement - i guess they took his answers out of context.

    - (at the end part) Ancient people wanted to warn us by creating these large monuments ? come on ! could they predict their own extinction ? And there is no other way to warn us ?

    - the giant 100 mile wide belt across the globe - why Teotihuacan pyramids of Mexico were not included ? just because it doesn't help justifying the theory ? they included Persepolis in Iran but did not include Greek Parthenon ?

  67. I love coming back to watch this documentary.
    I don't need to learn anything new, just be reminded of everything in her. and just reading what this documentary is prompting people to think is brilliant.

    Spread this documentary around people
    look at the comments below and imagine the amount of other ideas that could be made!!!

  68. This is a nice documentary , we are a civilization of different paradigm , its really hard for us to connect with what the ancients had to do with these monuments ,which are undoubtedly architectural marvels which any modern architect would envy.
    1) i differentiate between these two paradigms as "intutitive" and "sensing" ...sapient beings know which one is what .
    2) read some books by moustaffa gaddala ,and u notice that we really dont want modern machines and stupid technology of current paradigm to do it , its intutition at work .. and i m not totally crediting intuition to this . When pure beings do things , they do it purely .. and stupids like us just carry out measurements and feel that they knew our maths and science ..
    3) ask yourself a simple question ... why a circle has 360 degrees ??? not 192 or 668 quest for this secret began there and i m enjoying the ride ...
    4) we have vedic scriptures with us as well , they are living contemporaries of pyramid age .. but the ignorant world remains ignorant ...the ones who deserved the light of truth ..went through them n achieved it .. world continue to sit besides LHC , billion dollar investment hoping to recieve answer which everybody shared with us through these living megaliths ..
    5)all the best seekers of truth ..

  69. Was loving this doc right up until the end where they attributed it all to climate change - is there no pie these people dont have their grubby little fingers in?

    1. Milankovitch cycles. They touch on climate change that occurs outside our commercial bubble. Regardless of fox news and super megamall owners and land rover drivers say, climate change happens with or without us. Debunking it is totally missing the picture.

    2. Maybe that should tell you something about climate change rob :)
      not meant in an insulting way because you are 100% right. just dont stop thinking at that point =]

  70. This is an excellent Documentary, one of the best I have seen on the subject. Its unfortunate that a completely different and somewhat unethical story has and is being told about the Ancient Egyptians and all the Ancients. Why are 'they' not open to the idea that these magnificent structures all around the world ARE linked and possibly built by the same Civilization? Why is it so hard to believe that many Eons ago our Planet was occupied by a vast Civilization like us, communicating and sharing information. Who understood our whole Planet and the influences and were so wise to build amazing structures filled with Geometric and Astrological messages,using Mathematics as the language to communicate to future generations about really serious tragedies caused by influences that are not in our control but we can prepare for. They won't even accept the builders understood the length of a Meter, which would mean they knew the circumference of the Earth. there is hundreds of Coincidences when it comes to the Ancients and all these structures that makes me absolutely adamant this is all linked and its a BIG message we are conveniently ignoring. The Ancients must feel disgusted!

  71. Narration by Agamemnon

  72. Very interesting documentary and well worth the watch. One of the better documentaries about ancient Egypt with a lesser bias than most.

  73. Wow - really liked this documentary.. Always been bitten by the space-bug and the "how-the-hell-did-the-pyramids-get-build"-bug ;-) The idea of a previous advanced civilization doing it and all the math that surrounds it, is very interesting and eye-opening for my part! (as well as the spread around the earth with such precision, but has the finely-cut-stoned-buildings/walls not been built outside this path??)

    I remember reading an article about - multiple - tunnels carved out from the central chambers of some pyramids that at a specific date/time would align perfectly with some stars.. Has anyone heard/read about this too? If so why wasn't that in the Doc.. and what's to find from these alignments (if it a fact, not fiction)

    Another thing I remember - in relation to this documentary - is that our solar system supposibly "wobbles" up and down (resembling a frequency-wave in its path) compared to the center of our galaxy and that when this "wave" tops we enter an area of higher risk when it comes to asteroids, etc. Could there be a link between the 26.000 year period and the entering of the high-risk area that could lead to if not certain, but more likely, cataclysm..

    Another theory I found myself thinking was that when the sites of these building techniques are located along a stringent path around the Earth, could this be a result of several aircrafts entering the atmosphere from the same point in space but touching down at different location.. Nah I'm just randomly guessing now ;-)

  74. and those helicopter looking inscriptions you love, if you googled them, youd find that they around different peoples names crossed out with other peoples names. graffiti, sort of. actually, im almost certain they touch on that near the end of the doc too.

  75. Erm, this may have been touched on, but I haven't been bothered to read through the lengthy conversation which seems to have been going on.

    1: The 'uncanny' hieroglyphs. The one that looks like a helicopter only looks like a helicopter when you put it next to a picture of a helicopter which looks like it. The others are likened to Thunderbird 2 and some machine from Star Wars. Regardless of any vague similarity there might be, it's worth mentioning that neither Thunderbird 2 nor that thing from Star Wars actually exist, so any similarity they might have with some ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs is completely meaningless.

    2: If the builders of the pyramids had access to advanced metal tools made of things like hardened steel, and (by this logic) knowledge of electricity, WHY THE HELL WERE THEY BUILDING EVERYTHING OUT OF STONE? ! ? Why didn't they build steel framed buildings? With this knowledge and the abundance of glass in Egypt, why do we find no strengthened glass panels? Why no synthetic materials? Why were their boats made out of papyrus reeds? Why does the archeological record show no progression beyond the bronze age at the time of the pyramid's construction? Are some people blind to the glaring inconsistencies of the 'aliens helped the Egyptians build the pyramids with advanced technology' argument? Really, if you just stop to think about it for even ten seconds the whole house of cards turns to dust and blows off into the desert.

    1. well nick, did you watch the doc, or skip that too? im pretty sure they touched on the idea of the egyptians not building it, compounded with the mention that whoever built it made the choice to use hard rock because, unlike modern tools and materials, granite doesnt erode as easily. this would explain why they were riding around in reed boats, because they werent the ones that built it. if you even watched it for ten seconds, you might have heard something...

      sounds rude eh? they also mentioned that the hypo behind this doc isnt about aliens, they talk mostly about men doing this, but way way further back then 4000 years. this might explain to you why we havent found any drills laying around too. you probably didnt watch it, assumed it was about aliens, and then wrote quick dismissive drabble to detour everybody from watching it.

      they make strict reference to all monuments being made by man, but being way older than we think. that is the target of the movie, and never directly do they say aliens did anything.


      Slap yourself really hard Nick, then watch this whole Documentary with your FULLEST attention. In fact, you don't even need to watch it, why is it not obvious. "Steal framed buildings" LOLOL!

    3. Only the stone buildings survived over the past 12,500 years or more. Any other buildings made out of wood or metals would have rotted or rusted away or weathered away over time.

    4. Certainly their conception of the material and spiritual were not like ours. Making a wall with a 30 ton stone is far more complex than building it with bricks. However they chose the stone. And they were neither stupid nor ignorant, this is what fascinates me!

  76. light+time+space=perception ?? did I win a peanut? see what I did? I think we have had our perspective backwards. I really do mean this by the way.

    Also I would like to point out the connection of Hinduism in quantum mechanics and how maybe our late ancestors were trying to help civilization that way. Because if you think about it I bet they would try to create something on the grounds of very early civilizations comprehension knowing after the "dark age" we might be in bad shape. The dark age being the
    worlds flooding or burning issue that occurs during the end of its cycle. its almost surreal to read. Also I am willing to bet its 8 sides represent the directions like a compass on the pyramids n,ne,e,se,sw,nw etc since it would appear they are trying to conserve something or maybe just trying to live who knows

    1. But who knows really? I just find it very odd that we keep finding new and older signs of civilization, maybe these points of reference such as the pyramids and such were places these races attempted to hide during the final cycle of there time. Ya know before the lands layout was like it is now. Which could also explain how each race got to its current location. If any
      of you can present a good argument please do, because this
      issue is something I have been toying with for a little bit. So
      I think it to be more then a coincidence so many people seem to
      be realizing something but are just unable to explain it. Also
      what was the 2012 October date the one that aligns us? Maybe
      they designed these places to be water tight as well but what
      about breathing?

    2. Omg thank you for this opportunity. #1 its 12/21/12 and is when the sun and earth eclips the galactic plane. But what a bust Y2K was as many other events which in retrospect had been cultivated without any true substance. Or just false flag operations. From the meier contact notes, the different races came from different solar systems that had different suns. I'll not tell you exactly because I want who ever might be of interest, to track race down in that matter.every skin color has its origins in this manner. When 1 uses the term psuedo science, try going back over everything you think you know. Its very hard work but its a mindblower to find out the current status of what we are taught deplorable. And I can back that up with actual physical experiments, not pseudo experiments. As I am not smart these experiments would be simple to replicate of some complex questions, as many might see it. But have some courage to discourage your own ego centricity for just brief moments if nothing else. We are not from the same monkey as we are not even from monkeys. If you have been on this quest to answer why you exist, dont sell yourself short. You can know and its fascinating to know. If anything the 2012 thing can be said to be passing from the era of belief to the era of knowing. To be human is to ask the questions. Our contribution to existence is what we can do for each other. Its what makes us more than we were. As it takes us all to be what we are and are going to be

  77. A very interesting documentary indeed.I would almost consider it pseudo-science except it uses many facts to its end.Yes it leaves out a lot of other cultures but it does not undermine its message.A good watch.Makes you think.There are far to many anomalies not to pose question to such events.

  78. If you watch the documentary on this site called thunderrbolts of the gods, it makes so much sense that electricity does concentrate on key sites. Oh and someone actually took photos of air filled electricity. They occur in another film on this site called Pyaramid code? its a long film but well worth the time viewing.

  79. They were such advanced mathematicians, but what of their dietary & living standards? Surely they would have needed to have developed a very efficient, clean & nutritional dietary regime to sustain such awesome manpower for years on end, while also maintaining a birthing rate to replenish the workforce as they retired or became ill. Then of course would have been the need for some type of medical treatment, although I'm only taking a really wild guess here that these people would have had any kind of healthcare system 4700 years ago.

  80. Chaos Theory.... Honestly a fun look at some interesting historical questions but they left out SOOOOO much on other cultures. Of course you can draw lines any where on our globe and link cultures. What about the megalithic architecture in the Lion's Gate at Mycenae? What about Stonehenge? What about the Serpent Mound in Ohio? What about Moundville and Cahokia? Chaco Canyon's great road system? What about Machu Picchu? What about Britian's Chalk Horse and Man carvings? Petra? It might seem like compelling information, but given only certain facts I can make anything seem compelling. Lacking just a tad bit of fact which might disqualify their evidence. As for the whole earth change thing, yeah that's a fact but it didn't take Phi and the Golden Ratio to figure that out.

    1. Everything you just said = Spot on. Other cultures have definitely been left out.

      "Lacking just a tad bit of fact which might disqualify their evidence. As for the whole earth change thing, yeah that's a fact but it didn't take Phi and the Golden Ratio to figure that out."

      We couldn't possibly ask the creator of this to document everything though. Either they would never finish, or it would be a good few hundred hours long.
      And as for Golden Ratio and Phi... well these are methods of measure for a natural effect.
      I'm not saying they are the reason for the earth change. I think that earth change can be measured and predicted (calculated) using these methods. :)

      After all, in order to construct something that will last forever, you have to be able to measure and calculate (predict the effects of) the earths natural "disasters" and changes.

      We look to all the ancient constructions and see the same methods and calculations.
      What did they know then, that we don't now?

      BTW what did you think of the Chinese Burying their Pyramids?
      They have advanced so fast. created amazing things. Have a greater ability to condition the mind and learn.
      Seems to me, if they hadn't realised what the Pyramids are for or the message they contained, they wouldn't plant trees all over them.
      Is that just me?

    2. seems to me i read that someone ordered the planting of trees on them. Which means they are purposely being hidden. Why when during a brief period during ww2 i think when fly overs were allowed, someone managed to snap photos of many of them and get them out of china, the photos that is.

  81. Are we considering the great pyramid is either a transmitter or a receiver? I was wondering about that? or was it both?

  82. An absolutely brilliant documentary, though at the same time quite disturbing with the conclusion it draws...

  83. I got all excited when I saw Brian Cox was going to be narrating, but it so isn't him. Maybe it's a different guy named Brian Cox, but it isn't the cute one, alas. Good doc anyway, a little sensationalistic but informative. I liked Magical Egypt even better, it's certainly more down to earth. No Brian Cox in that one either though. Drats.

  84. Great documentary.

  85. iheard that the real mayan end date was oct28 2011. there is a difference of 14 months because our calendar is based on the gregorian calendar, not the mayans. i dont think its meant to be an "end" per se, but maybe an end of a cycle, which is coinciding with precession as well as the starts of the worldwide "occupy" movement in major cities. also news of 7 billion person to be born on earth (which begs the question why 7 is the landmark number, even if only symbolically).

    1. Pope Gregory hired a mathematician to correct the calender at that time so the correction is called gregorian . But only after columbus or whoever it was came over and stoled a bunch of mayan records. Theres no logical protocol as how gregory's mathematicians did that correction. Oh i think the previous calender was Julian? Any way if the priesthood couldnt get spring planting schedule right, ie easter, the they would have lost their heveanly powers. As the con game goes.

  86. What I know yall wont want to here about is, try the Randolph Winters contact notes of the Billy Meier case. p.s. my avatar is a photo of Asket. She is a beautiful woman. If you can trace her leagacy here you will have gone through a mind changing experience.

    1. Um...really have no idea what you are talking about. :/

    2. i agree, and your approach is a lot more polite than mine.

    3. Really? Me? Polite? I must be losing my edge. ^.^

    4. Are you saying you dont know how to look up randolph winters' contact notes on Billy Meier? What is it you have no idea about?

    5. No, I mean I can't understand what you are talking about, you are not concise. I find your writing unclear. On top of that you don't think the sun is a fusion engine, but rather some kind of solar wind projector of energy from space? And you don't have an avatar picture.

    6. how do i put my avatar on here? And I am not concise about what? By the way if you want to see my avatar go to google or veoh and look up billy meier contact notes or randolph winters lectures and you will see a picture of Asket. She is my avatar and 1 of my personal heros or heroines. Thank you for asking.

    7. Oh and would you ask what az is doing in her avatar? :)

    8. The V represents the two parts of me, the physical and the incorporeal also when i look at it from my perspective palm in, it represents to be at peace with both.
      Peace starts from the y of ii.
      A third party would not know how to answer your question for me.

    9. I am actually grateful that you responded to me. But now I need to say I am clueless as to what you said. I need to find some common ground to begin to understand you. maybe you can suggest some body of knowledge i can use to educate myself on your interests or subject matter. Coming to an understanding is what I am about. the people who know me either get their minds blown or they think im crazy, because they all know im not lyeing about what I have to say. I actually do experiments. I am constructive cooperative and cxoincide. i dont like what competitiveness does to people. Having said that i get real defensive if someone is just trying to give me a beating. But thats just me :). If i have said something someone disagrees with ill explain myself in as many was or be proven wrong. I dont learn if i think im always right. true knowledge most dont like because it says what they thought was wrong ...sometimes. Oh i dont always proof read and i broke my hands a few times so im a typing ... they will censor that

    10. It's not meant to be live changing for anyone else, not meant to be anything for's just a symbol photograph that i took of myself during a shoot while i was writing a 40 pages poetry story. Some of which are in my very old posts, i stopped writing poetry here when Vlatko asked me to.
      The hand in the shape of a Y represents the self divided into the physical and incorporeal, and the goal of peace within.

    11. Excellant description. I can understand that. I am currently trying to balance my brain. So I am becoming a little more able to understand you, when as before in prior years, i would have struggled with that response from you. I guess we can live and learned and grow.

    12. Oh and I know nothing of Vlatko. How does 1 engage him in conversation. I wanty to understand his motivation. Maybe I can learn something. We are never too old to learn. not even me.

    13. (I think) Vlatko will engage in conversations when he finds them of interest and that could be any time. Religious threads have pushed his button more than once but science seem to tickle him the right way.

    14. I just sent an email to Lloyd Pye with implications that with Lloyd's help. Explains why and how a realigning of our current path of hero worshipping will and is changing. In my mind my blogging, take out the vulgarities, points to this. Maybe I've only been hinting and not been to the point? I say when i am its considered insanity. I thank you for your suggestions. How about will this get his attention: Einstein, Darwin, Newton, and Freud, only lead to more theory as we now have the tools to know they were just a wild shot in the dark. As there is only 1 truth, then when a pardox occurs, its time to change the paradigm. Im curious what ideas about science interests him. Hey Vlatko are you there? What motivates you to produce this site?

    15. @homie12,

      1. Do you realize that this is a thread on a documentary about the Pyramids?

      2. I would converse about Einstein, Darwin, Newton, and Freud but when provided with tons of solid arguments I'm afraid you'll start to insult and thus you'll degenerate the discussion. It happened once.

      3. It is obvious that you're conspiracy lover. For you almost all science is wrong, and there is scientific conspiracy agenda. You tend to read only certain authors like Lloyd Pye (UFO/Big Foot conspiracy nut) who promotes his agenda that Everything You Know is Wrong and that the pyramids were built by aliens.

      4. This guy Lloyd Pye is debunked over and over, all over the Internet, again and again, but I suppose you don't read those. In my opinion he is simply a nut-case who doesn't deserve a shred of attention.

      5. Having said all above I think I'll refrain from engaging in this conversation.

    16. Did i mention my avatar is Asket? how do i put her as my avatar?

    17. oh i just got what u meant by V i thought it was 2 because of 2 fingers
      the rest i am clueless about

    18. Oh and I am looking forward to this debate. As it really gets into things that have been proven real, and most of us just will not accept. So don't hold back.

    19. meier was that guy who was in contact with ETs all his life right, even taking pictures of craft and whats this about winters?

    20. yes and thank you very much for asking. Randolph winters has 2, 2 part lectures. And google had them both. Now I cant 1/2 of the later 1. But the contact notes are from when Randoplh winters spent at least a month and some other time correspnding with billy meier mostly. If you find those and I have them downloaded. You will understand who my avatar is. She is Asket. And a very beautiful blonde Timmor. By the way the contact notes are supposedly The entire contact history plus the talmuhd emanuel. If you want the link you can find it searching randolph winters it might take a few searches, but atleast its free. And again I appreciate your consideration for just asking.

    21. I forgot to specifically say that Randolph Winters stay at the Billy Meier ranch in hinterschmidruti switzerland for at least a month. And the things he did and witnessed there were quite spectacular

  87. Oh and this film goes through a lot of effort to repeat the same math principles and yet doesnt say what for. Y2K was a joke, 2012 isnt the pinpoint some say it is. And if the mayans made that calender, they could read it but they can't. So what possibilities are we left with? WE limit ourselves. We here on this planet insist we are at the center of the universe. It makes me feel like an ostrich instead of a human being. Why isn't it obvious people live on other planets and yes they visit here quite often. Richard Dolan's research on this subject easily shows that's overwhelmingly the case. AND Lloyd Pye's as well.

  88. Ok I have some suggestions. And please im not ego centric nor omnipotent. So squash the name calling at me or I'll go ghetto on ya. The great year traces the path our sun follows while we follow it through the galaxy. If you see gravitational theory as an estimation and realize the universe is an electric 1, then so many things become obvious. I dam well made a free energy circuit. It works and I'm not selling anything. Next will be an overunity device. The purpose of space is to conduct energy over vast distances. So far as I've traced it, energy comes from the galaxies. Which means the sun isnt a fusion engine, its an electric anode. Its absorbing energy from the galaxy and sending the solar wind out into the solar system, hence the outer solar atmosphere is the heliopause. All these facts are observable. As is the fact that if you are paying an electric bill you are getting ripped off. Where do the utility companies get it. They move magnets past wire coils. Which means a conductor thruogh a magnetic field or vica versa. But they dont collect the back EMF. If they did more energy would generated than used to create it. If i can find these things out then so can yall. Im not smart nor do i think i am. Dont you think its time for a new paradigm? Heck man it's the 21st century. We owe it to our children to drop our parent's ignorance.

  89. Why the presupposition that technology was required? Before humans were locked into semantics to the same degree as today perhaps the relationship between thought and physical manifestation was more direct. Energy may have thus operated at a higher frequency and moving a 1200 tonne block may have required no more than visualisation, a thought-form at a certain octave. Listen to your DNA talk to your DNA. It is quite apparent through legend, myth, history, race memories and personal experience that both genetic manipulation and mind control have been a foundation and basis for civilization for some time. Agriculture is no more than sequestering what was once free and abundant; engineering shortages and hence shaping desires. A narrow mind is easily directed - agriculture is the basic model for how knowledge has been treated, also, monoculture leads to infertile plains, famine and self-destructive water management. Wether knowledge or food or our sexuality it is clear that an awakening within the sphinx or online in 2011 is nothing more than a realisation that we have been pursuing falsehoods and through our involuntary shaping we may never be able to see the truth as long as we remain totally within this plain/paradigm. Ascenscion is a universal concept that is best understood musically. As i grew up through formal education i was always dissapointed and could not understand why music, mathematics and sport were treated and taught as seperate fields of study. The egyptians did not make this distinction. listen to your DNA talk to your DNA.

    1. @John
      Brilliant mate. I love your thinking.
      Unfortunately, when I'm typing my "thoughts" its all good and fine but by the time I'm done, the train of thought has gone a long way.
      I get the feeling you are also this way.

      which brings me to adding you (djc200) and Hastily urging someone to
      make a Pyramid related comment haha,

      John, if you want to talk more you know where I am :)

    2. "The presupposition that technology was required" is coming from the obvious signs of the technology. This documentary gave a very descent coverage of that. It's not about "moving a 1200 tonne block" (if you think so, you have to re-watch the film), but also about cutting it with an astonishing precision using "tools" that were never found, designing the building structures with an incredible architectural and mathematical mindset, arranging them according to star constellations and planet cycles, and giving all other signs of an obviously very deep and profound knowledge our ancient ancestors had about our planet/solar system/galaxy, etc.

      If it was just about the "energy operating on a higher frequency" (which you for some reason assume, and which would contradict the laws of physics on this planet), then the awkward massive / unproportional / ugly stone structures would be all over the world, just because it was so easy to build them. Instead, all the massive structures demonstrate highly advanced knowledge the ancient civilizations had on so many levels.

      Just watch it again, man.

    3. you are right. As i have 3 degrees in construction , civil engineering ,phjysics based. material. By the way, we are close to having that technology you are refering to. I f we didn't already have it. But that would negate those who control energy distribution wouldnt it?

  90. @djc200

    Thank you djc :)
    Im glad you can see it too :). I don't really have a conclusion to my observations. Just a gut feeling i suppose that makes me question and think about everything. Just from pure observation of what actually happens around me, I am pretty much convinced of this.

    My theory of life itself and indeed everything that the human brain can detect, is a relatively simple one. A circle. that is all. A source of energy igniting at one moment and starting a cycle of pre-determined return to the original state of energy needed for those circumstances to occur.
    "cause and effect", "karma", "what goes around, comes around".

    We seem to be aware of so much yet oblivious to it all.

    The orbit of our planets and galaxy's, along with the fact that nearly all of the recorded texts and imagery of the past, that try to inform us and ease our questions, mention times of reoccurring global/human disasters. More simply put, a small change in our "circumstances" that changes the very equation of our make up. They applied the reasons for change, or indeed a mapping system to inform us of our arrival at times of change, in the stars.

    Even today scientist will speak of gravitational pulls and forces that will directly cause changes in our magnetic field. they will state that the rotating motion of these objects combined with the Physical make up of the objects themselves, creates a "field". basically a contained limit as to where the current "circumstances" will allow its influences to reach.

    for me, our detectable universe is only detectable to us because the surrounding levels of "energy" or "electro magnetism" are all following the same "Formula". we are all in the same Field. Same circumstances or environment (in terms of energy levels).

    Our brain is surrounded by a membrane that contains our electric signals and makes it possible for the billions and trillions of "individual" cells to exchange information and relay data.
    In my opinion, the same thing is true for our galaxy and indeed everything we come across. Including the make up of an "atom".

    "the golden number" interests me as it depicts a spiral. this to me is just a cycle being described with a predictable outcome that will re occur again and again. If life is built from a formula like this, then that would prove the reason the pyramids have stayed relatively unchanged and could even open up the very nature of our bodies regeneration ability. generally giving us a good guideline to work from. If everything we can actually register as a conscious being can be sourced down to the same laws of procession, we could advance so much farther.

    Einstein had the right idea by giving us the laws of physics. I dont think he ever meant for us to assume anything else would be impossible. Science and the general thought process nowadays is making learning, adapting, changing and generally "evolving" as a person, an incredibly difficult and frustrating task. If we were to drop this arrogant attitude of being far smarter than any previous occupier of earth, due to the fact that we are newer here, we could go far.

    If you started a new job and your new colleagues gave you advice... would you listen to the new guy before you, or the guy who has been around for years?

    I say we listen to the ancients. Until we stop arguing about who's theory is right and the sooner we drop the ego of the "clever man" in order to branch out and try new possibilities, the better. only then will we advance. you cant discover new things if you let someone else's test ( in itself, a word to describe extremely specified conditions) stop you from trying other things in other conditions.

    untill WE do that, the brain will be forever wasted. forced to think and operate in false limitations and ideology.

    my final point is... dont ever ever ever just accept someones assumptions on a subject. look at the things they have found and draw your own conclusion. do you feel we are right?

  91. This is a brilliant documentary. As always you have to accept and set aside the personality of a person who "knows" he's right because [insert "facts" other people have made that they just believe because the can't/won't succeed in saying "maybe your right, i dunno. tell me more...].

    With that out of the way, I must say that the Symmetrical walls really took me by surprise. I know there are ways of moving big things around, no matter what the time period, but to do so with such precision "without" extremely specialist equipment. The human hand as we know it, can't really do exactly what we want it to. we shake, we jump, we twitch. in general we aren't perfect... To build something so huge with such anal retentive measurements, at the speed that they did... We are obviously rather misinformed.

    Another point, that the Pyramids could very well be pre-Egyptian, also jumps out at me. I think the Hieroglyphs could possibly be a detailed record of its excavation and the contents when it was found. It doesn't really make sense to me that they would depict images, stories and epic detail of current (of their period) events, on a building they constructed themselves.

    would we really carve out what David Cameron and Nick Clegg have been fussing over or documenting the latest x factor? from my perspective, the "Egyptians" stumbled upon an epic, foreign, strange structure. they Excavated
    and grew Obsessed with the complexity and intellect In all the details and came to the same questions we did. What the hell is this? why? who made this?
    They carved their beliefs and stories and legends of the pyramids and their meaning. But i don't think they where a master race as such with the capabilities to engineer a structure with the Properties of Giza.
    I think the Egyptians were merely part of a long line of earths inhabitants, who found, excavated, discovered amazing wonders, understood as far as their comprehension would allow, filled in the blanks with religious answers and guesses, Built vast cities and monuments around the structures ( which were far inferior to the intellect that went in to the pyramids and statues, hence why they are no longer here), then simply crumbled like every empire/civilization/age we know of... thus leaving us excavating and attempting to discover and learn about the pyramids... Just like them.

    call it what you want. we already know that the earth is a constantly changing environment and does so in a cyclical fashion (seasons, calenders, day, night, eclipses, ice ages, climate change)
    when these change you get different weather and conditions. in certain extremes this causes a whole lot of death.
    I think the pyramids where meant to protect the knowledge in the heads of a select few, from the worst conditions the earth can throw at us. thus meaning we don't have to start from square 1 every time it happens.

    In my humble opinion of course

    1. @Jamie Megarity

      In now days, there are softwares that can decipher hieroglyphs. But huge puters...
      Anyhow, no language can be hermetic.
      Anyhow, scentists deciphered the hieroglyphs before these puters & softwares were existed.
      They even went farer in the past and deciphered a language that dates back before the Babylinian era.

      I was told by one of my co-worker (Chemistry) that one of his pHd'ed brother is working on the "Sanscrit" language. They're almost done...
      I think that "Sanscrit" was before the Babylonian era.

      What should be pointed out about that docu is that the Egyptian (Pharao's era) just like all anciant civilisations was based on grossly one sole extremely developped technology compared to what what humankind has at hand in now days.

      Last year, I developped a polishing paste that can serve to polish radar dishes, telescopes among other things.
      There are at least some ~ 150 types of amumna I could use as an abrasive. Each one calcined and cooled down at different temperatures and speed.
      Ok now, take the radar dishes that has the metal tungsten in its alloy?
      These material thing do not evaporate through centuries.

      It breaks down to what a girl one told me some 30 years back: -"You can know every thing 'bout one thing and known nothing 'bout everything but the best if for you to be "Balanced".

      I now guess that human beings call this "Evolution"...


    2. @Jamie Megarity

      Jamie FTW!! We got a thinker here. :) I could picture them now - the Illuminati huddling in those pyramids during the next solar burn-out of earth. I'm convinced as well that there are definitely a select few who know this and aren't saying. The same people who probably are letting this world run amuck now (mass social unrest, gross inequality, global financial collapses, starvation, peak oil, government lies, obesity, etc.).

      Eventually, this planet will end up looking like Mars; fact is, Mars used to have a magnetic field as well, running rivers of water, and probably abundant organic life - that is, before its center cooled and couldn't produce the magnetic field to stop the sun's radiation from toasting it to kingdom come.

      Best comment so far on this doc.

    3. As for the 1st paragraph, well... couldn't have said it better myself.
      When it comes to Mars, though, you're making conclusions out of theories/suppositions. It doesn't matter where or how, we all want to believe we're not alone in the universe, meet an alien and so on, but... so far and concerning the pyramids in general, the only thing we all agree with (except for the egyptologists) is that an advance civilization built them, in fact they were a lot better than us. Now, are we talking about aliens, superman, the planet of the apes?

    4. @Jamie, have you seen The History Channel's Ancient Aliens, Season 2, Episode 4 - "Underground Aliens"? This is where I believe the people/beings of the ancient have tried to hide and protect themselves from the solar radiation from the sun.

    5. No i must admit I gave up on the first hurdle.
      Think the girlfriend was on my case so I put CSI on to get some peace.
      Will have a watch now :D

  92. If there was any end-of-the-world story that I would bet a dollar on (no more than that!), it's this one. Very entertaining and hugely depressing at the same time. It's got me thinking... the rise in the frequency of catastrophic earthquakes in recent years, along with various other natural disasters and the changing of our global climate, have me wondering if the fact that our solar system will align with our Milky Way galaxy in years to come and how geo-physicists like Michiu Kaku are sounding the alarm for greater solar storms in 2012, are all symptoms of a relatively imminent polar shift on Earth - we're supposedly due up for one soon. :/

    Btw, you should laugh at me for letting my sentences run on like that, you know.

    Moral of the story, make sure your cup of tea is half-full before watching this rather impressive documentary on the marvels of the Ancients.

  93. Sensationalist nonsense. But entertaining nonsense nonetheless. Thoroughly enjoyed watching it.

    1. No more nonsense than archaeology's explanation of everything.. which is to say that everyone in the ancient world was so completely driven by religion that they built a bunch of goofy, inexplicably over-engineered, and otherwise useless monuments, at the cost of millions of lives and countless resources, simply to impress their gods in hopes of having a better harvest!

  94. There is an ancient legend in India presently known as 'Towers of Brahma'.........The same was mentioned by the French mathematician Édouard Lucas in 1883. and the Graphical representation of the same
    resenbles a huge pyramids.with so many wild theories in the doc the above shld also been mentioned

    1. I liked the 5 rings puzzle, very interesting and fun to complete!

  95. the architectural arguments for such precise measurements are believable, but the conclusion is, at best, unfinished. if we are at a point in time where we are facing such catastrophic upheaval, there would be nothing we could do about it. and for the ancients to build such time-enduring structures simply to let us know that most of us can kiss our arse goodbye is illogical. i think these structures served a more immediate purpose for the ancients during their time. at almost the very end of this documentary, they throw in the mayan calender and mention the 26,000 year cycle. some theories interpret this cycle to be indicative of a kind of spiritual evolution which, considering the mess the world is in today, offer hope for us as a species and recognize the fact that we are all connected to each other and our world; that we need to discard the ideologies such as religion, nationality and race (to name a few) which are used by different political factions to control the masses. maybe i'm just an old flower child but I find the idea of spiritual progress manifesting itself in the material world exciting.

  96. Yeah it is powerful Az all I know is is that I have been experiencing alot of things in my life and asking for answers.. And there are alot of things that I have been feeling and I didn't know what they where because I was not focusing on in it using "My Spiritual Eye" and now that I have understanding I feel like I see things alot Clearer you know what I'm saying Az its like you said you can't describe it..

    And its like when you experience like people say things like awakening you can't go back to sleep if you understand...Soo thats what I have been looking up alot of information on right now thats where I am and I know I have some ways to go but I feel really really good because I feel like I'm going down a Good Path and I'm understanding what my purpose is whoosh that was a relief lol :D I'm Happy To come Across Your Path I think You Are an Enlightened One Az you Inspire without trying to thats Special.. Okay Now I'm bout to watch a Doc...Im gonna say something different on ya since I say Peace alot that you asked me was that my last name lol soo Deuces:D

    1. Here is a technique you can try with a willing friend.
      One of you lays down, eyes closed.
      The other starts suggesting a story, ex: you are sitting at the foot of a tree, there is a narrow river near by, you get up and reach a canoe, you get in it and come to the other side...then the person ask what do you see? answer...then the person continues the story from the answer. The story can take any directions, you can even fly, it is like creating a dream while awake but it can go into very personal stuff although it needs to stay visually perceived. Both have to remain connected to the story. AN other ex: you come to hold a box in your hand and the person ask you to open the box and says What do you see? That is the needed constant question; what do you see?
      I am not sure if you understand what i am suggesting. It is a sort of an astral projection but also like a flying carpet unfolding as you go. You'll be amazed at the path this CAN take.
      A spiritual tennis

    2. Sounds also like an exercise that could potentially expand your creativity, as well az, your IN-sight! It can be a very hard thing for ONE person to come up with a consistent, comprehensible narrative.

    3. Yeah I get what you are saying its like okay when you dream and stuff in those dreams are answers to questions you have. So like you can make up dreams anytime you want to like daydreaming or something and when you do you can get answers also just from those made up daydreams.. You can even visit different places like anywhere like far out places Now I have not experienced the different dimension stuff though Az but i have heard about it though thats like super advanced stuff if you ask me lol....But okay when you do this with someone else both of you can get answers to each others questions Through Each Other... But its so much its like yeah its Deep but like what you make up in dreams like they can be Reality like whatever you see by focus and visualizing it even though you just made it up its real... Ohh this is so interesting but will pick this up later hopefully Deuces :)

    4. Remember it is a tennis match. So A starts presenting a visual situation then ask a question to B, B answers by adding to the story a little, then from that point A adds to the story until an other question is asked....on and on until perhaps B is brought back to the river.
      A is the helper, B is the traveller so with this in mind, A has to listen to it's own feeling of how one can help and not take over.

      @Py here is a different kind of "date" you could have with Mrs. Moose. Followed by a neutral massage (all women like that). And then you become B and she A...get a babysitter!
      have fun

  97. @Az And @ Pysmythe

    How Are Ya'll Doing :D

    What are you guys over here talking about sounds interesting. Can I listen and learn and ask questions lol? Az you know alot about the third eye and the pineal gland? Okay so I have been looking up alot of things including that and I have come across something about Astral Projections do you know about it too?

    1. @knowledge
      I read a little about astral projection when I was much younger, and then just forgot all about it. Then...years later, a musician friend of mine told me about a dream he had one night. He said the dream seemed like it was completely real, and he even used the term astral projection to describe it. For some reason, I was in the dream, and he asked the dream me if this was really happening, and if it was a genuine out-of-body experience. The dream me told him it was, and that it was something that I did ALL THE TIME... Then (he said) I just flew up into the air and disappeared!


    2. @iz
      Astral Projection is very powerful and has everything to do with the "similar story i was making allusion to Py", that's why it took me a while to answer you.
      Still i can't find the words to describe it.
      I believe that the mysterious is not something that can be told justly. The person reading it cannot visualize the imperceptible.
      All i can say is that although i do not know what Py experienced i can sympathise with the perplexing aspect of it.

  98. where is the list of flagged words? please, this is annoying!
    sorry for being impatient, after sending three comments i realized you were moderating all comments

    1. @Azilda,

      No worries. Everything will be published. Be patient. There is no list of words at this moment.

    2. @Az
      I don't know why I didn't remember this experience a lot sooner, being it was one of the most profound in my musical life, and that it should be pretty easy to see some connection between it and the purported effects of ancient solfeggio. Maybe it isn't anything more than an example of the power of music, but I'll tell it to you anyway as best as I can and let you decide about that. I'll try to keep it as short as possible, too.

      When I went back to Bali in '92, I met a guy on the beach in Sanur, named Ida Bagus Saursana, who was a high-caste Brahmin. He was very sweet-tempered and gentle, and trusting, probably too trusting, to tell you the truth, and in the years since I've hoped others, tourists or natives, haven't taken advantage of that. We struck up a conversation for an hour or so, I guess it was, and before I knew it, he had invited me to come stay with his family for the night in the village of Gianyar, about 20 kilometers north along the coast. He said that that evening there was going to be a ceremony at the temple there that I would probably be interested in seeing. The ceremony was for the spilling of blood on the temple grounds, and was part of an annual festival called Odalan, or founding day, a part of which I'd witnessed on my first visit in '87 in another village, but without the intimate musical component I'll try to relate later on.

      I have to pause here a moment and describe something significant about Balinese instruments: There are master craftsmen in various villages around the island who, along with their apprentices, will build from scratch every part of a full gamelan, with the exception of the large gongs, which are imported from Java. And every gamelan orchestra is different from every other, made in some other village by some other group of craftsmen; no two are alike, far less so than, say, two violins made by different luthiers. The bronze bars which comprise the melody instruments are cast and then fashioned by hand into their final form in such a way that, were you to take an instrument from one orchestra and put it into another, the difference would be immediately noticeable to the initiated, and the intended effect of the whole would be lessened. In other words, the entire orchestra is fashioned from the ground up to work as essentially one entity, and individual instruments will not blend correctly with the instruments of other orchestras. Each master also has his own choices for the ratios of his scales, unique to him alone. He shapes all of the scales of the instruments in such a way that there is a very slight "off" between them all, which has the effect of creating a pulse, or a beating or shimmering quality that is very deliberately meant to evoke a holy feeling or a state of meditation or even trance.

      A quick word here: If you have only ever heard a recording of gamelan, then you haven't heard it at all. To really have some understanding of its magic, you have to hear it in person, and as close as you can get to it. The notes seem to actually radiate outward from your body as the musicians pound away, and you can feel it in your bones, as if you are in complete harmony with every phrase. It's really quite indescribable, and I wish every music lover could experience it in the flesh.

      That evening, after a meal with his wife and child, Ida Bagus gave me a sarong and sash to put on, a requirement for stepping onto the temple grounds, and we walked a short distance up the road from his home-compound to take part in the ceremony. In the temple courtyard was an abbreviated orchestra consisting of only a few instruments of the full gamelan. There were two g'nders, which are similar to xylophones, two trompongs, which are inverted bronze bowls used to mark phrases, and a single drummer, seated, with the drum secured in his lap. As the priest made the blood sacrifice, they began to play a fast, repetitive melody that I remember very well to this day. Without any prompting from me, Ida Bagus leaned over and told me that what they were playing was a "war" theme, suitably violent and intense for the spilling of blood, and it really was.

      Then, suddenly, a strange but wonderful thing began to happen to me as I listened to it. Off in the distance in the fading light were the emerald green rice fields, and white, thick smoke was rising from them in different places because of the time of year it was. The chaff of the crops was being burned to make way for the new. Barely seen were the bent backs of the few who remained in the fields to tend the fires. And the combination of the war theme, the smoke, the way the instruments were tuned (and their volume), with that shimmering, pulsing quality I mentioned, began indeed to put me into what I can only call a kind of trance. I almost felt as if I myself were in the middle of a battle! I felt locked into the whole experience completely, with a sense of losing control a little bit, but in an ecstatic, peaceful way that was not at all frightening. But... before it could go as far as it would have, maybe, it was all over, and I came back down to earth, so to speak.

      Well, there's not much more to add, and I've gone on too long, already.

      What do you think? Could it have been brought about because of the particular way the instruments were tuned, as much as anything else? That absolutely would have been the intention of the instrument maker, to put the listener into a holy state and made susceptible to an altered sense of reality, which is exactly what I believe I felt.

      Any thoughts? Does it seem like it could've been a similar thing to the ancient solfeggio to you, or is it just an example of "getting into the beat" especially intensely...whatever that may really mean. I do know I felt rejuvenated afterwards, even "cleansed" in some way, I guess you could say, as if I'd been emptied of something, and was lighter in spirit because of it.

    3. I read your interesting story and am letting it sink in waiting to "hear" what reply gets created within.
      Thank you....i have not been to Indonesia...YET

      Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it.
      Rabindranath Tagore

    4. From what I can tell about you from these comments, I'm positive they would just love you. It wouldn't surprise me at all if the friends you made there tried to talk you into staying for a while. You seem tied to the earth, but with a great reverence for spiritual things without being ruled over by dogmas, and that, underneath all their rituals, is fundamentally how they are. They would almost instantly respond to you very well, I have no doubt. Furthermore, the entire island is a photographer's paradise!

      ( I'm speaking about Balinese attitudes here, of course. Regretfully, I can't say I know too much about the rest of Indonesia.)

    5. I did not forget you. I went outside this afternoon to split some firewood for about 1hr thinking this would bring what i want to say, but it didn't.
      It'll come.
      My similar story is not something i want to tell here. Actually it is not similar in event but it has that something something that only the person who lives it can understand the depth of how one can be touched by an event and not be able to find the words to describe it.

    6. It's fine, take your time. I'm not in a hurry.
      I wish you could tell that story, though. Saying something like that is kinda like saying "Hey, you'll never guess what I just heard!...but I said I wouldn't say anything." (lol)
      I know what you mean about having a hard time finding the right words...I reread what I wrote, and it comes off seeming very something we all feel after a few beers and our favorite music on the stereo...and maybe that is all it was. It's a sure thing the endorphins were flowing pretty intensely in me during that experience. I also think that I so love and am susceptible to Balinese culture that I may be guilty of ascribing significance to it that others would find hard to see, unless they had a similar love of it.

      ( I REALLY love that quote, btw. I forgot to add that yesterday.)

    7. i disagree...i can tell it was profound, but then again, i may see it this way because it reminded me of my own experiences.
      I am a visual so the way i have been touched by the mysterious is through my eyes and later associated with my third eye or pineal gland. I know this sounds "new agy" but i have done many experiments with eye gazing and continue to do so.

      I am watching Ungrip...a new doc by Ben Stewart...i just suggested it to Valtko

    8. I just found it on Talismanic Idols...I'm watching it, too.

    9. found it on youtube.
      Pay attention, i believe they are using the frequencies we were talking about here, he is known for being a believer in ancient solfeggio.

    10. I thought the soundtrack was a little subdued, but I guess that might have been necessary if he was trying to incorporate those frequencies, I don't know. I would think that what's known in music as as a "pedal point" would be more effective for driving home the changes/benefits of A.S., and I don't recall hearing any.
      A good doc, all in all, though, but wow...what a whole LOT of legal talk! Several times I found myself wishing I had a lawyer on hand, so I could check him for accuracy!

    11. ola...with all your computer/music equipment, do you have a way to measure what frequencies are used as background sound in the film?
      I also checked Shylo Love, she also uses the tuning forks i was talking about previousy (the chinese practice doctor).
      I hope @Vlatko post the movie so we can discuss it in the appropriate place...but ya quite interesting concept. Freedom in a whole different way!

  99. no wheels is that a joke,,? they went to war in chariots.

  100. I agree with the first 80 minutes, but how on earth did they link it to destruction? That's pure and very daring speculation based on NOTHING.

    If it indeed was the case, the ancient civilisation would have been surprised by it and wouldn't have time to build monuments to 'let us know'.

    How about they simply wanted to leave a message that they were here? There are ways for a civilisation to perish/vanish, and it needn't be thru a solar apocalypse.

  101. There is a Ton of interesting Stuff in this Doc, But when they wrap it up in to there agenda of promoting more doom and gloom that will not, I Repeat Will Not Effect any of us or our kids or our kids' kids kind of disappointed me.... I give it a 4 out of 5 Stars...

  102. i'm a sucker for animated 3D renderings of archeological sites, nicely done! i don't really agree on the conclusion, why is it allways mayhem and destruction? maybe "they" just want to impress us, and the only way to make these monuments last is to build them the way they did. and: where's a site like stonehenge in this picture? it doesn't align so we just dropped it?

  103. OOOO, look out kiddies! 2012 is very near. Hope those Mayans were wrong.

  104. What a pile of s***. I agree with the French person (archeologist?) who talked about taking any object, a stool perhaps, and start spending all your free time obsessing about it's measurements and and trying to find some kind of meaning in the numbers. The harder and longer you look, the more you find. As far as I'm concerned the big news here is that the Egyptians knew alot more geometry than anyone had previously known. At-a-boy Egyptians! When it came to Pharaohs and their final resting places, those guys were totally engaged. If you have enough manpower you can get a Giza pyramid in 20 years, no problem. Some slaves might have been used but the bulk of the carving was done by professionals hired by the temple priests. A city of sorts has been discovered near the great pyramids. It housed the skilled workers of which I believe there were a great many.

    1. If you have enough man power you can build things with 200 tons blocks that come from 500 miles away that are aligned within a 50th of an inch in a few minutes? Did you notice the blocks on mount Ararat in Turkey that way 2000tons and 1 that's 3000tons left there...We can't carry it, ever...French archeologist? A lot of them are in this documentary. But i can guess you're pointing at the moron with no hair that doesn't have a clue cause you seem to carry the same train of thought... I can guess also that you don't read much but you obviously feel the need to proove you're stupidity to as many people as you can... American right?

  105. Man-made stones break in lines and natural stones CAN break in circular fashion, in addition, those are those lucky strikes that break half of a circle out of a square stones, furthermore a 60 year old slave that has been carving stone every day, all day long, for 48 years has an extremely acute talent, also the whole population had nothing better to do than make statues and, in fact, were forced to do so,making it a very acceptable theory that these objects were carved in primitive fashion by the egyptian slave population.

  106. What a wonderful surprise! One gets so used to a diet academic bullshit, it makes a great and welcome change to watch an intelligent viewpoint that hasn't curved in all the answers to fit academias delusions

  107. I liked this documentary a lot. great presentation. this is hugely different from most documentaries about ancient egypt, as it at least attempts to answer some questions (or at least bring up very interesting points) rather then just leave it a mystery and end there. I also found it gratifying that they did make mention of the secret knowledge/ ancient geometry aspects of the subject but stopped before anyone could even think of miscrediting this documentary on that basis. one of the best docs i've seen in a while, strongly recommend.

  108. wow, never saw more skeptics in one place than in the comments section in here... geez people, think open mind a bit ffs...

  109. very interesting.

  110. @Pysmythe

    Well the answer is easier to explain than you might think. In the past, probably even more so than today, more than 3/4 of the population lived by the sea. Rising sea levels at the end of the last ice age swallowed up vast populated areas all over the world. We don't even need a pole shift to account for most of the losses.

    Proof...Let's see. It's not really possible to prove anything but some have tried..Graham Hancock's series of programs "Underworld" deals with many sites - like 2 huge cities in the Indian Ocean - but there are loads of them.

    "Forbidden Archaeology" by Michael Cremo is enough to put fear in the heart of mainstream historians. I can't recommend this weighty tome of referenced/crossed referenced to the point of absurdity archaeological revisionism enough. It is the master work in the field. A collection of thousands and thousands of documented "ooparts" (out of place artifacts). You can google this easily enough to find if you're really interested. It's a mind blower of a book and I'm not easily impressed. Stuff like stitched sole boot print fossils, gold chains found in lumps of coal -it goes on and on and has so many references and sources that they came out with an edited version for non academics. Mint.

    And this is another amazingly academic one - "When the Earth Nearly Died: Compelling Evidence of a Catastrophic World Change 9500 B.C" by Allan & Delair. It's another extremely well referenced work that provides ample food for thought.

    But if you're the type that can dismiss ancient primitives shifting the equivalent of Boeing 747's and carting them miles before using them like legos as par for the course then these meagre offerings may not suffice.

    Personally I'm not sure who or what came before this Age we live in. But I've spent decades digging. Deeply. I'm certain of one thing only. The official version of just about everything never stands up to serious investigation.

    1. @Daniel Jones

      Thanks. I'll look into all of those, starting tonight.

      The mysteries out there do fascinate me a very great deal. But I tend to get annoyed when I suspect researchers are embroidering things for the sake of a buck, and probably even more annoyed to see so many these days with such a pitiful lack of critical thinking that they're willing to believe almost anything they're told.

      Maybe these will prove different, but it would require extraordinary evidence for the extraordinary claim that a technological civilisation existed long ago more advanced than this one, and was subsequently wiped off the face of the earth leaving not a trace that can be substantiated.

      Not, at least, that I've seen as of yet.

      Thanks again for the leads.

    2. @ Pysmythe

      I sincerely hope you find them worthy. The books in particular are personal treasures of mine.

      One p.s. though...when I say more advanced than we are I'm not necessarily using the modern yardstick. I suspect a technology based on implosion rather than explosion and a practical understanding of subtle electromagnetic energies - things like earth currents and such. Oh, and restricted knowledge of high spin platinum group metals which we're just rediscovering now. But I digress and get into deeper waters lol.

    3. any change?

    4. @Az

      No, I'm afraid Daniel's books look like complete pseudoscience to me, especially "When the Earth Nearly Died," but...I gave it a shot.
      ( I'm assuming you were addressing me. )

    5. @Pysmythe

      Just checking if you actually read them. "Looks like..." worries me a bit. Even a cursory glance at comments in Amazon will tell you that they are both extremely intellectual, cross referenced and highly challenging to the status quo Uniformitarian world view. There will always be detractors and hit men for such things but the overwhelming consensus is 5 star. Only an actual read will give you the chance to see for yourself though.

      If you've read them then we can only agree to differ in our opinions :-)

    6. Thank you for this valuable information. I've downloaded the two book sources.

  111. Hey @Vlatko...soon you'll be the most active!

  112. The progression of pyramid building pretty much blows this whole idea out of the water. The earliest pyramids built were simple, such as the original step pyramid designed by Imhotep. Over a couple of centuries techniques were mastered to get ever closer to the 'perfect' pyramid at Giza. These pyramids were occupied by a progression of Pharaohs that we know came one after the other.

    Let's say this is all wrong and the pyramids actually were built thousands of years before that and the egyptian Pharaohs just took the monuments as their tombs, as the doc claims. That means that the first Pharaoh to have a pyramid as a tomb, Djoser, had to choose the 'least' impressive monument out of the large array of impressive pyramids including the Great Pyramid. No, he shunned that in favour of the far less wondrous basic step pyramid. Then the next chose the next least impressive and so on and so forth up to the time that Cheops chose to take the Great Pyramid as his tomb.


    1. However...If the Great pyramids are actually much older than accepted by mainstream, 10,500 bc being the star map depicted in stone with the sphinx facing the rising of Leo at the vernal equinox, then Djoser's wonky pyramid is exposed for what it is - a much later failed attempt to replicate the ancestors. The same can be said for Inca works which were trifles compared to earlier attempts. (Do research the conventional dating of the Giza pyramids. It's circumstantial evidence to say the least)

      It is a fact that the older you go back the heavier the megalithic stones become all over the world. 400 ton stones used in Tehuanaco, and the megalithic site of Baalbeck in Lebanon has 1200 ton stones used as a raised platform that later Phonecians, then Greeks, then Romans built upon afterwards. The site was ancient before the Phonecians for christ's sake. The largest stone in even the Great pyramid is 100 tons with 10 ton casing blocks. We can't shift 1200 ton stones today period.

      Baalbeck is the building 7 of megalithic architecture even though more people know of the pyramids alas.

      Uniformitarianism and Darwinism don't leave room for the catastrophisms required to bury earlier technologically advanced civilisations on Earth - but considering the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, it's time we woke from our slumbers and realised we are not currently the most advanced we have ever been. Perhaps we will value our lives and the planet that much more when we realise she is able to shrug us off like fleas every now and then :-)

    2. Here's someone who can say it better than me!

    3. @Daniel Jones

      Lemme guess... Atlantis, right? Or Mu? Or aliens...?

      You string together a pretty enough pile of sentences, I'll grant you, but upon a closer look, even a cursory look, I believe I can guarantee anyone this idea of a preceding civilisation technologically in advance of this one will turn out to lack all substance. And that will not have been due to some catastrophe, or series of catastrophes, that conveniently wiped out all traces of them anywhere, either. The consensus is that a worldwide event caused the extinction of the majority of dinosaur species, and after 65 million years we still have plenty of evidence they were here, buried much deeper in the record of the earth than any human civilisation possibly could be.

      So where is the evidence of these things? Just how catastrophic would such an event or events have to be to so completely obliterate all traces of these things that not even the dust remains to be seen? Was it, perhaps, an ancient atomic war?

      I'm not talking about the manipulation of some large rocks, or a Bimini wall here and there, either. Or Baalbek, which wasn't even finished. I'm talking about any clear evidence of a civilisation technologically in advance of this one.

      And don't get the idea that such things threaten me or my worldview, either, in some way. I have no god(s) and no politics, and no science, to defend, or any such thing. I am simply talking about FACTS/EVIDENCE alone.

      Where are they?

      If you have anything really substantial, I'll be more than happy to modify the views I have right now.

    4. Let me comment on this:
      You ask for evidence of a civilisation technologically in advance of us.

      How about I tell you that if OUR civilisation perished tomorrow, there would be absolutely no trace left of our technology in less then 10 000 years from now.

    5. @hofy doodle
      And how do you know that? Remember, the dinosaurs died out (except for birds) 65 million years ago, and there are all kinds of traces of their existence. The Titanic sank 98 years ago, and in 250,000 years, there will still be large rust deposits on the sea-floor giving some indication of what was there at one time. Even more significantly, satellites in orbit above 1,000 miles can stay in orbit for thousands of years, and orbital crash debris from them will remain evident for many times that... Specifically, for well over 10,000 years. Barring some lunar event, Armstrong's footprints (in addition to the equipment left there) will remain pristine in the Sea of Tranquility for millions of years.

      ( There are also time-capsules the world over that could easily withstand the wear and tear of 10,000 years, were some catastrophe to occur tomorrow, many of which contain technology, or clear references to it. )

  113. fascinating documentary , the connections over time and distance in the construction practices and in their astrological placements is truly something to investigate . it seems too coincidental to be just that , coincidence . some higher power or extra terrestrial forces must have had involvement in the archetecture of these places.

    1. is founded upon basic math principals that start from the simple 2+2=4 type foundations and slowly growing into more complex equations. It could be a progression in the study of mathematics that is logical and universal in scope and would not need meta-physical or extra-terrestrial interference. In other words, they were very intelligent human beings who learned how to build using the universal laws of mathematics. Laws that are the same everywhere, no matter what year or where the location.

  114. anyone noticed how the sphinx has small head in realtion to body... not just is it smaller but is more detailed and somewhat different colour... i find it hard to believe that in civilisation where everything is so precisely build and always in right ratio, can something that awkward be built on purpose... my theory is that the head is carved much more later than the body, and that the body belongs to a different creature, and the head is carved later because of degradation of the monument or sth like that (maybe a pharaoh wanted his head on the body of a lion) while all other sphinx (smaller) are all proportionate...
    any comments or thoughts

    1. And you can see the stones surrounding the Sphinx. They have obviously been exposed to the long and winding tear of water and there was no water there during the pharao's era in Egypt. The sphinx may have been built a lot earlier and then the egyptians carved a human face on the existing face of a lion. The head of the sphinx is really disproportionately small compared to the rest of the body.

  115. Just got out of a long relaxing time in the hottub where i was thinking about your question. What you are asking me to do is the same as what the makers of this film did in people's opinion. No one, me included, can say what the pyramid was. Of course i could write one or two assumptions but what would people make of it? Some would like it and some would not, just as with this doc.

    I am not a scientist or an alien although some have thought and said that sometimes i behave rather strangely, i make strange decisions, i live in a strange way, i say strange things, i love strange men. "Strange" (and gone most of the time) is my department in people's opinion but people have gotten used to my ways, specially the special ones (in my personal life).
    Frankly if you ask me i'd say i am swimming in simplicity.
    I am a line( with a dot on it, i

    Life is a game and i play it as such. That's why being here at TDF is right up my alley. This is a reality show ain't it? lolololol

    What would i like the pyramid to have been or what do i think we should do with the pyramid in the future (Lucas inspiration)....could be answered this way.

    I see the pyramid as having represented a human being
    (pi is appropriate). The above ground-line representing the physical appearance and the under with it's tunnels and chambers representing the energetic self and the mind. If this is possible then it directs me to think that perhaps the building was used as a ceremonial structure for the passing to enlightment. If this is possible it makes me hopeful to think that at one time a civilisation of high energetic power lived on earth...who ever they were, from where ever they came, apes or apex(probable in this situation).

    What i think the pyramid could be for the future generation?
    Open entirely, and not turned into a shopping, sorry here.
    I'll let Lucas make the film and i'll work as his Craft Person in the kitchen trailer, best place to hear all the stories!
    If i go from the angle that life is more mysterious than the word mysterious conveys...then the pyramid will find it's own use. It has been hit by the most powerful energy, all coming from the stars, galaxies and heavens to it's point.
    I say let's put the cap on, might be an old kind of antenna!
    Gold at one time? would have been nice!
    an inverted V underneath? Would sure be hard to have proven, try to take the sand away from a pointing structure.
    Age: very very very old.
    Ouf! did i pass Teachers?

    1. @Az
      One thing I can say about you is that you do not lack for imagination and the fecund production of multilayered titillating remarks! You say you are swimming in simplicity: I both believe that, and don't believe it for a moment. I admit I'm deliciously confused, and swimming in a warm bath of my own right now, fully relaxed, and ready to slide out of it onto the floor, a wet noodle of middle-age and lowered blood-pressure.

      This is what your words do to me!

      ... --- ... (Morse code!)

      Coming back into focus, I think some of the people here took my remarks to mean I don't think what the Egyptians did was especially impressive, and nothing could be further from the truth, from an engineering standpoint and the standpoint of its possible meaning. And I could easily see the Giza pyramid as being symbolic (or a ceremonial structure...) of the journey to enlightenment. In this respect, from the interpretation of it as a symbol, it may be difficult to view it any other way: Among other interpretations, you might say that you have many different views, represented by the base (the width and breadth of the world, and all the various knowledge and experience throughout its four corners), leading up to the pinnacle of some intensely focused esoteric learning that has gradually converged and united them all.

      Who knows?

      But one of the things overlooked in all these comments (and the documentary) is that one of the reasons pyramid building was so prominent among widely scattered ancient peoples is because the pyramid is actually one of the easiest shapes of large structure to construct with limited technology, and I think it's important to bear that in mind. But that's not to belittle the achievement in any way; if for no other reason, the sheer size of the thing precludes that. And the Sphinx may be an equally great accomplishment, seen from that understanding, depending on when it may actually have been built.

      Again, who knows?

      But I think I'll look into some of the websites you put up earlier for someone else, just to get a fuller view of it.

      Thanks for answering my questions. I give you an A+, for Az, and an "i" for "incomplete"! ( Incomplete intended to be interpreted only symbolically, of course. You are, after all, still a Student! )

      [ Az am I. ]

    2. @py
      up 4:25am.
      Couln't wait to see! lol... and the cat just went for a piss in her box, i thought she was trying to go under by the way she was digging. Has she been listening to me talk about pyramids? This is my last day in this quiet little heaven in the woods, i will be heading for the hills of Nelson later on. May be an other even better place in the making, friends are off on vacaiton for a week and need a caretaker. Who needs to own a gorgious house when you can visit many a year? I am like a hotel chain owner! lol

      i ncomplete is right...if i had try to make it complete i would still be wondering what to write. I play with words since i don't really know how to use them in the proper kind of way. I don't even have a high school degree although they kept me there until the end of grade 12, my degree is my five passports (old ones included).

      I like your symbolic description of possibilities....and... Right!, a pyramid was really easy to build in those days...they built them all over the world. What strikes me is that Giza is the "only one" built with such perfection (and we haven't been showed that it was explored fully yet), could it have been the model for the others?

      "20 yrs to make" is bull sh*te to the cowboy that i am, but i'm a poor rider so may be i fell face first in it and never realized it was my own poo. It does smell kind of funny though even to me!

      I give you a P+ for possible and a Y+ for the y of i...the why of i, a question everyone has at one time or an other about oneself.

    3. you'll have to be patient, my words were send to the office! In fact you may have to be real patient, it appears like they are vacuuming the whole floor right now up there. Showers of doc coming down here!
      I was in no way impolite but i did use the brown word in a joke (that would be me), may be it has been banned as of late.
      take care and get ready for an other portion of my soup!

    4. @Az
      You use words in a very fine, very original and imaginative way; even though they're English, they appear to be great friends of yours! I can only imagine, for those whose mother-tongue it is, what a feast it must be to hear you speak French... And you're right, you are a little "strange," it seems, but only in the most beautiful, appealing ways. Your passion for things is very, very evident, and draws people (me) to you.

      I'm trying to find very specific info this morning on the time it took to construct Giza, and not having a lot of initial luck... The Wiki article (usually only a jumping point for me, if even that) mentions some chap who maintains the whole thing was racked up over a span of only 14 years! That, I'm pretty positive I don't believe... But there are a few links at the bottom of the article that might be worth checking out a little, before maybe hunting down something more substantial.

      If I find anything really out of the ordinary that I'm sure you'd be interested in, I'll let you know.

      ( Pet the kitty for me! )

    5. Did you ever come across some of the poems i posted in my earlier days here....until Vlatko's poetic side politely asked me to stop?
      By the way he asked Oz the same.
      That's when i started to write poetry between my other words.
      Apparently this was prefered by most!
      I must admit sometimes i have a strong urge to lay my pie of poetic words bare

    6. Sorry it took so long... It being Saturday, I fell back asleep for a while.

      Yes, I saw many of your poems! I can honestly say that it was reading your stuff (and Oz's and Achems') that made me want to start participating more than anyone else's. But I guess it was several months before I finally did.

      ( However you want to lay out your words, I'll be there to take a look, lol. )

    7. The one pyramid (Great pyramid at Giza) for which we do have internal structure details depicts the mechanism via which the inhabitants are shielded in the event of cataclysmic drowning of the pyramid in a tsunami while its pyramidal shape helping keep its integrity in an accompanying earthquake.

    8. @ Az & @ Pysmythe,

      You are both truly wonderful people & your civilized & inspirational conversation here is a part of why I see you both that way :)!

    9. guess who gave the first two thumbs up!

    10. Lol. ( For the moment, before I click the reload option, I'm right here in the middle of you two... How pleasant! )

  116. @Az
    If you don't mind saying it straight out, and completely, and exposing yourself to what MIGHT follow (but not from me), what do you, personally, think the significance of the Great Pyramid is? What, I mean, was it's actual purpose, if not a tomb? Who, maybe, do you think really built it, and when? Just...from everything you know, and from what your gut tells you, what IS the Great Pyramid, really?

    1. @Py
      I will ponder on my response but i am going for lunch at my daughter's and i have to clean the house where i am caretaking beccause the people are coming back tomorrow. Vacuum, dust, laundry ect..the place is not dirty (it's a very very beautiful house), i barely moved away from the computer while i was here. Did you noticed?


  117. its pretty grim at the end. Ha ha POO yard

  118. There is nothing far fetched about any of this. Ancient cultures were much more technically advanced than we perceive. There are even more similarities between pyramids that they show in this documentary. Mainstream archaeologists don't like it whenever anyone challenges the status quo and they do their best to suppress evidence that contradicts it. They are just now finally starting to recognize the Bosnian pyramids after they've spent years branding their discoverer as a fraud and a kook. Personally, I believe we had an advanced (not as advanced as today) civilization here prior to the last cataclysmic climate shift.

    1. @Aleister Crowley (< I so enjoyed writing that, lol)

      Would that be Mu?

  119. The age of the pyrmid expressed in this documentary as 4,700 years or 2,700BC is incorrect. The age of the pyramids has recently been dated to 10,500BC or 12,500 years ago. The new age of the pyramids was determined by the age of the Sphinx, whose base has been weathered by water. The Sphinx was built to recognize the transition either from or to the sign LEO which occurred around 10,500BC (12,500 years ago). For more information learn more about the procession of the equinox.

    Around 10,000BC an asteroid swarm struck the Earth. One such asteroid either struck or exploded above the North American continent wiping out the large animals that lived there at the time including horses, cammels, saber tooth tigers and the wholly mammoths. The earliest human settlers were also wiped out.

    Another piece of asteroid struck the Atlantic ocean which resulted in a huge ocean wave that swept through Egypt and rose the sea level to approximately half the height of the great pyramid. Sea salt residue has been found inside the great pyramid walls confirming this catastrophic flooding event in 10,000BC.

    Around the world cultures created stories that recorded this massive flooding event that appraently decimated the advanced Egyptian culture living at the time.

    So the age of the pyramids is NOT 4,700 years old but rather 12,500 years old which makes them even more amazing!

    The pyramids DO NOT belong to any of the Egyptian dynasties from 3,000BC onward. This is incorrect information that has been known for some time.

    The accomplishments in building the pyramids shows that mankind has been advanced for quite some time and that we are just catching up.

    Other recent evidence with regards to the pyramids has revealed an internal corridor to move the blocks to the next level. That the Egyptians were well aware of the circle and used two half moons made of wood to encase a pyramid block to roll it into place. The Hollywood example of pyramid stones being moved by sleds is completely wrong based on this new evidence.

    A Parisian architect spent several years building the pyramids from scratch to determine how they were built and why. His findings have now been proven and are documented in a recent Pyramid documentary dated 2009 or 2010.

    1. You mean they are willing to give us that much; 12,500. This would make it coincide with agriculture. If they could build such amazing structure by then, it would mean that agriculture was long existing already...are we shuffling cards?
      What we may be finding out (or know already) Giza is not aged as agreed by science and perhaps nothing "old" is either.


    2. @European Art
      Where did you find this information?

    3. @european art
      we are in the waiting mode

  120. Fun doc! Agreeing with it or not doesn't really matter. It was just fun and interesting to watch. No "breakthroughs" but more like a compilation of many other docs on this site.

    I dunno if it's weird or not but I think I spent much more time on AZ's Myspace page after I clicked her profile than I did watching this doc. Nice pictures :)

    1. thank you.
      No breakthroughs but may be a breakdown or!

    2. @Charles Alderson
      Aren't they?

    3. Yeah it was thought provoking. I felt as if my life was a giant barren desert though. Like I haven't done anything in comparison. To imagine that someone who could be just as intellectual as me has came to live the exact opposite lifestyle as me sorta gives you some hope that maybe life isn't as dismal as I make it out to be. But then again I'm American and she is Canadian so there is so much more for me to hate about life than for her.

    4. @Charles Alderson

      I know exactly what you mean...especially the part about being an American (these days, a least).*

      If I could still afford to, I'd travel a lot more like I did when I was younger and things were easier financially. But that does have its upside: I have a house full of kids I love. Maybe when they're on their own, if we're still around, the wife and I will be able to see some of the places Az, and Vlatko, have. When I was in my late teens and in college, I thought very seriously about becoming a cultural anthropologist, but got sidetracked when I took a year off from school to travel overseas and, between one thing and another, never managed to regain my momentum... Mostly, the job I had when I got back (actually the same one I had when I left...) became comfortable enough for me to just keep putting off finishing my education.

      Ironic, isn't it? I've always rather regretted it, but I wouldn't want to complain too much. And, anyway, like a lot of people on this site would probably agree with, I don't think you necessarily need a degree, or a lot of travel, to prove your intellectual vitality or creativity. Like everyone, I suppose, I've seen a lot of posts all over the internet, but I haven't found anywhere else nearly the generally high level of discussion I've found here. Even if I don't always agree with people, I have a lot of respect for the brainpower manifested daily on this site, and look on all of it as a challenge to bring out what I consider the best in myself to be, and even though I've never succeeded at it, I intend to keep trying to get to it.

      * Incidentally, did you see any of that travesty of a debate last night?

    5. Missed it. Hate watching TV except Trueblood or Torchwood.

      +1 to your whole last paragraph. I've been watching these docs here forever and just never wanted to talk. The people seem so intriguing that I just had to though! Az has been by far my favorite personality and clicking her myspace just added to the fascination.

    6. @Charles Alderson
      Be wary of "Az fascination"! I know where you're coming from, and you may have a bit of a hard time shaking it off.

      ( Looking forward to hearing more from you, too. )

    7. I do too.

      Immerse yourself in your Self
      Self importance doesn't hurt anyone


  121. introductions a bit short innit??

  122. I just finished re-reading most of the comments here.
    I also just finished watching again the last section 7.
    I also went looking to the credits.

    credits include: With the participation of

    Musee National d'Histoire Naturelle
    Palais de la Decouverte
    Musee du Louvre
    Institut de France
    Academie Francaise
    Ecole Polytechnique

    The end of section 7
    says and repeats several time the words: could, may be, no one knows why, we cannot know
    .many thousands years ago a sophisticated civilization lived on our planet
    .many scientists and archeologists will dismiss them out of hand
    .this is a message from the past we should take seriously
    .the great pyramd of Giza has a message for us all

    When a doc is made, it is left to the ones who are making the doc to decide what the last words will be, not to the scientists who participated. Why would the unknown scientist participate and not want to be named? Perhaps he didn't like the ending and asked to be removed which would still allow them to use his findings.

    The most important point in this doc is the appearance of evidence that the Pyramid of GIZA (not the others) and the Sphinx and the old city of Cuzco and Sacsayhuaman were not built when as claimed by science. This would have a huge impact on ALL HISTORY and our belief (or education) that pre-ancient population were only a bunch of cave dwellers.
    Imagine all the books we would have to burn, what a fire that would be!
    Burning man alright!

    All of us are free to think what we want, write what we want, and go to Egypt if we want.

    I don't see bullshit here, but i am no bull and obviously i am no scientist, how would i recognize it?

    Does anyone know what the dial is on the ceiling at 9:16 on #7"?

    1. There is a saying i came up with:
      If you show a cowboy a full pie of bullshit, he most likely will recognize it as bullshit, but if you give him a spoonful, he may not realize it's his own cowboy dung.
      changing it makes the saying even cuter!

      edit: make sure you don't give anyone a piece of that kind of pie, apples are so much better! lol

    2. Cute Az, but bulls don't shit turds. Like cows, they shit pies. Horses, dogs, cats, people, etc shit turds....but bulls??
      ;0) I know, I know, it's just semantics.

    3. @tomregit
      thanks for the tip top! i will change it. But une "tarte de merde de taureau" sounds really funny in French, specially when i was talking about making an apple pie this morning for a friend who is soon visiting from the coast.

    4. I like your revised saying even better! I live on the coast and I love apple pie. Wish it was me visiting. No one made better apple pie than my dear departed mom. The secret: cinnamon (lots of it).
      With apologies to Vlatko, waaaay off topic here. sorry.

  123. Snazzy and well produced. Too bad the content wasn't as compelling. Great fun tho!

  124. This doc starts out good but then makes so many ridiculous logical leaps that I found the last half almost unwatchable... The way they draw a "message" from a former civilization may as well have been recited by Jeff Goldblum's portrayal in the South Park episode "Chaos Theory".

  125. This documentary is an indulgence for the skeptic mind, like a oversized pizza on a low calory diet. You know you should´t have it, but still it is a delight.
    I am quiet a fan of fiction science, rather than science fiction, always a good choice for a late night. It can´t get better than piramids and alliens, they missed a link with Atlantis, I am sure there was pyramids over there. That would have been awesome.
    I wish I could use the "whatever remains must be the truth" in my research. I would have had many Nature magazine publications haha.
    I salute you ancient alliens. Please share with us the cure to Alzheimer, I think you must have cured iy. You are quite old and still visiting us very often.
    Now seriously I have to go back to work.

    1. Lol. I might be coming in for triage later from an overdose of bullshit, myself.

  126. Good doc. A little bit "fox news"-ish. Asks a lot of questions but draws no conclusions.

    1. "Draws no conclusions" actually sounds right. +1
      I know there's more unpresentable "glue" to the story, and it isn't simple. I actually thought this was tasteful.

    2. That's a good thing. They're not trying to convey a theory or opinion. they're just laying the evidence there and letting you come to your own confusion.

  127. Tried to watch all of it, they kept saying, is the work the hand of god? Seems to me more religious mumbo-jumbo. Creationists probably. And heard the word "experts" about 350 times, And of course the whole study probably was leading to "Aliens" which actually makes more sense than "the hand of god" thing. Some parts were not bad, but just take-offs from stuff already known. The math? right, you could read math into anything on this planet and beyond. I give it 2 out of 10.

    1. first comment: Good Stuff, love the pyramid docs
      2 out 10
      Not enough pyramids for you?

      Les experts is often used in French in lieu of scientists, may be they used the direct translation. Most docs with a bunch of scientists will use this word A LOT, same as in English.
      Interesting that the math comes to the golden ratio, are there many similar situation you know of?
      The great pyramid is said to have been covered with gold at one time.

    2. Not enough pyramids for me? no never enough, but looking for original stuff, without supernatural BS or Aliens, Aliens and more Aliens, from the "Pleiades", the seven sisters star cluster, in the constellation of Taurus, or wherever. Although have to admit the Aliens thing might be a "very, very" remote possibility.

      Like to know more original aspects such what type of engineering the ancients used etc: Or even a guess for such, instead of just a picture of a round stone and chisel.

      The math you say? the golden ratio is represented everywhere, by for one thing the "Mandelbrot set" which goes to infinity in math, but the Mandelbrot set is also represented in Nature on Earth and the universe as a whole. And is characterized by PHI the circle, and triangle, and spirals, also works well in conjunction with the Fibonacci numbers.

    3. my question about the Golden mean was more precisely:

      Interesting that the math comes to the golden ratio, are there many similar situations where man used the Golden ratio in ancient time?

    4. Yes, man used the golden ratio in most things, in art per. Leonardo DaVinci, the Greeks per. the Parthenon, etc: etc: used in most antiquity further down the line.

      Will give you some simple math on the golden ratio...The division of a line segment "a" into two parts of a which "x" is the mean proportional between the whole segment "a" and the smaller part a=x: (a-x) to find x, one has to solve a quadratic equation...x^2+ax-a^2=0

    5. I know about Da Vinci, the Greeks, the Parthenon, Fibonacci...i meant older, way older. Further down the line where?

      thanks for the simple math

  128. I started learning about all this 3 years ago, focusing on smaller but more indepth pieces of the puzzle, so I can see why some of this seems overwhelming and/or outrageous to many of you. Every ancient civilization has creation stories of gods who came from the sky that taught and helped them build civilization, mathematics, etc. Henry Lincoln does an excellent documentary on Rennes le Chateau, showing the geometry of ancient church sites fixed within ley lines and triangle shapes all over Europe, and Jay Weidner's documentary on a fantastic message that's encoded within "The Great Cross of Hendaye," which is about Achemy and our DNA. Fascinating stuff and so detailed. I recommend all to watch those two documentaries. After you start seeing how all this links together, you start to understand how severely the truth has been withheld, and how many lies we've been told, not that I know even half of it, but it's a good start I believe.

  129. the first part is promising but afterwards the theme dissipates and the form becomes fairly confusing

  130. Very interesting topic, but after all, who really knows..? Good theory and i would prefer this one to the official one. Lets you dream and hope a bit :)
    thank you for upload.

  131. I found this documentary hard to follow, the accompanying music was fine at first but then it got WAY out of hand. When I then turned the volume down I could barely hear the commentary!! I don't mind it when music quietly compliments a programme, but this was too much! Aside from that, very interesting subject matter though.

  132. There's a good documentary film to be made. Sadly, this isn't it.

    1. why not?

    2. why not?

  133. If you want to see more check out Carl Munck, The Code.
    He has some books and websites and there is a 2hour video on Utube

  134. The way I see it...the world will end for me when I have a heart attack, or get hit by a car, or when my plane goes down in flames...I needn't worry about "the end of the world," as we all have our own the world (as we know it) will surely end when we ourselves die. So I choose to be thankful and try my best to enjoy life and keep the stress low :) These "end of the world" ideas have merit, only in the fact that someday perhaps the world will go through a cycle of death , birth , and renewal...who knows, but it is as natural as our own birth, so why let it consume you with fear :/ ... Why do we feel terror at the possibility, when tomorrow the world will definitely end for countless ppl from all walks of life, could even be me. I guess everything depends on how we as individuals "interpret" the world around us. That's my rant on the "freaky weird ending of this documentary, that seems to want to scare the be-jesus out of some poor closed minded individuals watching it. Great comments btw ...a lot of good points shared!

  135. This doc is quite sad but also very comedic. Made by the glib for the glib. I only kept watching it because it was making me laugh out loud. I love how they just left out most facts around any matter they discussed, either because they are ignorant to the facts or because it doesn't fit their agenda. My favorite part has to be where they show a line on earth and list a bunch of ancient monuments/buildings and declare that they exist along a line because they were all built by the same ancient civilization. Yes, if you only look at stuff along a line, then it only exists along a line. To mention just ONE example, what about all the pyramids in the Yucatan? That didn't fit the line.... so they just don't talk about it, hahaha.
    Furthermore, how does building along a line prove ANYTHING let alone far out ideas like this?
    Also on the "line of proof" part the doc mentions -- as if it is standard fact -- that the Dagoon Tribe lives along the line and that even though they aren't building/monument they knew of Sirius B so they fit in the conspiracy. Hahaha, that tribes knowledge is controversial at best and at worst the tribe has flat out stated it learned that from the first astronomers that visited them! Yet simple and mostly uneducated people keep insisting that it is not likely they met astronomers (which is documented fact people, admitted by the tribe - ignorace is bliss I guess) therefore Aliens/conspiracy is the only logical solution.
    I guarantee that the maker of this doc IS the "anonymous researcher" and that he also reads about and fully believes in David Icke's tales of shape shifting reptilian overlords. Hahaha. Laughing is all you can do.

    1. I had commented about Hancock and Childress in one of my posts but I didn't have the nerve to mention Icke. He is out there farther than anyone I can think of.

    2. Hi JustCauseItsInDocForm,

      I must say that the line leaves out a lot of other ancient sites that we consider held significance for people who built them.

      But you mention the Dogon tribe, I really find them an interesting phenomenon. I think that you overstate your argument about the tribe admitting outright that they were told about the existence of Sirius B by the astronomers who, indeed, visited them in 1893 (they were there for a different reason, not specifically to pay a visit to the tribe). For that outright confession of theirs I would rather get a solid reference from you.

      The Dogon considered Sirius a trinary star system of which modern astronomers have some indications but are not able to confirm it as of yet. I don't mean to sound offensive, but I would hold laughing until that is confirmed (or not for that matter).

      P.S. Sorry for the edit (hold laughing instead of keep laughing in the last paragraph).

    3. You go girl, or dude. Although as for the Dogon recieving their information from a modern or at least western astronomer, this has only been shown to be circumstantially possible. Personally I find it more likely.

      As to the line they draw, it's really quite simple, if your looking for simple answers and not unsupportable conspiratorial bullshit. Their all located on or near the equator, and thus all have comparatively long growing seasons. Longer growing seasons means these cultures can produce more food in a year, and thus support a larger population, and larger more technically advanced industries.

    4. Very well said, it's all circumstantial and am surprised that JKIDF would put it as an unquestionable fact.

      As Psinet rightly stated in one of his comments below to someone else:

      "I would say that such a comment makes everything you believe and argue, completely dismissable, based on that alone."

    5. Don't appropriate my statements and pretend they are in support of your delusions. While it maybe circumstantial, the alternative this doc puts forth, that their knowledge is in some way derived from Egypt or some other group could never be described so charitably.

      To dismiss in it's entirety everything JKIDF wrote based on the alleged inaccuracy of a single statement is ridiculous. Nowhere does he claim it to be an unquestionable fact, though WTC7 you are clearly enough of a sophist to claim he made such a claim.

      "I would say that such a comment makes everything you believe and argue, completely dismissable, based on that alone."

      You have been as the children these days say, pwned.

    6. I know exactly what I did and I know exactly in support of whose delusion your comment was. Don't insult your intelligence by explaining it to me, please. But if you have problem with my comment, please report it to the moderators. Although I don't think I have violated any rule here by using your comment for my own purpose. Have I, equidae?

      There are ways of stating things that one may not know to be facts. JCIDF quite explicitly said that the Dogon got the information from the visiting astronomers and even called people who don't accept it ignorant. He states: "(which is documented fact people, admitted by the tribe - ignorace is bliss I guess)". How much more factual do you want it to be?

      Understanding the citation I used, very purposefully too, which you refer to, would require a bit closer follow up of the discussion here and my explaining it display of a bit less hostility on your part.

    7. Again do not presume I'll allow you to put words in my mouth. At no point did I accuse you of violating a rule. You nonetheless insisted upon misconstruing my comments and claiming them as support for your own biases. Yet at no point did I state any such support, and any failing to understand my statements is upon those who make such misconstructions.

      The citation you used "I would say that such a comment makes everything you believe and argue, completely dismissable, based on that alone." Serves as nothing more than a blanket dismissal of everything stated by JCIDF, this is obvious to anyone with even a elementary level of English comprehension, as it would require the portion stating, "such a comment makes everything you believe and argue, completely dismissable " to be defined completely differently in order to mean otherwise.

      As for JCIDF's own statements, "that tribes knowledge is controversial at best and at worst the tribe has flat out stated it learned that from the first astronomers that visited them!" Refutes your own assertions, while his sentiments clearly hew to the latter. And furthermore the fact that Sirius is not visible to the unaided eye, that one of originators of the claims of Dogon knowledge, Robert Temple had contact with only one member of the tribe and an interpreter makes the claims more incredulous and only still more so in light of the Temple's own publicized biases. Considering that the Dogon themselves do not wholly agree on the interpetations of some of their myths or what stars are represented in them, makes the claims themselves nigh impossible to swallow.

    8. Laughing is all an ignorant can do...but at least it is healthy for you.

      Build me a similar structure and try to have a laugh after.

    9. Considering the decades of labor undertaken by thousands of laborers, I doubt he'd be alive to do so. And if he somehow were able to, you would fully deserve every derisive chuckle as you've declared him ignorant, yet cannot produce a single empirical notion that supports the bullshit hypothesizing going on in this "documentary".

  136. Utter garbage. Nice visuals, and a reasonable jaunt through archaeology - but utter garbage.

    Logical fallacy after straw man followed by confirmation bias - all compounded by raw stupidity. Skip or watch with sound off.

    1. How did you manage to suffer like this for 1 1/2 hour, or did you turn the sound off.
      Looked more like recycling than garbage to me.

    2. They had some amazing footage, and they talked to reputable archaeologists (while canning them). It is garbage, because there is no real logic to their "insights".

    3. I watched it because it did have some great footage and some of the math involved was fascinating. I watched a doc recently about Gobekli Tepe, which is in Turkey, which I had never heard of before. Its conclusions were similar to the ones in this doc. I didn't agree with the conclusions but I did go on to investigate further. It led me to another archaeological discovery in Turkey called Nevali Cori. In the end, I learned a great deal as the result of watching something I didn't agree with. That is why this is such a great site. It allows people to learn about basic subjects while being entertained. There seems to be no prejudice in the subject matter because the site manager seems to know knowledge can also be derived from erroneous material as well as accurate material.

  137. I will agree with the rest of the people here, that the theories mentioned near the end are crazy and whatnot, but I really liked it (also because I tend to ignore the 'crazy' parts and keep the interesting facts and observations).

    I guess I liked the romantic idea of the Egyptians wanting to send out a message through time (big monuments and all), which I doubt anyone here can disprove... though I don't think it was a message of destruction.

  138. Interesting. For sure, many arguments are refutable with alternative explanations. Though, so are many that are written here.

    My only beef with the doc. is that I totally miss the connection between the initial 95% with the final 5%. The logic was - certain things line up, point to places and are built with certain proportions.... DESTRUCTION!!! GTFO!!! TO da CHOPPA!!!

  139. If the message for the future generations was: Be careful, from time to time the magnetic pole is going crazy which will wipe out almost all life on Earth with a great cataclysm (the conclusion of the doc), why do that with building massive structures all over the world. They just could've do it with passing the knowledge on to the future generations of what they know, if they did know.

    When they brought astrology into the picture, the doc lost almost all of its credibility.

    If the pyramids were built with advanced machinery, we would have found something already.

    A scene from a 19th century B.C. tomb in Middle Egypt depicts an alabaster statue 20 ft (6.6 m) high pulled by 173 men on four ropes with a man lubricating the slipway as the pulling went on.

    What they didn't say in the doc is that in the Egyptian history there were many smaller, simpler, rudimentary pyramids built before Cheops. Many trials, attempts and errors.

    The pyramid construction started with pharaoh Djoser (2600 BC) during the Third Dynasty. His architect, Imhotep, revolutionized the building of the tombs by creating a step pyramid by gathering six mastabas, rectangular royal tombs.

    The fact is that there are 138 pyramids discovered in Egypt as of 2008. Most were built as tombs for the country's Pharaohs and their consorts during the Old and Middle Kingdom periods.

    They also didn't mentioned other constructions in Egypt like the Temple of Karnak, Temple of Nefertiti and the Valley of the Kings in Luxor.

    For example, the Temple of Karnak, is a massive complex (like a city), the largest ancient religious site in the world, that was built successively by many Egyptian dynasties. Construction of temples started in the Middle Kingdom and continued through to Ptolemaic times. Approximately thirty pharaohs contributed to the buildings, enabling it to reach a size, complexity, and diversity not seen elsewhere. And believe it or not In 323 AD, Constantine the Great recognized the Christian religion, and in 356 ordered the closing of pagan temples throughout the empire. Karnak was by this time mostly abandoned, and Christian churches were founded amongst the ruins.

    The fact is that they stopped building the pyramids at some point and started burying their pharaohs in the south of the country in underground tombs (Valley of the Kings). An extraordinary complex of chambers, tombs, tunnels.

    When you go and actually see all that you'll realize that the Egyptians really mastered their building abilities through thousands of years of training. There is no hidden agenda, there is no hidden message.

    I recommend visiting Egypt: Sahara desert (a day with the Bedouins), Pyramid of Giza, Museum in Cairo, Colossi of Memnon, the Temple of Karnak, Temple of Nefertiti and the Valley of the Kings in Luxor.

    For sure it was a really magnificent, intelligent and inspiring civilization.

    1. They did not bring Astrology into it - It is called Astronomy. Astrology is when you read certain things e.g the future into Astronomy. It does not matter if you call it leo, the stars are still there. They are said here to be nothing more than points of reference (for time), and there were no mathematics argued into their significance, nor that they were the brightest stars in the sky magically placed there.

      If the points of reference (for time) came before ascribing the sign = Astronomy. The making of the sign and its significance is the religious and superstitious act, which was not part the argumentation. The Egyptians however did this, but were are talking about a message from humans here after all, not nature.

      I have been to Egypt, and the pyramids are about 2x larger than I ever thought they would be. They are absolutely huge. However, going there puts one down to earth and extreme explanations are not necessary anymore, but they are interesting to listen to. Many facts in this doc are amazing in their own right, and deserve their own doc.. The final conclusion is silly though.

    2. @MatarD,

      Yes they did bring Astrology into it and it was a part of the argument. 6th part, 13:34.

      Paraphrased: The phi associates to 12 zone circle, which is the Zodiac, 4 angles of the pyramid refer to the 4 signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

      It does not matter if you call it leo, the stars are still there.

      Yes it does matter since the tilt of the Earth's axis has gradually shifted since the ancient times when the Babylonians determined the dates of the Zodiac. Under this calculus, an erstwhile Aquarius, is now a Capricorn.

      Also the sphinx and the axis of the pyramids are associated with the zodiac signs in this part.

      P.S. I've been to Egypt too. All the sites I've mentioned.

    3. @Vlatco

      Yes they did bring Astrology into it and it was a part of the argument. 6th part, 13:34.

      Yes because that is how Egyptians measured time. They only explained it to show how the Egyptians built for illustrating time. Just as Stonehenge is a calendar. Like every month has a zodiac sign today. The idea is that the message contained in Giza has to do with a specific cycle in time (26,000 years). The signs themselves are not claimed to explain anything. In other words, the Egyptians associated time and other things with their zodiacs (it is said), not the documentary. Just as other civilizations were aware of them. That is why they say e.g. that Scorpio was represented by an Eagle.

      That the zodiacs have moved is an interesting debunk, and invalidates the above. As I said, I also think the doc. goes to far. But I did not see any Astrological or New Age interpretation here.

      P.S - I did not say I went to Egypt to substantiate what I said. Just explaining my amazement with the place, and the value of seeing it with one´s own eyes. People should really go there, it´s worth the money.

    4. @MatarD,

      Yes they didn't refer to Astrology as a new age fortuneteller stuff, but as if the pyramid has something to do with the zodiac (which is astrological interpretation).

      For example: They claim that one of the axis of the pyramid refers to the Taurus - Scorpio (Eagle) represented by the winged bull from the Babylonian mythology. The other axis refers to the Leo - Angel represented by the sphinx (body of a lion with human head).

    5. Agreed. But I would not consider a civilization that builds 146m high colossal tombs to be intelligent. Seems rather idiotic actually. I guess it's understandable though, seeing as how our own civilization today is also fairly idiotic.

    6. Ooooooo! That was really informative. Thanks, Vlatko!

      But, I've read that Egypt is on the brink of closing the pyramids with the new Islamic fundamentalist government that could be forming. That would be a sad day for the world, as I haven't gotten to see them yet.

    7. Thank you for your dose of perspective. I agree that this documentary was nonsense, athough fun in a way. But the astronomical alignments (though no doubt exaggerated as these things tend to be) seemed less far-fetched than some of the other theories. I didn't see any astrology per se. Scientists still use the term "zodiac", as well as the traditional constellation names: for example even the most virulently anti-astrology astrophyicists refer to Regulus as "alpha Leo" or "alpha Leonis". It's standard terminology. Egyptians had different constellations from the Babylonian/Greek ones, (the documentary got that wrong -- big surprise) but Leo at least was a lion in both systems.

      I would be interested to know if the ancient Egyptians had observed and calculated the precession cycle (the Chinese did it at least as early as the 3rd century CE). If they did, I'm sure it was the result of their own precise methods, carefully developed over many generations. If the Sphinx really aligns with Regulus every 26 000 years that would be pretty impressive. I must see if I can find any reputable information about that.

    8. The only far-fetched was the theory after all the facts have been shown in the documentary and the narrator specifically say swhen the facts are delivered, now it comes untested shakeable area full of hypotheses where nothing can be confirmed and it is on the end of the documentary, so it could be or it doesn't have to be...

    9. You said
      "For example, the Temple of Karnak, is a massive complex (like a city), the largest ancient religious site in the world, that was built successively by many Egyptian dynasties. Construction of temples started in the Middle Kingdom and continued through to Ptolemaic times. Approximately thirty pharaohs contributed to the buildings, enabling it to reach a size, complexity, and diversity not seen elsewhere. And believe it or not In 323 AD, Constantine the Great recognized the Christian religion, and in 356 ordered the closing of pagan temples throughout the empire. Karnak was by this time mostly abandoned, and Christian churches were founded amongst the ruins."

      First of all how do you know that Egyptians had thousands of years how to build pyramids, they couldn't build pyramids if they didn't have some kind of high-tech with so much precision.
      Second almost the entire documentary is based on facts and it shows shallow official statements of archeology archeology fails by far against the burden of this hardcore facts, and the narrator specifically says near the very end of the documentary: ok these were the facts now we're talking about far-fetched hypotheses. So, 95% of documentary is based on facts.

      Third, once again all these pyramids you mentioned had to have some high-tech help they couldn't do it without some high-tech help and math and physics, forget about the aliens and other mumbo-jumbo, I'm talking about how the pyramid were made, it is so obvious that they had high-tech help, meaning they had vast knowledge. In the documentary is twas shown why even today's scientists with today's technology could not build pyramids, obviously 1000 years ago they were far more advanced than today, despite what shallow official archeology says actually believes.
      Archeology of today is dumb it doesn't dig deeper, and they don't want other scientists in the field, because their beliefs would be collapsed, and everything in the school would have to be re-written, starting from scratch/ground zero.

    10. hi vangrab, you are almost on the right track, maybe i am of a different relegion than you are, i am a sunni muslim, anyways i have done a search in different religions and historical facts, and have got to the conclusion to make this documentary not only 95% fact, but 100% by going back to the Qur'an, Allah says in some ayas here is a link where you can see all the proofs that the one responsible for the building of all these marvelous structures are a one nation that no one knows of, and they are the demonic slave of prophet Sulaiman (Solumin) that used to be up for him the statues and temples in an unachievable ways then knowing that humans then only where able to use a rock and a stick to cut through rocks and had almost no building skills (ps i don't know if you can translate the link, but believe me they never mentioned anything about islamic view and which leads to a question WHY NOT?)

    11. The problem with most scientists is the fact that they do not believe in God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Without the Son and the Sun, there would be no life on this here planet... True or False ?!? Seems to me, them scientists, like "Charles Darwin" are not very intelligent... Then again, opposition in all things is necessary together with free choice.
      One day... in the future... we will find the Truth of all things !

  140. It is so amazing to see to what length people go to make their crazy theories "fit" what ever they see. Mix people, cultures, and moreover, time. It doesn't matter! Woohoo! Festival of bullshitism it its most amazing way. Funny, but any so called argument given here can be destroyed in extremely simple ways by anyone having a tad bit of common sense and general mathematical and natural knowledge. All what is said here can be destroyed in more ways there is space to write here.
    More seriously : the "cuts" in the scientists interviews that make them say things they probably didn't.
    Under an appearance of rigour, this documentary seems to be only facade for pseudo-science and its propaganda.

    1. so break it down for me bro.

    2. Just a few exemples :
      The pseudo-alignment of civilisation doesn't hold when you look at reality : what about Central America, North America, Greece, Crete, Mesopotamia, Persia and soon and so forth...?
      The film-makers put in relations civilisations that developped idependently at vast distences, and more over, at enormous time differences... Egypt is 4000 years old (European antiquity), while Easter-Island correspond more or less to the European middle ages and Renaissance (1000-1600) two oceans and 3000 years to cross... How can someone even compare them? Idem for the Incas.
      As for the writting of Easter Island and This Pakitanese place. Once again, enormous stretch of time and distance. On top of it, the ressemblance is only on a very very few characters, and this can be fully accidental. (people tend to draw people in a simillar fashion : head, body, arms and legs no?)
      And yes, similar building techniques isn't proof of anything. Similar problems lead to similar solutions, the evolution of modern technology showed it many many times (just the the exemple of the Tu-144 and Concorde, and despite what people say, they weren't copies of each other).
      I think this "Grand old mother-civilisation" theory is quite stupid and an insult to human ingenuity.
      And yes, by all having a brain built in a same fashion, we will tend to think similar ideas.
      As for the Egyptian mathematics "not knowing Pi etc etc", SAY WHAAAAT? Only a dozen or so papyri has ever been found with maths on them. It's like if in 2000 years some archeologist would be finding a 10th grader math books and say that we knew nothing about matrix calculation or even quantum math. And indeed, looking at what they built, they had much better maths than what we thought.
      And to come back to the egyptian metric system theory and the "hidden message in the pyramids" , are you freaking kidding me? Number and geometry can be manipulated in what ever fashion you want to make them say anything you want, especially when you talk about irrational numbers like Pi of Phi.
      And just measure your cubit for fun ;) (from finger tips to elbow)... What length do you find? Me: 52,5cm. WOW!! Exactly an egyptian royal cubit! But wait, the Egyptians used many many different measurements systems they had at least 2 different cubits (royal, 52,5 and standard 45cm) plus tons of other length systems, all based on the human body. Other exemple: my foot is exactly one foot long and my thumb one inch wide, so I got Imperial legs and fingers with "egypto-metric" arms? Damn! I' a true walking yard-stick!
      Also, all measurement systems are made to a length that humanely manageable: just look, a yard, a meter and two royal cubits, quite similar length (very roughly) right? About half an arm-span, or a large step right?
      It just so happen that the metric system (geometricaly calculated) is very similar (less than 5%) to the egyptian, human-based system. So yeah, when you start to do maths with them by approximating constants (like Pi) with an approximative length (conversions are often irrational numbers that we round up for ease), you will tend to find those similar-looking measurements.
      Add a bit irrational belief in the mixture, and boom! you've got crazy theories.
      I guess if I measure enough places on my body I could find Pi and maybe the speed of light too.

      Also, the egyptian maths had a similar base than us: they counted on a base 10, as opposed to other civilisations, like the Babylonians (the inventers of maths btw) who counted on a base 60 for exemple.
      Strangely enough, Babylonians were excluded from this so called studies. Why? They don't fit well with the theories isn't it?
      And the references to other civilisations are very very vague, nothing realistic.

      As well, the northward alignment of the pyramid is a pure accident. The magnetic north pole moves quite a bit over time (simetimes more than a degree per year), and so does the geographical north pole due to precession. And the explanation given in the documentary is plainly WORNG, just open an astronomy book).
      Actually, the "North star" of today wasn't the one of the egyptians... And why to mix the astrology of the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Arabs and the Babylonians for the Sphinx orientation? o_O Wow! far fetched

      As for the "we couldn't do it today". This is very untrue. We wouldn't bother do it because of the costs it would induce. But we could compare the building of a pyramid to our space programs. A whole nation was backing this up. All the ressources available were put into it. It was their space race, the achievement their technology and ressources allowed them to do. And not understanding a technique never made that technique "impossible". Because we are so used to our technology and grew lazy (and sometimes stupid) from it doesn't mean people couldn't do amazing things is very simple ways we just haven't thought off yet. And let's not forget the time factor...
      For a perfect sculpture or wall building, if you have enough people taking enough time and care, they can do pretty amazing things with not much material (you know, the "measure twice, cut once" can make marvels).

      And i could continue like this for days and days...

    3. Documentary is full of facts and the narrator at very end of the documentary specifically says ok these were the facts, not what about assumptions?
      This documentary is 100% credible.

  141. It was the building of the Pyramid that makes the forest a desert...

  142. ooorh, I was tying to troll, but after reading the comments i came to realise that there are plenty of folks ready to believe just about anything :)

  143. I'll let others comment on the content since my math abilities are lacking, but oh, what a gorgeous musical score! If you didn't listen to this with good speakers or headphones, you owe it to yourself. I would love a CD of the score for this movie.

    1. I did listen, and I agree it was excellent. Started to comment on it earlier, myself.

  144. I'm watching this one again :D

  145. OMG! This is overwhelming!

  146. WOW!! I mean with all that evidence, how come science aint going all out in the investigation of this obviously real ancient civilization. How can anybody dismiss all this evidence?

  147. The main point that I will make is that when one takes into account what we know about ancient Egyptian mathematics (based primarily on the Rhind Papyrus), especially their ways of representing lengths and slopes, then the relationship between &pi and the Great Pyramid no longer seems very remarkable. The essential point is that the measurement system which the ancient Egyptians used would lead the architects to use certain slopes in the design of pyramids. One of those slopes just happens to be an excellent approximation to the number 4/&pi, and if the architect chooses that slope, then the pyramid would exhibit the famous &pi relationship. From this point of view, the probability that the architect might choose that particular slope for at least one of the pyramids is actually rather high. It then becomes quite reasonable to believe that the relationship between &pi and the Great Pyramid is just an accidental consequence of their Mathematics.

    N.B. People should stick to religion for their fairy tales rather than disprovable assumptions.

    1. I love it.

    2. Ummmm.... i don't think you disproved anything at all. This documentary is showing some seriously remarkable feats of engineering period. We cannot do today what they did then, period. Need i go on. Unremarkable my arse!!!

    3. Oh, yes, we could! The impressive, nearly impossible thing is that they could do it with the technology they had available at that time.

    4. We can't build a pyramid? Actually, why would we want to?

    5. We built a nice one out in Vegas... (lol)

    6. Wtf? First of all I think you might need to do yourself a little comparison between the size of the cute little pyramid in Vegas to the real deal in Giza before you start saying we can do it today. And also it was not nearly impossible at all that they did it. It was done! And by the looks of it they knew exactly what they were doing too.

    7. ...and one at the Louvre, in Paris. (lol)

  148. Absolutely amazing.

  149. if this is true then some one should tell the new world order theres no need for the great cull.As we are all going up in smoke

    1. Right Leddewi, but in the meanwhile, why not having a heck of a good time laughing at the ones in misery?
      Since that in a way or another...
      Beside, when is the next "End of the some ~26,000 years?
      I was busy at other things that time around and just can't remember when it was...


    2. The way I see it...the world will end for me when I have a heart attack, or get hit by a car, or when my plane goes down in flames...I needn't worry about "the end of the world," as we all have our own the world (as we know it) will surely end when we ourselves die. So I chose to be thankful and try my best to enjoy life and keep the stress low :) These "end of the world" ideas have merit, only in the fact that someday perhaps the world will go through a cycle of death , birth , and renewal...who knows, but it is as natural as our own birth, so why let it consume you with fear :/ ... Why do we feel terror at the possibility, when tomorrow the world will definitely end for countless ppl from all walks of life, could even be me. I guess everything depends on how we as individuals "interpret" the world around us. That's my rant on the "freaky weird ending of this documentary, that seems to want to scare the be-jesus out of some poor closed minded individuals watching it. Great comments btw ...a lot of good points shared!

    3. A line I have used when discussing an apocalyptic future is "The world ends the day I die." What I am really saying is that most of us, individually, cannot foresee a future in which we play no part. Each of us feels, consciously or subconsciously, that the future has to be bleak because how can it not be without us. People have foretold of impending doom for thousands of years and yet here we are. The world will end someday in the future but like you say it is the normal cycle of existence in the universe. Not mystical or magical, just the way it is.

  150. Puzzling... I stopped the clip and calculated that perimeter thing and it does comes up to the the speed of light.
    To the one hundred. 2 Decimal after the point...
    Just as a magicien, puzzling I'll say... Annoying!

    And then, they state that it comes around once per some 26,000 years?
    When was the last time?
    Anybody knows, I was busy at other things that time.

    Thinking of this, let's tell Georgy that that he was right, global warming is meaningless! Let's suck all the oil there can be in Irak and burn it up!
    Wont change a thing on the outcome...

    Still, I have to figure out all that gibberish...
    Bizarre geometry, almost frustrating.
    Why is it like that? Why tell us?

    Square 3.1416

  151. as much as docus like this are interesting, it just cheeses me that it is completely based on that idea that ancient people were morons beating rocks together. (no wheels. riiight.) The Egyptians had hundreds if not thousands of years to learn how to use stone and get their act together before making the great pyramid. Comparing their technology to ours, both based on different tools, materials, and technology is ridiculous. Just because we find something difficult, because we work with different materials, doesn't mean that it was to them.

    limited - sheesh, Egypt was everything but. Unlimited labor, unlimited beer, unlimited materials, unlimited funds, and a god king. could they build the pyramid? duh.

    built by aliens and alien technology? what a load. next you'll tell me they found God Cards in the queen's chamber e_e;;;

    1. Hi Sieben Stern,

      Following your logic, every pyramid build after Giza should have been more and more sophisticated. Sadly, that is far from true, on the contrary, the quality of pyramids gets more and more shabby starting with the 5th dynasty. I may be wrong, but that tells me that the argument you put forth above has some cracks.

    2. big cracks! that's how the light gets in!

    3. Until they're filled in with the mortar of logic, the "light" isn't the only thing that gets in...

    4. That's not necessarily true. The Roman Empire went into decay just like the Egyptian Kingdoms. The intricate road system, the aqueducts, the huge forums were all abandoned and many were lost and forgotten. Great civilizations are built and then seem to melt away. Giza was the pinnacle of pyramid construction but like the old saying goes "All things must pass". Times change and people's priorities change. There are a lot of plausible reasons why pyramid building lost its importance.

  152. Seems progress is being made.
    Who built them and how they were built are questions which we seem to be no closer to answering.

    I want the answers but more immediately, I want to know exactly what lies under the sphinx's paw - that needn't take much longer to discover.

    Maybe we'd have had the answers years ago if the lies had not been perpetuated generation after generation with scientists and others refusing to budge from their bigotry and career investment ...

    ... after all, while the truth is hidden, funding will always be available for research, much the same as folks will continue to donate their hard-earned to fake cancer research until they realise that both preventions and cures have been known for years and that like most everything we've ever been taught, it's mostly lies.

    My only objection to this video is the obligatory fear based reference to warnings of some cataclysm ... seems no-one can produced a film, a documentary, a news broadcast or even a political speech without promoting fear.

    1. So, what's your answer? No more research because researchers all lie? Close the schools for they teach lies? Burn the libraries for they are the repositories for all the lies that we have been taught? Lies, liars and crooks, all?

      I wish I hadn't responded to this post in a way. I think in my old age I'm starting to become annoyed at the idea that all our knowledge is a structural lie and we need these revisionists to restructure our science and history; revisionists who spend more time criticizing than they spend in a lab.

    2. you mean like the library of Alexandria?

    3. @ Azilda

      A shame that the library of Alexandria is gone. It was probably destroyed by those in power because they didn't want us to know it's ancient knowledge. Is everybody against us?

    4. hahaha you loon. The cure for cancer is out there, but we (yes US) are so evil that we would keep it from one another.

      I would say that such a comment makes everything you believe and argue, completely dismissable, based on that alone.

  153. interesting doc! I liked it a lot!

  154. fantastic doc, one of the best ones i've seen in a while!

  155. I agree see if the capstone fits on the Great Pyramid should prove interesting and there a possibility that the Spinx is really Anubis if Robert Temple is right awesome is right for this documentary.

  156. love the history docs best site ever!

  157. i took astronomy 101. the important cycles are obviously the planet on itself (day/night), the planet around sun (year with equinoxes), and then the woble of the axis of the earth over time causing the celestial sphere to have this 26 000 years cycle (as shown in this doc), and then the alignment of the solar system with the center of the galaxy (every 330 000 years or something). all the scare theories about 2012 come from the fact that those cycles all happen together, on the winter equinox.

    when they found pi, the golden number, and the meter everywhere in the pyramid configs, it convinced me that whoever built them were trying to teach us about the univers, rather than warn us about imminent death.

    1. agreed :) !

    2. Exactly right. They were human, after all, and they were (probably) showing off a little bit, too.

  158. Loved the research and the concepts...and finally ...someone confronted the often ridiculously closed society of "mainstream" Archaeologists, who sometimes prevent truths from seeing the light of day in order to save "face." Loved the whole thing... minus the end parts where it all got a lil' freaky :/ (pause) ... But none the less, it was nice to see a new take on things ( again minus the freaky preachy ending ...I mean why would an advanced race try to "warn" us of impending doom 26,000 years in the future...only to realize that there is absolutely nothing that can be done short of "getting out of dodge."
    Perhaps it had another use lol....but it really does show how archaeologists are once again closed off to new ideas. I say let physicists and engineers "have at it," and send those old dinosaur archaeologists on vacation along with their old second hand ideas passed to them by their mentors... and I bet we would finally get some interesting answers and new theories : )

    ...and whats with China??? makes ya wonder if they know more... lol

    great documentary !!!

    1. Those pyramids are no longer in the forbidden zone. Anyone with tourist bucks can go visit them. What the Chinese government does know is how to recognize an opportunity to make a buck.

    2. China has opened many doors in the last few years, and frankly if i owned China may be i would have kept it for myself too. lol

    3. I was trained by the Chinese, and I agree!!...their Government knows how to recognize the opportunity to make a buck !! lol

  159. Actually I wonder if they will ever put the pyramidium on top of the great pyramid if that is what its for and wonder what would happen!?

  160. Fascinating I want to see more... :)

    1. This is based on research done by Graham Hancock's 'Fingerprints of the Gods' a book first produced nearly 20 yrs ago & widely panned by skeptics--get the first edition or printing bcs it seems to me the info changed...but I was researching so many different books I may have been confused by which source it came Anthony West, Robert Bauval (my sense tells me that since this is French production, his fingerprints are on it somewhere)

    2. Not surprised. I kept waiting for Hancock to appear or worse, Childress. I have to admit that what appears to be underwater structures in the Pacific is interesting. There needs to a closer look to determine to see if they are what they appear to be.

    3. It's not really based on Graham Hancock's FOTG but rather on the work of Carl Munck and co.

  161. Awesome documentary! They should put the pyramidian back on top of the Giza pyramid (if indeed it is the missing piece) on the solstice and see what happens...

  162. It's quite possible that the pyramids are a machine to shield us from the failing poles only to be activated by specific frequencies during the equinox. Of course, you would have to be at the great pyramid to do this.

    1. A rock machine? That's scary for a lot of us in Eastern Canada.

  163. An interesting documentary about a spectacular feat of engineering, for that time or any other, but the (suggested) conclusions about the "real significance" of the Giza pyramid?

    Total. Unmitigated. Bullshit.

    1. On what basis do you suggest the conclusions are "unmitigated bullshit"?

      Do you have an alternative credible theory?

    2. Any theory that remains rooted in the facts as known, without making unwarranted, fanciful extrapolations, will gain my full attention. The conclusion of this documentary is fodder for a Hollywood disaster film, not the textbooks and lectures of serious science. I don't need to offer a credible alternative in order to recognize simple shit when I see it.

    3. If you cant see why Pysmythe is right, you have no right to ask about credible theories, because you don't understand the word credible.

    4. It seems like some people in this forum are not clever enough to even look at the categories before they commenting. Pysmythe, a perfect example. He probably go to a star wars movie and complains about it's lack of realism. He says he's clever. I don't think he is. But he is funny! Cheers! But I do agree with him, he don't need to offer us comments anymore...

    5. If George Lucas tried to masquerade Star Wars as actual history, sure, I'd be on the side of the Jedi running a lightsaber through it.

      ( In space, it's true, no one can hear you fart... But I don't bother bringing such beans to the table of imaginative fiction...)

    6. Many of the Lucas's ideas may become history in real life...we just need to be patient.

    7. A few of the technologies forecasted in Star Trek have already became reality, the most prominent being the cell-phone. The guy who invented it ( I don't remember his name) said he got the idea directly from the hand-held communicators used by the show's characters. And the teleportation of atoms is also becoming a reality now. There is also a kind of Internet referenced on the original show, and several other things I could mention.

  164. Yeah this was really interesting..But what really raised my brow was the secret footage of the Chinese pyramids? Whats up with that I wonder whats in those pyramids they don't want anyone to see :0

    1. To answer your questions., critical thinking and imagination outside the box of communist totalitarian control and idelogy is anathema to China's authocratic rulers. Any Artifact, evidence, circumstance, person place or thing which question China's rulers absolute power and ideology is concertedly repressed by the state.
      Even history is revised and distorted for political power!

    2. '...even history...' ! EVEN! I love it!!

    3. To answer your questions., critical thinking and imagination outside the box of communist totalitarian control and idelogy is anathema to China's authocratic rulers. Any Artifact, evidence, circumstance, person place or thing which question China's rulers absolute power and ideology is concertedly repressed by the state.
      Even history is revised and distorted for political power!

    4. You spelled America "China."

    5. you meant USA

  165. if the egyptions had no wheels what the hell is an egyptian chariot.

    1. excellent point - wheels were used in mesopotamia as early as what... 17-1800 bce?

    2. "Egyptologists believe that the pyramid was built as a tomb for fourth dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops in Greek) over an approximately 20 year period concluding around 2560 BC." (that would be about 700 - 800 years before the period you mention)

    3. OK so you think our smart and the doc is BS because you know they had chariots... Well dude your an idiot... and didnt even noticed nor know that there are TWO Egyptian dynasties separated by THOUSANDS of years! The Great Pyramid was created in the first dynasty and no they didn't have the wheel at that point in history.

  166. Good stuff, love the pyramid docs.

  167. Anything narrated by Brian Cox kicks ass! Argyle!!!!!!!!!!!!

  168. All good pyramid documentaries are super fascinating !! I Always make time to see a new one :) !!

  169. Nice doc, modern styled with an amazing comprehensive view on this oldest riddles.
    Ok, maybe the last conclusion is a little bit risky, but all in all its very mind feeding.
    I wish more modern, conventional egyptologists could be open for another kind of explanation, or perhaps they know something which they could not or dont want to admit.
    Superb upload. Thanks

  170. How does one date a pyramid like Gysa and the Sphinx? a big MAY BE.

    I was once told that the pyramid is actually is the shape of a diamond. It would have a V shape underneath similar to what we saw on the small one here.
    I often searched to see if i could find some info about that but never did. Although the person who suggested this seemed wise and local.

    any one?

    1. How do scientists date pyramids? That's a very good question. From what I understand, the dating is based on the ancient inscriptions referring to them and the artifacts found in them. I think that carbon dating is not possible on rocks that don't contain biological material, so I assume that carbon dating of pyramids is out of the question. Basically, the dating of pyramids is based on the mainstream science assumption that our knowledge of ancient Egypt's time-line is correct. Some investigations of geologists on the marks on the Sphinx left by (most probably) rainfall are taking place, comparing them with historical records, but the only approximate date this could get to is around 10 - 12 thousand years (and that's based on sources that are more mythological than historical).

    2. There are numerous methods of dating inorganic artifacts and structures both natural and man made. Thermoluminescence dating, and Optically stimulated luminescence would likely be the preferred methods for things like the pyramids. Additionally Rehydroxylation dating could be used to date ceramic artifacts interred within the pyramids themselves, and the stone their made of if their source can be located could be dated Stratigraphally. There is also likely to be pollen unintentionally interred within the pyramids and this pollen can also be used to help provide a date. Since we've also found camps used by workers during their construction, and these camps likely contained hearths we could also potentially use Archaeomagnetic dating, though any date reached using this method is likely not as reliable as the camps were possibly inhabited before the pyramids were built, and likely inhabited after their completion. Radiocarbon dating could be used to date the barge that was buried in the giza pyramid complex, but this again has the problem that we do not known with certainty that the ship is contemporary with pyramids themselves.

    3. Very informative. Thanks.

    4. just a few points.
      If the pyramid of Giza was standing way before the evaluated time and era, and reutilize by the Egyptians, then how would we be able to date it?
      The ancient inscriptions may not have existed in the original...and all we would have in order to date it would be the technology used to build it.
      The many pyramids built afterwards would have been an effort to copy this magnifique structure. Many did crumble as you must have seen Vlatko. The temples near Luxor although decorated elaborately are nowhere near the grandeur of GIZA. There is, on the other hand, no doubts that they knew how to chissel the rock to write.
      But until an alien lands here and tell us all about their stories (if we would ever let them), the whole thing will remain subject for debate.

      the walls of Cuzco were also destroyed partially and reutilise.

    5. @Vlatko...DId you go to Saqqara, the oldest pyramid? Now how did they get from that to Giza in such short time? It almost makes it look like kids building elaborate sand castle.
      It sure did puzzle me while i was standing there!

      2.3 million limestone blocks does require a big box for a puzzle to hold together

    6. @Azilda

      No I didn't have a chance to visit Saqqara and I don't know how did they get from that to Giza in such a short time, but there are obvious evidences that every pharaoh (up to 1550 BC) was building a pyramid for himself. Apparently the most successful of all, in that sense, was Khufu (Cheops).

    7. so here is a theory to hang in the wind like a flag...easily disputable by anyone who is already set in stone (literally)

      MAY BE

      the great pyramid and the sphinx were already there

      the Egyptians took hold of Giza's and decorated them with hieroglyphs

      they also tried to reproduce construction of pyramids but were never able to quite match the standing one because they did not have the tools, knowledge and engineering

      The Great Pyramid (which name is Khufu), is the most successful? basically none others even come close! They all look like attemps to copy. Possibily every Pharaon tried to imitate, it would have been quite a goal of grandeur for sure!

    8. Your hypothesis is as legitimate as any other. I myself think it's a reasonable and logical challenge given the obvious inability of the Egyptians to build another pyramid that would match Giza before or after, and the uncertainty with the dating of the Giza pyramids.

  171. fascinating......

  172. I really loved this documentary! I can't remember seeing another one on this topic speaking in such specific terms of mathematics and I can't remember another one placing so much emphasis on the absolute perfection of the building of these old monuments that cannot (or can but with a lot of effort) even be achieved today with all the modern technology. Making pretty strong case of it too in my opinion.

    One could make an assumption of just coincidental similarities between the architecture of these monumental buildings built at different times all around the planet during the epoch of chisel technology, but if that was a coincidence then Mickey Mouse may be a real person too.

  173. I know, and so little time.

  174. WOW!
    One of the best doc i've seen here yet. It may be because i set foot on many of these sites, Machu Pichu, Cuzco, Sacsayhuaman, Dogon valley, Petra, Giza, Persepolis, missed Mohenjodaro because of unexpected situation, Sukhotai, missed Ankor Wat also because of unexpected situation.
    Was i lucky or destined to go there? Am i lucky to be here or was i destined to be here?

    Many pyramids were also discovered in eastern Europe and new ones keep coming.

    The US gov. knows about all this, probably for a long time already, is that why money in the trillions is invested in space program. Do they already know that the earth is about to become an "unfriendly" place to be? Are there already working cities floating in space? For who, when?

    I like how this guy pushes the envelop on the scientists and Egyptologist, actually i love it.

    1. Hi Az, if you ever get the chance try to visit Newgrange or the ancient ring forts in Ireland. They were probably ruins when the pyramids were being built. If you like old stuff that is.

    2. What interested me as much as the physical "museum" aspect of these sites was their energetic history. Been to Stonehenge much to see!

    3. Not 100% sure but the ones in eastern Europe were proven not to be man made but natural, even if that's correct do you know about the tunnel systems that are there? Very interesting.

    4. You're probably one of the most interesting people I've every "met" Az. Wish I had traveled half the places you have. You and Vlatko realy make me want to go to Egypt now!

    5. curious... this doc is okay but I am not certain of the conclusions though it is worth watching again. I am a little disappointed that the idea of the end of the ice age of 10 to 12 thousand years ago is not addressed. There is speculation that the weathering patterns on the pyramids is indicative of water damage due to rain and not wind and blowing sand as Egyptologists apparently believe. The idea of the Great Year is intriguing, almost compelling, though as I get older I find myself drifting further away from the standard objective view of reality...

  175. I guess there is much more mystery hidden in these. Perhaps a conclusion about all these ancient structures sending a message to the future generation, warning a natural catastrophe is highly unlikely. If it is a warning they could just have engraved the message on rocks, it would been much easier than to build such magnificently brilliant structures.

    1. Like the mayan calandar? Such a structure as these certainly makes a point no?

    2. What about the Mayan calendar? It's an example of fine, even exceptional, mathematical skills for the time and place. Not a portent of the end of the world...

      (And neither is the Great Pyramid.)

    3. @Pysmythe It certainly seems to say a lot more than that, as impressive as that is on its own. The point is it ends at the end of the 26 thousand year cycle mentioned in this doc, and I was suggesting the Giza pyramid makes that point much more strongly than engraved messages (like the calendar).

    4. @Hodd
      So both cultures had gifted men of numbers who could figure out the 26,000 year celestial precession. That much we may know. But ancient priesthoods, scattered over the earth and time, covertly warning us of impending worldwide disaster? We do not know that, and making such unfounded extrapolations does nothing to advance understanding of what might have been the actual intentions of these cultures. My (more or less educated) guess is that, on the morning of the 22nd of December of next year, I'm going to be laughing my butt off yet again at the foolishness of people looking for signs and wonders. And I will not be at all surprised when, on the morning of the 23rd, some new threat is unveiled for people to get off (and get rich) on.

      That's a huge part of what such things are: People enjoy fear, and, even more than that, they enjoy inflicting it on other people. Especially when it increases the size of their bank account.

  176. I would say it's pretty clear that Many of those Ancient structures like the Pyramids were not made by conventional means, that is to say chisel and stone, but my some other means. All the different coincidences is not mere chance, there is something more going on for sure.

  177. nice production and cinematography . Narration isnt great but overall i enjoyed this, its a bit fanatical but nothing beyond reasoning.

    i liked it, thanks vlatko :)

  178. I thought it was narrated by professor Brian Cox...suddenly the documentary seems less interesting

    1. What's more important, the subject or the cute guy presenting it?
      I too would chose the cute guy sometimes.
      When was he last there doing research? Do you know?